Acronyms and Abbreviations

A couple of days ago a TSA Status submitter wrote:

I was trying to write an update on your site … but all i see are all these abbreviations and i don't know what the hell they mean.
Would be nice if you had a list of terms somewhere in your page as reference!

He could have just as well written WTF! Obviously, there are a bunch of abbreviations site commenters use, and while our frequent visitors may not see them as out of place, a TSA status newbie might. So, today, we'll lower the barriers to entry, with this new list of acronyms you may see on this site.

  • AIT: Advanced Imaging Technology (same as NoS)
  • CP: Checkpoint (also C/P)
  • BSX: Backscatter, same as X-ray
  • BKSX: Backscatter, same as X-ray
  • MMW: Millimeter wave (clear phone booth)
  • NoS: Nude-o-Scope (MMW or x-ray)
  • SDOO: self-directed opt-out (you choose a WTMD over a NoS)
  • TSO: TSA officer (a reader points out they are not actually officers)
  • X-ray: Rapiscan (two blue rectangles). N.B. that this does not refer to the bag x-ray machines.
  • WTMD: Walk through metal detector
Hopefully this will make things a bit more comprehensible! Keep the updates (and the good times) rolling.


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