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ORANGE (High)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine in use for some passengers
RED (Extreme)indicates that there is a backscatter/radiation machine in use for all or nearly all passengers.
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MSPDL1 North2019-02-26Very long line and the Skyway Checkpoint (#10) was inexplicably closed, apparently due to staffing levels. Of course, I counted half a dozen TSA staff doing very little (telling people in line which of the next two lines to queue in, etc) so it could probably be staffed if they wanted. Despite the length of the line stretching half the terminal, it moved reasonably well, because they were using the WTMDs which are way, way faster. No line for pre-check.600a20
MSPDL1 North2019-02-25Slow moving line was not particularly long, but bottlenecking at security.200p22
MdwDLA2018-12-19Some people sent thru metal detector for whatever reason. I look Muslim so of course I always get mmw1130a30
BOSDLA2018-12-12MMW and usual bs. I feel safer already700a20
EwrUA2018-09-14Extremely quick710p5
BwiASD2018-04-15Pre-check is closed. Really??630p30
LASWN1C2018-04-12scanners offline due to heavy traffic, dogs sniffing though200p5
FLLWN1B2018-04-10southwest just relocated to terminal 1, all scanners400p5
BOSDL12018-03-23TSA understaffed, even with a wait for opt-out I still beat my bag through (they had to check my sandwich). Apparently if you travel with a small dog, they willl let you through the WTMD. BTW: if enough people opt out, they let others through the WTMD as they lose staff.450p32
DUBAATSA for U.S.2018-02-01Scanner is there but not in use.900a5
EwrNKB2017-12-28Given green card; seemed only to allow for quicker x Ray. No pre at all. 510a15
BoSB6Gate 28 Term C2017-12-18Senior, bullied, scanned, Intrusive pat down groin., traumatized.1050a20
BoSB6Gate 28 Term C2017-12-18Senior, bullied, scanned, Intrusive pat down groin.,Pre check line.traumatized.1050a20
LgaAAB2017-10-16No pre check 500a35
DENAANorth2017-10-09K-9 units out today. Whole checkpoint followed the precheck guidelines. I was randomly picked for precheck anyway. Color code would have been on a normal day without precheck. 830a15
DENAANorth2017-10-09K-9 units out today. Whole checkpoint followed the precheck guidelines. I was randomly picked for precheck anyway. Color code would have been on a normal day without precheck. 830a15
DENAANorth2017-10-09K-9 units out today. Whole checkpoint followed the precheck guidelines. I was randomly picked for precheck anyway. Color code would have been on a normal day without precheck. 830a15
EwrB6A2017-10-09Short id line no wait for scanner1130a2
RapUA2017-10-06There was a line for the NOS, so they started waving people through the metal detector.1000a5
EwrDLB2017-08-06The pre check line seems to never be open in this removal. Though skipping to the front of the ID like is nice, it still defeats the purpose if I still need to remove my laptop from my bag to get x-rayed.650p15
mspDL1-transit/rental car2017-07-31Pre-check travelers given orange cards and allowed to use the WTMD and keep shoes on. As usual, no wait.540a3
CHOAA2017-07-31This airport does have a nude-o-scope now, and everybody gets to go through it.1000a0
EwrUAA2017-07-30Pre check closed given green card which has no discernable use or advantage 1210p25
ewrAAA2017-07-29Precheck line closed!!!430p20
BOSOtherE2017-06-21Very long wait 800p105
amsOther2017-05-26KLM connecting flight. MMW for all. opt-out possible though not advertised. Patdown was faster/cursory compared to USA10
ATLDLSouth2017-04-02Extremely uncomfortable pat-down. In the future, might actually reconsider opting out. Well played, TSA.10
FllWNA2017-00-14Tsa just started saying on radio that we are in code Orange. They stopped screening for now. Not sure when they will restart.1240p30
SJCASTerminal B2016-11-30very fast, but a month ago it was 1.5 hours...700p5
JANDL2016-11-26After being scanner free for years, they got one. They had to reconstruct their checkpoints in order to hold them. How stupid. 530p30
BosDLA2016-11-23Two of three queues using WTMD instead of MMWs. Lines were thusly moving very quickly. Easy to choose!110p8
JFKDL42016-11-191990s style security in some lanes630p4
DFWAAThe checkpoint near gate A202016-10-24TSA provided one WTMD line for precheck, one WTMD line for "priority" (people who do nothing to validate their trustworthines except buy a more expensive ticket), and one NOS line for everyone else. This line had around 75% of the passengers, but was moving slower, because the NOS takes longer. At the front of the line, the wait for a patdown search was about 1-2 minutes.910a26
MSPAANorth Checkpoint/Terminal 12016-10-20WTMD only in use for ~10% of seemingnly randomly selected passengers. No wait time between opting out and pat down search.540p10
sttNKonly2016-10-14metal detector for pre-check line, others get assigned to microwave or walk through metal detctor randomly130p10
FLLB6F2016-10-08MMW present but unused, walk thru metal detector only1100a0
ausAA2016-09-16A few people in front of me were funneled through metal dectector. Lucky me was then directed to MMW. I opted out and waited about 5 minutes for TSO. Totally ordeal approx 30 min. Ended up with 4 pat downs including 1 from an angry agressive sexually frustrated and confused officer, bra removal and threat from airport police. Nothing at all found, of course. Just retailation for opting out and stepping back while being groped.1230p30
SAVDLMain/All airlines2016-09-14Most passengers directed through MMW, some passengers sent through WTMD as lines grew larger.330p10
BwiDLD2016-08-11One longer line for TSA preck, quicker lines in regular700a10
ABQAAMain2016-08-10Full PC lane open. Short wait for the ID checker. They even had a screener out in front of the PC WTMD asking pax if they needed help getting their bags onto the belt.940a1
ewrVXA2016-08-08TSA Pre line was quick and efficient. For once840a10
OrdUA1/BC2016-08-06Lines not bad but a very slow X-ray operator. Pleasant pat down.910a14
DLHUAOnly One2016-08-01Just one WTMD at this cute little airport. Six TSA agents seems a lot, although DL does run a 320 out. Good beer selection, too. 520a0
OrdUA1, concourse B/C2016-07-29All passengers through pre-check WTMDs. No shoes or laptop nonsense either. Amazing how fast it went.450p3
TYSAAMain2016-07-20Wait was for the ID checker since they only had 1 who was responsible for both the PC & regular lanes. Line for the non-PC lane was 1/2 way back down the ramp.630a5
PHXAATermina 4, Concourse B2016-07-17PC lite :-(500a0
FLLWNB2016-07-11In the pre-check line, the walkthrough metal detector was "randomly beeping" and set off for 5 out of 7 passengers while I watched. All of those passengers were subjected to a patdown, no option for any other resolution was offered. Forced to let strangers fondle their bodies. With pre-check and no suspicion at all. Disgusting.100p1
PHLB6D/E2016-07-09Every line had an MMW and WTMD, even PreCheck.730a5
EWRUAC2016-06-08Amazingly fast and unobtrusive. The way security should be. they seemed to do personality testing like Israel. Shoes stay on now! There were pornnoscanners but I got sent to a wtmd. 530p15
JAXDL2016-06-07PreCheck lane520a3
TULWNmain 2016-06-07tiny airport with only one checkpoint. staff is generally nice.520a7-10
hpnAll2016-06-06whole body imager in use, TSA Pre-Check lane closed (Pre-Check keep shoes on/laptops out)330p10
DTWAAMain2016-06-06Full PC, no wait140p0
MspOtherT2, CP12016-06-05Minimal wait for precheck, few takers with most pad on SY and WN.610p18
IADAllEast Checkpoint2016-06-05It was ExtortionCheck for all last evening. There were no bins iin sight so it was obvious that the TSA had no intention of opening up the Nude-O-Scopes. It helpps to fly out of the same airport that members of Congress fly out of as well.340p10
bosB6C Main2016-06-04no wait at all.510a0
PHXAATerminal 4, Concourse A2016-06-04Full PC, but a bit of a wait for the ID checker, plus handswabber lurking-ugh.630a5
BOSOtherC, 40-422016-06-02What a great little checkpoint! Scanner there but not in use, and no line. Just a pleasure.1100a0
dtwDLMcNamara Terminal, PreCheck2016-05-30710a1
dfwAllterminal E2016-05-26420p
EWRB6A2016-05-25Unlike Sun where TSA precheck given orange cards, Precheck line open. Agents stated extras were called in when new guy took over. you could walk up to ID person in reg line but the line to scanner extended down hallway length, guess 15min wait at least. 110p3
LAXDLTerminal 5, PreCheck2016-05-25Slow X-ray review, backed up pax line1150a5
BOSAAB Gates 322016-05-2410
bwiDLD2016-05-23For 7am departure - the line started at Gate E.90
dfwOtherspirit airlines terminal E2016-05-20810a
stlWN2016-05-20arrived at 4a, 50 ppl ahead in TSA lane, reg lane snaked around 3 to 4 times, TSA did not open until 418am for 530am flights530a15
DUBAATSA pre for U.S.2016-05-15TSA has a station there that checks transatlantic flights. They duplicate Dublin airports already excellent security. They are just as stupid as their U.S. counterparts. 10a5
SEAOtherCheckpoint 32016-05-15WTMD only available for children. Pat down was reasonable and non-invasive. I didnt have to wait between getting to the front of the line and starting the patdown, as the checkpoint was well staffed at the time.430p11
MSPAllTerminal 2 (all checkpoints)2016-05-13WTMD and MMW both in use at every checkpoint, with all lines available to all passengers. The MMW line was really backed up, so I dont know why anyone even wanted to use that line.900a18
sjcAATerminal A2016-05-13Pre-check lane open so full pre-check this morning. Line for MMW not too long yet. 810a5
DFWAAC2016-05-12TSA Prececk at C20 closed
tusAAWest Terminal2016-05-09Expecting the worst but the line was short. "Precheck lite" because precheck lane closed.800a5
FNTDLPreCheck Lane #32016-05-06630a1
PHFDL2016-05-06No TSA PreCheck500a25
ODSOtherall2016-05-03Ukraine is civilized9a5
bwiDLD2016-05-02For 7:00am departure - almost missed the plane.530a70
OAKWN22016-04-26Line is way into baggage claim. not all lanes are open. VERY FRUSTRATING. Been in line since 5:45am, flight leaves at 6:50am, have only moved 40 feet. 6:10 am now. 6a
CHAAAall2016-04-25leaves you with dignity, not mean.6a2
DENDLSouth checkpoint, PreCheck lane2016-04-24Smoothly flowling today; two X-ray lanes, one WTMD.1240p3
EWRWNA2016-04-22TSA line for SWA or Air Canada stretched past the next set of gates. Typical EWR. Worst airport in the country.510a
DTWDLMcNamara Terminal, PreCheck2016-04-21340p6
MciAA2016-04-18MMW in full effect at gate 79, unless prechecked.440a5
EwrUAA2016-04-17No pre check but obnoxious guy on duty to shout "one line one line" at you1250p
MCOB6MCO2016-04-15With hundreds online they kept closing TSA lines!!! From 5 lanes down to 2.6p55
MspAllHumphrey 2016-04-14700a
ewrB6ewr2016-04-10Surprisingly short wait time. Shocking.3p15
sjcASB2016-04-04Yes, over a two hour wait. Per ticket agents "been like this for over a month"12p145
sjcAATerminal A2016-04-01Precheck line open but ended up with "Precheck Lite" because dedicated scanner lane closed.810a15
EwrWNA2016-04-00No TSA pre check line. Extremely rude agent at the beginning of the line. 10p
DCADLB2016-03-31Long lines, only 3 checkers (1pre check). People opting out of precheck to go to head of regular because of wait. Announced opening of 2nd precheck line but took 5 more minutes to actually start running750a25
tusAAWest Terminal2016-03-28"Precheck Lite" because precheck lane closed.1050a5
EwrWNA2016-03-27Despite many TSA agents, rude agents decided they could have two lines open. No precheck. 430p45
OakWN2016-03-21Lines are into baggage claim! Not all lanes are open. 500a80
ORDUATerminal 12016-03-21Terminal 1 has one precheck line that is very long, snaked all the way past the airline check-in counters, but moves in moderate pace. Took me 15 minutes to get through security.640a15
IAHUAEntrance to Gates C/E2016-03-18In the Precheck line here, you still risk being sent through the Nude-O-Scope, because the guards were randomly directing Precheck people into it. I would find another Precheck checkpoint that does not have the Nude-O-Scopes.
BNAWNSecurity 2016-03-16We waited nearly three hours in the security check point area. The lines wrapped all around the front of the airport. The ticket agents told us that TSA was way understaffed which why this was happening. So bc of this I missed three flights! Several of us missed flights and now have to wait until tomorrow to fly. This is costing us way too much! Someone needs to get a grip on things in Nashville! 300p180
EWRUAC2016-03-13TSA Pre-Check line was quick. Only 3 people in front of us430a5
FNTDLLane 3 - PreCheck2016-03-12Red for all other lanes, with 15-minute wait.510a3
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40 - 472016-03-10As usual, PreCheck lane is closed and not available. PreCheck "LITE" is offered to PreCheck passengers.910a10
SNAAAMain2016-03-10Full PC & minimal wait for the ID checker.440p1
ewrAllterminal c2016-03-10
ewrUAC-22016-03-09Could have been thousands in the bottom floor. Premier line snaked around and passengers were cutting through the line, which was inadequately policed520p105
SEADL2016-03-09two and a half hours; only a couple of security check lines open despite huge line. Many, including me, missed our flights. When I got to the first TSA agent after waiting for almost two hours, I asked him if I was going to miss my flight. His answer (and I quote verbatim): "Yes. Have a nice day".200p150
PHXAAT4, Concourse A2016-03-07Full PC. Wait time was to get to the ID checker. Moat dragon only allowing pax 1 try at the WTMD before sending to the NoS.910a5
MspAA2016-03-06Absurd wait time. Agents standing around doing nothing. Very frustrating. 120
FNTDLLane 3 - PreCheck2016-03-061140a1
AEXDLonly one2016-03-06Metal detector only but my boyfriend was randomly selected to have his shoes swabbed.430p
CLTAAE2016-03-05Extremely slow moving lines, understaffed checkpoints.1050a60
EwrUAC-32016-03-03Horrible. One preck line for Term C which kept getting closed. Terrible4p40
EWRUAC2016-03-02Pre-Check clown show. Hundreds in pre-check line on bottom floor below security checkpoint. Both a cattle pen and a snaking line down the hallway and back. Only let about 10 at a time up the escalator. Lots of angry and befuddled travelers. Only one non-TSA person to do crowd control. Feared for safety.200p60
EWRWNA2016-02-28No TSA Pre Lane. X-ray was extremely slow230p45
EWRWNA2016-02-25No TSA Pre lane.1230p
EwrUAC2016-02-24Only one open check point for premier300p90
HNLAAMain2016-02-24Full PC, no waiting.600a0
PHXAAT4 Concourse B2016-02-16Full PC for a change!930a0
MSPDL1/62016-02-07Relatively short lines, very superficial grope.700p5
LAXUATerminal 72016-02-07Only pre-check going through the separate WTMD line; everyone else had to go through the Rapiscan
BOSDLA2016-02-0520 minutes to get through the line, then another 7 until a particularly surly blueshirt gave me a rather handsy grope.650a20
JfkAA82016-01-28Tsa precheck closed, only 1 lane operating1000a40
MSPDL12016-01-21Opted out, patdown was cursory and non-invasive, agent was polite.1200p10
EwrAA2016-01-16Rather long line and no TSA precheck, but moving somewhat efficiently500a
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32016-01-15No stupid "magic" tricks with swabs, patdowns, etc. today. How refreshing.1050a2
EWRVXA2016-01-06Lines moved quickly but precheck did not have an exclusive line530p10
MCOAllGates 1-592016-01-06LONG wait and chaos, no lines until close to agents1010a55
EWRWNA10-182016-01-04No pre-check available. Wait in normal security line and they give you a card to keep your shoes on. (Laptops/liquids still have to be removed.) 700a30
SDFDL2015-12-27You can opt out 10
MHTAAMain2015-12-27Full dedicated PC lane open; only wait was for ID checker.530a2
EWRWNA102015-12-24TSA Precheck has shorter ID check line but all are ultimately funneled into same line. Precheck lite only - given cardboard pass and then mixed in with general population. No rhyme or reason for line composition. Disaster.
PHLAAA 2015-12-235a
DENWNNorth2015-12-22Pre operating, no line. Long regular line with MMW700p0
sjcAATerminal A2015-12-11"Precheck Lite" since Precheck lane closed. NOS for everyone else.820a10
tusAAEast Terminal2015-12-07Scanners are in use now. "Precheck Lite" because precheck lane is closed. Hand swabbing for some.1050a5
EWRA20-A282015-12-06No separate precheck line. Long wait.25
EWRUAC12015-12-03Two precheck lines both moving moderately. 620p15
LAXUA72015-12-01Priority/precheck WTMD830p5
MSPDLD2015-11-30Requested Opt Out. Was pretty non invasive and quick.400p20
SEAASThe one with paneled walls, to the right of Precheck.2015-11-25All MMW, have to opt out unless you have Precheck. Sexually assaulted, queer smurf literally ran his hands up and down my **** at the front of my pants. Evil people, never going back to this airport.6p60
EWRDLTerminal B2015-11-24Requested Opt Out. Was pretty non invasive and quick.450p15
dcaDLA (Gates 10-22)2015-11-22Most people were being sent through WTMD. I set off the metal detector and do not know why. I was then asked to go through the MMW scanner. I opted out.320p
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-11-111040a1
ATLDLConcourse F, International Arrival (connecting flights)2015-11-07No PreCheck lane. No airline priority lanes. Just MMWs.610p3
EwrAAA2015-11-03Tsa pre check is not working440p
LAXUST6 Main2015-10-29PC lite, even though the checkpoint was packed & plenty of screeners wandering around.330p5
EWRAAA2015-10-24No Pre-Check, must take laptop out but handed paper exempting from taking shoes off. For premium business travelers, worth the extra air fare to avoid flying out of EWR with AA and VA who use this terminal. Also, while there is a premium line, both premium and main cabin passengers are funneled after the ID check station into the same line to wait for X-ray machines, that forms the real source of delay. 1000a30
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-10-24Another "random" beep by the WTMD -- meaining "special" screening. A joke.230p1
TOLAAMain2015-10-22Still PC lite :-(940a0
MHTAAMain2015-10-22Generally two lines: one standard line with MMW, one PreCheck. PreCheck has limited hours and I often miss it. Standard line will permit PreCheck pax to keep shoes on and use WTMD, still removing laptop/liquids.5
BwiWNA2015-10-14TSA pre check closed!!!630a25
XNAUAOnly2015-10-10When TSA Pre is verified by the ID Checker, you are given a laminated card to give to the screener so they know to send you through the WTMD with shoes and belt on.210p4
DTWDLPreCheck, Checkpoint #3, Bridge/McNamara2015-10-08Other lanes are RED.650a3
MKEDLConcourse D, PreCheck lane2015-10-08200p3
RSWWNB concourse2015-10-08Was told the machine was not back scatter but it looked like a back scatter to me as it had the rotating scanner seen in previous backscatters.550a5
LASUA32015-10-06TSA Pre/WTMD. Although a randomizer would send some through the NoS.1100a1
ATLDLInternational arrival checkpoint Concourse E2015-10-03No PreCheck lane anymore.610p15
DCAWNA2015-10-02Easy, smooth, but lots of TSA agents milling around looking at their phones, talking amongst themselves without doing anything productive.750p5
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-09-27All other lanes red.510a2
SMFASB2015-09-27Only ONE scanner open (another mostly idle for pre check) Almost missed flight; they had closed the jetway door!2p45
ausDLNew Main2015-09-25New Checkpoint near DL counter. Previous Main checkpoint deactivated.1030a10
ausDLNew Main2015-09-25New Checkpoint near DL counter. Previous Main checkpoint deactivated.1030a10
BOSAATerminal B, PC lane2015-09-20Only 1 ID checker initially & a wheelchair PC pax clogged things up substantially, but at least it was real PC (unlike PHX!)600a7
BWIDLD2015-09-15TSA lines not open - no notification when getting boarding pass4p
seaASmain2015-09-14missed my flight1000a60
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-09-13Red for lanes 1 and 2 (wait time 5 minutes for these lanes); green for lane 3 (PreCheck lane). There now is a priority lane for elite FF people.510a1
BWIDLD2015-09-13TSA line closed - had to go through regular line. Saw a dozen TSA agents walking back afterwards1130a
BLIASOnly one2015-09-13Fascists have now installed a Rapiscan here. WTMD was in use earlier and Pre-check people were allowed to use it, if they asked.
SEADLDTW2015-09-13only two security screening gates open at 10 am. Missing my flight due to lengthyTSA wait in SEATAC airport1000a110
LAXUST6, Main2015-09-10PC lite-ugh. 510p1
BURASTerminal B2015-09-10The rats have now installed a scanner here, along with the WTMD. It was not in use when I went through.
ewrAS2015-09-08rude &stupid affirmative-action guy at entry; barks when I hand in our 2 boarding-passes together (common practice at civilized airports); flings cardboard pass (to reflect Precheck) at us so it falls to floor.400p
LAXAAT4 Premium Pre-Check2015-09-04All of the wait time was for the ID checker; smooth sailing after.330p2
LGWAllNorth2015-09-01Scanners taken out of service in 2014. None for now, but could re-appear after the security area is refurbished in 2016.
PHXAATerminal 42015-08-31Pre-check lane for concourse B closed, again. Full PC at concourse A.900a1
ATLDLConcourse E, International Arrival (connecting flights)2015-08-29Apparently the PreCheck lane is only open at the "discretion/convenience" of the TSA. Today (Saturday) afteroon it was closed. Lines were very long; temperature was very warm. TSA is "so focused" on the wrong things.420p15
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-08-23Wait time for other lanes (MMWs) 5 - 10 minutes.500a1
CLTAAConcourse D2015-08-22Full pre-check & literally not a single person in the checkpoint ahead of me.800a0
SjcWNB2015-08-21TSA precheck closed due to it being slow. Lines go to the escalators. 600p50l
OAKWN2015-08-21TSA Pre Line Closed! No reason given. Other lines were long.p30
PHXAATerminal 4, Concourse C2015-08-19Once again, Pre-Check for Concourse B closed, so had to use the WN Concourse across the terminal & walk back around. This is getting old. 500a0
SeaDLS gates 2015-08-09only two security screening gates open at about 8. 1hour wait in TSA line in Seattle airport I missed my flight610p55
LGWAllSouth2015-08-09MMW scanners used for almost all passangers as primary screening.800a
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-08-08Red for lanes 1 and 2 (wait time 15 minutes for these lanes); green for lane 3 (PreCheck lane). There now is a priority lane for elite FF people.450a5
PhxWND2015-08-04Closed again. I think this is a permanent condition.
SeaDLCheckpoint 22015-08-01Terrible, why go premium? The premium lime here is ALWAYS LONGER. Seems like a problem.740a40
BURASTerminal B2015-08-01Terminal B is all WTMD, no scanners. The airlines going out of this terminal include Alaska, United, and Delta. Freedom loving passengers take note!
BURASTerminal B2015-08-01Terminal B is all WTMD, no scanners. The airlines going out of this terminal include Alaska, United, and Delta. Freedom loving passengers take note!
FLLAATerminal 32015-07-31Pre-check lite this morning-so glad I paid the $85 TSA extortion fee for this.510a8
janDLGates 15-192015-07-25No MMWs. PreCheck "lite" is now offered.1100a3
FWAAAOne & only2015-07-24Full on Pre-check this morning.500a0
MBSDL2015-07-18Stupid pet tricks today -- swabbing hands "randomly"; tell them you are a well-trained dog and they will react funny.620a1
PHXAATerminal 42015-07-13Once again, the pre-check lane was closed @ all checkpoints in the termal except the WN C gates. Fortunately, there is a crossover back to the A&B gates so I used the C checkpoint in order to have the full PC experience (I paid for it, after all, w/the $85 TSA extortion fee!)500a0
PHXAATerminal 4, Concourse B2015-07-03PC lane closed again; PC lite for the regular lane.1230p0
TOLAAMain2015-06-25Had to wait for the checkpoint to open & then still pre-check lite.440a5
JFKB652015-06-09Passengers were directed to either the scanners or the metal detectors. 800a20
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-06-07PreCheck "random" swabs in play today. Regular lane RED; watched 8 people go through scanner and 6 required patdowns (great technology).430p
PWMAllMain2015-06-02Only way to avoid scanners is to opt out640a
PWMAllMain2015-06-02Only way to avoid scanners is to opt out640a
PWMAllMain2015-06-02Only way to avoid scanners is to opt out640a
BWIB6D2015-06-01Opt-out by travel partner handled very poorly. No space for pat-downs at this terminal, agents seemed unsure how to even handle one. Opting-out psgr forced to walk thru MWW anyways to get to pat down. 650a
TYSAllAll2015-05-24All passengers have to go through MMW or a pat-down, except pre-check. There was almost no line - the 20 minute wait listed here was for them to get a proper agent to do the pat-down search (since I refused the MMW). During the wait, the other agent gave me repeated and contradicting instructions on where to stand to avoid blocking the flow of other passengers, and repeatedly told me that I should just go through the MMW scanner. During the wait, they refused to let me access or watch my luggage and wallet that I was forced to send through the X-ray machine.200p20
BWIUAC2015-05-20Precheck line closed, all PreCheck passengers had to go through regular screening, but did not have to take off shoes. TSA security person indicated that Precheck has been closed for several weeks!550a
BwiDLD2015-05-20Pre check has been closed the last 3 visits8a
BOGOtherAvianca Domestic2015-05-10MMW used as secondary only900a
OggUS12015-05-06Now have 3 lanes with 3 MMW and 3 WTMD. Far right was being used for precheck passengers, MMW closed.1030p3
bosDLA2015-05-03TSA Pre-Check let me waltz on through.340p3
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-05-02All other lanes red.440p1
PHXAATerminal 4 B concourse2015-04-29Pre-check lite this morning :-(500a2
DENDLColorado Flag; PreCheck2015-04-26840a5
SANUSGate 282015-04-25Only 1 ID checker & 1 lane open, coupled with most pax getting the full grope & scope, made for a long line & long wait time (8+ mins after the ID checker alone) even though I was the only one in the priority lane.830a10
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-04-23Lots of "random" WTMD beeps today.630a2
AMSDLGate E172015-04-18All wires had to come out of bags today! Really slowed things down. Opted out without issues.830a5
DTWDLInternational arrival checkpoint2015-04-18PreCheck lane is available at this checkpoint; it's green. All other lanes are red.1250p3
MIAAAInternational Arrivals to D terminal2015-04-13TSA had one MMW and two regular metal detectors open. It was choose your own line, which was different from the last time I went through this checkpoint, when they had an idiot telling you what line to get into. Miami has to have the rudest Passport and Customs employees in the country. Literally screaming at people to "keep behind the line" or "get over there" in their first minutes in the country. The passengers don't even understand, because they don't speak English. What a disgrace.400a
fntDLPreCheck Lane 32015-04-06Lanes 1 & 2 MMW only; lane 3 PreCheck.1100a2
JANDLGates 15-192015-04-05No MMWs; not likely they can be installed either because of the space and overhead room! Has PreCheck Lite.1030a1
FNTDL2015-04-03Lanes 1 & 2 MMW only (long lines); lane 3 PreCheck.530a10
DENF9North (Colorado flag)2015-03-31Frontier "doesn't participate in PreCheck" -- avoid them if you have PreCheck. TSA agent said he was allowed to send people through WTMD if it got too busy, so pick the busiest line you can and hope to get lucky. (I didn't.)700a20
BOSB6C2015-03-28No wait. No managed inclusion, but opt-out handled very well. Never seems to generate issues at this checkpoint. 640a5
MCODLB2015-03-15I have TSA Precheck and the smurfs still "randomly selected" me for the Nude-o-scoping. WTF did I bother getting Precheck for, then?510a2
MCODLB2015-03-15To the guy who got e-strip-searched even with Precheck: that's why I won't join Precheck. It's all about getting your biometric data with false promises of relief from the illegal police state.
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-03-14PreCheck lane is green, though it has an MMW in the lane (not in use right now); all other lanes are RED.1030a1
ABEDL2015-03-12Very slow person at bag X-ray machine.410p6
MKEDLConcourse D2015-03-08PreCheck lane is green, though it has an MMW in the lane (not in use right now); all other lanes are RED.310p3
MBSDL2015-03-06No MMWs. PreCheck "lite" is now offered with laptops STAYING in bags (of course, not told this until I was at document checker). 50% of people were "randomly" selected for additoinal security screening.200p
AMSOtherCheckpoint for gates B/C/D for intra-Schengen flights2015-02-28Checkpoint is completely automated (bin return, bag selection for screening, etc.), so it's messed up. Security people are not cheerful or helpful. Still got full patdown after MMW, so not sure why they use an MMW.820a12
MIAAAD2015-02-24I had just come from an hour interrogation and search with the US Border Police, so I was in no mood for hassles. I wasn't the only one though, they apparently went after young men from different ethnic and national backgrounds for random searches. I even saw them trying to shake down a polie Japanese young man, trying to see if he was carrying over 10,000 dollars in both US dollars and yen. Well, there is this TSA old guy that points his finger to which lane you go into. I guess, since I was carrying my US passport, which is what the TSA wants all Americans to travel with now, he pointed to the left lane that used only the metal detector. Most of the people got pointed to the x-ray, cancer machines, and they had a long wait and a lot more attitude from the TSA people. My line took about 30 minutes in total, and there was this TSA guy there swabbing passengers fingers and putting the swabs into a machine? This was truly bizarre. Going through the metal detector was easy, and I had no extra searches. Meanwhile, the others directed to the x-ray, cancer machines had even longer wait. The moral of the story: avoid the plane as much as possible while traveling to and from the USA, and within the United States.30
CFEAll2015-02-22US process here: take out laptops, liquids; take off shoes and belt.940a3
MSPDLT1, CP62015-02-22A more cursory patdown than on my way out. When they know you know the drill, they really keep it to a minimum. Guy barely got past my knees. But he did find the bus ticket in my back pocket.600p15
EwrUAC wheelchair / intl connect2015-02-16Interminable line with one checkpoint moving slowly. Avoid.330p30
phxUSB gates, Terminal 42015-02-15arrogant and disrespectful TSA officer at pre-check line. Represents the TSA moron image perfectly. 910a
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-02-14Lots of "random" pet tricks today -- hand swabs after WTMD.1240p5
jfkAA2015-02-07there was more tsa talking and laughing and just standing around than working. and then, you mention something about line going slow, and they have an arrogant response that basically says , shut up or your gonna wait longer...not what was said, but implied..530p
BosUAB2015-02-06Short wait for the male assist. Guy asked me why a patdown. I said "because if precheck can avoid it by paying money, it must be a scam."240p10
AusDLMiddle2015-02-03Got away grope and naked machine free. Middle checkpoint. Stay left. There was a metal detector only line.1100a5
laxAATerminal 42015-02-02Would not allow me to go through pre-check with my wife and daughter, though they both had pre-check. TSA fool admitted he didn't know the rule in this situation but made up his own rules to my maximum inconvenience. Had to leave family and go to the next room where a Negro bully TSA was only allowing pretty women to go through the WTMD. His explanation was that the women were "underage." No, they were in their 20's. What a f**king disgrace.
ABEDL2015-01-31Didn't hear any random WTMD beeps this morning -- surprising considering the number of people coming through the "security" checkpoint.710a5
MSPAAT1, CP62015-01-29Wait time is too long. TSA agent has no energy to attempt to give out directions to passengers. 2-4 TSA agents can be seen standing around doing nothing. Could use an agent directing traffic or giving out instructions to speed up process. Im a seasoned traveler and this is by far my worst experience, worse than St. Louis, and that was my worst airport till now. 500a50
BWIDLD2015-01-26Was down twice in Dec 2014 also430p
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-01-25Regular lane had waits of 5 - 6 minutes, and are RED. Lots of "hand swab" checks for "random" selection of PreCheck passengers (dumb).620a2
COSAAAll Terminals2015-01-22Sorry to break the news to you guys, but this airport now has the porno scanners, which means that most US small and medium sized city airports, such as Tucson and Las Cruces now have these x-rays too. I know, I was used to the low key aptnosphere of the Colorado Springs airport, and I actually enjoyed using it and continued to fly once and a while when on my world travels. But this is sadly not the case anymore there - or anywhere for that matter. I am not using the plane anymore for flying in or out of the US - except for family emergencies. I am taking the boat and using my truck. I actually spent a whole hour dealing with the TSA there. First, I was the only one to opt out of the x-rays as usual, so the TSA dealt harshly with me. They actually searched me heavily and then went through both of my personal bags. One TSA agent found a camping tool that happened to have a sharp edge on one side of it and they kept calling it a 'knife.' Finally, they let me leave the TSA area and return to the parking lot outside and then put it in my truck. I never had a problem with this camping tool before, but the TSA got really strict. After having had to go back to my truck in the parking area, I then had to return to the TSA security area. I again opted out, and the TSA got even more aggressive with me. They didn't search my bags again, but this one agent went through my personal body hard core. He then demanded that I take off my necklaces and he was going to x-ray them in the machine! I am not kidding - the TSA x-rayed my necklaces. While this was going on, two TSA supervisors stood around me. The woman gave me a threatening look, while an older man began asking me where I was going and trying to make small talk. I just said my destination and remained silent. Luckily, the TSA agent didn't find anything dangerous in my necklaces. But this overall experience took one hour out of my travels, and it was a close call, who knows what those people wanted? I also looked at the general TSA people and I realized that most of them were weirdos or losers. They had a little authority and just liked to abuse it with passengers. I also noticed that they were forcing almost all of the passengers into the porno scanner lines, and they did not use the metal detector machine at all. For those of you that like to travel overseas, flying is a dangerous option. I learned a hard lesson. And for those of you that think the dictatorship is coming, well you are wrong, it is already here.1 hr
GEGASConcourse C2015-01-19Most passengers are directed to the scanner. I opted out and GEG security were friendly, efficient and professional when conducting the obligatory pat down. No problems.130p
LASWNABC PreCheck2015-01-16No line since I had "TSA Pre" on my boarding pass. WTMD only.200p1
HVNUS12015-01-10WTMD only0
bwiUSc2015-01-09precheck shut down. had to go through regular line. why? 930a
ewrAAgate 342015-01-08the tsa ladies were professional and it was ok930a20
mcoOtherGates 1-592015-01-06The wait was an HOUR to get through security.1010a55
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32015-01-04Other lanes are RED.1150a1
OslMain2015-00-02Scanner there, but roped off. Also apparently you can only put bombs in your shoes on flights within the U.S.: no shoe off policy.900a10
LASAlld gates2014-12-27sucks
phlAAA2014-12-26Pretend you can't lift your arms ---> redirected to a metal detector15
yqbUS2014-12-26too much wait for nothing, keep your shoes on stupid sheep!20
BUFWNMain (PreCheck only line on the far left)2014-12-26I passed a mob of people waiting in line and went to the very front to show my id. Its a nice benefit.330p0
LHRInt'lTerminal 5 South2014-12-21One scanner used for selected passengers. Most passengers screened with WTMD only.1200p
SEAInt'lSouth Terminal2014-12-21WTMD only for passengers connecting from an international flight. 440p
dfwAAE152014-12-20Good Ole E15 was closed for renovations, had to use another checkpoint. BOOOO!5
ewrWNTermina A2014-12-18No precheck available. Everyone had to take off shoes and take computers out of bags. WTMD for parents with children to the left, MWS for the rest200p15
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32014-12-16Very light pax traffic this morning.540a1
LASAS32014-12-14Had pre-check but alarm went off at WTMD and so jerks said that Pre-check meant zero, Global Entry card meant Zero, and Proscan is the option. Opted out of proscan with pat down. Complete moron did pat down-I didn't identify my items adequately enough for this loser. After 20 minutes finally allowed to leave. So here -an example of the pre-check meaning nothing to these derelicts at TSA. 6a
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40 - 472014-12-13Checkpoint has a PreCheck lane, but it never seems to be open. So PreCheck Lite is what you get.940a2
ordUATerminal 12014-12-12A few people were directed through the WTMD when there was a line for the AIT.220p
smfAAb2014-12-08All Pre-Check are directed to a WTMD, but you have the option of asking for MMW700a10
MKEDLConcourse D2014-12-07Long line of people at X-ray machine. TSOs testy today; don't like it if you're not submissive.1110a4
ATLDLD2014-12-05regular pax routed thru pre check. random hand swabs. left hand line got wtmd; didn't have to opt out of No's.1250p10
FNTDLPreCheck Lane 32014-12-05"Random" WTMD beep selected me for wrist/palm ETD swab. What a joke of a process. I told the 3-striper that I do not like any of them and I do not like their procedures.230p1
EWRUATerminal C2014-12-05Mandatory body scan. Informed wait would be 'at least 30 min' in order to get a pat down instead. Laptops out of bags and shoes off.45
TPAWNC PreCheck2014-12-05There was a MMW, but PreCheck passengers were all being directed through the WTMD.1220p1
SANAAB2014-12-05TSO @ WTMD cooperated properly with exemption.1100a10
EwrWNA152014-12-04There was no precheck available. Everyone had to take of shoes and take computers out of bags20
EwrWNA152014-12-04There was no precheck available. Everyone had to take of shoes and take computers out of bags20
EWRUAC2014-12-01All lanes; bomb sniffing dogs in use, mmw roped off, all thru WTMD, all shoes on, all leave items in bag. Easy, fast, simple, unbelievable. Hope this keeps up.150p3
PHXUSTerminal 4, Concourse A2014-11-30Ts800a2
DCAAAB2014-11-30TSO @ WTMD cooperated properly with exemption.800a
TOLAAMain2014-11-29Pre-check lite this morning & a bag check for a loaf of lemon bread...this is what we get for $8 billion/yr.550a5
DCAWNA2014-11-29First time I've seen scanners in full use at this terminal and they were having everyone go through. Opt out was professional and quick.1100a5
FNTDLLane 22014-11-24540a2
LASWNA/B PreCheck2014-11-24No MMW in this PreCheck lane compared to the C gate check point. Did not get any random check beep when going through WTMD.850a3
ABEDL2014-11-20Chatty ID checker this morning.520a4
CLEUA22014-11-11MMW for everyone except pre-check, but no further groping or hassle1130a5
FNTDL2014-11-09Red for lanes 1 and 2; green for lane 3 (PreCheck lane). There now is a priority lane for elite FF people.620a1
CLLUA12014-11-08had pre-check, no problems with WTMD, but scanner showed a suspicious object so they searched my suitcase and ran the shrinkwrapped commercial summer sausage through the x-ray machine 3 times, making sure it was kosher, I guess930a10
FWAAAMain2014-11-06Full, real Pre-Check has FINALLY arrived in FWA900a0
HNLUACheckpoint 32014-11-06Some lanes had scanners in use, others were WTMD only.1120a5
EWRUAA Gates 24-282014-10-28Moderatly small line, all except exempt (old, child) directed into MMW, Opt out moderate wait, lengthy patdown910a5
EWRUAA Gates 24-282014-10-28Moderatly small line, all except exempt (old, child) directed into MMW, Opt out moderate wait, lengthy patdown910a5
ABQDLA/B gates2014-10-26Many patdowns after the MMW; hand swabs too. You can tell that the TSOs don't think anyone is dangerous; they're laughing and joking while investigating possible terrorists! Get rid of this stupid agency. Checkpoint does have PreCheck too.610a6
FNTDLPreCheck2014-10-22Longer line for MMW checkpoint.550a3
MIAAAInt'l to Domestic D2014-10-20The three WTMD's have been reduced to only one, plus two MMW's. The TSA theory is that a turban-wearing madman passed his device through international security, but instead of detonating in mid-air while landing in Miami, instead decided to risk going through security AGAIN, and blow every one up on the connecting flight from Miami to wherever. Dr. Evil approves of this brilliant plan. So stay on the left hand side where the main line branches into two, and you will get the WTMD. There was a blue fascist there selecting what line you could go into, but his robotic hive mind selected the left side for me, thankfully.
PHXAATerminal 4, concourse B2014-10-19Real Pre-check this morning & not a hand swabber in sight! Smurfette checking ID didn't even bother to scribble on my BP!500a0
GPTAA2014-10-19MMW has replaced backscatter. Wish they would have just gone back to metal detectors. It's ridiculous to have to endure these invasive security procedures at such small airports. TSA is anal here.
ABEDL2014-10-17No nonsense today; overly friendly TSOs, trying to be nice.300p2
RNOASOnly checkpoint2014-10-17Perfect experience for me with PreCheck -- I used the WTMD. But the guy just ahead of me in the precheck line was randomly selected to go through the body scanner.420p5
SRQUAPreCheck2014-10-17All of us in PreCheck went through only the WTMD. They did not randomly choose anyone to go through the MMW which was roped off in the PreCheck lane.1240p2
SJCWN2014-10-17Wait time close to 1 hour. Flights leaving 6 am to 7 am, wait time large. 3 scanners in use50a60
FNTDL2014-10-12Long line for regular lane; PreCheck lane had wait time of 1 minute.410p12
grrUAB2014-10-11WTMD blocked off, Nude-O-Scope only w/o opt out1230p5
ATLAADo,septic North Pre-check2014-10-10The rest of the checkpoint was a bottleneck but the PC lune was a breeze. Only hiccup was the smurfette running the bag scanner was too engrossed in her conversation w/her buddies to make sure the bags actually came out the other end & past the glass partition so pax could reach them w/having to climb up on the rollers.1250p0
LASDLD PreCheck2014-10-09The WTMD now has a randomizer that sends some PreCheck passengers into a random check situation. In this case, even with Precheck, you must go through the MMW (keeping shoes and belt on) while holding my w llet above my head. Then. Mr. Smurf insisted on looking theough my wallet. Next time I am just sticking in the carryon to avoid this nonsense. About half of the Precheck people in line were getting the same random check beep. Looks like they are ruining what was once a good thing (no MMW in these lanes existed in the past. Only benefit now is a shorter line.840a4
PHXAATerminal 4, Concourse B2014-10-07First time in months, full Pre-check actually open, albeit w/a hand swabber but ignored him & kept going.440a0
DTWDLCheckpoint #1 (PreCheck) / McNamara2014-10-06Airport is busy; TSA is... well, slow.200p5
ABEDL2014-10-04Lots of families this morning.810a4
dfwAAE152014-10-02still only walk through metal detectora
JFKAA82014-09-30Approved Pre Check Bus Class JFK LAX, went thru WTMD and it beeped not because I had metal, but because I was "randomly selected" to go thru Body Scanner. Said no and took pat by a snotty overzeleous male TSA agent.230p
LGAOtherCTB-B2014-09-28Still WTMD only at the B gates on Terminal B (WN, F9, NK, FL, and overflow for B6)630p0
SFBOtherN/A2014-09-25dumping TSA for private firm
TOLAAMain2014-09-25Still pre-check lite.1230p0
FLLDL22014-09-24First time I have ever seen NO LINE at T2 FLL!!! Sadly, that meant I had no choice but to opt out. Pat down was ok, had to get my bag checked as well, so it delayed me slightly but I was 3 hours early. Was told 3 times that it was MMW and not harmful. When will they learn it's not all about radiation?100p0
FNTDL2014-09-21Lanes 1 & 2 MMW only; lane 3 is full PreCheck.550a3
PHXAATerminal 4, Concourse B2014-09-21Pre-check lane actually open but hand swabber hiding in the corner, out of sight, like the cockroaches they are. Timesd 530a0
SANUSTermina 2, Gate 202014-09-19Even though most pax going thru were getting the Pre-Check 3 beep, PC not open, nor was there even a lane for premium pax. Everyone in a single lane-11 mins to the ID checker. Then PC lite if you get 3 beeps & then only if the ID checker remembered to give the pax a special yellow ribbon to give to the moat dragon. More than enough screeners wandering the terminal aimlessly to open a real PC lane.130p11
SYRDLMain2014-09-19Precheck lane closed (first time I've seen that) but precheck was sent through the left lane and could keep shoes on etc...no scanners still here! Counting my blessings100p1
MCIDLB, Gates 50-522014-09-15WTMD only for the checkpoint that leads to these three gates.510a3
MCIDLB, Gates 56-602014-09-15One body scanner in operation for most passengers, with WTMD for Pre-Check.500a5
PHXUSCheckpoint B, Terminal 42014-09-13They have reconfigured this checkpoint so that Pre-check now goes to the far left side where they have a hand swabber hidden from sight until it's too late.830a2
BTVUSGates 1-82014-09-12This is a Pre-check lite airport, which is bad enough, but the PC lane to the ID checker dumps into the regular lane for the single ID checker. After that PC pax get a yellow card to keep shoes on & bypass the grope & scope machine otherwise the rest of the tsa520a5
ewrUAA2014-09-10TSA precheck lane not available, separate lane for premier customers instead25
DFWUAE152014-09-10Gate @ E15 still fails to violate our 4th amendment130p
PHXUSTerminal 4, Concourse A2014-09-08Pre-check lane open but had to get by a hand swabber first-apparently this is now a permanent process.530a0
dfwAAd-international from customs2014-09-03Only one normal line open feeding to scanner. Also Precheck line but not eligible :(300p10
SFOASA122014-09-02I had a knee replacement surgery, I have precheck status, and they made me walk without my walking cane and remove my shoes and belt. It took me a long time waiting for a rude, young female to pad my body.1110a10
lasWNTerminal B2014-09-02In the pre-check lanes, about one in five passengers get a random tone at the WTMD and must empty their pockets and submit to a full body scan or groping. Completely insane and backing up the lines since people are told they can leave everything in their pockets, then have to back up and empty them.10
MKEDLConcourse D2014-09-01Green for precheck; red for all others. Carrying sausages in your carry-on bag makes the "hands of blue" nervous.250p1
BJIDL2014-09-01No WTMD at this small airport. Security opens about 45 minutes prior to each flight.1200p5
FNTDL2014-08-30Lanes now numbered 1 - 3. Lane 3 appears to be set up as a PreCheck lane, but it was not operational nor staffed.600a7
SFOInt'lA2014-08-29MMW for most except for crew and young children. Did not opt-out since one scan probably won't hurt me.
SFODLTerminal 12014-08-29WTMD in precheck lane, which was lightning fast. Body scanners for everyone else.900a2
JFKDLTerminal 4, 4th floor, PreCheck2014-08-24All other checkpoints RED.630a5
GRUDLTerminal 2, International2014-08-23No scanners, can leave shoes on, laptops and liquids must come out of bags550p2
CLEWN22014-08-23TSA Pre-Check line was massive. No handicap access to the Pre-Check line so had to remove everything. Regular lines were packed as well.130p25
EWRDLTerminal B Gates 40 - 472014-08-21Recheck closed... Had to take laptop out of bag AND remove shoes and belt. Only plus was metal detector vs body scanner.630p
SFOUAInternational2014-08-13Very busy, so they directed a bunch of us into the "pre" line with WTMD only and no shoe removal. :-)1210p
SEAAA22014-08-12Careful choice of lanes led me to the WTMD-only lane at the left end. Pre-check got WTMD at the other end. Checkpoints 3 through 5 all had one lane sending people through WTMD but others were MMW. You can access any gate from any checkpoint so if you have time you are able to walk up and down to see where is a good lane.500a15
FNTDL2014-08-11PreCheck "LITE" (you can keep your shoes on, whoop-de-doo) is available at this checkpoint. TSO told me that full PreCheck is coming to FNT by end of August 2014..1150a1
ewrUAc-22014-08-10only 1 provision scanner open! 520a25
DfwAAE152014-08-08E15 still wtmd, used this security gate then the skylink to terminal A. Just allow an extra 10 minutes.
JAXWNMain2014-08-05Putting everyone on the RIGHT side lines thru pre-check. Lots of confusion but no NoS. 930a15
HVNUS12014-08-04Metal detectors only at New Haven
bwiUAD2014-08-02Everyone through scanners except precheck.1050a5
COSUAAll2014-08-00This is airport is still low key and uses only metal detectors, but I did see a porno scanner at the security lane that was not in use.
LAXUAUnited2014-08-00Wow, this used to be one of the worst airports for bad security and porno scanners. Something happened to the TSA mob. There were no pornoscanners and all the lanes had metal detectors. The wait wasn't that long either. I had to do a pat down though, but it was pretty quick.15
SEAAS2014-07-31MMWs were roped off. WTMD for everyone. Like it should be.920a
jfkInt'lT12014-07-31opted out / pat down800p20
ABEDL2014-07-30Reduced TSO staffing .... everyone was actually performing work!1050a3
JFKAA82014-07-30MMW for everyone except seniors, young kids, and PreCheck. I needed to opt out.430p20
LCYAllLarge checkpoint2014-07-29One MMW scanner set back in an alcove near lane 6. People were being randomly selected but very slowly so maybe one out of every 50 passengers.200p10
tusUSWest Terminal2014-07-29Dedicated Pre-check line available.640a
BnaWNMain (I think there's just one)2014-07-28MMW in use, no other options as far as I could tell. It was fast and they were polite, at least.230p
FNTDL2014-07-20Checkpoint does have PreCheck. Meaning you can keep your shoes on, else it's just the same as no precheck with respect to Xrays.340p5
SEAAS12014-07-16WTMD only - south end of terminal7a20
DTWDLCheckpoint #3 [passenger bridge level] (PreCheck) / McNamara2014-07-13TSO playing name game with some people; calls supervisor if you don't want to play the game.200p5
MSPDL62014-07-13Quite the junk show at MSP. CP 5 is no more, CP 1 closed, the secret CP 10 (rental car/transit) was also closed. Long lines but they moved. Scouted out CP6 and it had an SDOO which was easy to find (understaffed) so no grope for me. Looked like one fellow got a very enhanced interrogation where they made him turn on all his electronics. If I were him I'd have a hard time not throwing a fit.630p15
DFWF9E182014-07-11Watch out! There are 4 xray machines here, but the two on the right funnel into a MMW, and during slow periods, these are the only 2 open! The ones on the left have a WTMD. Luckily they opened up *while I was in line*.350p8
BOSDLA2014-07-10Now that CO dba UA is over in B, there's practically no one a A. No wait, and the fastest, most efficient pat down I've had: basically faster than the NoS. Total of about two minutes. Fantastic.150p0
BOSDLA2014-07-10DL was checking bag sizes at check-in. I asked the DL rep if she was TSA affiliated and she was not. Don't bother with that, TSA has no business allowing them to do that. However, when I mentioned this to gate staff, they cheered me. They don't like it either! I came thisclose to scoring a first class upgrade by saying I was going to Tweet at Delta. Remember, Gate Agents can do *anything*.150p0
ABEDL2014-07-10Seems no one got PreCheck today while I was in security "zone".350p1
denF9Bridge to Concourse A2014-07-09all lanes except precheck funnel into MMW machines. Opt out was surprisingly quick, easy and professional.1000a10
iahDLA2014-07-07No more TSA at terminal A. I paid for the background check, cleared and now they pulled tsa from term A730a
DTWDLCheckpoint #3 [passenger bridge level] (PreCheck) / McNamara2014-07-06Barker TSO at X-ray belt insisted on asking me over and over if my cell phone was in my carryon bag and if I had any metal in my pockets; I ignored him; he got testy; I ignored him even more.150p1
DtwDLMcNamara west main2014-07-05Random selection in pre check lane to be scanned. 1010a1
DENDLSouth Checkpoint - PreCheck2014-07-051120a2
DTWDLCheckpoint #1 (PreCheck) / McNamara2014-07-02Green for precheck; red for all others.220p3
bwiAAC2014-07-02No line. Super easy. I requested a pat down. Hate that machine. The TSA agents were beyond nice. I'm still surprised at how well they treated me. I'm used to the rude as you know what ones at other airports.330p5
CLTUSC2014-07-02Pretty much everyone gets screened. The front-line TSA drones were polite, the supervisor I dealt with (long story) was quite rude.
STXAA52014-06-28No scanners! Walk-through metal detector only0
ABEDL2014-06-27No scanners, but the WTMD harrasses you by making "random" beeps that tell the Gestapo agents to do "random" checks of your belongings....another useless, unconstitutional, make-work program that I'm forced to pay for!!!!410p1
dcaUS352014-06-27The scanner broke and I also requested a pat down. Hate that machine.530p15
FCOUST52014-06-20Very disorganized. You have to take all electronic devices out of your carry-on and put them in a plastic bag. You also have to show your passport to someone at least five times before going to your gate. Only two security lines were open (both WTMD), but they were very slow. MMW was roped off.
DCADLB (Gates 10-22)2014-06-18440a
MBSDL2014-06-16Still scanner-free. Does have "PreCheck Lite" for PreCheck travelers.710a1
MSPDL62014-06-15Most people but not all through MMW. Opt out was fast and not very obtrusive. Agent was friendly/professional410p3
PHXAATerminal 4' Concourse A2014-06-14Pre-check in the B concourse closed, so trekked to the A concourse where it was open but since the TSAis so overstaffed, had to deal w/a handswabber. $8 billion/yr for this stupidity.420a2
DFWDL2014-06-12No scanners observed, only WTMD.500p5
ABQUSMain2014-06-11Wait time for ID checker in Pre-check lane, otherwise, no issues. 4 smurfs (count 'em, 4!!!) doing hand swabs on all those randomized to Pre-Check...can you say over staffed??640a1
SFOUAT32014-06-09F1/F2/F3 checkpoints at T3 had everyone going into scanners, except Pre-Check. One of the checkpoints, however, had someone with an Ipad randomizer that directed some of the people to go into a line that merged with the Pre-Check line. Unfortunately, I didn't get directed that way and had to opt-out. 1230p10
PVGInt'lTerminal 2 (to Japan)2014-06-08Odd setup with security screening directly after going through departure immigration. Did not see any body scanners at this checkpoint, but if you alarmed the metal detector, you get a patdown and have a hand held metal detector waved over you. I got through in one try and went on my way.400p2
PHLUSA West2014-06-08Checkpoint isn't safe anymore. Unless you have PreCheck, you'll be sent to the MMW.
COSAllMain -- only one2014-06-07WOW! An airport free from the cancer of body scanners. The single checkpoint had three metal detectors.500a5
MELInt'lInternational2014-06-07Three body scanners at this checkpoint, all in operation. Metal detectors flank the body scanners, and people can be randomly chosen from there to be sent through the scanner. No-opt outs allowed. Look for one of the WTMD lanes not located right beside a body scanner for your best chance to avoid the random selection process.740a10
DCAUA10-something2014-06-03Unless you're a woman walking with a 6-year-old girl (or the 6-year-old girl), you're going to be forced through the mmw. Wtmd is roped off and both tsa and law enforcement yell at you if you ask to go through that. Calling a suit is not helpful because he just yells more. I ended up rescheduling my return home via amtrak instead. It is much nicer, except for the timing.200p12
mdwWNmain2014-06-03MDW only airport I fly out of that no longer has expedited security options for frequent fliers, other than TSA pre-check. Today, there were approx 1000 people directed through 3 TSA checkers, while another 3 TSA pre-check agents were bored or chatting with each other. Unbelievable!810a35
LasWNABC2014-06-03Handswab just prior to id check podium. People seem to forget that they have to push their bags onto the conveyer before going through WTMD. So I ended up having to push the belongings of three people and my stuff inside before walking theough. Otherwise it went very quickly. Im 25/25 with getting three beeps now that I have Nexus. Much less hassle.840a2
BOSDLA2014-06-02MMW for most all, opt outs possible, WTMD roped off9a<5
CMHDLC Gates2014-06-02MMW in use for all, opt outs possible, Pre Check being guided to MMW too, WTMD roped off530a5
MSPWNHumphrey T22014-06-01looked like 50/50 to either MMW or WTMD as directed230p10
ATLDLSouth Terminal - PreCheck2014-05-31730a5
ActAAA12014-05-30ACT briefly had a scanner but has reverted to walk-through metal detectors.
TLX2014-05-27Airports in Europe/Germany don't grope 9a10 m
TLVInt'lall2014-05-27very thorough, but professional. America should do what Israel does. It works5p15 m
FNTDL2014-05-26PreCheck "LITE" (you can keep your shoes on, whoop-de-doo) is available at this checkpoint.400p2
BLIAllOnly one2014-05-25no NOS here. Whoever said psycho at ID checking kiosk was right one. She's a nut. All other TSA staffers seemed fine though.300p5
ABEDL2014-05-23No issues today.240p1
LFTDL2014-05-22X-Ray has been broken for days. Complete incompetence of TSA to get people through all flights delayed because of TSA. Avoid this airport at all costs!250a
FNTDL2014-05-18PreCheck "LITE" is "offered" at this checkpoint.430p5
EWRDLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-05-17TSA PreCheck lane closed; 3 beeps gets you "PreCheck Lite" (you can keep your shoes on -- whoop-de-doo sarcasm)110p1
MIAAA2014-05-16Apparently Priority lanes were closed down 2 weeks ago according a TSA agent1000a20
FRAOtherall2014-05-15Europe is still civilized8a10
SXFOther2014-05-15airport is green but UP/El Al airlinehas their own security where they completely feel you up. If you don't like it, go another airline because they don't feel you up.10a1 hr
HKGInt'lSouth Wing2014-05-14WTMD Only, keep shoes and belt on and staff were respectful to passengers. Too bad this isn't standard for USA airports!1210p5
EwrUA2014-05-14This is the security point to the far right. The line on the right is a metal scanner only.640p10
CLTUS2014-05-14opted out!9a10
DENDLNorth (Colorado flag)2014-05-11One lane was WTMD (MMW scanner closed), just to left of PreCheck lane. All others MMWs.850a15
HNLOtherInterisland2014-05-11Two lanes, both WTMD only. Use wiki wiki shuttle airside to get back to the main terminal after clearing security if needed.800a5
OGGOtherMain2014-05-11One MMW at the far right of checkpoint. Unfortunately only one flight leaves this early the day I flew out, so main checkpoint is pretty dead with no other lanes opened. Busier times likely have higher chances of an SDOO with just the one scanner. But I had to opt out.510a3
FNTDL2014-05-08No stupid tricks today except excessive hand-swabbing.1040a3
EWRDLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-05-07PreCheck closed initially; opened around 3:35 pm.330p15
satAAB2014-05-07TSA pre/random(I think) handswab100p
PDXASABC2014-05-05One MMW in operation at the checkpoint, with two lanes feeding it. Every so often people would get pointed through to the attached WTMD from one of the lines, but it was purely random from where, so I was unable to SDOO and had to opt out the conventional way. Typical angry screeners at PDX and an aggressive patdown.430p10
BWIAAB2014-04-30Pre-check lane in C closed so a quick 30 second walk over to the Pre-Check lane in B. No issues after that.1200p0
EwrUAC-22014-04-29WTMD for "pre-check" passengers on L side310p10
DTWDLCheckpoint #3 [passenger bridge level] (PreCheck) / McNamara2014-04-28WTMD decided I needed a "random" hand swab. I told the TSOs it was a bunch of crap.230p1
TOLAAMain2014-04-26Still pre-check lite. Bag pushing smurf insisted tube of hand lotion go in a dog food bowl by itself vs. sitting in the bin beside the laptop. Stupidity reigns!!!1230p0
mdwWNmain2014-04-26All lanes use MMWs with the exception of the precheck lane. Families with young children sent through magnetometers only, but otherwise everyone forced to go through MMW or opt out. I waited at least ten minutes for an agent when I opted out, during which time my bags were left unattended. 730a40
ual2014-04-25outrageous long precheck line3p30
iadUA2014-04-25outrageous long precheck line3p
ABEDL2014-04-24PreCheck "LITE" is "offered" at this checkpoint.410p4
LaxUA72014-04-23WTMD for all130a10
MciUSTerm C2014-04-20WTMD only500a
DTWDLCheckpoint #2 (PreCheck) / McNamara2014-04-20No stupid tricks today.210p2
DFWAAB92014-04-20No separate line for PreCheck. Still required to remove liquids & jackets -- shoes on was only PreCheck benefit.520p
dfwF9E152014-04-18WTMD only10a
ABEDL2014-04-17PreCheck "LITE" is "offered" at this checkpoint for you. However, you must accept a patdown if you're carrying sealed juices for your children, even with PreCheck. What a joke.430p1
DTWDLCheckpoint #2 (PreCheck) / McNamara2014-04-13220p3
ABEDL2014-04-12No MMW or Backscatter. WTMD in use for all passengers. TSA PreCheck travelers can leave their shoes and light jackets on, but must remove their laptops and 3-1-1 compliant liquids.800a5
CLEUA22014-04-11had TSA Pre-Check - that line had no wait, didn't have to take off shoes/coat or take anything out, just WTMD, like the good ol'days. husband didn't have pre-check, took him 15 mins and the whole nine yards including MMW0
PHXAS22014-04-09My kids were my ticket through the metal detector, but everybody else went through the scanner or got a patdown. The X-ray screener was a piece of work, looking at everybody like they were putting her out. The guy ahead of me had his lighter out to show her, and she asked if it was a fake one, which really threw him for a loop. She kept asking, he stayed confused, and then she told him to click it and show her the flame. Once he demonstrated it was a legitimate incendiary device, he was allowed to go through, keeping his lighter. (??) Then, she pulled aside his bag, my bag, and then a little later a lady's purse. She ran the purse back through immediately, then made me and the guy wait for like ten minutes, no word on what the problem was. Several screeners were roaming about doing nothing, but we waited at least ten minutes while our bags were in limbo. Finally some screeners came over to sort out whose bag was whose. His got taken off to be rifled through, but when I raised my hand as the person with the red backpack, the newly arrived screener with some kind of authority sent it back through the x-ray and gave it an easy all clear. Possibly relevant: I'm a white lady with two little blond kids, he was a dark haired, dark skinned business traveler with an Indian accent.200p
ANCASC2014-04-08Went through security with man in wheelchair. Checkpoint virtually empty. TSA staff cheerful and upbeat as my friend was swabbed. 1000p5
CLLUA12014-04-08limited TSA Pre-Check here due to one WTMD only. was allowed to keep shoes and coat on, but had to take out liquids/laptop1210p5
PDXASA/B/C2014-04-07Went through express lane so no line. Everyone being herded through MMW. Got barked at last time for not totally emptying pockets so made sure to remove everything! Still got barked at for not removing everything. Snapped back the machine picked up the button on my jeans. He responded, "No, it's your stomach." Reported this to Supervisor1030a5
PDXASA/B/C2014-04-07Went through express lane so no line. Everyone being herded through MMW. Got barked at last time for not totally emptying pockets so made sure to remove everything! Still got barked at for not removing everything. Snapped back the machine picked up the button on my jeans. He responded, "No, it's your stomach." Reported this to Supervisor1030a5
DTWDLCheckpoint #3 [passenger bridge level] (PreCheck) / McNamara2014-04-06Overheard one lady in PreCheck line who said she was randomly picked for this lane from the regular lane; she was so excited!150p1
JfkDL22014-04-04Please get to this terminal about 2-5 hours early for you flight security line was so long for no reason140p
MSPUA2/Main (1)2014-03-31pathetic wait time for this hour of the day400a45
SANWNTerminal A, Gate 42014-03-31WTMD only, 3 lanes. BUT--they were pulling people out for "random" secondary screening. (There was a guy getting trained--I got the impression that they were counting to a number or getting a signal of some kind). Anyway, I was lucky number whatever. Yay.1030a15
FNTDL2014-03-30You get to keep your shoes on and go through WTMD if you "TSA PreCheck".1150a1
cltUSD2014-03-27No holdup, TSA agents were all polite.930a0
SJCWNB2014-03-26NOS for all except pre-check--probably because they were busily flogging CLEAR. Only one scanner--took forever.230p
DCAAllA (Gates 1-9)2014-03-24New security checkpoint at Gates 1-9 (AC/B6/F9/FL/SY/WN). Still 100% WTMD, although there is now room where they *could* introduce ATR.530a10
BOSB6C40-422014-03-24Blueshirt didn't appreciate me wanting to see my items750a12
IADB6East2014-03-24Looked like everyone was being sent through the NOSes. Had a shoulder problem suddenly flare up.700p0
FNTDL2014-03-23Green if you get "PreCheck" (the "LITE" version).1150a2
RDUUS2014-03-22The absolute rudest worker barking instructions, being condescending and demanding. 730a
IAHUA2014-03-22Everyone except precheck sent to the body scanners.
ABEDL2014-03-21PreCheck "LITE" is "offered" at this checkpoint for you. However, you must accept a patdown if you're carrying sealed juices for your children, even with PreCheck. What a joke.400p2
MKEDLConcourse D2014-03-16PreCheck lane "green"; all others "red".1010a1
ABEDL2014-03-13PreCheck "LITE" is "offered" at this checkpoint for you. However, you must accept a patdown if you're carrying sealed juices for your children, even with PreCheck. What a joke.400p3
LAXUADomestic flights2014-03-11My area only had the metal detectors, but after going through the security perimeter, I noticed another TSA area that had all the travelers going through the x-ray machines630a30
FNTDL2014-03-09With PreCheck "LITE" (stupid), it's green.1150a1
BWIWNA2014-03-09You can avoid the nude body scanner by joining pre-check line at this checkpoint. They have been sending many non-pre-check members to the no-scanner pre-check line. The line you want is to the left side, but there's a moat dragon telling you which way you have to go. Good luck!500p
BLIAllAll2014-03-08All clear. Single WTMD only.
phpUSinternational transfer2014-03-07Precheck was closed by this time of night, but those eligible can keep shows on. Regardless, everyone funneled to NoS.830p20
PHLUSinternational transfer2014-03-07Precheck was closed by this time of night, but those eligible can keep shows on. Regardless, everyone funneled to NoS.830p20
EWRDLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-03-06PreCheck lane450p5
SlcB6Terminal 12014-03-06All passengers sent through scanners. Waited for a long time for a grumpy tsa agent to give me a pat down. 500p20
MIAAAD2014-03-05I challenge all of our elected officials to go to the "secure" side of the waiting area in any major airport and witness for an hour how the TSA is treating the traveling U.S. public.8a
MIAAAD2014-03-04Going from an International flight to a domestic flight after Immigration/Customs. This may be the only checkpoint in the airport without scanners? Conveniently there are baggage handlers waiting after you go into the TSA area that take your already checked (from your original airport). You then go into a line for the metal detectors and the X-ray for your luggage. Don't use a wheelchair as you will be groped and humiliated!7a15
KGBAll2014-03-03All lines had to go through scanner! I opted out. 730a
SCLAAInternational2014-03-03No scanners on entry into Int. departure area. American Airlines adds a bit of theatre by either randomly selecting a couple of passengers for bomb swabbing or as I witnessed, 4 desks set up in the jet way to look through your carry on baggage and confiscate the water that you just purchased in the Int. waiting area. No sane rationalization, except to make the ____ feel safer.9p5
KGBB6All2014-03-03All passengers pushed through scanners. I opted out800a
LgbB6All2014-03-03All passengers pushed through scanners. I opted out800a
LGBAllAll2014-03-02The fascist iron curtain has come down on Long Beach. All passengers through the porno scanners, except Pre-check. The last good option for freedom-loving Southern Californians is ruined. I won't be flying anymore. Don't understand these people who opt out and get their gonads searched. Even the porno scanner is better than that.
PVDWNMain2014-03-01Two lanes open. MMW for all!1020p3
PDXA/B/C2014-02-28Dogs sniffed our bags, sent us to precheck WTMD910a15
TOLAAMain2014-02-27Pre-check lite. Laptops & liquids out but then, if you are pre-check, you get to choose between the Nos or WTMD. Pax in front of me chose NoS, but I headed right for the WTMD.620a1
LaxUA7 (upstairs)2014-02-26Everyone through the body scanner, long line, slow process
MSPDL22014-02-25NB: Long lines as usual around 6 AM, but if you're silver status or higher, you can use Checkpoint 2 which has no elite line.620a
JFKUA72014-02-24Tsa pre check300p
JFKUA72014-02-24Tsa pre check300p
JANDLWest2014-02-23Still no body scanners at JAN. JAN also has PreCheck "Lite" -- no separate line, but if your BP scans for precheck, you can keep your shoes on.300p5
SJCAAA2014-02-22Pre-check line open. WTMD in use for Precheck. MMW in use for all others as far as I could tell.900a5
ATLDLInternational 2014-02-22This is the checkpoint you go through coming off a foreign flight to get back in the US. Naked machines in use for all lanes. Molestation level mild to moderate.400p
ORDDLT22014-02-22MMW in use for all pax except Precheck.1130a10
DTWDLMacnamara main checkpoint2014-02-21I breezed through with the TSA precheck, but the lesser serfs looked like they were going through the NoS. Precheck is green all the way.500p5
LASVXD/E gates checkpoint2014-02-21The main lines have scanners for everyone, but the precheck lines are using WTMDs. The main lines were backing up, so a bunch of us got directed into the precheck line. didn't need to remove shoes or coats either. A little slice of nostalgia for how things used to be. Still not worth the privacy invasion of signing up for precheck however.230p10
BOSDLA2014-02-20Random selection to pre-check, and a cursory grope. Also, they stole my nutella. Bastards.540p5
EDIAllMain2014-02-19Three of six lanes open, two with dual scanner/WTMD, one WTMD only.530p10
PUQOtheronly2014-02-19Small airport at the end of the world. Metal detectors only.9a5
SCLOtherDomestic2014-02-18Metal detectors only on domestic departure side.8a5
DfwDL162014-02-17Old school metal detector only630a
BHMAAonly2014-02-15Had "Pre-Check" as a result of using AA mileage. Almost like airports used to be. We passed into the Non-U.S. Constitutional zone without molestation, unlike others who were subjected to the micro-wave or gropes!12p0
YOWOtherUS Departures2014-02-14Metal detector only in Ottawa300p10
ABEDL2014-02-12Same stupid stuff.350p1
PVDAllMain2014-02-10MMW in regular lanes. WTMD only for Pre520a
BOSOtherB1-3 Air Canada2014-02-10Metal detector only130p5
YYZOtherD1 (Air Canada)2014-02-10Two steps, first through metal detector, then L-3. I refused and got a less than thorough pat-down520p15
MBSDL2014-02-09PreCheck "LITE" is "offered" at this checkpoint for you. However, you must accept a patdown if you're carrying sealed juices for your children, even with PreCheck. What a joke.250p1
BHMUA2014-02-09There was a MMW and metal detector. TSA sending passengers to the wiener screener until it got backed up. Then, passengers were directed to the metal detector. BHM has a Pre Check lane.
FLLDLTerminal 22014-02-08TSA line went out to the street. Good thing I arrived at the airport 2 hours ahead as it took 45 min to clear security on a saturday morning at gates D1-D9 in terminal 2. Once you showed your id and boarding pass, you could choose from the 5 lines and only one had the porn scanner. Funny enough, that one had the most people in line. Obviously I chose the one with the good old metal detector. Pleasantly surprised that 4 lines had the metal detector, at least in terminal 2.1110a40
ABEDL2014-02-06Lots of "random selection" by WTMD beeping on pax today.400p1
EDIAllMain2014-02-05Scanners behind the WTMD in lanes 5 through 8. Anyone beeping the WTMD gets scanned.520p15
MspDLT1, transit/rental car2014-02-03Certainly worth taking the tram this time of morning to avoid long lines. Little wait at the secret check in. Some lucky passengers were selected for WTMD, I got a friendly patdown. Told the TSO that I understood they were justi doing what they're told, he laughed and said "if only everyone had that attitude."610a5
FNTDL2014-02-02PreCheck "LITE" is "offered" at this checkpoint for you. However, you must accept a patdown if you're carrying sealed juices for your children, even with PreCheck. What a joke.1100a5
DUBAll22014-02-02No scanners in Ireland700p3
LGWAllSouth main2014-02-01Dual MMW/WTMD on lanes 6 and up, hang a left after BP scan to get to lower numbered lanes which are WTMD only800a10
FWAAAPre-check2014-01-31Pre-check lite because, according to the smurfettw, 'we don't have the right equipment' for real Pre-check. They really do think we are stupid550a1
BOSDLA2014-01-31Half of normal folks directed to Pre-Check. Even the blue shirts were happy about everyone keeping their shoes on and their computers in their bags. Wouldn't it be nice if it was always this nice. Might be able to SDOO by waiting until the normal line gets long.500p2
sjcUSTerminal A2014-01-31Pre-check line open. Scanners in use for some at other lines.830a5
ewrUAc-22014-01-30LONG lines750a
ewrUAc-22014-01-30LONG lines750a
DAYUSCentral2014-01-30MMW in use for everybody. I got friendly pat-down. I changed flights at counter so lost my Pre-Check status.930a5
EWRDLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-01-30Checkpoint does have PreCheck.320p5
BOSUSGates 15-19/B2014-01-27Pre-check only did a hand swab. Other gates appeared to be using only metal detector.150p1
FNTDL2014-01-26If you get PreCheck LITE, you use the WTMD and keep your shoes on; but laptops, liquids, etc. still have to be in bins.410p6
SANAACommuter2014-01-26I have PreCheck, so they opened the WTMD for me. But everybody without PreCheck had to go through the MMW. The commuter terminal doesn't have a PreCheck line, but it is equipped with both a WTMD and MMW; I was allowed to keep my belt, shoes, and jackets on, but still had to take my laptop out.620p5
EDIAllMain2014-01-21WTMD for lanes 5 through 8 has MMW behind it. Beep the WTMD and you get MMW as secondary. I opted out.450a5
SJCAAA2014-01-21Precheck lines were closed because "it's slow". I was sent through WTMD, another pax was sent through MMW; not sure if it was because she didn't have Precheck (I did).430p5
TpaAAF2014-01-20Two lanes open for commoners. One using wtmd. Careful maneuvering possible.600a30
LaxWNTerminal 12014-01-18Everyone used the MMW
EWRDLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-01-16Normal operations.440p5
SfoUA752014-01-16Very thorough with the molestation1200p15
MBSDL2014-01-12Random "swabbing" of a laptop; what a joke.910a2
PBIDLConcourse C2014-01-12Thought this was a small airport so got there an hour before flight. Big mistake. There was a huge security line and there was one line that was going through the metal detector. There was even a joke of a tablet like apparatus that directed each person to different queues to go through security. I got lucky, machine told me to go left and that's where the metal detector was. However, there were 2 lines, one through the porn scanner, another one to the metal detector. There was a family who went through the metal detector and they were taking forever so a TSA agent told me to go through the porn scanner, so I said, I have no rush, i can wait, and as I had already placed my laptop on the conveyer belt, the guy left me alone. I did notice though that it was kind of difficult to make it to this side of the line. At some point they closed down the line for the metal detector and you could only get through it if the TSA agent directed you to it. There were 3 other porn scanners being used in this area. I would say, get early to scope out the situation so you can choose the right line. 1100a
HouWNMain one2014-01-12Everyone used the MMW scanner except for some pre-check people. What happened to not using the scanners as a primary method of screening?
TYSAAMain2014-01-10Pre-Check lane. Exact same clothing & shoes as 12/18/13 report but no alarm @ the WTMD this time which proves the smurfs did something to the machine to make it alarm on 12/18/13 in order to force pax to remove shoes un-necessarily. Maybe someday the TSA will understand that their consistent inconsistency only makes them look even more foolish than they already are.530a0
PNSAA2014-01-06PreCheck in use, all others get zapped
TPAUSF2014-01-05Pre-check on the far left was WTMD only, but just the MMW line was open for everyone else. Families with children went through WTMD. Opted out.
DTWDLCheckpoint #2 (PreCheck) / McNamara2014-01-05TSOs tried to be talkative; I ignored them.650p1
ORDUATerminal 12014-01-04Standard lanes backed up to the ticket counters. Seems international incoming passengers transferring to domestic sent TSA into meltdown. Kettles with short connection times were freaking and the Pre lanes were free and clear. 900a90
TOLAAMain2013-12-31A single-line checkpoint at this small airport, so NOS is your only choice. Agents were professional, nothing too objectionable.930a2
BILAll2013-12-30PreCheck was in operation--eligible pax being given red card by TDC to mark them as PreCheck-eligible to screeners1020a2
MspAllHumphrey 2013-12-29Real aggressive grope. Multiple passes across the groin, more than usual effort to try to get me to use the machines, wanting a reason for the opt out. Sort of degrading instructions from the older woman working the front of the line - - treated us like four year old. 830a
yyzAllconnextion for US flight2013-12-29Aweful experience, Almost missed my flight. The US immigration was just as incompetent. In both cases, there is no way to catch your flight doing the normal main lineup, so they call people according to their departure time. So everybody is cutting in front of everybody per CATSA instructions.30
burWN2013-12-28Shoe carnival, MMW, and grabby agents for all pax except precheck. Disgusting.
PHLUSB2013-12-28Pre-check was WTMD only; for everyone else, it was MMW with the WTMD blocked most of the time. Opted out.
BOSAATerminal B Pre-Check2013-12-27Again, wait time was for the ID checkers-even though there are 2 of them (one for Pre-Check & one for ramdomized Pre-Check) seated side by side, it apparently takes the two screeners putting their little heads together to figure out whether the ID/BP is valid. Once that stupidity is done with, it was a normal Pre-Check process that took no time.600a2
ATLAAMain2013-12-27Mostly NOS, but a few WTMD still available, mainly to the left side of the main bank. A little bit of barking, but not too bad ... agents were fairly cordial. Agents slow to replenish bins, then held up the line past the WTMD while they were replacing them.820a10
ABQUAMain2013-12-27ABQ is the all NoS all the time airport. A single NoS is fed by two carry on scanner lanes. WTMDs are only used generally in overflow situations. 930a3
oakWN22013-12-25Long waits, angry agents. MMW for everyone except children. Saw a guy in a wheelchair get an extensive genital caressing. Truly disgusting.
LgaDLD2013-12-24Sky Priority Line leads to a WTMD. All others directed to MMW. 950a0
mdwWNBusiness Slect2013-12-23Going through the business select lane,there was a randomizer matt that directed me to go to precheck. I think that some others were directed to get their hands swabbed but I was not sure whether some were led to body scanners from this.330p
jaxDLA/C Gates2013-12-21All pax directed to MMW. WTMD was blocked by a cone. Family/medical line led to a WTMD, but that entrance was monitored.330p5
LASWNABC Pre-Check2013-12-20This time there were no random people being pulled from other lanes to use Pre-Check. Ypu have to have to designation on your boarding pass to use the lane. NEXUS is nice to have as I have gotten the three beeps each time. i'm 5/5 so far.1230p2
atlDLDomestic-Main2013-12-20All pax directed to MMW.800p5
omaUSB (Only checkpoint)2013-12-20Inexplicably given precheck, even though I never signed up for it (and never will.) I got the beeps and was given a laminated yellow card (like a soccer match!) that designated me as precheck. I was directed to the lane on the right, which was the WTMD. We still had to take off shoes and remove laptops and Freedom Bags.320p10
LCYAllMain2013-12-20There are two checkpoints, you want the one on the left which is WTMD only. The one on the right has MMW in one lane with random selection.820a15
pdxOtherd2013-12-19normal PRE operations. 2 smurfs swabbing.530a10
bosDLA2013-12-19Surprisingly short wait for such a busy travel day. Everyone was directed to the MMW and all WTMDs were roped off.340p2
TYSAAMain2013-12-18Wait time was for the ID checker. They have 3 levels of screening here-full Precheck, Precheck 'lite' for which pax are ramdomized by an iPad for entry but have to have a hand swab, & the full monty NoS. Amazing for an airport this size. Anyway, WTMD in the full pre-check lane alarming on everyone's shoes including mine which I know for fact do not have metal shanks in them, so heaven knows what the smurfs here have done to the WTMD to make it alarm on shoes. 350p2
dcaUSC Gates (North Pier, Main Terminal)2013-12-18Inexplicably was granted precheck, even though I never signed up for it (and never will). Through the checkpoint without hassle the way it used to be before the government decided that airport security caused (/11.1220p<5
SEADL2013-12-17TSA PRE had a number of fliers not "PRE" that had no idea what to do.700a15
sjcUSTerminal A2013-12-13Unless you had Pre-Check, MMW could not be avoided.840a10
ABEDL2013-12-12Slow pax in X-ray line, but TSA was "hands-off" today.350p2
LASUSD Gates2013-12-12Most of the wait time was due to the ID checker who was insisting pax remove hats for 'identification purposes'. He also blatently ignored the BP reader when it gave off the 3 Pre-check beeps & sent those pax towards the NoS. Unfortunately, most of those getting the 3 beeps didn't know what it meant & went off like good little sheeple-only 1 pax in front of me knew what it meant, ignored the ID checker's wave & marched over to the Pre-Check lane instead.200p2
AbqUSMain2013-12-11Most of the wait time was for the ID checker. Randomized to pre-check but 3, count 'em 3, smurfs swabbing hands before you could FTE there. Poor guy in front of me was then randomly selected again for another hand swab after the WTMD. What a waste.700a2
YYZInt'lTERMINAL 32013-12-09
TUSUSWest Terminal2013-12-09No scanners. Pre-check available but you will need to take your laptop out of its case.1210p0
BHDAllMain2013-12-08No scanners, but there is one on order :(100p2
INDUSB2013-12-06MMW not in use, only WMD. Because I changed flights, I lost my pre-check status, but the wait was only because of families traveling with babies, carriages, etc.1000a10
LHRInt'lTerminal 1 main2013-12-06MMW with ATR immediately behind the leftmost lane (BA elite lane). Random selection. Opt out permitted.620p8
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-12-05The US Gestapo resides here.400p10
EWRUAC-12013-12-03No backscatter for united premier410p10
DTWDLCheckpoint 3/McNamara (PreCheck)2013-12-02Normal PreCheck operations.620a6
DCAUAB2013-12-02Someone's grandpa at PreCheck was clueless820a5
LGADLC (Delta commuter flight)2013-12-00AIT in place but turned off; everybody through WTMD9p
JFKB6T52013-12-00everybody through NOS except Pre-Checked pax1030p
SRQDLPreCheck2013-11-30Nice to see they added PreCheck at SRQ.940a1
OAKDLTerminal 12013-11-29PreCheck line was closed, but since we qualified, the ID checker radioed for another TSO who escorted us to the front of the line. Didn't have to remove shoes or liquids, got to walk through WTMD instead of MMW, but had to take out laptop. Felt weird cutting in front of other passengers at X-ray belt, and I heard someone comment that they wondered what was happening. My belt that has been fine in several PreCheck lines caused this WTMD to beep.930a0
CLEWNC2013-11-27for the holiday rush, had WTMDs open, whee730a5
AMSInt'lD2013-11-27No scanners for flights to the UK at gates D27 and upwards; WTMD only. Some gates had scanners but they weren't being used.720p4
BosDLA2013-11-26One WTMD-only Line open, through the small door in the center of the checkpoint. Easy to miss if you're not looking for it. NOS in all other lanes. 420p20
SLCWNTerminal 12013-11-26Slow so only single line open and everyone being sent though the mmw machine350p5
DFWAAa122013-11-25wtmd lane was for pre check only. probably the quietest checkpoint ive ever gone through. opt out took a bit longer than normal, only available agent was doing a bag check.15
mfrAllonly one2013-11-25An agent "randomly" directs people to the right or left. The line at the right is a metal detector. The line at the left is a MMW machine. After I got scanned with MMW, I also got a quick pat-down from a female, who was nice.
FWAAAMain2013-11-23Pre-check lite this morning (vs. full pre-check last month). 600a0
MEMAA2013-11-23Terrible attitude, staff. Asked for Opt out and sat for 20-30 minutes. Never came back. Asked for staff and they were told "not to engage" the passenger. Had a prior TSA Precheck but still did not care. Pat down was disgusting. They allow for precheck but only if appears on the boarding pass -doesn't matter how many airlines you have documented requesting TSA review for a precheck. Avoid this airport if possible.5a
OrdAA32013-11-22At one checkpoint, one of the scanners was roped off and fortunately, everyone was sent through the WTMD. This was on the farthest to the right, away from the elite entrance. Fortunately, the metal detector only lane at checkpoint was also open.820a
ABEDL2013-11-21Some pax are selected for "enhanced" screening, meaning some type of patdown and ETD testing.410p4
LgaDLC2013-11-20Pretty decent staff but everyone was being directed through the backscatterrs430a10
bhmWNonly one2013-11-20only WTMD!!!!0
BLIASOnly one checkpoint here2013-11-20A single WTMD for all passengers. BLI is remodeling, but the ceiling looks too low for them to install Cancer Boxes. So hopefully this will remain a safe airport. The psycho bulldyke at the ID checking kiosk was interrogating children!600a
MRYAllOnly one 2013-11-20Only one WTMD. Search of baggage is ridiculously thorough and unnecessary.1040a
DENWNEast/ West2013-11-20these guys are on it!!! Forced Randomization "Managed Immersion"- west side was making people touch the screen (biometric)...then gate check = everyone had to pull out ids (again) Watch for the blue tubes....wierd weekend to fly!!!
LASWNABC PreCheck2013-11-19I did not have the PreCheck designation on my boarding pass but a TSA employee randomly chose me to go through the PreCheck lane anyway. Signage was clear and all passengers understood the drill. Nice that Southwest is finally on board with the program. 840p5
iahUAC2013-11-19WTMD and MMW side by side. WTMD was not roped off. TSO asked if my belt would set off the machine. After I indicated that it would not, I was let through thr WTMD. Seems as though most pax still directed to MMW.300p5
DFWDLE152013-11-19Two lines, both WTMD. But one line is only for precheck. WTMD alarmed for "shoe swab" which took <1 min to complete.600a10
LGADLMAT2013-11-17Running late I resigned myself to the NoS. as I walked in to it, one TSO yells "recalibrate" and the other points me to the WTMD. Success!330p0
MSPDL62013-11-17Rapiscan machine was the only way through. TSA agent insisted I had something in my pocket when I didn't, when's he15
DTWDLCheckpoint 2 (PreCheck)/McNamara2013-11-17Smooth and fast and noninvasive, the way all security should be.620p1
CLTDLB2013-11-17MMWs for all except PreCheck. Opted out, waited 10 minutes but TSO was nice guy.3p15
PHLAATerminal A West Pre-Check2013-11-16Wait was mainly for pax randomly selected for Pre-Check who didn't understand what it meant so had to wait for them to get re-packed & re-dressed before I could go thru. Moat dragon making snarky remarks about those random pax 'don't have a clue'-felt like telling her it's because they have spent years being yelled at by her kind because they DIDN'T strip down. Sheesh!900a2
bufUAmain2013-11-16Most of tpeople were sent to MMW NOS machines. BUF has one pre-check line whihc was pretty empty.120p3
LGBASAll 2013-11-16All WTMD as usual. Got "randomized" for Pre-check line where you don't have to take off shoes or show laptop. They are trying encourage people to sign up for Precheck (Isn't it wonderful how you are not strip searched, what a privilege for you!), so they can get your fingerprints, and iris scans on file. No way. 900a
MciUATerminal C 61-692013-11-15Signs say PreCheck Coming Soon. 3 beeps resulted in PreCheck Lite. Kept shoes & Jacket on. WTMDs only at this checkpoint.600a3
MobDL2013-11-15Even being active duty military, you still must submit to full body scanners. I didn't sign up to serve my country so that I could be treated like a criminal.100p
BosDLA2013-11-15Long lines, 15 mins to get through the elite/shuttle line, probably 30 main line. But it was an easy SDOO staying far right (shorter lines, too). Seemed short-staffed; only 2/4 queues were open. Smurfette was putting on a show at least. Best line: "if you have a coke, drink it. If you have a beer, make a friend."110p20
LGADLMAT2013-11-15Looks like a lucky few skipped the scan at LGA330p
SJCUSTerminal A2013-11-15Busy day. Scanner in use for some but could be avoided using line 2. Separate Pre-Check line not open but Pre-Check boarding passes honored.830a30
BOSB6C Main2013-11-13Wait time is only from ID checker to get thru the grope & scope920a16
mspDL62013-11-13all non precheck passengers were forced to use cp6 so the line was double long and overflowing. however, they simplified the procedures to make the line (could jepp jacket and shoes on and didn't have to take laptops or liquids out)) 750a20
ABQAAPre-Check Lane2013-11-11Most of the wait was for the pax in front of me who kept setting off the WTMD, both with & w/o his belt (smurfs finally opened up & sent him thru a NoS). Otherwise, no issues on the Pre-Check side.620a2
DTWDLCheckpoint 2 (SkyPriority)/McNamara2013-11-10TSA deemed me a terrorist this week, so no PreCheck. Patdown cursory. ETD gave two beeps and yellow screen, but TSO said I was "ok to go"?540p3
dlhDLThe only one2013-11-09Still metal detector only
PDXWNA/B/C2013-11-09All lanes in operation, including the WTMD only lane on the far right part of the checkpoint. Was able to choose that lane and avoid the body scanners.540a20
ABEDL2013-11-07Nothing new other than my PreCheck status was withheld for this trip, apparently.400p2
dfwInt'lD (high numbers)2013-11-07iPad randomizer sending nearly everybody to preCheck--yay!400p
bosDLTerminal A2013-11-06Random selection from the regular line for Pre-Check. The regular line was 100% NOS, though.750a10
lgaDLMarine Air Terminal2013-11-06Everyone except Pre-Check through the MMW. Only good thing is that the TSOs at this checkpoint actually had some common sense.620p5
LHRInt'lTerminal 5 North incl transfer2013-11-05One scanner roughly in the centre of the checkpoint, easy to choose your own lane. Opt outs are now permitted in the UK.700a3
LAXAATerminal 4 Pre-check2013-11-03 First you have to get by the contract moat dragon at the bottom of the escalator, then the 2nd contract moat dragon at the top to get into the Pre-check room where everyone was 'randomly' selected for hand swabbing after the WTMD. Sheesh!!700a0
DTWDLCheckpoint 2 (PreCheck)/McNamara2013-11-03Normal PreCheck operations.600p5
AUSUAMain2013-11-01Went through security during a non-busy time of the day. Only the metal detectors were used.
MSPDLCheckpoint 62013-11-01Check point 4 is now a TSA pre-check only line. No good way to avoid the MMW anymore.10
LGADLC or D (Delta connection flight)2013-11-00scanner turned off, pax sent through WTMD10p
ABEDL2013-10-31Expedited "PreCheck" now at this airport. TSA people really try to get you to chat with them...ugh.240p9
TULAllMain2013-10-31Everyone through the MMW-but this could probably only happen on Haloween: Boarding pass has "TSA Pre-check" written on it (assigned radnomly) so avoided the pat down. It should happen to every American that they should not have to prove they are not a criminal by getting the random TSA precheck on their boarding pass500p5
MRYUAOnly one2013-10-31Still only have WTMD. Modified PreCheck; can leave shoes/coat on but need to remove laptops and liquids520a5
TUSAAA2013-10-30No pat down or alarm. No random search as well afterward. 5a5
GEGWNB/C2013-10-30Right lane is metal detector only. Left has millimeter wave and was in use. Some random searches
JFKVXT42013-10-29Lane 1 at far left was WTMD-only and I was able to choose it instead of other lanes with MMW primary.10
DTWDLCheckpoint 3/McNamara2013-10-27PreCheck lane now here at this checkpoint (lower level, same as "bridge" level).140p1
SFOUA32013-10-27Our boarding passes were marked PRE. We go sent to that line. No wait. Then, keep shoes, jackets, belts on. We had NOT paid for this status. 1220p0
seaAS32013-10-27After electing to opt out of the millimeter wave, I had to wait over 10 minutes before a female assist was available12p25
seaAS32013-10-27After electing to opt out of the millimeter wave, I had to wait over 10 minutes before a female assist was available12p25
MSNUANorth/main2013-10-27Now has PreCheck; those selected go thru WTMD730a0
BOSUAC2013-10-26Only magnetometer for left 2 lines. Allowed to keep shoes, belt, and jacket on. Sign of things to come? Line moved slowly, not enough boarding pass checkers, even though there were many blue shirts visible.510a15
SJUB62013-10-26MMW in use as primary. It looked like you could chose your own line, so I waited in the metal detector line. TSO was standing in front of metal detector to block it off and forced people to line up and wait in front of the MMW. Separate TSO asked me to wait inside the MMW.530p15
FLLAllTerminal 32013-10-25Terminal 3 - all through the MMW except families with children and pets. Rude conveyor belt staff, made to wait for pat down of 15 minutes. Pat down ok - talked about a prior surgery with agent. Main problem at this terminal is 4 lanes were not in use and very long delays. 610p25
dfwF9E162013-10-24this is the precheck checkpoint, but normal pax can go through it too
ABEDL2013-10-24"Modified" PreCheck has arrived at ABE; I was allowed to keep my shoes on and use WTMD (still had to take out laptops and liquids).500p0
smfASB2013-10-24TSA ripped open my surgical wound and then blamed me for the event. They did not even ask if there was anything that they should know about. Avoid SMF at all cost! Go to OAK or SFO!
INDUSB2013-10-231 of the 3 lines had only a metal detector350p10
AZAAllMain2013-10-23Last Spirit flight out of Mesa. Rude TSA staff except for pat down. Said I was being nasty in asking for a pat down. Asked to sit in a chair for 10 minutes waiting for the last pat down to finish. Pat down ok. This airport used to use a WTMD. 1200a5
ORDUAT1, Security 2, right side2013-10-22Far left lane has MMW roped off; I was able to choose that lane and go through WTMD.1000a
DUBInt'lAer Lingus US preclearance2013-10-22DUB general security - WTMD and bag x-ray followed by US preclearance re-x-ray of bags (and shoes), but no body scanners
SFOInt'lInternational2013-10-21This week they added a 'modified' pre-check at SFO; if you get the triple beeps, you don't have to take off jackets and shoes, you do have to take out laptops and liquid bag, and you go through a WTMD. (They were still training TSOs on the correct procedure for handling Pre-checks in this terminal when i went through.1100a10
LHRAllTerminal 5 South2013-10-21One scanner behind the WTMD at lanes 8/9.700a5
PHLUSB/C2013-10-20When dropped off at B, use the right escalator. The line on the left used a metal detector only.230p5
FNTDL2013-10-20"Modified" PreCheck has arrived at FNT; I was allowed to keep my shoes on and use WTMD (still had to take out laptops and liquids).250p0
jfkDL42013-10-20Sky Priority/FC/Pre-Check all in the same line that would go for minutes without moving. 550p48
SEAAS32013-10-20didn't seem to be any way to avoid a scan. had to opt out. got patted down. no overt rudeness on their part. i still have bad memories of being screamed at (literally) by a tsa jerk at stl years ago because I didn't know they had a rule against pets being on the floor. he threatened me with a $500 fine. of course, just trying to get through security with a dog is hard enough without being screamed at.6a
IAHUA2013-10-18Everyone but precheck uses the body scanner. Opt out was relatively painless. I told them I would not out my stuff through until someone showed up. They didn't mind and the person in front of the scanner ended up doing it 20 seconds later. It's hard to see your stuff while waiting so I never send through until someone shows up. I just told the people behind me to go ahead. The person didnt mind changing gloves from the box but I still tested positivity for explosive, not cool. Please find a better test. They just tried the swab through all the machines and then I was allows to go. It's not fair that a test which has so many false positives is used. I wasn't wearing any lotion and do not go near anything explosive. I'm always worried about the false positive. 500p
ewrUAC-32013-10-17no scanning, huge line420p
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-10-17PreCheck is now at the Delta checkpoint.510p10
CMHDLC2013-10-17TSA Pre-Check is now at Terminal C.1200p0
RAPUA12013-10-16This is a small airport with only one security checkpoint and only one line. All passengers directed to machine.1250p
CMHUSB2013-10-16WTMD only for precheck. Had pat down - ok - fairly quick500p15
dfwAAC202013-10-16This checkpoint has WTMD only. I have Pre-Check as I have hip replacements and it's difficult to remove and put my shoes back on. My hips set off the alarm so I had to remove my shoes. Pre-Check holders who have metal parts should avoid this checkpoint.820p0
PHXAA3, North Checkpoint2013-10-15Only WTMD - thank goodness at 4:30 am-could not have handled a pat down at that hour430a5
MBSDL2013-10-13No MMW (yay!); no tricks today (yay!); let me keep my shoes on for the WTMD because I had PreCheck (double yay!).250p2
LgaWN2013-10-12Have knee replacement. No body scanner. Forced to do pat down, even after explaining knee. The TSA agent said the airport was too small to have scanners. No wand offered. 12p10
MCIDLTerm C, 56-602013-10-11There are three lines here. Two on the left lead to a WTMD, the other to a MMW on the right. The precheck line on the left goes to a WTMD, everyone else was randomly brought through either another WTMD only line or the MMW. To prevent anyone from picking, the WTMD is roped off and only opened for randomly chosen passengers. 5
mspDL2013-10-10TSA is down to one line at MSP apprently because of Govt. shutdown, so expect long waits2p30
MIAAAD2013-10-10TSA agent let me go to WTMD line when I told him I would opt out of MMW330p5
MCOB6west2013-10-10scanners used on everybody and super long lines
SMFWNA2013-10-09Avoid - eveyone through MMW. Very bad experience here6p30
SMFWNA2013-10-09Avoid - eveyone through MMW. Very bad experience here6p30
PhlUSB2013-10-07TSA artificially created lines. The staff is under trained, overly scrutinized, and a model of inefficiency. 630a30
OrdUA2013-10-07While switching planes I had to walk part several checkpoints to get to my gate. MMWs were being used for 97% of passengers. Saw a few go through WTMD by United Counters (far left lane only) and at the smaller checkpoint near concourses E/F. 4a
SanUA2013-10-06They have 7 WTMD and 3 MMW machines. They had two lines and were feeding everyone through 2 of the MMWs. They let flight crew members through the WTMD, then roped it off again. The TSA agent standing there seemed fairly nice, so I asked if we could use the WTMD. He said those were for flight crew only... Good thing they have SEVEN for them and three for the thousands of passengers. 10p20
MSPDLT1 CP62013-10-06I normally pick CP4 to avoid the MMW scanners but the line was crazy long and I was running late, so I had to use CP 6 to make my flight. Fortunately when I arrived one of the MMW scanners was out of service (a sign was placed in front). They were directing passengers through the WTMD instead. I don't know how often this happens but I'll assume I was lucky. A few minutes after going through they reopened the MMW. CP6 has two security lines and moves quickly. 400p5
SJCAAA2013-10-06Pleasantly surprised to be able to avoid MMW without opt-out630a5
RDUAA22013-10-04Only precheck had a WTMD. Everyone else through the MMW. Had a patdown-not incredibly nice agent. Try to get precheck if possible-AA, US. United- to avoid these b-st-rds.3p
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-10-03Talkative TSOs today....with each other and with friends. Not working very hard today, but still having unconstitutionally...oh, and they're very afraid of "wires" in bags today.110p5
SFOInt'lInternational terminal2013-10-03All lines scanners except the priority line. I wasn't allowed to use the priority line even though I have PreCheck and there's no PreCheck lane in this terminal. Avoid if possible.1120a20
LGBB6All2013-10-03Arrived ready for the opt-out awfulness. WTMD all around and friendly TSA staff to boot...no problem with medical liquid or mobility device. 2
PiaUAAll2013-10-02Only wtmd!!! Agents were very nice and there was no line! a1
BOSDL42013-09-30Finally opened another line as I got to the front100p30
lgaDLC2013-09-29No SDOO possible at this time. At other times, it looks like you would have more sucess at the right checkpoint at Terminal C.500a5
yyzOther3 Domestic2013-09-29No scanners on domestic Canadian flights, but randomly selected to have my laptop swabbed for explosives.800a5
yyzOther3 US Departures2013-09-291 scanner sporadic used separated and in front of the center two (of four) WTMD . While random selection takes place at the document checker, it can't hurt to aim for the sides.800a5
FNTDL2013-09-29Normal TSA stupid procedures.240p4
jfkB652013-09-28MMW primary, very slow line, when line got too long they waved 4 or 5 people through WTMD at a time. Pointless waste of time.30
RDUDL22013-09-27All through MMW330p
MKEDLD2013-09-27Everybody through the MMW.340p10
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-09-26Slow lines because there are almost more trainees than smurfs here today. Also, double checking BPs after "MMW" or "patdown", I assume because they don't trust their trainees (couldn't be because of having stupid, idiotic, illogical, nonsensical procedures, could it!?).1250p6
miaAAD International to Domestic2013-09-24Fortunately, at the security checkpoint coming from International to Domestic (after going through Customs) for terminal D, there are only metal detectors and no body scanners. 510a
FNTDL2013-09-22"Random" hand swabs (meaning everyone) being done before you can get into the TDC line -- another "stupid" pet trick for the AFS crowd.410p2
sfoAA22013-09-21All MMW except precheck. Didn't check the hidden lane detailed on 6/26 -- next time for sure.
LAXDL52013-09-21Pre-check uses the Priority line. No WTMD despite the back up.730a30
SATAATerminal B2013-09-20Most of the wait time was for the ID checker because everyone was going thru the 1st class line. Moat dragon demanding BP's before going thru the NoS. interestingly, they were allowing uniform military thru the NoS w/their combat boots on.100p10
ABEDL2013-09-19No nonsense today; a quiet trip through "no-constitution" land.340p
SeaASRight2013-09-18Family line/medical WTMD only720a
IanUAC2013-09-17Morning time. Pre-check was WTMD. Everyone else used the MMW. Opt out wasn't too painful. It is hard to see your stuff while you are waiting but I only had to wait 1 minute. One guy did try to convince me to go through the MMW since it was empty. I said no thank you. The person I got was nice enough to pick new gloves from the box even though they had just put on new gloves. I should have asked for them to check the swab to avoid an false positive on the swab testing for glycerin. It makes me nervous that it's so easy to get a false positive. It seems Ike they do not like to do opt outs.
IahUAC2013-09-17Oops, autocorrect changed IAH to Ian in my previous entry. I don't think Houston airport tsa like doing opt outs. The person I got did not seem comfortable doing a pat down. Sorry, if you don't like doing it, please get a new job.
DCAAA23-322013-09-13Slow shuffle to the ID checker. One smurf running around randomly swabbing pax. 3 smurfs literally sitting in their collective butts, not paying the least bit of attention to the monitors on the checked bag scanners while the poor contract guy does all the lifting. Amazing. And I bet these 3can't understand why the traveling public loathes the TSA...600a7
ordAATerminal 32013-09-13Unfortunately, the lane at checkpoint 9 (the checkpoint closest to Spirit airlines) with only WTMD was closed. I went down to checkpoint 8 and found a lane that was only using WTMD. This lane was closed while I was in line, so I went to checkpoint 7, which fortunately had a lane that was only using WTMD. This lane was closest to the priority lane, but it looked like others could also use the lane. I was able to get through it, but was nervous because I was not sure how long for which it would remain open.1020a
EWRUACheckpoint C-2 / Terminal C2013-09-12Went to far left lane and opted out; smurfs would not let me pass through unless I walked to another lane (said they had no gate and it was not possible for me to walk through WTMD -- all lies); finally, LTSO and TSO picked up my bags, carried them as we went to another lane, and all were re-Xrayed again, and then I could get my "liberty, freedom-loving" patdown. STUPID.300p10
FNTDL2013-09-08Same unconstitutional nonsense.240p
cwaDLMain(only)2013-09-06Travelling with baby. First screener told me couldn't take baby food packs and formula! Told her different and asked for supervisor. Baby fooh allowed, but then picked for retalitory grope. After being patted down, baby bag searched item by item, each wiped and cleared on explosives detection machine. TSO then demanded I open the formula bottle, which I declined. He said then I get extra screening, to which I replied I've been patted and wiped, what else you got? that stymied him, after consultation with a another TSO he demanded I open the formula or not fly. Not having the day to waste I opened the formula but did not allow the test strip to contact anything. Of course. it passed. No MMW currently at CWA during renovation, all WTMD with most people groped.600a10
ABEDL2013-09-06Normal unconstiutional nonsense today.350p2
LGBUSOnly one2013-09-05Still only WTMD in sight.530a10
PHXUSGate A2013-09-03All the metal scanners were off. I was the only that opted out of the radiation scanners. The body search was quick.a30
MHTDLLeft-hand one; by gates 14 and 152013-09-02No PreCheck; no SDOO options.330p1
LAXUA72013-09-02Precheck line is WTMD-only; fast and easy. Some other lines seemed to be WTMD as well.640p5
ATLDLPreCheck2013-09-02No line to ID podium, triple beep. Dropped bag on belt and cleared security in ten seconds.150p0
DcaUSNorth pier2013-09-01MMW for all except precheck
SCEUSMain2013-09-00scanner installed and used as primarya
ictAllOne one checkpoint2013-08-30No scanners at this airport. No patdowns. Sensible security. Whay cannot other airports be like this?1030a0
SFOUAF32013-08-30Precheck line is WTMD-only. All other lanes I saw had scanners.710p5
LASDLPreCheck D2013-08-30No line to ID podium, triple beep. Dropped bag on belt and cleared security in ten seconds.700a0
LGBOnly One2013-08-29All WTMD1130a0
LGBOnly One2013-08-29All WTMD1130a0
EWRAAA30-392013-08-28Alarms, alarm, alarm-every pax, every machine. If it wasn't a legit WTMD alarm, it was a 'quota' alarm. Smurfs refusing to change gloves, tried to seperate me from my belongings in the grounds that 'there are cameras everywhere' which meant zip when another pax tried to walk off w/my laptop. Supervisor Moretti worst of the bunch since she just reinforced the bad behavior of the other smurfs. $8 Billion/yr wasted in these idiots.530a25
FNTDL2013-08-26TSA is playing the "name game" this morning; tell them you refuse to play.500a5
hnlOtherInterisland2013-08-26Mercifully still Scope-and-Grope free!800a4
FNT2013-08-25Lots of bags having to go through X-ray machine more than once.250p3
DENDLSouth2013-08-25MMW in use for all lanes. Only WTMD lane was for PreCheck.1200p10
DENDLNorth2013-08-25MMW in use for all lanes except for PreCheck (far left), as well as one lane on the far right. Possible to choose your own lane after the TDC.1200p10
OMAUSB2013-08-25Everyone got MMW, no option. Stick those hands up higher, so sad.5p
MSNUAMain2013-08-25MMW primary for all unless opt-out or medical issue640a5
BoiDL2013-08-24TSA pre check coming in the fall according to TSA agent at security5a
SFOUAT32013-08-24Checked all three T3 checkpoints. None of the WTMD lanes were open except Pre-Check.1130a
BOSUAA2013-08-24All MMW for non-precheck. My wife opted out, and the female TSA officer gave her a very aggressive pat down. The TSA officer hit her with her watch, and my wife felt some pain. When she tried to tell the officer that, she just walked away. Very rude and inconsiderate.530a
JFKAAT82013-08-24TSA pre-check was CLOSED!950p30
PHXUSTerminal 4 A2013-08-24WTMD and MMW in use at each lane. TSOs directing most through the MMW, didn't seem random. The whole process is a pointless waist.800a
ABEDL2013-08-23Uneventful passage through "unconstitutional" land; noted that women were allowed MANY chances to clear WTMD without having to endure a patdown.120p
sjcUSTerminal A2013-08-23Only 2 lanes open with MMW only.820a10
SFODLC/12013-08-22Precheck lane open 0
tpaAAF (US/AA)2013-08-22Three lines, only one with MMW. No issue to choose a non-NoS line.700a
dcaAA20-302013-08-22All NoS. Far left lane (no MMW) was closed and will supposedly be PreCheck from Sept 15.800a
LAXAATerminal 42013-08-20The room closest to First Class check in (all the way to the left) is SAFE. The other rooms are MMW for all.
mdwWNmain2013-08-19All magnetometers were blocked off by agents. All lanes had operational MMWs. Elite checkpoint also using MMW.620p
PHXDLTerminal 3, North Checkpoint (gates 15 and up)2013-08-18Other than two TSOs having to read my BP before I could get to the conveyor line area, it was uneventful.930p
LIHAA2013-08-18Checkpoint 1 in the center of the terminal has MMW. Checkpoints 2 (next to Baggage A) and 3 (next to Baggage B) are WTMD only.
BUFUAMain2013-08-17MMW scanner for all. Cannot SDOO.500a15
FNTDL2013-08-17TSA would have learned more about "my terrorist potential" if it had let me walk through the WTMD instead of doing a "patdown"...what a joke for a government agency.410p2
pbiDL2013-08-17Porn machines in use, I opted out, addressed the TSA official as "Miss" and was sternly corrected that she is an "officer". Other than her paramilitary attitude the pat down was brief and she was polite in that all too serious way that some people who take their jobs way too seriously act.3p
mdwWNMain2013-08-16The configuration has changed again and all of the regular lanes now have body scanners. However, one can turn to the far right and find a lane with only WTMD. Nobody was directing passengers to specific lanes--one could choose one's own lane. I asked the TSO at my lane if it was new and he told me that it had been there for a while but that they only use it when it was busy. I was actually impressed that there was no lines as they opened at least one extra lane with a WTMD. However, I am concerned that this lane might not always be open. 700a0
ABEDL2013-08-15An uneventful security circus today -- no "stupid pet tricks" today.250p0
PWMAllMain2013-08-15Was told Pre-Check lane may be coming in September 20130
COSUSMain2013-08-15There are no radiation scanners yet, but the TSA now has its people watching travelers around the airport.p10
AVPDLMain2013-08-14No NoS' to be found.1210p0
MOTDL2013-08-12MMW unit no longer there; replaced with metal detector
FNTDL2013-08-11Same nonsense as usual here.250p2
LAXAS62013-08-11Few people sent through WTMD. Most directed to MMW irradiator. 620p
SEAUA32013-08-11Checkpoint 3 is the only one open this early (but others open soon after). The left few lanes at CP3 only have WTMD. None were open for general passengers at 4am, but I noticed only a few people were sent through the MMW in the center lanes whereas roughly half were sent through the MMW in the right lanes. General strategy at SEA is pick Checkpoint 3 or 5 and stay as far left as possible. Every time I follow that strategy I get to pass through the WTMD only.400a25
JfkDLT4 - Downstairs2013-08-10This checkpoint on the arrivals level is WTMD-only! There is room for them to add MMW in the future, though. 730a15
lgaDL2013-08-10Took off my shoes and walked through WTMD and that was it!!! No porn machines and no pat downs. In today's travel environment, as close to bliss as you can get. Laid back TSA, polite, ahhhh makes you pine for the good old days when we had some dignity flying.11a
WAWInt'lAll Gates2013-08-10WTMD only, short lines, but pat-downs if not traveling with family
PITDLAlternate2013-08-09MMW used as primary. 540p0
mspUA42013-08-09mmw shut off wtmd in use620p
AtlDLDomestic - Main2013-08-08This is typically an easy SDOO, but they were actually using every MMW today. Couldn't believe it. 800a25
LFTUAonly2013-08-07Only a single WTMD. Person in front of me received random wanding, but I don't think it was as severe as a pat-down.100p0
BosDLA2013-08-06As usual, MMW for everyone. WTMD roped off. TSA is piloting random selection program at this checkpoint to randomly select additional people for Pre-Check, but it was not active at this time. 1000a5
ATLDLMain2013-08-06I checked all the security lines in concourse A and all WTMDs were roped off, only MMW were in use. I opted out of the scan and it took a good 10 minutes before a TSA agent finally escorted me to get the pat down. The TSA agent was professional and detailed to me as to everything he was going to do.300p10
ORDAllT3, CP 9, furthest left2013-08-05CP 9 is the only SDOO at ORD. Access to all terminals, but it's at the far end of T3 so it's a bit of a walk from T1 and T2. As stated, stay to the right after the ID check for WTMD. Several other CPs in CP3 weren't using their scanners and defaulted to WTMDs, probably due to long lines. 110p15
DTWDLMcNamara2013-08-05The MMW was in use while the WTMDs were roped off. I kindly opted out and received the pat down. The TSA agent was friendly and professional - no issues800a5
laxAA4 premium2013-08-04both pre-check and regular premium were safe! main checkpoint still sending everybody through the NoS600a
FRAInt'lTerminal 1A2013-08-03WTMD only1200p0
atwUAonly one2013-08-03Everyone, even childres and crew through body scanner230p
BosDLA2013-08-01Thought I might get an SDOO since most of the people were being sent through the wtmd on the left. I stood in a long line to get there (there's a random green arrow and a guy whose job it is to point people at one line or the other) and then another selection further to the right where I stood in another needlessly long line before encountering mmw and opting out. Can you say security theater?1130a15
MCOAAGates 1-592013-08-01This time last year they only had 2 Backscatters boxes on the far edge lanes. This year every lane has a MMW accompanying a metal detector. From what I could tell, everyone sent through the MMW was scanned (usually in groups of 5's or 10's). Then they would queue up 5 to 10 to walk through the metal detector. If the metal detector picked up something on you, you walked through the MMW for additional scanning. It seems like more people were being sent through the MMW until the line began to back up, then the lucky minority would go through the metal detector. We lucked out this time. Total luck of the draw.30
RDUB622013-07-29MWWs in action at all open lanes. Occasional "issues" with the MMW were letting some people through the WMTD, but entirely random and not that frequent.310p20
MCODLB Side Checkpoint2013-07-29Millimeter wave machine being used for all normal passengers.830a
yqbUA2013-07-28No wait, scanner present but not in use. The guy who scanned carryons was chatting and i'm not sure he even looked at what was in my bags... they didn't ask to remove shoes, but some sheep did it on their own.... *facepalm*
ordUAT12013-07-28The waiting time was brutal, people with short connection times were freaking out. When I got closer I saw which lanes were going through the metal detector and which were going through the scanners. the metal detector line seemed slower but hey!1150a40
DFWAAA232013-07-27We parked at a parking garage off site from the airport and asked to be dropped off at A23. Instead, the point they dropped us off at was close to A35. I didn't realize this until after we walked through. When we walked toward A23 from behind the security line al we saw were close and boarded off gates on the right and no security checkpoints on the left. Then I remembered the construction that is going on all around Terminal A. From what I can tell, there was a long makeshift boarded up wall where the A23 security checkpoint was this time last year. Whether they open this security checkpoint back up when the construction completes or it remains MMW-free is stll unknown.
DFWAAA352013-07-27Everyone had to walk through the MMW radiation box at this security checkpoint, but only certain people were being stopped to actually be scanned by it. Hard to tell what the TSA's reasons are on any given day.
YVRUAMain/US Departures2013-07-27WTMD primary; MMW secondary only to resolve any issues630a5
LAXUS12013-07-26Saw some passengers using metal detector…940a15
JACAllMain2013-07-26Having been through security at JAC 10 times this summer, can say that scanners used for all passengers at all times
ABEDL2013-07-25Uneventful except for the WMTD "guardian" was upset that I didn't wait for his "Simon Says" beckoning to walk through the WTMD (after he'd watch me at front of X-ray line for a minute waiting for X-ray person to get all my bags into the machine). I ignored him and went on my way.350p1
BOSB6C Main2013-07-25MWW for all. The days of finding a WMTD only lane here seem over, though only 1/2 of lanes were open in the evening.700p12
MBSDL2013-07-21Still NoS-free! The new terminal, however, does have enough room/height for installing an NoS if TSA decides to pursue such stupidity.640a2
PIAAAMain2013-07-20All would be good except for the fact that the smurfs feel the need to swab hands, otherwise no issues.600a5
dfwUAe162013-07-20E16 still working well! Metal detectors only, as usual. I arrived at Terminal A but took the shuttle to Terminal E to avoid the naked cancer scanner. No problems.1000a5
MSNUAMain2013-07-20MMW primary unless opt-out700a5
LBBAAMain2013-07-19One line, everyone funneled to Nos. 3 thugs standing around for every one working740a3
ABEDL2013-07-18Uneventful encounter with "traitors" except they really tried to engage me in conversation (I remained silent).350p0
mdwWNMain2013-07-17TSA agents were trying to direct people into specific lines. However, it was busy enough that one could direct oneself into the line with only a metal detector. Unfortunately, the elite checkpoint started sending people through the body scanner as well.610a
mkeUAe2013-07-17no choice, no elite line100p
SFODLT1 DL Pier2013-07-15PreCheck line scheduled to open July 161110a
MDWWNmain2013-07-15Usual smurf directing traffic curiously absent640p6
oakWN2013-07-15Line was light. One lane was MMW. The other land was WMTD. Easy to choose.340p
FNTDL2013-07-14Normal Nos/Patdown nonsense.250p0
SEAAS32013-07-14Precheck line is WTMD-only. At least today, it was also possible to go through the precheck lane -- after waiting in the regular line -- even if you didn't have PreCheck.430p10
PVDDL2013-07-14LONG wait today. Not staffed well at all.800a15
ATLAANorth2013-07-13Lane 2 was WTMD, the rest, including first class, were NoS540a12
CHODL2013-07-13Only stupidity today was "random hand swab" when WTMD beeped the "lucky" visitor.1120a
ordUST22013-07-13WTMD for precheck on left side. Grope was quick without testicle chops.500p10
SJCUATerminal A2013-07-12MMW in use at all lanes for almost all. Went through WTMD because someone using the MMW triggered a secondary. 820a15
SJCASB2013-07-12Far right lane (lane 7) was WTMD-only. Terminal A appeared to be status red. Past security, you can walk from B to A or vice versa.740p10
PHLUSinternational transfer2013-07-12Some lines use WTMD, most use MMW body scanners; mostly on the far left. (International transfer is the TSA security checkpoint after the immigration and customs checkpoint for arriving international flights.)300p
MKEWND2013-07-12Pretty quick today for the "male assist".430p10
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-07-11TSO called me "bossy" for asking for glove changes as he handled various things before patdown. He also muttered a threat under his breath about "touching" my eye if I didn't shut up.440p35
jfkDL22013-07-10things removed from checked in baggagep
dmeInt'linternational A2013-07-10everybody being sent through scanners until it got too busy, then opened a WTMD310p
SFOAll2013-07-09SFO has never had the backscatter (Xray) machines, only the Millimeter wave Scanner.
AtlDLDomestic - Main2013-07-09MMW roped off/WTMD in use in lanes 8/9, 16/17, and 18/19. MMW in use in lanes 6/7, 10/11, 12/13, 14/15, and 21/22. Easy to select a lane of your choosing. Look around for the roped off scanners. 800a10
MRYAAAll 2013-07-08All regular metal-detectors
IADDLTSA PreCheck2013-07-07"Random selection" gave me single beep at PreCheck! Ugh! Explained to groper how I don't like being a slave in a "free country".1000a1
LaxUA72013-07-07Wtmd only.220p10
ontWN2013-07-07MMW as primary. Families with kids get to go through WTMD. 1 out of every 20 or so people got to go through WTMD as the MMW line backed up. TSA pats you without telling you they're going to as you come out of the scanner.
ewrDLB2013-07-07why didnt you call the police on that smurf?! BIG SIS IS OUTTA HERE AS OF TODAY!! =]
DTWDLMcNamara, PreCheck2013-07-05Today I am not suspected to be a "terrorist" so I was able to go through security the way it ought to be.820a
BOSDLA2013-07-05As usual, MMW for everyone. WTMD roped off.800a2
CHODLOnly one checkpoint2013-07-05One WTMD; no NoSs anywhere.410p0
ORDUA22013-07-04The left side WTMD was blocked for PreCheck only. there is no access to the WTMD anymore. Everyone got scanned.1200p10
MCIUATerm. A2013-07-02Still no NoS at this checkpoint.. With the combination of UAL & CO, we have a much larger security area.. Would not be surprised to see a NoS in the near future.. :(
BOIAS2013-07-01Appeared that some were able to go through WTMD, might have just been the family when I was there.900a2
HRLWNAll2013-07-01Scanner for all is still around. The WTMD is blocked off.
DALWNMain2013-07-01MMW for all including those with A-list or Business Select tickets
YVROtherDomestic2013-06-30Saw 2 pax use MMW to resolve metal detector. Inside, I wept.20
CDGInt'l2F2013-06-30No scanners. Same situation in Terminal 1.10
EwrAAA 30-392013-06-29520p
DFWInt'lE312013-06-29Flew with 2 toddlers & 2 adults, sent thru the metal detectors, but people without kids all sent thru full body scanners. All agents were very nice and helpful...such a relief. Although the first agent who checked our ticket/passports misinformed us that the toddlers did not require passports. Maybe he didn't know it was an international flight. Lots of people, but moved quickly. Mid-day on a Saturday.005
DCADLB2013-06-28MMW only option even though line was very backed up diue to slow screening and older, slower doc checkers1020p30
SfoDLInternational A2013-06-28Premium line fed directly into a line where it was a sole WTMD (this was on the far right). Looked like MMW for everyone not fortunate enough to be in this line. 1200p5
ELMDLAny2013-06-27Scanner gone.001
OMAUAB2013-06-26WTMD opened up on the right side just in time for SDOO. If you aren't looking for it on the right side, you might miss it.
sfoAAT2 Secondary2013-06-26The regular T2 checkpoint is code red, but there is a tiny hidden checkpoint to the right of the main one, past the bathrooms. Shorter line and no body scanners.1100a7
SFOWN2013-06-26Line was light but magnetometers blocked off and all lanes forced to submit to MMW scanner or opt out1220p
DFWAAB262013-06-26Random funneling between WTMD and MMW. Opted out of scan and got full pat down from trainee and his trainer. Took at least 10 min from opt out to completion. Not crowded at all.12p10
DFWAAB192013-06-26Correction to previous gate number12p10
SLCASTerminal 22013-06-26Stay left towards the business/first class line900a20
MCIAATerm. C2013-06-25Continues to be NoS free ^
ATLDLMain2013-06-24Crowded airport = Turn off the NoS in lines 6, 10, possibly others 640a20
BOSDLA2013-06-24MMW roped off in the far right lanes. Also, a WTMD-only lane was open on the left, next to the Pre-Check lane. 430p
MSYDLD2013-06-24Metal detector closed. MMW lane only one open. Opted out. Was not flying -- was meeting a flight. 910p
LITAllThe Only One2013-06-23Everyone but Crew & Employees Use MMW
MIADLterminal H2013-06-23Went through terminal H to fly delta and as always, WTMD turned on, but everybody being told to go through porn scanner. Line was not very long and when i was directed to body scanner, i asked for patdown. The TSA agent doing the patdown was actually very friendly and he was talking about miami in general and the food there. I even asked him why they don't let people go through the WTMD and his response was, "i think they want everybody to go through the porn scanner cause is more effective." Right. 1010a5
SjcDLA2013-06-22Very busy in the morning. WTMD was begrudgingly in use in far right lane. All other lanes mandatory MMW.550a
LHRInt'lTerminal 52013-06-22Provision ATD (MMW) in use in both north and south security lines but only for selected passengers. Most passengers screened with WTMDs.
SEAASSouth Satellite2013-06-22WTMD between international arrivals and the rest of the airport.
seaASn gates2013-06-21too slow. sucks1220p
SMFUSTerminal A2013-06-21230p10
LASWNABC2013-06-20Passenger in front held up the line to MMW. We were all directed to the WTMD.750a7
EWRUATerminal C2013-06-20530p
rduCO22013-06-19i f*cking hate you210p
rnoWNOnly Airport Checkpoint2013-06-18Unfortunately, everyone was being sent through body scanners.100p
SATDLTerminal A2013-06-17700a30
EwrUATerminal a2013-06-17Worst tsa team in America from a heavy traveler
STLUATerminal 1, Concourse A2013-06-16Cue is split into two lines; the left-hand line leads to a single MMW scanner, while the right-hand line leads to one of several lanes with WTMD only. No BKSX machines present. Passengers who alarmed the WTMD had their hands swabbed.630a10
SFODLT1 DL Section2013-06-16All lanes MMW1230p
okcAACentral2013-06-15Far right lane is WTMD only, was able to SDOO530a5
Oaj2013-06-15No nude-o-scope. Usually no wait. Amazing how efficient 3 tsa clerks can be with just a wtmd!
Oaj2013-06-15No nude-o-scope. Usually no wait. Amazing how efficient 3 tsa clerks can be with just a wtmd!
bwiWN2013-06-14Get a life, stand up for your civil liberties. We are losing them at an alarming rate! Opt-out, answer no questions, encrypt and lock your cell phone, computer, ipad... Give these glorified mall cops are hard time all day, every day!
MKEDLConcourse D2013-06-14NoS for all except airport/airline employees and children. Pat down is professional and efficient. Lines would move faster with just the WTMD!
fllUATerminal 1/C2013-06-14Leftmost lane WTMD only, self-select there (trash can for water bottles is by that lane, good excuse to move over)500p5
YYZAAT3, US Pre-Clearance2013-06-14CATSA is usually worse than TSA. Setup at checkpoint is awful, room for only one person to get all the stuff out of the bags, remove shoes, etc. Scanner is used on the very left lane, and is used only for secondary purposes. They are up-front with you that you have the option of getting patted-down, and it's not nearly as offensive as the TSA gropes. Biggest challenge is frustration, as it takes A LONG time to get through, even with only a handful of people ahead of you.100p10
SeaASC2013-06-11Only one scanner lane, metal detector lanes not in use220p60
denWNeast, by the frontier kiosks2013-06-1010 position, all the way to the left was wtmd only. it was closed right after i went through though.820a
BUFWNmain2013-06-09Crowded with three of then lanes open. The MMW side would back up with people because it takes longer. So at times, the screener would send a bunch through the WTMD.330p15
MIAAAD2013-06-08several passengers were allowed to walk through metal detectors, but I was told to go through the backscatter machine. I refused and asked to walk through metal detector. My request was denied and I was given the patdown instead. I guess my dreads looked suspicious to TSA-- couldn't help but notice that mostly white and asian people were allowed to walk through the metal detectors... 720p
HAVInt'l2013-06-08only metal detectors present. moving through customs and immigration was a very slow process because it was an international flight to Miami, but going through the metal detectors itself was a fairly quick process, especially if you did not declare possession of certain items like cuban rum or cigars, food, or expensive artwork. one person in my group was successful in sneaking a cuban cigar through customs; the others were not and their bags were searched.400p
ORDUA12013-06-08Unfortunately, everyone except those sent through pre-check was sent through body scanners. There was only one regular lane in the terminal, and the elite lane fed to the regular lane. I tried to use the metal detector lane in terminal 1 first, but it was not open--this early in the morning, many of the security lanes were unfortunately closed. There was a really long line.430a
MKEDLConcourse D2013-06-07NoS for all except airport/airline employees and children. Pat down is professional and efficient. In fact TSA employee was almost apologetic about doing it. There was a wench in front of the metal detector yelling at people. No need for customer service when you work for the government. Lines would move faster with just the WTMD!
MEM2013-06-07MEM has got to have one of the worst TSA staffs on Earth. They have since "upgraded" to MMW "gumby" strip searches. They send every.single.person through the NoS. These fat a-holes don't care if the line is out the door. They desperately want to strip search you. For Freedom, of course. Jerks.
AUSUA2013-06-06scanned bags out of view while I waited20
syrUAAll one now2013-06-06New check-point, common to both "A" and "B" piers is open. (Very similar layout to ROC. although the food vendors, apparently, didn't get the memo. No NOS yet, but abundant room for them. Insider info is NOS by fall.4
SMFWNB2013-06-05Three lanes open, MMW primary in all. Some people were directed to the WTMD when the line for the MMW got too long, but it was difficult to time position in line to avoid the scanner.1000a10
FllAllH2013-06-04Security line goes across terminal and 100 additional yards outside toward terminal 3640a50
DCAFLAirtran/Southwest/Frontier/JetBlue2013-06-03Fortunately, at this terminal,there were only metal detectors.120p
oggAll2013-06-02Far left lane was WTMD only. Marked staff/crew but they wave through pax when normal lanes are busy.
LASWNAB2013-06-01Light traffic with one MMW lane open at the AB checkpoint. A few passengers were sent through the attached WTMD if the body scanner line backed by more than 3 or 4 people waiting to enter. I was fortunate to time it right and SDOO into the WTMD.750a5
SFOAA2013-06-01backscatter machines in use for almost everyone except folks in wheelchairs and passengers with babies-- they went through metal detectors instead. Didn't feel like putting up a fight, so I went through the backscatter machine, but was annoyed to be patted down afterward anyway...830p
ORFDLB concourse2013-06-01WTMD only for this concourse;
LHEUAInternational2013-06-00WTMD for most, some pax selected for NOSp
AtlDLDomestic - Main2013-05-31MMW roped off/WTMD in use in lanes 6/7, 8/9, 10/11, and 18/19. MMW in use in lanes 12/13, 14/15, 16/17, and 21/22. Easy to select a lane of your choosing. Look around for the roped off scanners. 800a20
ordAACheckpoint closest to Spirit Airlines2013-05-31At this checkpoint (which may be more of a Spirit/Virgin America checkpoint, but all gates in terminals 1, 2, and 3 are reachable through this checkpoint), people turn right will encounter a WTMD, while people who turn left will encounter a body scanner. 700a
jfkDLTerminal 42013-05-31600p
lgbAllAll gates2013-05-30All WTMD.
SNAWNC2013-05-30MMW scanners for everyone, except for a mother and two young boys who were allowed to use the WTMD.450p0
SNAWNC2013-05-30MMW scanners for everyone, except for a mother and two young boys who were allowed to use the WTMD.450p0
oakB622013-05-30At 5 pm on a Thursday, Terminal 1 was impassable with one MMW operating, and two roped off WTMD’s. However, Terminal 2 had one MMW and one WTMD operating, and selecting the WTMD was easy. 5p
SEAWN42013-05-30In the left lane there is no scanner and everyone went through the metal detector. You can tell where there used to be a scanner for that lane so I'm sure it's only temporarily gone and will be replaced soon...130p20
DENWNNorth2013-05-27All lanes in North and South checkpoints open. Lanes 1 and 10 in both are WTMD-only. Lane 10 in South checkpoint is for PreCheck; the others were available for all passengers. North checkpoint line was shorter than South. No scope or grope for me, yay! One person in the WTMD lane had his shoes taken and swabbed.1020a15
DENWNNorth2013-05-27All lanes in North and South checkpoints open. Lanes 1 and 10 in both are WTMD-only. Lane 10 in South checkpoint is for PreCheck; the others were available for all passengers. North checkpoint line was shorter than South. No scope or grope for me, yay! One person in the WTMD lane had his shoes taken and swabbed.1020a15
MIAAAInternational to domestic2013-05-27Transferring from international to domestic is not a nice experience. It seems every government employee is on some kind of power trip. Be ready for extremely rude TSA, customs people that think they can ask any detailed question about your life, etc. For re-entering security for domestic flights, at E gates there are only scanners and the TSA is incredibly incompetent and rude. After this, we did see a security checkpoint that was not using any scanners at that time, though. MIA is rife with TSA employees walking around on the cell phones doing nothing, wasting our money. 6p15
SLCDL22013-05-27Almost all sent to MMW. Did manage to tie up 6 of the thugs on the pat down 1120p10
SJCASTerminal A2013-05-26All scanners at Terminal A were roped off. Once past security, you can walk to Terminal B in 5-10 minutes. I went to terminal B first and saw scanners in use there.920a10
LGADLTerminal D2013-05-26Right lane and sky priority / Pre-check lanes have WTMD only. Left lane goes to body scanner.430p
GRRDLConcourse A2013-05-26Single MMW/WTMD setup. Those with kids got WTMD, others got the zap.100p
oakOther12013-05-26Two lanes open, one MMW, one WTMD, easy SDOO8a
SEAAS32013-05-25Checkpoint 3, Lane 1 is the TSA precheck line and is WTMD-only. The same checkpoint had at least one other WTMD line. The N/D checkpoint also appeared to have one WTMD line. Other checkpoints were scanner-only.450a5
DtwUSUS Airways2013-05-24You could chose between a lane with the scanner or with WTMD930a
ANCASmain2013-05-24Credit where it's due: screeners were kind enough to orchestrate a transfer of my forgotten cell phone from my husband landside to me, airside. But then, everyone but the special people were sent to the scanner, while a Starbucks barista got multiple trips through the WTMD and couldn't figure out why her apron with full pockets kept dinging. I also watched a teenage girl get a full monty grope in front of her whole family for the crime of wearing a knee brace. She appeared to be an involuntary opt-out, or to be getting a post-scan grope. The screener who did the grope used the words "butt", "groin", and "breasts" rather than "resistance" and "sensitive areas". The girl looked amused by the whole affair, but her family looked shocked.1030p
PitDLInt'l Arrivals2013-05-23All passengers arriving into PIT on an international flight must relearn security regardless of final destination. The good news is it's WTMD-only. 540p0
BHMAAAll2013-05-23No scanners, TSA pretty friendly compared to other airports. 6a5-10
ATLDLMain2013-05-22All lines using MMW. Possible random wtmd when line gets too long, but you have to time it perfectly and be lucky. 800a15
MSYUAD2013-05-22Two MMW lane were opened. Very slow and very long lines. No WTMD so opted out.500p30
DfwAAE162013-05-22E16 is still good. But you may be called "handsome" by a greasy TSA smurf. 740a10
MHTWNB2013-05-22Looked like 3 WTMD, 2 MMW in use at this checkpoint. WTMD if the scanner was occupied, family/crew line was WTMD only.630a5
OAKWNT22013-05-21There is still one WTMD only line in the center toward the left. Both terminals are connected after security. 920a
LGAAACTB-D2013-05-21Easy SDOO here. Left lane is WTMD only, right lane goes to MMW.900a
sfoUAT32013-05-21TSA female said scanner? wasn't an x-ray. No notices to opt out. Would have for health concerns if there were signs.130p5
SANAACommuter2013-05-21Commuter Terminal switched to to the Millimeter Wave machine. When I was going through, they have both x-ray machines working, but forcing everyone to go through the MMW. That slowed everyone and everything down. When you put your stuff in the x-ray, you got into another line, about six people deep, for the MMW. Further impeding things is the pillar right by the entrance of the MMW. Also funny was two FAMs trying to get processed. Even they were looking around and smirking at the TSA's incompetence. Both of them looked at me and we chuckled.1030a15
MSPDLCheckpoint 12013-05-20510a
MSPDLCheckpoint 32013-05-20520a
MSPDLCheckpoint 4/PreCheck2013-05-20Only WTMD line520a1
BUFUSmain2013-05-20two MMW machine are in use and one WTMD is used at left side.1020a5
AVPAllall2013-05-20MMW Removed! Back to only metal detector! 1030a1
LGADLTerminal D2013-05-20MMW in use on the left, WTMD-only lane to the right. 350p5
BOSDLTerminal A2013-05-201240p10
BOSDLTerminal A2013-05-20Long lines for bag x-rays, but there was a lane with a MMW roped off on the far right. Lanes with MMW in use send 100 percent of pax through them. 1240p10
DENDLSouth2013-05-19Only WTMD open was for precheck lane (my BP didn't print with that info this time)200p8
DENDLNorth (Colorado flag)2013-05-19No WTMD open.200p
DENDLBridge to Concourse A2013-05-19Groper thought I was rude when I answered his question about sensitive areas with "my genitals."200p
AtlDLDomestic-Main2013-05-18MMW roped off in lanes 8/9, 16/17, 18/19. MMW in use in lanes 10/11, 12/13, 14/15, 21/22. Easy to select a lane using the WTMD. 740a5
LASWNABC2013-05-17I was on the conveyer side closest to the WTMD in one of the lanes. The lines of people were becoming so massive that the TSO just wanted all of us to go through the MMW to speed things up. So your chance of escape increases at ABC increases if its crowded and if you choose the conveyer line closer to the WTMD.830a15
LASWNABC2013-05-17Correction below, should read "TSO just wanted all of us to go through the WTMD..."830a15
otpInt'lmain2013-05-17no scanners only WTMD, and don't have to take your shoes off720a5
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-05-16Had to wait over 5 minutes for groper; patdown was almost nonexistent.1250p8
OKCAAWest2013-05-16During busy times, there is a WTMD only checkpoint down the hall from the west checkpoint. To get there you have to wait in the line for the west checkpoint and the far right ID checker is the only person who will allow access down this hall. It was just luck to be sent to this ID checker and then down the hall. People who were sent to the other 2 ID checkers were being sent to the MMW in the west checkpoint as usual.530a
PDXD-E-F2013-05-14Far left lane has magnetometer only. Go here. All other lanes use invasive scanners 500a10
ROCDLMain2013-05-13MMW all lanes, regardless the long lines500p
SATDLA2013-05-12The TSO tried to tell me the machine is safe. And then while I waited, tried to have me stand between the AIT and the baggage scanner. Uh, no.930a5
FNTDL2013-05-12No stupid "pet" tricks today.250p
ORDAA7/8 T32013-05-12MMW for all passengers except Pre-Check. A few lucky ones go through WTMD when scanners need calibrating. Lines move slowly.530p20
DROAllOnly one terminal2013-05-12Only a metal detector. The TSA seem less on a power trip without the scanner. Who knows, though, when another scanner will appear. For now, it's not too bad an experience.500p
fsdUAcheck point2013-05-12smurfs like to check african american heads more often and thoroughly than other passengers of different races
SJCUSTerminal A2013-05-10Avoid scanners by using lane 6 on the far left.520a10
AUSUAMain/ Center2013-05-10One metal detector each for 'pre-check' and premium/first class passengers. Scanner in use on right side, but it was possible to navigate to the metal detectors. TSA not that rude, but still unfriendly. 1150a
BosDLA2013-05-09Lines were disorganized and confusing. 8-deep line for the MMW, yet the WTMD remained roped off for everyone. 1120a15
laxUA72013-05-09Metal detector only. 820p15
ATLDLSouth smaller gate2013-05-09Very long lines for non pre-check lanes. All people through MMW. I opted out. They tried to have me abandon my stuff and walk to some other area. I refused and said to the agent, Hey I'm not supposed to leave my stuff unattended right? Someone can put something in it! A friendly and quick patdown followed once I acquired my stuff. It was more or less hilarious, as I was calling them on BS the whole time. 830a45
SFODLT1 DL pier2013-05-09MMW in every lane as primary1200p
BRSInt'lthe only one2013-05-08WTMDs only as far as I could see.720a5
AMSInt'lGate F4 (KLM)2013-05-08Checkpoints are at gates. Scanners for everyone except those who were holding babies.1200p30
MSPUSTerminal 1, Checkpoint 42013-05-08Long line but worth it because only a WTMD present. You can check in at any airline in terminal 1 and still use checkpoint 44p
MSPAllTerminal 1 Checkpoint 22013-05-08Both a WTMD on the right and MMW on the left were present, but can go to either. Go right to avoid intrusions into your privacy.
mdwAllElite Checkpoint2013-05-08At the elite checkpoint, there was a body scanner if one turned left and no body scanner if one turned right. Fortunately, the body scanner was not being used. For the regular checkpoint, there were lanes with body scanners and at least one lane with a metal detector, but I could not tell whether people were able to select their own lane.140p
MCOF9B2013-05-072 lines were closed when arrived, opened about 15 min later1000a35
BUFWNmain2013-05-06All backscatter machines removed and replaced with MMW scanners that have the Gumby figure display.850p
BosDLA2013-05-05All WTMDs roped off. 420a0
JfkDLT3-Gate 12013-05-05Backscatter was roped off. 1000a0
LgaDLMarine Air Terminal2013-05-05WTMD-only! Renovations are occurring at the MAT, so a MMW could appear here in the near future. TDC was playing the name game. 550p0
PHLDLD2013-05-05There is a MMW scanner in this terminal, but I opt out each time. Professional and non-invasive pat down followed, I was pleased with the results. Also they tried to say MMW was 'new technology' blahblah and I flat out said that everytime I go through it, I get patted down anyway, so I'll just skip the machine, thanks.100p5
JFKCO12013-05-04JFK AA 8 2013-04-30 This is a security breach! If anyone wanted to sneak something in and cause harm, they would know how to get past security because of you dum dums!!t There has to be SOME unpredictable screening. Let's protect the people who protect you EVERYDAY! THINK PEOPLE!! 120p
YVRDLUS departures2013-05-04Went through WTMD in the Nexus line with no trouble. All lines appeared to have WTMD. I saw one scanner, behind a curtain and apparently not in use.1100a5
MSPDLTerminal 1, checkpoint 62013-05-04At this time of night, only one checkpoint was open and scanners were the only option.900p5
MIAAllAll2013-05-03Who protects us from the TSA dum-dums? Only sites like this!
DENF9A Concourse Skybridge2013-05-03Far right lane on the A bridge is still WTMD-only, but I haven't seen it in use for a couple of months now, regardless of how long the lines are. Non-elite line wait was probably closer to 20-25 minutes; looks like people have figured out the A Skybridge shortcut!530a5
MKEDLD2013-05-02No Precheck here. All pax getting the AIT.630p10
ewrUATerminal A, United Express concourse2013-05-02WTMD only in use. Easy and painless.1000a3
syrUA2013-05-01Tried to fly in May with my wife and son. There were no scanners. However, we are Chrsitians and my wife only wears skirts. Agents were pulling aside all skirt-wearing females for enhanced pat-down. I explained that we are Christians and that they were not touching my wife. We stood our ground and were escorted out of the airport. My grandpa we were going to see died a few days thereafter.10
JFKB652013-05-00all pax sent through scanners10p
JFKInt'l42013-04-30Kuwait Airlines flight to London. Mandatory porno scanners, and select pat-downs on top of it.7p10
JFKAA82013-04-30This is a security breach! If anyone wanted to sneak something in and cause harm, they would know how to get past security because of you dum dums!!t There has to be SOME unpredictable screening. Let's protect the people who protect you EVERYDAY! THINK PEOPLE!! 330p5
FNTDL2013-04-28Even the TSOs are tiring of doing patdowns... though I still got one. And saw another pax opt out as well; good to see.240p1
FLLUS32013-04-28Left-most lane is metal-detector only, but the other two lanes have millimeter wave body scanners in use.600p
TLH2013-04-27Courteous and professional about opt-out.730a0
mdwAllOnly Airport Checkpoint2013-04-26There are now two body scanners in the main checkpoint. If one can use the elite checkpoint, there is now unfortunately a body scanner installed, but fortunately, nobody in this checkpoint was being selected for the body scanner.450a
albWNmain2013-04-26they have both. you are able to choose which one you want to go thru. 530a
albWNmain2013-04-26they have both. you are able to choose which one you want to go thru. 530a
MspUS42013-04-25Sequester politics430p35
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-04-25Power-tripping TSOs and LTSOs today. Took a reasonable STSO to tell them to do their jobs.600p7
JFKDL22013-04-25Security line a total disaster. One MMW and 2 baggage X-rays in use. Line was a total scrum, eventually the DL agents resorted to calling people forward by departure time.610p70
LHRInt'l42013-04-25Porno scanners at all lanes including mandatory porno scanners for ALL passengers. Bag searches and patdowns at the gate300p50
dfwAAA372013-04-25Ck Pt busy. MMW. I requested patdown which was prompt, courteous and efficient. TSA agent carried my belongings over to patdown area.430p10
JFKAA82013-04-24MMW in use for most passengers. Business class mostly used metal detector. The person before me opted out. I asked to use the metal detector with my young daughter and was allowed to do so. I think the TSO could see that I would be another opt out if asked to go through MMW.400p
PHLUSD/E2013-04-24Scanners now on all D/E lines, but they'll pick some to go through WTMD during busy times (and rope them off otherwise). I got sent through WTMD, fortunately, but this is no longer a safe checkpoint.
ORDUACheckpoint 3/T12013-04-241200p
ewrAAA 302013-04-23Normally there are two que lines ... priority access and the regular line; TSA has turned priority access into a normal line and are making all priority access go to the back of the line ... a second TSA agent told me TSA has the option to discontiue priority access without notice and the arilines can keep there 'priority access' sign in place but TSA can chose to ignore it; there were half a dozen TSA agents cheerfully watching the chaos ... looks like organized work slow down to punish frequent flyers
JFKDLT2, T3, T42013-04-23Had plenty of time so I checked all three terminals. There is now a BKSX at T3. All three terminals now looked to have scanners in every lane and almost everyone was being scanned, including at T3.100p
DTWDLPreCheck2013-04-22Green color code if you are granted the "boon" of three beeps from our :constitutional" government. Many "random" hand swabs of "trusted travelers" (guess you're not that "trusted").400p
CLTDLB2013-04-21Prompt "dynamic" for once.1040a2
PDXWNA/B/C2013-04-21One MMW machine in use. A couple passengers diverted through attached WTMD when MMW backed up, but for the most part the line was moving quickly through MMW.740p5
CLEUAC2013-04-21MMW for everyone. After that, they were patting down everybody's shoulders without explanation.730a10
SjcWNB2013-04-20No SDOO possible, all through scanners unless you opt-out. 1p
jfkAAAmerican Airline Checkpoint2013-04-20Just about everyone chose to go through the lane with the body scanner. However, there was another lane on the far left at which people could choose to go through the metal detector instead.410a0
IADUAMain2013-04-20Awful crowd around 3 pm. All lane pairs had one MMW and one WTMD. Because of crowd, hard to see which lanes went where; some lane pairs had THREE lines feeding into them. Easily chose metal detector line; very few being pulled from metal detector to MMW.
IADAllEmployee2013-04-20WTMD in use at employee checkpoint with no line300p0
CMHUAB2013-04-19Terminal B has three WTMDs, two of which also have MMW NoSs. Only one lane was open as pax traffic was light. A LTSO was standing in front of the WTMD directing everybody to the NoS. I saw one pax opt out, go through the WTMD, and go on his way (no grope!)600p0
jfkAAAmerican Airline Checkpoint2013-04-19Unfortunately, everyone except for precheck passengers, including in the elite lane, were sent through the body scanner.400p
dfwF9E162013-04-19WTMD only7p0
SanAAT22013-04-18They have dumped all of the back scatter machines in T2 and have MMW machines in all lanes. Three X-ray machines were in use, which translates in to two magnetometers. One other observation, as experienced multiple times in T1 with AS & UA, for some reason the screeners are absolutely militant about standing behind the red line until you are called. It's borderline embarrassing how they do that.610a2
ABEDL2013-04-18Standard WTMD checkpoint.400p2
IADUAEast2013-04-18MMW in use on all lanes. One-striper was blocking the WTMD at all lanes and directing everybody to the NOS. No trouble with medical liquids, openly declared and in a separate bin.330p15
CLLUAmain2013-04-18WTMD only, didn't see any patdowns. They've dropped the "say your name" and handwipe gambits. Avoided having my backpack searched by putting my keys and phone in the bin separately.1130a5
MCIDLB 56-592013-04-17Nice contractors (not TSA) but everyone directed to MMW or get groped1030a8
SJCDLA2013-04-16Choose your lane. Newspeak PSA. One line, metal detect or scanner550a10
MIAAAInt'l to domestic connections2013-04-16All WTMD, no naked scanners, going from customer to D gates600p
LAXUAT72013-04-16Only WTMD in usep10
dfwAAD302013-04-15Precheck with 0 people around - very fast130p0
DCAAllTerminal A (1-9)2013-04-15Still WTMD only in Terminal A (B6/AC/FL/WN/F9/SY)520a5
BwiWN2013-04-15Get a life, scan and cooperate. Then go make a difference.5
DTWDLPreCheck2013-04-14Got PreCheck "beep beep beep" .. however, all pax had to have hand swabbed for ETD. Stupid. One poor woman failed the hand swab test, and got taken off to full secondary inspection. I really feel very sorry for her. She looked as if she had no idea what was about to happen to her.400p2
DTWDLPreCheck2013-04-14Got PreCheck "beep beep beep" .. however, all pax had to have hand swabbed for ETD. Stupid. One poor woman failed the hand swab test, and got taken off to full secondary inspection. I really feel very sorry for her. She looked as if she had no idea what was about to happen to her.400p2
DCADLTerminal B/Gates 10-222013-04-14We flew First Class this time, so wait time was diminished by being in the Sky Priority Lane. But lines weren't long and were efficient. Still mostly AIT - for some reason, a woman and her tween son in front of us were led into the WTMD, but I think it was a combination of trying to avoid an AIT backup and the mother/child combo. Otherwise, everyone is through the AIT.930a5
atlDLDomestic-Main2013-04-14MMW roped off on lanes 16 & 17. Easy to avoid MMW
ROAUAMain Checkpoint2013-04-14One Millimeter machine used for all passengers.430p0
IADAllTSA pre-check "one beep line" on departure floor2013-04-14Millimeter machine used for pre-check "one beep" passengers120p5
DFWB6E82013-04-14All through MMW/ATR. Very quiet at 8:45am.
ABEDL2013-04-12Other than a "TSO" wanting to put my liquid baggie into same bin with my laptop (don't they have a rule against anything in the bin with a laptop?), relatively painless crossing into the "free" countryside this morning.500a2
SeaASN/D2013-04-12Everyone through metal detector; scanner blocked off. 540a
MSPDLTerminal 1 (Lindbergh)/Checkpoint #42013-04-12Went through Sky Priority Line, which was much shorter than the normal entry. CP #4 is still WTMD only; all other CP's appear to use MMW machines. Staff polite and friendly.720a5
PHLUSC2013-04-12I only went through a metal detector (right side lane)1100a
piaDLAll2013-04-12MMW scanner has been removed
SJCAATerminal A2013-04-12Not busy. Only one line open with both WTMD and MMW active. Most people using the WTMD.1020a5
HIBDL2013-04-12Walk through metal detector only with seemingly random pardons.
MKEConcourse C2013-04-11550p5
LGBUSOnly one2013-04-10Still only WTMD in sight. :-)1000a0
oddInt'l52013-04-10WTMD in place at first and last station. Backscatter in middle. Requested metal detector and went through that line.500p5
ORDInt'l52013-04-10odd Int'l 5 2013-04-10 WTMD in place at first and last station. Backscatter in middle. Requested metal detector and went through that line.
BOSB6C11-C362013-04-10MMW/ATR in use for all pax.
BnaAAC2013-04-09Back scatter in use for all passengers. TSO commented on low staffing due to the sequester. Opted out for pat-down. No drama from TSOs on opt-out. Pat-down did not touch privates. A man in a wheel chair was put in the pat down area then wheeled out without being checked. 600p5
ATLDLMain2013-04-08They now have MMW on all lines. No escaping even when busy830a30
FNTDL2013-04-07Standard stupidity.300p2
FLLWNB2013-04-07No nude body scanners here. Four lanes of walk-through metal detectors. But they do have glass and metal cages for putting innocent people into jail.750p2
LASUA32013-04-07Every lane was MMW, no Precheck available. Some lucky people got to use the WTMDs as the MMWs sometimes needed calibrating.800p20
LYHUS12013-04-07Also a TSA training airport840p10
DFWVXE152013-04-06Still just the metal detector! 0
bufUAmain2013-04-05X-ray cancer machines were used at every line. SDOO is not an option. Got pat down.530a5
ORDInt'lInternational2013-04-05Only one MMW machine opened. NO WTMD. Opt Out, Got a pat down.830a0
MSPWN2 (Humphrey)2013-04-05Bit long of a wait to get to head of line with not enough staff, but MMW's not in use. Most or all people went through WTMD. Agents reasonably civil and friendly.400p20
BWIWNB2013-04-05Thugs putting everyone into nude body scanners. They kicked me out of the airport for refusing a patdown after the scanner gave a false positive.610p20
BWIWNA/B2013-04-05Important: the nude-body-scanner-free checkpoint that used to be open on the ground floor for terminals A and B has closed forever. It's getting harder for those of us who don't want the government judging our naked bodies to get where we are going.20
SANAAT22013-04-05At SAN T2, they have removed all of the Backscatter machines and now every line (three of them) has the Millimeter Wave machines. Only two lines were open, both were using the Millimeter machines.1100a2
LAXWN12013-04-03All directed to MMW.1040a5
SFOUANear gates 76-902013-04-02This was the checkpoint to the right of the stairs. Only one MMW, used for all. Line was slow, we were running close to time, so I chickened out for the scanner.100p15
denF9by the frontier gates/east2013-04-01leftmost line is wtmd only, no problem getting into its line
LASWNC Annex2013-04-01MMW in use for all lanes, showed my opt out card and requested my usual tsa clerk for the pat down, I miss him when hes not there. Hes firm but gentle.330p
DROAllOnly one terminal2013-04-01A scanner was recently removed to a more busy airport, but the TSA is not generally friendly with putdowns. A new scanner could show up any time, for now just metal detector.45
lasVX32013-03-312 lanes open, MMW for everyone, parents with young children let through WTMD
BOSDLA term2013-03-31Family directly in front of me went through the metal detector. My teenager and I were denied that and sent to MMW. ID checker gave me a hard time about my last name not matching my kid's last name and gave her a hard time about not believing she was under 18.12p10
SFOB6International A2013-03-30Everyone through MMW, except children 12 years of age or younger, and one parent. WTMD covered with cardboard box.1000a5
BOSUA2013-03-30MMW in use. Pat-down was thorough but good-natured.510a10
LASDLPreCheck D2013-03-30No line to ID podium, triple beep. Dropped bag on belt and cleared security in ten seconds.700a0
dfwF9e152013-03-29still good! E16 was also still wtmd only10
SFOUAT32013-03-29MMW at all checkpoints I could see, all WTMDs blocked off. Lines moving very efficiently. I signaled to one of the agents monitoring the lines that I was an opt-out. By the time I passed my things through the x-ray, a female agent had arrived and the patdown was quick. She wasn't chatty but was polite and efficient. Did not touch my hair, but my hair's short and I'm a good foot taller than she was, so ymmv. Overall, as unobjectionable an experience as a professional grope can be.2p7
TPAWN22013-03-29MMW in use for most, a few waved through WTMD. Pat down on opt out was suprisingly professional and civil. Agents friendly.430a5
ricAAall2013-03-28everyone is put through mmw scanner500a
DFWAAA232013-03-28since no one else has officially posted, the party is over at A23. checkpoint closed.
DFWAAE162013-03-28Still good. TDC didn't bat an eye at my AA boarding pass.
sjcWNTerminal B2013-03-27Select your own lane. 2 lanes WTMD and 2 lanes with new MMW scanners.750a25
ORDUA2/T12013-03-27WTMD in use / MMW roped off1140a5
LAXDL52013-03-27I used the Sky Priority Lane. After getting my id checked, the lane had a WTMD and a MMW. The TSO told me to go through the WTMD. It appears this is a "random use for some" lane.1100a1
MSPDLMain term2013-03-276a30
rduAA22013-03-26MMW. Opt-out went fine as usual for me...not sure why others seem to have a bad experience.
LASWNABC2013-03-26The lines feeding to each id check podium were getting very congested. Right when I approached, a TSO motioned to me and a group of others to move to the one id check podium that leads to the only WTMD-only lane and I escaped the MMW. I think they did this speed things up.230p10
iadUAC2013-03-24Once again another horrible premier wait time at Dulles. It took 40 minutes just to get thru the security line before going to the tram. Why is our Nations Capitol airpport the worst in the country? There seems to be no protocol to get more help. some people started yelling in the long lines. They shut down the screening 2 times in that 40 minutes wait as there were not enough lines open.1100a
iadUAC2013-03-24Once again another horrible premier wait time at Dulles. It took 40 minutes just to get thru the security line before going to the tram. Why is our Nations Capitol airpport the worst in the country? There seems to be no protocol to get more help. some people started yelling in the long lines. They shut down the screening 2 times in that 40 minutes wait as there were not enough lines open.1100a40
tusWNEast Terminal2013-03-24No name game at ID check. WTMD only but "random" hand swabbing in effect.310p10
BOSB6C2013-03-24Had on t-shirt under long sleeve shirt, and had forgotten ballpoint pen in t-shirt pocket, so received polite partial patdown after the MMW. Agent quite professional, told me which part of my body he was going to next. Only patted chest, back, and ankles.6p
JFKUATerminal 72013-03-23Only one line for security. TSO choice. Families allowed to use WTMD.300p5
PDXASA/B/C2013-03-23The farthest right lane was shut down, but the next one over was operating as a self-select lane. All around a civilized staff, no visible tomfoolery (except for the asinine rules in general).430p
PhlUSB/C2013-03-23was in long line at Terminal B. TSA said go to Terminal C for wait times less than 5 minutes rather than 45 at B. Told TSA at C that I was sent from B. Put in Express lane. Sailed right through. Only WTMD in620a2
SEAASD/N2013-03-22Far left line used to be WTMD only -- line roped off and most people put through BKSX, with some randomly picked to go through alternative WTMD next to it.500a
FLLUSc2013-03-20MMW was in use there was no backscatters in sight and the metal detectors where roped off... i went through im not sure if i should have i should have just opted out830a25
AVPAllall2013-03-20Small airport. Has a Millimeter scanner (MMW), they use it for everyone, all the time.400p0
JFKInt'lTerminal 7 - BA/CX2013-03-19This is a checkpoint just down the hall from the CX and BA counters. Anybody can use it if you fly out of T7 (UA/US fly from here). One screening lane, WTMD only. Too small for NoS800a10
RDUDLTerminal 22013-03-19Sending everyone through AIT, basically no exceptions.1000a
MCOWN60-1292013-03-18Each lane is now a WTMD and MMW/ATR combo. Used left-side X-ray belt and got selected for WTMD. Still batting 1.000 at MCO.
iahUAdon't remember2013-03-18all lanes MMW, with the WTMD blocked off; opted out. OK patdown.
ORDDLT22013-03-18MMW now in use for all lanes except Pre-Check. However, sometimes you'll get lucky and one of the Pre-Check lanes is being used for regular passengers. Rule of thumb for ORD T2 remains the same - always stay as far left as you can.1230p
EWRUAC-1 Priority2013-03-17The priority lane led to a WTMD. There seemed to be an option to a MMW scanner as well. I was not sure whether one in the far right who was not in the priority lane could also use the WTMD lane, but all the other lanes at the checkpoint (for customers not in the priority lane) were sent to MMW.500a
DFWUSE162013-03-16still golden!
DFWUSE162013-03-16still golden!
DFWUSE162013-03-16still golden!
AtlDLDomestic-Main2013-03-15The line backed up into the atrium. Numerous MMWs roped off - lanes 7-11 and 16-18. Easy to select one of these lines and use the WTMD. 800a30
ATLUSMain2013-03-15TSA determined to irradiate every passenger. Lanes 12-15 only ones open at Main chkpt; some of us herded to South chkpt for scope and grope. At least the pat-down was completed quickly; no add'l wait to get the ahem450a25
ATLUSMain2013-03-15All pax through MMW; lanes 12-15 only lanes open despite 1/2 hour wait. Some of us herded to South chkpt for scope and grope; at least there was no add'l wait to get agent for pat-down. Long lines at my destination as well; perhaps the start of budget sequester theater? (This is a completion of a post which was sent prematurely thanks to the stupid touch screen on my not-so-smart phone.)450a25
EWRAATerminal 32013-03-15Everyone was sent through the WTMD line. It looked like there might have been other lines with scanners but they were not in use.1220p
ORDAATerminal 3, Checkpoint closest to Spirit Airlines counter2013-03-15After one's ID was checked, one could either turn left for a body scanner or right for a WTMD.520a
BOSUSB 4-14, US Air side2013-03-14Good old WTMDs, no scanners in sight!150p
BosUSB, 15-212013-03-14All WTMDs at US Airways in BOS. Can access gates 4-21 from either checkpoint.200p0
lgaUS32013-03-14no scanners in sight only metal detectors840a5
ICTUAThere is only one checkpoint here at this airport that feeds all gates.2013-03-14There are no scanners at this airport. Only WTMD. I wish all airports were like this.700p0
ATLWNMain2013-03-12Only one lane open putting all thru MMW. Oddly, when I opted out they didn't put me thru WTMD before my quick grope420a2
mdwWN2013-03-11using metal detectors only in all security lanes500a20
mdwWN2013-03-11using metal detectors only in all security lanes500a20
AtlDLDomestic-Main2013-03-11Look carefully for lanes with a roped off MMW. 1230p
BosDLTerminal A2013-03-11Metal detectors roped off. They wouldn't even let me through the WTMD while the MMW ran through its calibration cycle.820a0
MDWWN2013-03-11WTMD only because of the long lines510a40
bwiWNA/B Baggage Level2013-03-11There is no body scanner at this checkpoint. Unfortunately, the sign said that they are closing it (I think on April 20).1020a0
iadUAmain2013-03-11Most checkpoints now have MMW and WTMD; only a couple have BKSX and WTMD. However in all cases there was an employee standing in the WTMD blocking it (why put some tape when you can pay someone to do this); so I opted out; normal pat down.
FllB632013-03-10Echoing status from 2/27. Self select to far left. 2
jfkAAT82013-03-10Most open lanes MMW (no BSX), looks like SDOO would be possible, precheck lane a joy as always
ORDInt'lT3/Checkpoint 72013-03-10One MMW was roped off until we got to the front of the line.
LHRInt'lTerminal 52013-03-09Provision ATD (MMW) in use in both north and south security lines but only for selected passengers. Most passengers screened with WTMDs.
SEAInt'lSouth Satellite2013-03-09WTMD between international arrivals and the rest of the airport.
SANAAT22013-03-08They are in process of transitioning from the Backscatter to the MMW. As of this writing, lane 1 has MMW (but I don't think they're trained on it, thus it was roped off). Lane two has no machine (had backscatter a few days earlier), Lane three has backscatter, and they're still using it. Was easy to maneuver to lane two.600a3
DCAUSC (35-45)2013-03-08Opted out, got a perfunctory and friendly grope. Didn't even ask me to take off my belt or watch.300p5
PVDAllMain2013-03-07No line. BKSX exclusively in use. Pat-down TSO told me MMW w/ATR coming in April most likely.
SFOAllT22013-03-07No Backscatter used at SFO
SFOAllT32013-03-07No Backscatter used at SFO
SFOAllT12013-03-07No Backscatter used at SFO
BHMAAConcourse C2013-03-07No rape or radiation (YET) at Birmingham, AL.
lgbB6only one2013-03-07only WTMD, but TSA staff said scanners arriving in June 2013700a0
seaAS3 (central), precheck2013-03-07line 1 is precheck; with Global Entry pass is WTMD only730p0
ANCASMain2013-03-07No line and polite, unobtrusive screeners at 6:30AM on a Thursday. They let my family with two young children through the WTMD, including my burly, bearded husband. All those of a non-privileged class, however, were funnled through the MMW scanner. I didn't see any opt outs, but I also didn't see any post-scan gropes or the overzealous swabbing I've seen elsewhere. In fact, this is the second time through ANC that they didn't bother to swab my husband's CPAP630a0
jnuASonly one2013-03-07I observed the JNU checkpoint during a long layover. Everyone was sent through the scanner, and there were lots of post-scan gropes. I watched several opt-outs receive a kabuki-style patdown: feather-light touch and stylized, pointless in its theatricality. One gentleman opted out, got his kabuki patdown, and then a “blade” was discovered in his bag, which wasn't allowed. He protested that he thought the TSA was letting those through now. The dopey-looking kid who found it was apologetic, “Nooo, not until the end of April.” Guy rolled his eyes and went back to check it in his baggage, then came back through a while later for a second patdown. They were doing lots and lots of swabbing. This might have had to do with the fact that they appeared to be breaking in a new girl who needed an easy task to do. They also did a gate check on our flight, which was the silliest make-work display I've seen all year. It took place about twenty feet from the checkpoint (this airport has 5 gates, very tiny). Three clerks lined their cart up right in front of a sign that was supposed to divide the waiting passengers into first class and coach, which created a log jam of folks who couldn't figure out how to route the line around the sign. Finally the airline guy told them to back their cart up so we could form a sensible line. Then they were randomly picking bags: one clerk picked a bag and asked to check it, a second clerk opened it and took a quick peek (far less of a look than the xray would have taken), and a third clerk just stood there. The bag checking clerk made a joke about an “insidious banana” he had found the week before. Your tax dollars at work!
pdxOtherD2013-03-06WTMD self select easy, left side600a10
pdxOtherD2013-03-06WTMD self select easy, left side600a10
dalWNmain2013-03-05MMW for all. Opted out. STSO threatened LEO. I then requested LEO. Grope was quick with LEOs witnessing.800a1
LGAUSTerminal C2013-03-05At Terminal C, for US Airways, at left checkpoint, both lanes were using WTMD! Backscatter machine was roped off. This was the middle of the day with only a moderate amount of travelers1230p15
LGAUSTerminal C, Left Checkpoint2013-03-05Both lanes used WTMD. MMW ( not backscatter) roped off1230p15
FNTDL2013-03-05A bit more agressive with the patdown today, compared to previous 5 passthroughs.250p1
houWNmain2013-03-05name game being played but I wasn't asked. Opted out in Spanish. grope speech seemed to go faster. two passes at "resistance" on each leg this time. 350p5
houWNmain2013-03-05name game being played but I wasn't asked. Opted out in Spanish. grope speech seemed to go faster. two passes at "resistance" on each leg this time. 350p5
SFOVXT22013-03-04The far left line is precheck (WTMD only). Since my last trip, the elite line funnels into the same line and the second-to-left lane has had its NoS removed. So now if you are elite and the far left non-pre line is open, you can avoid groping. I'm glad no terrorists would ever think of getting elite status! TSA is on the job.
PWMDL2013-03-04No WTMD option except for small children and of course the "trusted" airline crews.240p3
BOSAATerminal B2013-03-04BSK gone, replaced by MMW for Main Cabin line. Priority Access/First Class feeds into a WTMD only lane (yeah!) right next to the Pre-Check lane which was empty until I got to it after finally getting thru the ID checker. All in all, not a bad morning trek thru Logan.630a
MSYWNB2013-03-03Walk through metal detectors blocked with ropes, all through millimeter wave body scanners. I told them I couldn't lift my arm over my head and was allowed to go through walk thru metal detector. My traveling companion opted out and I was permitted to take photos of his patdown.130p3
FRAT12013-03-03WTMD, if set off, pat down0
TUSUSB gates2013-03-02WTMD, but one weirdo decided to do a "leg search" after the WTMD. Last time it was "back search." It did avoid the area of most concern in the pat down. 100p
PITAllMain2013-03-02Just head left.530a0
YYZOtherT12013-03-02Only used as secondary
YULOtherA/B2013-03-01MMW for all those who alarm WTMD twice, or once depending on mood of screener in question.730p< 5
SJUAAD/E2013-03-01seemed to be using WTMD as primary, MMW as backup5p2
PHXUATerminal 22013-03-01No wait at this sleepy airport at 7 pm on Friday night. Was glad to see the BKSX are gone, as I had a bad experience here with a snotty female TSA agent while opting out of BKSX here few years ago (Agent Attitude came over from another area and got in my face and aggressively accused me of "escalating" after I had very calmly told the male agent in my line that I preferred the pat down.) (And lady, you'll know when I'm actually escalating, trust me.) In any case, there are now about five separate lines here, each of which looks to have both WTMD and MMW. Tonight, with literally no traffic (one guy ahead of me in line as i walked up) -- all lines were roped off, funneling everyone to line 3. Line 3 WTMG was blocked off - everyone through MMW. I am OK with MMW, so did not get to re-assess the opt-out experience. 700p2
ABEDL2013-02-28Slowest lines ever seen at ABE; one TSO joked it's preparing us for the sequester -- not funny. Finally opened second line 5 mins before 2 flights' scheduled departures to handle pax for those flights. Unbelievable.340p25
FLLOtherTerminal 4 Concourse H2013-02-27On Feb 27/13, Metal Detector was on far left. as coming from ID check. Slow conveyor belt and only 3 in line. Others went through backscatter in center lane.620p
SFOUAInternational G2013-02-26Either orange or red depending on time of day. There are both WTMDs and MMW machines at the checkpoint, but they only use both when traffic is high, otherwise it's MMW only. As far as I can tell, the high-traffic time is ~10-11:30AM. I arrived at 11:50 and had the bad luck to see them closing the WTMDs as I got into line. Politely opted out, genitals not touched during patdown.1150a10
JFKAAT82013-02-26about 50/50 between WTMD and BS, only one entrance open at that time8a5
MSPDL1, rental car and transit2013-02-25Lines at the Main600a15
MSPDL1, rental car and transit2013-02-25Lines at the Main CPs were outrageous as they usually are in the morning in MSP. I took the tram downstairs to the rental car and transit area where there is a CP (you can check bags on the tram level and head straight over). The line was shorter, only 15 minutes, but nearly everyone was shoehorned through the scanner, he metal detector was only used when the line backed up. I wasn't one of the lucky few but the grope was quick at least.600a15
PDXD/E2013-02-25Left hand lane is WTMD only. Easy to self select500a10
SFOUAT3 (overflow, south of main T3 checkpoint)2013-02-25MMW and WTMD both in use at this checkpoint, though today the WTMD was blocked off, and both lines were being routed through MMW. I'm OK with MMW. As it turns out, they had me step in, then asked me to step back out as one agent announced "calibrate!" WTMD was then unblocked and I was then re-routed through it, along with everyone else. No idea how long the MMW was out of service, but they were routing everyone through it pre-calibration1130a10
FNTDL2013-02-24Normal patdown operations.250p1
AZAOthersingle terminal2013-02-24All went throught WTMD. Backscatter was roped off. This was for Gate 6 on Spirit for a red eye flight. 1200a5
CLTDLA2013-02-23Very short line on a Saturday afternoon, only a couple of minutes wait for "dynamic male assist" patdown.200p5
LAXInt'lInternational2013-02-23Post-security, "Thousands Standing Around" waiting for their shift to start.630p25
rswFL2013-02-23NOTHING in pockets at RSW. MMW required, secondary search for kleenex in pockets.
ABEDL2013-02-22Doing random patdowns after WTMD.510p
SeaWNCenter 2013-02-22Far left checkpoint to avoid body scanners 10
MKEConcourse E2013-02-22150p2
MBJDLGate 62013-02-22Zero naked machines. Mostly non-invasive patdown for all passengers.1210p5
BOSDLA2013-02-21Very light traffic today, only two lanes open. Enough staff to run MMWs only. Pat down cursory and courteous.520p5
RSWB6D2013-02-21Two unavoidable MMW in use for all except those with young children. Fortunately, I had one of those with me. I will add that by TSA standards, the bunch here was one of the most courteous I've encountered.430p20
PVDB6Main2013-02-20Cancerboxes still in play at PVD. Given their faith in junk science and bad TSA policy, along with long waits, avoid this airport until the cancer boxes are gone. Should have gone to BOS parking is not much more and they have switched to MMW.400p40
LHRInt'lTerminal 5 Transfers2013-02-20One MMW in the center of the checkpoint. No opt out permitted if selected; use outer lanes to avoid.
HELInt'lTerminal 22013-02-20Friendliest screening I've ever experienced.
OAKDLTerminal 12013-02-19Brand new MMW scanner being installed tonight where the BKSX was a few days ago... argh910p
LASWNAB2013-02-19One WTMD open on very far right and one MMW/WTMD combo going. Was able to use WTMD only lane (might be crew/family only at busy times, not 100% sure). Got selected for additional random screening, but it was only a shoe swab.630p3
MEMDLB2013-02-19MEM still has the Xray machines that supposedly are going away.750a10
DALWNT22013-02-19Scanner for all passengers20
MCOWN60-1292013-02-18BKSX are gone, most lanes MMW/WTMD combo. Didn't see any clear positional opt out, but you could probably time it right. 500p20
FNTDL2013-02-17It's getting pretty bad when TSOs start greeting you by your first name....ugh.250p1
OAKDLTerminal 12013-02-17BKSX in left lane only and not in use; everyone thru center lane WTMD520p
TPAWNC2013-02-16All except opt-outs and families with children have to go through MMW. Didn't notice any BDOs scouting prey as was mentioned in the 2/5 comment.710a15
PITAllMain2013-02-16Two lanes open today. One had the NoS roped off...easy lane choice!1110a0
JFKDLT3 (Can also access T2 by walk, or T4 by shuttle bus!)2013-02-16No scanners. One TDC was doing name game, one wasn't. Very easy through600p20
PDXWND/E2013-02-16One MMW machine in use for all passengers. TSA screener standing in front of WTMD and was annoyed when I stated to him that I opt out. Actual pat-down was thorough, but barely missed contacting my genitals.500p2
LHRInt'lTerminal 32013-02-16MMW in center of checkpoint. WTMD only in outer lanes. No opt outs allowed in the UK.
ABEDL2013-02-15Three male full patdowns while I was in checkpoint; WTMD set to sensitive level?510a
CAEAAALL2013-02-15MMW scanner
PHLUSC&D2013-02-14100% MMW were used. No way to SDOP. Opt out and got FXXKed by tsa. TSA go to HELL!200p30
HOUAllALL2013-02-14all passengers through porno-scanner. Pat down for opt-out was not aggressive or invasive.1200p15
SNAAS2013-02-14My minor age daughters and I (female) were selected for millimeter wave machines. We opted out and all three of us were given the pat-down search. It was clear that they did not want to have to go through this extra work, and tried to "talk us into" the machine, loudly discuss amongst themselves that they did not have enough female agents to do pat-downs at the moment. We selected to be pat-down in plain sight of all in the area and not in private room.1p15
SJCUAUnited 2013-02-13Surprised to see Rapiscan cancer boxes still in use. Smurf commiserated and was concerned about radiation. Very quick pay down. 600a5
JFKInt'lTerminal 72013-02-13MMW used for all passengers.500p60
ordUATerminal 1 Far left checkpoint closest to Terminal 22013-02-13All lanes funneled to one checkpoint which had everyone go through the MMW Scanner. I informed the agent that I would be opting out and he had me wait until another agent came and escorted me around the scanner to the other side. He then had me empty my pockets and remove my belt while going through the speil of how he was going to conduct the pat down. He was very professional and was done in about 2-3 min.500p10
ordUAT22013-02-10wtmd roped off - 2MMW in use. 700a0
FNTDL2013-02-10Opted out; patdown was cursory.1100a5
lgbB6all2013-02-10All wtmd. No name game. Prescription cough syrup got magic wanded.
jacAAAll2013-02-10WTMDs only for small children + 1 parent (if two parents with kids, male parent must go through AIT)800a5
TPADLE2013-02-10Everyone going through MMW. Patdown was obnoxious as usual but not as invasive as it's been in other airports.600a5
seaASCheckpoint 42013-02-09Far left lane had option of WTMD or BKSX. Walked right up to WTMD and got waved through. All other lanes at checkpoint were BKSX. One lane at Checkpoint 3 appeared to be WTMD only as BSKX was taped off. Line was way longer at 3 so we went through at 4.10a5
DCAAA23-322013-02-08Lane to the far left open which has metal detector only.800a10
iahUAB2013-02-08One WTMD and one MMW--TSA forcing most through MMW.430p5
iahUAB2013-02-08One WTMD and one MMW--TSA forcing most through MMW.430p5
dalUAterm 12013-02-08MMW for all. opt out patdown was quick.530a0
dalUAterm 12013-02-08MMW for all. opt out patdown was quick.530a0
dalUAterm 12013-02-08MMW for all. opt out patdown was quick.530a0
SJCUSTerminal A2013-02-08Two lines and everyone gets zapped by the Rapiscan boxes. Bonus: watch fetish after zapping. ID check was very slow. 810a15
MSPDLTerminal 1 Checkpoint 42013-02-08Still WTMD only, still pleasant employees, still lightning fast for SkyPriority.750a3
MDWWN2013-02-08I fly home fom Midway one to two times month. WTMD most lanes (stay to the left) and TSA personnel very professional530p5
MDWWN2013-02-08I fly home fom Midway one to two times month. WTMD most lanes (stay to the left) and TSA personnel very professional530p5
ERWDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-02-07No chance for SDOO; MMW for all. Opted out, per usual routine.450p15
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-02-07No chance for SDOO; MMW for all. Opted out, per usual routine.450p15
rduWN12013-02-07Hate RDU. Funny how you wear same clothes, same everything and this is the only airport that I get patted down. Happened 3 times at RDU. Be sure you don't ask to go to private room. Want everyone to see the patdown. 6a
SEAInt'lsouthern most2013-02-06As far as I could tell no one was given the option for a pat down, appeared that the metal detector machine was shut down, everyone was directed to be scanned1000p5
RICDLALL2013-02-05Hope the $217 million powerball winner was someone who dislikes the security nonsense at this airport! =-) If so, perhaps you could sue individual TSA agents and make a strong precedent against the post 2009 invasive and ineffective airport security methods.
DTWDLCheckpoint 3/McNamara2013-02-04Had to show BP to "pre-TDC" TDC TSA paid operative. What a make-work program.620a4
TUSUSEast Terminal2013-02-04No scanners, only WTMD. Name game in full effect at ID check.1130a10
bosDL2013-02-04You are all retarded, it's millimeter wave technology, if you listent to the radio in your car or use a cell phone you are exposed to more radiation than this new body scanner as well as on the plane itself. So, you'd rather get felt up by a TSO than risk 3 second in a body scanner? Brilliant! Morons!520a10
ABQWN2013-02-04Theworst airport I have ever flown out of, except for maybe Denver. MMW for all lanes, unless you are a child or carry a pet. TSA personnel disrespectful. I do not recommend flying out of ABQ1010a15
ABQWN2013-02-04Theworst airport I have ever flown out of, except for maybe Denver. MMW for all lanes, unless you are a child or carry a pet. TSA personnel disrespectful. I do not recommend flying out of ABQ1010a15
FLLWN2013-02-03No body scanners at this checkpoint. Screeners pulled literally every large bag for secondary check: even tiny bottles of liquid triggered opening bags. There were only four of us in my line but it took 15 minutes to clear the four of us. Also, there was a team of goons stationed at the gate standing around to give people a second dose of harassment before boarding the plane.600p10
BOSDLA2013-02-03Spotted Mitt Romney going through security and the AIT! I wanted to shake his hand after security, but by the time I had opted out and been patted down, I couldn't find him.430p10
ROAAllall2013-02-03One MMW machine. Opt-out pat-down was not aggressive 200p15
SMFAllTerminal A2013-02-03If you get lucky, the MMW will need to "calibrate" and they will open the WTMD240p0
HNLOtherInterisland2013-02-03WTMD only at Interisland. Worth the walk after bag check and the Wiki-Wiki after security. Alarmed, was given a cursory and non-invasive patdown by an unusually nice TSA employee. Had a coin in my pocket...oops. 200p5
HNLOtherInterisland2013-02-02Only one checkpoint (with two separate lines and scanners). WTMD only still. Lines moved pretty quickly considering their length. From experience, even if you're flying to the mainland you can still use this CP but if you do so, checking bags will be a pain since you cannot do so at this terminal. Getting to the mainland terminal from the secure area is via the free wiki wiki shuttle.900a15
LasWNC2013-02-02MMW wave for all. Not a busy checkpoint, just one lane.820a2
MCIUATerm A, Gates 23-302013-02-01Just like the old gate area, the new checkpoint is WTMD only. Much larger, though, so I would not be surprised to see an MWW at some point :(
CDGInt'l2E Gates M Sky Priority2013-02-01No scanners at all. Shoes stay on. Was randomly selected for pat-down which was not as bad as the US or some other airports. Maybe I am just getting used to it. a
MKEConcourse D2013-02-01MMW only550a
mryAAOnly one exists2013-02-01Only WTMD in use
DENOtherA Sky Bridge Security (to all gates)2013-01-31I found the only metal detector in use in the whole airport. It was at the Bridge Security checkpoint all the way to the right. And there was absolutely no wait. Thanks be to God.100p
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-01-31Same nonsense as usual here.500p3
STSASthere's only one2013-01-31Still no groping and no scanners. One WTMD at the only checkpoint.1020a10
SFOAAT22013-01-31Opt out. First pat down set off explosives detection. Second groin rub in private room. No option to do in public. Aloof and unresponsive to questions.510a20
SJCUSTermial A2013-01-30Two lines and almost everyone gets zapped. So much for getting rid of the Rapiscan boxes.800a10
MSPDLTerminal 1 - CP 42013-01-29Any checkpoint will give access to all Lindburg terminal gates. Crazy long lines here, always be prepared. However, I noticed CP 5 was closed, so that might be why the lines were heavier. Only one TSA agent checking ID's. I wasn't able to shortcut the line by using the pre-check line this time. 730a40
DTWDL3 (SkyPriority)/McNamara2013-01-28Got the three-beep precheck clearance; surprisingly, TSA "clerk" asked me if it was ok with me if I used precheck??????610a2
DFWUAE152013-01-28No scanners at this checkpoint. Thank you to previous posters for letting us know about this checkpoint!400p
GEGASConcourse C2013-01-28WTMD only. Staff friendly and efficient as usual.1240p
FLLInt'l32013-01-27Scanners in use for center lanes. Carefully navigate yourself to one of the lines on either extreme (left or right) to avoid backscatter x-ray.1000a25
BUFUAMain2013-01-26Two lanes were opened. One WTMD and One cancer machine lane were opened.1250p5
BWIFLLower Level2013-01-26Only metal detectors on Baggage Claim level1130a10
MSYWNB2013-01-25No WTMD in use. Opt out or go through the MMW.2
IAHASA South2013-01-24MMW only option even in Sky Priority340p5
ORDUA12013-01-23MMW in use for both lanes
ORDUA12013-01-23MMW in use for both lanes
yulInt'lC2013-01-23MMW is present in some lines, but not used or used only if you set off the WTMD more than once.600a10
MSYWN2013-01-21Extremely disturbing: blueshirts are redirecting people who have chosen to wait in a much longer metal detector line and forcing them into the millimeter wave body scanners. Line was outrageously long and people were also being stopped for leaving 3-ounce liquids in luggage.140p30
PHLUAD/E2013-01-21It's over in PHL. Going from green to red. There are 4 MMW units in the right lanes. The other lanes on the left were closed. No way to SDOO and had to opt out. Pat down was professional and courteous.730a
EwrUAC22013-01-20Tsa not allowing anyone through security. Waiting 10 minutes so far. No announcements as to what is happening. 740a
SLCDL2013-01-20All 3 of us outed out. Husband had false positive. Taken to closed room. 620p
PhlWND2013-01-20Crapppy organization staff 3p
DALWNT22013-01-19Body scanners are in use at all points. Once the line backed up enough they let a few go through the metal detectors. 20
ausUAFar Right2013-01-18Only 10-5 people in line, but it still took over 10 minutes to get through security. Both metal detectors running, scanner appeared to be only for secondaries. A mother behind me, with a couple of little girls in tow, was selected for secondary - go figure.1110a10
LaxInt'lTBIT North2013-01-18ATD ProVision is mandatory except for young children. Cleared without any problems. I now wear shorts with elastic band and a fairly tight wirkout shirt. This usually gets me through untouched.140p
USAAllAll2013-01-18TSA is removing backscatter machines from all US airports, and, in some cases, will revert to using WTMDs only (no MMW). Ostensibly because Rapiscan could not meet Congress's 6/13 deadline for privacy software, but this flyer thinks the real reason is that DHS knew it was losing on the X-Ray safety and ease of avoiding detection issues. A partial victory . . .
SANUA12013-01-18Backscatter only. I told the nice TSO that she shouldn't be standing so close to the machine. She replied that she's pregnant. WTH?900p0
SjcWNsouthwest 2013-01-17230p5
PSCASMain2013-01-17No scanners now. Screening area is going to be enlarged in an upcoming airport remodel -- so things could potentially change for this friendly little airport.930a0
GPTUAOnly One2013-01-17Backscatters in use. Had to opt out. Families went through WTMD.530a
DALWNTerminal 22013-01-16A sad day in Dallas, as the upstairs checkpoint (which was WTMD-only) has been permanently closed. All Southwest passengers must now use the main checkpoint.
SFOWNT12013-01-16100% scanners and then patdowns if you happen to be wearing earrings.... Rude staff.1200p10
bdlWNA2013-01-162/3-3/4 bksx in use, 1 lane wtmd430p5
LASWNC2013-01-16No line, MMW in use at all CP. 7 minute wait for opt out screener.100p10
FLLWN12013-01-15No scanners at the Southwest terminal1
sanAAcommuter2013-01-14SAN commuter terminal is one lane only, BSX/ WTMD combo. BSX roped off when i went through, but it got opened for the next guy. "Random and unpredictable" and completely idiotic. 0
PHLWND2013-01-14They are putting in a MMW scanner, but at this time I only went thru the standard metal detectors. Did not see many patdowns.600a20
AUSWNFar Right.2013-01-14MMW in use for all. WTMD roped off. WTMD is only used at this CP during peak morning period300p10
LASWNABC2013-01-14MMW for all except opt-outs, three male assist in my party completed within 5 minutes of opting out420p15
sanAA2 East2013-01-13Today, only the middle and right sections were in use. For the middle one, most were being sent through the BKSX. Right BKSX was not in use and everyone there was treated to a WTMD-only lane.800a5
EWRUAC-12013-01-12Lane on the right was WMTD. Was able to do a SDOO.930a
sfoAAt22013-01-113 magical beeps at precheck means I get to fly with dignity. The dude in front of me got two beeps, so off to the gropelab he went. MMW for everyone except precheck.
AtlDLDomestic-Main2013-01-11MMW roped off in lanes 6/7 and 16/17. Easy to SDOO, but long lines. 800a25
LasOtherCheckpoint D2013-01-111150a10
bhmDLC gates2013-01-11
CLLUAsole2013-01-11WTMD only, but it is apparently set to beep every 5th-6th person, who then gets a pat-down. This appeared to be random, not targeted.11a
StlDL12013-01-10SDOO on the left. Had to skip the priority security line, but line was short710a10
PBIUSConcourse B2013-01-08All lines open that led to MMW machines. When the line slowed down, some people were asked to go through the wTMD. I was directed to the porn scanner and the TSA agent who came to got had a nasty attitude. He sat there lecturing me about the MMW scanner being safe and asked me 3 times if i wanted to go through a pat down. I got really pissed off at some point and I replied, "Isn't your job to do patdowns?" I know that now TSA agents give you all this info about the scanners being safe but this guy had just a nasty attitude about it. When he was doing the patdown, he hurt his knee so I had to wait a few minutes until he finally decided for me to go even though he had only done a half patdown. Kind of felt sorry for the guy, but guess you shouldn't be a TSA agent if you don't like doing pat downs. My friend also opted out, but her tsa agent was actually very nice.500a5
MBSDLNew Terminal2013-01-07Still has no NoS "machines", even though it's a new terminal. Will have to watch this airport, though, as the history of TSA is to move NoSs in with terminal upgrades.250p
LAXUATerminal 62013-01-07WTMD only
BOIOtherMain2013-01-07Opt out. Given pat down. Was just hassle for them. Not too intrusive. 430p10
MkeDLE2013-01-07Opt out only. Fast enough though. 120p5
DFWAAA232013-01-07To the 12/27/12 post: I just flew out of DFW at A23 and there io body scanner. WTMD only.
CLTDLB2013-01-06Mandatory scanners, but I did my opt out patdown and was on my way quickly.40a5
SANAA22013-01-06Backscatter roped off on the left. Long line, lots of kids trying to run opposite way through wmdt. TSA didn't seem to care which line i chose. i guess its a matter of time until they reactivate the cancer box930a20
cltDLALL2013-01-06You are disgusting for arresting Rand Paul's son. I hope he will be our next president as he opposes the ILLEGAL activities the TSA conducts on a daily basis and have been on a rampage of conducting since 2010! The CLT TSA have efectively destroyed Charlotte's airport by installing MMW's at ALL checkpoints.
PITWNAlternate2013-01-06I was prepared for gropage, pleasantly surprised to find no backscatters in use710a10
SBNUAA2013-01-04MMW used for almost all passengers310p5
MCODLB gates2013-01-03MMW for most, some overflow to WTMD5p
DCAAACenter Pier2013-01-03No escape500p
BWIWNA/B Baggage Level2013-01-01630a0
MCOUAGates 1-592013-01-01People using the preferred lane did go through MMW. Pre-check went through WTMD.420a2
DENF9A (Bridge)2013-01-01No escape, in use at all open lanes.1200p
MSPDLTerminal 1 Checkpoint 42012-12-31No scanners, WTMD only, and possibly the nicest TSA employees i've ever dealt with, probably because, well, no scanners. Checkin to cleared in 4 minutes. 730a2
STLASTerminal 1, Concourse A2012-12-31Mandatory BKSX, WTMD roped off. I opted out, female pat down did not take long.420p
jfkDLT3 After Customs2012-12-30Painless TSA experience. No lines, no body scanners, no nonsense. Too bad it ends in 6 months when T3 gets knocked down.500p0
FLLWN1 (Concourse B)2012-12-30No scanners, no line, a surprisingly nice TSA experience.6p
LGADLD-right2012-12-30gate was in C, walkway open730a
FLLUAC12012-12-30Security line was empty and only one line was in use, which led to the backscatter Xray. Had to opt out but the patting down went fairly fast. 600p0
IAHAAA2012-12-29Some being sent through WMTD. I didn't get so lucky. Pat down by a middle eastern guy.
MSYAAConcourse C2012-12-29MMW with ATR for all passengers, Opt-out was complete within three minutes.700a
AckAllGates 2-32012-12-28WTMD only.640a0
yqbOtherthere is only 12012-12-28metal detector only, shoes on!10a2
yyzOtherconnections/flights for USA2012-12-28metal detector only, waiting time a bit long1p20
dfwVXE162012-12-28No body scanners at this checkpoint!430p
ROCAAmain2012-12-27Two lines fed into one open MMW lane with adjacent WTMD roped off. It didn't matter how long the lines became, everyone except children and opt-outs went through MMW. No periodic WTMD use to speed things up.10
DTWDLMcNamara, lower level2012-12-27Chatdowns mandatory for all single travelers. TSA agent doing the chatdown was hostile and invasive. Also had bag check at the gate.120p10
DFWAAA232012-12-27GAME OVER. MMW ATD @ A23. SDOO Possible, but not guaranteed. Very hard to keep an eye on possessions as they exit the XRay before you do if there is any sort of line.650a<5`
EWRUAC-32012-12-26All checkpoints were extremely crowded, however only in C-3 was there a chance to be sent through the WTMD. If you pick the right line in the right checkpoint, you may be able to avoid the MMWs.330p10
MKEUAC2012-12-26Premium lane still NoS-free (when it's open). Far left, may be able to SDOO from other lanes.400p
PITWNMain2012-12-25leftmost lane has WTMD only330p
PHLWND/E2012-12-25L3 Provision ATD MMWs now installed at the D/E checkpoint in the lanes farthest to the right. They were sending people to those lanes including myself, but it looks like a good amount of passengers got to go through the non-MMW lanes.
LitUSThe only one2012-12-25Random NoS
DCAAA2012-12-25Opted for the grope. Took about 30 seconds. Guess I didn't look like a terrorist.
JFKUAT72012-12-25Alternate WTMD and backscatter, I chose WTMD, screener tried to force me thru the backscatter, I said I had skin cancer and would like to opt out, it was difficult to watch my belongings after they went thru the metal detector, it's obvious that we have no secuirty, these keystone cops are just robots, unable to think for themselves.320p10
LGAAACTB-D2012-12-25Three lanes from left to right: PreCheck, WTMD, MMW with ATR. Use the center lane to avoid the MMW.700a
SJCWNTerminal B2012-12-24All NOS roped off. Holiday gift from the TSA?1240p
ATLDLDomestic-Main2012-12-24SDOO is still available, but you have to have a sharp eye out. TSA staff very friendly except for one barker who was doing it by the book. Be careful regarding checked baggage ... factory seal was broken on a couple of board games brought along as unwrapped Christmas presents.1230p1
atlDLDomestic-Main2012-12-23MMW roped off in lanes 10/11.300p10
EWRUAC12012-12-23It seemed that everyone was lining up at the security checkpoint in the middle of terminal C. I walked to the farthest right point, and went to checkpoint C1, which was divided into 2 lines. / Line1 I saw was going through mainly metal detectors, line 2 was mainly using body scanners with some random person being picked to go through the metal detector. / I chose line 1 and that line barely moved. My other friend went through line2 and even though we started both lines at the same time, he got to the ID point check way before me, and I had barely made any progress in line 1. / I switched to line 2 because my flight's departure time was getting closer. Once I passed the ID checkpoint, I saw a line that was going only through the metal detector but a tsa goon told me to go to the other line, which was being forced to go through the body scanner. I was told to go through it, and I politely asked for a pat down. 5 minutes later finally somebody came to get me, and it was a young black guy who was actually very nice. / He did his job very fast and I was out of there in no time. Surprising as I expected some mean TSA person to do the pat down, but it went very smoothly.410p30
SEADLCheckpoint 22012-12-23Alternating between BKSX NOS and WTMD. Got lucky, but they were typically angry and abusive with the woman who opted out behind me. SEA is just terrible, it's shameful for our region. 800p10
SFOUATerminal 3 South C/P2012-12-23Two lines, one going to a WTMD. Checker tried to move me to other, asked if that was an order, he said no and let me be. SDOO achieved. 740a10
dfwUAE162012-12-22still safe at E161p15
LGBUSGates 1-11 (all?)2012-12-21New terminal, 3 WTMD, 0 NoS in sight! Lots of space available for scanners, though. Did do name game / BDO.1040a5
sjcTerminal A2012-12-213 lines open. WTMD only at family line. WTMD opened for other 2 lines when lines got two long. Backscatter is slow!830a10
JFKDL4B2012-12-21Backscatter machines present in all lanes, but only in use in some lanes. Was fairly easy to SDOO.10
BDLAllSmall CP2012-12-21Random selection WTMD or BSX.1110a1
YYZInt'lT1 US Preclearance2012-12-21In use for resolving metal detector alarms240p20
SEAUA5 (D/N gates, premier line)2012-12-20Random backscatter. I got lucky. There is no longer a WTMD only line on the far left. Staff were warm and friendly.500a7
TULWNMain2012-12-20Either opt out or go through the NoS. There was only one lane open and nobody went through the WTMD. 600p5
SEAASD/N gates2012-12-20No longer any WTMD only line on the far left, I got lucky and went through WTMD. 1020a
PHXAATerminal 3, South Checkpoint2012-12-204 lanes, metal detector only.620a10
LGBAS2012-12-20No scanners. Small airport.730p
MSYUAD2012-12-19BKSX for all at D terminal. Opted Out of course.430a10
LASWNT1 Main2012-12-19Long line, approx 150 people in line, 2 TSA agents checking documents, 3 lines open for inspection300p15
BOSInt'lE2012-12-19All passengers going through nudeoscope950a4
MCOUAGates 1-59 - AA/AC/AS/B6/UA2012-12-18I used Pre-Check this morning, which is now the only lane at the 1-59 checkpoint with a NoS. All other lanes have MMW/WTMD combo. Elite line NoS often closed, though no guarantees.1000a0
MCOUAGates 1-59 - AA/AC/AS/B6/UA2012-12-18Previous MCO post should read "Pre-Check is the only lane with WTMD only...ALL other lanes MMW/WTMD"1000a0
DFWAATerminal D from customs2012-12-18
IADUAMain2012-12-18Whatever lane you're sent to will have two lines. When you get to the checkpoint, one of the lines goes into a BKSX machine, and the other to a WTMD. You can't tell which line is which until it is much too late.630p
PHLAllD2012-12-18They had a section draped in black plastic that they were installing a MMW scanner in. :(
PscAS22012-12-17No full body scanner visible. Metal detectors an additional screening for some passengers. Pretty calm6a
MIADLH2012-12-17There is a Metal Detector, which some folks got to use, but when we tried to use it, they tried to force us into the cancer box...we refused for medical reasons, and were patted down. They were asking folks at the Metal Detect "do you have anything in your pockets", seems so that they could force you into the radiation and get no anomalies and skew the "voluntarily" use this statistics
LHRInt'lTerminal 5 North2012-12-16WTMDs with one NoS in the far left lane.
SEAInt'lSouth Satellite Terminal2012-12-16WTMD after you've cleared immigration/customs and before you continue to the rest of the airport.
JaxAllMain2012-12-15Everyone through MMW even when lines were long for them. Good to see others opting out.710a10
LGADLC2012-12-15Here's the deal with C gates. There are two CPs, and they are mirror images of each other. Both have a paired WTMD and MMW and a standalone WTMD. Obviously you want to (and can) SDOO towards the WTMD, although even at the pair an SDOO looked easy. At the left checkpoint, stay right. At the right checkpoint, stay left. You can access D gates from these CPs currently via a frequent shuttle bus; they are rebuilding the connecting corridor. 1030a
LGADLD2012-12-15Here's the deal with D gates. There are two CPs. The left-side CP has a paired WTMD and MMW and a standalone WTMD, stay left for it (you can SDOO). The smaller right-side . At the left checkpoint, stay right. At the right checkpoint, there is only a MMW/WTMD pair, and most pax seem to be pointed at the MMW, so avoid this one. You can access C gates from these CPs currently via a frequent shuttle bus; they are rebuilding the connecting corridor.1030a
sfoDLT1-C2012-12-15All WTMDs blocked off. Everyone through the MMW.700a15
LAXUA62012-12-15Both lines led to body scanner. 600p30
MRYUAThe only one2012-12-15Still WTMD; no scanners. Nice TSA staff.530a5
MSPUAT1, CP42012-12-15No scanners, WTMD only.3
lgbDLAll (1-11)2012-12-15New terminal open. All WTMD still!
ATLDLDomestic-Main2012-12-14Very easy to SDOO this morning. MMW in use in lanes 12-15. MMW roped off in lanes 6-11, 16-19, and 21-22. Lane 20 was also open and is WTMD-only.800a10
BosDLA2012-12-14Almost got the sdoo but they closed the rightmost bag scan and with fewer pax were able to shift to the slower mmw. Running late I took the zap and still had to get patted down in a couple of places. Great job TSA!430p11
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472012-12-13Very, very long lines. TSA stubbornly used only MMWs; long wait times. Not a good time to go through checkpoint.,450p30
CMHDLC Gates Checkpoint2012-12-12X-Ray in use for all passengers, WTMD open but all directed into X-Ray900a0
OrdAAT3 checkpoint 72012-12-12WTMD on right was being used. backscatter on left. very easy to select wtmd line.10
LASDLD Gates Checkpoint2012-12-11MMW in use for all passengers except small children, WTMD roped off, Opt Out not challanged, recieved 'enhanced' patdown910p5
PDXUAA/B/C2012-12-11MMW in use; however it was easy to select line with WTMD1020a10
DTWDLCheckpoint 3/McNamara2012-12-10600a15
BOSDLA2012-12-10All WTMDs were roped off.1230p5
MCIAATerm C, Gates 76-792012-12-10C/P remains WTMD only.0
ANCASB&C gates2012-12-10Everyone shunted through the scanners except for military personnel and, once in a while, a few civilians when the line got long. I love arbitrary policies.300p5
ausfar right checkpoint2012-12-10one wtmd and one bksx at this c/p. easy to select the wtmd on the right.5a10
BKKInt'l2012-12-10Scanners are easily avoided by using the premium checkpoint, which is WTMD-only. I had to clear immigration to re-check a bag to my final destination, but with a premium pass I can't imagine it would take that much more time to clear immigration to do this.
pitUAMain2012-12-09I think I saw the leftmost lane was SDOO830a
BOIWNOnly2012-12-09Only 1 lane open...everyone being sent into cancer box....TSA agents were getting irritated after 6 opt-outs in a row700a
STLDLTerminal 1 Concourse A2012-12-09When I got to the checkpoint there were two lines, one with WTMD, one with BKSX. The WTMD line was roped off by the time I got to go through. I opted out. It didn't take long to get a pat down, but I was distinctly touched on the male genitals with the back of the hand.1100a
MSNUAMain2012-12-09MMW primary unless opt-out or medical issue720a10
LGADLD2012-12-09No scanners, two WTMD500a
DTWUANorth2012-12-08ProVision ADT is mandatory. Still got pawed on my short sleeves and bare arms.930a
SFOUA32012-12-08Two lines. Wife was being prescreened for the other one, so I just walked over to her line to SDOO750a5
BOSAAB22-362012-12-07Pre-check line is now available. However, the scanner in that line doesn't read mobile boarding passes, so I had to go to the normal lines. Normal lines are a festival of scanning and groping.
BOSDLA2012-12-07The good news: Terminal A has MMW now to replace the rapiscan. And a precheck line. The bad news is that they are putting everyone through the MMW whereas they only had checked about half of pax in the past with the rapiscan. Progress! It took a while to get a male assist but once I did it was a quick and cursory patdown without the stupid back of my hand rambling.1040a7
atlDLDomestic-Main2012-12-07MMW roped off in lanes 6 and 10.1110a5
phxWNT4 D2012-12-07The machine in the rightmost lane wasn't running.730a
MSPAllLindberg2012-12-07Can't decide between blue and yellow. Checkpoint 4 stil has no machines, so that would be yellow. But the other checkpoints weren't using the machines they have (except the always-active checkpoint 6), so blue. Basically, pretty easy to get through.300p8
SANWNGates 1/22012-12-07Backscatter machine. Line was backed up after ID check (they need to move the ID checker forward). I asked to opt out, the screener said no problem and had me wait for a few minutes where I couldn't see my things, but didn't yell when I tried to peer around. I think they had to pull a same-gender agent from another checkpoint. Went through a gate to the side of the backscatter. Pat down was quick, slightly less intrusive than my ones at IAD. Wait time split between line to BSKX and waiting for patdown agent.10
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472012-12-06Stupid TSA as usual. Retaliation of bag check for opting out.450p20
YULUAUS Departures2012-12-06They have scanners but I did not see one being used. Much better experience than th US.930a
OKCUAEast2012-12-06One checkpoint open, MMW used for all passengers20
ORDUA12012-12-05Everyone was being sent through MMW. 530p
LAXUA72012-12-04They now use ProVision devices with privacy filters. Takes about 3 seconds and I prefer this Ove930a
LAXUA72012-12-04They now use ProVision devices with privacy filters. Takes about 3 seconds and I prefer this Ove930a
laxUA72012-12-04They now use ProVisin MMW device with privacy filters. Better alternative to being groped.930a
SFOVXT22012-12-04There is now a pre-check line at T2. If you are a good little non-terrorist and the machine beeps three times, you are sent to the magical wonderland of September 10, 2001 security, where you get to leave your shoes on, leave your laptop in the bag, and so on. Everybody else gets groped or scanned.
BOSUAA2012-12-04All lanes using "backscatter/mm wave" scanners. "Chat Downs" also in place at ID check.12p20
PHXDL32012-12-04No problems passing thru the Metal Detector, process took about 15 minutes on line
DTWDLCheckpoint 3/McNamara2012-12-03Was "selected" for PreCheck; all others got the radiation and/or grope.600a1
ATWDLonly one2012-12-03Everyone sent through MMW. Patdown was quick and perfunctory.5
atlFLa2012-12-02overloaded checkpoint was made to wait at least 20 min while someone was found to give me a patdown
SANASGates 11-182012-12-011050a
CDGDLTerminal 22012-12-01WTMD only and like most airports outside U.S. you don't have to remove your shoes!
EwrUAC2012-12-01only two lines open. One with scanner, one without. simply took family through the metal detector lane (which, by the way, every single employee I saw go through the checkpoint lined up at, even if the MMW line was shorter.) 200p20
EwrUAC2012-12-01only two lines open. One with scanner, one without. simply took family through the metal detector lane (which, by the way, every single employee I saw go through the checkpoint lined up at, even if the MMW line was shorter.) 200p20
ONTUSterminal 42012-11-30Second time thru here with my 12 yo Was obvious that the metal detector was opened for our family. everyone else went thru the MW scanner. Very friendly agents620p15 m
atlDLDomestic-Main2012-11-29MMW roped off in lanes 10/11 and 16/17.230p10
PITUSAlt2012-11-29Long line but easy SDOO. Two lanes, both with BKSX but one was roped off and funneling to the WTMD.430p20
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472012-11-29Very, very long lines. TSA stubbornly used only MMWs; long wait times. Not a good time to go through checkpoint.,450p35
miaUAConcourse G2012-11-29There was only one lane open and the WTMD was roped off. All passengers were being funneled through the MMW scanner. After placing my bags on the conveyer belt for the bag scanner I informed the agent that I would be opting out. She asked me to wait and then another agent escorted me to the pat down area. The frisking was done professionally and he was pleasant. aAbouut 5 min later I was on my way to the gate.630a5
SEAAS32012-11-29All BKS except pre-check which was WTMD520a5
SRQUAall2012-11-28MMW for all. Not a really busy airport as two of the three MMW lanes were roped off.1250p1
ORDUA1?2012-11-28Was connecting through the B concourse and saw the checkpoint right in front of the escalators that lead underground to the C concourse. All backscatter machines were turned off and roped off. Several MMW machines were installed where all passengers went through. It seems the backscatter machines are about to be shipped out to storage and the transition to MMW is nearly complete.350p
MODAllall2012-11-27only one WTMD for entire airport (which is just one gate).600a5
LAXDLT52012-11-27MMW in use in all lanes. Somehow, I managed to get let through the WTMD when I walked up to it, but they were basically sending everyone through the MMW.720a15
DTWDL3 (SkyPriority)/McNamara2012-11-26SDOO opportunities have disappeared from this terminal; was able to get PreCheck.600a
DFWDLE162012-11-26Still WTMD only! - I wasn't flying out this terminal and did get "random shoe screening", still fast and painless130p<5
dayFLAll2012-11-26Coming in from BWI--checked security gates upon leaving terminal. All were using scanners1230p10
bwiFLGate A/B basement2012-11-26Security checkpoint down on first floor next to Luggage Carosal #1.1000a0
IADAllMidfield International Transfer2012-11-25Backscatter for most passengers, I was one of a few lucky passengers to get the WTMD. Random hand swabbing at the entrance to the checkpoint, as always.300p10
FLLOther42012-11-25FLL was jam packed with thanksgiving travelers. I was told to go to lane 5 which had a back scatter. In fact, lanes 3, 4, and 5 had back scatters and lane 1 was not in use. I ignored the agent and went to lane 2 which had a WTMD. 630p
LAXAATerminal 42012-11-25MMW with ATR for all pax.700p
MCOB62012-11-24Most put through Scanner, some put through metal detector. When asked to go through metal detector, was told that I would have to receive a pat down for refusing to comply with the TSA worker's request that I go through the Scanner.700p25
DTWDLMcNamara2012-11-23There was a MMW and a WTMD in use. I thought it was SDOO but I was wrong. I got directed to the MMW and I opted out. In true DTW fashion, the TSA agents were very professional with their pat down. 430p
BOSDLA2012-11-23MMW in all lanes. They had signs stating the technology is optional and people can opt out. I opted out and two TSA agents said that the "new technology" had no radiation and is "very safe." I'm wondering if they're admitting that the old Backscatters were dangerous. Well, I waited a while for the patdown. Finally, when I got the patdown, the officer was professional and courteous.600a20
EWRUAC12012-11-23It seemed that everyone was lining up at the security checkpoint in the middle of terminal C. I walked to the farthest right point, and went to checkpoint C1, which was divided into 2 lines. / Line1 I saw was going through mainly metal detectors, line 2 was mainly using body scanners with some random person being picked to go through the metal detector. / I chose line 1 and that line barely moved. My other friend went through line2 and even though we started both lines at the same time, he got to the ID point check way before me, and I had barely made any progress in line 1. / I switched to line 2 because my flight's departure time was getting closer. Once I passed the ID checkpoint, I saw a line that was going only through the metal detector but a tsa goon told me to go to the other line, which was being forced to go through the body scanner. I was told to go through it, and I politely asked for a pat down. 5 minutes later finally somebody came to get me, and it was a young black guy who was actually very nice. / He did his job very fast and I was out of there in no time. Surprising as I expected some mean TSA person to do the pat down, but it went very smoothly.410p
JFKB652012-11-22Mmw and wtmd
PDXA/B/C2012-11-22Right most lane has only metal detector. Left two lanes require body scanning or patdowns. Easy to choose right lane if you want. 510a25
lasWNA B C2012-11-22We could pick our own lane, the one I was able to visually inspect had only scanners so I went to the other one, far right, I got lucky, they had a metal detector there next to a scanner, everone was directed to the scanner but I think the line was getting too long and I was the only one that was asked to go through the metal detector! TSA were acting like jerks though.900a10
ROAAllall2012-11-22one MMW for all gates/airlines. I got to use WTMD without pat-down since I was traveling with children under 12. When traveling without children, the opt-out pat-down was not what I would consider aggresive as some people have noted about other airports.700a10
CHOUSonly one2012-11-22still only WTMD, no scanners
DCAAAC2012-11-22Another airport ruined for sure. Flying on Thanksgiving and the line for normal folks looked two hours long. Never seen it that bad. Lots of delays due to the pornoscanners.20
SEAAllAll2012-11-21100% Backscatter for everyone except PreCheck510a
ORDAll1 and 22012-11-21100% MMW except for "family" line and PreCheck1130a
DENF9A Skybridge2012-11-21Far right lane at the skybridge checkpoint remains WTMD-only, perhaps the only lane in the entire airport aside from PreCheck that doesn't have a scanner on it. This lane will likely be converted to Precheck, so use it while you can!600a5
SFOUATerminal 32012-11-212 lines were open and both had MMW scanners. I chose to opt out and the agent repeatedly suggested that I go through the scanner while telling me that the machine did not emit radiation. I waited about 5 minutes for an agent to do a patdown. The pat down was not too bad and was professionally handled.830p15
SFOVXTerminal 22012-11-21No luck at Terminal 2. MMW naked boddy scanners used at lines. Blue Shirts at SFO are not TSA/Government employees, but they have to abide by the same rules and are just as bad at the government employees.330p
JFKAATerminal 82012-11-21Backscatter machines roped off due to peak travel day.330p
rduDLBOTH2012-11-20You pitiful smurfs sexually assaulted me this time of year in 2010. I will NEVER forgive you! They are remodelling T1 and I would expect more sexual assaults to come to innocent americans. I will always hate you and what you have done to RDU.
MKEWNC2012-11-20Just got home but when I was going through airport security I had some time to kill and was curious so I opted out of the scanner to see what the big deal with the pat downs was. The guy was clearly not happy with my decision and got really huffy. He kept asking why I didn't want to be scanned etc in a really passive aggressive way. Like "you know that's not an x ray right?" And "do you use a cell phone? That's more radiation then this." I didn't really have a good answer so I didn't give one. He kept it up even as he was going down my back and around my waist so I eventually said "because I like being touched by strangers in uniform." Needless to say mr overly macho tight shirt finished examining me faster than anyone else being checked around me.550p10
SEAUAnorthernmost/rightmost2012-11-19Leftmost lane of this checkpoint still has no backscatter (appears to be a space issue); you can drift off to the left at this checkpoint. Other checkpoints seem to have backscatter for everyone, but they all go to the same place.1050a10
bwiDLD2012-11-19Long line for non-priority lanes. The far left lane now has a MMW. Used to be only WTMD. As we were going through, they just opened a lane in the middle that was only using a WTMD which we went through, but there was a roped off MMW next to it. Seems like it's getting harder to do a SDOO.1130a
LASWNC2012-11-19MMW for all750a5
dalWNmain2012-11-19Scanners for everyone.510a
ONTAAall2012-11-18No wait. Screeners were rude.
JFKB62012-11-18Angry and spiteful response from TSA agent when I asked to go through metal detector instead of Scanner. Was made to wait 15 minutes next to the scanner for a pat down.800a15
PITAllmain2012-11-17Alt checkpoint is now only open during peak hours. Today, leftmost lane (WTMD only) was closed, thus other 2 were scoped. Weird though-only females were sent to the scope. Males thru WTMD.1200p5
BUFUAmain2012-11-16all lanes were opened. Only one WTMD lane. Not easy to SDOP.540a10
SJCUSTerminal A2012-11-16Only two lines open. Except for families, everybody gets zapped.830a5
LebOtherOnly one2012-11-16Tiny airport with 9 seated cessnas300p
SRQDLALL2012-11-16Mandatory MMW for all. Patdown is the usual. Opt out!
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472012-11-15Groper summoned supervisor when I wouldn't "follow orders". Aggressive grope when supervisor told him to continue his job.1250p4
BDL2012-11-14SDOO; lines 1-2 for WTMD; 3-4 for NoS140p2
ORDInt'lT22012-11-14MMW ATR in use for all pax. Leftmost lane for priority does not have MMW, but was roped off.1230p20
laxWNTerminal 12012-11-13Was directed to a line with WTMD, some were routes upstairs, others through the MMW scanner830a
roaAllOnly one2012-11-13Provision ATD MMW for every one (or pat down, but no signs informing of opt-out)10
SMFUAA2012-11-13MMW for everyone (or pat down)25
LAXWN1A2012-11-13upstairs all MMW950a
STLWN2012-11-12The backscatter body scanner was not in use when I transited the checkpoint. The TSA seemed to be operating with skeleton crew and had the backscatter machine roped off.650p3
YULInt'lUS Departure2012-11-12MMW deployed to some lines, but most were turned off and the ones that were on were used only on people who set of the WTMD. Wait time between 5AM and 8AM is horrible, show up at 4:30AM if you want to avoid the rush.600a90
FNTDL2012-11-11TSO checked gloves via ETD machine before grope; kept the swab and reused it after the grope; this ensured no false positive from contamination at least.140p4
mciWNB2012-11-11Just an update from the November 2011 status for WN - still no scanner if you turn right, only WTMD. Yay!600p5
DFWAAA232012-11-11still safe
SJCASTerminal B2012-11-11Backscatter present but all were roped off, some were on, some weren't.210p15
PDXAAA/B/C2012-11-11Everybody throuhg MMW; opted and and was treated very respectfully and the pat-down was minimally grope-y. 1210p
TLH2012-11-10Courteous and professional about opt-out.830a0
LGADLD2012-11-10TSA Precheck line. 430a1
BUFAll2012-11-10Quiet Saturday night. Not exactly friendly, but not unfriendly either. 640p0
CHADL2012-11-10Previous metal detectors have been replaced with millimeter wave. Patdowns friendly but slow.400p
SEAASnorthernmost/rightmost2012-11-10Leftmost lane (which has just metal detector) was closed; at first they were doing every-other for backscatter vs metal detector, but both partner and I went through metal detector after they made it more random.830a10
PitAllMain2012-11-09Main using back scatter, alt using wtmd and flowing a little faster. 600a50
CLEUAD (left end)2012-11-09No option except to opt out for a by-the-book patdown. Not too brusu550p2
CLEUAD (left end)2012-11-09No option except to opt out for a by-the-book patdown. Not too brusque. 550p2
ORDDL22012-11-09This is the first time I've gone through terminal 2 and not have the WTMD open. The line wasnt long and it wasnt as busy, so they were just funneling every one through the MMW. I opted out and was patted down by a TSA agent. The agent was very professional and was detailed in his explanations.530p
cwaDLMain (only)2012-11-08All thru MMW, WTMD roped off. Patted down my bare arms!600a
BOSDLTerminal A2012-11-08All metal detectors roped off, not in use.830a
DTWDLMcNamara2012-11-08I went to the security checkpoint that is upstairs. There is one MMW to your right and a WTMD to your left. I was able to SDOO730a
INDUAB2012-11-08One MMW was used and One WTMD lane was opened. A new smurf was on training for X-ray machine so no MMW traffic. Very slow and they checked a lot of bag.420p5
MDWWN2012-11-08go left.1030a
SEAB622012-11-07Three baggage lanes open, two feeding alternating WTMD/BKSX line, third had only the WMTD open. strangely, that had a longer line. TSA staff seemed unusually pleasant and friendly tonight.1000p10
mdwWNmain2012-11-07Multiple lines, right most had MMW where I was directed500p
BUFUAmain2012-11-06two cancer machines are in use. one WTMD is opened. TSA SUCKS.240p3
IAHUAC and D2012-11-05No WTMD's in use, though they were present and roped off. It was early. I took evasive action, went to Gate B, and had the bad luck of getting directed to MMW anyway.630a
IAHUAInt'l to domestic connections2012-11-05No WTMD's in use, all cancer boxes. WTMD's were roped off, and light traffic at this hour. The best bet here is to get on the shuttle after customs, and go to Gate A or B and try to get into an WTMD line. You do have the ability not to go through the Int'l-Domestic connection line, but Houston is overall awful. I would choose another airport to come in to from an international flight.600a
RDUAA22012-11-05Only MMW forced to opt-out which this airport hates600a
ANCDLSouth2012-11-05After I opted-out, TSA didn't think I should be able to move one foot to the left within the pre-WTMD area to keep my belongings in sight as they sat on the far side of the X-Ray machine. I loudly announced that I had lots of cash in my carryon, getting everyone's attention and making it harder for anyone (TSA included) to make of with my stuff. Why am I the sole opt-out these days?1130p5
FNTDL2012-11-04Patdown went a little higher on thighs than has been my experience in last month or so.250p
AtlDLMain/South2012-11-04NoS everywhere. No WTMD in use. Mandatory grope. At least they were civil...530p15
iahB2012-11-043 lanes, with lane 2 WTMD only. However, the blue meanies were directing who got to enter the WTMD randomly, so you cannot choose. I got an ass of a thug when I arrived and asked for the WTMD. He said only if I wanted a full body search "including sensitive areas." I chose the MMW (don't do opt outs, that is far worse than a MMW). For best chance to get the WTMD, get in the left of booth line after ID check, not the right.700a
GIGOtherAll2012-11-04No scanners in Rio. The security staff are so friendly, like most Brazilians. They could show us a thing or two about civilization.1100p
TULUAMain2012-11-03MMW primary for all unless opt out840a5
dcaAAC2012-11-03Three people were waiting to enter the cancer box. was standing in front of the WTMD freshly roped off. Opted out of the MMW. 5 minutes later my wallet sitting out in the open. Guy even made a comment about me being randomly searched told him I would not step in that machine. (as he lined up to go in the MMW) Forced to walk through WTMD to pat down. friendly invasive morning tsa massage.700a15
dcaAAC2012-11-03Three people were waiting to enter the cancer box. was standing in front of the WTMD freshly roped off. Opted out of the MMW. 5 minutes later my wallet sitting out in the open. Guy even made a comment about me being randomly searched told him I would not step in that machine. (as he lined up to go in the MMW) Forced to walk through WTMD to pat down. friendly invasive morning tsa massage.700a15
OAKASTerminal 12012-11-02BKSX + WTMD In use in left lane and only WTMD in right lane, which we chose800a3
MSNUAMain2012-11-01MMW primary for all unless opt out1230p5
EarAll2012-11-01WTMD only!
LASUATerminal 32012-11-01MMW in use for all passengers at this new checkpoint. Only WTMD was on far left for employees only. Opted out, patdown was quick and professional.10
ABEDL2012-10-31Slow lines, but no TSA stupidity today.1120a5
MciUATerminal a2012-10-31WTMD only. Just like the good old days.1100a
SATDLA2012-10-30Far right line (WTMD only) closed off with metal gate230p
SYDInt'lTransit 2012-10-30At least 2 MMWs blocked off by glass next to open WTMDs
TYSAllMain2012-10-29MMW for nearly everyone600a10
FLLFLConcourse C2012-10-29Left hand lane is WTMD only. Free to pick any line after ID check930a5
FNTDL2012-10-28Once again, was subjected to an unconstitutional, illegal, immoral patdown by our "government agents".250p1
LGAB6Terminal B, A Gates2012-10-28Checkpoint for B6/AC/UA A gates has MMW, but it was shut down at this late hour just before the hurricane hit.710p0
JFKB6T52012-10-28Backscatter machines are gone from T5. MMW are in use for some, but most just went through metal detectors. No hassle or issues for us. 900a5-10
AVLDLMain2012-10-27One of the few airports that still don't have scanners. Hope it stays that way. Great airport to travel through too!
AVLDLMain2012-10-27One of the few airports that still don't have scanners. Hope it stays that way. Great airport to travel through too!
AVLDLMain2012-10-27One of the few airports that still don't have scanners. Hope it stays that way. Great airport to travel through too!
OrdDL22012-10-26MMW have now been deployed to all lanes except Prchec610a2
OrrDL22012-10-26MMW have now been deployed to all lanes except Precheck. Scanners in use for everybody.610a2
BOSInt'lE central2012-10-26Backscatter roped off on rightmost lane. 630p10
SFOUAUnited, Terminal 32012-10-26There was one checkpoint for Premier members allowed you to easily self-select a metal detector. Upon return on Sunday morning the line was not available.330p0
MKEConcourse C2012-10-26Near left lane had MMW shut down. However that lane is mostly restricted to First/Business/Elite/Crew. General pax mostly funneled to right where MMW was operating530a2
SeaASChk point 3 Pre-check line2012-10-25Went thru WTMD (only one in Pre-check line. Very fast200a2
ABEDL2012-10-25No fuss; no muss. Although the TSOs were in chatty moods today, I didn't respond to their "conversations".400p1
RSTDL2012-10-25More detail from my previous post: the device used was the ProVision ATD. I opted for the pat-down and was treated professionally and respectfully. One male agent witnessed the pat-down by a second male agent (I'm a guy) in a private screening area that was not, by the way, offered to me; I had to ask. As usual, travel through KRST is mostly painless and quick. If I have to fly, I like to take this airport.130p10
dfwUAE162012-10-24As advertised, WTMD only! Go into terminal E thru door marked Gates 11-21. Sec Chkpoint is right there and Pre-Check is there too!600a5
IAHASTerminal A2012-10-24The Priority and regular line fed into a std metal detector (minimal use) and ATD mm wave scanner. Person said that X-ray and back scatter scanners no longer in use. Had to take all electronic gear out of bag410p5
PHLDLD2012-10-24Still safe... metal detectors only. Although my wife got randomly selected for a hand swab test.
PdxUAD/E Gates2012-10-23Light traffic so only one line. Opted out of scanner, got groped. :( I asked them not to touch anywhere that would be sexual assault if we weren't in an airport.....440p10
BWIB6D2012-10-22Went as far left as possible, but appears every lane has a MMW available. Our lane only sent people thru MMW if they alarmed WMTD...only one pax in 10 I saw got it. Further right it looked like the NoS's were much more active.300p2
SANWNGates 3-102012-10-22100p5
EWRUAc2012-10-21old school today, nice and easy730a5
EWRAA22012-10-2145 - 60 mins to get through security, even via Priority Access line. Only 2 lanes open.1250p
MSPOtherT2/HHH 12012-10-21New Checkpoint with MMW in all 6 lanes.500a15
STLAAC2012-10-21No X-ray machines in sight520p5
MSPWNterm 22012-10-20I opted out, took awhile to get male assist.600a25
LAXAS62012-10-20At least one MMW was roped off510a
BOSAAB22-362012-10-20MMW roped off on right 800a10
TPADLE2012-10-20Security after Delta E gate train uses MMW scanners. Everyone going through MMW scanners.420p1
LAXAATerminal 4 - Precheck2012-10-20Pre-check room now has two lines. If you get precheck, you can go through the WTMD. Otherwise, you are a terrorist. (And remember, folks, you never get cleared to precheck if your ticket includes international segments. If you love America so much, why did you leave it?)
bosB6C40/412012-10-19WMTD roped off, only option was new MMW. travel partner opted out, got mild persuasion that there's no radiation, but no wait for pat down and very polite and quick.720a5
CWADL2012-10-19They have a MMW and a WTMD. The WTMD was roped off. I opted out and received a public pat down. The TSA agent brought all belongings and placed them right in front of me while he conducted his pat down. He was very polite and detailed everything that he was doing. 300p
ORDUAT12012-10-19Opt for center line and avoid radiation machine910a15
LIHDLMain2012-10-19Spend your vacation dollars on other Hawaii islands than Kauai730p15
SSAAllN/A2012-10-19The Brazilians are not wasting billions on useless security machines. They ask questions for security, like we ought to be doing.
phlDLD2012-10-18Thankfully still no scanners!
EYWDLOnly one2012-10-18Backscatter unit in operation. Backscatter uses radiation; there is no "safe" dose. Every exposure incrementally increases your odds of developing a malignant tumor. Screener asked why I opted out, told them that I'd go through that machine just as soon as their employer starts letting their wear a dosimeter, like every private employer that has people working around radiation is required to.
LEXDLMain2012-10-18All MMW NoS, all the time200p5
lihUAonly one2012-10-18Mmw1210p15
FWAAAMain2012-10-17PAINFULLY slow...multiple smurfs 'helping' send bins thru, no one thru the NoS until bins went thru. Multiple opt outs & a trainee who didn't know what she was looking at just made it worse. Meanwhile overhead pages from AA requesting all PAX to the gate for immediate early boarding due to weather. What a cluster ****.500p16
BOSUAC2012-10-17All of the blue BKSX machines are gone and every line has a MMW box. Used to be able to easily SDOO here, but no more. Even more disappointing is that they seem really intent on convincing passengers there is no radiation risk now. So what? It's the undignified nature of the scan (assume the position) that I find objectionable. No TSA clerk is going to convince me otherwise. I'm still going to opt out and force those clowns to look me in the eye like an individual and not be treated like a cow off to slaughter.600p
DTWDLMcNamara2012-10-16I went through the checkpoint that you get to right from the skywalk from the garage. I saw that they were using the MMW and WTMD, but I also went upstairs and checked out the other two checkpoints. The other two checkpoints were using MMWs only with WTMDs roped off. I went back downstairs and selected the WTMD line. Easy enough730a
LASDLT1 D2012-10-16Originally, everyone was going through MMW. They closed up one of the MMW lanes. Then they opened a different lane that had a WTMD only, but that was at the other end of the checkpoint and there was a long line for that lane. We walked to that lane and waited a while to avoid a pat-down.1200p30
ABQDLMain2012-10-15All lanes MMW required. We both opted out. Pat downs were not particularly aggressive, though I got glared at when I said "I feel like a free American"440a5
ABQAAMain2012-10-15For once TSA had all lanes open (Balloon Fiesta ended yesterday) but wait was still 12 min due to mandatory NoS. one of the few times lately w/no false+ from Gumby but then Shorty Smurfette was nowhere to be found...540a12
EWRUAA1/A22012-10-15For once airlines were not at fault for the delays. Security check lines were extremely long compared to every other Monday morning.620a40
BHMUAAll2012-10-15No naked scanners in use. Make sure metal is off your body though. Poor woman in front of me was forced to be groped when her earring set off the bell.300p
JFKAA82012-10-14Backscatter being used in all lanes. Opted out and got glared at by the agent at the scanner. Agent performing pat down was courteous and professional.
FNTDL2012-10-14No chance for SDOO; MMW for all. Opted out, per usual routine.240p1
PhxWNTerminal 4, checkpoint D2012-10-14Family lane seemed to be closed. Opened the WTMD on the left when the line got backed up. My husband got the WTMD, I got waved to the NOS. took a long time to get a female officer for the opt out, but she was very professional once she arrived. 1130a
LASAAD gatea2012-10-13MMW with AIT in use for all lines, except TSA-pre800a
SEAUAMiddle checkpoint2012-10-13Far left lane still is WTMD, and you can pick your lanes. Easy-peasy SDOO. Gal behind me got a random hand swab, though.600a10
PHXASTerminal 22012-10-13Almost all funneled to the Rape-i-Scan. Boyfriend and I both opted out. His pat down was professional and courteous. I (female) ended up with Nurse Ratchet for pat down. 11a5
BZNDLAll2012-10-13Very quick630a0
SEADLCenter2012-10-13I don't think anyone in the center checkpoint was going through scanners, but not entirely sure1020a10
MSPDLSkyPriority checkpoint (4?)2012-10-13Got Precheck, but don't remember if there are any scanners at this checkpoint600p
LAXDL52012-10-13All MMW except PreCheck200p0
EWRAAGate 322012-10-12Checkpoint at a standstill for 6 minuts, but no idea why. With the crush of people, easy enough to head down the hall to the WTMD & by-pass the NoS.1050a19
FllInt'lD gates Terminal 22012-10-12WTMD only in lanes 5 and 6. Stay to the far right. 1100a20
ABEDL2012-10-12Watch in carryon bag caused major consternation and had to be physically inspected and re-X-rayed.... what a joke.320p4
tsaDLhell2012-10-12sucks as always!
rddUAALL2012-10-12Received scanner 8/12. Remember get individual agents' names for lawsuits...you cannot sue "TSA" by law as they are "exempt." The electronic frisking will remain until the battle is won in court.
SjcWNB2012-10-12Very easy to self-select. Yay!840a
BOSDLTerminal A2012-10-12Nasty as always; everyone going through MMW; aggressive groper who was very frustrated by my not being overly compliant430a10
SATUSA2012-10-12Line on the far right (behind partition) is WTMD only.1230p10
DFWUSE162012-10-11Still no full body at E-16.600a10
JfkB652012-10-11T5 has gotten rid of the backscatter machines and now has MMW at all lanes. 530p5
LAXUA72012-10-11The xray backscatter's are gone. Pre-flight is there - all magnetometers, but at high sensitivity.
ORDDLTerminal 22012-10-11Terminal 2 was a piece of cake. Simple stay to the left and you can avoid the MMW machines - quick and easy WTMD410p
dfwAAA232012-10-11walk through metal detector only
LGBUAAll2012-10-11No scanners here yet. But Long Beach travelers beware: the airport renovations will be done in December according to an airline agent, at which time all lines will undoubtedly be MMW.
mcoWNmain2012-10-10wtmd line on far right was controlled by tsa person who let me through- 630a
ABQAAMain2012-10-09Everyone thru the NoS. Another false+ from Gumby & the same smurfette in the other side as all the other false+'s these past few months-what are the odds of that? Have to think she's figured out a way to create them so she can grope female pax, which really isn't a surprise given the caliber of those working for the TSA.600a5
JFKVX2012-10-09This was the best TSA experience I've ever had. Nice, professional agent checking IDs. An actual human being. No body scanners (wonder if that's because of high number of Muslim passengers at this terminal? so as not to offend religious customs, modesty - the alternative of the pat-down would also be anathema) - whatever the reason, it was great. everything was smooth and calm, both on part of TSA and fellow passengers. You felt like a human being instead of being treated like a criminal. Wish it could be like this every time...430p
OAKDLTerminal 1 2012-10-09There are 3 lines setup at Terminal 1. The far left has a BKSX and the other two are WTMDs. It was busy when I arrived, so 2 lanes were in operation and it was easy to SDOO. On the day I returned it was 8pm, the line was empty and only the BKSX was in operation.630a10
LGBB6South, Gates 1-92012-10-09I was the only one going through at the time and there must have been 10 TSA agents standing around. There were 2 lines and both had WTMD. No problems at all.630p0
JFKAA82012-10-09All lanes except TSA-pre had backwater machines. Most passengers sent through scanner with WTMD being used when the lines got too long.
jnuASOnly one2012-10-09I opt out every time - I'm polite, they respond politely.3
ORDUAterminal 1 2012-10-08There is a MMW on the very left side that was in use (on the side of first class line). There are many backscatter machines in between and one more MMW on the very right side. There are also metal detectors (WTMD) in every lane as well. The checkpoint was very busy with long lines and only the WTMDs were being used and the backscatter machines were blocked off. Amazing, all the planes screened with passengers using the metal detectors were safe last night!! I guess the NOS aren't neccesary. The MMW on the very left side was being used and people williningly chose that line even though they could have chosen another lane!! The MMW line was moving very slowly. Maybe the passengers feel safer using them but don't they already know if they are safe or not?!! It was retarded, most people at the checkpoint were using the WTMD (metal detectors). I don't understand the logic for the "anything for safety" crowd. I saw a few business guys in suits that clearly flew a lot and they all chose the WTMD line on the left side instead of the MMW on the very left of the elite line. One lady kept beeping the WTMD and they let her try to walk through a few times before they called for a "female assist, alarm" and she was herded off to the side. Security theatre? Do they turn off the body scanners when it gets crazy busy? I guess bad guys don't use the checkpoint when it's busy? Not one person opted out of the MMW on the lft side. It probably would have made that line even slower!!! 600p
cvgDL3/all2012-10-08I opted out. TSA not happy.430p15
faiASonly one2012-10-08
LGADLD - Main2012-10-07SDOO on the right side of the main D checkpoint.710a1
LGADLC - Left hand2012-10-07The lefthand entrance had the WTMD lane blocked up with bricks, fortunately the MMW was roped off as well. The MMW lane is on the left.710a
LAXAA42012-10-07MMW scanners in checkpoints 1, 2 and 3. The x-ray scanners were replaced with MMW scanners.1030a15
FNTDL2012-10-07No opt-out possible; MMW for all.240p1
FNTDL2012-10-07Had to opt-out possible; MMW for all.240p1
BOSASA2012-10-07No scanners in use on any line. All WTMD. Long lines though.500p15
BOSFLE2012-10-07Opted out, was directed to stand near flag for pat-down. Screener was very professional though there was snickering by nearby TSA employees.1
DTWDLMcNamara2012-10-07At first, they had all the MMWs and WTMDs operating, but shortly after I got in line for the WTMD, the TSA began to direct people through the MMW. I kindley opted out of course. My items were always in my line of site while I waited for someone to pat me down. The pat-down agent got my items and was very detailed in telling me exactly what he was going to do. He was quick and professional. 230p
LAXAAPre-check/premium2012-10-06WTMD is gone!!!! MMW for non-pre check lane in this room now :-(710a3
MCOWN60-1292012-10-06Confirmed - two BKSX at this checkpoint replaced by MMW w/ATR. SDOO still possible; pay attention as you enter the line and be sure to observe how the stanchions are set up so you can get into a WTMD-only lane. (There are more WTMD-only lanes than are readily visible from TDC.)
TFSInt'lTerminal 12012-10-06No radiation machines, Only magnetometers
ONTWN42012-10-06Everyone sent through MMW. Opted out, was directed through gate instead of WTMD. Screener was pleasant and professional.520a10
boiWNmain2012-10-06Scanners for everyone
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472012-10-05Only way to go through WTMD is to have kids or when MMW is being "recalibrated".440a6
CHSUAA2012-10-05Hooray, we still have some rights here!500p5
OAKAS12012-10-05Only one scanner operating. 600p15
ATLDLMain2012-10-05Lanes 16 and 17 (left side) have new MMW, but were now in use600p
SFOVX2012-10-05Only saw 1 family with small kids allowed to use an otherwise blocked metal detector. Everyone else had to go through the scanner. I said I opt out, and was immediately told by an agent oh that machine doesn't have radiation. Once again I said I opt out. Again she said but it doesn't have radiation. She was really trying to get me to go through, which could be construed as harassment, since I have a right to opt out. Once again, I repeated my decision. I had to wait at least 10-15 minutes for an agent (punitive?) Once the search took place it was fine.130p
DFWAAA232012-10-04Still WTMD only BUT there is no priority line and line moved very slow. TDC wanted to chat with everyone and was rude when I didn't play. I was punished by randomly failing the WTMD on my first try. Still, no scanners, so worth the wait if you aren't PreCheck eligible or are on an international itinerary. 4p15
MEMDLB2012-10-03All pax herded through NoS. Pax in front of me got zapped and then was groped as well. I opted out as always.830a5
SLCDL22012-10-03The WTMD on the right now has a MMW. Only pre-check escapes.100p
LAXUA2012-10-03Elite line feeds into a choice of MMW or WTMD. Some passengers still chose the MMW even though it moved much much slower. There are multiple entries for United and it looks like you can choose your lane. Also, if you do have to opt-out, the baggage x-ray belt is short enough that you can easily see your stuff. I wonder if the TSO's standing by the MMW's all day get microwaved like food?!! I feel bad for the TSO's that stand beside the backscatter machines all day. On the way home, I walked past a security checkpoint at LAX United (upstairs) that had MMW's and I saw a guy get scanned and then basically get an opt-out pat down right afterward. 6a
BKKOtherPremium int'l departures2012-10-02I'll jump on the reporting BKK bandwagon. No scanners at premium checkpoint, no shoes off,no patdown, pleasant experience.700p
BosDLA2012-10-01Looked like a pretty easy sdoo at TA this morning. Both sides had non-ait options. Long lines though.1000a
JFKDL22012-10-01No nonsense new Yorkers don't seem to use ait much in this terminal; most lines appeared to have them roped off.730a
avpDLal2012-10-01asked for pat down but was talked into using millimeter wave scanner1100a
RNOWNB Gates2012-10-01B gates are safe, WTMD only! TSA staff were pleasant and nobody was getting touched or harassed. I miss this type of airport security.520p5
AZAAll2012-10-00Backscatters installed this month
FNTDL2012-09-30Opted out; patdown was the usual stupidity.230p3
SEAAllMiddle2012-09-30The line crawled until they got a second checker to help the slowest checker ever; by which point the line had ballooned. Rapiscan was down for maintenance, however, so SDOO was easy.950p10
PBIDL2012-09-29Very light traffic; no wait. No backscatters at checkpoint but MMW in all lanes. WTMD only for mothers w/ children. Opted for patdown, which was relatively quick (after 5 min. wait to summon agent standing 15 feet away to perform task) and respectful.1100a0
PDXUAD/E2012-09-29Long lines with most people going through MMW, and a few (10% maybe) getting waved through WTMD when MMW backed up. Had to opt-out for a patdown that wasn't retaliatory, but it was still invasive. WTMD only lane, per usual, was blocked off.830a30
BOSWNE1A-E1E2012-09-28BKSX for almost all. TSA had me "stand over by that American flag" for opt-out pat-down. The irony.10
MemAAB2012-09-28Hand swabs before even getting in line then BSK for NoS. 2 visibly pregnant smurfettes working the checkpoint-wonder if they will claim workers comp when their 2-headed babies are born?650a1
MCOWN60-1292012-09-28It appears that the two BKSX have been replaced by MMW w/ATR. However, it's a big C/P and most lanes are WTMD only.
ricUA2012-09-28physical search for false positive730a5
ATLOtherSouth2012-09-27New NoS added at South checkpoint, now Precheck is the only line there without. Main checkpoint recently added more, I think there is only one line that avoids it. OPT-OUT!
BOSDLA2012-09-27Easy SDOO. Most lanes were roped off; this checkpoint seems to be understaffed at high-traffic times and they use the WTMDs only. Oh, but if you forget to empty you're water bottle you're in for a treat. (fyi: this is an admin post, thus the link is allowed)430p8
SLCDLC gates2012-09-27Appeared that most travelers were being pointed towards the MMW, although when there was any sort of backup they'd point people to the WTMD.
JFKVXTerminal 42012-09-27No NOS at A gates for virgin america
SEAASA2012-09-27At each check in point, there was a preimer line at the far left. Once you got pass the initial scan of your ID and boarding pass, then try to go all the way to the far left. That is where the premier line is and it is a WTMD no NOS. All other lines had blue cancer boxes using BKSX900p5
PHXDLTerminal 3 North2012-09-26Terminal 3 North and South are still WTMD only. No wait and TSA was friendly. Too bad all airport terminals aren't like this!330p0
RDUWN12012-09-25Always MMW. Unhappy with opt outs. Mostly rude and slow agents. This airport is the worst! 2
FWAUAMain2012-09-25Finally made it thru the NoS w/o a false+ from Gumby only to get groped by the smurfette anyway because I forgot to take my watch off-got the big green OK on the machine, but she insisted on groping anyway. This was nothing compared to what she did to the poor Amish woman coming thru behind me-ugh!200p0
pitAllmain2012-09-25Slow line and most directed to scanners. Note elite line now directly feeds to scanner.11a40
LAXVXTerminal 32012-09-25WTMD was closed off and everyone was herded through MMW
PITDLmain2012-09-25Backscatter in use but able to self-select WTMD.940a5
GSPDLB2012-09-24Long line, some sent through WTMD only, including me.610a10
LaxAA42012-09-24Back scatter only at main checkpoint; smaller checkpoint down the passageway to the far left was only wtmd when we arrived, but noticed after we were through that the back scatter was opened up. Seemed both in use from that point. 400p
SLCDLTerminal 22012-09-24All lanes led to MMW scanners. Used to be some lanes led to WTMD but sadly this is no longer the case.210p10
SFODL1, Gates 40-482012-09-24Everyone forced into scanner. No option for metal detector (except for flight crew). Opted out. Waited 5 minutes for pat-down. Agressive, angry female agent. Claimed I set off alarm. Excruciatingly slow review of all contents of my purse, which she removed item-by-item and placed on counter. I checked luggage so no liquids/toiletries with me. Still, told I must go into private room for secondary screening (RPD or Resolution Pat-Down). Refused secondary screening & was told SFPD would be called. Endured it. Was not as aggressive, invasive as 1st pat-down. Think the 1st agent set off alarm intentionally. Alarm did not go off after 2nd, private room pat-down. Frightening experience.400p
PNSAAAll2012-09-24TSO's using WTMD as backup when MMW got to about 10 deep.530a
AugOtherJust the one2012-09-23Nine-seater Cessnas don't require much security. An Augusta cop shows up for each flight and two (2) blue-shirts herd the nine passengers through security. Too bad in BOS you can only transfer within the same terminal without getting re-screened.140p0
SYRDLTerminal B2012-09-23Still no AIT. While there was almost no line, they are training new staff members, so things went slowly. Lady in front of me was randomly chosen for extra screening. Both she and my husband were selected for bag checks because the trainee was unsure what she was seeing.1000a15
SFOUAinternational2012-09-23All passengers forced to go through a single backscatter/radiation machine. I told the TSA rep I didn't want to go through. She replied by saying I didn't have a choice...unless I went through the enhanced pat-down. I chose the enahanced pat-down and they directed me to another gate to walk through. The 2nd TSA rep explained he put on fresh gloves and that he would have to give me a full pat-down because I refused to go through the scanner. He said he would to a "one-two" down the back and then the front along the sides of my zipper. I asked him if he was going to touch my genitals and he repeated he would just to the "one-two" along the sides of my zipper. I said "ok". He commenced with the pat-down and touched me very close to my genitals. In the meantime, the 3rd TSA rep was removing every item from my carry-on bags and performing the chemical check. The rep even ran all my items through the x-ray machine again. From where I was asked to stand, I was not able to keep my eyes on my property the entire time. The rep was working extremely slowly during the baggage check.1100p25
MKEDLE2012-09-22Two lines; left line (fed by priority/elite queue) is MMW only. Right line is WTMD + MMW. WTMD was roped off, everyone through the rape-o-scan. Pat down was more thorough than at other airports, though not done aggressively.510a1
SMFDL12012-09-22WTMD roped off. Everyone through MMW.230p0
LAXDL52012-09-22Pre-check line feeds into WTMD only. Everybody else through lanes that have both WTMD and MMW. Almost everyone sent through the MMW. Had no less than 5 different smurfs tell me "you know it's just radio waves, right? It's perfectly safe." Told them I take health advice from my physician and not here, anmd they claimed they weren't offering health advice.1150p5
lebAllOnly one checkpoint2012-09-22There is only one metal detector and there are no body scanners at this airport.140p
GSPAAB2012-09-2150+ people in line but they insisted on keeping the WTMD closed and of course "roped off" so that the sheep think they have no choice but to go through the porno booth. Finally about 2 minutes before my turn they opened the WTMD. What nonsense,
DENUAAmerican flag and Colorado flag2012-09-21Checked from upstairs, all scanners for both checkpoints. Had to opt out. Got a lecture from the female TSO...sigh.100p3
LGADLD2012-09-21Scanner present at the right hand most security checkpoint, but it was nicely ropped off :) No gropedowns either.900a15
SJCUSTerminal A2012-09-21Everyone gets zapped.1040a10
PIADLMain2012-09-21Everyone through MMW scanner410p0
BGMAllSole Checkpoint2012-09-21WTMD and carry-on X-Ray; new models but same basic procedure for 15+ years630a2
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472012-09-20Today the "groper" didn't need to pat down my ID and BP; but had to pat down my hair. GRRRR.1240p2
laxDLt62012-09-20milli wave used on all lanes, had sky priority so went thru fast. opt out was fast and easy. did not go thru wtmd before groping950p5
SFOWNTerminal 12012-09-20Multiple lanes were open however the backscatter machine was being "calibrated" so the 4-5 people in front of me plus me only went through a metal detector.710a6
SEAUAFar south checkpoint by B gates2012-09-20Barking TSAs were ordering elites out of checkpoint 5 and insisting that the far south checkpoint had no line. Untrue, the line took 25 minutes, and elites were funneled into the Nos. I waited till two people were in line for the NoS and innocently walked through the WTMD. Didn't get stopped, but almost everyone was getting the cancer box this am.630a25
MSPDLCheckpoint 4/Lindbergh2012-09-20Checkpoint 4 is still WTMD only, and is the PreCheck and Preferred line (aka, First Class and Gold+ Medallion Frequent Flyers.) For some reason, they ignored my husband's PreCheck status, so we both went through standard security. Because of the number of people in the PreCheck/Preferred line, I don't know that it was any faster, but it was still efficient and staff were polite. Walking by Checkpoints 5&6 from the back, I did see that AIT has been installed at these Checkpoints, so don't know how much longer this AIT-free checkpoint will last. 400p15
MOBUS2012-09-19Full scanners in effect. We opted for the pat downs, which were conducted professionally and cheerfully.1000a
ATLDLMain2012-09-18Still possible to avoid, but looks like four more NoS' are being readied for use. Once that happens, will be a lot harder to avoid except at the very busiest times.720a
AMAAllOnly one checkpoint2012-09-18There's a millimeter wave device at the checkpoint now, and they seem fond of using it.
AMAAllOnly one checkpoint2012-09-18There's a millimeter wave device at the checkpoint now, and they seem fond of using it.
DROUSThere is one terminal only2012-09-18Only one line and MMW in use. Everyone was forced to scanned or groped.300p
ordUA12012-09-17In left set of checkpoints, BKSX used for all in left-most lane; WTMD only in the other two lanes. In the right set of checkpoints, BKSX used in right lane; WTMD only in the left lane.300p15
FNTDL2012-09-16Normal nonsense.240p2
YVRUAUS Departures2012-09-16Only using WTMD; MMW secondary610a5
TRIDLMain2012-09-16No scanners at Tri Cities1110a0
oakWN2012-09-15One line for BKSX, one for WTMD, easy SDOO.8a
SJCUSA2012-09-15far right line running metal detector only. Easy self opt out.530a15
JFKDL22012-09-15All TSA agents lovely. No problems. Scanner there, but roped off. All passengers routed through metal detectors.200p
LGAAA2/D2012-09-14Priority land and leftmost serf lane go to WTMD. Two right serf lanes to MMWD.540a25
EwrB6A212012-09-13WTMD only920a8
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40-472012-09-13Light passenger load; groper had to "feel" my hair (shudder)100p4
PVDDLMain2012-09-13Lanes 7 and 8 only ones open, both send you to Backscatter220p
mcoAA1-60 or A2012-09-13seemed like all WTWD, the BKSX was roped off. When we arrived at MCO however they were in use
FLLUSE2012-09-12X-ray backscatter scanners in use. wtmd only if you get lucky and the X-ray is busy when you arrive.530p2
FLLB6F2012-09-12X-ray backscatter scanners in use. wtmd only if you get lucky and the X-ray is busy when you arrive.530p8
FLLUA12012-09-12Backscatter X-ray at 2 lanes, wtmd at 1. choose your own lane.530p1
sjcB6A2012-09-12Rub-down or Cancer. No other choices.1010p2
ancDL2012-09-11i'm so sorry for anyone who has to deal with these assaults. Def sign up for pre-check and try to use pre-check airports only. This seems to be the only way to travel with dignity. Best of wishes to all on here who have been victimized by these atrocious "security" policies of 2010-now. ANC has been orange-red.
SEAUA52012-09-11Elite lane next to Precheck lane led to WTMD, the scanner was blocked off today. Guy behind me picked for random shoe swab.930a10
LGAUAC2012-09-10Sadly LGA now has a MMW scanner. All other lanes closed.500p10
AUSAACenter2012-09-10TSA had one machine out of service which caused huge delays and folks missing flights. I was in the premium line and waited 40 minutes. No separate line for crew and airline employees but they are allowed to butt in front of everyone else in the premium line. I never go through the scanners even though I fly weekly out of AUS. I get felt up by the same few people so often it's like we are dating. Wait time for your "date" with a TSA agent ranges from 5 to 20 minutes on Monday mornings especially if more than one person opts out at the same time. There is no capacity for multiple people to be patted down. Unfortunately AUS is not on the list for Pre-check in 2013. My return trip each week is from a pre-check airport. What a difference! No pat down, no body scanners, keep your shoes on, keep your laptop and liquids in your luggage. Average time through the line and magnetometer is less than a minute. If this gets implemented across all US airports they might have to rename Thousands Standing Around or just fire them all.630a40
DTWUSSmith Terminal2012-09-10All WTMD were roped off and MMWs were in full effect. I kindly opted out and TSA was very professional and courteous in my opt out decision.8a
MEMDLB2012-09-09All pax herded through X-ray machines. Was told that the machines are breaking down frequently as they were not designed for primary screening. 930a10
FNTDL2012-09-09Name game in play again today; again, I refused to play.250p
GsoUSUs air2012-09-09Record wait for gso500p25
ORDAAT3/CP7A2012-09-09CP7A has one WTMD (left) and two MMWD. Serf land was mostly MMWD with limited options to choose the left lane. Priority lane was the opposite; generally WTMD with limited risk of being put in the MMWD lanes (dawdling can help here). All the other T3 checkpoints appeared to be 100% MMWD.1030a
MSNUAMain2012-09-09MMW unless opt-out or medical issue220p10
AUSWNMain terminal2012-09-08WTMD roped off even with a long queue, everyone herded through the scanners. Pat down was professional but more aggressive
IADUAInternational Transfer2012-09-07Two lanes open and only WTMD in use.140p15
yvrOtherDomestic/A2012-09-06No fuss went straight through security metal detector1020a1
FLLUATerminal 1, Concourse C2012-09-06At noon, there was only one line for the checkpoint at concourse C, Terminal 1. They have those two blue rectangular machines (rapiscan) in this checkpoint but everybody was going through the WTMD; however, at some point, they started randomly asking people to go through the rapiscan, and when my turn came, every other person was going through it. I opted out, and unlike other airports, the person paged another TSA goon to come pat me down, and I was motioned to go through the WTMD, without having to wait much. I heard 2 other people behind me opting out, but everybody else, seems just go to through the rapiscan. 1230p25
FLLDL22012-09-06Backscatter Xray in use. Every other person was being forced through backscatter. Only 1 scanner line open so no chance to opt-out. Roll the dice, if you got lucky and someone else was already in the xray when you got there, then you got to go through the WTMD.430p12
sbaUAAll2012-09-06Traveling with my family, with two young children they sent us through the WTMD. Otherwise we would have all opted out of the scanner.500p0
BWIDLD2012-09-05Most lanes have MMW, but we went to the far left lane where there is only a metal detector. No pat downs or opt outs necessary.1230p
LAXWNt12012-09-05BKSX and WTMD both in use, TSA will wave you through the WTMD when the line gets long so wait for a few others to queue up at BKSX
BOSDLA2012-09-04Right lane had backscatter roped off. (Second lane from right had 2 lines, backscatter on right, metal detector on left.)600a5
DENDLColorado Flag (North)2012-09-04All pax pushed through MMW; no WTMD available. TSA "people" are jerks.430a15
SFOUAInternational2012-09-04Line was almost empty. Had to say our name. I saw one guy go through WTMD, but everyone else was going through the MMW. I opted out with my fiancee and the woman officer tried arguing with us saying that we should have said something earlier and that we can't opt out. I said that I don't trust the safety of the machines and would rather get a pat down. Then the officer called for a male and female opt out. Make sure you know that you have the right, according to TSA, to opt out if the officers try to say otherwise. Be polite and curtious with the officers but firm if they try to say something contrary to their own rules.730a
PSCUAMain2012-09-04Agents were attempting behavioral detection "chat downs" with flyers. When I declined to share my ultimate destination and reason for travel, I was immediately selected for additional screening.550a10
AUSB62012-09-04At the austin airport, I took a look at all 3 security lines(1 close to SW, 1 close to AA, and 1 close to Jetblue) and they all have the same setup: A TSA goon stands behind the WTMD, while another of its comrades stands in front of the WTMD, and this person directs all passengers to the porn scanner. Everybody went through the scanner, but when my turn came, I asked to be patted down. The TSA thug told me some memorized line about how I would be patted down in the front, back, private areas, and then asked, "do you still want to go through the pat down?" I replied, "Of course!" She yelled to the colleague behind, "opt out." The person behind her, yelled back, "opt out", and then another TSA clown repeated, "opt out." Then I was told to the stand to the side while one of these useless agents came to get me. I waited about 3 minutes, and then finally this young guy came through and said, "I cannot believe somebody opted out. This will be my first time doing a pat down." The patdown wasn't that bad, and this TSA thug was actually friendly, and tried to tell me that the radiation given by the porn scanner was inconsequential. I wanted to say, "that's not the point", but kept my mouth shut. I used to fly to Austin monthly, but thank god I now only go there once, or twice in a year. This used to be a great airpot when it came to security, and it has now become the prime example of how TSA wants to intimidate people to go through the scanner.1000a10
SANVXTerminal 22012-09-04Backscatter machines were being used in all lanes in the Virgin America part of Terminal 2. Opted out of the cancer machine and was given a very intrusive, rough patdown. When I pointed this out to the agent, she shrugged, put her swab in the machine, and miraculously turned up a false positive. Meanwhile, my husband had to go back through security and check one of our carry-ons because we'd mistakenly left some jam we bought in one of them. His stuff was left with mine, but there was much fuss about whether this was protocol. All of my bags were unpacked and then sloppily put back together while I waited for the TSA supervisor to drag me back to their darkened room for patdown number 2. Then a security alarm went off over by the checkpoint area for unspecified reasons. I was in danger of missing my flight, and pointed this out to the agents, which, of course, resulted in more delays. Patdown number 2 was equally rough and even more intrusive, if that's possible. While the TSA supervisor was waiting for the results of the second swab, she started interrogating me about my destination. I refused to answer any questions and was allowed to leave with barely enough time to make my flight.540p5
LGAB6Terman B (concourse A)2012-09-04All were being directed through the MMW at this check point. Opted out and had the pleasure of dealing with a very nice and courteous TSA agent who game me a traditional pat down and sent me on my way. A very nice opt out experience here at Laguardia.7a
DABDLDomestic Terminal2012-09-03Please ignore previous two statuses. Everyone except families were asked to go through MMW. Staff was friendly so opt-out probably would've been easy.930a0
DENUASouth (American flag)2012-09-034 MMW in use, only 1 line without but it was available. Same at north (CO flag) checkpoint. Easy to SDOO, made the whole day better.430p3
SANWNTerminal 12012-09-03 WTMD only. Long line went very fast. No NoS or groping = efficiency600p10
dcaAAB/C Gates 23-342012-09-03Two MMW machines, all lanes have potential. Most being sent through MMW, some directed through WTMD as lines got long. Had to opt out.100p10
IlmMain2012-09-02Less than professional TSA clerks. Very aggressive with opt out patdown5
MCoInt'l2012-09-02One queue for all passengers. No choice.330p
FNTDL2012-09-01Worst patdown I've had here in many months. Pulled my pants down and pulled shirt out of pants. Full contact with genitals with both front and back of hand, and this was a regular patdown!540a5
LASDLD Gates2012-09-01MMW in use for nearly all passengers, WTMD was open but no one was being directed to use it. Choose to opt out and was told I could not and it was mandatory; asked for STSO and was allowed to opt out with no further fuss, regular (non-enhanced) pat-down occured700a5
TPAWNC2012-09-01All lines used MMW scanners except for families with children, like us, or for opt outs. Hand swabs for some. Very courteous, lots of lines open, and no wait.1110a0
SFOUA32012-09-01There used to be one or two lines were SDOO was available. Now all lines lead to MMWs. The only option to use the WTMD was if you had a child who could walk.a10
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40 - 472012-08-31Elite TDC line goes fast; regular line has 45 or so people waiting. Two LTSOs standing there watching long line; neither could be bothered to pick up a magic pen and light and do something about customer service. Disgusting.450a20
HNLAA42012-08-31Another false+ from Gumby...smurf couldn't understand why there was nothing on my wrist when the machine said there was...idiots...540a
DFWAAA362012-08-31I got lucky, PreCheck worked. MMW for everyone else and a LONG regular line. 6p
FLLB6Terminal 3, Gates F1-F102012-08-31There were a total of 4 lines open, but they were divided into a left line and a right line. The right side had a WTMD and an MMW. A TSA fat thug stood right in the MMW and wouldn't allow people to go through it, and she directed everybody on that side to go through the MMW. The left lane had two lines which merged to the walk though metal detector. The line took a while because at this particular time, there were a bunch of kids traveling. At some point there were about only 5 people going through the right lane which made you go through the MMW, while the left lane had about 20 people waiting. At this point a TSA thug started telling people on the left lane to head over to the right lane. I politely declined and went through the WTMD.110p20
SBNUAA2012-08-31MMW primary. 19 TSOs?! 4 used to be enough here!1200p0
CHSUSB2012-08-31MMW Scanner
GSPDLConcourse B2012-08-29MMW in use. TSA still more civil and professional than at many other airports in the region.1020a5
GSODL2012-08-29Opt-out experience as good as it could have been. Pat-down was professional and non-retaliatory; did not have to ask to keep belongings in sight or for new gloves.500a
ATLDLMain2012-08-27No NoS lines 8-10 and 16-18. Even if your flight is out of T gates, use main checkpoint to avoid scope and grope740p15
ORDDL22012-08-27As usual, easy sdoo at T2. Chkpts in T1 looked to have some sdoo opportunities as well.950a5
ordUA2/12012-08-27security 2 at terminal 1 possible to choose wtmd (1 backscatter and 2 wtmd open)1130a3
BOSDL12012-08-27Glanced at security as we walked by—appeared that a SDOO might be possible through the right lanes, but I didn't get enough of a view to be sure one way or another. T1 is a crapshoot, it seems.520p
LAXDLT62012-08-27Everyone being directed through the BKSX220p5
OmaDLA2012-08-26WTMD to the right. Circus barker might send you to one or the other depending on traffic. 920a8
CMHDLTerminal C2012-08-26X-Ray in use for all passangers, WTMD was open but TS0's were directing all through X-Ray. This was at Terminal C; only way to avoid X-Ray is Opt Out. Wait Time was not that long, While waiting they were getting ready to open additional lanes1230p2
SEAAS52012-08-26SDOO -- far left lane goes to WTMD. However, after I got in line, TSA was directing others into the scanner line.600p
FNTDL2012-08-26No name game today. Cursory patdown for opt-out.250p3
PNSAAAll2012-08-26Even flight crew was going through MMW. 15
LGAAAc2012-08-25URGENT! We decided to NOT fly today. There is a XRAY machine at gate C. WARNING!! do not expose yourself to this DNA destroying machine.
bwiUAd2012-08-25express lane on far left directed everyone through metal detector900a
MRYUAthe only one2012-08-25WTMD only, no scanners. Got my bag searched quite thoroughly, but no groping.1050a15
LgaDLD2012-08-25One NoS scanner on left side. Self select to the right side to avoid, but it was not in use. I asked if my 6yo daughter needs to put off her shoes. They started interrogating her! 6yo! They need to know her name before they can answer me if she needs to take off her shoes?
LgaDLD2012-08-25One NoS scanner on left side. Self select to the right side to avoid, but it was not in use. I asked if my 6yo daughter needs to put off her shoes. They started interrogating her! 6yo! They need to know her name before they can answer me if she needs to take off her shoes?
CMHWNConcourse A2012-08-25Scanners used for all people except for families with children or opt outs. We have children so we did not have to opt out but I was still patted down. Very courteous and professional pat down, talked kindly to my children. Long lines but they were moving.640a20
ABEDL2012-08-24Nothing unusual this morning.500a3
BOSDLA2012-08-24Easy SDOO. They were closing one side of the CP at 6:00 but had shut down the rapiscan several minutes before. Major shift change at 6:00 (pm) so if you are flying in the evening getting in line just before that is a good way to get there when staff turnover means a high likelihood of the machines being off. Not a lot of orange or red in BOS recently!550p3
SFOUA12012-08-23MMW used for everyone since only one line was available and airport wasn't that busy at that time. Got that cardboard covering the metal detectors. MMW has the new software with stick figure installed, decided not to opt-out because I'd rather not be groped.930p5
SFOUAUnited - after customs to connecting United flights2012-08-23MMW for everyone except for one guy with his young son. They opened up the WTMD for him. They let a few people go through when the scanner line right beside the WTMD got longer than 3 people BUT then they quickly closed it off with a piece of cardboard. I saw people exiting the scanner and still getting patdowns. Me (young female) and another young female after me opted out (we were both very skinny and small and hardly dangerous). We didn't know each other but were both traveling with other people so we were not worried about our stuff. The wait was about 3 minutes or 2.5. The lady that called for the 2 female assists had to call a few times but at least she kept trying. She ended up doing the pat down on me and another lady came for the other girl. The lady who called for the opt outs opened a gate for us and led us to a sitting area near the x-ray belt. She had me point out my stuff and put my bin on a chair beside me. She told me to wait while she went to get something and left me alone for half a minute. She was nice enough to put my shoes with the dirty side facing up instead of on my stuff, that was a nice gesture. she changed her gloves but I didn't see them from the box but they looked new. I forgot about asking but she did it without me asking. The pat down wasn't too bad, she did touch my hair and the other girl also had her hair touched as well. My person made me lift up my shirt and tank top underneath to feel my leggings waistband but she said to not lift my shirt too high. It was nice not to have to stand on the yellow feet since for a small person, that's like doing the splits. She did give me the speech and offer me a private screening, which I declined. The lines for the scanners were INSANE!! If you had a tight connection, I don't see how you could make it through customs, get your luggage and then go through re-screening area! There were about 3 lines and all led to the scanner. Me and the other girl were in the priority/first class line (on the right), which was the only line with a WTMD beside the MMW. Everyone in the priority line still got the MMW. It took so long for everyone to get through the scanners. I wonder how many people have missed flights? the lines went past the checkpoint area. Overall, opting out at SFO was okay. Too bad we couldn't have more privatized airport security. the lady didn't give me or the other girl attitude for opting out. It was nice not to have to opt out alone, I think the other girl did it a lot because she didn't look too happy and said it usually took a few minutes to wait.1030a3
ATLFLDomestic - Main2012-08-22Lanes 12-15 were open, all had scanners in use for nearly all passengers. While waiting in line I was directed to Lane 1, which had no scanner, just metal detector. The only others I saw directed to lane one at this time were members of the military and white folks.730p5
EWRB6Terminal A Gates 20-282012-08-22Line was slow, but there weren't any scanners.920p10
BWIAAConcourse C2012-08-20No scanners, but a sign indicates that a new more efficient checkpoint is coming.
EWRUAC3, C22012-08-20We were waiting to go through security at the C2 checkpoint, and there we noticed that there was one line that led to the the MMW, while 3 others had the WTMD; however, as we waited there, we then were told to go to the C3 checkpoint. The C3 checkpoint had the same setup. The TSA person who checked your ID sometimes would tell you which line to go, but you could choose the line, and also, at C3, there was just one MMW being used. I chose the WTMD and the whole process was painless, which was surprising because I think about 1 year ago I flew through EWR, and they were corraling people to go through the MMW; fortunately that one time, I was told to go through the WTMD, but today I chose what line to go through without having to interact with the TSA clowns.110p5
CHSDLTerminal A2012-08-19Walk through metal detector only. No scanners! :)700a5
FNTDL2012-08-19TDC asking all pax to state their name; I refused. TDC called 2-striper supervisor, who let me continue without saying my name.300p3
pnhInt'lInternational2012-08-18Very easy, no scanners. I wouldn't think they would put scanners in Cambodia, but you never know these days.
BOSFLTerminal E2012-08-18Scanners in use for all lanes. I was able to bide my time and wait until a bunch of folks were lined up for the scanner and just walk through the metal detector instead.430p10
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40 - 472012-08-17Every so often, TSA would let people go through WTMD when MMW line got "long", but there was little rhyme/reason to how "long" the MMW line would get before the switch was allowed.510a5
DFWDLB upstairs 2012-08-17opt out to WTMD1140a1
OAKWN22012-08-17middle two lanes @ OAK Terminal 2 for southwest were WTMD, no one tried to direct me away from them. But then again, it wasn't busy. Agents may treat you differently during higher traffic times. 640p2
savUSMain2012-08-17Millimeter Wave210p
PHXAS22012-08-16Cordial staff, quick on the pat-down. Lanes 3 and 4 open, both with backscatters230p1
LAXAATerminal 42012-08-16The Priority AAcess room (furthest to the left as you enter the terminal) is WTMD only. All other checkpoints have Backscatters and they are in use for all passengers.100p5
LAXAATerminal 42012-08-16The Priority AAcess room (furthest to the left as you enter the terminal) is WTMD only. All other checkpoints have Backscatters and they are in use for all passengers.100p5
TLHDLmain2012-08-15opt out for metal detector 940a10
STLWNTerminal 2, main2012-08-15All 4 lanes were funnelled into backscatter.930a10
SBNUSA2012-08-141 MMW in use500a
MOTDL(only 1 checkpoint)2012-08-14MMW used for all except kids & accompanying pax
SEAUSSC 32012-08-13Scanners blocked off on far right lanes. Far left lanes going through backscatter. Keep head up and you'll be fine. Took a red eye on a Monday. 800p20+
RDUWNTerminal 12012-08-13WTMD blocked off. MMW was primary for all passengers except for families with small children.130p
yxeOtherDomestic2012-08-13No fuss, laid back attitude from clerks150p2
atlDLDomestic-Main2012-08-12Lanes 10-11 and 16-17 were the WTMD-only lanes open this morning. Easy to select them.730a5
FNTDL2012-08-12"Security" patdown for opting out was very cursory.200p1
TULDLAll (just 1 checkpoint)2012-08-12TSA goons direct everyone through the "MMW" cancer machine. Opt-out!
MSYDLD (Delta)2012-08-12The general line was pretty long and everyone in it had to go through MMW.Delta's Skypriority line was WTMD only. If you can find a way, use the priority lane on the far left.350p5
HHHUSMain Terminal2012-08-12WTMD only but lines were long because they scrutinized carry-on bags with extraordinary detail.400p12
laxTerminal 52012-08-12Very slow at this time, so two baggage x-rays were open, feeding one WTMD/BKSX combo. Everyone was being directed through the BKSX.530p2
BKKInt'lInternational East2012-08-11I can't believe it!!!! They put MMWs in Bangkok now!!! The middle lane was MMW and the left and right lanes were WTMD. I saw one officer directing some people to the MMW, but some just walked to the WTMD. I don't think people can opt-out here.300p
EwrAA2012-08-11Long slow line for the single checkpoint open, complicated by a group of non-English speaking tourists who didn't understand why they had to strip to go thru 'security' here. Bin pusher yelling any electronic 'bigger than a cell phone' must be in a bin by itself-left my iPad in the bag w/o issue. Got another false positive from Gumby, though...750a10
BOSOtherE2012-08-11For Gate E3: Check point was 2 lanes, forcing most people through the backscatter. I got through the WTMD. Traveling companion had to opt out and received a VERY thorough patdown. I seemed retaliatory. TSA person was rude and combative. 10a
ABEDL2012-08-10Long lines, only one lane open. Finally opened second lane after lines got very long. Patting down men with "baggy" pockets after WTMD.450a10
CDCDL2012-08-10Only security line at this small airport has a WTMD
BTVUSGates 1-82012-08-10MMW in use as primary5
ABEDL2012-08-09Guy in front of me was "selected randomly" for additional screening by the WTMD.350p2
BosDLA2012-08-09All lanes were open, and all BKSX were roped off except for the one in lane 2,the lane next to the Pre-Check lane. Avoid lane 2 when it is open because the metal detector in that lane is only for Pre-Check. Anyway, a very easy SDOO! 340p10
SEAUS22012-08-09PreCheck closed. Only WTMD for first/premier line on far right. Back scatter in other lines. Most laptops pulled for swabbing, hence long waits at x-ray. Staff were quiet.810p15
CLTAllAll2012-08-09MMW for all passengers, all lanes, all checkpoints630a
SFOUATerminal 32012-08-09MMW in use for everyone except mothers w/small children, opt-out quick and easy, no problems.330p5
MSPOther22012-08-09Very long security lines. All lanes were in use. Very easy to move to a WTMD only lane.620a40
PHLUSD2012-08-09No scanners here. D gate is the best way to go.100p10
JFkAATerminal 82012-08-08Backscatters roped off due to peak travel day. PreCheck line and regular line adjacent to PreCheck have no Backscatters-- use Priority AAcess line to choose your own adventure.740a30
PITAll2012-08-08Most passengers sent through backscatter machine.710p10
MDWWNMain2012-08-075 lanes, all the way right has MMW150p
BOIOnly2012-08-06All passengers directed into scanners. .
OrdDL22012-08-06Same old same old here. Stay left for no scanning, they won't direct you otherwise. No premium line, short other lines, works for all domestic flights.220p4
mspDL1 / Lindbergh2012-08-06I didn't check out any other lines, but Checkpoint 4 is still all WTMD (and moves quickly because of it). In the morning, at least, it is signed as Sky Priority only. Lines were long but moved quickly, although extenuating circumstances (IRROPs) allowed me to skip the line; the 15 minutes is a guess at the line length.620a15
BURWNA2012-08-06the two wtmd machines were roped off. had to opt out of mmw. think smurf has a second job as a masseuse. 900a7
PHXUATerminal 22012-08-06Backscatter in Lane 4, a bit confusing because lane 3 and 4 are on either side of one aisle, & even though there was only one other person going through security of course they wouldn't let me switch when I realized my mistake.230p0
CLTUSAll2012-08-06For faster service, opt out before putting your bags on the conveyor belt.4p20
SFOVXTerminal 22012-08-06Standard SFO name game at the ID check podium. The line was moving very slowly due to NoS being primary and only two lanes open. They had a large cardboard barrier that was blocking entrance to the WTMD. But one man was carrying a small dog and they allowed him to escape the NoS. After I made it through, the line was backing up even more and then the gatekeeper periodically allowed 7-10 people to go through the WTMD to speed things up. And an hour and a half later I have to take out my id to show it to the smurfs again in the jetway while boarding! Just silly.210p20
ABQAAMain2012-08-05NoS for everyone except kids. Another false+ from Gumby & another tummy rub from an angry smurfette looking for a fight...900a
FNTDL2012-08-05Same nonsense.300p2
HPNB6Main2012-08-05Newly installed ProVision ATD for all.250p2
jfkAA82012-08-05BSX and WTMD operating side by side in most lanes. Easy to switch lanes.
SEAAllCheckpoint 32012-08-05Long wait late night at SEA, but no machines in use.1120p30
ATLDLSouth (Domestic)2012-08-04Really busy but only back-scatter available. Somewhat unsettling but I was clean so no worries.540a
MSSOtherOne & only2012-08-04Three outbound flights a day, with about 6-7 pax per flight being the average. They walk you through the CP as a group so it never takes very long. Because they do have all the time they need, they are extra diligent and tend to be very by-the-book so make sure you're not carrying prohibited items and that your gels/liquids/aerosols are bagged correctly.1200p5
BosDLA2012-08-03Looked to SDOO by choosing a line with a WTMD but they seemed to be pointing some pax to the rapiscan. However, miracle of miracles, they roped off the BKSX and everyone got to go through the WTMD!910a13
ELMDL2012-08-03Millimeter scanner in use
HOUAAMain2012-08-03Just as I got in line, final checkpoint to the far left opened as WTMD only-was 4th pax thru.100p3
DCAUSC (35-45)2012-08-03When you can count the number of people in front of you on one hand, it's a given the MMW will be in use. However, these are the ATR (Gumby) machines, which I don't particularly mind. TSOs surprisingly nice, no barking.500p.5
IADUA2012-08-03I am a big guy and noticed that the scanners really only scan up to my neck. With my arms above my head it would be easy to "hide" stuff under long sleeve shirts. No physical inspection even though I was clearly not "fully" scanned.820a30
LASVXTerminal 3 Upper Level2012-08-03Long slow moving line with a few lanes closed off. TSOs barking the rules as if everyone was flying for the first time. It was a circus and United hasn't even moved in yet! Only smaller airlines are here like Virgin, Jetblue, etc. Can't imagine how long the security lines will be if the second checkpoint on the lower level is not ready by the end of them month when United moves to Terminal 3. I inspected this equivalent sized lower level checkpoint on my return and no signs of equipment, detectors or scanners being installed.900a25
LitDLAll2012-08-02SDOO on the left. Slow lines. 610a25
SJCWNSouthwest Gates2012-08-02Left and middle lanes were cancerous. Right lane (going about 3x faster) was WTMD540p
LUNInt'l2012-08-02No scanners. But clearly also no security to speak of. With flights leaving to the US and other countries this is surely the risk area. Too late to scan people on arrival.530p0
ADDInt'l2012-08-02They follow the US "remove shoes, belts and laptops". No scanners. Lots of people bypassing security via transferring through gate areas. This mostly due to chaos on airport. Big gap in security from a US perspective.1030p10
sfoAA22012-08-02SFO AA used to be my favorite security experience, WTMD only. Now it's MMW for everyone except families with small children. What theaterical garbage.
PITAllalternate2012-08-01BKSX roped off--WTMD for all! Unsure about main checkpoint though.510p10
sanWNTerminal 1 / Gates 1 & 22012-08-01I had read here on this site that gates 3 thru 10 were WTMD only so I went there even though I was scheduled to depart through gate 1. When I approached the area of gate 3, the tsa person indicated that I would have to leave the line and go through gate 1/2 only as there was no other way to get to those gates at all. Being unfamiliar with the airport, I left the line and went to gate 1/2 preparing to opt out. As I got to there, I noticed there where two scanners and one WTMD. Since I was traveling with a 9-year-old, I was about to tell the agent that I would be opting out, but before I did, he asked me if I was traveling with the child, and I said yes, he said that we would both be going through the WTMD, which we did (so indicate you are traveling with a minor if you are not asked). Since my gate was number 1, I sat no more than 50 feet from the security check-point once I went through. I watched tsa for almost 2-hours and was delighted to see many people opt-out. The tsa did not make a big deal about it when a person did, and their wait time for the pat down was no more than a minute or two. I also observed many of the agents who were handling security, leave the area and go into a room along the side of gate number 1. I suspect this is the area where they would monitor the nude scanner from. They appeared to rotate in and out of that room in about 20 to 30 minute intervals.900a
BWIAAConcourse C2012-08-011030a~10
SFOUSTerminal 12012-08-01Cardboard was blocking the metal detectors. I opted out of scanner. Convenant Aviation Security staff forgot several of my items on the xray belt. Made me wait then proceeded with enhanced pat down. When they asked if they could pat the incide of my legs I responded "What ever turns you on". This resulted in a huge scandal with the actual TSA being called in to observe a new pat down. 630p
LAXUA2012-08-01everyone was put in the backscatter machine (this one uses radiation and it has two blue walls). Why can't LAX and other airports only use MMW? It's not as dangerous!
AVPAllall2012-08-01MMW in use for most/all pax
BOSB6C2012-07-31No cancer boxes during the peak departure rush. All lines using WTMD. Not bad!730a15
BOSUAC2012-07-30Was able to SDOO very easily today. This has been the case the past few times I've traveled through this terminal, if you pay enough attention it's pretty clear which lanes are WTMD only. Boggles the mind that some people still just willingly line up for a cancer scan then they don't have to.520p5
LASWNA B C2012-07-30Porno Scanner in use for all lanes. Had to opt out. Smurf feeling me up was hot.530p
MKEDLE2012-07-30Sadly, finally everyone goes through the NoS in Terminal E1120a10
DALWNA2012-07-29I tried to check out/verify info re: the ped overpass...which takes you right back d/s to the security check-in where you have no choice...you VILL go through the scanner! Choice and American freedom has been destroyed in the name of 'safety & security'. The terrorists have won. 1030a
SFODLTerminal 1, Gates 40-482012-07-29Funneling everyone through NoS. Opted-out. Extremely friendly agent and non-invasive pat-down. Private contractors put the TSA to shame in terms of professionalism. 720a20
MRYUSthe only one2012-07-28Still WTMD only, no scanners. Great experience.510a5
PITAllMain2012-07-28BKSX for all except a few mothers and children.700p5
bosInt'lE2A-E8B2012-07-28BKSX in use on the right. WTMD-only lane open on the left side. Easy SDOO.430p
BOSDLA2012-07-28BKSX in use on the left side. The BKSX was roped off on the right side. Easy SDOO, but make sure to look around as you wait in line for the TDC to find the 'safe' lanes.430p
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40 -472012-07-27Long lines with just two lanes open, all going to MMW. 3 TSOs standing by lines, watching; but obviously it would violate some "SSI" rule if they were to have opened another lane. Had to opt out; while in that process, observed 85% or more of MMW pax having to be patted down, and an airline pilot also had to have full patdown!600a15
MHKAAMain Terminal2012-07-27Short line.600a5
PHLUSD2012-07-27As previously reported, no scanners at D checkpoint, and can reach any concourse after clearing at D550p0
SjuFLC2012-07-26Backscatter in use on right side where everyone was being funneled. TSA goons were rougher than usual during full body molestation. If they would take 4 of the clowns operating the backscatter, they could open the other security lane. 120p25
SJCWNB2012-07-25cancer boxes were all roped off today1030a
hsvAAAll2012-07-25Manditory rapescan - watch out for thievery from TSA
SJCWNB2012-07-25cancer boxes were all roped off today1030a
BURWN12012-07-25the last bastion of hope for flying out my area has been destroyed. BUR is now set up so you HAVE to go through the scanner. Once your ID & boarding pass is checked you go through the metal detector followed by the scanner. There's no choice. At all!!! The only option now is to earn enough to insure I travel by private charter. We've all been herded & cattle prodded into submission 'for our safety & security'. Next our free speech will be regulated on the internet via similar regulation. oh wait!850a
SANUACommuter2012-07-23Asked to walk through body scanner even though I opted out. They said it was "off" and there was no way to walk around. I asked for a supervisor who eventually let me walk around the body scanner for the opt out pat down.830p0
EWRUAC-1 Terminal C2012-07-23L3 ProVision ATD MMW in one lane, you can try to go to another lane but TSA staff will usually tell you what lane to go to.
DCAUAB (Gates 10-22)2012-07-23United moved here this month; all lanes MMW but one was turned off and somewhat easy to move after the ID check - lines were huge720a30+
SYRUSSouth2012-07-23Central checkpoint still under construction thus still no AIT yet440a10
IADUAMain2012-07-23SDOO possible but you must watch to make sure someone is up for the scanners in order to avoid them410p25
LAXInt'lT 22012-07-23Depends whether or not someone is at the X-ray machine, just be sharp and you'll be fine1100p5
CMHDLC2012-07-23There was a WTMD and either a BSX or MMV, I was not sure. TSA was pointing people where to go randomly, WTMD or the other. I simply ignored what the TSA agent said and went through the WTMD. There were no problems, except that I forgot to remove my laptop out of my bag - so they were not happy with me700a
FNTDL2012-07-22All "suspects" required to go through MMW. Opted out; minimally invasive grope.1000a1
ORDUAT12012-07-22Got PreCheck - very civilized. No line, WTMD only, left everything in my bags. Sad to think this was the norm for everyone 10 years ago1130a
ACT2012-07-22Very small airport. Security is not open continuously; only opens before flights. Has MMW with ATR.340p
DFWAAA362012-07-22One MMW line for regular pax. WTMD only line set aside for Pre-Check.730p10
seaAA52012-07-22Easy SDOO. Long line in regular lanes, no line in PreCheck/elite/military lane.5a
ORDUATerminal 1 Checkpt 22012-07-21BKSX machines were mostly not in use. If you pay attention, you can find a line where the NoS is not in use. Security 3 looked like it was exclusively BKSX, though.300p5
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40 -472012-07-20Normal nonsense; more than 1/2 of people going through MMW had to have patdowns. I opted out.500a5
DCADLB2012-07-20NoS for everyone, some also getting hands swabbed. Lots of false positives, but TSOs not following up on all of them. Fly out of A if you have to come through DCA!1130a15
IADUAmain2012-07-20Maybe 1 in 10 waved through metal detector, all others nudiescoped. I opted for the grope. They were also doing occasional hand swabs just past ID check.430p40
MKEConcourse C2012-07-20Only two baggage X-ray lines open. Both feed into MMW. WTMD-only line closed, used for screening of concourse vendor items.340p2
iadUAc2012-07-20got precheck, smurfs denied having precheck lane
pnsAAAll2012-07-20Everyone going through scanner, WTMD coned off
dfwAAA362012-07-20Everyone except PreCheck went through MMW.
SFOUAT3 overflow, south checkpoint2012-07-20Far right lane is WTMD only, but was closed off right before I could get to it (shift change?)940a
jfkB6T52012-07-19Backscatter machines roped off540p15
laxAAT42012-07-19xray box in use, asking got you wtmd.700a
SanUAT12012-07-18Amazing....they reconfigured the entire checkpoint. No more zig-zag lines, nor tht stupid red line many screeners had a power trip on. Most pleasant is that they removed one of the back scatter machines, the one on the very right. All three lanes were open, nobody forced anyone to a specific lane. Asked supe whether pre-check is coming....he said yes, but no timetable.500a0
PHXDLTerminal 32012-07-18Checkpoint for gates 15-26, 2 lanes, metal detectors only.600a~10
SFOUAT3 Elite2012-07-17Nude-o-scopes in use for everyone; because of which a short & smooth security check has become a long wait.510p15
LASInt'lTerminal 32012-07-17Everyone except families with children directed to MMW with ATR650p5
ATLDLMain 2012-07-16Gates 5 thru 11 all running without NoS. If you want to avoid the scope and grope in ATL, arrive when busy.610a15
LGAAATerminal 2 - D gates checkpoint2012-07-16There is a BKSX scanner on the far right of the checkpoint. It was roped off when I went through the checkpoint. It's probable that you could avoid having to go through the scanner by staying left when it is in use. An ominous sign warns you that the x-ray scanner is optional, but you will receive a "thorough patdown."1000a5
JFKB6T52012-07-16Backscatters roped off300p
FNTDL2012-07-15TSA insufficiently staffed; had to close MMW when I opted out so that TSO could do the patdown. 6 pax behind me got to use WTMD without patdowns.1000a1
SANAS12012-07-15Choose far left lane (WTMD only). Other lanes had Rapiscan for all pax.1230p
SEAASD/N gates2012-07-15Still easy SDOO by staying left through doc checker stations in regular lanes. Bear left after doc checker to access a WTMD only lane. All gates are accessible from this checkpoint.710a25
SeaUA42012-07-14Choose your own adventure in the left and right lanes; most passengers in center lane sent through back scatter.500a10
JFKB6Terminal 52012-07-14Didn't fly but there appeared to be Rapiscan Backscatter scanners in every lane next to WTMDs, some were sent through WTMDs and most through the scanners.
JFKInt'lTerminal 12012-07-14Didn't fly, but did see at least one Rapiscan Backscatter in use. Seemed like a good amount of passengers were sent through it.
MCIWNB2012-07-14Breezed thru initial security even with our opt-out and a baby. Then an hour later as we were boarding, we were pulled from line for another search of the diaper bag and carry on. TSA Clones (contracted firm) were rude and surly when we asked why part of our party - baby and man carrying - were yanked from line so that the diaper bag could be ransacked again we were told that our flying privileges could be revoked if we continued to obstruct agents. this is sad pathetic security theater on display. 100p5
WAWInt'lAll Gates2012-07-14WTMD only.5
smxAllAll2012-07-13There is only one checkpoint for all airlines at this small airport. After getting ID checked, there is a single line to the machines. On the left is a WTMD, and on the right is a DNA Destroyer (MMW). The WTMD looks roped off, but a guard stands behind it and you can go through this instead of the MMW if you want. I confirmed this with the ID checking guard. No one seemed to realize they could avoid the DNA Destroyer, because they are not advertising it, and keep the WTMD seemingly roped off. But it is available to use. The checkpoint is too small to have two Cancer Boxes, so I think this airport is a good bet, especially during peak times.1000a
JACAllMain2012-07-13All WTMD's were roped off.
LRDAA2012-07-13All through Back scatter. TSA questioned my drivers license, asked for added ID. Told them I had none. Border patrol standing right next to TSA continued questioning of address, name, date DL expires, etc. Then told anomoly in back scatter and went for pat down. Seemed targeted and that I was profiled verus other ethnicities in airport. 1030a
cwaDLMain (only)2012-07-12ProVision ATD in use as primary, WTMD roped off.1000a15
DENDLAmerican flag checkpoint2012-07-12SDOO is still an option here and the line wasn't even all that bad. I agree with previous posters to look down over the second floor balcony and see which lines have WTMD only (should be farthest right and left) because it may not be obvious from below. I went throught the far right lane (stay as far right as you can). After the TSA officer checks your ID and boarding pass you can then select your desired line.930a15
JFKInt'lTerminal 12012-07-12Scanners available but were not in use in any lane100p
SJCWN2012-07-12Most were going through the scanners. I saw people receive awful gropings that I think were randomly chosen instead of opting out. However, I was able to switch at the last minute to a metal detector only lane and get out grope and radiation free (#5).
ordB6Terminal 3 chkpt by TSA baggage dropoff2012-07-11There is a BKSX on the left and a WTMD on the right and two lanes for travelers. You will be randomly selected for one or the other, but I was able to dawdle with my bags until I saw that the BKSX was full and get to use the WTMD.510a
YOWUAUS destination gates 2012-07-11Millimeter wave in evidence, but turned off; they used it for one passenger, but it was unclear why, and they directed everyone else through the metal detector. Very polite.900a0
SEAUA5 (N gates)2012-07-11Lines moved very slowly today, not sure why. Lady TSA was checking boarding passes at head of line, and was sending some people off to other gates, I was headed to N gate, so she let me through, not sure what she'd have done if I was not ticketed on UA and not headed to d/n gates. I was able to SDOO by staying to left where WTMD is located. Lady behind me was picked for random search. 540p15
ACYAllMain (Only)2012-07-11MMW w/ATR. Absurd length of line for such a small airport, due to NoS. At least the TSOs' attitudes are relatively pleasant.500p40
rduDL22012-07-11today marks a day of victory. never again will I submit to the degrading sexual assaults RDU TSA inflicts on a daily basis (they assaulted me two years ago). I am now a licensed pilot and will fly myself now WITHOUT the assaults from them. RDU is always RED unless you get really really lucky- DON'T count on it. Let's all protest by getting our pilot's licenses. It's not that hard if you pick a chief flight instructor.100p
SFOUAT3 (overflow, south of main T3 checkpoint)2012-07-10Line was shorter at noon than i typically see when i fly mornings, however, with only one lane open, the line moved very slowly, all being directed through MMW. As i got to the initial screening desk, more personnel arrived and an additional line was opened - directed to a WTMD. Easy to self-select from there. 1200p15
RNOAAC2012-07-10No way to choose a lane. Most adults w/out kids sent to the MMW (phone booth). Just a week earlier, the peeping Toms were roped off and not in use. Looks like another airport ruined.1200p
laxAST 62012-07-09Security very backed up, the NOSs were mainly blocked, until about 4 passengers before me. Opt out was undramatic.1120a15
miaAAD Gates2012-07-092 lanes open. Left side was WTMD and right was MMW. I waited in the MMW line, then switched over to lane 1 after my ID was checked. The guard (let's not call them "officers" please), was OK with me switching to the WTMD line.830p
ISPWNMain checkpoint2012-07-09ISLIP in the past month shut down the old checkpoint in the center of the terminal with the WTMD's and opened up the new one by the ticket counters. Most people were going thru the WTMD's but every now and then someone would be selected to go thru the MMW. I went thru the crew/businees travel line and made no difference.600a10
AUSWNmiddle one2012-07-09I thought by wearing a long well-fitted dress that I would be able to bear the groping. I was very wrong. An older white lady with spikey white hair told me she would be touching my "inner thighs". Instead, she pushed her hands up INSIDE my vaginal lips which included rubbing my clitoris.
TULDLAll2012-07-09They're still scanning pretty much everyone.1030a
cosUA2012-07-08pat down9a
FNTDL2012-07-08Cursory patdown for my optout ritual. Once again, after thousands of previous flights, I've again been deemed "Not Dangerous to the State"250p4
MSPDLTerminal 1 (Lindburg), CP 42012-07-07CP 4 still has no scanners. There is a pre-check line (enter from the right) which is much shorter. You can walk into that line even whether you participate in that program or not, they will just direct you to the 'normal' line which is shorter. It was a little non-intuitive to find though. Wait times are always hit or miss here.800a10
EWRInt'lTerminal B Gates 60-682012-07-07Children 12 and under, and one parent were allowed through WTMD, everyone else went through MMW.650p45
PHXDLTerminal 3 (gate 23 and lower)2012-07-06TSA continues its stupidity with "random" hand swabs for magic explosive residue. Even after my carryon bags cleared with no problems. Guess they weren't satisfied that they didn't find a terrorist tonite.920p
GSPAAConcourse B2012-07-06Freedom has ended in Greenville, SC. MMW scanners are installed at Concourses A and B. At Concourse B it was not in use because "we don't have anyone to run it". I noted that it was being used for everyone at Concourse A.0
SEAUACheckpoint 32012-07-06The previous safe checkpoint (#5, where the left lane was safe) is closed for renovation, and all other checkpoints have backscatter in use for all passengers. Opting out was fairly easy though the screener was brusque. No harrassment.930p15
BTVUSGates 1-82012-07-05MMW in use as primary. TSO told me to reconsider opting out if i use a cell phone500a5
MDWWN2012-07-05Several lines had only metal detector scanners. One line had both. The Chicago heatwave might have caused them to use a the lower-powered metal scanners.530p
atlDLMain (Domestic)2012-07-04Light crowds today meant that the TSA had all the WTMD-only lanes closed. Ironic that this was the situation on the 4th of July.1130a5
EWRASB40-472012-07-04WTMD opened occasionally as nearly all through MMW got pat downs. Never have I seen so many people through a metal detector that quickly.400p7
MucUA22012-07-04Munich airport no nude O scopes10a3
DCAAAGates 23-322012-07-03I went thru the metal detector on the 3rd, but MMW at all lanes. One way back, I noticed looks like they have them up and running. Some of the metal detectors have disappeared. AA gates no longer safe. Another airport ruined from the looks of it.500a
EWRUAC22012-07-02Priority access lane on right has metal detector only. The smurfs were forcing everyone in the left-hand lane through the MMW scanner. At a very busy time, this might be an easy self-opt-out because there are about five lanes and only one MMW scanner here. 630p15
MSPDLTerminal 1 (Lindburg); CP42012-07-02As others have noted, CP4 is still WTMD only. Pre-Check in this lane is accessed through an entry to the right (it looks like you would be going to a Delta counter). Pre-check is only for certified individuals, so my husband was offered the opportunity, but I had to go through the main line. He stayed with me, as there really wasn't much of a line. Staff was polite and efficient.800a5
ORDUATerminal 1 Premier Access2012-07-01Attempted PreCheck, denied along with 98% of other travelers. Lane led to BSKX only, so we moved farther down to a WTMD only lane.1200p25
ATLDLDomestic-Main2012-07-01Lane 16 was the only WTMD-only lane open at this time, but it was easy to select it.500p5
SEAUA52012-06-30Backscatters roped off in the Elite line (not PreCheck). Very long wait time, very crowded, but TSA staff were cheerful and pleasant. Many random swabbings of electronics.650a25
BOSDLA2012-06-30Two WTMD/BKSX pairs open. Most pax being sent through the BKSX, with a few lucky people going through the WTMD when the BKSX got backed up.1000a5
LGADLTerm. D, Main CP2012-06-30WTMD only. There isn't any room for a NOS.100p15
LGBUSGates 7-112012-06-30
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40 -472012-06-29Only two lanes open; all pax being "sent" to MMW.450a5
DCADLB2012-06-29Lots of false positives/mini rub downs1150a20
MSPAATerminal 12012-06-29Only safe checkpoint now is #4. I'm sure that will be changing very soon. Lines move very slowly here. Much more slowly than other airports.20
BDLDLMain2012-06-29Elite traveler lane was BSX, SDOO into a WTMD-only lane. Four lines open, 2 BSX and 2 WTMD.1230p10
DCAUACenter Pier2012-06-29Scanners installed at center pier, but roped off. No line at all.500p0
pitOtheralternate2012-06-28main and alt were both busy. all bksx machines were roped off, probably due to the lines. didn't see anyone get pulled for additional screening.1030a10
MsnUAMain2012-06-28All pax sent through mmw, unless a family who gets 530p
MsnUAMain2012-06-28Everyone mmw except families630a
seaInt'l22012-06-28Several international flights all going out at around the same time meant long lines. But the far right was WTMD only, and passengers can choose their own advenure.12p15
MCIAAGates 76-792012-06-27WTMD only but every pax was 'randomly' selected for additional harassment. Smurfs also quite belligerent & anxious to start fights-must be frustrated at not being able to see any pax porn...940a1
atlDLMain2012-06-27TSA trying to steer right side to NoS lines, but lanes 16 and 17 on left were easy to self select640p25
PNSAAonly one2012-06-26only scanner in use, WTMD blocked off
MRYUAOnly one2012-06-25WTMD only; no scanners.510a0
DTWDLMcNamara2012-06-24I got pre-check, which was great, but only saw one WTMD that actually had passengers going through it - the one south of the Delta Checkin.1030a5
SLCDLTerminal 22012-06-24WTMD only lane in use at this time.230p
SLCAllTerminal 12012-06-24Loooked like everyone was getting microwaved.230p
ABQAAMain2012-06-24Another false+ for a watch I wasn't wearing. Smurfette made a comment to the moat dragon about the NoS 'having issues', but that didn't stop them from sending pax thru them.610a5
FNTDL2012-06-24Standard NOS nonsense....a free country, my a**.300p5
FNTDL@ Standard..beautifully said . FNT is red as are all airports with MMW/ATD. I have gained freedom by obtaining my private pilots license. I am joining the military and I feel that these policies are terrible and an insult to all those who have lost their lives defending our nation.2012-06-244th am!
SLCAllTerminal 12012-06-24Loooked like everyone was getting microwaved.230p
iahInt'lInternational connection to domestic2012-06-23Only one checkpoint open this early, and it was the scanner for all passengers, though airport personnel were allowed to go through the WTMD. Had to opt out. Pretty aggressive patdown, including the hair patdown. One last gauntlet in the jetway--random bag searches. I didn't get picked...520a5
BOSInt'lE2-E82012-06-23Checkpoint all the way to the right was using the WTMD for 90% of passengers. 620p7
EWRDLTerminal B, gates 40 -472012-06-22Long lines with just two lanes open, all going to MMW. TSA finally opened third lane as WTMD only, so SDOO was easy for that short interval.500a10
IADAllMain2012-06-22Backscanner in operation, failed SDOO (traffic too light). Swabbing hands of 1 in 3 passengers after id check. Some groping even after being irradiated.900a5
MSNUAMain2012-06-22MMW primary for everyone unless opt-out or medical reason..700a5
MLIDLMain2012-06-22Incredibly long wait, all pax directed to MMW.1120a25
SFOVXALL2012-06-21ya NAILED IT. Glad I'm not the only one who sees a grave error in how this system is being operated. Rosa Parks all over again. Straight up age/racial/sexual orientation discrimination. Absolutely disgusting that this is happening in the year of 2012 and people are putting up with it. SFO IS RED.
MSPCP1, CP52012-06-21CP1 and CP5 bpth have a MMW in place after the WTMD--no SDOO. The only WTMD-only CP left in terminal 2 is CP4.
ORDAAPriorityAAccess checkpoint between L and K,2012-06-21Most PriorityAAccess went through WTMD on left. Randomly pulled small number of people to backscatter on right. Stay Left!300p10
PHLAAA East2012-06-20WTMD only, though line was a bit long. Worth the wait to avoid cancer.
bosDLA2012-06-20Term A now has pre-check in the leftmost lane. It uses the WTMD in a WTMD/BKSX pair. That means the other (non-pre-check) lane is mandatory BKSX. The six other lanes all had their BKSX roped off, so it is an easy SDOO.330p
LAXUATerminal 7 (main)2012-06-20I can't decide if this is blue or green. There is a "special" line right next to the ticker counters that was open. Thought at first it was a premier line, but not the case. It feeds into the main checkpoint, but there is a separate entrance and no BKSX at all. It was glorious.800p
SEAAA22012-06-20Most Xrays were roped off at this time. Easy SDOO.710a10
GEGASConcourse C2012-06-20WTMD in both lanes. Staff courteous and efficient (as usual).
DALWNTerminal 22012-06-20Mandatory use of scanners followed by extremely invasive pat-down/molestation and crotch-groping by butch lesbian TSA agent as standard procedure (nothing unusual detected during scan to warrant the supposedly obligatory post-scan pat-down800p5
DALWNTerminal 22012-06-20Mandatory use of scanners followed by extremely invasive pat-down/molestation and crotch-groping by butch lesbian TSA agent as standard procedure (nothing unusual detected during scan to warrant the supposedly obligatory post-scan pat-down800p5
DALWNTerminal 22012-06-20Mandatory use of scanners followed by extremely invasive pat-down/molestation and crotch-groping by butch lesbian TSA agent as standard procedure (nothing unusual detected during scan to warrant the supposedly obligatory post-scan pat-down800p5
DALWNTerminal 22012-06-20Mandatory use of scanners followed by extremely invasive pat-down/molestation and crotch-groping by butch lesbian TSA agent as standard procedure (nothing unusual detected during scan to warrant the supposedly obligatory post-scan pat-down800p5
sbaAll2012-06-20The newly built Santa Barbara airport building has Millimeter Wave scanners for all passengers, all airlines. No way around, so I had to get my first dose of radiation ever. Went through the grope down once, and never again. Too bad Santa Barbara didn't stand up to these turds.600a
sbaAll2012-06-20The newly built Santa Barbara airport building has Millimeter Wave scanners for all passengers, all airlines. No way around, so I had to get my first dose of radiation ever. Went through the grope down once, and never again. Too bad Santa Barbara didn't stand up to these turds.600a
SANUACommuter2012-06-20False positive on swab after opt out pat down. Recommend you ask that the swab be tested before the pat down.630a15
BosUAC2012-06-19Left lane to the left hand terminal, no BKSX in use. Didn't even have to SDOO. Be sure you get in the left hand line, try wont let you switch after the podium. 1200p
ilmDL2012-06-19hah! just flew over ILM in my own plane. NO scanners for me =) how ridiculous the whole thing is. My finishing of my private license is a symbol of my newfound freedom from the TSA sexual assaults. THEY HAVE NOT stopped me from flying AND I do NOT have to choose another way to travel. =)
BWIWNA/B baggage level2012-06-19Walkthrough metal detectors only, no scanners. The metal detector beeped even though I am certain I had no metallic items. Screener made me walk through metal detector again, and it did not beep. This indicated to the blueshirts that I needed a handswab for explosives. These people are overemployed.530p0
sjcUSTerminal A2012-06-19Not busy at the checkpoint so everyone gets to be zapped.230p5
SFOVX22012-06-19Crew members (thanks for standing with us, guys -- oh, wait, you get the metal detector) and families with children under 12 are not terrorists. Children become terrorists on 13th birthday, and must go through the cancer-box. My officer began the conversation by threatening me with whether I was going to fly. I'm sure he is a constitutional scholar in addition to being a radiation safety engineer.
AUSUAFar right, Jetblue/United Area2012-06-19Most sent through scanner, occasional person sent through WTMD5
AUSWNFar left / Southwest Airlines checkpoint2012-06-18Was possible to select the left hand lanes with millimeter wave machine clearly closed (entrance blocked by trash can). Millimeter wave scanner was in use for the right-hand priority flyers and crew lane. They are playing the say-your-name game at this airport this morning.440a15
CLTD2012-06-18Courteous and professional about opt-out.720a20
SANUATerminal 12012-06-18All three lanes were open. As usual, I went to the very left lane which only has WTMD. While waiting, noticed that the lane on the very right didn’t not have a backscatter nude machine any more. Curious whether it was broken, taken down for maintenance, or permanently removed, which would be the good news. Will check it next time. 530a10
ABQWNMain2012-06-18ABQ is your All NoS All the time airport! Smurfs do not swab gloves before the search and their swab reading machine is hidden from view.5
INDWNB2012-06-18MMW for all with no lines at checkpoint.130p0
snaWNC2012-06-17All passengers required to go thru millimeter wave machines.130p
LIHAllGates 3-102012-06-17620p15
BDLAllALL2012-06-17Small CP: 50-50 BSX/WTMD Seems if someone was in the BSX, next got WMD, no SDOO; Main CP BSX & WTMD Both Observed; Gropes and Swapping.100p10
CAKDL2012-06-17No option to SDOO. TSO "guarding" WTMD didn't acknowledge me for 2 minutes, finally called for "male assist" (dumb term). TSO to do patdown became offended when I asked him to define "resistance", and when I defined it by medical terms for male genitalia, he and a supervisor became very displeased with me.240p5
LGAAAConcourse D2012-06-17PriorityAAccess line on left WTMD. Regular line or right Backscatter.400p5
PHLAllTerminal D2012-06-17Terminal D security is a hidden gem at PHL. Almost nonexistant line, through in less than 5 minutes.720p5
gspDL2012-06-16the goal is for EVERY airport to have MMW/ATD. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. GSP HAS THEM NOW
MSPAATerminal 1, checkpoint 12012-06-16Sexually frustrated TSA clerks were doing the technology-enabled ogling thing. Man, I feel sooooooo much safer knowing that all the dudes have penises and the women have firmly attached boobs.
EWRUAC22012-06-16One MMW on the far left. Very easy to avoid, especially in the Premier line.220p10
DTWDLParking Garage Level2012-06-16At this hour the MMW was roped off. Looks like this checkpoint closes at 9 PM.840p
BOSASA2012-06-16Premium line went to a lane with closed BKSX.
pnsAAAll2012-06-16Scanner only for everyone
PHLWND2012-06-16No scanners yet.600a5
HnlOtherInterisland2012-06-15WTMD only, no scanners.1140a10
SEAUA32012-06-15PreCheck closed; only checkpoint 3 open. Some Backscatters roped off; I got lucky. Staff was snippy.840p10
YYZDLTerminal 3, US departures2012-06-15MMW machine is roped off behind a row of WTMDs. Appears that Canada is using them as secondary only.
slcDL22012-06-15The few people at this hour were scanned, unless they had Precheck (left lane). Did not see anyone use the precheck lane when I was in the area.230p
AGSAllMain/only2012-06-14No line, WTMD roped off, everyone funnelled through NoS.1200p0
TLH2012-06-14Very courteous and professional about opt-out.1250p0
PDXASA/B/C2012-06-14Due to checkpoint reconfiguration for PreCheck, the far right lane is now scanner-free, when open.220p
DfwUAE162012-06-14First, this website is awesome. What makes it awesome is the accuracy of intel. My flight was out of gate e5 instead of enter through e6, which I did visually verify is scanner city, I entered through e16 which was free of any body scanners. 500p10
dfwAAC302012-06-14All passengers being sent thru the MMW scaller200p1
ABEUAMain2012-06-14WTMD only. Single checkpoint serves all gates.500p0
JFKB6T52012-06-14All lanes open with scanners only being used, still over an hour wait to get through because of heavy crowds and confusion about scanners. 65
seaUANorth2012-06-14usually this checkpoint is fast but it was a long wait! got randomed on the wtmd again. they were swabbling random people's hands at ID check. got bag swabbed on random wtmd alarm. at least no longer a glass holding box. looked like the radiation booth was shutdown due to long waits and everyone was sent through a wtmd, but not quite 100% certain of this. chose far left lane, which has traditionally been wtmd only520a20
SEA52012-06-14WTMDs at the far right and far left; everyone else got irradiated. SDOO followed by a supposedly random laptop swab. 1100a10
ORDUAT22012-06-13After ID check keep left. Only line on right has BKSX.350p10
tpaUAA2012-06-13All scanners all the time500p15
sydDLINT2012-06-12fortunately, I do NOT have to go thru this as I refuse plus I am a pilot. HOWEVER, DO NOT GO TO AUSTRALIA. NO OPT OUT RULE. f
smfDLa2012-06-12"moat dragon of DEATH" selects victims for the cancer chamber
YVRAllUS2012-06-11MMW in use for secondary. WTMD for all lanes.5
LAXUST12012-06-11Passengers in wheelchairs were sent to WTMD-only line, but almost everyone else was herded to backscatter. Had to opt out. TSO was more nervous than I was!830a
MEMDLA2012-06-11One line was metal detector, and all other lines were BSK. All TSA agents were polite. I chose metal detector line and so did travel companion. Companion was given pat down and pat down was typical and professional.8
MSPAllTerminal 1/Checkpoint 12012-06-10430a
STLWNEast2012-06-10BKSX in use in Lanes 2 and 3. Lanes 1 and 4 are WTMD only. Choose your own lane.
XNAAll2012-06-10All pax were directed through the AIT600p5
ATLAllInternational2012-06-10Everyone except families with small children through MMW.
MSPAllTerminal 1, checkpoint 42012-06-10Checkpoint 4 is TSA pre-check (better called "September 10 security"). To the commenter at 5-22, show us your radiation safety credentials and peer-reviewed studies. Until then, TSA can start touching my penis when they can find the >3 oz tube of toothpaste in my bag.
PPTInt'lonly one2012-06-09Only metal detectors in Tahiti, but everyone set them off. Patdowns were conducted by an officer of the same gender, and only took 10-15 seconds. Not invasive.900p
mspAllT1/CP12012-06-09Checkpoint 1 has a NoS installed, and is now being used as primary. To DL flyer from 5-22, TSA appears to be here to be sure my penis is still attached, not to actually keep me safe.
mhtWN2012-06-09Screeners directed passengers to either scanner or WTMD. Appeared to depend on whether the scanner was already in use when you got to the front of the line; I lucked out and ot the WTMD.
PHLWND2012-06-09WTMD only. Patdowns were given to people who alarmed WTMD, so make sure to get through in one try.230p5
ABQUAMain2012-06-09Everyone going through MMW. I opted out and got a pat down. TSA officers were respectful and friendly and didn't make me wait.
LAXUAT72012-06-08Very quiet today - I have seen insanely long lines here before. Main checkpoint has BSX to the left and WTMD to the right, but it appeared that the BSX was not in use tonight. Coming into the checkpoint from the left, I had my ID checked on that left side and was sent to a WTMD on that far left side, where previously, I've always been routed to the right, where the long lines form. There was literally just one guy ahead of me, and the TSA agents i dealt with all thanked me and one said "have a good trip." They seemed to be making an effort to be polite - haven't seen that before at LAX. 530p2
LAXUAT72012-06-08Very quiet today - I have seen insanely long lines here before. Main checkpoint has BSX to the left and WTMD to the right, but it appeared that the BSX was not in use tonight. Coming into the checkpoint from the left, I had my ID checked on that left side and was sent to a WTMD on that far left side, where previously, I've always been routed to the right, where the long lines form. There was literally just one guy ahead of me, and the TSA agents i dealt with all thanked me and one said "have a good trip." They seemed to be making an effort to be polite - haven't seen that before at LAX. 530p2
BosUAA2012-06-08Far left BKSX was roped off, easy SDOO840a20
SFOVXT22012-06-08If you had a child, you got the metal detector opened up just for you. (ATTENTION TERRORISTS: PAY A CHILD TO TRAVEL WITH YOU!) Otherwise, you must opt-out. Opt-out wait was clearly punishment, since there were TSA employees standing around talking. Or maybe they hate groping passengers as much as we hate it. TSA employees still do not have radiation badges.640a35
AtlAllNorth2012-06-08SDDO to lane on far right which was physically partitioned from mmw. No hassle. Plenty of smurfs standing around doing nothing though.
PHLAATerminal A East2012-06-08Well worth the wait-WTMD only.150p8
YYCAAB2012-06-08"Old" style ProVision NoS for random secondary1230p15
PHLUATerminal D2012-06-08Very easy. I love going through PHL Terminal D. No scanners... Metal Detectors only.
BOSWNE1A-E1E2012-06-07Virtually everyone other than families and random individuals sent through BKSX. Waited 10 minutes for male assist while two moat dragons (one behind WMTD, other next to front of BKSX) chatted back and forth. One said something about, "Do we have to go down to one lane so people can get pat-downs?" However, one of the moat dragons ended up doing pat-down, and it took all of 20 seconds. When he realized I was a golfer, he lightened up and was friendly enough.330p25
BOSCOTerminal A2012-06-074 lanes open and only one scanner operational. Very easy to SDOO. Didn't even have to play 20 questions with the TDC, which is kind of rare. 4p
oakAS12012-06-07One line for nudie scanner, one for WMTD, then they closed nudie line, so everyone got through ungroped.530p5
PhxUS4-A2012-06-07Left lane had at least some travelers goin through a back scatter machine. Right lane was going to a WTMD for all.1040p8
IAHUAInternational2012-06-07Everyone was going through MMW in all lines. A TSA agent was directing everyone through MMW. When the TSA agent wasn't looking, I just walked through the metal detector and avoided a pat down. Funny thing is the guy behind me in line followed me through too.
rduDL2012-06-06RDU IS RED ALWAYS unless you are what they view as a "family." get your private pilot's license folks. IT'S SAFER THAN YOU'D EVER KNOW! I am the first pilot in my family!!! =) We don't have to put up with this. Their tyranny should open up new opportunities in general aviation. Would you rather be microwaved or enjoy flying again?
MODUAthere's just one2012-06-06No new scanners; saw one pat-down, reason unknown540a5
RDUAA22012-06-06100% directed to NoS forced to opt-out, typical horrible RDU600a
LGAAAB2012-06-06Love LGA Terminal B only WTMD 230p
DFWAAA232012-06-05Still safe! WTMD only.750a6
dtwDLMcNamara-Checkpoint 22012-06-04MMW seems to be in use for all, however this line has PreChek if you qualify which is a nice reprieve (WTMD only)930a5
jfkDLterminal 32012-06-04only wtmd in use, scanners were at the far end of the terminal and roped off. line moved fairly quickly; tsa officers were mostly courteous and asked pax to say their full names.610a5
EWRAAA (30-39)2012-06-04The priority/first class line fed into metal detectors only. I couldn't see what the regular line was using.1100a5
seaASCheckpoint 52012-06-04Far left lane still WTMD only, and scanner free! 800a5
MBSDL2012-06-03No MMW or BKSX720a4
CLEUAC2012-06-03MMW for everyone. All WTMDs blocked off. About 75-80% of passengers required an additional frisking hence long waits AFTER scanning.240p15
CLTUSD2012-06-03All gates at CLT now have the ProVision ATD's.510a5
DENDLAll2012-06-03SDOO is becoming harder and harder to do at DEN. CO Flag Checkpoint is now effectively 100% MMW, as the WTMD lane on the far right is rarely open to anyone except crew. Ditto that for the main checkpoint, and the A Concourse Skybridge has been more or less MMW-only for a while now. If there's a line running WTMD only when you go through, consider yourself lucky. Opt-outs at this airport are unpleasant, and TSOs don't understand the concept of not putting one's belongings through X-Ray when there are still three people ahead of you for the scanner.400a3
ILMAllMain2012-06-03ILM now has mmw nude-o-scope. Had to opt out. Wait was significantly longer than pre-NoS days. No more showing up 40 minutes prior to departure :-(15
dcaAAGate 322012-06-03TSA stole my scrapple!640a5
SDFAllAll2012-06-02Everyone through the Xray. L-o-n-g wait fot a pat-down. They appeared to be understaffed in general. 300p25
LGADLTerminal D, main Checkpoint2012-06-02All WTMD, PreCheck operational (no wait if selected, fast and friendly)1130a0
evvDLA2012-06-02WTMD only. TSA extremely pleasant.130p0
IADUAInternational2012-06-02Backscatter in operation, but most people sent through metal detector. In our pair of lanes, the right-hand side seemd to lead directly to the metal detector.2p
BOSAAAmerican2012-06-01Some people waved through magnetometer. I was pointed to the Xray, declined, and got a rude and brusque pat-down.650a20
ORDUA22012-06-01No scanners; okay to use this checkpoint as a United passenger (all Terminal 1 checkpoints have backscatter)110p5
PDXWNABC2012-06-01Only one MMW lane open. Only saw WTMD opened for employees and opt-outs. TSA were barking at people like they were lowly peasants. My patdown fortunately was professional, back of the hands to buttox and genitals didn't get grabbed.1210p5
HPNAllMain2012-06-01MMW in use for all. It's the GUMBY / Gingerbread version of the scanner.
sjcUSTerminal A2012-06-01Two lines WTMD only used when scanner line too long. Thankfully got to use WTMD. Bonus - pinched tub stackers finger while rearranging my used tubs.1130a10
FLGUS2012-06-01WTMD only at this tiny airport.
PHLUSTerminal C2012-06-01Expert line led to metal detector; others led to WTMD/MMW.830a
LAXInt'lTBIT2012-06-01BKSX roped off, and multiple metal detectors open at both checkpoints.900p
FWAAAOne & only2012-05-31All pax thru NoS.500p0
LASDL2012-05-31I am a Commercial Pilot. I had "CREW" ID and my pilot and medical certificate. I was subjected just like any regular pax to one of the "ENHANCED" Terrorizing Sexual Assault (TSA). I am now out of the county and have no plans to return because of this incident.
SFOWN12012-05-30Everyone goes through scanner, no avoiding except to opt out n930a15
DENAAAmerican flag checkpoint2012-05-30Go to the 2nd floor and observe the checkpoints. CO flag checkpoint was all bad. Leftmost lane of American flag checkpoint was metal detector. Able to walk across scanner lanes to WTMD w/out being stopped.1210p
OGGInt'lMain2012-05-30Flight to YVR. WTMD by default, didn't see any other machines. Had hands swabbed after WTMD. 9/11 posters are creepy.10
ABQAAMain2012-05-294 lanes open, but everyone thru the NoS where lines were running 8-10 deep. Smurfette making snide comments about people not being able to follow directions because they were trying to watch their belongings which were no where in sight. Tried complaining to the mgr but it was a waste of breath.550a10
mkeDLConcourse E2012-05-29I did not see anyone go through them but there are now two MMW scanners at this checkpoint.
ORDUATerminal 22012-05-29Two out of three lines had just WTMD, other line had BSKX. Agent was disagreeable about me standing where I could see my stuff.450a15
EWRInt'lTerminal B Gates 50-582012-05-28Only flight crew and children didn't have to go through scanner. Opt out went smoothly.640a3
FLLWNB gates2012-05-28No scanners anywhere at this checkpoint. They found a 4 ounce container of liquid, but let me keep it. I watched one full patdown.300p10
ORDUS2 2012-05-28Furthest left lines are wtmd; on the right is a mmw machine that appeared to be operational randomly for about half of travelers. Only two lanes open.700p10
BILUAMain2012-05-28Very friendly staff640p0
DCADLTerminal B/Gates 10-222012-05-28MMW machines only; WTMD's roped off for both stations. Currently using a cane and didn't want to opt out and be standing for too long, so didn't opt out. Two things that normally trigger a subsequent pat-down (a thin panti-liner to generate the infamous anomaly at the groin and a minor physical deformity) did not actually trip the machine this time. I was amazed - usually I'm always patted down at DCA no matter what I do. Not a TSA fan, but will note that for a holiday, staff was actually friendly and the lines moved very efficiently.940a10
DENDLSouth Checkpoint (US flag one)2012-05-28Two lanes with WTMD only at this checkpoint; easy SDOO.730a10
IAHDLA gates 1-52012-05-28Two checkers feed into one MMW scanner, so things were very slow. Also played "state your name" AND made people carry boarding pass, but not ID, for a check after the MMW. The line got long and some went through WTMD, but don't count on it.450p10
LHRInt'lTerminal 52012-05-28All lanes appeared to have WTMDs.
LGADLC2012-05-27No scanners at Delta checkpoint in either terminal C *or* D, and they didn't find the big toothpaste in my bag. (Did get asked to pronounce my first and last name.) 1020a5
SFOUAT32012-05-27Memorial Day weekend: Line to the left, all MMW. Line to the right was families only, WWMD.640a20
LASUA12012-05-27Barker incouraged you to select own line so can choose one without scanner.700a10
MSPWNTerminal 22012-05-27Scanner now active in one lane at Terminal 2. One other lane was open when I went through, WTMD only, went to that line. Around 30 minutes later, traffic picked up and they opened another WTMD-only line.230p
sfoB62012-05-27Most went through MMW, a few were allowed to walk through metal detectors. I refused the MMW and asked to be patted down. They asked me to take off my hat and I refused, so a female TSA officer felt up my head as well as my body. Ugh.730a
JFKUA72012-05-27opted out, had to wait about 7 minutes for pat down, felt like I was being punished for not going through the backscatter machine930a
BURWN2012-05-27Both lanes have them. Looks like they are always in operation6p5
AbeDL2012-05-26Govt monkeys did their job quickly and professionally 530a3
HPNAllMain2012-05-26Nothing yet but MMW will be arriving shortly. Be prepared.
LAXInt'lT22012-05-26Most PAX through NoS as primary. Rightmost had no xray, was closed. Opt-out was smooth. TSO made sure we took our stuff with us and was very polite and professional.930p15
ORDUA22012-05-26Although the only open lane was BX, there was a very ald and disabled gentleman slowly preparing to go through it. As a result, the rest of us were sent through WTMD while they dealth with him. I use this checkpoint even when I am not flying United and it is never a problem.
phlUSinternational transfer2012-05-25not a WBI in sight.5a1
EWRAA2012-05-25The good news is the smurfs finally decided to sanitize the floor of the NoS-the bad is they didn't wait for it to dry before using it.5
BOSDLA2012-05-25The BKSX in the elite line on the right had the BKSX roped off and the lanes on the left side had the BKSX roped off. Easy to avoid the BKSX that was in use by choosing one of the aforementioned lanes.330p15
MBSDL2012-05-25Best airport to use in SE / E Michigan.610a2
PDXDLD2012-05-24Far left lane is metal only. Others have MMW. 500a10
phxAAT32012-05-24got to love T3 - Metal detector only700a
slcDLTerminal 22012-05-24Left-hand lane and second from right are MMW. Second from left and far right are WTMD-only. All lanes open; SDOO easy. TSO asked why I went a lane over instead of walking straight into the MMW lane, said I objected to the scanners. He replied that he hears that a lot, wished me safe travels and headed over to be the male assist on another lane.1230p5
BOSFLE12012-05-24Far left for SDOO. Others are NoS. 500p10
OKCUABoth2012-05-24MMW used as primary; no way to avoid except opt-out. Very slow and inefficient.200p20
BOSUSTerminal B--US side2012-05-241 line had only metal detector, looked like other two lines fed into backscatter machine400a5
MSPDLLindbergh Terminal, Checkpoint 52012-05-23Checkpoint 5 was still AIT-free on this date; WTMD only at this checkpoint. Not a fan of TSA in general, but will point out staff was efficient and polite. Offered me a WTMD-safe/TSA-approved cane to use if I needed it to walk through the WTMD when they saw me placing mine on the conveyor belt. I didn't need it, but it was nice to be asked without prompting.720a10
BOSDLA2012-05-23Got lucky and went thru WTMD. Massive lines though500p30
DCAAAGate 302012-05-23AA gates are still safe. Some United flights leave out of this checkpoint, but not all. A guy swabbed my hand as I was waiting for the id check and then scurried away, never to return. He seemed a little nervous. I only asked if the swab was clean.630a
YVRInt'lUS2012-05-231 or 2 machines for secondary, WTMD for everyone.40
MSPDLTerminal 12012-05-22TSA MSP officers are there to protect YOU. About the comment from 12-16-2010, MSP has never had a backscatter which uses x-ray technology(less than what you get at the dentist), they have millimeter wave machines that use radio waves (less than the cell phone you are probably attached to). So if you don't like going through the security that is in place to keep you safe, find another mode of transport. Personally, I would prefer everyone go through a "body scanner" when I fly. 830a1
mspDL2012-05-22@MSP..you are a total moron. Keep aviation security to those of us that actually know about aviation. I am a pilot thank you very much. May MSP continue to be an airport where you can chose FREEDOM and not sexual assault groping and radiation. NO DOSE of unnecessary radiation is safe, especially not when administered by TSA thugs.
BOSDLA2012-05-22There were two lanes on the left side of the checkpoint that had the BKSX roped off. Lanes on the right side of the checkpoint were using BKSX. Easy to self-select.540p3
ATLDLSouth (behind Delta)2012-05-21100% thru MMW. Opted out. Nice woman did patdown in an appropriate manner. Did not feel violated. Explained I am rape survivor. Woman in front of me also opted out. Fast moving lines.830a
CLDUAN/A2012-05-21No scanners. No hassles.
BWIWNA lower level2012-05-21No lines, no waiting, no body scanners! You can then access all A and B gates post-security from here.650a0
MSNUAMain2012-05-21MMW used as primary for nearly everyone. Only way to avoid is opt-out. A few random passengers sent through WTMD; still have the WTMD at both checkpoints but not used much.720a10
RDUDLTerminal 22012-05-21Typical RDU, everyone thru DNA shredder, opted out630a10
ATLDLSouth2012-05-21All lanes went to backscatter machines. Opted out, given a pat down. 700a15
PITAllmain2012-05-20people getting scanned were still patted down4p10
DENSouthern (US flag)2012-05-20Scope out from escalator area to see which if any lanes are using WTMD. Today it was the rightmost lane.600p15
ATLDLInternational2012-05-20As of 5/20 at least, no longer screening arriving passengers whose final destination is ATL. Don't know about departures at new terminal because trip began before it opened.300p30
CLTAllC2012-05-20C is no longer NoS-free. Sad day.
BOSUATerminal A2012-05-19no line for elite security. took several minutes to get belongings through X-ray. took 2x as long for my pat-down person to come along920a10
MSPUSTerminal 12012-05-19Still the same as previous comments: Checkpoints 2 and 6 were scanners, rest were WTMD. All checkpoints lead to all gates in Terminal 1.
ATLDLMain (Domestic)2012-05-19Numerous WTMD-only lanes open, and at least one MMW was roped off as well.730a5
PHLUSTerminal C2012-05-19Long line and only one MMW NOS open. Everyone got irradiated. :(720p0
PHLUSTerminal D2012-05-19No line and No NOS. Best check point at PHL.730p0
EWRASB-12012-05-19Told TSA operator that I couldn't llift my arm above my head in "the pose" (due to bone spur in shoulder). Was sent through WTMD without any further questions.700a
FLLVX1, Concourse C2012-05-19WTMD roped off. All going through backscatter.600a10
YULInt'lC (US preclearance)2012-05-19Leftmost lane has MMW, all other lanes are clear. Lanes are assigned by magic carpet. Generally MMW not used unless WTMD fails, pat down option available. Not the TSA and it shows, they may even say please and thank you!600a10
PHLUSTerminal F2012-05-18Long line and only one MMW NOS was openned. Everyone got irradiated.1100a
BUFUSMain Check point2012-05-184 Cancer machines were used. Only on WTMD was opened. It is hard to avoid the Cancer machine. Buffalo sucks.830a5
EWRDLB-1 (gates 40 - 47)2012-05-18Same old, same old. EWR is a joke.510a5
MKEConcourse D2012-05-18Only one lane open, MMW primary. Opt-out pat down was quick & tame.420p10
PHLDLD2012-05-17No AIT at D gate. Random patdown only. I had no trouble, lines moved quicklym8a
hnlOtherinterisland2012-05-17no scanners in terminal230p2
RNOWNC gates2012-05-17Still no scanners but a new checkpoint is under construction and scheduled to open April 2013
RNOWNB gates2012-05-17Oops, WN is the B gates.
INDWNB2012-05-17Light passenger volume. Most passengers sent through MMW. If 3-4 people were waiting for the MMW only then would a passenger be allowed through adjacent WTMD.510p3
ORDAAT32012-05-16WTMD only an option for priority access lane. Everyone else gets zapped. 520p
DFWUAE162012-05-16No porn-o-scopes at this checkpoint500p2
BOIDLOnly2012-05-16WTMD Blocked by TSA Agent ordering everyone into cancer box, had to opt out as usual600p
PHLDLD2012-05-16No scanners, only metal detectors. Random patdowns or patdown if you set off the machine. Generally not crowded nor hostile in this area.1000a5
YYTOtherMain2012-05-15No MMW200p<5
JHMOtherMain/Only2012-05-15No machines.300p1
DENAll2012-05-14Only imagers in use. Got the 4am abbreviated patdown though. 400a5
pitAAmain2012-05-14very long line today, bskx in use for most250p40
ordAll22012-05-14The two lanes at the far left were WTMD only. The one at the very left appeared to be for elite fliers at first, but after the travel document checker, they allowed everyone to move into that lane. It should be noted that I overheard the TSA person working the lane talking about how he had 3 minutes left for his shift. I asked him what would happen after that and he told me that he did not think that the next shift of workers would still be at the lane and that it was likely that the lane would be closed. I did not get to see what happened after then regarding whether the lane was left open, as well as the other metal detector lane. 230p
CLTUSA2012-05-14Checkpoint C was closed with signs of construction. At A, one line was metal detector only, which I chose. Others I saw (A, B, D) had scanners. 430p3
SYRUANorth2012-05-14Building a new centralized checkpoint but for now no AIT
LGBUSGates 7-112012-05-14
SFOUAT32012-05-14Nudies in operation now :(540a10
SANUATerminal 12012-05-13Did not pay attention what lane it was500a2
ATLDLSouth2012-05-13There are three machines or lines. Only two were in operation. the regular screening line moved faster than the line for the pre-flight pilot. the agents were fine. no drama or anything. line up, go through, have a nice flight.600p10
DCADLB2012-05-13All WTMDs were roped off.910a5
DENDLSourthern checkpoint (US flag)2012-05-13Only one lane (leftmost one -- 1020a15
DENDLNorthern checkpoint2012-05-13All WMTDs not allowed for passengers; only MMWs in use (and MMWs now in ALL LANES!)1010a20
SEAVX52012-05-13Stay in the far left lane -- it's WTMD. The TSA person was confused because she'd never seen a Virgin boarding pass before, but cleared that up. Access to all gates. Random ID checks at the gate itself, but no groping whatsoever!620p5
BOSDLA2012-05-12BKSX were roped off on the Elite side. I didn't pay attention to the other lanes1230p7
AtlDLMain2012-05-12Checkpoint was very crowded, so plenty of WTMD-only lanes were open, and it was very easy to select those. The MMW scanners are in lanes 1-4, 12-15, and 21-22, so avoid those lines. 220p20
SEAB622012-05-12Far right lane was WTMD only - backscatter was roped off for this lane.530p5
HNLOtherCommuter2012-05-12No machines.900a1
fsdUAterminal gate2012-05-12male smurf uses white paper tabs to check your water and other beverages. this is after you go through the security and buy an expensive water bottle.
BOSDLTerminal A2012-05-11Lanes on the left side had the backscatter roped off. Lanes on the right side were using the BKSX. Very easy to choose a line on the left and go through the WTMD. 620a25
dtwWN2012-05-11Scanners in effect for all.
EWRDLB-1 (gates 40 - 47)2012-05-10No WTMD option.1140a2
SEAAllCheckpoint 5 (North)2012-05-10Left lane is WTMD only. Easy SDOO. Access to all gates. 850a4
MKEUAC2012-05-10Only two lines feeding into one MMW530p13
SFOUAT3 Overflow (near Group Check-in)2012-05-10There are now three lanes - two that share an MMW on the left and one WTMD only on the right. Fairly easy to choose WTMD, if it's open. Families were also allowed to choose that line directly.1050a
LASWNTerminal 1, Gates A/B/C2012-05-10Thanks to problems w/the WN computers, the place was a zoo. Checkpoint only had 2 lanes open & MMW mandatory (how anyone can think those things are faster than WTMD is beyond me!). After standing in line for nearly 20 minutes, 3rd checkpoint finally opened up.240p25
STSASthere's only one2012-05-10No groping and no scanners at Snoopy Airport.940a10
SMFDLA2012-05-10TSA Barker Ordering everyone through Cancer Box....Opted out, Standard Patdown although I was reminded that the cancer box was "safe"510a
crwDL2012-05-09They have MMW now, STOP FLYING EVERYONE until L-3 stops this horrible devastation of our rights, If every single passenger went through the scanners it wouldn't be a big deal, but they are only having some passengers go through them which creates a "Rosa Parks" and serious human rights scenario..Also going throguh the scanners does not necessarily prevent a sexual groping as the scanners are known to give false positives.
LASVXB2012-05-09Far right lane has only WTMD, but may not be open. Oddly, middle lane had both MMW and WTMD with WTMD blocked off. So, just go to the right lane if it's open.730p0
YULOtherA2012-05-09MMW for anyone sent to the respective lane by random selection930a< 5
pitUAMain2012-05-09Lines stretched across the terminal lobby; the elite line was not well marked and many non-elites were using it. All lines seemed to take same amount of time.330p25
GSPUSA2012-05-09No scanners! Two WTMD lanes, but only one was open despite a long line.1200p15
sfoWN12012-05-09No Tsa at SFO.. Airport is privatized..430p
EWRAAA302012-05-0919 mims just to get to single ID checker who was writing a novel on every BP. They finally opened a 2nd CP, which was WTMD only, but the moat dragon was insisting on seeing everyone's BP a 2nd time which wasted another 12 mins of my life. 650a22
cmiAAall2012-05-08MMW ATD only. No staff for opt outs.0
gsoDL2012-05-08ah GSO.. youve resisted for so long...even longer than AUS. youve saved me from so much pain in 2011 and 2010...now it is time for us all to STOP flying airline passenger-based flights.
MDWWNB2012-05-08They tried to convince me it is "no longer radiation" but "sound waves" (which is what they thought radio waves are). I told them I have a physics degree and that's not true. then they proceeded to make fun of me for being "an expert".300pYes
SFOUAPremier Access T22012-05-08all MMW, which I dont mind, Back Scatter I opt out
SFOUST12012-05-07Everyone sent through MMW except flight crews800a5
MsnDLTerminal2012-05-07Full body scan lite up left breast pat down was a full pressure rub up down side to side I am a mall psg what do they do for the females ?..700p5
RICDL2012-05-07Everybody through the scanners. ETDs were also alarming left and right, TSOs visibly frustrated at the rampant false positives. FSD quite abrasive.600p
FNTDL2012-05-06Almost every bag going through X-ray machine is being pulled for secondary inspections: "magic" swabs, pulling out items, re=X=raying. Must be some type of drill. And when you opt out, be ready for full secondary inspection of carryon bags. What a joke today.240p
ATLFLNorth, biz class line2012-05-06Left was MD. Next was MD on left and MW on right with some funneling no doubts.440p2
BNADLB2012-05-06Was told after opting out that scanners were using new non-nude displays that showed threats as rectangles on an outline; I was not able to verify.1210p10
YQBUA2012-05-06Idiots. Forced me to keep my hat (which had a metal pin) to go through the metal detector, so of course it beeped and then they told me I had to go through the body scanner or receive a pat-down.700a
ORDUA12012-05-06Left lanes were slower but had only a metal detector in use. Other lines had WTMD and body scanners. I picked the slow lane!1100a25
MEMAACheckpoint A2012-05-05Only 1 lane open & all pax thru the BSK. 11 minutes from the ID checker to the other side-more smurfs standing around than pax! Female pax taking signifantly longer to 'clear' than male; must have been a slow perv in the booth. Upon arrival at the gate, found a 1/2 full bottle of water I'd forgotten was in my carryon that was missed!820a11
AtlUANorth2012-05-05Nasty smurfs asked for a rub down even after stepping into their fancy nude-o-scope1140a2
dbaDL2012-05-05theyre here. all fl airports have em. i dumped my trash in front of the airport as this state has no respect for my rights so why care about the environment?
SFOUAT32012-05-05Fxxk it, went through the scanner. They have ones with updated software so no porn. One MMW in few months won't kill me and I would save time to get to the snacks on the other side.600p5
PHXUST1 - B2012-05-05Everyone through BSX. Very thorough groping - hair patdown, collar check, hands in pants630a5
LGAFLTerminal B2012-05-05Wonderful experience, 2 WTMD only, and just a few TSA personnel manning the checkpoint. Very efficient. Visit this checkpoint to understand why we need to eliminate NoS/backscatter!410p5
DENDLColorado Flag Checkpoint2012-05-04WTMD in priority lane is malfunctioning. Rather than pat-downs or closing the lane, rhey're sending everyone through three or four times, until they clear. They're also complaining very loudly to their supervisor about it, and rightfully so. I love national security.910a25
cleUSCheckpoint A2012-05-04only 1 bxsx, WTMD roped off. Told them I can't lift my arm, so they let me through WTMD anyway, no pat down!5p
EWRDLB-1 (gates 40 - 47)2012-05-04Same stupid stuff.710a5
BWIFLA/B lower level2012-05-04Lower level had only metal detector; TSA at entry was friendly and chatted about our (his and our) tattoos, and comics ;-)1240p0
BOSUATerminal A2012-05-04Went through Premier Access lane. There was one lane using the Backscatter and the other using a metal detector with the backscatter roped off. Went through the line with a metal detector and no pat down. Long wait in the Premier line, and longer in the regular line.400p20
IADUAMain2012-05-03Long lines... narrowly avoided running the blue gauntlet400p20
BWIUAD2012-05-03Long line. Went through Premier Access line and there was one line with a millimeter wave unit and another with a metal detector. Went through the metal detector line and that's it.530a10
SFOUA32012-05-03Not sure why it took so long to get through security. I fly for business, and have never experienced such delays, not only that, the agents seemed really distracted? I would ask a question, and three of the four that I was trying to get information from, were very dismissive and vague. Almost missed my flight due to the really slow and what seemed like confused stated of the agents.200p25
DFWUAE62012-05-03Body scanner for everyone except pilots. One TSA agent (a small young man) asked a passenger "how are you?" and the passenger replied something like "good and you?", to which the TSA agent replied : "Hey I am great, when your job allows you to mess with people and they cannot mess with you, its pretty awesome" !!900a10
SBAUS2012-05-03Mandatory rapescan
CELDLSkyPriority (left of Detla ticket counter)2012-05-022-minute wait for groper. Resisted collecting my items from X-ray conveyoer; he called supervisor over, who told him to collect the items and put them next to me at the "grope studio" location. Patdown dumb but not overtly sexual this time.450a5
rdu22012-05-02lol stupid smurfs. I was probably one of their most hated customers as I always yelled at the moat dragons lol. I think its so funny I landed on RWY 23L in my own airplane at RDU just thinking about how stupid they are that they would sexually assault 75% of the people in there.
PITAllMain2012-05-02Opposite of the entry prior, they were actually forming a line at NoS for premier/one bag, whereas roped off for the regular lines100p25
SFOUAInternational Connections2012-05-01Everyone going through MMW units. This must be new, because I went through SFO from an international flight about a month ago and was metal dectors through the same checkpoint. They must have just installed these MMW. I was polite and respectful with the TSA officer letting him know that I'm opting out and he was polite and respectful with me.1100a15
PHXDLT32012-05-01Metal dector only for Delta (what about other side of T3, Hawaiian, etc?) Only one lane open with obnoxious TSA chimp barking orders, while crowd laughing at him. Quite funny.100p20
SFOAAT22012-04-30Metal detectors all blocked with TSA placards that looked screwed on (not just a rope barrier). Only MMW being used, so the line was backed up. TSA staff was puzzled by opt-out request, and apologized that the checkpoint was moving slow since "new procedures" started this week.900a15
FNTDL2012-04-29Standard nonsense with opting out and getting "patdown". Had to go through three TSOs before the 4th one was willing to do the patdown. Male TSO was very uncomfortable with my use of medical terms for my genitalia, and he walked away and refused to do the patdown.1040p3
SeaUSCheckpoint 22012-04-29X-ray operational for most passengers in center lane; xray roped off in far right lane, WTMD only. Xray in use for all lanes at checkpoint 3;, for probably 80% of travelers. Did not check north/5. 1000a15
SJCUAA2012-04-29Naughty smurfs with their porn-o-scopes... Had to get a rub down1230p0
SJUAATerminal D, Checkpoint for Gates 1-192012-04-28Early enough in the morning that the only lane open at the time was WTMD only, however, there are BSK's present in other lanes at this checkpoint.530a1
LAXUA72012-04-28Two queues. Everyone through the backscatter.1030a10
LAXUA62012-04-28Far right line doesn't have scanner. Smurf was not happy with my walking over to his line but let me through anyway.100p
SFOAAT22012-04-27MMW scanners in ALL lanes now. Weren't there on April 12.720a15
ABEDL2012-04-27TSA made up for "no scanners" by having WTMD "randomly" select numerous passengers while I was at the checkpoint. WTMD selected guy in front of me and me for "extra" screening. For me, it was a magic swab of my hands, plus taking everything out of my laptop bag. Made me so angry I actually used a swear word (which is not my normal speaking style even when angry).530a7
MSNAll2012-04-27One MMW scanner in use for all passengers. No WTMDs left. No way to avoid scan or grope.5
PhxUS4-A2012-04-27Most lines had X-ray in use for most passengers. Right lane had X-ray roped off. Choose your own adventure. Right after I chose the right hand lane they roped the entire lane off (I think they were closing it for the shift).340p0
NRTUAat the boarding gate for my plane2012-04-26No scanners, but they had a list of pre-selected passengers who were getting the gropedown. Not good. Not good at all. I cried for hours afterward.330p0
SFOUAPremier access Terminal 32012-04-26Walk through metal detectors only. I got snippy with the moat dragon who was threatening me over the say-your-name game. Long lines.310p15
JFKUA72012-04-26Backscatter in use for all but crew members710a10
BKKUAUnited2012-04-25No scanners, but they were doing hands on the body for every single person boarding the flight. I was able to talk them out of violating me by pointing out that my clothing was skintight from head to toe. Luckily they agreed that there was no place to hide anything and they didn't lay hands on me.450a2
ontUS2012-04-25MWave scanners in use in terminal 4 until line became too long. line to the far left used just the metal detector. they did hassle a women who was wearing some kind of medical device that looked like a cell phone.600a45 m
ORDUATerminal 12012-04-24While I waited, the TSO's randomly blocked the WTMDs or the NoSs. I got lucky and they were using the WTMDs when I went through, but five minutes earlier it was all NoS, and when I looked back after reassembling my stuff it was all NoS again.400p15
SNAWNB2012-04-24Lines were really long in Terminal C, and they were making everyone go through the scanners. I went down to B where there was no line, but also had scanners. I opted out and the screener wouldn't let me watch my stuff. I raised a fuss and demanded to talk to a supervisor but he ignored me. Then another screener threw my empty water bottle away. I finally got through and found the supervisor and complained about it. He was actually very nice.1150a
oggUSmain2012-04-24If you stay left you have a better chance of WTMD only unless its backed up. Time it right and you can avoid the MMW. Right lane seems to be more likely sent through scanner.900p
MiaAACheckpoint 12012-04-2335 minutes just to get to the ID checker (checkpoint 2 even worse). Everyone except employees, crew, & kids forced thru the 1 NoS at this checkpoint .930a40
JANWN2012-04-23TSA scanning bags several times; also random bag searches at Gate 4 AA 1230p5
SANWNTerminal 1 Gates 3-102012-04-23
PHLUSTerminal D2012-04-23Terminal D is still scanner-free. Use it to access any terminal after security. Very short line in the afternoon.130p<5
KBPOther12012-04-23I didn't see any scanners at all, only metal detectors.400a10
FNTDL2012-04-223-striper supervisor again was waiting for me when I got to the X-ray baggage machine; guess I'm now very well=known here for opting out.430p4
mkeDLConcourse E2012-04-22
PITAllMain2012-04-22Initially, only the center and right metal detectors were being used; both scanners were roped off. Then, the middle one opened and everyone in the center line was being put through that. The right scanner remained closed, and upon closer inspection, it appeared broken. The two blue backscatter boxes were pushed together closer than normal, and the rubber mat had been rolled up and tossed in the middle. Stay to the right (premier/one bag lines) to get the metal detector.400p20
caeDLALL2012-04-21they're here now
SfoVX22012-04-21These scanners are new in the last few weeks :-(
SttUA2012-04-21Only one checkpoint-2 metal detectors roped off, 1 of 2 mmw in use-all through mmw
sfoUA32012-04-21shame on you SFO. I don't understand what the deal with covenant is. They were better in the past but seem to have no regard for our rights anymore. If you feel they are disrespectful or discriminatory (based on sexual-orientation), call an LEO. This is SFO after all. Put an end to their crap while we can.
SVGInt'lMain2012-04-21WTMD only; very quick, professional, and well organized520a5
FRAInt'lTerminal 12012-04-21WTMD only, any large/complicated electonic item must be removed to avoid secondary bag search910a10
SFOUAT3 Elite Checkpoint2012-04-21
LEXAllMain2012-04-21WTMD roped off
SFOUSGates 20-302012-04-20Lines in the central (left) TSO checkpoint fed to the left-hand lane, which had WTMD only. Lines in the right-hand TSO checkpoint, off to the side in the little room, feed to the xray. No apparent choice as to which line you're fed into.400p45
BURDLTerminal B2012-04-20Terminal B has one checkpoint with a WTMD only.230p0
BURTerminal A2012-04-20Terminal A has two MMW scanners which all passengers must go through and no WTMD in use. Very long lines. Unfortunately the Terminal A gates cannot be accessed from Terminal B. 230p
OKCAABoth2012-04-20No way to avoid MMW at either checkpoint. Opt out was the only option.
cleDLALL2012-04-19after reading the last comment from CLE, I e-mailed them telling them I AM DISGUSTED AND WILL NEVER GO TO THEIR AIRPORT. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Call the police next time it happens...that IS sexual assault.
BWIUAD2012-04-19First class priority line at security was mandatory MMW nude scan with automatic target recognition. Looked like everyone in every line was getting MMW scan.630a0
HNLOtherInterisland2012-04-19No xrays. Nicest TSA staff. 1100a5
lhrDLterminal 42012-04-198-10 wtmd's and 1 mmw, slow times they use the mmw line before other lines, mmw random selection after wtmd. use lines on the ends of the cp to avoid the mmw. NO OPT OUTS!1020p12
ausWN2012-04-19Scanners in operation for all passengers at all 3 checkpoints.
BOSUAC2012-04-19Dodged the smurf gauntlet... stay left towards the frequent flyer line if possible - no porn scanners there420p10
DCAFLA2012-04-19Two lines both metal detectors. 840a
LEXAllMain2012-04-18All the sheep going through the microwave ...
stlAAC2012-04-18WTMD only. Lazy staff700p5
CLEDLABCD gates2012-04-17Only MMW in operation. Groper groped everything three times, very firmly (words are not printable for my thoughts). If you use MMW, expect to get a patdown more than 60% of time, saw three old ladies (70s) get full patdowns after using MMW -- perverts.440p10
MIAAAD/E Checkpoint In Front of Hotel2012-04-17There was no line to get to the ID checker. After that, two lanes were in use, one with the MMW wave and a WTMD only lane for elites. The MMW wave lane was backing up so I and many others just walked over to the less crowded elite lane. TSA agents didn't mind. Very convenient if you are staying at the landside Miami Airport hotel. You check out, walk out of the lobby and the checkpoint is right there.1230p5
dcaUSC2012-04-17Two lines, everyone directed to center MMW scanner.750p1
SFOUAT32012-04-17No nudie machines at the frequent flyer checkpoint; although the other checkpoint now has MMW-ATR machines1230p5
PITUAmain2012-04-16one lane with, one without.1130a10
dfwAAA232012-04-16WTMD only400p10
SFOUAT32012-04-16Checkpoints in T3 were rearranged this week. The old "E gates" checkpoint closest to T2 is permanently closed. There are now two main checkpoints in the center of the terminal. The CP closest to T2 has one MMW and one WTMD, the other has 3 MMWs. The elite checkpoint is still WTMD only.1230p
MSYWNB2012-04-16MMW for all900a2
Rdu22012-04-16Polite and fast screeners. But patdown unnecessarily aggressive.
MSPTerminal 22012-04-16Still no scanners at Humphrey/Terminal 2. This terminal serves WN, FL, SY, NK, FI. No airside connection to T1.500a
SLCDLTerminal 22012-04-16Terminal 2 had one MMW scanner in use which could be avoided by staying to the right for one of several WTMDs. All gates can be accessed from Terminal 2.1020a5
MBSDL2012-04-15No MMWs; uneventful process except the TSO asked me if I'd removed my liquids and laptop -- after he had stood right next to me and watched me do it -- morons.250p1
PHXUS4-A2012-04-15Xray at apparently all lines, but random whether you go through xray or WTMD. They seem to have shut down the left-lane WTMD-only option.400p5
BOSUAC2012-04-13Right side had Xrays roped off. 550a10
BOSUAC2012-04-13Right side had Xrays roped off. 550a10
PBIUAC2012-04-13Very few people, really long wait. They were letting mothers go through WTMDs with their children. Everyone else through scanner.400p20
bwiFLB2012-04-13I had an hour when I got to the airport and was already checked in so I went straight to security. And I still nearly missed my flight because it took so long.800a60
laxOtherT32012-04-13Choose your own.1150p
AUSUARight2012-04-13Line with only WTMD blocked off, everyone had to go through NoS.10a
MKEConcourse C2012-04-13There is now a third lane on the far left-hand side of the checkpoint that is WTMD only. However it is primarily accessible from the Elite/First/Crew security line, and it may be shut down during non-peak periods.630a0
DENA/B/C2012-04-12Far right lane Only has magnetometer. Go there. All other lanes have nude body scanners in action500a
SjcUSA 2012-04-12Scanners no used. All wtmd.5p2
EWRDLB-1 (gates 40 - 47)2012-04-12Both MMWs in use; no WTMD except for the privileged classes (airline employees).450p10
dalWNMain / Lobby2012-04-12MMW installed and in use at the main checkpoint. No self-selection available, almost everyone through the scanners. The upstairs checkpoint was WTMD and no wait, for those that can figure out how to find it.900a5
BWIDLD2012-04-12The line for “security” was longer than I've ever seen it. Because of that, in almost all of the lanes TSA was using the metal detectors only. There was one lane that occasionally sent people through the scanner but you could choose your own lane. 410p
SFOUAT32012-04-11New scanners are installed in main security. Not in use yet. Three scanners. Walked to the elite security check point, it was closed. Some activity is going on, but hard to tell if the scaneers are being installed there too.7p
IADUAMain2012-04-11Radiation spewing porn-o-scopes were in operation along with metal detectors... narrowly dodged the smurf gauntlet340p25
jfkDLt3-rotunda right2012-04-111 backscatter/wtmd pair, a second wtmd off to the right. backscatter roped off and not operating.830p5
hsvDLall2012-04-10when they get the new airports with ATR, they become RED. Stay away. Ironically, this "HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus)" airport is now "infected" with the 4th ammendment killer virus of this nation.
CIDAll2012-04-10NoS MWW now installed in security
CLTAllC2012-04-10No scanners at C still. :)1100a20
BAHOther12012-04-10This airport does not have scanners. WTMD only.105
DTWDLSky Priority/McNamara2012-04-09I should've gone thorugh checkpoint on concourse level; could've done an SDOO there. Opted out; took 3 minutes to get a groper, and I believe it would have been longer if they'd not pulled my laptop bag for "additional screening" and my stuff was backing up the line. 640a10
DFWAAA232012-04-09Very crowded. Did sdoo and went thru wtmd. Other end mmw, many passed thru no opt outs as far as I could tell. 8a15
DFWAAA232012-04-09Very crowded. Did sdoo and went thru wtmd. Other end mmw, many passed thru no opt outs as far as I could tell. 8a15
SJCUAA2012-04-09Smurfs having a ball zapping everyone with radiation... had to opt out; at least the smurf was courteous and professional.700p0
SJCUAA2012-04-08Metal detectors roped off. Had to opt out of cancer machine.900a5
PSPAllMain2012-04-08Metal detectors roped off. Millimeter wave for all passengers except children 12 and under.600a5
RSWB6Concourse D2012-04-07There are four lanes. From the left lanes 1 and 4 are MMW. Others are WTMD. It is easy to self select a lane. The scanner/WTMD closest to you will be the one that you go through.550a10
EWRCOC12012-04-07Husband, 14yo daughter through scanner, self, 10yo daughter thru WTMD. All WTMDs roped off.1200p
STLWN22012-04-06Only one backscatter machine in use, three safe WTMD only lanes to choose from.300p
sjcUSTerminal A2012-04-06Good Friday and lots of families. Went from red to yellow when the lines got too long and they opened a 3rd line that was WTMD only.830a15
SFOUAInternational G2012-04-05At 10AM on a Thursday, three lines were in use; the middle and right side had scanners but the left lane was metal detector only. Even though I started on the right side, I was able to sneak over to the metal detector line without arousing suspicion. Guessing the odds are best during high-traffic times of day.1000a
lhrAllTerminal 12012-04-04MMW scanner present on one of the lanes
LHRInt'lTerminal 32012-04-04MMW scanner present on one of the lanes. BKSX in back room, not sure if it was in use
PITAllAlternate2012-04-04NoS roped off and closed. WTMD only on this day.400p15
LaxAATSA Pre-Check room2012-04-03Most of the wait time was for the TDC.750a15
iahOtherB2012-04-03i opted out and the woman they called to help me was angry so they got someone else to help me who was very nice. there were only 3 to 5 people in line.
phlUAD2012-04-03PHL Terminal D is great! No scanners! Very easy!500a
HNLAA52012-04-02All pax thru the NoS. Ended up w/another false+ from Gumby-smurfette was totally confused when she insisted on checking my watch I wasn't wearing. 530a5
mdw2012-04-02TSA clerk sending small number of passengers to right side of checkpoint where a MMW was present. Estimated 10% of people sent.400p2
phlDLd/e2012-04-01Yay for freedom. =)
PDXDLABC2012-04-01Some got the old scanners when crowded, but we got the shaft. Not totally horrible pat-down.1210p
JFKAATerminal 8 Main Checkpoint2012-04-01Backscatters roped off due to peak travel day. Wait was still long.200p15
FCADL=(2012-04-01UGHH!!! NO!!!! They've gotten Montana now =(
bilDLALL 2012-04-01Oh my god I hate L-3
FRAInt'lTerminal 22012-04-01WTMD only20
IAHInt'lTerminal C2012-04-01Opted out; screener changed gloves without being asked and tested gloves before the grope (to avoid false positive) when requested130p15
MTJAllMain2012-04-01MMW for all
MCOWN60-1292012-03-31BKSX in use at two outermost lanes. However, all lanes in center are WTMD only. Go through the right side line and choose the Expert Traveler line that routes right into a WTMD-only lane.900a15
JFKB652012-03-31Rapiscan Backscatters were at the checkpoint but were turned off because of the number of people.1010a
RSWB6D2012-03-31TSA directs you through either MMW or WTMD.340p
JFKB652012-03-30Rapiscan Backscatters were at the checkpoint but were turned off because of the number of people.1010a
BOSUAA2012-03-30Went through Premier Access. Most people going through the Backscatter. I saw about 2 go through the metal detector. I tried walking through the metal detector but the TSA agent told me to go through the cancer box. I opted out, and the patdown was no big deal.500a5
pdxUSd/e gates2012-03-28no alternative to scanners (any line) so got groped by a smurf) :(730a
pdxUSa/b/c gates2012-03-28very light traffic so all pushed into nudie scanners800a
MSYWNB2012-03-28In the right two lanes everyone was sent through the Millimeter Wave scanner230p5
EUGDL2012-03-28WTMD roped off1200p5
pitUAmain2012-03-27all the machines were roped off10a10
BWIUAD2012-03-27Left line using Metal Detector (Millimeter Wave Unit was roped off). Right line using Millimeter Wave Unit with new software. I went through metal detector no problem.920a5
eugDL2012-03-27this is disgusting what they've done to oregon. I walked by L-3's office today and shot them the bird. Can't wait till the supreme court rules in favor of our 4th ammendment rights.
smfDLA2012-03-26Please AVOID.
ordUA12012-03-26Unfortunately, everyone at this checkpoint was sent through the body scanner. TSA employees were standing in front of the metal detectors, blocking them. Fortunately, I have read that one can access this terminal by going through terminal 2 which has lanes without body scanners on the far left.430p
COSUAMain2012-03-26No scanners but plenty of TSA around. Was told COS will switch to naked body scanners in the fall as part of a "renovation" of the security area.
MIADLConcourse H2012-03-25MMW in use for all passengers. But, TSA announced, "Needs recalibrating" as pax in front of me was going to use it, so we both got to use the WTMD (didn't have to opt out!). MMW shut down for 5 minutes, then back in operation after I went through.500a2
DcaDLB2012-03-25WTMD was roped off, forcing everyone to go through the MMW. 650a10
GSPConcourse A2012-03-25Still no scanners. Two WTMD lanes, only one open led to a slow wait time400p15
phxDLt42012-03-25Wow I can tell u have many persoanl problems and alot of time on your hands . Read the sins and follow directions stupid then you will have no problems. TSA has never givin me a problem and I fly once a moth. Take a bus or walk if you dont like it because75% of us do!!! See ya chumps!!!
ORDTerminal 22012-03-23Five lanes at this CP. Three to the left are WTMD only. Two to the right are WTMD/BSKX pair. TSA may "force" you to head into the right pair. Keep left to have a better chance of WTMD600a20
safAAMain2012-03-23There is only one security lane, which consists of only a metal detector.120p
BOSWNE1A-E1E2012-03-22Not busy. Only using BKSX. Opt out was quick but a female opt-out had to wait a few minutes for female assist.900a5
BUFUAmain2012-03-22Four Cancer machine are in used. People were directed to cancer machine and WTMD at the same time. You could skip the cancer machine if your timing is right. They groped a senior person who can barely stand up even using a cane. :(640a10
BOSDLA2012-03-22Checkpoint was understaffed. As usual, TSA was sending nearly all pax through the BKSX. I got lucky, as when I got to the front of the line, the BKSX went down, and pax were sent through the WTMD. Note that the other BKSX in operation was still running in the adjacent lane.120p25
JFKDLT3 - left of Delta check-in counter2012-03-22BSX machine not in use (being installed? being serviced?). Long lines for non-Sky-Priority people. TDC bored and slow.240p1
laxUA72012-03-21WMTDs roped off9a
SFOUAConnecting Flights2012-03-21I arrived in SFO from an international flight, went through Immigration and Customs, then went to the Connecting Flights. There were no scanners when I went through the security there, only metal dectors.1130a5
OrdAA3 (first class/TSA PreCheck)2012-03-20New TSA PreCheck opened today. Tons of execs in suit standing around watching.a3
LAXAAT4 Checkpoint 1 (Pre-Check Lane)2012-03-20WTMD only in this room!540a7
phxDLT32012-03-20No scanners!! WTMD only
ABQAAMain2012-03-19Everyone except kids & flight crews being sent thru NoS. I ended up w/a false positive & a tummy rub from the smurfette-this is the 2nd time in the last 3 trips I've gotten a false positive from one of these machines.1200p3
RSWDL2012-03-19TSA has toxified FL airports 100%. STOP FLYING commercial airlines then they will have to FIRE the TSA agents.
pitUAmain2012-03-19Most going through WBI still got a patdown anyway7a
lasWNC2012-03-19Upstairs C gates checkpoint only has a MMW with ATR.
FNTDL2012-03-18MMW only for pax; WTMD not being used.1100a1
miaAAE2012-03-18All lines except Elite line were MMW-only. Pat-down was professional and fairly quick, and TSA did not make a big deal of fliers who opted-out.650p20
lgaDLfar right2012-03-18no scanners at either delta checkpoint.430p
phxUST4, A2012-03-18Far left lane led to WTMD, but mainly it was elites being funneled there. I snuck in anyway and pretended I didn't know any better.810p5
FLLWNB gates2012-03-17No body scanners, walk through metal detectors only. I did see a sickening sexual assault grope, but I do not know the reason this woman was victimized.600p3
LASUAD2012-03-17Middle lane: scope roped off, only a metal detector in use. Both outer lanes had scopes in use. Choose your own adventure with TSA "suggesting" routes.600p
DENDLNorth Checkpoint2012-03-17Easy to choose lane for WTMD.940a10
abqUSmain2012-03-17WTMD in use for a while, then roped off and all through MMW8a5
DenNorth End Security2012-03-17InvasI've nude scanners in use at most but not all lanes. Left two lanes have magnetometers only. Go there.520p
pwmUAsingle2012-03-17just confirming the previous post - the family with kids ahead of me was allowed through the wtmd, I was forced to choose between mmw and grope. Very sad.250p0
JAX2012-03-17One WTMD lane, the rest were WBI. WTMD lane was near the center of the checkpoint. Choose your own lane.620a20
iadUAinternational transfer2012-03-177a
elpUS42012-03-17received a butt pat down & hands swabbed430a5
SFOUSTerminal 12012-03-17Everyone except parents with children sent through MMW machines. One of us received invasive patdown and bag search even after going through machine. Might as well opt out - the grope is just as bad if you choose the scanner.
BOSFLE/ E1 Gates2012-03-17340p10
PDXWNA B C2012-03-16MMW in use for all pax. had to opt out. smurf annoyed, and loudly said "these arent the xray kind."500p13
DTWDLCheckpoint #2 - Medallion Lane2012-03-16All pax being sent to MMW; however, somehow I got "Trusted Traveler" option. This is how ALL passengers should be treated!700a1
ORDUAT22012-03-15Left-most WTMD only lane at T2 is now for priority passengers only. Managed to talk my way into it, but...1120a
SJCWNA2012-03-15far left was metal detector250p5
MCOFLB2012-03-15Take the line closest to the center of the terminal to be WTMD only; all other lines fed into a single lane where a TSO selected victims for the NoS.130p
OAKWNTerminal 22012-03-15Two lines: one WTMD, one BKSX; passengers able to select either with no interference from TSOs.730p10
SEAAllA, N, S2012-03-15The left hand lane is still almost always open only to the WTMD. SDOO a breeze most days.700a10
AtlDLMain2012-03-15The NOS-free lanes open were 10, 11, and 16. TSA employees were directing people into the NOS lanes, but it wasn't hard to ignore their instructions and go through a safe lane. 210p20
SFOUAT32012-03-15No scanners! Regular line was quicker than the elite line. 410p1
pdxASD/E2012-03-14Long lines on A/B/C side; D/E seemed shorter, but only one line operating, moving slowly. Only a VERY few diverted to WTMD because of back-up; I was not so lucky and had to opt-out. I did not get smacked in the testicles like last time, but pat-down was still very invasive.140p25
IGMUAThere's only one2012-03-14Although they have a WTMD, one half the passengers were "randomly selected for pat down" 1100a
mlbDLthere's only one 2012-03-14Was travelling with small children so got WTMD. Elderly couples also got WTMD. Under ~50 year old males travelling without a woman got the nudeoscope. TSA seems to have dramatically improved courtesy as compared to a few years ago. There were no barked orders or bad attitudes.330p1
DALUATerminal 12012-03-14No line. Single MMW next to a WTMD, so they were forcing everybody through the MMW. Opted out, went through the WTMD and had a mild patdown. 8 TSA clerks standing around with nothing to do as there are few airlines/flights flying out of Terminal 1.4p0
PITAllMain2012-03-14Two women in front of me allowed WTMD but they came and grabbed me for nude scan. Invasive, rude opt-out with surly agent. They were scanning about 50%.730p7
BWIWNA/B baggage level checkpoint2012-03-14No nudeoscopes, metal detectors only at this checkpoint, which you can reach by going downstairs from the main A and B checkpoints.340p2
mdwWNmain2012-03-14Checkpoint has been rearranged - it's no longer possible to choose your line. I got lucky and was sent to a line with just wtmd.400p10
JFKUA72012-03-13cancer box or wtmd, TSA choice700a
SJCUAA2012-03-13cancer box roped off. wtmd only. thanks, sjc!650p3
BUFWNMain2012-03-13This afternoon was crowded and only lanes 2 and 4 were open out of the 5 possible lanes. Each of these lanes had the WTMD and backscatter in use, neither were roped off. You could choose your own conveyer by eyeballing the ones leading to the WTMD while waiting for your id check. However, I observed TSA employees sending a few from the WTMD line into the backskatter periodically. But when the backskatter line started to get backe creating a long line (due to it being a slow screening method), everyone in the WTMD line marched right through the WTMD, which was how my screening turned out.350p15
LITDLThe only one2012-03-13MMW at all checkpoints now except crew line, and sending everyone through except kids. I just went in crew line and wasn't questioned.600a
BOSDLA2012-03-12Most pax being forced through the BKSX. When the BKSX backed up, people were being sent through the WTMD, but it was all luck to get chosen for that.1050a15
JFKB652012-03-11Scanners in the center are roped off. I'm didn't get a good look at the far ends to see if they're in use there. It was no problem going right into a WTMD lane.
DCAFLA2012-03-11No NoS in sight. Quick and easy.300p15
jfkAA82012-03-11bsx installed all lanes, but roped off in priority lane. no scan, no grope. 5p
MCOB61-602012-03-11Both checkpoints at MCO have WTMD only lanes in the center. There is a single BKSX to the left hand side of the center lanes. Side lanes may look better, but run almost to the trains at the end of the checkpoint, and are almost 100% BKSX. Look at where the crew lane goes and choose your ID checker accordingly for safety.400p
BZNDLOnly2012-03-10Just got two MMW/Gumby this week; today had one lane going to MMW and one going to WTMD.500a5
PitAll2012-03-09Outside 2 lanes are metal detector. Middle 2 lanes are scanners. 510a5
EWRDLB-12012-03-09Both MMW in use; SDOO not possible. Leraned that TSOs at this location don't like to hear medical terms for male genitalia. 520a15
JAX2012-03-09Self opt out not possible, all passengers directed to MMW500p2
PHXUS4-A2012-03-094 lanes, choose your own is furthest to the left650p
ATLDLmain2012-03-09was simple to pick out a WTMD only line. Saw just one center lane open with NoS, was surprised how many people were in that line. Prechecked line (or whatever it's called) was WTMD only430p5
AUSUAWest2012-03-09Two left lanes had scanners, the right lane for elites and flight crew / employees was just a normal metal detector. You could choose any of the three lines, but most went to the two scanner lines. The elite/priority line had 5 peole waiting for ID checks and the general line had 500 people or so waiting to go through the two lanes.620a5
HOUWNALL2012-03-08TSA forced all passengers in the security area to undergo the x-ray machines. I was the only traveler who refused the x-ray machine and there were thousands of travelers waiting. A TSA agent patted me down all over my body, but he did not go into my clothes or pants, nor was he rude, but instead, he did and spoke to me in a mater of fact matter. 9a30
HOUWNALL2012-03-08TSA forced all passengers in the security area to undergo the x-ray machines. I was the only traveler who refused the x-ray machine and there were thousands of travelers waiting. A TSA agent patted me down all over my body, but he did not go into my clothes or pants, nor was he rude, but instead, he did and spoke to me in a mater of fact matter. 9a30
LAXDL52012-03-08routing people randomly through metal vs backscatter - but more metal than backscatter, perhaps due to the recent blog post of how to avoid the backscatter with metal objects400p15
TVCAllOnly one2012-03-08MMW in place, unfortunately. This used to be such a nice airport to go through.530p10
spiUAMain2012-03-08Sleepy airport with not much service. Single checkpoint lane guarantees individualized attention, but without scanners.400p
JFKUA72012-03-07cancer boxes in use for all pax. watched line for a while. no opt outs. :(700a
DENAAMain2012-03-07Only one metal detector in use, but a TSA guy was blocking it, sending almost everyone to the MMW.530p
TUSF92012-03-07Quick and painless. Metal detector only.
TUSF92012-03-07Quick and painless. Metal detector only.
XNAAAOnly2012-03-07Walked by the scanners on my way to baggage claim. 2 lanes, only the NOS was open, but lane 2 was clear if it is open
XNAAAOnly2012-03-07Walked by the scanners on my way to baggage claim. 2 lanes, only the NOS was open, but lane 2 was clear if it is open
SJCUAA2012-03-06Cancer box roped off640p3
DENWNTerminal C2012-03-06Most of the security lines had the x-ray machines, and many travelers seemed to fall into those lines. One line, which was the longest wait, had the simple metal detector and the x-ray machine was not in use. The wait was quite long however. 9a20
PHXUST4, checkpoint C2012-03-06everyone forced through BKSX, WTMD wasn't even turned on1100a0
xnaAAonly2012-03-05tsa sup said installed late february
DENDLMain2012-03-05Far Left (1st Class), Far Right (Clear Card), and Second from Right (Everyone) had WTMD, every other line was MMW NoS. You can always go upstairs and look down to determine best line before you go.850a10
FNTDL2012-03-04Opted out; groper appeared immediately. Perfunctory grope-assault. All other pax sheep went through MMW.1140a1
BOSDLA2012-03-04Funneling basically everyone through AIT in all lanes1200p10
SFOInt'lInternational A2012-03-04Only one line open, all passengers had to go through scanner740p1
LHRUSTerminal 12012-03-04No NOS in sight. There may be some behind the scenes, but everyone just walked through....with shoes on! Imagine that.1000a5
XNAUAOnly2012-03-04This ariport recently had MMW installed and they were in use for everyone. Opted out.
LASWNAB2012-03-03Obviously the prior comments were made when the center lane was not blocked off. Checkpoint layouts can change or lane availabilies can vary depending on crowdedness which is why comments on TSA Status will change. I too observed the center WTMD-only lane blocked off today. The First class lane also had only a WTMD and they were sending the families with children through it as well. So to escape you need to buy a First class ticket or if you have children, bring them with you.440p5
CAKFLAll2012-03-02One lane open, everyone through the Xray. Opt-out wah done professionally and not too intrusive, althought TSA is getting more physical lately.120p2
MIAAAE2012-03-02E checkpoint (where international pax go off the elevator) was forcing everybody through MMW, so I used another checkpoint1200p
MIAAAPriority access2012-03-02Line at priority checkpoint was short, but all pax were forced through MMW, with TSA thugs making it clear that it was MMW or groping.1210p
MIAAAnon-status checkpoint2012-03-02Long line, but moved quickly because they were actually using the WTMDs. I found it ironic that I had selected a WTMD-only line and was entertained by a video production from the TSA Ministerium für Volksaufklärung stating that I had the right to opt out of so-called "advanced" imaging technology. I was opting out by using the line without one, so take that John Pistole!230p
LASDLAB2012-03-02Not sure where these other comments come from. This is the checkpoint closest to Delta check-in. Everyone (except maybe first class) were directed to the scanners. The middle lane's WTMD was physically blocked off by a table and completely out of use. The left side was sending a few people thru WTMD when the line backed up. But there were no safe lines in the main screening section and it looked like that was the normal setup.1210p
LGBDLGates 7-112012-03-02740a0
LASWNABC2012-03-02Everyone directed through the MMW in each open lane.420p5
JFKInt'lTerminal 72012-03-02Scanners present, but roped off.510p5
LEXDLMain2012-03-02Scanner newly installed. Not in operation yet.
ilmDL2012-03-02they are getting by SUMMER =(
DCADLTerminal B2012-03-02SDOO possible - middle lane
BDLB6Main2012-03-02Family lane dumped to BKSX - switched to WTMD-only lane after ID check without problems. BKSX line had barely moved by time I was through.. 130p10
cltDL2012-03-02warning: c may become "pre-check" only making SDOO not possible. fly GSO instead and pray they don't ruin that last airport we have for freedom
smfA2012-03-01they tased somewhere here. SMF has become ONE OF THE WORST TSA'S in the nation. STAY AWAY. YOU may get lucky...but there is a STRONG RISK of having a negative TSA encounter here. We are so in the dark ages. This isn't ADVANCED imaging technology...it is PRIMITIVE technology that will eventually fail us all. These scanners don't even detect metal...
SATAAB2012-03-01Problems at ID check. Was told they didn't accept Global Entry Card. I said I had no other id. Took 5 min and a supervisor. One line open, backscatter in use. Was told I was the first opt out of the day.1200p10
RDUDL22012-03-01Probably 2/3rd forced through AIT. Possibility of timing it on the x-ray belt line to sneak through the WTMD.300p
dfwAAa232012-03-01still good
MEMDLB2012-02-29Almost everyone has to go through the cancer box. I opted out. The groping wasn't too bad- pr at least, I have had worse. Others opted out as well.1240p10
BWIWNA/B2012-02-29New scanner software!
BWIWNA/B2012-02-29No longer a naked image of you. New software!
BOSFLE12012-02-29Eight TSA people to run one unbusy line? Everyone through the Xray, or get a rather brusqe pat-down.750p0
ATLFLMain2012-02-28Right at 7, were shutting down all non-NoS lanes700a10
MCODL60-1292012-02-28Light traffic, easy SDOO via center lanes. Right side lane scanners appeared to be in use, but I tried to stay as far away as possible so didn't look closely. My 10-year-old was selected for a random swab, both of us were led to the glass cage, passed through and then I had my laptop swabbed. I guess it's hard for TSA to tell the difference between a Macbook and a young girl.1000a5
RDUAA22012-02-27Didnt recognize global entry card again. Everyone through mmw. Pat down was quick and perfunctory930a2
DfwDLE162012-02-27No scanners at this checkpoint.
pitAllmain2012-02-27mostly AIT, though some were guided through WTMD930a15
AUSUSSouthwest Checkpoint2012-02-26I checked the status of all 3 of the checkpoints at AUS. The one near US Airways as sending everyone through the scandal, as was the one closer to the American check-in counter. However, the one closest to Southwest had two lines (people could pick which one). One of the two lines was sending everyone through the body scanner, the other was sending everyone through the metal detector, with the body scanner roped off.310p
ORDAAT3 First Class Checkpoint (between Gate K1 and Concourse L)2012-02-26Mandatory backscatter for everyone but children 12 and under. Chat-downs at the ID checker. Everyone was very respectful.1030a0
FLLDL22012-02-26right lane (lane "5") has no backscatter... easy to choose.800a15
CAKFLMain2012-02-26CAK now full time body scanner, no lane option for walk-through metal detector. TSO's now increasingly more aggressive. Lots of YELLING instructions, rude to opt outs. Sad, as it used to be a great airport.500p18
MspDL12012-02-26Checkpoints 2 and 6 have scanners. Others free and clear. Chkpt 1 was closed.600p10
HNLAA52012-02-26First time I've seen 2 lanes open at this CP, one NoS the other WTMD, but screener decided the WTMD lane was 'family only' even though there was no such signage anywhere. Line to get into the NoS for scope & grope was running 6-8 deep while the WTMD lane was zipping right along.
CVGDLTerminal 32012-02-26Only young children with parent were aloud to go through metal detectors. I didn't see anyone opt out of scanner.a
LAXAAT4 Checkpoint 1 (Pre-Check Lane)2012-02-26Easy peasy...zipped right thru...get rid of the War on Water & Shoe Carnival & travel might start to be fun again.600p0
LASUAD2012-02-26Porn-o-scopes were in use; was able to dodge the gauntlet by staying in the center for the checkpoint.600p25
SFOVXT22012-02-26No scanners in T2 yet340p
HOUWNMain2012-02-26Had to say my name and then afterwards it was choose your own line. The line all the way on the left was metal detector only and the scanner was roped off. The other lines had everyone go through the scanner except for when there were several people waiting and then they would allow people to go through the metal detector instead.430p20
LBBWNAll2012-02-26One full body scanner is now installed at Lubbock, however is currently no in use due to water damage. All passengers being routed through the metal detector.240p
FLLWNB2012-02-25Walkthrough metal detectors (WTMD) only. I did not witness any gropes.200p5
AUSWNLeft2012-02-24TSA was cooperative and nice. Full body scanner only in use1040a
iadUAinternational transfer2012-02-24all AIT until line got 6-8 deep, then some WMTD730a
iadUAinternational transfer2012-02-24all AIT until line got 6-8 deep, then some WMTD730a
IADInt'lMain2012-02-24Forced thru the scanner. Opt out took an extra 10 minutes.600p30
pitDLall2012-02-24mark my words TSA, you will go to court for what you have done and are doing. it is not legal to discriminate based on your perception of "age" and forcing some to go thru while giving expeditied/special treatment to those who are "motherly/young children" You cannot legally do this. You are discriminating based on age, gender, and possibly race. ALL protected statuses.
PITAllMain2012-02-24Funneling everyone to NOS in every lane. Fiddle around with your carryon until someone is in it. Get WTMD that way. 1200p15
ORDUS22012-02-23The far left lane at Terminal 2 was open. All of the terminals are connected beyond security (except the international terminal), so for most domestic flights, one can use this checkpoint.940a
LGAAACTB-D2012-02-23Lane on the right has Backscatter machine. Others are WTMD only. Priority AAcess line is WTMD only.700a5
BOSCOA1-A222012-02-23after id checker, choose your own line. far left had shortest line amd uncoincidentally was using metal detector. middle and right lines were cancer boxes. baaaaaaaa.740a8
BosDLA2012-02-23Attempted sdoo and failed. TSA at chkpt a piece of work. Pat down was quite cursory however.530p5
JfkDLT32012-02-23Choose scanner or detector line. BUT half of those in the metal detector line were randomly routed through the backscatter machine. 520p30
RDUDLterminal 22012-02-23Everyone went through backscatter except young children and parent. I didn't see anyone opt out.a
PscDLMain2012-02-23No scanners in this airport.630a
LAXUAT62012-02-22Only leftmost lane has x-ray, unfortunately it was the only lane open at this quiet time. Shift change happened at 6p (tons of smurfs walking out of the terminal) so x-ray was off... until I got up to the checkpoint.610p
sjcUAB2012-02-22metal detector roped off. had to opt out of cancer machine.710p6
SNACOGates1-82012-02-21Every checkpoint sending nearly every passenger through millimeter wave machines. Parties traveling with children got metal detectors.1200p20
IAHCOE and C2012-02-21I didn't go through security, but wanted to alert people changing planes at IAH that you do NOT have to go through security to transfer from E gates to C gates.
SFOUAT32012-02-21Major congestion at the elite checkpoint. Good thing there aren't porn-o-scopes to slow things down.810a15
dalWNupstairs ckpt2012-02-20no NoS upstairs ckpt only (NoS is at main ckpt)1230p0
JFKDLT32012-02-20Weird! No scanners in sight. Only a metal detector in use. Even scarier: I checked my bag after checking in online, and the attendant did NOT look at my ID! Good news: no cancer scan. Bad news: Alarming lack of passenger identification.430p
MBSDL2012-02-19No NoS. TSO stationed in front of X-ray to "assist" passengers by removing shoes from bins and placing on conveyor belt (I intimidated him, apparently, as he left my shoes in the bin).320p5
pspAS12012-02-19MMW for everyone, except families with children waved through WTMD.20
JNUASOnly one2012-02-19MMW in use for all travelers, even when there is a line for the MMW.1230p
LAXInt'lTerminal 22012-02-19Went through security at approx 2PM. Very quiet at this time and scanners were off (went through normal metal detector). Scanners went on an hour or so later when it was busy!! If it's quiet, go on through - if it's busy, considering waiting. 200p5
LGADLD2012-02-19No scanners. Slightly crabby TDC but it was 0530.530a5
SFOUATerminal 32012-02-18900p8
pwmFLnew checkpoint2012-02-18WTMD & MMW, TSO chooses.430p0
GSOAA2012-02-18No strip search machines for the AA gates.
AbqAll2012-02-17No wait. 10 minutes includes opt-out pat down.8a10
PITAllmain2012-02-17long lines at scanners and in the re-dignification area. 1230p15
abeDL2012-02-17WTMD only. x-ray TSO required a dump of my laptop bag because it had "too much stuff in it so I had to repack the bag (added 10 minutes to my "recovery" time (recovery = putting my clothes back on, finding my dignity, calming down after dealing with government smurfs, etc.).500a2
YTZOtherOnly one2012-02-17Much nicer in Canada600a0
DFWDLE142012-02-16WTMD only1130a
DENUAMain Terminal2012-02-16Pick your own line. Mix of WTMD and scanners in operation.430p5
AGSAllOnly2012-02-16MMW has arrived at AGS. Everyone being fed into it.
LASWNABC2012-02-16Every passenger through MMW, including the first class line that I was in. The delays were significant. It seemed like they were deliberately slowing down the baggage X-ray so that people wouldn't blame the pornoscanners for the delay.900a30
ORDUAT32012-02-16Left side of the checkpoint is free of porn machines550p5
sjcUSTerminal A2012-02-163 lines opened, one scanner only. As lines grew longer 4th line opened using WTMD. Noticed that people in line 1 (far right) were being directed to scanner. Stayed left to use WTMD.510a15
ORDUA12012-02-15One lane out of service; otherwise WTMD if NoS in use540a6
PHFUSB2012-02-15only WTMD, very short line. person ahead pulled out for random pat down, female1040a1
pdxASABC side2012-02-15Far far left lane was usually waved to WMTD when nudie scanner was backed up. Creative timing for the win! :-)830a
LAXInt'lT22012-02-15One lane without x-ray; I was the last one allowed through this lane. Other lanes all pax through x-ray1020a
ORDAATerminal 32012-02-15As far as we could see all the machines were blocked.410p
MSNUAAll2012-02-15MMW scanners being installed; fully operational by Friday
MSNUAAll2012-02-15MMW scanners being installed; fully operational by Friday
sjcASterminal b2012-02-153 lanes open, two of which led to nudie scanner. It looks as though they may not have enough scanners to handle all lanes if they we in use.510p
sjcASterminal b2012-02-153 lanes open, two of which led to nudie scanner. It looks as though they may not have enough scanners to handle all lanes if they we in use.510p
TYSAll2012-02-15Everyone through MMW scanner530a
LAXAATerminal 4, Pre-Check Lane2012-02-14Semi-lengthy wait to get thru this checkpoint, but the reward was not a single NoS in sight! Pre-Check travelers go ahead, but otherwise, checkpoint seems open to anyone who can find it.600a15
SFOUAT32012-02-14Flying from SFO-T3 there are no nudie machines830a2
BOSOtherE2-E82012-02-13One lane open, and random people selected for Xray. I opted out. Guy was very nice, and said he understood "if you travel a lot, you don't want to get a high dosage."800p0
ABQAAMain2012-02-1316 minutes from ID checker on. Only 2 lanes open & everyone sent thru NoS, despite lines of 6-10 just to get into the NoS. Plus, screeners doing gate checks (which is probably why only 2 lanes open @ the checkpoint).740a16
SJCUAA2012-02-13Single BSX in use; WTMD roped off. Had to opt out. Smurf wasn't too grabby during feel up.700p5
BOIASmain2012-02-13Had to opt out10
MSPWNTerminal 22012-02-12Walked right up and screening was easy. Maybe in the morning it's longer but this would be expected. No problems. p
RduDL22012-02-1215 minues from ID check to completion. Rude TSA supervisor.4p15
ordAAT32012-02-124 checkpoints at T3. The one left of 1st class check in was scanners, the one to the right of that was long wait Sunday pm, scanners and WTMD and then right of that was a checkpoint where the priority access lane fed to WTMD. Could not tell other lines. Another checkpoint near T2 was busy and I could not tell how lines were working1p
LGADLMarine Air Terminal2012-02-12WTMD only. There isn't any room for a NOS.250p5
BUFUSMain2012-02-12long lines, 4 cancer machines were working. everyone were sent to death machine. opt out and waited 5 min for pat down. GO TO HELL TSA!630a20
BOSUAC2012-02-11Not many people and very quiet. Scanners not in operation1130a0
bufUAmain2012-02-11Only two cancer machines were used. few more WTMD were opened. I selected a WTMD to avoid cancer machine. Two poor lady walked through cancer machine and were still groped by TSA agents. 100p
LAXUSTerminal 12012-02-11Very long lines! Backscatter in all lines. Patdown was friendly, at least.900a20
CMECOInternational (US-bound)2012-02-11No body scanners, WTMD only. Shoes had to come off, but I left my laptop and liquids in the bag without any problems.1100a5
mdwDLMain2012-02-11First Class Lanes 18-20 (extra on the left) are WTMD only I saw mostly WTMD, with some MMW in the normal lanes.500p
SEAASA, N, S2012-02-11had to opt out12
ABEDL2012-02-10Still NoS-free! Special treat today -- TSO said not to worry about taking liquids out of carry-on bags (whoo-hoo!).510a4
IAHCOTerminal C2012-02-10More paranoid security theater than normal. They emptied my bag, swabbed each and every electronic device (on the hard surface, which is unlikely to pick up explosive traces anyway) and then rescanned the whole bag. They had several pax bag's going through this ridiculous cycle. Also, "state your name" was in effect at the initial checker station.1240p35
iahASA gates 1-152012-02-10Went through Elite status line on left. Everyone from this line went through WTMD. Plebes were being sent through FBI machine until it was taken down for calibration.2p10
ATLUSMain2012-02-10This early, only 3 lanes were open (4, 13, 14, I think) - all had MMW.440a15
laxWN12012-02-10Terminal 1 has body scanners, however I was routed upstairs to a small checkpoint area which did not have scanners. Not sure if the upstairs check point is for overflow and is only accessed when insructed by a TSA agent. (Traffic seemed light that day, not sure why I was redirected upstairs). 500p10
MKEAllConcourse C2012-02-10Two baggage X-ray lines feed into one MMW scanner. WTMD used when MMW line backs up600p5
BosDLA2012-02-09Most passengers directed through rapiscan. 1230p10
IAHCOE (auxiliary)2012-02-09"State your name" game in effect. Everyone sent through the MMW scanner. Opt-out pat-down was thorough, but less abusive than usual. I was able to keep my belongings in sight the whole time.700a20
PHXUSTerminal 4, Checkpoint A2012-02-091 line feeds to 4-5 TSA boarding pass screeners, so you get whoever's free and calls you over - hard to self-select unless two are free at the same time. I was called by the guy on the far right, who hand-swabbed me. Past him there were two lane options - 5 and 6, both with MD and Backscatter. I chose 5 as i could see that the BCKSX was roped off and not in use. All lanes appears to have both MD and BS, looked like most BS were not in use, but i was not able to see all lanes.200p10
HNLAADomestic2012-02-09Forgot which checkpoint I used, but they all seem to have the scanners. This is in the domestic (mainland) terminal. (It was left of the American Air check-in place). I checked many of the other checkpoints and some had ridiculously long lines. The scanner was present but not in use. A few checkpoints were closed this afternoon. It is probably worth walking around a bit to find the shortest line. If you can qualify for the 'gold line' (first class, etc) you will save yourself much waiting.500p20
LEXDLMain2012-02-09WTMD Only3
DSMOtherAll2012-02-08Newly installed body scanner - MMW
PIAUAAll2012-02-08MMW w/ATR for all. Invasive patdown for opt-out900a0
ORDUAT22012-02-07All WTMD checkpoints closed except the far right which has BXSC. Right at the 6 pm shift change, suddenly they start sending everyone though the WTMD only, closely observed by a tense bald white dude in a suit. When I got out, I could see workers checking in and sauntering slowly over to the observation booth. Brought to you by the brain trusts, indeed.600p
MSPDLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 42012-02-07No AIT at checkpoint 4, which is open to all (although SkyPriority has a shorter line). Installation has begun for TSA PreCheck. Currently are randomly pulling individuals for PreCheck Lane -- does not matter if you're enrolled, you may or may not be allowed to use PreCheck until they're done with the trial period.500p5
JFKB652012-02-07All people being sent to Xray scanner except kids and the women accompanying them (they were allowed WTMD). Optout results in long wait than usual (approx 5-7 more mins).1p20
IAHCOA gates 1-152012-02-07both elite and regular security lines through one scanner. MD completely gated off. Opted out and had 5+ minute wait with another passenger who did the same. Seems to take longer for "female assist" to occur even though there are 10+ TSA folks standing around doing nothing,700a10
PDXUAD and E2012-02-06Everyone through MMW like sheep. TSA has ruined another great airport. It used to be so easy here.
sjcUAA2012-02-06cancer machine was roped off as i approached checkpoint. a few people before i got to metal detector, smurfs moved the rope over to the metal detector forcing all pax through the now unroped cancer machine. had to opt out.710p5
SJCASTerminal B2012-02-06Blue box backscatter machines in use, but easy to choose your own line for a WTMD.530p
BWIUSD2012-02-06Had to opt-out. Got the "until meets resistance" treatment. Pretty sore afterwards. Jerks.4p
SFOUAT32012-02-06WTMD only at main security line near UA check-in. Lines are long but move quickly100p12
sfoWN12012-02-06This terminal's preferred method to Body Scan. When opting out at SFO, you must state the following "OPT OUT FOR ALL - side entry". This is your right! Otherwise you are told to go through the metal detector, then a pat-down. 530a
MBSDL2012-02-05WTMD only; TSA clerks left me alone except for the TDC one who wanted me to look at him (apparently to compare to my iD picture) and who then asked if I'd removed everything from my pockets (I'd just taken all stuff out in his view not two minutes before -- sheesh).220p
LAXAAPriority Access Checkpoint-middle lane2012-02-05Long line for the ID checker at all PA checkpoints, including the spiffy new 'pre-check' lane. WTMD only in use when the NoS backed up-got lucky & it was backed up when it was my turn, but then the moat dragon made me go thru the WTMD a 2nd time because I walked thru 'too fast'. 830a10
SANUSTerminal 22012-02-05NoS in use for everyone on one lane, othe lane had WMND and NoS, People being directed which way to go for NoS or WTMND. 630a
ANCASSouth/Main2012-02-05Opted-out as always. I'm thin and was wearing fitted jeans with a belt to hold them up. Despite easy access to the area under the waistband the TSA agent insisted I remove the belt. I demanded private room so as not to undress in public. Needless to say, my belt and jeans waistband looked the same off as on. I asked how many terrorists had been captured (I am 21-year federal employee with background check, hubby is a int'l airline pilot and Marine) -- none, of course. But keep those uninspected food items stocked in the secure area by workers with no screening!!510a20
TPAWNAirside C2012-02-05Lines. BDOs scouting prey. Hand Swabs. WTMD for crew and children only. MMW for all others. Opted out and had a professional and courteous pat down. all of the TSO were friendly and followed SOP. Would be better if there was no MMW, but had the best experience possible.1000a5-10
BURWN12012-02-05MMW scanners in use
DENDLColorado Flag Checkpoint2012-02-04Lanes open in left and center leading straight to MMW. Priority lane open on the right leading to WTMD only. You can simply walk over to this lane after having your BP checked, and screeners never say anything. TSA is in a good mood today, and this airport is one of the friendliest I go through.1040a5
JFKUAT72012-02-04Easy SDOO as two of the three backscatters were not in use.420p
HNLAA52012-02-04NoS roped off & everyone thru the WTMD.630a0
JNUASOnly one2012-02-04New MMW in use for travellers who don't "opt out."100p
laxVXterminal 32012-02-04picked the wrong lane and got the scanner; opted out; the pat down was not punitive or abusive; not as bad as I'd feared1020a5
seaDLS2012-02-04Courteous and professional TSA staff. We are a family with small children We had already decided that none of us would submit to pat down or nude-O-scope, we planned to miss our flight if either was required. We were very glad just WTMD so we could fly that day.1130p10
SJCUAA2012-02-03Only one scanner in use was nude o scope. Had to opt out. Smurf was mostly harmless.700p5
LAXASTerminal 3, upstairs2012-02-03Left lane had metal detector only; rest were x-ray. Left lane was closed. Opting out was easy and treated with respect; patdown was very friendly and respectful. Backpack was later swiped while putting on shoes, again friendly. Good experience despite the patdown.1220p20
BOIDLOnly2012-02-02BOI is quickly becoming one of the least efficient checkpoints in the country...lines move slowly, don't have WTMDs open, forcing everyone through backscatter machines530a10
PDXD/E2012-02-02All lanes forced thru nude scanner. No other option1040a5
ABEDL2012-02-02WTMD only at this airport.230p3
BOSB6C40-422012-02-02Backscatter for all passengers. TSA directed me and everyone in front of me to scanner; flight crew got to use the WTMD.600p0
PITAllMain2012-02-02All scanners off at the checkpoint - strange thing to see.620p
BurWNA2012-02-01No magnomeyers; all directed to800a
BurWNA2012-02-01No magnomeyers; all directed to800a
ABEUA12012-02-01No MMW or BS, TSA was polite and efficient.110p0
JFKInt'lTerminal 72012-02-01I chose the pat-down which was professional and non-sexual1100a
SFODL12012-02-01Everyone was being forced thru body scan. Security was lax and pat down wasn't bad.1030p5
COSAll2012-01-31No scanners1000a4
PHLUAD2012-01-31Very efficient screening checkpoint... mainly because no nude-o-scopes are installed here!520p1
MSPAATerminal 1, Checkpoint 12012-01-31WTMD only. This is the line on the far right near the UA ticketing counter. Line was surprisingly short, only one person ahead of me, never been this lucky. I usually plan for at least a 30 minute security line since the wait times are always such a crap-shoot. 700a1
McoDL60-1292012-01-31Far left side appears to have no scanners at all. Right side lanes with scanners were closed.700a
McoDL60-1292012-01-31Far left side appears to have no scanners at all. Right side lanes with scanners were closed.700a
OrdDLE2012-01-30Stay as far left as you can. There is a backscatter on the far right, standard metal detector on its left, and also on the far left. In my required lane the tsa were selecting ppl for backscatter. 900a8
AUSWNleft2012-01-30Priority line not in use, all passengers forced through scanner.230p
AUSAAmiddle2012-01-30Short line - all passengers forced through scanner. One TSAhole had the job of blocking access to the WTMD. What do we pay these people for?230p
AUSDLright (gates 14-25)2012-01-30TSA not giving the option to avoid the scanner.300p
SEAWNNorth2012-01-30Rightmost lane was 100% scanner, had to opt out1100a15
MCOWNGates 60-1292012-01-30Yellow to Orange here. At this checkpoint for the high number gates, there appear to be two BKSX which are presently stationed on the outermost lanes. The remainder of lanes in the center use WTMD only. SDOO might be tricky sometimes but was doable for me. The multiple TDCs feed back into a single line (well two single lines, one left and one right, apart from the Clear line in the center, and the employee line), and when you get up to where this splits off into 3 or 4 possibilities, there is another TSO who may direct you into the BKSX line if you're really unlucky. But short of the worst possible timing when arriving to that point, you should be able to SDOO. MCO is always pretty busy seems to me so would have to hit extreme slow traffic time to only be using the BKSX lines.1230p
PVDUA62012-01-29Metal detector or MMW at TSA's choice, as usual I opted out 1030a10
PVDUA62012-01-29Metal detector or MMW at TSA's choice, as usual I opted out 1030a10
FNTDL2012-01-29MMW was primary screening; opted out; groper arrived in 10 secs; gathered my belongings and did quick patdown. Total time from opt-out to done: 2 minutes250p2
MSYWNB2012-01-29Leftmost lane with metal detector only was shut down. Nearly every passenger through millimeter wave scanner, but I got waved to the metal detector after a line of seven people formed. About half of the people I saw who went through the scanner also got a partial patdown.230p15
seaVXD/N (farthest North)2012-01-29far left lane wtmd only, but it went off on me at random (tsa announced it as "random"); i only got a swab of one of my items (no "pat down")5a
PDXUAD/E2012-01-28MMW for all this morning. firs 910a
AUScentral/middle2012-01-28Priority line on left was not in use. All passengers sent through millimeter wave scanner.1240p5
pdxDLall are ruined2012-01-28shoving someone in a radiation chamber with no probable cause is an unreasonable search. you have no probable cause. i want criminal charges filed against ALL TSA employees who have selected people for body scaners.
tusASB gates2012-01-28No scanners, but they did go all bag check-happy on my nice little family and groped my husband for no apparent reason. Too bad they had to be such creepy pervs -- I was looking forward to singing the praises of a safe harbor airport.440p
BOSUATerminal C2012-01-28Long wait in line. I went through Premier Access and still waited about 15 min. They had backscatter and metal detectors, but were sending most people through the backscatters. I just went to the metal detector on the far left and just walked through, no problem.900a15
SEADLCheckpoint 52012-01-27WTMD in far left lane is still open. Our gate was at the opposite end of the terminal, but once through security we could walk or take the tram to get there.1130a
bgrDLGates 1 - 32012-01-27
SFOUAT32012-01-27No nude-o-scopes installed in T3750a8
PITAllAlternate2012-01-27That day and time we have to call it a red. At main checkpoint it looked like everyone went through BSX. So I went round to the alternate for the first time. Same thing, although in front of me a few people got directed over to the employee line with only a WTMD. 9:30am on a regular Friday is a slow time and I have recent secondhand info suggesting that busier time can mean no BSX even at alternate.930a
SeaAAA2012-01-26Back scatter infuse 720a
MEMAllB2012-01-26Backscatter radiation in use for ALL passengers. Metal detectors were blocked, and only used for crew/opt outs.500p
CMIAAMain2012-01-26Very quiet airport, one checkpoint lane, WTMD only.500p
PscDLMain2012-01-26Still no scanners installed here.600a10
phlUATerminal D2012-01-26Very quick and easy to get through, only metal detectors.
AUSAAcentral/middle2012-01-25Both lines have both WTMD and scanners. Priority line on left had scanner roped off, regular line on right had scanner active. TSA was only allowing elite passengers to choose the WTMD-only line.
RDUUA2012-01-25mm wave in use for all pax7p0
BWIWNterminal A/B, lower level near baggage claim2012-01-25checkpoint was deserted. No scanners at this checkpoint, metal detectors only.200p0
LAXOtherTerminal 22012-01-25Excessive wait time--don't remember for sure. For some reason people weren't going through the scanner very quickly, which mean the bag scanner couldn't push more bags through.120p
LAXUA2012-01-25They had backscatter units in both 2 lines. The lines started getting really long so they opened up a 3rd line which had only a metal detector. I went through the metal detector.
CLEUSB2012-01-24Smaller check point right of US Scare, only one line all through mmw. No issues with TSA agent issuing freedom grope.510a0
CLEUSB2012-01-24Smaller check point right of US Scare, only one line all through mmw. No issues with TSA agent issuing freedom grope.510a0
SGUDLONLY2012-01-24No Microwaves! Fast, Friendly and Efficient!!900a0
PVDUS2012-01-24backscatter in use most lanes, but can't see which until you've committed430p30
RDUAA22012-01-23Elite lane, other lines much longer. All to mmw unless backed up. Opted out, cursory patdown620a2
ABQAAMai2012-01-23WTMD roped off for all lanes & all pax being sent thru NoS. I ended up w/yet another false positive from gumby & a tummy rub from a smurfette. Pax in front of me & both pax behind me also had false positives from gumby. This makes 3/4 false positives for me in the past 6 weeks from this airport & leads me to believe the Europeans were correct in getting rid of them as too unreliable & too many false positives.720a5
BWIFLTerminal B-near AirTran desks2012-01-23Very quiet; everyone went through scanner. Opted out--was done in about 2 minutes.430a0
FLLDL22012-01-22WTMD only in far right lane, backscatter required for all other lines.130p1
SFOUAT32012-01-22Long lines for WTMD20
MCOUAGates 1-592012-01-22MCO has always been a terrible airport for business travel. No elite or First Class security lanes at a import this large is a disgrace, only the ready to go bankrupt again CLEAR system in place. Also, sad that they install Back Scatter Radiation machines instead of the safer Millimeter Wave machines, always shocking to see children receiving full body radiation, however minimal. BKSX in effect in 4 of the 5 lanes open. Long wait through security.30
PITAAMain2012-01-22The sole WTMD-only lane was shut down, but not everyone was herded through the body scanners.
ANCASSouth2012-01-21Everybody sent through the scanner530a
laxUA72012-01-20many were sticking to the right to avoid the AITs930a15
TPAUSAirside F2012-01-20This time, the only line open was the one leading to the MMW. It didn't matter whether you were in the elite ID check line or the standard one, they both fed to the MMW. The WTMD next to the MMW was roped off and only opened for the families with small children. Only way to avoid the MMW was to opt out.410p15
SEADLA, N, S (South end of main terminal)2012-01-20Rapiscan X-rays in place; far left lane (of 3-4 open) had WTMD. TSO's were urging passengers to go to the screening points at the north end of the terminal because of 'long waits' even though the line was not long and was moving efficiently. I mentioned that due to recent surgery, I'd rather not walk across the whole airport, TSO sarcastically asked 'so you'd rather stand?' 1200p7
BOSB6Terminal C2012-01-20Only had two bays open. One bay had everyone go through the scanner, the other pulled some pax through the WTMD.100p
VPSAll2012-01-20All passengers appeared to receive Millimeter Wave scans
ATLFLMain2012-01-18Only lane 11 did not use NoS. Had to go right to have the option.220p20
SJCUAA2012-01-18Roughly 1/4 passengers sent through porn scanner. TSA selected the passengers.500a5
PDXWNC2012-01-18The lines were longer than I have ever seen. All passengers were run through the scanner.600a45
pitAllmain2012-01-17one lane with, one without, TSOs trying to prevent movement between lanes9a5
jfkB652012-01-17All passengers asked to say our full names. Scanners were present but roped off. Not crowded or hectic; mood was calm.630p
OGGOthermain2012-01-17Two lines, MMW in place for both, TSO's aggressive with extra screening, saw a barely-clothed young woman and 65+ woman pulled aside for additional screening. TSO's also conducting some patdowns *after* exiting the MMW (I had my hair patted down!?).330p15
piaUAAll2012-01-17Backscatter for all passengers200p5
BOIAllOnly2012-01-16Everyone being sent through cancer boxes400p
ABQOtherN/A2012-01-16Metal Detectors roped off. Even with a backup forcing everyone through the nude-o-scopes. Patdown was quick and TSA agent apologetic for the "hassle".2
DFWUAE162012-01-16Still good at E15. 230p10
BWIFLA/B2012-01-16Alternate checkpoint operating downstairs next to baggage claim 1. Virtually no waiting, and only walk-through metal detectors in use. Take note of the signs posted in the terminal and avoid both the pointlessly long lines and the body scanners if you're flying Airtran or Southwest.1040a1
BWIWNA/B2012-01-16Not a. Ad line for a Mnday holiday afternoon at BWI. WTMD machines Iin use.5
JACUAmain terminal2012-01-16This small regional airport only has four security lanes that funnel into two WTMD. I did not see a body scanner in the security area.1140a
PHXWNT4 - Checkpoint C2012-01-15Between orange and red - most, but not all, passengers directed to BKSX. Opted out and was on my way after pat-down in five minutes. Polite and professional staff.1140a10
RSTAllMain2012-01-15MMW machine has come to Rochester, MN. Metal detector roped off to make you think you have no choice. OPT OUT ALWAYS.0
SANWNTerminal 1 gates 1-22012-01-15Only the NoS in use...all went thru it300p5
HNLAA52012-01-14Wait time is due to the ability to use the Gold lane, otherwise, it would have been significantly higher due to only 1 of 2 lanes at that CP in use. Good news is that because of the back-up, NoS was roped off & everyone ushered thru the WTMD just as I started to unload my carryon for screening.700a5
ANCASC2012-01-14One lane with both WTMD and MMW running, everybody picked their own line even when WTMD line was longer. Staff friendly and professional. My baby bumped her head on the metal detector and set it off, but we got to go back through it again. They were set up to do a gate check, but I pre-boarded and didn't see how it went.1100a
hsvFLMain2012-01-14Walk-through metal detectors in use, no body scanners yet.450p1
DENDLmain terminal2012-01-14MMW scanners in operation, some lanes have WTMD. I went to the far left and went through the metal detector.800a
MSPDLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 42012-01-14Checkpoint 4 is still scanner-free, and with some of the nicest, most professional TSA screeners out there.1200p10
FLLCOTerminal 1, Concourse C2012-01-13X-rays were roped off (apparently not going to be used anymore at all!); everyone sent through one of three metal detectors. Lots of senior citizens with metal hips got patdowns, though.
SFOVXT22012-01-13Terminal 2 is still a groping-free, strip-search-free travel experience.700p5
LASUAD2012-01-13Three lanes were running, all with MMW as the primary screening method. I ended up in the far left cluster. As the line for the MMW was backing up -- maybe 4 or 5 people in queue -- they would direct people through the WTMD. I was one of the lucky ones. Best bet is to delay & present yourself when there's a nice line queued up to go through the MMW.600p10
atlDLMain2012-01-13Checkpoint was crowded, so numerous WTMD-only lanes were open. I observed one WTMD/MMW pair where the moat dragon was sending everyone through the MMW. They even made an old lady get out of her wheelchair to go through the MMW! Easy to self-select a 'safe' lane.330p20
McoAAA2012-01-13Scanners on far right and left lines only. Middle lanes WTMD only. SDOO easy. LOOONG wait as only 4 lanes open for 60 gates. 440p30
ORDUAT22012-01-13T2 terminal has one central security checkpoint, which is divided into a left and right sections. On the left only WTMD were being used. On the right is an X-ray backscatter machine. After you pass through security, you can access Terminals 1 and 3400p
PITAllMain2012-01-12Two luggage belts in use feed into a common area, left sided one is nearer to metal detector. I tried to switch lines at last minute and guy sees me do it and comes over tells me to take belt off and go to pervscope so I opt out.15
DenDLMain checkpoint/terminal west2012-01-11Scanners operating. Far left family lane is WTMD only. Choose your own adventure.450a7
ORDInt'lT52012-01-11All lanes had BKSX but one not in use1000a10
BOSWNE1A-E1E2012-01-11One line open with WTMD / BKSX combo. Sent about four of five passengers through BKSX. Had to wait a few minutes for male assist, but no problems beyond that. Professional staff.1100a5
ABQF9main2012-01-11Backscatter on all lines
PDXOtherD/E (North)2012-01-11Three (3) MMW 'scopes in use, only non-MMW lane cordoned off. No SDOO possible. Had to opt-out the conventional way. 530a~15
MKEFLConcourse C2012-01-11two lines funneling in to one scanner; one not; couldn't tell what the criteria was for who got what. 630a5
MDWWNmain2012-01-11Millimeter wave machines in the right-most lanes. Stay to the middle for a metal-detector-only lane. While I was there, people were self-selecting into the metal detector lane while screeners were shouting at passengers "If you have a pacemaker, if you have implanted metal, go to the scanner lane".1210p10
BoiDLMain2012-01-10Fast no problems. No need to opt out. 1030a5
smfDLA2012-01-10this airport has caused me significant emotional truama. TSA agent claimed it's 'OK FOR US TO ABUSE YOU SINCE YOU ARE AN ADULT." Gestapo...I do not need to be irradiated or touched inappropriately to board a plane. Thanks for ruining our nation.
smfWNdon't remember2012-01-10Refused to go through MMW, offered to go through WTMD. TSO refused. TSO were nicer here than in Portland, OR. Friendly, non-invasive pat down. Told TSO, the search violated my 14th admendment rights and she really needed a search warrant as the pat down was illegal. She acted surprised. I politely suggested she read the constitution. I only submitted to the search so I could fly. 10a
LAXDL52012-01-09right hand line has no backscatter, so if you can get over there, you're good to go.700a10
bosDLTerminal A2012-01-09There were 4 lines open -- two BKSX/WTMD combos. Both BKSXs were being used, and TSA was directing most passengers into them. TSA directed me into the BKSX, so I had to opt out.1120a5
JFKUAT72012-01-09WTMD roped off. Everyone forced to go through scanner.
IADUAMain2012-01-08Parents holding babies sent thru WTMD, almost all others forced thru the scanner. Opt out took an extra 10 minutes.1020a10
CHSUAConcourse A2012-01-08no scanners in sight at concourse A630a10
rduDL22012-01-08metal detecor led straight to MMW: experience includes pat-down while inside machine by same-sex employee430p5
BOSB6Terminal C--main2012-01-08One line has only WTMD--all others have WTMD and scanners4p
BOSB6Terminal C gates 40-422012-01-08Only one line, funnels to BKSX which was mandatory440p
BOSWNE2012-01-08No lines...quite a pleasant surprise. Had to stand on the blue squares, but did not have to take tissues ut of my pockets as I did a year ago at same machine.2
LAXAAPriority Access Checkpoint-middle lane2012-01-07Picked the wrong checkpoint & ended up not only w/NoS but the slowest NoS I've ever seen. Even the smurf on the other side was complaining about how long it was taking & no matter how long the line, moat dragon refused to let anyone thru the WTMD except one guy in fatigues.540a5
SFODLTerminal 1 gates 40-482012-01-07Couldn't see any lane that had WTMD as primary or only option720a
TPAWNSouthwest Terminal2012-01-07Two lines, everyone getting directed to MMW. WTMD was closed off. I was with my 3 year old son, and they actually opened the WTMD and let me, him, and the lady behind me through. Then they closed it off again and continued directing everyone else through MMW. Grateful that I didn't have to deal with opting out, but ridiculous that they use them at all!1010a5
AtlDLMain2012-01-06The checkpoint was very empty, so the only WTMD-only lane open was lane 11. I chose that one and had no issues.1130a5
ABQAAMain2012-01-06Everyone except kids & flight crews put thru the NoS. I ended up w/yet another false positive (2nd in 3 trips) & a tummy rub from the smurfette.740a3
BDLDLMain2012-01-06Half the lines BKSX, half WTMD. Sheeple indifferent.230p5
IAHCOTerminal C2012-01-06Asked my name. I opted out of the AIT. They had a family line which used a traditional metal detector.300p8
BZNAll2012-01-06No scanners; very quiet--no barking!
cprDL2012-01-06It is extremely sad and breaks my heart to hear Casper, WYOMING (!) is using the MMW in that manner...
pdxWNABC side2012-01-06Long lines. Almost all directed to go through MMW. I opted out. Staff shouting "Opt out! Opt out!. Female examiner acted angry, offered private or public pat down. Advised public is fine, just do not touch my private or expose them. She did okay, but acted angry throughout. 900a45
SEAUA5 (D/N)2012-01-05I was all prepared to do the rare and glorious double-opt-out, but thanks to TSA Status, I knew to take the far left lane in Checkpoint 5, so I didn't even have to do anything special. Just walked through WTMD no problem. It doesn't matter what your gate is. You can reach everything from inside security, so just pick Checkpoint 5 (the checkpoint closest to the D and N gates), pick the far left lane, pass through the WTMD, and find the way to your gate afterwards."410a5
LasVXB2012-01-05Left lane to scanner , chose right lane, walked right through600p
jfkDLT3 front2012-01-05there are 5 other security entrances to the DL gates (incl T2 and T4), I had no time to check them 300p15
MSYUAc/d2012-01-04seemed to be picking men for AIT4p5
BURAAonly only 1 checkpoint in airport?2012-01-04metal detector at checkpoint. i didn't see AIT, but am worried about some of the 12/11 posts now.1100a
CLTAllB2012-01-03Backscatter roped off at B this morning.800a
CLTAllC2012-01-03C is still WTMD only800a5
SeaASNorth2012-01-03Left lane still has wtmd only. Easy sdoo. 300p1
SANUSTerminal 22012-01-03Scanners in use, random pull out, had to opt out830a30
SEAASNorth (D/N)2012-01-03Reports of the self directed metal detector lane on the far left were accurate. All other checkpoints (A, B) were scan city700p
LASUSAB2012-01-03The middle is the key at this checkpoint. Both conveyers in the middle lane feed to only a WTMD. It is easy to avoid the other two lanes that have the MMW. Be observant for while waiting in line for the id check.1110a5
SEAUACheckpoint 5 (N/S gates, northmost)2012-01-03Halfway through the ID line wait, line splits into thirds; stay in the left third. Middle lane is 50/50, left lane is safe (doesn't appear to have enough space to put in a scanner).600a10
BOSWNE1A-E2012-01-03Stayed left for WTMD only800a5
ORDAST32012-01-03There were two lanes open, and everyone was being funneled to the radiation machines. They pulled people out at random to go through the WTMD, though (I watched one lady go to the WTMD, and TSA made her go to the line for the BKSX, then just before she got there he pulled her back out of line and sent her to the WTMD - go figure!), and fortunately both of us travelling together were selected to go through there.530p
ontUS42012-01-03MWave scanners used exclusively until line became too long then opened metal detectors and sent people through those until line was shorter then back to scanners. we were grateful they left us and our daughter thru the detector and were very friendly.830p15
DABDLDomestic Terminal2012-01-03Everyone except families were asked to go through MMW. Staff was friendly so and opt-out probably would've be easy.930a
DABDLDomestic Terminal2012-01-03Everyone except families were asked to go through MMW. Staff was friendly so opt-out probably would've been easy.930a0
denAllterminal A2012-01-02everyone directed through scanners, and rude tsa agents to boot.8a
PITDLMain2012-01-02In the main line, SDOO by choosing the left document checker. First/bus line leads to WTMD. Express line leads to BKSX. Possible for them to pick you out of the safe line and into the BKSX if for some reason nobody is using it.800a5
SLCDLTerminal 22012-01-02At terminal 2, make your way into the middle of the three lines. Note that since the MMW and WTMD share one bag X-ray lane, it will be very difficult to not get the MMW in a line that is using it. 300p
SLCDLTerminal 32012-01-02When I walked by it, saw the MMW was closed for a shift change. While closed, although some went through the detector, they appeared to be intentionally slowing down the security process. Soon it opened again and happily the TSA could microwave people again.300p
PDXASC gates2012-01-02leftmost lane was the only lane with choice of backscatter or metal. TSA choose your path, but not sure of criterion. Looks like when it was backed up on backscatter, overflow went through metal.700p10
phlDLTerminal D/E2012-01-02Amazingly, no full body scanners. A pleasant security experience, which is becoming very rare these days.340p10
PITMain2012-01-02Picked somebody up at airport and observed. Two lines lead to both WTMD and BKSX, can attempt to choose left line which is nearer but the keeper "randomly" selects people for scanner. Seemed to be mostly males and minorities selected during my ~20 minute observation.6p5
seaUANorth checkpoint2012-01-02Elite line 100% scanner, had to opt out, WTMTblocked710a15
RSWAA2012-01-02Still old-fashioned metal detectors only
IAHCOTerminal E (auxiliary)2012-01-02Can't believe IAH is still asking the "state your name" BS... the checkpoint itself was running concurrent WTMD and scopes and just randomly picking people for either. No way to choose your own adventure, you're at the whim of the TSO.700a15
EWRCOC-22012-01-02Elite Access is WTMD only; otherwise, one scanner and one metal detector
PITAllmain2012-01-01roped off for first/bus line, but in periodic use for main line830a15
BOSB6C2012-01-01Gates 40-42. All lanes feed into the same machine, but TSA agent wasnt directing anyone to go into the backscatter (nominally in use) 620p
smfAAb2012-01-01If no line, they direct you through MMW. Opt outs are sent through gate behind WTMD, not through scanner. Grope-down did not touch "resistance".600a0
OKCAA2012-01-01OKC still clear, metal detectors only, no patdown
STLWN22012-01-01Middle Lanes went thru Back Scatter, outside lanes WTMD20
ATLUSA2012-01-01it was EXTREMELY crowded there, and i almost missed my flight! But i didn't see any lanes blocked off.1200a30
BLIASAll2012-01-01No porno scanners there. All regular metal detectors.600a
BOSAAB22-B362011-12-31All open lanes had WTMD/BKSX combos. BKSX is primary but TSOs send some passengers through WTMD when the BKSX line backs up. 700a5
DENUSTerminal West2011-12-31Far right side lines have no AIT. Suggest you look "preoccupied" as you amble toward those, rather than deliberately choosing non-invasive lane.540a3
OGGASmain2011-12-31only one AIT, in the far right lane. I kept left and went through one of two WTMDs, with no trouble.220p15
STLWN22011-12-31Lanes 2 and 3 share BKSX, 1 and 4 are WTMD only. Choose your own adventure after the document checker. For lanes 2 and 3 on this date and time, passengers were randomly chosen for BKSX.150p15
OAKWN22011-12-31One scanner not on, two metal detectors in use, one scanner in use for some who chose it.830a10
DTWDLMcNamara, upstairs2011-12-31All WTMD blocked off, both downstairs and upstairs. Typical TSA barking.1000a
ACKAll2011-12-30X-ray only 1000a0
YYZDLT3 (US Departure)2011-12-30"Randomizer" pad used to select some passengers for MMW, others sent through WTMD830a15
smfDLA2011-12-30http://www.infowars.com/florida-airport-could-be-first-in-us-to-ban-naked-body-scanners/ KEEP COMPLAINING EVERYBODY!
laxUAALL2011-12-30I have to take a MINIMUM 1MG XANAX to go anywhere near the TSA after all the abuse
bosB6C11-C362011-12-30People chosen randomly for BKSX, but mine was roped off by the time I got my shoes off. So I got lucky and all the people after me could choose WMTD only.5p
EWRInt'lB60-B682011-12-30Left lane seemed to lead to WTMD, but passengers in that lane were (more or less randomly?) funneled to either WTMD or MMW, and passengers in other lanes were sometimes directed to the WTMD. TSA droid rudely yelled "Hands up!" at the pornoscanned.400p15
SEAASN2011-12-30I was very glad to see this site, and followed the advice to stay in the left lane. Just went through the WTMD, there was no problem. I did get chosen for "random screening", which was a breeze. Thanks to all who posted before.430p
jfkDLT32011-12-30WTMD roped off. Everyone forced through scanner. Yelled at too.
JFKDLT22011-12-29They were not sending anyone through the scanner but asked passengers to say our full names for enhanced security.700a20
dfwAAC212011-12-29WTMD closed off, everyone directed to MMW scanner700a
cakUAAll2011-12-29New security checkpoint up and running complete with 1 MMW nude-o-scope scanner. 200p10
ORDUAT12011-12-29Naughty smurfs with their nude-o-scopes zapping everyone640p10
denCOwest2011-12-29security guy said they were "radio" not x-ray scanners, but I opted out because they were bigger than metal detectors and I have no idea what they really are. 1200a
yyzOtherT12011-12-29Could not pick my own line but did not see body scanners lines anyway. Why do you have to take off your shoes in Toronto but not in Montreal?800a
yulOtherA2011-12-29I was among the first people that day, I was directed to a standard metal detector. People were keeping their shoes on! 400a45
EWNAllonly one2011-12-29No scanners
MHTUAMain2011-12-29Light traffic; all pax directed through newly-installed MMW scanners. No non-MMW lane apparent anywhere at airport.0
PHXUS4/A2011-12-28Xray closed at lane 6 on right. 1200p5
CLECOC2011-12-28All lanes have a MMW and WTMD pair and they were randomly sending people through each.720a5
sfoDL12011-12-28please dont go here they are deviating from yellow. it was red today but they were nice about it. some agents better than others.
ordVXT32011-12-28Check #7, Check #9 had xray. #7 allowed SDOO. Check #8 (Elite/1st) WRMD Only.a
SFOUAT32011-12-28Nice to fly out of SFO T3... well behaved smurfs and no porn machines450p1
GEGASConcourse C2011-12-28WTMD in both lanes. Staff friendly and efficient.
cprUA2011-12-28mmw for all passengers. whined when I opted out.
ATLDLSouth2011-12-28First-class line is WTMD at that checkpoint, all others are MMW. Was treated courteously.1100a0
pbiDLC2011-12-27All lanes have MMW and WTMD pair except far left, which is almost never open. 80% of people probaly go through the MMW. Try to time it so there is 2-3 people waiting for the MMW, and they might send you to the WTMD.600a10
fayDL12011-12-27awesome airport. effective and thorough security without the terahetz dna damage or eye damage or sexual assaults. i love my hometown airport. peace to all. =)
pdxASa/b/c2011-12-27every single passenger. mtd are roped off.350p
SNAAllA2011-12-27No games. No gropes observed in 10 min, some swabbing.520a10
RSWDLC2011-12-27No scanners in sight, only WTMD. :-)100p
SYRDLNorth/Terminal B2011-12-27Flew out on afternoon of 12/27 - no one in the airport, so had empty security line for the North terminal (higher numbered gates). No AIT, metal detectors only. I was randomly beeped at though, after I passed through the detector for a shoe screening. It took almost no time at all and staff was pleasant.140p0
BOSCOTerminal A2011-12-27Was traveling with my wife and kids so we walked through the WTMD but most pax were being scanned.... They're also asking the silly assinine "security questions" at the TDC desk. I don't see the point of that at all and if my wife wasn't there to comply (roll over) on my behalf it probably wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did. It's none of TSA's business where we live or where we're going. 300p10
AUSAllfar right2011-12-27This checkpoint now has a scanner - disregard 2011-11-27 comment
AZAOtheronly 1 terminal2011-12-27Mesa Phoenix Regional Airport-only 2 airlines here800a
PHXUSB gates2011-12-264 lanes open, 3 w/NoS as primary. NoS on the far left side blocked off, so easy to opt-out.810a4
PHXUSTerm 4, gate b2011-12-26herding everyone to porno, if you try the metal detector they pull you out for the backscatter
DALCOTerminal 12011-12-26WTMD roped off, MMW scanners for all.
BurASB2011-12-25WTMD only. No AIT in sight.630a10
jfkAAterminal 82011-12-25machine off in lane 3, random scanning lane 41200p5
ORDUAT22011-12-25Went to T2 and tried to stay left, but it was so empty, I was singled out and herded right into the backscatter lane. I tried to stay left and they swooped in asking if there was a problem. Then I was lied to by the agent telling me it wasn't backscatter, when it clearly is. All backscatters in use in T1, so still worth trying T2. At least there's a chance you can get into regular xray. 1130a0
BOSUAC2011-12-25A few people through WTMD but vast majority through x-rays. Opt120p
EWRInt'lB 60-692011-12-25Some go to metal dectors, others sent to MMW. Grope-down was tolerable, but annoying.
sfoDL2011-12-25they supposedly were asking people to go thru MMW, even though they were in SDOO position? usually they are better than this....but they still are less hostile than other CA airports I do believe.
JFKB6Terminal 52011-12-25They were directing every other person thru either the WTMD or the backscatter machine, It was chaos, due to language barriers, when my turn came, I just walked thru the MTMD, whew! All that worry for nothing. The new machines definately create a traffic jam.630p10
ATLDLMain2011-12-25As usual, a very easy SDOO. Keep right (with the exception of lanes 1-4) to avoid the MMW.730a10
smfDLA2011-12-24their policy is to "put as many through scanner as possible." unpredictable but you may get lucky. they will never allow you to talk your way out of using MMW...so avoid and try RDD or SFO T3. Even SFO T2 is better than the TSA here. Opt out pat-downs are "by the book" but not overly aggressive...still a horrific experience and they ruined my christmas. =( Will it ever get better?
ABQWNA2011-12-24I was very annoyed to be asked to part with my billfold and remove everything from my pockets such as boarding pass, plastic pens, and artificial sweetner packets.420p
SFOUA32011-12-24New porn machines. Avoided by going thru regular security line near check-in. Porn machines located down the hall past the old American Airlines check-in point. They opened them up while I was waiting in the regular line without telling us that they were porn machines so mass migration ensued. Having made the trek only a few of us opted to return for the metal detection machines.30
CMIAAMain2011-12-23Still WTMD only.650a3
abqWN2011-12-23NoS primary until the lane would back up & then pax waved thru WTMD. Timed it right, behind 2 wheelchairs, & got the WTMD.640a7
IahInt'lD2011-12-23Sending through WTMD if line at scanner
IAHDLA (North)2011-12-23Only one MMW booth present; I managed to avoid it by fumbling with my bag until the scanner was closed off and I was directed through the WTMD instead1100a7
BURUSA2011-12-232 lanes, each had WTMD with MMW next to it. Looked like both MMW were roped off, but probably only a matter of time... :-(500p
ELMOtherOnly2011-12-23No AIT but plenty of room for it
smfDLb2011-12-23horrible. avoid at all costs.
JFKAAT82011-12-23Long lines all pax through WTMD. Smurfs on best behavior.330p
dfwUAE162011-12-23The party is over in terminal E :(100p
BDLAllMain2011-12-22BSX not in use, some gate gropes observed, random swabbing430a5
SLCDL22011-12-22Consistent with other reports, stay right1200p
LGBDL12011-12-22Safe until sometime in 2013. 70 year old woman was dragged off to the dungeons though.1000a5
SFOASTerminal 1 - Alaska Gates2011-12-22Middle lane has backscatter, with random selection between that and the nearby metal. Left or right lanes have metal only. Choose your adventure!100p
PhxB63 north2011-12-221050p0
BOSUAC2011-12-22Not all lanes have X-rays, and those that exist were roped off. 820a10
SEAUACheckpoint 5 D/N2011-12-22Longer wait time, but very friendly. SDOO for Elite/First/Crew line if you stay to the far right side. BKSK at all other lines.630a10
MEMDLB2011-12-22Right side of checkpoint had scanner roped off630p
MCOAAGates 1-592011-12-21Not a lot of people in line, but TSOs were directing passengers into specific lanes after TDC (going to another lane was not an option). TSO was mainly directing people to the outermost lines, which have a combination of BKSX and WTMD. Passengers were then randomly directed to WTMD or BKSX. While waiting in line, the line lengthened due to delays at the BKSX and it eventually appeared like it was possible for later passengers to select their own line. If you have a choice, select a middle line as it is mostly the outer lanes with BKSX.1100a25
LGADLSecondary checkpoint in delta terminal2011-12-21No scanners at either checkpoint for Delta at LGA!600a20
BOSDLTerminal A2011-12-21There were 4 lines open -- two BKSX/WTMD combos. Both BKSXs were being used, and TSA was directing most passengers into them. The baggage x-ray belts were backing up since the BKSXs were slowing down the line. I managed to time it right and luckily got to go through the WTMD.830a10
ORDUAT12011-12-21Naughty smurfs at ORD T1 were running their cancer inducing porn machines. Opted out.550p2
BSLDLMain2011-12-21All lanes have BKSX, however every other lane feed into a WTMD. Once past TDC, self select line to join. One TSA agent pointing people to the right to ease build up of people on the left, easy to ignore him and go where you want.630a10
BDLDLMain2011-12-21After ticket/ID checked at TDC, free to choose line. One TSO was directing people to the right to avoid congestion - easy to avoid/ignore him. For every one BKSX line, there was one WTMD line next to it.640a10
MSPDLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 12011-12-21Still no scanners at this checkpoint. The staff was very nice, and the line here was visibly longer than the AIT checkpoints. Staff tried to tell people who noted how long it took that "it's faster at the other end" (i.e. - where the AIT is) Our wait was long, but there were many inexperienced fliers holding things up.500a30
ALBUAmain/only2011-12-21MMW scanners used for almost everyone.630a
pitAllmain2011-12-20WTMD and BKSX in use, all stations. "Left-hand" lines seem to be mostly WTMD. Somewhat possible to select your own lane after the agent checks your boarding pass, they didn't seem to be funneling people into lines like they have sometimes done at this airport.700a10
SEAWNMain2011-12-20WTMD and BKSX in use, possible to select your own lane after the document checker. 840a
LAXDL52011-12-20left lane was *mostly* metal detector (for me at least), but occasionally a random lane 1 person got pulled to lane 2 (backscatter)700p
EWRDLTerminal B 40-472011-12-20Was asked by TSA to do the body scanner, I looked at them confused and they let me just walk through the metal detector w/o a pat down, I was running late for my flight though and grabbed my stuff before they could even ask for a pat down :X Got on the flight w/o incident. 200p0
lasWNB/C Gates2011-12-20Center line has no NOS/MMW0
ORDUAT22011-12-20Three leftomost lanes using WTMD only.6a
dcaAAgate 322011-12-20Metal detector at checkpoint; randomly screening bags at gate--pointless but unobtrusive (only cursory search of bag). 3 agents, 1 searching, 2 standing there.450a
LAXUAT62011-12-19Almost all passengers were herded through the cancer boxes. Opted out; the smurfs refused to hand a complaint card.340p5
PdxWNABC2011-12-19Scanners being used for every single passenger going through this checkpoint. Screening was very slow. PDX used to be a breeze to get through security, but lately they've gotten pretty slow. 30
BURWNOnly2011-12-19The Level3 BKSX were broken, but a frequent BUR traveller commented it was the slowest he had seen the post flashlight-on-license line move. Also dodged the random bag checks at the gate, which would cause passengers to lose cattle call priority140p10
SEAASD/N2011-12-19The far left lane is still safe, HOWEVER, this checkpoint closes early in the evening. If you arrive at the airport after 7 PM, this checkpoint may not be an option.
SFOUAT32011-12-18No porn machines at T3200p1
SJCWNB2011-12-18Never knew holiday songs made smurfs schizophrenic. Chose the metal detector, then they fired up the BKSX. As the first victim was being "examined", the smurfs pulled a couple of us back toward the metal detector. Lucky escape!1100a5
gsoDL2011-12-18this airport has given me at least some breathing room this year. I'll miss it when the TSA destroys it, which they will as not enough people are standing up to L-3's rampage.
SMFB6Terminal B2011-12-18Opted out due to history of skin cancer. MMW is mandatory and male TSA clerk said it was safe, but I didn't trust him. Received a quick patdown by a lady who seemed embarrassed by her job. Would try to avoid this airport from now on, too many lines, rude male TSA agents.600p15
rduDL22011-12-17You're really asking for it if you go here. I am quitting flying all together starting in January. I'm through with the TSA abuse!!
DCAUA2011-12-17Mercifully nude-o-scope free!
SNAUAB2011-12-17No scanners at B. Wasn't asked any questions and wasn't asked to say my name.7a5
sjcUATerminal A2011-12-16Use line 3 or 4 to use WTMD and avoid backscatter.810a5
DENUAMain2011-12-16Pick your own line, and it was easy to tell which lines had scanners and which lines didn't.
SFODLTerminal 1, Gates 40-482011-12-15Name game confirm first/last. Delta agents directing people to security lines. Elite line had only WTMD, all other MMW as primary. Elite lane roped off after ID check. Jumped in front of elite line after waiting in general security lane and was able to go through WTMD.
rdmDL12011-12-15Tiny Airport, 2 x-ray lanes, 1 MMW between them. Used as primary 520a
ANCASS2011-12-153 lanes, 3 backscatter machines, but only 1 machine in use. Free to choose other two lines, but most people queued up for the machine, because it was the closest line. No waiting on the other two lines.
LASWNABC2011-12-154 checkpoints open, but was able to self-select the WTMD only lane on the far left side. NoS primary for the other lanes w/men's wallets being subjected to 'inspection' by screener after. 230p
MIACOH2011-12-15Both WTMD roped off, only MMW available. Walked through WTMD when I opted out.p5
BURB6Terminal 12011-12-15MMW machines are being installed, not in use yet.
BWIInternational2011-12-15Millimeter wave scanners for some, walk-through metal detectors for others.
DFWASE162011-12-15E15 and E16 still good.700p5
ATLDLInternational Arrivals2011-12-15was selected for secondary upon entering from international flight. First smurf had power-trip and discriminated against me because I am short...I really think they have quotas for how many people they have to "send" to the scanners or secondaries...IT IS LIKELY THEY PICK ON SINGLE PASSENGERS. Second TSA agent who "received me" for secondary screening said first smurf was a jerk and just asked me to verbally say I didn't have anything illegal and let me go on my way. He didn't even search my stuff. In general, ATL airport seems to be fairly reasonable overall. There seems to be an internal checks and balances here from the management where passengers can still enjoy their flights from this airport without needless pat-downs (assaults).
ABEDL2011-12-15Line was slow, but no hassles from TSA.400p
LHRInt'lTermina 52011-12-15WTMD in all lanes.
abqWN2011-12-146 minutes from ID checker to the other side, mainly because of the woman in front of me taking so long to unload/undress. Screeners sending everyone thru the NoS until the line backed up, then would open up the WTMD. Managed to avoid NoS thanks to 2 opt-outs who confused the moat dragon & just waved me thru the WTMD she opened up.830a6
PHLUSD2011-12-14No such machines at any of the several lines.600a5
MFRAllIt's a really small airport2011-12-14See story at http://www.mailtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20111214/NEWS/112140314
PITAllMain2011-12-13Nudeoscope is sadly back up and running for First Class/Express lanes. Everybody through nudeoscope. Took 15 minutes to even get a groper. Couldn't define the term "resistance".830a22
DTWMcNamara2011-12-13Lower level checkpoint had the MMW roped off7p
pdxASABC2011-12-13Very short line, everyone using 1st class. Machine is MMWV Provision800p5
msnUAAll2011-12-13No scanners yet100p5
DcaDL14-222011-12-12Everybody through nude-o-scope. Groper gives nice ball massage. 530a2
SEAUACheckpoint 5 (D/N)2011-12-12SEA is now mostly safe for elites at this checkpoint. Use the elite lane and you'll walk straight into a metal detector-only lane. Just don't veer left at all after the ID check- stay right against the wall. Far left lane still works for non-elites to SDOO.700a
STLWNE gates, SWA/AirTran terminal2011-12-12I was one of the first through security this morning, and when I went through there were only two lines open, choose-your-own: one WTMD only, one WTMD and backscatter. They opened more lines almost immediately, and I think (not 100% sure, it was stupid early and I was groggy) those were WTMD only. The far right lane is the one I went through, WTMD only.430a2
mkeWND522011-12-12Not many passengers. Random selection. I had to go through.130p
BOSUSB/4-142011-12-12Two lines: The one on the left has two queues and backscatter and magnetometer. The one on the right has a single queue and only magnetometer. Unfortunately, it was closed when I arrived, so I wound up with a patdown. Over 50% of people were selected for the backscatter. As I was being felt up, the other line opened...340p5
sfoDLTerminal 1, Gates 40-482011-12-12At a slow time, nearly all, if not all, passengers were going through the MMW. SFO is private (not TSA) and (at least at this checkpoint) different in a few ways. There was no behavioral detection today ("What is your name?") but, as usual, they enforced the bag size restriction, which never happens anywhere else. As an opt-out, they earn points for friendliness, but not for efficiency (this was a theme throughout the process). They seemed to be logging opt outs, too. I got the feel-up with plenty of time to make the flight.940p5
bosDLTerminal A2011-12-12Not much traffic, and slightly more than half of passengers were sent through Rapiscan. SDOO looked possible but definitely not certain.930a1
FLLWN2011-12-12There are no body scanners at the Southwest terminal. Just really long lines. Walkthrough metal detector set to beep even when you have no metal - random selection for chemical testing swabs.2p25
DAYAllAll2011-12-12MMW. 10 opt-outs in 10 departures. TSA puts new gloves on in my sight, so I don't have to ask them to change gloves.530a15
MIAAAD22011-12-11Lanes 1 and 3 WTMD. Lanes 2 and 4 MMW.1130a
MHTOther2011-12-11WTMD only seen at all c/p's
mspOtherTerminal 1, Checkpoint 12011-12-11No scanners at all in this checkpoint yet
PITUAMain2011-12-11Main line dumped us out in an area with several TDCs, and I chose the one to the far left. Far left lane had X-ray belts on either side of a WTMD. BKSX and WTMD in all other lines, but far-left line seemed to just have WTMD. I believe the WTMD was marked #2.600p
MBSDL2011-12-11Better than FNT !210p
BWIUSD2011-12-10Saturday morning at terminal D was not so busy, and one TSA agent was sending every passenger through the body scanner. I counted 12 of us waiting in line to go through security and I saw 3 people try to go through the metal detector, but the TSA agent directed them to the body scanner. The sheeple didn't object, and went through the body scanner no questions asked. I got a bit nervous but when my turn came, I clearly said to the TSA person, I'm opting out, and I would like a pat down. Surprisingly the TSA replied, "ok, male assist." Another TSA person yelled back, why? And the first TSA person said, person is opting out. TSA guy comes to me and says, why don't you want to go through the scanner, and i said, because I have the option to go throught it, don't I? Then he asked me if i wanted a private pat down, and i said no, it can be done in public. The pat down was not bad at all, but then again, I'm not american and from where I come from, touching and hugging is not as taboo as it is for most americans, so I felt the pat down was nothign special. What is sad to see is that nobody else that I saw opted out from the porn scanner. Lame!2
BWIWNSecurity Gate A/B, Terminal A102011-12-10No X-ray present. MMW in use, but it was choose your own lane. I went through a regular metal detector only.800a1
BWIWNA/B2011-12-10In lines for terminals A&B (both sides of the Southwest check-in counters), one line was open at each. A series of passengers was directed through the metal detector, then a series through the adjacent MMW.1230p5
CLECOC2011-12-10both WTMDs and MMW scanners were in use, but there were 4-5 different lines. Some were using both, some only the WTMDs. Steered towards a leftish lane that only had a WTMD and had no trouble at all.700a5
LGAAACTB-D2011-12-10Priority (Lane 1) WTMD. Lane 2 WTMD. Lane 3 Backscatter.650a2
JFKUAT72011-12-10WTMD was in use but closed off just after I entered the queue600a
cakUAAll2011-12-10While CAK currently has no scanners, they are constructing a new security checkpoint which I am told will have the scanners, Not sure if they will be MMW or the Backscatter9a2
ANCASSouth/Main2011-12-10MMW machines in place but not in use630a0
PDXUSABC2011-12-09All lines had MMW/WTMD combo. Was lucky to be directed to WTMD. I'd estimate more than half were being sent to MMW3
LGADLD terminal2011-12-09Spoke briefly with a TSO, who mentioned that they did not know if/when LGA's D terminal was getting scanners. Also mentioned that they wanted no part of them because of the headaches they cause TSOs! Very quick and professional screening, sharp contrast to my experiences at BWI and DCA.400p15
EWRCOA2011-12-09Annoyingly long lines in narrow corridor, but no NoS.700p15
BOSDL12011-12-08With high traffic, all lanes were open. However, TSA didn't have the manpower—or didn't want the lines to grow too long given how much longer it takes to get through the Rapiscan—to have most of the machines on. A couple lines were using them, but most were roped off. It was quite easy to choose one of the lanes with the roped-off machines, and the blue shirts didn't seem to care.430p11
phlAllTerminal D2011-12-08No scanners, short lines, quick and efficient800a
SLCAllC2011-12-08Didn't go thru, just observed. Few pax and lots of TSOs, mos pax seemed to go through WTMD.920p0
CLLCOmain2011-12-08No scanners and I've heard no plans to install them. TSA is usually very polite here. Was asked how to say my last name. Agent took my daypack apart and re-xrayed everything - no idea what he was looking for.720a0
DENDLMain Terminal2011-12-08During slow times (early morning/late night, early afternoon), they will rope off the WTMDs and send all pax through MMW. SDOO is easy if WTMD lanes are open--once you're clear of the TSO checking IDs, head for the lane that the priority line dumps into and you're safe. No random pulling over to MMW lines here.5-45
LGAUACTB-C2011-12-08Didn't see any NoS scanners. TDC was friendly to my gf, who was flying w/o ID.800a
TUPDLMain2011-12-08No NoS at this airport. Let's keep it that way!
MHTUSB2011-12-08Although the number of scanners was naught, a TSA operative stated to another curious passenger that scanners were to arrive "next week". Take that as you will.340p
denAAMain2011-12-07It was pick your own line, many scanners in use; I found a lane leading to a regular metal detector; it was longer and full of kids but I sure didn't mind the extra wait5
TYSAll2011-12-07Scanners used as primary screening unless line backs up1100a
SFOUAT3 Elite Checkpoint2011-12-07There are three screening areas in T3; the elite and main checkpoints are clear; the overflow checkpoint closest to T2 has scanners
BWIFLdownstairs near baggage claim2011-12-07New checkpoint just opened with only walkthrough metal detectors. Downstairs from the main A and B checkpoints. Access to A and B gates only.330p2
YYCOtherCanadian Domestic, Concourse A for Air Canada2011-12-06For domestic Air Canada flights (not U.S. bound): there is one MMW machine for the general line. If you are in the Elite line for AC Aeroplan or NEXUS, you will not be fed into the MMW line. However, they will swab your hands if you are anything but NEXUS.300pOne
ANCASSouth2011-12-06Three microwave machines were installed on Dec. 4th, and were operating that day. On the evening of the 6th, all were down, "for calibration".750p
tlhUSmain2011-12-06Scanner is primary.2p0
omaA gates2011-12-06
OGGDLMain2011-12-06MMW in use at main checkpoint. Right-hand lane was sending 100% of people through it, and a TSO was randomly pulling people from the left lane into it. The person in line in front of me was selected and opted out. TSO tried to talk him into going through, but when he held to his refusal, they appeared to handle it very professionally.20
seaWNMain2011-12-05Choose your own adventure by going to the rightmost (elite / A-list) even after going through the general queue
DENAll security lanes, main terminal both north and south ends2011-12-05All lanes must use nude body scanners. No way to get around them at any lanes.420p0
ATLDLMain2011-12-05Lanes 11 and 16 only ones without NoS, yet people were waiting in line for NoS while WTMD had no line.1140a3
PDXB6ABC (south)2011-12-05bad timing, got opt-out grope, both of us830p10
CLDUAThe one2011-12-05No NoS. Saw a handheld metal detector. Same bag that passed unmolested in DAY earlier that day got an annoying search at CLD.740p5
FNTDL2011-12-04All pax required to go to NoS. Had to ask TSO to change gloves prior to patdown. Ran his hands twice inside my waistband because my "shirt tail was tucked in", but insisted this is not a new procedure ("always been this way). FNT has become an airport to avoid.
PhxDL32011-12-04All WTMD here.
SCEDLMain Checkpoint2011-12-04Small airport; no backscatter installed0
PHXUA22011-12-04UA at PHX. At least they were friendly while they violated my rights.810p0
ABQAA2011-12-04Only allowed kids thru WTMD-everyone else thru a scanner. Scanner felt my turtleneck was an threat resulting in a grope/grab/squeeze of the right side of my neck from screener after, but that was it.600a0
PITUSMain2011-12-04There is a scanner-free line to the far left and I had no problem using it.330p
dalCOTerminal 12011-12-04MMW installed but not in use yet
BUFUA2011-12-03It was mostly choose your own lane, with some randomly selected. I got selected, told the agent I was pregnant and could't go in the machine, and he just let me go through the metal detector with no grope down (sorry guys, that won't work for you!)
dfwAAA332011-12-03Roughly 50-50%. People "randomly" assigned to a metal detector or a scanner.
BosDL12011-12-02Some in right side line put through X-ray, but all left siders sent through WTMD; X-ray was roped off. Right side appeared to be possible to self select. Point yourself towards WTMD line. Right after I passed through, they switched over to having both X-rays open and directing about half the passengers to each. Using the X-rays is much more personnel-intensive, and it seems they may have them open based on staffing levels.
PhxDL32011-12-02Only WTMD at this checkpoint.
TLH2011-12-021830: Another evening, NoS not in use.
DCADLTerminal B2011-12-02MMW in use for all lines, unless lines get too long
LGADLD2011-12-02no scanners
pbiB62011-12-02almost everyone had to go through MMW scanner
lgaB62011-12-02no sign of scanners
GSOUANorth2011-12-02Freedom and magnetometers only530a0
LGACOB2011-12-02Arrived 6:05 for 6:20 departure. Got pulled to front of line. No NoS. 610p5
MYRUS2011-12-01MMW machine; they were sending everyone through at 6 am. Requested to opt out for medical reason and was sent through metal detector.
SJCASB2011-12-01Since lines were shorter in front of the porn machine, the smurf recommended going into that line. As with most other biz travellers, I chose to go to the "longer" line with a metal detector. The porn machine broke down, saving everyone the hassle. Porn machine roulette, anyone?200p5
SEAUACheckpoint 52011-12-01Left lane has no BKSX. Easy SDOO at ckpt 5.1p
DCAUS32011-11-30Everyone through the L-3 scanners. I opted out and had a humorous conversation with the TSA guy. They are finally getting trained, or maybe just taking "nice pills."
DFWDLE152011-11-30Only WTMD. No hassles.1130a
JFKAAT82011-11-30followed attractive young ladies, they got scanner, I got WTMD, heard them muttering about always getting the scanner200p5
SEAASC&D gates2011-11-30random chance, got lucky with goon pointer (that means I did NOT get groped, used WTMD)1000p5
BOSDLA2011-11-29Xrays all roed off
LAXAS32011-11-29Far left lane is metal only. No request to empty pocket or remove belt. Nice.
MSPDLCheckpoint 12011-11-29No scanners at checkpoint 1, millimeter wave scanners in use at some other checkpoints.
SJCA2011-11-29Right lane had roped off backscatter. All other lanes had TSA-choice backscatter or metal.
MSPDLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 22011-11-29Contrary to other reports, I didn't see any scanners installed or in use at this checkpoint.
PHLDLTerminal D2011-11-29
MIAAAD by AA counters2011-11-2999% sent through
abqWN2011-11-29Unfortunately, everyone seemed directed to the scanners. However, they sent people through the metal detectors while they were busy, so I was able to wait to be ready until another person had just gone through the scanner in order to go through the metal detector.5a
ATLDLMain2011-11-28Only one MMW in use just right of center special assistancr desk. So easy to avoid.
DCADLB gates 10-222011-11-28MMW for both lines
IADInt'lCustoms transit checkpoint2011-11-28As you enter the checkpoint line the actual checkpoint will be on your left. The first and third lanes have backscatter, but the second lane in is metal detector only.
snaAS2011-11-28When I presented boarding pass and id, I sarcastically asked agent if he wanted me to also pronounce my last name (it is "BROWN," btw!), so he could practice his new behavioral profiling skills. I was then "randomly selected" for the pat down screening. Niiiiiice.
ontAS2011-11-28Opted out of scan. Opted for public groping. I am female. Female agent was rough and went up my crotch 4 times in a rough manner. I now travel wearing the thickest sanitary pad, just for these purposes! I loudly asked her why she needed to touch my vulva 4 times, and if she wanted, I would pull out my sanitary pad for her and the entire airport to see. When time came for her to test her gloves for explosives, she called another agent over, turned her back to me and whispered something to that agent who pushed a button on the machine...and voila! It registered explosives! I said that I was watching everything they were doing and saying,a dn they then took me aside to do the entire luggage screen and an additional pat down. Guess what...this time, there was no explosives alert! These agents apparently do not like people expressing themselves during pat downs!
msnUAAll2011-11-28No scanners yet
BOIAllOnly2011-11-28WTMDs blocked off, everyone being forced through the microwaves600a
BWIWNA/B (left of SWA ticket agents)2011-11-27Around 10am; Pick your own lane between WTMD and MMW; looked like MMW was roped off as well
FNTDL2011-11-27All pax required to go to NoS. Opt-outs were sent through WTMD, then patted down. TSA supervisor was much more polite than the one I faced last time through FNT. Patdown was cursory.
AUSDLfar right checkpoint, sign says gates 14-252011-11-27There are millimeter wave scanners in use at two other checkpoints, but the ones at far right end of airport, with sign that says gates 14-25, has metal detector only and you can access all gates from here.
BosB6C2011-11-27Self directed opt out at the far left lane; other lanes had random (1 every 4?) pass through the scanners rather than being waved through the detectors.
RICCOB2011-11-27Everyone except for children went through MMW. Have to opt out
DFWAAC2011-11-27In this instance we got in a line that had nobody in it in a room directly next to another that had a scanner and a line of people. I was glad it worked out well for me but lines before probably got put through the scanner by default.
MSPDLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 42011-11-27No machines present at checkpoint 4, all passengers sent through WTMD. Minimal yelling and an overal positive TSA experience. Has access to all terminal 1 airlines.
IAHAAA2011-11-27Sending through WTMD if someone was in the scanner.
LGADLMarine Air Terminal2011-11-27Still free of the BKSX!! A rare painless experience with the TSA.
BWIUA2011-11-27Those with children went through metal detectors. Those without went through AIT or got patted down.
cvgDLTerminal 32011-11-27All passengers sent through BKSX; opt-outs were handled very quickly.400p0
BWIWNterminal A/B, lower level near baggage claim2011-11-26No scanners! 2 walk-through metal detectors and three baggage X-ray lanes. Leads only to A/B gates. Also doing random hand swabs for explosives this morning.
SJCAAMain Terminal2011-11-26Light crowds with roped-off scanners...nice.
mcoFLfor Gate 1102011-11-26Chose blue because I didn't NOTICE any (didn't look hard). Easy, easy trip... no hassles... daughter left liquids in ziploc inside suitcase, yet no stopping. Metal detector only.
AGSAllOnly2011-11-26Still exclusively WTMD, but also seeing random gropes.
atlDLMain2011-11-25Several WTMD-only lanes were open.
LGAAACTB-D2011-11-25Three lines-- (from L to R) Lines 1/2 WTMD, Line 3 Backscatter
IADUAmain2011-11-24half metal detectors, half back scatter. choose the line closest to metal detector to avoid back scatter
dcaUSC2011-11-24Middle line WTMD only, all others MMW pornoscan. Examine lines carefully before entering.
SEAMain2011-11-24100% backscatter
SEAMain2011-11-24100% backscatter at central checkpoint; no WTMD option. Self-directed WTMD on far right (elite/first/crew) at D/N checkpoint.
SMFAAB2011-11-24They were sending people to the scanner line when it didn't have a line for it and I happened to fall in that group. It seems like a 50/50 if you do or do not get sent to the scanner.
pdxASc2011-11-24All metal detectors cordoned off. Only using scanners now. It is a sad day in Portland.
BOSDLA1-A222011-11-23Some of the BSX machines were roped off. Choose your own adventure.
laxAA42011-11-233:30AM day before Thanksgiving. Check-In looks like Grand Central, TSA has their obligatory grumpy faces on, and gossip in place. 1 line with the gate to the XRay blocked off, funneling to WTMD. Apparently even TSA isn't psychotic enough to try putting everybody through Backscatter/Opt-outs on THE travel Holiday
DFWAAC302011-11-23WTMD to the left, but most being directed to the MMW.
JFKAAT8/Premium2011-11-23Scanners roped off - prbly due to t-day traffic
BOSDLTerminal A2011-11-23BKSX were in use when I first got in line. TSOs were allowing passengers to choose their own fate. Then, the BKSXs were roped off, so WTMD for all.
ORDUAT22011-11-23Arrived from Int'l T5, took train to T2 (even though my flight was from T1, SO worth it. Get off the train, down the escalator, go STRAIGHT AHEAD (that's the 'left side' everyone else refers to), and there are no machines there. The 'right side' is divided by a wall. Well worth the extra five minutes is takes to walk from T2 to T1, especially since all the T1 lanes were using the backscatter when I walked by.
jax2011-11-23most lanes go to scanners, pretty easy to pick a scanner free lane. tsa clerk was directing people to lanes for a while, but then left.
SmfUAA2011-11-23MMW for many people; about half directed through magnetometer.
MDWWNB2011-11-23Multiple lines, many without scanners; pick your line with WTMD or MMW
dfwF9E332011-11-23WTMD left, MMW scanner right, but TSA was pulling some folks from the left into the scanner.
SWFDLMain2011-11-23MMW Only extremely limited WTMD use.540a2
PHLAllTerminal D2011-11-22Terminal D is still scanner-free as of today.
ORDAAT32011-11-22At Domestic Checkin
PDXDLD and E2011-11-22Only one decent line, on the far left. The bad news is my wife flew two days later, and there were no non-scanner lines.
PwmDLSingle2011-11-21New checkpoint, same old WTMD. There was a story in the press herald recently that scanners are comig; no sign yet. "frequent fliers" lane not specifically labeled for elites, leads the same place. Being Maine, used by few. Wouldn't want to presume.
cakDLall2011-11-21No WBI scanners seen at the only c/p.
SNAWNC2011-11-21MMW in use at checkpoint C but you can avoid it by using checkpoint B and walking back to terminal C airside.
rduDL22011-11-21sending familier with kids to WTMD, most others to AIT
YULUAC2011-11-20There were about four millimeter wave scanners, about ten walk through metal detectors. At a very non-busy hour, none of the scanners were in use. There is a screen between the document checker and the search lanes, so it might be difficult to self-opt into a lane with no scanner. Scanners appear to be at the two far left and two far right lanes so aim for the middle if you have a choice.
GEGASC2011-11-20No nude scanners or cancer boxes at the Alaska/Horizon terminal (C) in Spokane.
SANWNTerminal 1 (gates 3-10)2011-11-20Metal detectors only at the Terminal 1 checkpoint. 8:30AM.
SFOWNTerminal 12011-11-20Actually arrived in SFO, didn't fly out, but had a look at the Terminal 1 main checkpoint as I exited. Time was around 11:30AM. There looked to be three lines; the first and third had metal detectors only while the middle one had a scanner of some kind. Not sure if it was possible to choose your own line.
dcaDLgates 14-222011-11-19if it makes you feel any better, they use the nude scanners with the generic outline
pitAllmain2011-11-19bxsx roped off for first class and express lanes. looked mandatory for everyone else.
HNLDLInternational2011-11-197:00AM Scanners active in main terminal, huge lines everywhere. Walked to interisland terminal and passed security there, no scanners installed and there was no line. Make sure not to set off WTMD there or you will be given a full service pat down! Easy walk back to main terminal, no wait at agriculture check, nobody asks questions about you boarding a flight at different terminal
RSWAA2011-11-19NO scanners, NO patdown, old-fashion metal detector ONLY!
OKCAA2011-11-19there were no scans and did not have to do a patdown either
mspFLTerminal 2 (smaller terminal)2011-11-19This is the way to fly... FABULOUS security line! In and out in under 3 minutes. Accidentally left my iPhone in back pocket, so the metal detector went off. I kinda forgot to be careful, so I immediately said, "Oh, forgot my phone!" and ran back through metal detector to put my phone through x-ray. No problem. They just waved me through again. I'm not suspicious in any way, so I'm not surprised they ignored my space-out. (Same terminal for Southwest, Airtran, SunCountry.)
SEAAllCheckpoint 42011-11-19Scanner shut down in one line. If you can't SDOO at other checkpoints, use the far left lane at Checkpoint 5 (North) for a metal detector-only lane.
BUFWNMain2011-11-18Friday, 4pm. It wasn't crowded. 4 lanes open, only one of them had the backscatter in use. Very easy to self-select. Maybe would be a different situation if it were a crowded morning.
pdxDLinternatinal arrivals2011-11-18remember. the idiots are adding the cancer machines to international arrivals. stay calm and just breathe deeply. It sucks they have done this to our country but it's how it is. Stay courteous when standing up for your rights, but be firm.
pdxDLabc2011-11-18adding more scanners...yellow??
MCIWNSouthwest2011-11-18When going through security, if you turn one direction (right), there is no body scanner. If you turn the other direction, there is a body scanner (there is also a metal detector but I am not sure how it works).
mdwWNOnly One Checkpoint at Airport2011-11-18Currently, there is only one body scanner, which can easily be avoided by going to a lane at the far left.
itoOther2011-11-18ITO now has a MMW scanner and will use for primary
SFOVXTerminal 22011-11-18No scanners visible (metal detectors only) at the Terminal 2 checkpoint for a 7:10AM departure.
DCAInt'lA2011-11-17WTMD only; this checkpoint serves JetBlue, AirCanada, AirTran, Sun Country, Frontier
IADUADiamond lane small checkpoint2011-11-17Naked blue-box scanners emitting ionizing radiation, with no privacy software filters, for every other person.
smfDLA2011-11-17hate to have to tell you guys...but A is no longer safe. I scheduled a trip here in december thinking I could avoid the panic attack of being around the MMW machines. =-(. How tragic! At least I'm first class going back home.
hktInt'l22011-11-17Front-door scanning of all bags prior to check-in, physical hold bag search prior to check-in (this seemd to be airline specific), standard metal detector to enter departure gate area, physical search of all carry-on luggage at entry to plane (I believe this is an Australian Govt requirement as I experienced the same at Hong Kong when I transited there recently
IndDL2011-11-17Previous posters are incorrect, IND only has (and never has had) backscatter - only MMW. All lanes have them. Use is sporadic and random. SDOO usually is difficult if not impossible. 0
bwiWNB2011-11-16Downstairs entrance - WTMD only - friend was directed there by Southwest employees
gnvDL2011-11-16it's red....but there's still RSW....only airport in FL that is clear.
tlhDLany2011-11-16This airport is reported to be absolutely RED. AVOID. This IS a political problem...our president used the jobs bill to pay for MORE of these scanners. How is it wrong to be honest about this FACT.
ORDCOT22011-11-16Nude-o-scope was in operation... was able to avoid it by staying in the left lane
pdxOtherboth2011-11-162 scanners at each checkpoint now, saw both in use sporadically.
BGMAllOnly checkpoint2011-11-16
sfoAATerminal 22011-11-16The checkpoint is big enough to have pornoscanners and a grope-fest, but there are no scanners here. TSA wants to change that by 2014.
LASWNNewest ABC Checkpoint2011-11-15The lane directly in front of the Business Select/First Class/Employee line is the only lane with no MMW (millimeter wave) machine. This checkpoint was open at the time I pased through but they closed the checkpoint two minutes after I put my shoes back on. All other checkpoints for the masses had a MMW and WTMD and nearly everyone was directed through the MMW. Crowds would back up due to these scans taking longer and bags would accumulate on the other end. Only once in a while would they take a couple people and send the through the old WTMD.
TYRAllonly one2011-11-15
ECPWNA2011-11-15Metal Detector. TSA agent was courteous, even joking.
AMSInt'lKLM2011-11-152 scanners in use but also xray for kids. All adults had to use scanners. I carried one child while holding other and got brief patdown. My husband got the porn ray. Flight from AMS to YVR (Vancouver, CA)
SFOUAT32011-11-14Great seeing that no porn scanners are at SFO T3
oggAll2011-11-14NOS in use!!! MMW in 2 out of 4 lanes
MLBDLonly 1 terminal2011-11-14only backscatter/radiation
MLBDLMain2011-11-14aggresive, rude, could not hold wallet in hand in the machine, I fly often and sometime TSA comes to the gate and checks tickets/ID and luggage. Maybe a training airport for "new ideas"
FNTDL2011-11-13No one allowed through WTMD. Opted out; explosives analyzer false-alarmed; triggered full, secondary screening in private room and everything. Supervisor didn't want to give me his name.
MKEDLConcourse E2011-11-13Quiet checkpoint, no scanners installed.400p1
oggUA2011-11-12rest of initial L-3 communications scanners have been installed......fortunately this should be it for a while since they voted down jobs bill. Note: Please be professional in your dealings with the TSA. If selected for MMW it's OK to say that you feel that you are being discrminated against and that the we don't know the long-term effects of terahertz waves on the body. It's OK to explain how you feel in a professional way but do not insult. This is an administrative problem, not really an employee problem at the airport level.
HNLAll2011-11-12Inter Island terminal - all WTMDs
FLLFLTerminal 1 Concourse C2011-11-12Lane 1 on far left was the only lane using the metal detectors. All other lanes had backscatter. Looked like you could pick your lane after ID check.
DFWAAC2011-11-11Friends of mine told me that most/all going through Terminal C were required to be scanned. They said all Terminal C security points have the radiation machines.
amsklm2011-11-11there were no scanners here when I returned to the US. ..checkpoints are @ Gate not terminal entrance like in the U.S.
ORDDLT22011-11-11Right side was active.
BDLDLMain2011-11-11All lanes have BKSX, however use was not consistent. The farther right lanes seem to only use it very occasionally, possibly for secondary only.700a5
BURUS1/US Air2011-11-10No scanners?
PDXOtherSouth (A,B,C)2011-11-10Currently better than North (D,E)
PDXDLNorth (D,E)2011-11-102 ProVision ATD machines installed at the North (D,E) checkpoint, one of which was in use. There are currently no scanners at the South (A,B,C) checkpoint, so use it for all flights.
PDXDLInternational arrival between D9/D112011-11-102 Provision ATD machines between gates D9 and D11 that appear to be for screening international arrivals. Not in use when I was there.
CHADL2011-11-09Only a metal detector
omaAAA72011-11-09only saw one person get their patriot scan due to wearing a leg brace. all others passed as normal through the WTMD
SLCDLTerminal 22011-11-09At 7 PM two lanes were open with a long line of passengers. Leftmost lane had MMW scanner, right had WTMD. Avoid scanner by staying to the right.
SLCWNTerminal 12011-11-09At 7 PM there were few passengers and only one lane open with a MMW scanner. Only option for avoiding scanner was to go to terminal 2 with a long wait but you could choose between the MMW scanner and WTMD. All gates can be accessed from either terminal 1 or 2.
YYZAAT32011-11-09Machines open, but not in use.
CLTUSC2011-11-08All other checkpoints have radiation scanners. None at C.
LGAUSTerminal C2011-11-08No body scanners at either checkpoint. Nice 1990s experience.
SANUATerminal 12011-11-07At 5:15 a.m. on a Monday, it's packed, so they open the third checkpoint, which does not have any scanners. Two other lanes have scanners, both in use. About two out of every three people went in.
ABQUA2011-11-07I got to the only WTMD line just as it was being closed. All were sent thru the NoS. Opt out took twenty minutes.
koaUAOnly one2011-11-07No NOS
MCIWNSouthwest2011-11-07When going through security, if you turn one direction (right), there is no body scanner. If you turn the other direction, there is a body scanner (there is also a metal detector but I am not sure how it works).
RNOWNC gates2011-11-07Just metal detectors, no mmw
ATLDLSouth s12011-11-06MMW in use for all except the Premiere lane... All ppl going thru MMW. Opted out and got a more aggressive patdown which included a hand in my pants waistband. Fuck this, why do I travel?
YLWASAll2011-11-06MMW machine open, but not in active use. Smooth sailing otherwise. Shame to see Canada sucked into this charade.
FNTDL2011-11-06NoS was roped off when I went through, but two TSOs were busily getting it ipened up as I was getting redressed.
IAHCOTerminal B2011-11-06NoS for all! I opted out.
SEAASInternational2011-11-06Its beyond me why they have a checkpoint in the middle of a sterile area, but I guess I should remember this is the TSA. Fortunately, no cancer machines and one of the guys was friendly.
JAXAAAll Gates2011-11-06We observed many pushed to scanners; we were able to locate far left side, no scanner, so SDO
PHXUSTerminal 42011-11-05No choice around 6pm.
PHLDLD entry2011-11-05D entry had no AIT however Got randomly selected for patdown but nobody was around to do it so I didn't get one.
SATAAB2011-11-04Backscatter radiation machines in use. All passengers directed to it. Opted out of course. Bad attitudes at this airport.
sjcUSTerminal A2011-11-04Only scanners in use. WTMD used only when scanner line was too long.
myrDL2011-11-04alert: most major airports now have scanners including ANC/OGG. however, the newer airports to get them may be more kind to you and allow SDOO
ROCUSmain2011-11-04MMW in center lane, WTMD left/right lanes. MMW randomly used for all lanes but as it got backed up, WTMD were used.
mdwWNOnly one checkpoint2011-11-04There is only one body scanner. This can easily be avoided by using the far left lane.
ALBWNMain / sole ckpt2011-11-03MMW scanner now present on far left lane; not in use when observed.
ewrDLTerminal B, Gates 40-472011-11-03Three lanes open; one WTMD only; two to WTMD/MMW combination
SLCDL22011-11-03T2 had 3 lines. Center was random WTMD or MMW, others were WTMD only. Self-select. Most pax using lines for WTMDs.
LGADLTerminal D2011-11-03No scanners, line was a bit slow.700a10
dayUAAll2011-11-02WTMD exists, but is roped off. All were being sent through the scanner (MMW).
DCAAAGates 23-342011-11-02WTMD only at around 5:00 PM. Nice and easy.
YVRInt'lKLM / Delta2011-11-02Scanners were in place but not in use. Xray machines used instead.
RDUAATerminal 22011-11-01Forcing all thru MMW. TSA unusually arrogant and rude at RDU.
ALBUAOnly one2011-11-01It's green now, but according to a post on Milepoint.com, they are assembling two scanners right now for use very soon.
laxDL52011-11-013 lines open. Elite line (far right) feeds WTMD, others are XRay only or mandatory XRay AND WTMD. Note: checkers direct non-elites to XRays, but you can change lines after going past them. Coming back on Nov 3, saw WTMD-only lane roped off (high usage times only?)
MCODLGates 60-1292011-11-00Long chaotic line. Multiple TDCs, then everyone merges to one line which then splits back off into separate lines. Scanners only appear to be on the far ends, middle lanes are WTMD only. TSO was sort of directing to various lines but I ignored them without any consequences.500p15
pitAllmain2011-10-31WMTD only but doing patdowns on some.
EWRCOC-22011-10-31Scanners not in use. Passengers unmolested today. Only good thing about flying out of Newark.
ATLFLMain2011-10-31Numerous lanes were WTMD. There is sufficient time to find the appropriate lane after ID check.
YYCUAC, all U.S. departures2011-10-30L-3 scanner (not backscatter, I think) used for a few. Security is Canadian. No lines at 5 am. 10 minutes to gate.
FNTDL2011-10-30TSO tried to "talk me out" of opting out by telling me I'd get a full-body patdown
wnWNb2011-10-30Not in Use
msyWNb2011-10-30not in use
CMHDLConcourse C/Gate 562011-10-30BSX was intermittently roped off during my trip through security. For some reason, the carry-on X-ray was moving EXTREMELY slowly.
lanDLAll2011-10-30LAN just installed a millimeter wave machine. Everybody has to go through.
LaxUA82011-10-30BSX for everyone at the small checkpoint for terminal 7/8. Opt-out was handled well and only cost me a couple of minutes.
GrrDLA2011-10-29EVeryone required to go thru Back Scatter X ray imaging device
BOSDLA1-A222011-10-28BSX in the far left lane was roped off - WTMD only. Other lanes using BSX as primary.
DcaDL14-222011-10-27Nude o scopes not in use 10:30
TLH2011-10-27Single lane, NoS through left door, WTMD through right door. As of 1939, NoS is closed.
FNTFLMain/only2011-10-27Given the full body pat down. Agents seemed less friendly when compared to the past
PHXAA3 Gate 2011-10-27Gates 2-9 also include Hawaiian Air and Jetblue
sbaAllOnly One Checkpoint2011-10-26A nice airport uncontaminated by Cancer Boxes. Lots of construction, but no signs of Cancer Box installation activity.
RDUDL22011-10-26How about doing an Occupy Raleigh @ RDU? I REFUSE TO GO ANYWHERE NEAR RDU. This is TSA tyranny at its worst. They are discrimanatory against adults. Unless every single passenger goes thru MMW, it is a bias and a civil liberty issue.
DENDL2011-10-25Self-opt-out didn't work. TSA barker by the WTMD was picking people for the MMW scanner. Was told to stand right by the xray carryon scanner flaps and ordered not to move despite voicing radiation concern. Wait for female assist took a while. Patdown was quick, touching over but not inside the waist band. Saw a couple other opt-outs on the same lane but most walked through the scanners.
ewrASB40-472011-10-25left lane was metal det i think. i mistakenly chose right lane and it was a mmw i think. groping was quick and efficient surprisingly
DCAUAPier B2011-10-25Only WTMD, no chat down, no grope, no name game.
MDWMain2011-10-25Only one MMW for far right lane; stay out of the Priority lane, and in one of the leftmost lanes, for avoidance.
RDUAA22011-10-25Typical RDU, TSA gestapo, will not accept trusted traveler ID issued by Homeland Security, simply amazing
IADAllWest Checkpoint (Closest to Parking Garage)2011-10-25Went through in the early afternoon, when the airport is least busiest. Same procedure as always: Choose the left lane in each checkpoint in order to line yourself up wuth the WTMD. As you start loading your stuff on the belt, check to see that there is at least one person lined up at the Cancer Machine. If there isn't staff for time at the belt until the lone forms again. That's a nearly fool-proof way to self-opt out. There are also plenty of lemmings you follow each other into the Cancer Boxes, so your chances of getting through free of radiation and sexual assault are pretty good.
sfoUAT32011-10-25Two out of three checkpoints have no body scanners in use.
slcDL22011-10-24At 7 PM, TSA laying in wait for the few unlucky passengers who arrive at this hour to zap them in the MMW
BOSUAC2011-10-24Some people got waved through the metal detector. I was not. I got a rather perfunctory patdown.
JFKDL3 / One by Check In2011-10-24BKSX not in use at 12:35 PM
sanWNGates 3-102011-10-24wtmd only no scanners in use
DENUAclosest to United2011-10-24looked down at the checkpoint and saw the middle had WTMD only and made my way there. TSA was trying to direct people left and right, but obviously people chose to wait in the longer line for the WTMD!
LASUAD2011-10-23Easily able to choose your own lane. Looked like two MMW machines; one was roped off.
DTWDLCheckpoint 2 (N of Delta counter)2011-10-23SkyPriority lane led to WTMD, but pax could choose MMW line if desired.
JFKUAT72011-10-23Crew lane (leftmost X-Ray as you enter) mostly sent to WTMD.
boiWN2011-10-22scanners only , no wtmd in use
mkeUAC2011-10-22No line means automatic rape-o-scan.200p
FNTDL2011-10-21New MMW installed at FNT
BWIFLD2011-10-21Alternating between MMW and MD
SFOUA32011-10-21The "main" checkpoint is closed before 6 am, so you have to use the checkpoint closest to T2, which does have a NoS and they are not afraid to use it. If you have an early morning flight, prepare for hands in pants!
MKEConcourse C2011-10-21
YYZUAT12011-10-21Still pick your own line, no real issues.
PITDL2011-10-21Almost everyone sent through X-Ray. Best chance is to use the "alternate" checkpoint, then about 20% of pax sent to crew lane, which has WTMD only.
LHRAllTerminal 32011-10-21WTMD in all lanes, but BKSX in a back room. No opt-out permitted if randomly selected.
LGADLD2011-10-20Just literally flew out. Only wt
LGADLD2011-10-20Just literally flew out. Only WTMD.
JFKDL22011-10-20Right lane WTMD only
SLCDL22011-10-20Middle lane is sfe in main one. Also, check to see if the litte one on the left is open. When I arrived on my 1st flight, it was WTMD only, but it had closed when my connecting flight left.
BKKOtherC Transfer2011-10-202 machines visible, 1 lane without
JFKDLT32011-10-20Almost everyone sent through X-Ray.
TYSMain2011-10-19Scanners now in place
gnvDLall2011-10-19they got them now.
smfWNB2011-10-19TSA is not even listing the airports on their website anymore that have scanners. They just assume we're all "OK" with them. NO!! TERMINAL B AT SMF IS NOT SAFE!!
SEAUAD2011-10-19left lane had no scanner. also, noted that over at c/d the scanners were not in use
MSYAAC2011-10-17One MMW and one WTMD. The left side bag belt seemed to give you a better chance of getting the metal detector, but some still got pulled from both lanes. The MMW here has the new software.
pitAllmain2011-10-17all lanes funneled to backscatter machines. Only used WMTD when backed up.
PNSAllAll2011-10-17Scanners have just been installed for both TSA lines and should be in use any day.
DCAUAGates 23-342011-10-16UA concourse is still scanner-free.
lgaFLB2011-10-16No xray in sight, but long lines..
litDL12011-10-15great tsa, alot of random pat downs, agents were professional and courteous
SNAUAB2011-10-15No scanners at B still. Doing the weird "say your last name" crap. Went through security in about 5 minutes at 0515 on Saturday morning.
LGAWNCentral Terminal Building/B area2011-10-15no scanners visible
SANCO2011-10-14TSA decided who when through BKSX and who did x-ray. I got lucky with x-ray only so no groping.
PHXWNTerminal 4 Checkpoint C2011-10-14MD available. Chose that line. No hassle.
JFKDLT3/Delta2011-10-14metal detector roped off. All pax sent through backscatter.
phfFLA2011-10-14No xray in sight.
PVUF9One-room airport2011-10-14No scanners, only one security lane at this very small airport. Metal detector and baggage x-ray only.
mkeDLConcourse E2011-10-13No scanner at this c/p. Friendly, no shouting.
PHLF9A2011-10-13Only one lane was open, but there was no scanner in this lane.
SFOUA32011-10-13No cancer boxes, strange podium with gate but no questions in elite line. Actually a good experience just like the 90's.
dfwAAC82011-10-13No self-selection, about half the passengers were sent to MMW, others to the metal detector. The MMW has the updated software installed.
ORDCO22011-10-12Got the royal treatment this time... smurfs were having a ball with their porn machine
PITAllMain2011-10-12I went through security in the early afternoon. The left-most WTMD was closed off, and both WTMD/BKSX combos were running... or so I thought. I opted for the right-most pair, and I was surprised to see a guy in the right BKSX talking on his cell phone. Upon further observation, I discovered that the unit was roped off, and it appeared to be under repair by said fellow. Both lanes were being directed through the WTMD, which was perfectly fine by me.
IADVXnot sure2011-10-12Metal detectors in use. That was all. No friskings seen.
DFWAAC312011-10-11MMW machine in use, people randomly directed into it.
SFOUSTerminal 12011-10-10The last couple of times I've gone through this checkpoint, the right-most WTMD has been roped off, and everyone in the priority (?) line was being sent to the MMW. There's also been traffic to another room on the right, which appears to have another MMW installed in it, but I haven't ventured in there to say for certain. I've been taking the normal lane and heading to the left-most lane with decent success. One note: exiting the terminal at night, it appears that with little traffic, nearly everyone's being sent through the MMW, so I'd avoid the red-eye flights out of this terminal, if I were you.
SANUATerminal 12011-10-10at 4:15 p.m., only one of the three checkpoints were open, and it had the backscatter machine. WTMD was roped off.
SFOUAT3, Elite Line2011-10-1011:15 a.m., no machines in sight and no "what's your name" nonsense.
MDWWNmain terminal/Concourse B2011-10-10just metal detectors
tusUAone2011-10-09lets keep it this way...flying United out of PHX is asking for pain...
MCOWNGates 60-1292011-10-08BKSX in use at outer lanes. Vast majority of lanes in center are WTMD only. SDOO very easy.
DCADL14-222011-10-08Scanners in use 5am. SDOO possible middle lane.
bufAA12011-10-08One lane open at 4pm, BSX in all lanes -- but roped off. All pax through metal detectors.
BWIWNB2011-10-07Started as a "pick your own lane" but before I got through the WTMD they started sending everyone through the porno-scanner
CLECOC2011-10-07100% through MMW at 1:30 pm, at least is was quick.
SANUATerminal 12011-10-07I transited at 5:10 a.m. At that time of the morning, all three lanes are open. From left to right, number two and three lanes have backscatter, the first lane does not. They only have that first lane open early in the morning, still trying to figure out when that lane closes. That first lane, my guess, will be the trusted traveler lane when that program arrives at SAN.
EWROtherGates A10-A182011-10-07L3 Provision MMW at lane closest to security entrance, most sent through it but some sent to the back lanes that have WTMDs
MIADLH2011-10-07WTMD only. MMW roped off. If you walk through the checkpoint leading to Concourse J in the middle of the terminal, they were randomly sellecting people for MWW.
SEACOCheckpoint 32011-10-06Mandatory backscatter at 11:00 pm with profoundly invasive pat down for opt-outs. Many staff, only one lane open. Many passengers complaining.
rduDL2011-10-06there are 2 sides to every story. get law enforcement involved, and i'll become the law enforcement...what you've done to innocent travelers in my hometown is DISGUSTING.
CLEAllC2011-10-06Quick survey of Terminals A, B, and C found that all scanners are in use at evening rush. Didn't get hassled for opt-ing out. TSA agents were efficent and polite. Pat down wasn't too invasive. Was not seperated from personal belongings during opt-out.
LITWNThe only one2011-10-06No scanners- still a safe airport
dfwDLE162011-10-05only a metal detector
AUSAll2011-10-04Scanners coming the week of October 24. Email the mayor to stop them now: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/connect/email_leeleffingwell.htm
ATLDLT Gates2011-10-04All lanes now have scanners and the sheep go blindly through. Opting out causes retaliation by waiting and bullying.
DSMAllAll2011-10-03Quick, polite, professional
PDXF9A, B, C2011-10-03Still no scanners.
LGAUSTerminal C2011-10-02No body scanners at either checkpoint.
JFKDLTerminal 32011-10-02No cancer for smurfs!
jfkDLT32011-10-02Pax in left lane not scanned, pax in right lane scanned.
BOSDLTerminal A/Gates 1-222011-10-01Many WTMDs were roped off. Tried to self-opt out at one that was open, but I was ushered to the BSX instead. BDOs were passing through the queue at the checkpoint.
BOSInt'lTerminal E2011-10-01WTMD / BKSX at C/P leading to international gates. One of only two pax going through this checkpoint due to early hour. Only using BKSX. Opted out and pat-down took less than three minutes.
SJOAA2011-10-01No scanners, however they have started giving patdowns to US-bound passengers
CLLAAonly one2011-10-01no room for NoS at only checkpoint, WTMD in use
YYZUAUS Pre-clearance area, T12011-09-30As usual, two MMW machines, the very left one was in use sporadically, the one on the right was not in operation.
GSOUS2011-09-30Only WTMD. No scanners.
JFKB6T52011-09-30Only a few let by unscanned
dfwAAC82011-09-29Left lane fed WTMD. Right lane, some got directed to MMW.
rduDL22011-09-29I was flying into RDU. Everyone has to go through the MWW in all 4 lanes.
BOIUSOnly one2011-09-28Random selection for scanners on all lines. Watches are "annomolies" and closer inspection necessary after going through the scanner.
ORDUAT22011-09-28Porn machines in use... was able to dodge the bullet
ordUAT22011-09-28Only one porn machine in use on the right. Move to the left and we were fine.
ordUAT12011-09-28Porn machines are on for everyone and it was hard to avoid.
SFOUA32011-09-27No naughty machines here!
SJCASTerminal B2011-09-27All scanners blocked off
SJCASTerminal B2011-09-27All scanners blocked off
bufUAMain2011-09-27Two Cancer machine were used. One WTMD lane opened.
EwrCOC-12011-09-26No cancer machine visible at checkpoint. Puffer in the middle lane
CLEAAA2011-09-26WTMD roped off, all passengers sent through scanner
MCIUAA2011-09-26No scanners at United's 10-14 gates checkpoint.
MCIUAA2011-09-26No scanners at United's 10-14 gates checkpoint.
DFWAAD6-D222011-09-267 am, all lines were using the scanner.
ordDL22011-09-26One can avoid body scanners by staying to the far left lane of Terminal 2. Note that all terminals at ORD are connected, so one can do this to avoid body scanners when flying on any airline out of ORD.
SANDLDelta2011-09-25everyone went through backscatter ahead of me, then it got roped off and I got metal detector (after taking off belt... doh!)
SANWNGates 3-102011-09-25metal detectors only
JaxAll2011-09-24Pay attention and pick your lane, nude-o-scope easy to avoid.
SFBAll2011-09-24Excellent security staff, very polite and efficient
MCIAAAmerican2011-09-24No scanners at AA checkpoint
SJCUSTerminal A2011-09-233 lines open, 1 with both x-ray and WTMD. Easy to avoid center lane.
YYZUAUS Pre-Clearance Area, Terminal 12011-09-23Two scanners, only one in use. Even if you're in that lane (on the left), it's not a guarantee you will be subject to the strip-search. By my quick estimate, it seemed that they were putting people in there to resolve alarms, not just anyone.
SANUATerminal 12011-09-238:30 p.m; three lanes, only one in use. WTMD roped off, radiation for everyone.
savOthermain/all airlines2011-09-23WTMD only, no NoS. Let's keep it that way!
rocAllmain2011-09-23Selected for MMW. Was very respectful to opt-out
DFWAAA232011-09-22A23 is the place to go! No scanner and no line.
LGADLTerminal D2011-09-22No imaging scanners installed. Lines were about 5 minutes long. Very quick and easy through X-Ray bag check and WTMDs.
ewrDLTerminal B, gates 40-472011-09-22Imaging scanners roped off; not in use. TSA supervisor suffered from "I have authority and you will respect me" syndrome and made the security check a real problem.
SEAUAD/N (North Checkpoint "5")2011-09-22The reports of the far left lane being scanner-free are totally accurate. There is new construction at this checkpoint, so the scanner-free right lane is not currently accessible. It is choose-your-own-adventure after the ID check stations, so the elite line can be used -just make a hard left immediately after.
IAHASA2011-09-22Only 1 MMW in use. If more than 3 people were queued up, the rest were sent through WTMD.
OGGASMain2011-09-21Only one choice, WTMD :) Random swab of the hands by TSA.
TUSWN2011-09-21metal detectors only
SNAAA2011-09-21State your name, but still no scanners.
LAXVX32011-09-20Far left lane upstairs is scanner-free. Elite/first class feeds right to this.
CleUSA2011-09-20All passengers sent through strip search machine.
SeaUA42011-09-19All lanes were tsa choice, but I found one understaffed lane with only wtmd.
SEAUAD/N2011-09-19I succumbed to the temptation of using the premier lane to avoid the wait. I was presented with a WTMD next to (left of) a BKSX. I was using the left x-ray belt, and I couldn't tell if I got lucky on the timing or if everyone on the left was going through the WTMD and everyone on the right through the BKSX, and I didn't stick around long enough to figure it out. Next time I'll use the regular line and bear to the left; most people seem to have good luck with that.
laxDLall2011-09-19BOYCOTT THIS HORRIBLE AIRPORT. THIS IS PROOF BODY SCANNERS ARE NOT THE ANSWER AND THAT THE LAX TSA ARE MISERABLE FAILURES...http://news.yahoo.com/video/losangelescbs2-15750780/mysterious-markings-show-up-on-southwest-planes-26694237.html
AtlDLT gates2011-09-19Pre check line = no scope n grope. Far right lane safe as pretty easy to select lane with no scanners. Left lane had TSA clowns standing around nos trying to figure out how to turn it on.
ORDAAT3, center2011-09-18Smurfs nuking passengers, line moved slowly. Opened three of four metal detectors, cleared out
PHXWN22011-09-18Forced at least 80% through full-body scanners.
MCIWNSouthwest2011-09-18Turn right to avoid the scanner.
IAHUSA2011-09-17Most sent through WBI. Agressive pat down after opt out. Also additional "random" carry on search at the gate. Theater at its finest.
DSMAll2011-09-17Very good security staff, polite and efficient
BOSB6Terminal C/Gate C122011-09-16The far right lane has only a WTMD, but this lane was not in use (the checkpoint wasn't very busy). All lanes in use were WTMD/BSX combos, but I was able to SDOO withoug any trouble.
SJCAAA2011-09-16Plan on 40 seconds per passenger, with one p0rn machine up and lots of patdowns
OKCAll2011-09-16No scanners in OKC
indUSB2011-09-15one mmw was roped off. self-selected this line.
ANCASSouth terminal, gates B & C2011-09-15Still no nudescopes in AK, home of strongest privacy protections in any state Constitution.
PDXWNA, B, C2011-09-15No full-body scanners. Hope it stays that way.
LasDLD2011-09-14Complete zoo. Lines are slow. SDOO possible far left lanes
SEADLS2011-09-14Most lines have both scanners and WTMD, if you have your wits about you, you can select the WTMD like.
BOSVXB382011-09-14No body scanners at this security checkpoint used only for Virgin America flights. TSA at this gate seems friendlier.
SANUATerm 12011-09-13At 8:30 p.m., there are three checkpoints. In the non-peak hours, such as this time, they use the center checkpoint, which has the backscatter. Everyone was being forced into it. There are three lanes, two with backscatter. The only time they seem to have the third lane (to the far left) open is on weekdays around 5:00 a.m., when the rush of flights that depart at 6:30 happens. That's the only time I fly out of SAN (I made this report upon arrival, easy to scope out).
BOSASA2011-09-13Most PAX directed through scanner. As a career refusnik I was prepared for invasive pat-down (and typical intentionally protracted delay in finding "available" F agent) but got lucky at the past minute. Stay to on the left side of double lines for best odds.
BWIWNB2011-09-13Two Lines Open - pick your line for metal detector or MMW
YULOtherconnection to US Preclearance2011-09-13WTMD only; no NoS in sight.
LHRInt'lTerminal 32011-09-13All lanes appeared to have WTMD's, with a NoS in the back for the unlucky (very) few who get selected.
YWGUAInternational Departures2011-09-12This is for the US preclearance area. Transit through was excrutiatingly painful in terms of time, a perfect model of inefficiency. Took about two minutes per person to clear WTMD. If you beep, it's an automatic trip to the MMW machine. Did not see anyone get sent n there in a random way. They were doing sporadic bag swabs. I was on UA, but this was also in the same area as US-bound DL flight depart as well.
RSWDLC-Gates2011-09-12No scanners but TSA thugs at gate doing random and illegal searches.
CAEAAAll2011-09-12No scanners at Columbia, SC
couDLonly one2011-09-12Just a metal detector at this tiny one gate airport
ABQAll2011-09-11One lane had scanner roped off. Easy to get in that line
SEAASD/N2011-09-11Premium security lane led straight to the WTMD (at the far right).
JNUASN/A2011-09-11No scanners, one WTMD
ORDUATerminal 12011-09-10This was a Saturday, only the first three checkpoints (left to right, as you enter the area) were open. All Backscatter machines in use, was used as primary. Radiation for all!
CLDUAJust the one2011-09-10
MIADLH2011-09-10WTMD in use only, nude-o-scope blocked off
lhrDLTerminal 4 / Skypriority2011-09-10No scanners but wife was picked post WTMD for body scan in the back room
BURAA12011-09-10No Body Scanners still.
CMIAAMain2011-09-10Very small airport. Commercial service from AA only. Single security checkpoint is WMTD only.
SLCDL22011-09-09Some pairs of lanens have scanners, some don't . Your choice.
ordAA92011-09-09Everybody being put through the scanner. 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! Too bad we can now tell Osama has won.
gptAAall2011-09-09no option
BOSB6C11-C362011-09-09Directed through lines, was not able to choose which one. TSA agents were very rude. WTMD/BSX combos for everything except far left lane.
BUFWNonly one checkpoint2011-09-09Every lane at this airport leads to both metal detector and blue-box radiation pornoscanners. However, at 3:30pm on Friday no pornoscanners were in use; metal detectors for all..
MLBDLMain (only)2011-09-09Everyone thru millimeter wave detector, must face away from your possesions. Aggressive, rude TSA personnel. Airport police merely tools of TSA, worse than useless and typical of those who can't get real law enforcement jobs.
CWADLMain (only)2011-09-09No whole body scanner yet, checkpoint appears to be getting reconfigured so may have one soon. Morning shift personnel rude.
amdInt'lAhmedabad2011-09-09Flying First CLass, American Agency selected all of us in selective. We all 70+ and had to open all 7 bags and 3 handbags and there was nothing in side. This is racial from american embassy.
PITAllMain2011-09-08Was at PIT today (noon on Thursday) to pick someone up, checked out the procedures for a minute. Far left lane with metal detector only was CLOSED at this time. Some people (though not all) going through the middle went through the BSX. Not sure if random or just trying to move the line along by using both. On the far right, the BSX had a rope across it. Interesting. Seems like people were noticing this too, because the line on the right entrance went out past the elevator, while the line on the left didn't make it out of the ropes. Definitely pays to scope out the situation for a few minutes before choosing a line. At this day and time, the first class line it appears would have been fine for self opt-out.
ATLDLT gates2011-09-082:30pm on Thursday. Scanners present but not in use. No gropes witnessed
SeaDLCkpt 22011-09-08Furthest ckpt at the end backscatter is off
DcaDL14-222011-09-07Everyone through nudeoscope. No SDOO
BLIAS2011-09-06A very relaxing airport with non-stops to Honolulu and Las Vegas! Just 90 miles north of Seattle!
abqAll2011-09-06One lane had NoS roped off -- easy to do a positional opt-out.
abqAll2011-09-06One lane had NoS roped off -- easy to do a positional opt-out.
BOSDLA2011-09-06Each pair of lines has one scanner and one metal detector. Stay to the one closest to the metal detector and you have a good chance of being waved through it.
ATLDLSouth - premium2011-09-05If you qualify for the elite line, they regularly have the backscatter roped off. Beware... the other line at South seems to randomly go through backscatter.
PHLUSD2011-09-05Terminal D is still scanner-free; use it to access any other terminal post-security.
jfkAA82011-09-04Priority Aaccess lane all the way to the left (lane 1): bsx roped off. Bsx in all other lanes operational. Looked possible to sdoo from lane 2.
PBIUSB2011-09-04Even though you can choose two lines, one that goes to the full body scanner and one that does not, both lines converge at the same point and those who are not in the full body scanner line get randomly asked to go under the full body scanner. You can decline though and not go through it.
MSNDL2011-09-04No full-body, imaging scanners installed
MSPTerminal 1, Checkpoint 12011-09-03Scanner-free checkpoint one was closed in the late morning, and TSA was directing people to the "nearby" checkpoint 2. You could still opt for Checkpoint 4, though.
DCAAAAA2011-09-03I didn't see a porno scanner. I think they have been removed as I remember one before.
OAKASTerminal 22011-09-02There were 2 lines, one with a metal detector and one with backscatter. After having your ID checked, you could choose your line.
PITAllMain2011-09-02The very far left lane had only a metal detector with no BSX installed there. About 4:30pm Friday before Labor Day it was somewhat busy with lines out to the elevator, so this far left lane was in use. If you enter using the left line and keep staying left, you can self opt-out that way if that lane is in use. The other lanes had BSX in use for everyone it appeared. At slower times, it's quite possible the far left lane would be closed. A while back the first class line was moved to the far right. If you're trying to self opt-out, you should avoid that line.
IADOtherWest Checkpoint (closest to parking garage)2011-09-02Went through about 5:30 pm on a Friday night and was surprised how empty the airport was! After clearing the ID checker and giving some lip to the second ID checker ten feet from the other ID checkers, I headed to the farthest of three open lanes. It was typical Dulles. The left side of each pair is the WTMD and the right side is Cancer Machine. Just get in the left line and time your move towards the WTMD to ensure there is at least one sheep waiting for the Cancer Machine. I almost caught but stood there and untangles a shoelace to give enough time for a victim to line up.
bwiCOD2011-09-02Two lines open -- NoS roped off in one while L3 personnel performed maintenance. NoS operational in second line, although not all passengers being sent through.
MLBDLMain2011-09-02Very rude personnel, threatening and retaliating to you, filling complete impunity
SEAUANorth, N and S Gates2011-09-01Veer to the left to self-select, no backscatter in that lane. Entered at 9:30 a.m. The guy ahead of me got a random swab of his hands. Screener at WTMD yelled "Random 1-2" for him.
CIDAAAll2011-09-01No porno booths at Cedar Rapids / Iowa City.
PbiB6C2011-09-01Probaly 90% of people send through the MMW
LGAFLTerminal B2011-09-01Only metal detector present.
SEAASAll2011-08-31A - All WTMD except the far left (but all had BKSX); B, all BKSX except the far right; C, all BKSX. Use the left lane at the D N gates for WTMD.
SEAASAll2011-08-31A - All WTMD except the far left (but all had BKSX); B, all BKSX except the far right; C, all BKSX. Use the left lane at the D N gates for WTMD.
BWIWNB2011-08-31Only one lane that had both metal detector and scanner available was open at noon on Wednesday. I waited 5 minutes and they closed the pornoscanner - someone must have gone on break. Got through safely.
SNAWN2011-08-31no body scanners or swabbing visible
YTZOther2011-08-316am flight
MDTUSALL2011-08-31Had a 7am flight out of MDT and even though there are two full body scanners in display, both of them were off and nobody was going through them. When we arrived in MDT the day before, we saw that one of the scanners was being in used, but it appeared that people could choose a line to go through it.
LAXUA62011-08-31The radiation zappers were not in use
SFOUA32011-08-31My favorites reason to fly United out of SFO... no porn machines
PITAllmain2011-08-30hard to avoid scanners today
mspDL2011-08-30who in the hell are you? I just posted what I saw. just because you can select your own checkpoint doesn't mean that you won't get a "random" sexual assault (pat down). =) I just posted what I observed so people can be aware.
ATLDLT Gates2011-08-30I went through Pre check but TSA thugs tried to send my husband through NoS. he opted out and they assaulted him. I videoed. They made him wait for 10 minutes before groping him. There were lots of TSA thugs standing around that could have assisted him but it was clear they were punishing him for opting out.
CMHUSConcourse B2011-08-29Able to self opt-out and use the metal detector. All lanes I saw had both scanners and metal detectors in use.
ORDDLTerm 2 middle checkpoint2011-08-29Stay to left one pornoscanner on right side
seaAllcentral2011-08-2811pm. minimal use of BKSX, possibly only on secondary screening. wtmd as primary for both lines. one particularly rude tsa agent this time around.
MSPAllLindbergh/1, main2011-08-27Still no scanners at checkpoints 1, 4 and 5. And whoever posted about the "great prairie city being turned in to a sexual assault zone": a) since you an easily avoid it, it's not, and b) you have invoked the wrath of the admin.
bdlUSmain2011-08-27Saturday evening, scanner was roped off, metal detector only.
atlDLMain2011-08-27As usual, it was a very easy SDOO. Lanes 8-11 were open and are NOS-free. There were also several other lanes open with NOS, but no one was forcing passengers into them. The checkpoint was overstaffed. Passengers were definitely choosing the WTMD lanes over the NOS. Some of the NOS lines were completely empty!
LAXUA2011-08-26many people selected for backscatter
EWRDLB, gates 40 - 472011-08-26Came through at 7:30 am. Scanners roped off; two lanes open, both going to same WTMD. My experience with EWR on Thursday afternoons lately has been three lanes open, all going through WTMDs (scanners have been roped off for a few weeks now).
gusAS2011-08-26very nice TSA. they took my bear spray though!!!
gusAS2011-08-26very nice TSA. they took my bear spray though!!!
gtfUAeven numbered gates2011-08-26apparently no scanners in airport, TSA staff very polite
GSPWNA Gates2011-08-26Onl WTMD machines at this checkpoint
pitOthermain2011-08-255am. BKXS and WTMD in use. You will get steered toward the shortest line, apparently regardless of whether you're traveling in a party. TSA goons split up our group, steered some toward BKXS. Pat-down TSO was respectful and courteous, all other TSOs were power-tripping assholes.
mspAllLindbergh/1, transit/rental2011-08-25About 1 in 10 people were being steered to the backscatter, others through WTMD. However, many of these were crew who use this checkpoint frequently.
bwiWNA2011-08-259pm, only one lane was open, and it led to WTMD. The MMW was roped off.
ancDL2011-08-25funny quote written on the rapiscan X-ray machine: "DO NOT PUT BODY PARTS THROUGH X-RAY WHEN SYSTEM ACTIVE."
CLDUAOnly one2011-08-25No scanners at all.
indUAa2011-08-25At 4:30 AM, I was selected to go to cancer box and I opt-out
PITAllmain2011-08-24used on everyone at 8:30 am
OMAAAA2011-08-24Terminal A checkpoint - cancer boxes open but not being used at 4:30PM. Not sure why.
pwmAllSingle checkpoint2011-08-24Still only WTMD at PWM
dfwAAB262011-08-242 lanes one with metal detector and one with scanner - looked like you could chose your own
oakWN2011-08-245 lanes total, 2 open, one body scanner and one metal detector (middle lane); able to choose your path even after checkin podium; no swabbing seen; Wednesday afternoon so it was slow
LAX"Alpha"2011-08-24Choose your own CHECKPOINT: I flew INTO LAX; talked to TSA agent behind the scanner machines; noticed there were ONLY backscatter machines at this security checkpoint; the TSA agent said there is no choice at this "Main" checkpoint, but if you go "upstairs" (to the 3rd level I believe) to the "Alpha" checkpoint, there are ONLY metal detectors there; this is not confirmed as I did not go upstairs to verify, but if I ever flew out of LAX, I would definitely go upstairs to "Alpha" to check it out- if anyone can confirm this, please come back here to let us know!
MSPUA12011-08-23Check point 1 has no porn machines yet... some others do
LAXAA42011-08-22Military personnel in uniform are sent through the metal detector, not the scanner
MRYAllthe only one2011-08-22
RNOUSC Gates2011-08-22No scanners present at all. Just metal detectors
SANAATerminal 2 East2011-08-22Leftmost lane has 50-50 chance of backscatter, others are 100%. They roped off the backscatters in a
SANAATerminal 2 East2011-08-22Leftmost lane has 50-50 chance of backscatter, others are 100%. They roped off the backscatters in all lanes at 11AM during a shift change, giving a 2-4 minute window that is safe.
PVDWNCentral checkpoint2011-08-22Most lanes are paired WTMD and Backscatter. Not all lanes have backscatter working when open.
JFKInt'l12011-08-21if they send you to the one "around the corner" ( glass) all bksr, you can sdoo otherwise
MCODL2011-08-21We were lucky and were directed metal detector line. TSA agent sends you to whatever line has room. 50/50 chance of the scan line.
SFOUATerminal 32011-08-21Love flying UA out of SFO - no nude-o-scopes
lgaAAB, C2011-08-21No xray in sight.
phfFLA2011-08-21Still no xray here.
tpaAAF2011-08-213 lines - only one with scanner - could chose which line you wanted
SFODLTerminal 1 / Boarding area C2011-08-20SkyPriority Line.
BOSB6C11-C362011-08-20WTMD/BSX combo in use for all lanes except the far right lane. Far right lane has only WTMD, so self-directed opt-out is possible. No BDO checkpoints seen.
IAHCOC2011-08-20Wheelchair/stroller lane at far right for WTMD only at 5am. Most on left checkpoint seemed to be going through backscatter. Several individuals jumped into wheelchair/stroller line and were allowed through WTMDs, as well.
ORDUAT12011-08-19At 6a
DcaAAB2011-08-19Easy. No nude-o-scopes!
stlDL2011-08-192 lines one with scanner one without - could chose which line you wanted
DFWAAB2011-08-19Scanner was down when I processed. Such a shame because I love them! Especially with the new software that will hopefully eliminate the people with no hobbies complaints about how privacy violating the originals were.
BZNASMain 2011-08-19New terminal just opened- no NOS!
BZNASMain 2011-08-19New terminal just opened- no NOS!
phxDL32011-08-18gotta love terminal 3 at phx
LBBAAAll2011-08-18No porno booths at Lubbock, TX. Let's keep it that way.
STLWN2011-08-18Four lanes, two with metal detector only and two with both metal detector and scanner. TSA let you choose your own lane.
dfwAAA212011-08-18Early afternoon, WTMD only. MMW machine was roped off.
ORFAAConcourse B2011-08-18No nudeoscopes, and no say-your-name-or-you-wont-fly threats. This must be the best TSA checkpoint in the country. Let's hope they don't "fix" it.
LAXDL52011-08-18metal detector only when the lines get backed up
YEGUAUS Pre-Clearance Area2011-08-18Saw one person get cooked, but it seems like the one machine there was being used to just resolve alarms.
RDUAATerminal 22011-08-17Typical RDU, worst TSA in the nation
DCAAA2011-08-17Great airport, no WTMD and TSA friendly
snaAll2011-08-17WTMD only, but all pax being asked to say first and last names at document check
AGSDLOnly2011-08-17Metal Detectors Only at the single checkpoint. This could be an ATL-alternative, though only Delta and US Air have frequent service.
PDXASA, B, C2011-08-16Still no scanners.
PhlUSB2011-08-16Rush hour and about 80% put through the NoS
DFWAAA232011-08-16only metal detector, no line.
SEAUACDN2011-08-16I needed a patdown due to artificial hip. Was kept waiting in "isolation booth" for almost 20 minutes waiting for a female assist, while I watched a female assistant talk it up with a lady carrying her baby in a forward pack having a pat down. This took a long time due to the joking around, laughing, etc. Then the assistant helped the lady gather all of her belongings and strap up her luggage.
SFOAATerminal 22011-08-16No nudeoscopes, but you must say your last name. Some agents will let you say "it's on my boarding pass." Others will threaten you. I suspect that if Terrence ("Terry") Wrist or Albert ("Al") Kayda use fake IDs, they would be smart enough to memorize their fake ID names.
satAAB2011-08-16Both lanes have backscatter, but it was not in use in one.
CVGUS22011-08-16Smurfs zapping everyone
burUAUnited/American wing2011-08-16tried to grope my wife when she set off metal detector, but then apparently thought better of it when I glared at them and my small son started watching; in end just waved my wife through
JANAAGates 1-42011-08-15
PWMDLsingle checkpoint2011-08-15
PDXAAA,B,C2011-08-15No scanners, but only 1 metal detector open out of 5. Long lines.
SFOUSTerminal 12011-08-15Self opt out possible
PDXUAA/B/C & D/E2011-08-14Only WTMDs all around.
RduUS22011-08-13All NoS Roped off. Absolutely shocked. It is 5:30am tho. Expect this to change
DCAFLA2011-08-13No nude-o-scopes installed at Terminal A checkpoint
SFOVXTerminal 2, Gates 50-592011-08-13Still no scanners in use in T2. Metal detectors only. Excellent experience.
lgaDLTerminal D Delta2011-08-13Only Walkthru Metal Detectors. No other scanners in sight. TSA staff fast and friendly. Very short gap between metal detectors and your belongings, maybe one step.
smfWNTerminal A2011-08-13Landed here and took a look around. No NoSs in sight!
fayDLonly one2011-08-13wonderful experience. airport I learned how to fly out of and I'm glad I don't have to be assaulted here.
SATDLTerminal A2011-08-133 lanes open; almost everyone sent to scanners (1 out of 5 or so got metal detector)
atlDLMain2011-08-13Access all gates/all airlines via main checkpoint. Several metal-detector only lines were operational all day, making self selection to avoid NoS easy today.
memDLA, B, C2011-08-13All passengers sent through Cancer Boxes with very few exceptions.
IADUACustoms Checkpoint2011-08-13
laxOther22011-08-13Scanning everybody, but a family of 7 in front of me opted out as I was putting my stuff on the conveyor. TSO just opened the wtmd and let them all through. I happily followed them. No pat downs, no fuss. If everyone opted out, maybe this would become the norm again!
laxOther22011-08-13Scanning everybody, but a family of 7 in front of me opted out as I was putting my stuff on the conveyor. TSO just opened the wtmd and let them all through. I happily followed them. No pat downs, no fuss. If everyone opted out, maybe this would become the norm again!
PITAllMain2011-08-13Easy to self-opt out during morning rush-stay to the left as you leave TDC. Not so easy during other times.
BOSAAB22-B362011-08-12Two WTMD-only lanes closed; probably 60% of pax sent through BKSX. I was chosen for WTMD instead because of a back-up at the BKSX.
LGAAATerminal B, C Gates2011-08-123 lanes open, no AIT being used at all
HPNAAAll2011-08-10No scanners at Westchester County but the rent-a-cops are belligerent and retaliatory.
BWIFLD2011-08-10Went through about 8pm, scanner appeared to be shut down for the night.
DCAUSGates 35.452011-08-10Late evening, no line. Still sending all to MMW
SEAUAC/D2011-08-10The WTMD only line was roped off, but this morning the far right lane was NoS free.
JFKAATerminal 82011-08-10Backscatter in all lanes. Use the family lane (rightmost) where it is roped off. Beware that all travelers eligible for premium security lanes are being forced to use those lanes, with a guaranteed backscatter use.
SNACONorth2011-08-09No NoS present. However, other harassment such as "state your name" and "random" hand swabbings were happening. Friend was "randomly" selected for hand swabbing.
DenDLColorado flag checkpoint2011-08-092 mmw units, easy to self opt-out by simply going into a lane without them as they never pull you back over. Priority line is WTMD-only
SFOOtherInternational A2011-08-095 PM on a Tuesday. No scanners in use, WTMD only.
GSPUSTerminal A2011-08-09No scanners in sight; metal detector is primary
DTWDLMcNamara2011-08-09I was standing in front of the WTMD and there was a line for the MMW. I was told by the TSA agent I had to go into the other line. So I was forced through the MMW even though there was already a line and the WTMD was free.
RDUAATerminal 22011-08-09Scanners roped off. Metal detector only.
OKCAACenter2011-08-09No machines. Big bummer, I love them!
gptAll2011-08-08Virtually everyone routed to backscatter.
lasASD2011-08-08One rape-scanner in the middle of a bank of 6 lanes, moved to the far left and had no issues.
LASDLTerminal D2011-08-085:30PM -- TSA guy pointed to my shirt, and asked if it was a hacker symbol. No, it's a turtle.
PHLUSC2011-08-083 lines, MMW in center line, no trouble choosing WTMD.
dfwAAD6-D222011-08-088 am, all lines were using the metal detector
CLEAAA2011-08-07Scanner in place, roped off.
LGAUSTerminal C2011-08-07Both the US Airways Shuttle and main security checkpoints are both completely scanner free.
HSVCOMain2011-08-07Scanners not currently in use, but I have been informed that they are to be installed towards the end of the year
IADAllDiamond checkpoint2011-08-07Random selection for the Scanner.
IADAllDiamond checkpoint2011-08-07Random selection for the Scanner.
IADAllDiamond checkpoint2011-08-07Random selection for the Scanner.
IADAllDiamond checkpoint2011-08-07Random selection for the Scanner.
FLLFLTerminal 1 Concourse C2011-08-06Backscatter use in all lanes except far left. You may have success crossing to far left lane after ID check.
DCAFLA2011-08-05No Scope and Grope in Terminal A
OMAUAB Gates2011-08-05Small airport. There is one lane leading to the "B" Gates. It's pretty easy to self-select opt out. The WTMD is on the right and the Cancer Machine is on the left. They had a Blacklight Betty for each line. Just line up on the right side and you're OK, at least at 1:00 pm in the afternoon. I didn't see any attempt to make people in the WTMD line go through the Cancer Machine. There were enough now-irradiated sheep willingly being led to the cancer slaughter.
EWRInt'lB, Gates 60-682011-08-05Fast track (C class, F class and FQTV) usually gets just metal detector
MSPDLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 12011-08-05
PHLDLTerminal D2011-08-04Still got a TSA handjob!
IADUAWest Main2011-08-04Had no problem self-oting out this morning. Went through checkpoint about 0845. As is usually the case, just ick the left line and you will line up for the WTMD. Time your move carefully to make sure one sheeple is in the Cancer Box and one more is lined up.
seaUAD/N2011-08-04went to the leftmost line and was scat and grope free! thanks, tsastatus!
BWIFLD2011-08-04Metal detectors being used for everyone
dayFLOnly one checkpoint at DAY2011-08-04People being randomly chosen for scanner
IADOtherDiamond Checkpoint2011-08-04Random Selection. Recommend using main checkpoint as there is generally at least one lane with the scanner roped off.
MIADLH2011-08-04It was self select.
lasAAD gates2011-08-04Only one cancer machine on far right and you are free to choose your line.
ewrCOA2011-08-04Several security lines, no scopes in view.
slcDLTerminal 22011-08-04Stay to the right line for WTMD
bosUSB2011-08-04I was able to get the WTMD by presenting myself to the TSA just after someone had entered the scanner. They seemed to be directing people based on timing, so maybe 1/3 of people went through the scanner.
BWICOD2011-08-041 NoS looked like it was in use. Mostly WTMD. Opted out by selecting a different line. ~5am
snaWNby Southwest counter2011-08-03No pornoscanners, no hassles.
DFWUSE162011-08-03Still just a metal detector. Use this entrance and it's a short walk to the US Airways gates.
FLLDLTerminal 22011-08-03far right lane is metal detector only, and was open. easy self-opt-out today. other two lanes have backscatter.
LAXOtherTerminal 22011-08-03WTMD and scanners in use. Family in front of me sent through WTMD. They directed me to the scanner and I opted out. No drama; I was able to keep an eye on my stuff and the pat-down was not aggressive. (female agent)
GSOUSUSAirways concourse2011-08-03No AIT at this checkpoint.. Other checks exceptionally thorough.
DFWAA2011-08-03They scanned EVERYONE. They made no exceptions, even for the elderly woman in a wheelchair and the toddlers in front of me.
FLLB6Concourse F2011-08-02When queues are too long, they pick some pax to be checked with metal detector. Otherwise everyone goes through backscatter.
McoDL60-1292011-08-01Right two lanes lead to backscatter machine. All others in use on B side of terminal appeared to be metal detector only.
ABQAll2011-08-01One line had scanner roped off. Lets hope this is a permanent change.
EWRDLB - for gates 40-472011-08-012 scanners, 1 WTMD. Everyone was in one line and it looked like every third person was being sent through the MMW. Then the single line got long and the TSA dude pulled the entire front half of the line over to another conveyor belt and all of those people went through the scanner.
FLLCOTerminal 1, concourse C2011-08-01
LAXDLDomestic from International2011-08-01One scanner and one WTMD in use. They would pull people from the WTMD line when there was a break in the other. I opted out and got no grief; the TSA agent was pleasant and thorough but not aggressive with the pat down.
ATLDLMain2011-08-01Lines 10 and 11 have no body scanners, get in these lines and you are fine
SEAFLSC 3 / A terminal2011-07-31Random but nearly 50% selection rate. Got selected but opted out of backscatter radiation. Instead patted down. All I can say is I am glad I wear a padded bra and loose fitting pants. Please be careful they are out to scan as many as possible no real chance to choose adventure.
jfkInt'lTerminal 4 Gates A2-A72011-07-31No Scanners in sight! They are asking everyone to pronounce their name though.
SFOUATerminal 32011-07-31No Scanners in sight! They are asking everyone to pronounce their last name though.
PITAllMain2011-07-31Some lanes didn't have scanners, easy to self opt-out. Stay left for best results.
SEAASCentral2011-07-31I was not scanned, instead was directed through the metal detector. Others in my party were scanned.
FNTDLMain2011-07-31Access is easy; other than "no shoes in bin" fetish at times and "random" beep from metal detectors
ELMUSOnly one2011-07-31No AIT at this airport
BOSUAC2011-07-30Long lines, didn't seem to be using the machines that were present.
yqbAll2011-07-30L3 Millimeter Wave present at security, but not in use
DENUAmain (Concourse B)2011-07-30at 6:30 AM, all lanes were open: mostly metal detectors but a few scanners
choUSonly one2011-07-30no scanners installed, good option for flying out of DC area
JFKDLIntl->Domestic T32011-07-30The transit checkpoint inbound after customs--no NoS and likely no space to put one in! But only opens 1PM according to TSA, so buyer beware. Other hours will have to go upstairs to normal checkpoint.
ORDAATerminal 32011-07-30Early morning flight, all going through pornoscanner. By the time I got to the front of the line they were opening a metal detector in next line. I scooted over and no one seemed to mind.
ewrUAC / International2011-07-30MMW and WTMD; chose your own adventure.
BOSB6C 11-382011-07-29Most lanes have both WTMD and BSX with random selection for which you get. Possible to avoid by going to far right lane which only has a WTMD at the moment.
BWIOtherTerminal C2011-07-29No Scanners Installed
PHLUSD gate2011-07-29No AIT at D gate entry. Walked over to C gate for flight. 9:40 am flight.
IAHDLNorth Terminal for Gate 122011-07-29WTMD for all. MMW not in use. Barker hollering for everyone to take out their liquids, and TSA agent at the podium asking for names.
ausWN2011-07-29no xrays present
rduDL22011-07-29go to fayetteville (FAY) instead and save yourself a lot of pain.
DFWUSE162011-07-281:30 PM - No Line - Straight through the metal detector. Ahh freedom.
SeaAllNorth-most2011-07-28Use the left-most lane to avoid backscatter machines
TULUAAll2011-07-28Exception: Moms traveling with little kids. They were escorted through the magnetometer. If you were trying to sneak past the big box, wouldn't you bring a couple of cute kids with you?
mcoFLgates 90-1202011-07-28
RDUAATerminal 22011-07-28Got lucky, but worst TSA in the nation
CRPAllMain2011-07-28All passengers through backscatter, very thourogh patdown.
ORDAAT22011-07-28All lanes at main security had metal detectors except the far right. Use T2 to go to other terminals. T3 has numerous pornoscanners
MAAInt'lDomestic2011-07-28All metal detectors and frisking.
ALBWNmain/only2011-07-27Still totally safe. Its totally worth it to drive or take a train to Albany from any area of NY state if your plans are to fly out of NY state. TSA staff were the most friendly and professional that I have experienced. All US TSA staff should take lessons from them.
SANWNTerm 1, gates 3-102011-07-27no xrays present
DELAAT32011-07-27No scanners, however pornoscanners have been tested in the past in Delhi
IAHAAA2011-07-26Few people in line - everyone sent to MMW. I refused. Clerk was very friendly but I made it clear I was not interested in his chit chat.
IADUAmain2011-07-26random but frequent use
GSOAllAny2011-07-25No MMW or Backscatter - FREEDOM!!!
HOUAllMain/only2011-07-25Strip search at all stations, but sometimes not in use. Traitors are generally inept with discipline issues - one was unable to read my boarding pass. Self-select lines without strip search machines in use.
ATLDLMain2011-07-25Possible to avoid MMW by staying away from the center lanes (without going around outer halls) Lanes 10 and 11 were WTMD
PHLAAA- West2011-07-24I believe the A East checkpoint has been renovated and I was surprised to see no scanners at any of the 8 or so lanes. This appears to be a safe checkpoint as of today. You can access any terminal and gate once past the pervs.
DENDLMain terminal2011-07-24If TSA agent, 261789 Aida Torrent, thinks that I won't report her for touching my 9yo daughter and I inappropriately, she can think again.
SJCWNTerminal B2011-07-24Was very easy to avoid middle line (scanner).
BOSAAB, first class2011-07-23At the BOS terminal B checkpoints, each line splits into a NOS line and a WTMD line. However, the person guarding the WTMD makes the selection as to which line you go through. Even if you wind up at the scanner next to the WTMD, you will get sent through the NOS. In my case, I had a family and a wheelchair arrive on the NOS side of the checkpoint, and the TSA has (I guess) learned that wheelchair-bound people and small children are not terrorists. Too bad they still seem to think my name is Terrence Wrist (just call me "Terry"!) -- in spite of the stupid "what's your name game". At least the TSO didn't seem to enjoy groping me.
SJCWNB2011-07-23Two metal detector and two xrays in use. easy to self select line.
MKEFLC2011-07-23Two lanes were open, one leading to a WTMD and one to a body scanner, therefore one could choose to enter the WTMD line.
PVDWN2011-07-23majority of people sent thru metal detector lane, TSA agents were courteous and professional
BOSUSB2011-07-22Everyone was going through scanner until the line got rather long. Then WTMD lane opened. Fortunately I was directed through it.
DCAUSC2011-07-22Late evening; no line. All directed into the scanner.
ICTAA2011-07-22No scanners or patdowns.
sjcUSTerminal A2011-07-223 lines open. 2 metal detectors, 1 x-ray. Avoid (x-ray) middle lane.
sjcUSTerminal A2011-07-223 lines open. 2 metal detectors, 1 x-ray. Avoid (x-ray) middle lane.
iadAllDiamond checkpoint2011-07-22NoS operating; pax being randomly selected. Pax sent through WTMD if NoS occupied, so some ability to avoid scanner by timing your approach.
memDLB2011-07-22Everyone being sent through backscatter scanners. Staff is arrogant and rude.
LAXDL62011-07-21all lanes lead to TSA choice of metal or backscatter
SjcWNTerminal B2011-07-21Two metal detectors and one x-ray in use. Once past the ID check, it is extremely easy to go to the lane of your choice. Did not see TSA redirecting anyone from chosen lane into the x-ray.
ORDUAT2, right by main entrance2011-07-21Only saw metal-detectors in use, self-opt out was easy from other checkpoint
LGAFLCTB, Concourse B2011-07-21No scanners at all.
FNTFLMain/only2011-07-21No strip search machines. Traitors are pleasant.
tpaDLall2011-07-21it is very likely that the MMW is a much safer option than rapiscan. i have a medical family. but still i don't agree with any of this...even with MMW..the risk of health affects is not 0%. I believe that if they won't send an infant through one of them, they shouldn't be sending adults through them. It's discriminatory and I refuse to go to airports that use any of the body scanners.
mciWNTerm b, gate 372011-07-20got scanned, had chapstick and pills in pocket, but didn't get asked about them. I did have a belt on, then had to be patted around the waistline. Very nice TSA agents!!
RSWAA2011-07-20No scanners or patdowns
HNLCOAll Gates2011-07-20Had a M.M. rape scanner on the left and a standard W.T.M.D. on right. All elderly appearing persons and people traveling with small children were allowed through the W.T.M.D. all others, including myself, were forced into the M.M. rape machine. Chose to Opt-Out! No problems getting the Opt-Out although the guy who did my pat down was totally bummed he had to give up his very tiring and important job of holding the table down.
lhrAllTerminal Three2011-07-20Saw only WTMDs at the checkpoint. Hand wanding and pat downs for those who alarmed the detector. No NOS visible--must be elsewhere if randomly selected.
BOSUAGates C11-212011-07-19Lanes with machines were not in use.
LAXUAany really (they change them around). MID-HI RISK OF BEING SCANNED @ LAX2011-07-19can fly to PHX thru DL (no body scanners!!), then rent car & drive to LAX
DTWDLMcNamara/South2011-07-19TSA employees very respectful and courteous. Can choose your own line following the ID check ... left to WTMD, right to MMW.
RDUAA22011-07-189 of 10 passengers forced through MMW (I got lucky)
LAXAAA Terminal2011-07-18
IAHCOTerminal C - Elite Access Checkpoint2011-07-18TDC was touchy and especially prone to power tripping anyone who objective to the "state your name" nonsense. Most passengers were going to through the scanners but TSO's were randomly moving passengers to the airport employee line that was just using a walk-through Mag.
EWRCOTerminal C, 70-992011-07-18only one scanner, which was roped off behind center metal detector
mciDL2011-07-18There is a BS machine at the Delta gate. Sometimes it is roped off and everyone goes through metal detector, other times everyone must go through BS. If its really busy you can choose your own line (stay to the left)
AtlDLSouth - premium2011-07-17Always take the furthest to the right if open - no porno scanner at all!
STLWNTerminal 22011-07-17One BKSX in use in Lanes 2 and 3. Lanes 1 and 4 are WTMD only. Very easy to choose your own lane.
laxAAT42011-07-17New elite checkpoint for AA sends you into a small, private checkpoint. All have Backscatter machines. Very hard to self-direct opt out!
SEAB6Checkpoint 22011-07-16Backscatter in use at most lanes, but one had it blocked off, so I chose that one and went right through.
BWIWNTerminal 1 Checkpoint B2011-07-15Three lanes open - only middle lane had MMW scanner, easily avoided by staying in lanes to left or right of it.
MDWWN2011-07-15Four lanes open - only rightmost lane had MMW scanner which is easy to avoid
iahDLA2011-07-15Terminal A Gate 12 - MMW not in use at 5 a.m., all went through WTMD though there was a TSA agent standing at the MMW machine.
gspWN2011-07-15No scanners - my new favorite airport!
AUSWNall2011-07-15Still haven't seen any scanners here.
dfwAAA212011-07-142:30 pm: scanner not in use.
IADUADiamond2011-07-14Diamond checkpoint near baggage claim 8 is becoming more well-known so the line was pretty long. WTMD and NOS were on and working. Random NOS, and all others WTMD. Random of course = cute, blonde tourist
ATLDLMain2011-07-14TSA employees rudely pushing people into lines, but choosing a WTMD line was easy. Lots of people being chosen for secondary screening, both for hand swabs and full patdowns.
BOSWNE1A-E1E2011-07-14Probably 9 of 10 pax sent through BKSX. Line did move quickly. Polite and professional handling of opt out.
SFOUA32011-07-14No scanners period. There was the silly say your name game, but all WTMD.
PITAllmain2011-07-14worst TSA agents in america. Throw around trays with items still in 'em. power trip to the max. BKSX use was truly random, no rhyme or reason.
ORDUAT22011-07-13Only backscanner at main security checkpoint is still to far right -- several other lanes open w/only WTMD.
DCAUAB (center pier)2011-07-13Metal detectors only!!
BOMInt'lDomestic (Kingfisher)2011-07-12All metal detectors and frisking.
ATLDLMain2011-07-12Some lanes have MMW machines, some only have WTMD. You can pick your own lane. I intentionally chose a NoS lane so I could opt out (thus making a TSO's day less pleasant). I was directed through that lane's metal detector instead, because the line was getting backed up.
MKEC2011-07-12Only MMW open at 6AM. Later, other lanes and possibility to positionally opt out.
LaxWNGates 3-142011-07-12
TYSAllAll2011-07-12No machines.
AGSAllOnly2011-07-12WTMD only, but there are random gropes.
PBIB6Terminal C2011-07-11MMW scanners present in all lanes and appeared to be primary.
ROCUSCenter2011-07-11Picked the far right lane with no scanner.
BOSUSUS Airways2011-07-10BDO trying to chat everybody up, yet ALL will be sent through backscatter unless huge line backup.
LAXAA42011-07-10First Class lines, almost all forced through scanner machine. TSA agent pleasant at least.
OAKWNTerminal 12011-07-10Several lanes open, only saw normal metal detectors being used.
MCIWN39-452011-07-10Went through Sunday at 1250 pm. Was able to go to right and avoid the scanner. Clerks were generally friendly. Did not see any random pulls for scanner.
DTWDLMcNamara - Left2011-07-10Each pair of lanes had an MMW and WTMD, and all MMW were in use at 7 AM, but you can time it to get the WTMD, i.e. wait until someone was in the MMW. TSA didn't seem to care.
DTWDLMcNamara - Left2011-07-10Each pair of lanes had an MMW and WTMD, and all MMW were in use at 7 AM, but you can time it to get the WTMD, i.e. wait until someone was in the MMW. TSA didn't seem to care.
DTWDLMcNamara - Left2011-07-10Each pair of lanes had an MMW and WTMD, and all MMW were in use at 7 AM, but you can time it to get the WTMD, i.e. wait until someone was in the MMW. TSA didn't seem to care.
BOSB6New C2011-07-10New checkpoint is open for Gates 25-36. Backscatter in use at all lanes. Opted for patdown.
BOSB6Terminal C, middle checkpoint2011-07-09The far right lanes had only a metal detector installed. Backscatter machine are present and were in use in the other queues.
BWIWNconcourse A2011-07-091 of 3 lanes had machines in use
CMECOMain2011-07-09WTMD only
ontWN22011-07-08815 am. full random. got selected. refused to go thru machine. had superviser called. consented under duress. had panic attack midway thru patdown. cop called. had agent start going thru my things without permission. finished patdown. was told I would get paperwork, never given it.
SFOUA3 (first/premium)2011-07-08No NoS BUT two ID checks and VERY frequent selectees for full-body pat-down (about every 2nd male passenger) at 7:00 pm
pieOtherterminal 22011-07-08both scanner and metal detector were active. we were randomly searched and patted down
SEAUAC/D2011-07-08The premier/first line leads to the backscatter, but you can make your way to the far left (WTMD) line once you pass the TDC. The WTMD has random selection for pat-downs, about every 4th or 5th passenger. Lines were very long at 5:30 pm.
JFKOtherT72011-07-08Late night Cathay Pacific flight to HK. Scanners roped off in general line. There were almost no people there and TSA agents were nice and friendly. I heard that they were in use in priority lines.
rduWNTerminal 12011-07-07100% forced through MMW
MEMAAC2011-07-07Sending passingers through the scanner to keep it in use at all times which means close to every other pax sent through scanner. Arrogant, unfriendly TSA staff.
SEAASD2011-07-07Checkpoint to the RIGHT of Alaska check-in. After the doors beyond the TDCs, easy self selection among three WTMDs. The rightmost lane had an X-ray backscatter machine; I did not observe how often it was used.
SFOUAInternational, G side2011-07-07The far right line, for business class and above, is still scanner-free, but they don't open it up until the traffic starts getting heavier at around 10AM. I got shunted into a different line, but asked a TSA agent "is that line available?" and got OK'd to use the line without a scanner. For the lines with scanners, they send people through the scanner or a metal detector, seemingly randomly.
ATLDLInternational2011-07-07Coming from international into main terminal, people chosen randomly to go through backscatter instead of metal
BOSUSTerminal B2011-07-07Some passengers were selected for the scanner. Didn't observe an pattern to make an avoidance. Was selected for the scanner and opted for a pat down.
IXMOtherDomestic2011-07-06Metal detectors and frisking. Men and Women separate lanes.
PHXAA32011-07-06Only metal detectors—no scanners visible
MIAUSH/J2011-07-06There was one MMW/WTMD pair running around late afternoon. There were two lines -- one for each -- but the WTMD line was much longer, so they were pulling people from the WTMD line as the MMW line ran out of victims.
PHLUSD2011-07-06I walked by security at Terminal C in PHL yesterday, and it looked like they were putting everyone or nearly everyone through the MMW machine. Use Terminal D to access all gates -- it's still clear as of now.
MDWWN2011-07-06MMW in right lanes. Could not see if it was in use. Stayed in far left lane for obvious reasons.
yyzAllUS Customs Clearance2011-07-06Opted-out, inspection by hand was light YMMV
HNLASBetween gates 23 and 242011-07-06Easy SDOO: Left lane was WTMD only, right lane was 100% MMW radar. Screeners were attempting to convince people to switch to the NOS lane, which had no people waiting at the baggage Xray.
BLRInt'lDomestic2011-07-05frisking and metal detectors
BLRInt'lDomestic2011-07-05frisking and metal detectors
ewrAAA 30-392011-07-05One MMW and one WTMD. Seems like every other passenger or every third person though screeners were nice.
IAHCOTerminal B2011-07-05MMW was in operation for all lanes. Passengers herded by groups of 5 to cue for the scanners while the remaining passengers were sent through the WTMD until the MMW line was empty.
ORDAA32011-07-05Flight was boarding in 15 minutes, so they waved me to the front of the line. All checkpoints and all lanes appeared to be using scanners. Lines were not long.
SLCWNTerminal 12011-07-05Metal detectors were there and I wanted to use one, but all passengers I saw were directed to MMW machines.
SAVDL2011-07-05Metal Detectors only. The detector is sensitive, though, so be careful to avoid a secondary.
MSPAllT2/HHH2011-07-05No scanner
ORDAATerminal 32011-07-0550% through the scanner. Opted for the pat down & TSA agent got it done in 3 minutes. Very professional.
SLCWNTerminal 12011-07-04One MMW scanner in use - easily avoided by staying to the right
CLECOC2011-07-04Passengers chosen at random for MMW
MSPAllT1/Lindberg2011-07-04It's pick your own checkpoint. Checkpoints 2,6 and 10 have MMWs and are using them for everybody. Checkpoints 1,3,4,5 and 7 don't have them.
MSPDLTerminal 12011-07-03Went through Checkpoint 4, which is still scanner-free. I was selected for additional screening; my sandals were taken & analyzed somehow. TSA agent (female) was sympathetic to stressed cat in my arms & waited until he was stowed in his carrier before continuing screening.
bosDLA2011-07-034:00 pm. BKXS in use as primary, WTMD as secondary when line backs up during a scan. Station understaffed, took several mins for pat down & bag screeners to arrive when paged. Line was backed up enough that one could probably time it to get waved through WTMD while another pax is getting BKSX.
ORDUAT12011-07-03I use for all passengers. Long lines.
BOSCOA2011-07-02No WTMDs in use: 100% backscatter, gate screening also in effect
BDLDLMain2011-07-02All lanes have BKSX, but none were in use.
ATLFLT gates2011-07-01Easy to avoid MMW scanners by choosing your own lane. Go through to lane 1 and then observe where the scanners are. Do not go to the extreme far left or right. All patrons in these lanes being scanned. Just take a good look at the lanes and you'll be ok.
BOSWNE1A-E1E2011-07-01Most pax sent through NoS - if line backs up sent through WTMD
SFOUATerminal 32011-07-01No naked scanners at this checkpoint. I saw very few patdowns also: 2 wheelchair patdowns and one other person in 30 minutes of watching.
PITAllMain2011-07-01Each "line" has a left and a right side but funnel to the head where both metal detect and Xray in use. Agent directs traffic to one or another. Best bet is to stay to left but still may be 'randomly' selected for scanner.
KOAOtherGates 6-102011-07-01Hawaiian Airlines. One WTMD, no NOS.
MIAAAD2011-07-01There were long lines at Checkpoint #2, so we were directed to Checkpoint #1 by a helpful airport person. Checkpoint #2 appeared to have two MMW/WTMD pairs, but I couldn't easily see how they were selecting people. Checkpoint #1 was much better; there was one MMW in the middle, with a WTMD to the left (employee/crew line?) and another to the right. It was easy enough to self-select the line to the right.
SFOASTerminal 1, Boarding Area B2011-07-01TSA officers pointing to line for passengers to join. In a single line side-by-side metal detector and MMW - Millimeter Wave scanner TSA directing passengers. I ignored their hand wave and went through metal detector, officer didn't seem to want to hastle with sending me through again.
fatOtherall2011-06-30Everyone thru the scanner. Saw one pax ask for pat down and he got his request.
INDWNB Concourse2011-06-30Roughly every other person was sent through the backscatter machines in each line.
TOLAllAll2011-06-30Only one checkpoint - all passengers directed to the MMW. Metal detector was roped off of course. I got raped.
SeaFLMain / security gate 32011-06-30Far left lane backscatter was shut off, easy to avoid if you pick correct lane. Far right lane was sending ALL passengers through the backscatter. Security checkpoint 1 wad FAR worse. All lanes thru backscatters. Proceed with caution and you should be ok.
CICAllOnly one2011-06-30One metal detector. Four little flights a day.
SFOUA32011-06-30Still nothing but metal detectors for United in San Francisco.
CICUAthe only one2011-06-30Chico is too small for this kind of hassle.
PHXDLTerminal 32011-06-30Only metal detectors that I could see, but only 1 lane was open.
MLBDL2011-06-29Everybody force to go through the scaner device, if you opt out the patdown will be done in very aggressive way.
SJCWNB2011-06-29I fly out of SJC every week. Mostly they allow you to choose which lane to use, and there's always one lane with no scanner. Only once have I had to opt out.
ONTDLTerminal 22011-06-29Two millimeter scanners. One lane open. Low number of passengers. Scanners appeared to be off. Passengers all sent through metal detector.
LAXDL52011-06-29If you stay to the right there are a total of 4 lanes with WTMD's only that could theorectically be open. At 9 AM 2 WTMD only were open on the right and appeared to be self-directed. 4 lanes on the left alternated WTMD - BKSX. Unclear if cross over occurred in those lanes or if you were safe if you picked a WTMD one. Elite lane ends up nearest the WTMD only.
CMHDLConcourse C2011-06-28WTMD lane was running MUCH more slowly than the BSX line. The carry-on X-ray belt was crawling. Some passengers still selected from the expert passenger lane for the BSX, but most able to self-select.
BOSB6C2011-06-28Jetblue gates. Scanners were there, didn't see them roped off, but didn't see anybody being routed to them.
BOSUAC/11-212011-06-274 lines, in pairs. The two on the right had a backscatter machine, in use. The two on the left had none, so I went that way.
BOSVXB 2011-06-27Tiny checkpoint serves only Virgin America and has no backscatter machines
BOSFLC2011-06-27BKSK for all pax.
tusCO2011-06-26still no nude o scopes, but expect random sex acts with TSA...
MSYUSB2011-06-26Some lines with backscatter, some with metal detectors. Was in metal detector line but redirected to backscatter at the last moment. Lots of opt-outs occurred, clearly irritating the TSA staff, who did perfunctory pat-downs.
BOSDLTerminal A (right side)2011-06-25BKSX primary for all lanes. Hordes of screeners, and yet I had to wait 5 minutes for a female assist.
laxUA6 & most are bad2011-06-25This cpoint is RED! AVOID LAX AT ALL COSTS.
MdwWNMain2011-06-24Same as previous reports - just a few scanners to the righg
cmhDLall2011-06-24avoid. TSA here are terrible.
rduDL22011-06-24sad. things are stressful now. people have to deal with bad traffic and then get sexually assaulted by the TSA. It's terrible. RDU TSA is very rude towards nervous or stressed out travelers. i've been there on a
CMHDLTerminal C2011-06-23One line, random (their) choice at metal detector or backscatter.
BOSUAC/11-212011-06-23The far left of the checkpoint has no scanner.
IADAllMian2011-06-23All scanners blocked off today. Yay!!
CLTUSC2011-06-23C checkpoint still the only one without scanners. Only 2 or 3 lanes open. Long line at C.
memDLC2011-06-23During slow times, all passengers are herded through the body scanners without any other option. This includes all other checkpoints. The staff was rather haughty.
DCAUS2011-06-23Two lanes using backstatter and two using regular metal detector. Choose your own.
BOSB6C2011-06-23I think there were body scanners, but there was a choice. Went through the WTMD without trouble.
SFOInt'lG2011-06-23Unfortunately, it seems the MMW was the only option. Couldn't opt out, particularly tight connection, and travelling with a group.
PHLUSTerminal A2011-06-22 No scanners. Just metal detector. No fuss
DCAASB2011-06-22Three metal detector stations. Left and right stations also using MMW radar. Elite lane feeds to right lane.
SEAOtherC/D2011-06-22Two X-ray backscatter machines observed -- both roped off at about 10:30 am, one (right side) in use around 5 pm. Middle metal detector is safe from the scanners.
OKCUALeft side (center closed)2011-06-22No machines in sight.
DenDLSkywalk2011-06-22Every time I fly through here, I have to opt-out resulting in HUGE attitude and truly feeling sexually assaulted and molested by over zealous, out-of-control blue shirt thugs. I'm seriously considering NOT moving back because of this despite how much I love it here.
ATLDLT gates2011-06-21Scanners present but not in use
MSPDLLindbergh, Checkpoint 52011-06-21No scanner at checkpoint 5.
BUFUSAll2011-06-215:30 am - all lanes have radiation machines. Very difficult to self-select. Managed to get into the only lane with the machine roped off. Didn't see a single opt-out!
DCADLB2011-06-20Everyone sent through metal detectors & only those who beeped were sent through scanner
FLLWNTerminal 1, B gates2011-06-20All directed through WTMD. Had a carryon disassembled, though
seaAllC gate checkpoint2011-06-20Far left line only has WTMD, but TSOs will shunt some unlucky ones off to the NoS. Too bad, because that line used to be safe.
ABQAll2011-06-20Try to get in a longer line. They will use metal detectors if the scanner line gets too long.
atlDLMain2011-06-20Passed through the main checkpoint at around 8:00 PM, when crowds were thin. TSA only had 3 WTMD/MMW pairs open (6 lanes). TSOs were randomly selecting passengers for the NOS. WTMDs were still open for those lucky enough to not be selected for the NOS.
ricUAB concourse2011-06-19Nearly everyone sent through MMW. 12:45pm.
BGRDLGates 1-32011-06-191:00 PM
SEAAllC checkpoint2011-06-19Middle backscatter at the small C checkpoint is inoperative. Has sign on back saying equipment out of service. Won't last long but enjoy while you can. Elite line dumps out right in front of it.
FLLCOC Concourse Terminal 12011-06-19The leftmost line is metal detector only, and can sometimes be self selected. Otherwise, it's backscatter for all, and very slow.
LGADLDelta Terminal2011-06-19Still no scanners at all in the Delta Terminal.
atlDLMain2011-06-19Lanes 1-4, 12-15, and 21-22 have MMW scanners. Simply choose one of the other lanes to avoid the NOS. The Main checkpoint in ATL is a very easy "positional opt-out."
jfkDLT22011-06-19BKSX not in use. Long lines as usual.
jfkDLT3 - Gate 12011-06-19BKSX was roped off all afternoon.
jfkDLT3 - Gate 52011-06-19BKSX was roped off all afternoon and evening.
jfkDLT3 - Gate 122011-06-19No BKSX! I don't think they even have room to install one at this checkpoint.
jfkDLT3 - Gate 152011-06-19This checkpoint was closed during the early afternoon when I was passing through security, but this checkpoint is NOS-free!
laxWNTerminal 12011-06-19Only Family Line had no scanner.
SFOUATerminal 32011-06-18Both the priority and regular checkpoints in terminal 3 are still scanner-free.
ORDAATerminal 32011-06-18In use for all passengers at T3 premium line. Massive delays and backups.
PHLDLD2011-06-18No AIT of any kind through D gate entry. So just use that and walk to your terminal unscathed!
ATLDLT gates2011-06-17got waved to the checkpoint in a hidden area (far to the left of the others). Most people were sent through the scanner, but if you move to the right and stay there, you can avoid it.
MCOAAGates 1-592011-06-17We saw a woman from line 4 asked to step a L3 Millimeter Wave machine. This was located just after stepping through a metal detector. We were in line 5 and a family of 3 was just in front of us when she was asked to step in. By the time we made it through and were collecting our belongings she was still inside. One of my travelling companions told me they were letting her out but I don't know if she chose to "opt-out" at the last second or if the scan had already been made.
MCOAAGates 1-592011-06-17I wanted to add 2 things, from my earlier entry, that I forgot to write about. 1) We packed our 3 3-1-1 bags in my carry on laptop bag, but I forget to get them out to put them in the conveyor trays. No one from TSA ever blinked an eye when they went through in my bag. If anything I was asked if the bag contained a laptop and I just said no (it didn't have one BTW). 2) Lines 4 and 5 both went through the same metal detection scanner with the MMW right behind it.
sjcUSTerminal A2011-06-17Choose your own lane
CDGAATerminal 2A, Gates 37-572011-06-17
SDFAA2011-06-16Only one checkpoint. There were NO scanners
mspDLLindbergh/1, checkpoint 52011-06-16No scanner
mspDLLindbergh/1, checkpoint 62011-06-16Scanner present but not in use
LAXOther22011-06-16You were directed toward a set of lanes. May have been possible to avoid, I was sorted into a lane that only had xray.
INDCOA Concourse2011-06-16The A side has more than one backscatter now. Each set of two lines feeds one backscatter and one metal detector. As the backscatter opens, people are sent there.
SRQDL2011-06-15Some passengers were being randomly chosen for the MMW. Each pair of lanes has a MMW.
SEAUAcentral2011-06-151030pm, they were closing down a bank of NoS but lanes 1-3 were WTMD only.
BNAWNC2011-06-15Still with the random selection, tho most thru NoS.
SFOCOT32011-06-14The old checkpoint for American at the far right end is still open certain hours for CO/UA passengers. If you use this one, you will almost certainly be sent to the scanner. Use the main checkpoint in the middle or the elite checkpoint at the far left if you are eligible.
gsoDL12011-06-14hand swab me all you want, its a heck of alot better than a pat down or body scanner. They could just do this at the other airports as well. Fly here instead of RDU!
ATLDLMain Security2011-06-13Stupid long lines @7:30am but allowed for breezing through security and pick your poison. Take the very far right lanes and keep right. There is a scanner in one of the final two but you can easily avoid.
MSYDLDelta2011-06-13Tried my best to time it right but they weren't having it. Got groped by a very nice lady that didn't agree with the policy either. When I mentioned that I didn't think we should be treated like criminals, she said that we were only getting a plane.
JFKDLTerminal 32011-06-13scanner behind the metal detector, but it was not in use
bosFLC/40-422011-06-13Scanner roped off.
YVROtherUS Departures2011-06-12About a 3% chance of being randomly selected for the MMW
EDIAllMain checkpoint2011-06-12Scanner-free