Lots of people write in with interesting quotes and stories about security. If I like them (if they're funny, witty, interesting, intriguing or informative) I'll post them here. They should all be clean, and if you want to write in, please send the status of your checkpoint when you do, keep it clean, and keep it brief. Thanks!

  • "I watched my 82 year old father scanned - hands over his head - the whole 9 yards. No metal implants or anything - I guess he just looked like an 82 year old male Caucasian terrorist."
  • "Throwing away your chold's snow globe is the favorite part of their day"
  • "They did have public extreme-pat downs --- I saw one lady with a fake leg have to take off her leg and they wiped it down, along with her hands, then I could hear the female TSA agent explaining how she was going to use her hands on her breasts... needless to say, the lady was mortified!"
  • "My group of 5 opted out and caused security chaos. It effectively shut down the checkpoint for ~5 minutes. If groups of 3-5 did it every few minutes, the system would collapse."
  • "the TSA agent at SFO's AA security line (terminal 3) said he was happy people were pushing back against a policy he himself didn't agree with (!)""My wife was asked to have an additional pat-down because her shirt had a zipper. It took 2 minutes (with the entire metal detector blocked) just to get a lady to pat her down. My wife started to take her zipper shirt off and put it thru the x-ray out of disgust. The TSA agents were behind the X-Ray machine laughing and joking at the time.
  • "The pocket knife I left in my bag on accident wasn't even caught by the X-ray guy. Nor was my gel deodorant not in a separate bag and deep in my suitcase.
    If it's security theater... you are supposed to clap to show appreciation for a well done show right? After the pat down I offered a slow clap for a job well done. Blank stares ensued."
  • "As for Logan, things have always seemed a bit random there...but things seem a bit random everywhere: I've been to Wellington, Auckland, Kuala Lumpor, Heathrow, Charles De Gaulle, Boston, and Atlanta in the past 6 months and haven't even come close to a scanner."
  • "I went through, my wallet blocked my butt and had to have an additional butt pat down. And my wallet got swabbed. TSA guy was friendly and said I had a cool wallet (which I do)."
  • "If I (5'8" & 128 lbs) show up to the Denver airport in a bikini, would I get fined/arrested?? I'm very curious how that patdown would work..."
  • "Close to my flight time out of ORD, one of the TSA officers asked me if I was taking pictures and grabbed his radio. Even though it's perfectly legal to take pictures, I just walked off and headed toward my gate, since I didn't have time to argue."
  • "I popped into a shop to buy a water bottle and what was for sale by the cash register? LIGHTERS! ¬†yes, lighters that you cannot take through security OR have on the airplane. The fact that I can get through TSA without any troubles, and then arm myself with a metal fork and lighter is very scary!
  • "No questions thru dectector, no questions about bags which had various 'liquid/get' items not in the 3-1-1 bag, did not pull it out of carry-on. Did not get questioned. Heard a woman in ladies room tell friend on phone she had carried 3 lighters in her bags just to see if they would find them and they did not."
  • "I witnessed a lot of people literally running to try and catch flights (at 5:30-6:00AM) because of the backup caused by making every single person go through the backscatter machines."
  • "I did see one guy pulled out randomly for an enhanced patdown (sign said that this could be done in private, but I didn't see any space for them to set up a private room, so I wonder if maybe the only real option is out in public?). The TSA guy was literally elbow deep down the guy's pants, and this is a guy that hadn't even set off the metal detector—just randomly picked."
  • "On an earlier trip, I got a partial patdown after (successfully) going through the metal detector because I was wearing a sweater. The TSA employee was professional and respectful. No sweater on the more recent trip, so no patdown."
  • [For PHL}: "ADVICE: Get a metal detector with opposite sex agent - you should get through without issue."
  • "Canadian security was friendly if unnecessary for my 45 minute flight. Taking my shoes off and other items was "up to [me]" meaning I could do whatever I want to ensure the metal detector didn't go off."
  • TSA makes a point to tell you you can choose what lane you want"
  • No scanners =) YAY for freedom! TSA here is great though, they will still catch you terrorists!! This is proof we don't need body scanners and molestation to be safe. The TSA at GSO knows what they are doing, and they do it in a professional and respectful manner. I WILL NEVER FLY FROM RDU AGAIN, EVER UNTIL THE SCANNERS AND GROPERS ARE GONE!
  • As we inched closer in the line it seemed like they turned the full body scanner on and had a TSA agent there. But it still wasn't being used by the time we got up to the line, and I noticed a "software error" message on the machine's display screen.

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