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 DLSouth2017-04-02Extremely uncomfortable pat-down. In the future, might actually reconsider opting out. Well played, TSA.10
 DLConcourse F, International Arrival (connecting flights)2015-11-07No PreCheck lane. No airline priority lanes. Just MMWs.610p3
 DLInternational arrival checkpoint Concourse E2015-10-03No PreCheck lane anymore.610p15
 DLConcourse E, International Arrival (connecting flights)2015-08-29Apparently the PreCheck lane is only open at the "discretion/convenience" of the TSA. Today (Saturday) afteroon it was closed. Lines were very long; temperature was very warm. TSA is "so focused" on the wrong things.420p15
 DLD2014-12-05regular pax routed thru pre check. random hand swabs. left hand line got wtmd; didn't have to opt out of No's.1250p10
 AADo,septic North Pre-check2014-10-10The rest of the checkpoint was a bottleneck but the PC lune was a breeze. Only hiccup was the smurfette running the bag scanner was too engrossed in her conversation w/her buddies to make sure the bags actually came out the other end & past the glass partition so pax could reach them w/having to climb up on the rollers.1250p0
 DLSouth Terminal - PreCheck2014-05-31730a5
 DLInternational 2014-02-22This is the checkpoint you go through coming off a foreign flight to get back in the US. Naked machines in use for all lanes. Molestation level mild to moderate.400p
 AAMain2013-12-27Mostly NOS, but a few WTMD still available, mainly to the left side of the main bank. A little bit of barking, but not too bad ... agents were fairly cordial. Agents slow to replenish bins, then held up the line past the WTMD while they were replacing them.820a10
 DLDomestic-Main2013-12-20All pax directed to MMW.800p5
 DLPreCheck2013-09-02No line to ID podium, triple beep. Dropped bag on belt and cleared security in ten seconds.150p0
 DLDomestic - Main2013-08-08This is typically an easy SDOO, but they were actually using every MMW today. Couldn't believe it. 800a25
 DLMain2013-08-06I checked all the security lines in concourse A and all WTMDs were roped off, only MMW were in use. I opted out of the scan and it took a good 10 minutes before a TSA agent finally escorted me to get the pat down. The TSA agent was professional and detailed to me as to everything he was going to do.300p10
 AANorth2013-07-13Lane 2 was WTMD, the rest, including first class, were NoS540a12
 DLDomestic - Main2013-07-09MMW roped off/WTMD in use in lanes 8/9, 16/17, and 18/19. MMW in use in lanes 6/7, 10/11, 12/13, 14/15, and 21/22. Easy to select a lane of your choosing. Look around for the roped off scanners. 800a10
 DLMain2013-06-24Crowded airport = Turn off the NoS in lines 6, 10, possibly others 640a20
 DLDomestic - Main2013-05-31MMW roped off/WTMD in use in lanes 6/7, 8/9, 10/11, and 18/19. MMW in use in lanes 12/13, 14/15, 16/17, and 21/22. Easy to select a lane of your choosing. Look around for the roped off scanners. 800a20
 DLMain2013-05-22All lines using MMW. Possible random wtmd when line gets too long, but you have to time it perfectly and be lucky. 800a15
 DLDomestic-Main2013-05-18MMW roped off in lanes 8/9, 16/17, 18/19. MMW in use in lanes 10/11, 12/13, 14/15, 21/22. Easy to select a lane using the WTMD. 740a5
 DLSouth smaller gate2013-05-09Very long lines for non pre-check lanes. All people through MMW. I opted out. They tried to have me abandon my stuff and walk to some other area. I refused and said to the agent, Hey I'm not supposed to leave my stuff unattended right? Someone can put something in it! A friendly and quick patdown followed once I acquired my stuff. It was more or less hilarious, as I was calling them on BS the whole time. 830a45
 DLDomestic-Main2013-04-14MMW roped off on lanes 16 & 17. Easy to avoid MMW
 DLMain2013-04-08They now have MMW on all lines. No escaping even when busy830a30
 DLDomestic-Main2013-03-15The line backed up into the atrium. Numerous MMWs roped off - lanes 7-11 and 16-18. Easy to select one of these lines and use the WTMD. 800a30
 USMain2013-03-15TSA determined to irradiate every passenger. Lanes 12-15 only ones open at Main chkpt; some of us herded to South chkpt for scope and grope. At least the pat-down was completed quickly; no add'l wait to get the ahem450a25
 USMain2013-03-15All pax through MMW; lanes 12-15 only lanes open despite 1/2 hour wait. Some of us herded to South chkpt for scope and grope; at least there was no add'l wait to get agent for pat-down. Long lines at my destination as well; perhaps the start of budget sequester theater? (This is a completion of a post which was sent prematurely thanks to the stupid touch screen on my not-so-smart phone.)450a25
 WNMain2013-03-12Only one lane open putting all thru MMW. Oddly, when I opted out they didn't put me thru WTMD before my quick grope420a2
 DLDomestic-Main2013-03-11Look carefully for lanes with a roped off MMW. 1230p
 DLDomestic-Main2013-01-11MMW roped off in lanes 6/7 and 16/17. Easy to SDOO, but long lines. 800a25
 DLDomestic-Main2012-12-24SDOO is still available, but you have to have a sharp eye out. TSA staff very friendly except for one barker who was doing it by the book. Be careful regarding checked baggage ... factory seal was broken on a couple of board games brought along as unwrapped Christmas presents.1230p1
 DLDomestic-Main2012-12-23MMW roped off in lanes 10/11.300p10
 DLDomestic-Main2012-12-14Very easy to SDOO this morning. MMW in use in lanes 12-15. MMW roped off in lanes 6-11, 16-19, and 21-22. Lane 20 was also open and is WTMD-only.800a10
 DLDomestic-Main2012-12-07MMW roped off in lanes 6 and 10.1110a5
 FLa2012-12-02overloaded checkpoint was made to wait at least 20 min while someone was found to give me a patdown
 DLDomestic-Main2012-11-29MMW roped off in lanes 10/11 and 16/17.230p10
 DLMain/South2012-11-04NoS everywhere. No WTMD in use. Mandatory grope. At least they were civil...530p15
 DLMain2012-10-05Lanes 16 and 17 (left side) have new MMW, but were now in use600p
 OtherSouth2012-09-27New NoS added at South checkpoint, now Precheck is the only line there without. Main checkpoint recently added more, I think there is only one line that avoids it. OPT-OUT!
 DLMain2012-09-18Still possible to avoid, but looks like four more NoS' are being readied for use. Once that happens, will be a lot harder to avoid except at the very busiest times.720a
 DLMain2012-08-27No NoS lines 8-10 and 16-18. Even if your flight is out of T gates, use main checkpoint to avoid scope and grope740p15
 FLDomestic - Main2012-08-22Lanes 12-15 were open, all had scanners in use for nearly all passengers. While waiting in line I was directed to Lane 1, which had no scanner, just metal detector. The only others I saw directed to lane one at this time were members of the military and white folks.730p5
 DLDomestic-Main2012-08-12Lanes 10-11 and 16-17 were the WTMD-only lanes open this morning. Easy to select them.730a5
 DLSouth (Domestic)2012-08-04Really busy but only back-scatter available. Somewhat unsettling but I was clean so no worries.540a
 DLMain 2012-07-16Gates 5 thru 11 all running without NoS. If you want to avoid the scope and grope in ATL, arrive when busy.610a15
 DLMain (Domestic)2012-07-04Light crowds today meant that the TSA had all the WTMD-only lanes closed. Ironic that this was the situation on the 4th of July.1130a5
 DLDomestic-Main2012-07-01Lane 16 was the only WTMD-only lane open at this time, but it was easy to select it.500p5
 DLMain2012-06-27TSA trying to steer right side to NoS lines, but lanes 16 and 17 on left were easy to self select640p25
 AllInternational2012-06-10Everyone except families with small children through MMW.
 AllNorth2012-06-08SDDO to lane on far right which was physically partitioned from mmw. No hassle. Plenty of smurfs standing around doing nothing though.
 DLSouth2012-05-21All lanes went to backscatter machines. Opted out, given a pat down. 700a15
 DLSouth (behind Delta)2012-05-21100% thru MMW. Opted out. Nice woman did patdown in an appropriate manner. Did not feel violated. Explained I am rape survivor. Woman in front of me also opted out. Fast moving lines.830a
 DLInternational2012-05-20As of 5/20 at least, no longer screening arriving passengers whose final destination is ATL. Don't know about departures at new terminal because trip began before it opened.300p30
 DLMain (Domestic)2012-05-19Numerous WTMD-only lanes open, and at least one MMW was roped off as well.730a5
 DLSouth2012-05-13There are three machines or lines. Only two were in operation. the regular screening line moved faster than the line for the pre-flight pilot. the agents were fine. no drama or anything. line up, go through, have a nice flight.600p10
 DLMain2012-05-12Checkpoint was very crowded, so plenty of WTMD-only lanes were open, and it was very easy to select those. The MMW scanners are in lanes 1-4, 12-15, and 21-22, so avoid those lines. 220p20
 FLNorth, biz class line2012-05-06Left was MD. Next was MD on left and MW on right with some funneling no doubts.440p2
 UANorth2012-05-05Nasty smurfs asked for a rub down even after stepping into their fancy nude-o-scope1140a2
 DLMain2012-03-15The NOS-free lanes open were 10, 11, and 16. TSA employees were directing people into the NOS lanes, but it wasn't hard to ignore their instructions and go through a safe lane. 210p20
 DLmain2012-03-09was simple to pick out a WTMD only line. Saw just one center lane open with NoS, was surprised how many people were in that line. Prechecked line (or whatever it's called) was WTMD only430p5
 FLMain2012-02-28Right at 7, were shutting down all non-NoS lanes700a10
 USMain2012-02-10This early, only 3 lanes were open (4, 13, 14, I think) - all had MMW.440a15
 FLMain2012-01-18Only lane 11 did not use NoS. Had to go right to have the option.220p20
 DLMain2012-01-13Checkpoint was crowded, so numerous WTMD-only lanes were open. I observed one WTMD/MMW pair where the moat dragon was sending everyone through the MMW. They even made an old lady get out of her wheelchair to go through the MMW! Easy to self-select a 'safe' lane.330p20
 DLMain2012-01-06The checkpoint was very empty, so the only WTMD-only lane open was lane 11. I chose that one and had no issues.1130a5
 USA2012-01-01it was EXTREMELY crowded there, and i almost missed my flight! But i didn't see any lanes blocked off.1200a30
 DLSouth2011-12-28First-class line is WTMD at that checkpoint, all others are MMW. Was treated courteously.1100a0
 DLMain2011-12-25As usual, a very easy SDOO. Keep right (with the exception of lanes 1-4) to avoid the MMW.730a10
 DLInternational Arrivals2011-12-15was selected for secondary upon entering from international flight. First smurf had power-trip and discriminated against me because I am short...I really think they have quotas for how many people they have to "send" to the scanners or secondaries...IT IS LIKELY THEY PICK ON SINGLE PASSENGERS. Second TSA agent who "received me" for secondary screening said first smurf was a jerk and just asked me to verbally say I didn't have anything illegal and let me go on my way. He didn't even search my stuff. In general, ATL airport seems to be fairly reasonable overall. There seems to be an internal checks and balances here from the management where passengers can still enjoy their flights from this airport without needless pat-downs (assaults).
 DLMain2011-12-05Lanes 11 and 16 only ones without NoS, yet people were waiting in line for NoS while WTMD had no line.1140a3
 DLMain2011-11-28Only one MMW in use just right of center special assistancr desk. So easy to avoid.
 DLMain2011-11-25Several WTMD-only lanes were open.
 DLSouth s12011-11-06MMW in use for all except the Premiere lane... All ppl going thru MMW. Opted out and got a more aggressive patdown which included a hand in my pants waistband. Fuck this, why do I travel?
 FLMain2011-10-31Numerous lanes were WTMD. There is sufficient time to find the appropriate lane after ID check.
 DLT Gates2011-10-04All lanes now have scanners and the sheep go blindly through. Opting out causes retaliation by waiting and bullying.
 DLT gates2011-09-19Pre check line = no scope n grope. Far right lane safe as pretty easy to select lane with no scanners. Left lane had TSA clowns standing around nos trying to figure out how to turn it on.
 DLT gates2011-09-082:30pm on Thursday. Scanners present but not in use. No gropes witnessed
 DLSouth - premium2011-09-05If you qualify for the elite line, they regularly have the backscatter roped off. Beware... the other line at South seems to randomly go through backscatter.
 DLT Gates2011-08-30I went through Pre check but TSA thugs tried to send my husband through NoS. he opted out and they assaulted him. I videoed. They made him wait for 10 minutes before groping him. There were lots of TSA thugs standing around that could have assisted him but it was clear they were punishing him for opting out.
 DLMain2011-08-27As usual, it was a very easy SDOO. Lanes 8-11 were open and are NOS-free. There were also several other lanes open with NOS, but no one was forcing passengers into them. The checkpoint was overstaffed. Passengers were definitely choosing the WTMD lanes over the NOS. Some of the NOS lines were completely empty!
 DLMain2011-08-13Access all gates/all airlines via main checkpoint. Several metal-detector only lines were operational all day, making self selection to avoid NoS easy today.
 DLMain2011-08-01Lines 10 and 11 have no body scanners, get in these lines and you are fine
 DLMain2011-07-25Possible to avoid MMW by staying away from the center lanes (without going around outer halls) Lanes 10 and 11 were WTMD
 DLSouth - premium2011-07-17Always take the furthest to the right if open - no porno scanner at all!
 DLMain2011-07-14TSA employees rudely pushing people into lines, but choosing a WTMD line was easy. Lots of people being chosen for secondary screening, both for hand swabs and full patdowns.
 DLMain2011-07-12Some lanes have MMW machines, some only have WTMD. You can pick your own lane. I intentionally chose a NoS lane so I could opt out (thus making a TSO's day less pleasant). I was directed through that lane's metal detector instead, because the line was getting backed up.
 DLInternational2011-07-07Coming from international into main terminal, people chosen randomly to go through backscatter instead of metal
 FLT gates2011-07-01Easy to avoid MMW scanners by choosing your own lane. Go through to lane 1 and then observe where the scanners are. Do not go to the extreme far left or right. All patrons in these lanes being scanned. Just take a good look at the lanes and you'll be ok.
 DLT gates2011-06-21Scanners present but not in use
 DLMain2011-06-20Passed through the main checkpoint at around 8:00 PM, when crowds were thin. TSA only had 3 WTMD/MMW pairs open (6 lanes). TSOs were randomly selecting passengers for the NOS. WTMDs were still open for those lucky enough to not be selected for the NOS.
 DLMain2011-06-19Lanes 1-4, 12-15, and 21-22 have MMW scanners. Simply choose one of the other lanes to avoid the NOS. The Main checkpoint in ATL is a very easy "positional opt-out."
 DLT gates2011-06-17got waved to the checkpoint in a hidden area (far to the left of the others). Most people were sent through the scanner, but if you move to the right and stay there, you can avoid it.
 DLMain Security2011-06-13Stupid long lines @7:30am but allowed for breezing through security and pick your poison. Take the very far right lanes and keep right. There is a scanner in one of the final two but you can easily avoid.
 DLT gates2011-06-05Can pick the WTMD line.
 DLMain2011-06-04Easy to choose a line without the MMW scanner.

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