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 DLA2018-12-12MMW and usual bs. I feel safer already700a20
 DL12018-03-23TSA understaffed, even with a wait for opt-out I still beat my bag through (they had to check my sandwich). Apparently if you travel with a small dog, they willl let you through the WTMD. BTW: if enough people opt out, they let others through the WTMD as they lose staff.450p32
 B6Gate 28 Term C2017-12-18Senior, bullied, scanned, Intrusive pat down groin., traumatized.1050a20
 B6Gate 28 Term C2017-12-18Senior, bullied, scanned, Intrusive pat down groin.,Pre check line.traumatized.1050a20
 OtherE2017-06-21Very long wait 800p105
 DLA2016-11-23Two of three queues using WTMD instead of MMWs. Lines were thusly moving very quickly. Easy to choose!110p8
 B6C Main2016-06-04no wait at all.510a0
 OtherC, 40-422016-06-02What a great little checkpoint! Scanner there but not in use, and no line. Just a pleasure.1100a0
 AAB Gates 322016-05-2410
 DLA2016-02-0520 minutes to get through the line, then another 7 until a particularly surly blueshirt gave me a rather handsy grope.650a20
 AATerminal B, PC lane2015-09-20Only 1 ID checker initially & a wheelchair PC pax clogged things up substantially, but at least it was real PC (unlike PHX!)600a7
 DLA2015-05-03TSA Pre-Check let me waltz on through.340p3
 B6C2015-03-28No wait. No managed inclusion, but opt-out handled very well. Never seems to generate issues at this checkpoint. 640a5
 UAB2015-02-06Short wait for the male assist. Guy asked me why a patdown. I said "because if precheck can avoid it by paying money, it must be a scam."240p10
 DLA2014-07-10Now that CO dba UA is over in B, there's practically no one a A. No wait, and the fastest, most efficient pat down I've had: basically faster than the NoS. Total of about two minutes. Fantastic.150p0
 DLA2014-07-10DL was checking bag sizes at check-in. I asked the DL rep if she was TSA affiliated and she was not. Don't bother with that, TSA has no business allowing them to do that. However, when I mentioned this to gate staff, they cheered me. They don't like it either! I came thisclose to scoring a first class upgrade by saying I was going to Tweet at Delta. Remember, Gate Agents can do *anything*.150p0
 DLA2014-06-02MMW for most all, opt outs possible, WTMD roped off9a<5
 B6C40-422014-03-24Blueshirt didn't appreciate me wanting to see my items750a12
 DLA2014-02-20Random selection to pre-check, and a cursory grope. Also, they stole my nutella. Bastards.540p5
 OtherB1-3 Air Canada2014-02-10Metal detector only130p5
 DLA2014-01-31Half of normal folks directed to Pre-Check. Even the blue shirts were happy about everyone keeping their shoes on and their computers in their bags. Wouldn't it be nice if it was always this nice. Might be able to SDOO by waiting until the normal line gets long.500p2
 USGates 15-19/B2014-01-27Pre-check only did a hand swab. Other gates appeared to be using only metal detector.150p1
 AATerminal B Pre-Check2013-12-27Again, wait time was for the ID checkers-even though there are 2 of them (one for Pre-Check & one for ramdomized Pre-Check) seated side by side, it apparently takes the two screeners putting their little heads together to figure out whether the ID/BP is valid. Once that stupidity is done with, it was a normal Pre-Check process that took no time.600a2
 DLA2013-12-19Surprisingly short wait for such a busy travel day. Everyone was directed to the MMW and all WTMDs were roped off.340p2
 DLA2013-11-26One WTMD-only Line open, through the small door in the center of the checkpoint. Easy to miss if you're not looking for it. NOS in all other lanes. 420p20
 DLA2013-11-15Long lines, 15 mins to get through the elite/shuttle line, probably 30 main line. But it was an easy SDOO staying far right (shorter lines, too). Seemed short-staffed; only 2/4 queues were open. Smurfette was putting on a show at least. Best line: "if you have a coke, drink it. If you have a beer, make a friend."110p20
 B6C Main2013-11-13Wait time is only from ID checker to get thru the grope & scope920a16
 DLTerminal A2013-11-06Random selection from the regular line for Pre-Check. The regular line was 100% NOS, though.750a10
 UAC2013-10-26Only magnetometer for left 2 lines. Allowed to keep shoes, belt, and jacket on. Sign of things to come? Line moved slowly, not enough boarding pass checkers, even though there were many blue shirts visible.510a15
 DL42013-09-30Finally opened another line as I got to the front100p30
 UAA2013-08-24All MMW for non-precheck. My wife opted out, and the female TSA officer gave her a very aggressive pat down. The TSA officer hit her with her watch, and my wife felt some pain. When she tried to tell the officer that, she just walked away. Very rude and inconsiderate.530a
 DLA2013-08-06As usual, MMW for everyone. WTMD roped off. TSA is piloting random selection program at this checkpoint to randomly select additional people for Pre-Check, but it was not active at this time. 1000a5
 DLA2013-08-01Thought I might get an SDOO since most of the people were being sent through the wtmd on the left. I stood in a long line to get there (there's a random green arrow and a guy whose job it is to point people at one line or the other) and then another selection further to the right where I stood in another needlessly long line before encountering mmw and opting out. Can you say security theater?1130a15
 B6C Main2013-07-25MWW for all. The days of finding a WMTD only lane here seem over, though only 1/2 of lanes were open in the evening.700p12
 DLA2013-07-05As usual, MMW for everyone. WTMD roped off.800a2
 DLA2013-06-24MMW roped off in the far right lanes. Also, a WTMD-only lane was open on the left, next to the Pre-Check lane. 430p
 DLTerminal A2013-05-201240p10
 DLTerminal A2013-05-20Long lines for bag x-rays, but there was a lane with a MMW roped off on the far right. Lanes with MMW in use send 100 percent of pax through them. 1240p10
 DLA2013-05-09Lines were disorganized and confusing. 8-deep line for the MMW, yet the WTMD remained roped off for everyone. 1120a15
 DLA2013-05-05All WTMDs roped off. 420a0
 B6C11-C362013-04-10MMW/ATR in use for all pax.
 DLA term2013-03-31Family directly in front of me went through the metal detector. My teenager and I were denied that and sent to MMW. ID checker gave me a hard time about my last name not matching my kid's last name and gave her a hard time about not believing she was under 18.12p10
 UA2013-03-30MMW in use. Pat-down was thorough but good-natured.510a10
 B6C2013-03-24Had on t-shirt under long sleeve shirt, and had forgotten ballpoint pen in t-shirt pocket, so received polite partial patdown after the MMW. Agent quite professional, told me which part of my body he was going to next. Only patted chest, back, and ankles.6p
 USB 4-14, US Air side2013-03-14Good old WTMDs, no scanners in sight!150p
 USB, 15-212013-03-14All WTMDs at US Airways in BOS. Can access gates 4-21 from either checkpoint.200p0
 DLTerminal A2013-03-11Metal detectors roped off. They wouldn't even let me through the WTMD while the MMW ran through its calibration cycle.820a0
 AATerminal B2013-03-04BSK gone, replaced by MMW for Main Cabin line. Priority Access/First Class feeds into a WTMD only lane (yeah!) right next to the Pre-Check lane which was empty until I got to it after finally getting thru the ID checker. All in all, not a bad morning trek thru Logan.630a
 DLA2013-02-21Very light traffic today, only two lanes open. Enough staff to run MMWs only. Pat down cursory and courteous.520p5
 DL2013-02-04You are all retarded, it's millimeter wave technology, if you listent to the radio in your car or use a cell phone you are exposed to more radiation than this new body scanner as well as on the plane itself. So, you'd rather get felt up by a TSO than risk 3 second in a body scanner? Brilliant! Morons!520a10
 DLA2013-02-03Spotted Mitt Romney going through security and the AIT! I wanted to shake his hand after security, but by the time I had opted out and been patted down, I couldn't find him.430p10
 Int'lE2012-12-19All passengers going through nudeoscope950a4
 DLA2012-12-14Almost got the sdoo but they closed the rightmost bag scan and with fewer pax were able to shift to the slower mmw. Running late I took the zap and still had to get patted down in a couple of places. Great job TSA!430p11
 DLA2012-12-10All WTMDs were roped off.1230p5
 DLA2012-12-07The good news: Terminal A has MMW now to replace the rapiscan. And a precheck line. The bad news is that they are putting everyone through the MMW whereas they only had checked about half of pax in the past with the rapiscan. Progress! It took a while to get a male assist but once I did it was a quick and cursory patdown without the stupid back of my hand rambling.1040a7
 AAB22-362012-12-07Pre-check line is now available. However, the scanner in that line doesn't read mobile boarding passes, so I had to go to the normal lines. Normal lines are a festival of scanning and groping.
 UAA2012-12-04All lanes using "backscatter/mm wave" scanners. "Chat Downs" also in place at ID check.12p20
 DLA2012-11-23MMW in all lanes. They had signs stating the technology is optional and people can opt out. I opted out and two TSA agents said that the "new technology" had no radiation and is "very safe." I'm wondering if they're admitting that the old Backscatters were dangerous. Well, I waited a while for the patdown. Finally, when I got the patdown, the officer was professional and courteous.600a20
 DLTerminal A2012-11-08All metal detectors roped off, not in use.830a
 Int'lE central2012-10-26Backscatter roped off on rightmost lane. 630p10
 AAB22-362012-10-20MMW roped off on right 800a10
 B6C40/412012-10-19WMTD roped off, only option was new MMW. travel partner opted out, got mild persuasion that there's no radiation, but no wait for pat down and very polite and quick.720a5
 UAC2012-10-17All of the blue BKSX machines are gone and every line has a MMW box. Used to be able to easily SDOO here, but no more. Even more disappointing is that they seem really intent on convincing passengers there is no radiation risk now. So what? It's the undignified nature of the scan (assume the position) that I find objectionable. No TSA clerk is going to convince me otherwise. I'm still going to opt out and force those clowns to look me in the eye like an individual and not be treated like a cow off to slaughter.600p
 DLTerminal A2012-10-12Nasty as always; everyone going through MMW; aggressive groper who was very frustrated by my not being overly compliant430a10
 ASA2012-10-07No scanners in use on any line. All WTMD. Long lines though.500p15
 FLE2012-10-07Opted out, was directed to stand near flag for pat-down. Screener was very professional though there was snickering by nearby TSA employees.1
 DLA2012-10-01Looked like a pretty easy sdoo at TA this morning. Both sides had non-ait options. Long lines though.1000a
 WNE1A-E1E2012-09-28BKSX for almost all. TSA had me "stand over by that American flag" for opt-out pat-down. The irony.10
 DLA2012-09-27Easy SDOO. Most lanes were roped off; this checkpoint seems to be understaffed at high-traffic times and they use the WTMDs only. Oh, but if you forget to empty you're water bottle you're in for a treat. (fyi: this is an admin post, thus the link is allowed)430p8
 DLA2012-09-04Right lane had backscatter roped off. (Second lane from right had 2 lines, backscatter on right, metal detector on left.)600a5
 DL12012-08-27Glanced at security as we walked by—appeared that a SDOO might be possible through the right lanes, but I didn't get enough of a view to be sure one way or another. T1 is a crapshoot, it seems.520p
 DLA2012-08-24Easy SDOO. They were closing one side of the CP at 6:00 but had shut down the rapiscan several minutes before. Major shift change at 6:00 (pm) so if you are flying in the evening getting in line just before that is a good way to get there when staff turnover means a high likelihood of the machines being off. Not a lot of orange or red in BOS recently!550p3
 FLTerminal E2012-08-18Scanners in use for all lanes. I was able to bide my time and wait until a bunch of folks were lined up for the scanner and just walk through the metal detector instead.430p10
 OtherE2012-08-11For Gate E3: Check point was 2 lanes, forcing most people through the backscatter. I got through the WTMD. Traveling companion had to opt out and received a VERY thorough patdown. I seemed retaliatory. TSA person was rude and combative. 10a
 DLA2012-08-09All lanes were open, and all BKSX were roped off except for the one in lane 2,the lane next to the Pre-Check lane. Avoid lane 2 when it is open because the metal detector in that lane is only for Pre-Check. Anyway, a very easy SDOO! 340p10
 DLA2012-08-03Looked to SDOO by choosing a line with a WTMD but they seemed to be pointing some pax to the rapiscan. However, miracle of miracles, they roped off the BKSX and everyone got to go through the WTMD!910a13
 B6C2012-07-31No cancer boxes during the peak departure rush. All lines using WTMD. Not bad!730a15
 UAC2012-07-30Was able to SDOO very easily today. This has been the case the past few times I've traveled through this terminal, if you pay enough attention it's pretty clear which lanes are WTMD only. Boggles the mind that some people still just willingly line up for a cancer scan then they don't have to.520p5
 DLA2012-07-28BKSX in use on the left side. The BKSX was roped off on the right side. Easy SDOO, but make sure to look around as you wait in line for the TDC to find the 'safe' lanes.430p
 Int'lE2A-E8B2012-07-28BKSX in use on the right. WTMD-only lane open on the left side. Easy SDOO.430p
 DLA2012-06-30Two WTMD/BKSX pairs open. Most pax being sent through the BKSX, with a few lucky people going through the WTMD when the BKSX got backed up.1000a5
 Int'lE2-E82012-06-23Checkpoint all the way to the right was using the WTMD for 90% of passengers. 620p7
 DLA2012-06-20Term A now has pre-check in the leftmost lane. It uses the WTMD in a WTMD/BKSX pair. That means the other (non-pre-check) lane is mandatory BKSX. The six other lanes all had their BKSX roped off, so it is an easy SDOO.330p
 UAC2012-06-19Left lane to the left hand terminal, no BKSX in use. Didn't even have to SDOO. Be sure you get in the left hand line, try wont let you switch after the podium. 1200p
 ASA2012-06-16Premium line went to a lane with closed BKSX.
 UAA2012-06-08Far left BKSX was roped off, easy SDOO840a20
 WNE1A-E1E2012-06-07Virtually everyone other than families and random individuals sent through BKSX. Waited 10 minutes for male assist while two moat dragons (one behind WMTD, other next to front of BKSX) chatted back and forth. One said something about, "Do we have to go down to one lane so people can get pat-downs?" However, one of the moat dragons ended up doing pat-down, and it took all of 20 seconds. When he realized I was a golfer, he lightened up and was friendly enough.330p25
 COTerminal A2012-06-074 lanes open and only one scanner operational. Very easy to SDOO. Didn't even have to play 20 questions with the TDC, which is kind of rare. 4p
 AAAmerican2012-06-01Some people waved through magnetometer. I was pointed to the Xray, declined, and got a rude and brusque pat-down.650a20
 DLA2012-05-25The BKSX in the elite line on the right had the BKSX roped off and the lanes on the left side had the BKSX roped off. Easy to avoid the BKSX that was in use by choosing one of the aforementioned lanes.330p15
 FLE12012-05-24Far left for SDOO. Others are NoS. 500p10
 USTerminal B--US side2012-05-241 line had only metal detector, looked like other two lines fed into backscatter machine400a5
 DLA2012-05-23Got lucky and went thru WTMD. Massive lines though500p30
 DLA2012-05-22There were two lanes on the left side of the checkpoint that had the BKSX roped off. Lanes on the right side of the checkpoint were using BKSX. Easy to self-select.540p3
 UATerminal A2012-05-19no line for elite security. took several minutes to get belongings through X-ray. took 2x as long for my pat-down person to come along920a10
 DLA2012-05-12BKSX were roped off on the Elite side. I didn't pay attention to the other lanes1230p7
 DLTerminal A2012-05-11Lanes on the left side had the backscatter roped off. Lanes on the right side were using the BKSX. Very easy to choose a line on the left and go through the WTMD. 620a25
 UATerminal A2012-05-04Went through Premier Access lane. There was one lane using the Backscatter and the other using a metal detector with the backscatter roped off. Went through the line with a metal detector and no pat down. Long wait in the Premier line, and longer in the regular line.400p20

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