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 ASD2018-04-15Pre-check is closed. Really??630p30
 DLD2016-08-11One longer line for TSA preck, quicker lines in regular700a10
 DLD2016-05-23For 7am departure - the line started at Gate E.90
 DLD2016-05-02For 7:00am departure - almost missed the plane.530a70
 WNA2015-10-14TSA pre check closed!!!630a25
 DLD2015-09-15TSA lines not open - no notification when getting boarding pass4p
 DLD2015-09-13TSA line closed - had to go through regular line. Saw a dozen TSA agents walking back afterwards1130a
 B6D2015-06-01Opt-out by travel partner handled very poorly. No space for pat-downs at this terminal, agents seemed unsure how to even handle one. Opting-out psgr forced to walk thru MWW anyways to get to pat down. 650a
 UAC2015-05-20Precheck line closed, all PreCheck passengers had to go through regular screening, but did not have to take off shoes. TSA security person indicated that Precheck has been closed for several weeks!550a
 DLD2015-05-20Pre check has been closed the last 3 visits8a
 DLD2015-01-26Was down twice in Dec 2014 also430p
 USc2015-01-09precheck shut down. had to go through regular line. why? 930a
 UAD2014-08-02Everyone through scanners except precheck.1050a5
 AAC2014-07-02No line. Super easy. I requested a pat down. Hate that machine. The TSA agents were beyond nice. I'm still surprised at how well they treated me. I'm used to the rude as you know what ones at other airports.330p5
 AAB2014-04-30Pre-check lane in C closed so a quick 30 second walk over to the Pre-Check lane in B. No issues after that.1200p0
 WNA2014-03-09You can avoid the nude body scanner by joining pre-check line at this checkpoint. They have been sending many non-pre-check members to the no-scanner pre-check line. The line you want is to the left side, but there's a moat dragon telling you which way you have to go. Good luck!500p
 WN2013-06-14Get a life, stand up for your civil liberties. We are losing them at an alarming rate! Opt-out, answer no questions, encrypt and lock your cell phone, computer, ipad... Give these glorified mall cops are hard time all day, every day!
 WN2013-04-15Get a life, scan and cooperate. Then go make a difference.5
 WNA/B2013-04-05Important: the nude-body-scanner-free checkpoint that used to be open on the ground floor for terminals A and B has closed forever. It's getting harder for those of us who don't want the government judging our naked bodies to get where we are going.20
 WNB2013-04-05Thugs putting everyone into nude body scanners. They kicked me out of the airport for refusing a patdown after the scanner gave a false positive.610p20
 WNA/B Baggage Level2013-03-11There is no body scanner at this checkpoint. Unfortunately, the sign said that they are closing it (I think on April 20).1020a0
 FLLower Level2013-01-26Only metal detectors on Baggage Claim level1130a10
 WNA/B Baggage Level2013-01-01630a0
 FLGate A/B basement2012-11-26Security checkpoint down on first floor next to Luggage Carosal #1.1000a0
 DLD2012-11-19Long line for non-priority lanes. The far left lane now has a MMW. Used to be only WTMD. As we were going through, they just opened a lane in the middle that was only using a WTMD which we went through, but there was a roped off MMW next to it. Seems like it's getting harder to do a SDOO.1130a
 B6D2012-10-22Went as far left as possible, but appears every lane has a MMW available. Our lane only sent people thru MMW if they alarmed WMTD...only one pax in 10 I saw got it. Further right it looked like the NoS's were much more active.300p2
 DLD2012-09-05Most lanes have MMW, but we went to the far left lane where there is only a metal detector. No pat downs or opt outs necessary.1230p
 UAd2012-08-25express lane on far left directed everyone through metal detector900a
 AAConcourse C2012-08-20No scanners, but a sign indicates that a new more efficient checkpoint is coming.
 AAConcourse C2012-08-011030a~10
 WNA/B baggage level2012-06-19Walkthrough metal detectors only, no scanners. The metal detector beeped even though I am certain I had no metallic items. Screener made me walk through metal detector again, and it did not beep. This indicated to the blueshirts that I needed a handswab for explosives. These people are overemployed.530p0
 WNA lower level2012-05-21No lines, no waiting, no body scanners! You can then access all A and B gates post-security from here.650a0
 FLA/B lower level2012-05-04Lower level had only metal detector; TSA at entry was friendly and chatted about our (his and our) tattoos, and comics ;-)1240p0
 UAD2012-05-03Long line. Went through Premier Access line and there was one line with a millimeter wave unit and another with a metal detector. Went through the metal detector line and that's it.530a10
 UAD2012-04-19First class priority line at security was mandatory MMW nude scan with automatic target recognition. Looked like everyone in every line was getting MMW scan.630a0
 FLB2012-04-13I had an hour when I got to the airport and was already checked in so I went straight to security. And I still nearly missed my flight because it took so long.800a60
 DLD2012-04-12The line for “security” was longer than I've ever seen it. Because of that, in almost all of the lanes TSA was using the metal detectors only. There was one lane that occasionally sent people through the scanner but you could choose your own lane. 410p
 UAD2012-03-27Left line using Metal Detector (Millimeter Wave Unit was roped off). Right line using Millimeter Wave Unit with new software. I went through metal detector no problem.920a5
 WNA/B baggage level checkpoint2012-03-14No nudeoscopes, metal detectors only at this checkpoint, which you can reach by going downstairs from the main A and B checkpoints.340p2
 WNA/B2012-02-29New scanner software!
 WNA/B2012-02-29No longer a naked image of you. New software!
 USD2012-02-06Had to opt-out. Got the "until meets resistance" treatment. Pretty sore afterwards. Jerks.4p
 WNterminal A/B, lower level near baggage claim2012-01-25checkpoint was deserted. No scanners at this checkpoint, metal detectors only.200p0
 FLTerminal B-near AirTran desks2012-01-23Very quiet; everyone went through scanner. Opted out--was done in about 2 minutes.430a0
 FLA/B2012-01-16Alternate checkpoint operating downstairs next to baggage claim 1. Virtually no waiting, and only walk-through metal detectors in use. Take note of the signs posted in the terminal and avoid both the pointlessly long lines and the body scanners if you're flying Airtran or Southwest.1040a1
 WNA/B2012-01-16Not a. Ad line for a Mnday holiday afternoon at BWI. WTMD machines Iin use.5
 International2011-12-15Millimeter wave scanners for some, walk-through metal detectors for others.
 WNA/B2011-12-10In lines for terminals A&B (both sides of the Southwest check-in counters), one line was open at each. A series of passengers was directed through the metal detector, then a series through the adjacent MMW.1230p5
 USD2011-12-10Saturday morning at terminal D was not so busy, and one TSA agent was sending every passenger through the body scanner. I counted 12 of us waiting in line to go through security and I saw 3 people try to go through the metal detector, but the TSA agent directed them to the body scanner. The sheeple didn't object, and went through the body scanner no questions asked. I got a bit nervous but when my turn came, I clearly said to the TSA person, I'm opting out, and I would like a pat down. Surprisingly the TSA replied, "ok, male assist." Another TSA person yelled back, why? And the first TSA person said, person is opting out. TSA guy comes to me and says, why don't you want to go through the scanner, and i said, because I have the option to go throught it, don't I? Then he asked me if i wanted a private pat down, and i said no, it can be done in public. The pat down was not bad at all, but then again, I'm not american and from where I come from, touching and hugging is not as taboo as it is for most americans, so I felt the pat down was nothign special. What is sad to see is that nobody else that I saw opted out from the porn scanner. Lame!2
 WNSecurity Gate A/B, Terminal A102011-12-10No X-ray present. MMW in use, but it was choose your own lane. I went through a regular metal detector only.800a1
 FLdownstairs near baggage claim2011-12-07New checkpoint just opened with only walkthrough metal detectors. Downstairs from the main A and B checkpoints. Access to A and B gates only.330p2
 UA2011-11-27Those with children went through metal detectors. Those without went through AIT or got patted down.
 WNA/B (left of SWA ticket agents)2011-11-27Around 10am; Pick your own lane between WTMD and MMW; looked like MMW was roped off as well
 WNterminal A/B, lower level near baggage claim2011-11-26No scanners! 2 walk-through metal detectors and three baggage X-ray lanes. Leads only to A/B gates. Also doing random hand swabs for explosives this morning.
 WNB2011-11-16Downstairs entrance - WTMD only - friend was directed there by Southwest employees
 FLD2011-10-21Alternating between MMW and MD
 WNB2011-10-07Started as a "pick your own lane" but before I got through the WTMD they started sending everyone through the porno-scanner
 WNB2011-09-13Two Lines Open - pick your line for metal detector or MMW
 COD2011-09-02Two lines open -- NoS roped off in one while L3 personnel performed maintenance. NoS operational in second line, although not all passengers being sent through.
 WNB2011-08-31Only one lane that had both metal detector and scanner available was open at noon on Wednesday. I waited 5 minutes and they closed the pornoscanner - someone must have gone on break. Got through safely.
 WNA2011-08-259pm, only one lane was open, and it led to WTMD. The MMW was roped off.
 FLD2011-08-10Went through about 8pm, scanner appeared to be shut down for the night.
 COD2011-08-041 NoS looked like it was in use. Mostly WTMD. Opted out by selecting a different line. ~5am
 FLD2011-08-04Metal detectors being used for everyone
 OtherTerminal C2011-07-29No Scanners Installed
 WNTerminal 1 Checkpoint B2011-07-15Three lanes open - only middle lane had MMW scanner, easily avoided by staying in lanes to left or right of it.
 WNconcourse A2011-07-091 of 3 lanes had machines in use
 DLD2011-05-18Pulled into LongTerm Parking behind a shuttle bus 4PM. Parked at shelter 10 t0 give myself time to meet the bus. Took 5 minutes to get to me. Boarded. Got to terminal and through security at 4:22PM. 22 minutes from the time I turned off my car in the lot. Not bad.400p5
 FLD2011-05-13Random people sent to MWM; overheard sec saying they were going to rope off the far right machine tho...not sure if they did
 COD2011-04-20Two WTMD, one Naked Machine of Death
 FLD2011-02-076pm, very few people. Metal detectors for everyone.
 FLA/B2011-01-16Alternate checkpoint operating downstairs next to baggage claim 1. Virtually no waiting, and only walk-through metal detectors in use. Take note of the signs posted in the terminal and avoid both the pointlessly long lines and the body scanners if you're flying Airtran or Southwest.1040a1
 USTerminal D2011-01-13Passengers picked at random for scanner. You can't predict the line as they have them crisscross to confuse you on purpose.
 UAD2010-12-31Four lines had AIT machine, two were metal detector only.
 WNB Concourse2010-12-28
 Terminal D2010-12-27Scaners in use for some
 Terminal A2010-12-24Checkpoint A has lanes at each line, there is a scaner-free lane to the left of checkpoint B
 WNB2010-12-20machines roped off, everyone through metal detectors
 FLTerminal D2010-12-06Two normal X-rays and one millimeter wave in use. Millimeter wave scanner will be to the right side as you approach the checkpoint.
 2010-11-16all passengers.
 0000-00-00no machine on concourse C

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