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 AAE2016-03-05Extremely slow moving lines, understaffed checkpoints.1050a60
 AAConcourse D2015-08-22Full pre-check & literally not a single person in the checkpoint ahead of me.800a0
 USC2014-07-02Pretty much everyone gets screened. The front-line TSA drones were polite, the supervisor I dealt with (long story) was quite rude.
 US2014-05-14opted out!9a10
 USD2014-03-27No holdup, TSA agents were all polite.930a0
 DLB2013-11-17MMWs for all except PreCheck. Opted out, waited 10 minutes but TSO was nice guy.3p15
 DLB2013-04-21Prompt "dynamic" for once.1040a2
 DLA2013-02-23Very short line on a Saturday afternoon, only a couple of minutes wait for "dynamic male assist" patdown.200p5
 DLALL2013-01-06You are disgusting for arresting Rand Paul's son. I hope he will be our next president as he opposes the ILLEGAL activities the TSA conducts on a daily basis and have been on a rampage of conducting since 2010! The CLT TSA have efectively destroyed Charlotte's airport by installing MMW's at ALL checkpoints.
 DLB2013-01-06Mandatory scanners, but I did my opt out patdown and was on my way quickly.40a5
 AllAll2012-08-09MMW for all passengers, all lanes, all checkpoints630a
 USAll2012-08-06For faster service, opt out before putting your bags on the conveyor belt.4p20
 D2012-06-18Courteous and professional about opt-out.720a20
 USD2012-06-03All gates at CLT now have the ProVision ATD's.510a5
 AllC2012-05-20C is no longer NoS-free. Sad day.
 USA2012-05-14Checkpoint C was closed with signs of construction. At A, one line was metal detector only, which I chose. Others I saw (A, B, D) had scanners. 430p3
 AllC2012-04-10No scanners at C still. :)1100a20
 DL2012-03-02warning: c may become "pre-check" only making SDOO not possible. fly GSO instead and pray they don't ruin that last airport we have for freedom
 AllB2012-01-03Backscatter roped off at B this morning.800a
 AllC2012-01-03C is still WTMD only800a5
 USC2011-11-08All other checkpoints have radiation scanners. None at C.
 USC2011-06-23C checkpoint still the only one without scanners. Only 2 or 3 lanes open. Long line at C.
 US12011-05-23No scanner at checkpoint C. TSA thug stood at the entrance to C telling people to go to the other checkpoints. Some were smart enough to just walk right past him.
 DLall2011-04-29Overall OK. TSA was respectful. You should be fine. A lot better than RDU. There is a slight risk of being scanned or patted down here, but it is truly random. They do not seem to discriminate.
 COC2011-04-04Checkpoint C does not have nudie scanners.
 USD2011-03-19Far left lane is WTMD only.
 C2011-02-14Checkpoint C remains the only one at CLT without scanners, only WTMD.
 USC2011-02-08No scanners at C. Big line but no scanner.
 USC2011-02-07No scanners at C checkpoint
 Other/N/aA2011-01-04There were two lines in use at Checkpoint A this day. The left-most lane was sent through the scanner only on a random basis, whereas the right lane (middle if the far-right lane is in use) always had to go through the scanner.
 InternationalC2010-12-30I noticed d had scanners in addition to b but not c
 USTerminal C2010-12-29Only magnetometers.  No scanners.  TSA was benign, although person on the other side of the magnetometer was a little snotty.  I showed him my boarding pass like I always do, and he made a snide remark that he didn't need to see it.

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