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 DLB2016-03-31Long lines, only 3 checkers (1pre check). People opting out of precheck to go to head of regular because of wait. Announced opening of 2nd precheck line but took 5 more minutes to actually start running750a25
 DLA (Gates 10-22)2015-11-22Most people were being sent through WTMD. I set off the metal detector and do not know why. I was then asked to go through the MMW scanner. I opted out.320p
 WNA2015-10-02Easy, smooth, but lots of TSA agents milling around looking at their phones, talking amongst themselves without doing anything productive.750p5
 AAB2014-11-30TSO @ WTMD cooperated properly with exemption.800a
 WNA2014-11-29First time I've seen scanners in full use at this terminal and they were having everyone go through. Opt out was professional and quick.1100a5
 US352014-06-27The scanner broke and I also requested a pat down. Hate that machine.530p15
 DLB (Gates 10-22)2014-06-18440a
 UA10-something2014-06-03Unless you're a woman walking with a 6-year-old girl (or the 6-year-old girl), you're going to be forced through the mmw. Wtmd is roped off and both tsa and law enforcement yell at you if you ask to go through that. Calling a suit is not helpful because he just yells more. I ended up rescheduling my return home via amtrak instead. It is much nicer, except for the timing.200p12
 AllA (Gates 1-9)2014-03-24New security checkpoint at Gates 1-9 (AC/B6/F9/FL/SY/WN). Still 100% WTMD, although there is now room where they *could* introduce ATR.530a10
 USC Gates (North Pier, Main Terminal)2013-12-18Inexplicably was granted precheck, even though I never signed up for it (and never will). Through the checkpoint without hassle the way it used to be before the government decided that airport security caused (/11.1220p<5
 UAB2013-12-02Someone's grandpa at PreCheck was clueless820a5
 AA23-322013-09-13Slow shuffle to the ID checker. One smurf running around randomly swabbing pax. 3 smurfs literally sitting in their collective butts, not paying the least bit of attention to the monitors on the checked bag scanners while the poor contract guy does all the lifting. Amazing. And I bet these 3can't understand why the traveling public loathes the TSA...600a7
 USNorth pier2013-09-01MMW for all except precheck
 AA20-302013-08-22All NoS. Far left lane (no MMW) was closed and will supposedly be PreCheck from Sept 15.800a
 DLB2013-06-28MMW only option even though line was very backed up diue to slow screening and older, slower doc checkers1020p30
 FLAirtran/Southwest/Frontier/JetBlue2013-06-03Fortunately, at this terminal,there were only metal detectors.120p
 AllTerminal A (1-9)2013-04-15Still WTMD only in Terminal A (B6/AC/FL/WN/F9/SY)520a5
 DLTerminal B/Gates 10-222013-04-14We flew First Class this time, so wait time was diminished by being in the Sky Priority Lane. But lines weren't long and were efficient. Still mostly AIT - for some reason, a woman and her tween son in front of us were led into the WTMD, but I think it was a combination of trying to avoid an AIT backup and the mother/child combo. Otherwise, everyone is through the AIT.930a5
 USC (35-45)2013-03-08Opted out, got a perfunctory and friendly grope. Didn't even ask me to take off my belt or watch.300p5
 AA23-322013-02-08Lane to the far left open which has metal detector only.800a10
 AACenter Pier2013-01-03No escape500p
 AA2012-12-25Opted for the grope. Took about 30 seconds. Guess I didn't look like a terrorist.
 AAC2012-11-22Another airport ruined for sure. Flying on Thanksgiving and the line for normal folks looked two hours long. Never seen it that bad. Lots of delays due to the pornoscanners.20
 AAC2012-11-03Three people were waiting to enter the cancer box. was standing in front of the WTMD freshly roped off. Opted out of the MMW. 5 minutes later my wallet sitting out in the open. Guy even made a comment about me being randomly searched told him I would not step in that machine. (as he lined up to go in the MMW) Forced to walk through WTMD to pat down. friendly invasive morning tsa massage.700a15
 AAC2012-11-03Three people were waiting to enter the cancer box. was standing in front of the WTMD freshly roped off. Opted out of the MMW. 5 minutes later my wallet sitting out in the open. Guy even made a comment about me being randomly searched told him I would not step in that machine. (as he lined up to go in the MMW) Forced to walk through WTMD to pat down. friendly invasive morning tsa massage.700a15
 AAB/C Gates 23-342012-09-03Two MMW machines, all lanes have potential. Most being sent through MMW, some directed through WTMD as lines got long. Had to opt out.100p10
 USC (35-45)2012-08-03When you can count the number of people in front of you on one hand, it's a given the MMW will be in use. However, these are the ATR (Gumby) machines, which I don't particularly mind. TSOs surprisingly nice, no barking.500p.5
 UAB (Gates 10-22)2012-07-23United moved here this month; all lanes MMW but one was turned off and somewhat easy to move after the ID check - lines were huge720a30+
 DLB2012-07-20NoS for everyone, some also getting hands swabbed. Lots of false positives, but TSOs not following up on all of them. Fly out of A if you have to come through DCA!1130a15
 AAGates 23-322012-07-03I went thru the metal detector on the 3rd, but MMW at all lanes. One way back, I noticed looks like they have them up and running. Some of the metal detectors have disappeared. AA gates no longer safe. Another airport ruined from the looks of it.500a
 DLB2012-06-29Lots of false positives/mini rub downs1150a20
 UACenter Pier2012-06-29Scanners installed at center pier, but roped off. No line at all.500p0
 AAGate 322012-06-03TSA stole my scrapple!640a5
 DLTerminal B/Gates 10-222012-05-28MMW machines only; WTMD's roped off for both stations. Currently using a cane and didn't want to opt out and be standing for too long, so didn't opt out. Two things that normally trigger a subsequent pat-down (a thin panti-liner to generate the infamous anomaly at the groin and a minor physical deformity) did not actually trip the machine this time. I was amazed - usually I'm always patted down at DCA no matter what I do. Not a TSA fan, but will note that for a holiday, staff was actually friendly and the lines moved very efficiently.940a10
 AAGate 302012-05-23AA gates are still safe. Some United flights leave out of this checkpoint, but not all. A guy swabbed my hand as I was waiting for the id check and then scurried away, never to return. He seemed a little nervous. I only asked if the swab was clean.630a
 DLB2012-05-13All WTMDs were roped off.910a5
 FLA2012-04-19Two lines both metal detectors. 840a
 USC2012-04-17Two lines, everyone directed to center MMW scanner.750p1
 DLB2012-03-25WTMD was roped off, forcing everyone to go through the MMW. 650a10
 FLA2012-03-11No NoS in sight. Quick and easy.300p15
 DLTerminal B2012-03-02SDOO possible - middle lane
 AAgate 322011-12-20Metal detector at checkpoint; randomly screening bags at gate--pointless but unobtrusive (only cursory search of bag). 3 agents, 1 searching, 2 standing there.450a
 UA2011-12-17Mercifully nude-o-scope free!
 DL14-222011-12-12Everybody through nude-o-scope. Groper gives nice ball massage. 530a2
 DLTerminal B2011-12-02MMW in use for all lines, unless lines get too long
 US32011-11-30Everyone through the L-3 scanners. I opted out and had a humorous conversation with the TSA guy. They are finally getting trained, or maybe just taking "nice pills."
 DLB gates 10-222011-11-28MMW for both lines
 USC2011-11-24Middle line WTMD only, all others MMW pornoscan. Examine lines carefully before entering.
 DLgates 14-222011-11-19if it makes you feel any better, they use the nude scanners with the generic outline
 Int'lA2011-11-17WTMD only; this checkpoint serves JetBlue, AirCanada, AirTran, Sun Country, Frontier
 AAGates 23-342011-11-02WTMD only at around 5:00 PM. Nice and easy.
 DL14-222011-10-27Nude o scopes not in use 10:30
 UAPier B2011-10-25Only WTMD, no chat down, no grope, no name game.
 UAGates 23-342011-10-16UA concourse is still scanner-free.
 DL14-222011-10-08Scanners in use 5am. SDOO possible middle lane.
 DL14-222011-09-07Everyone through nudeoscope. No SDOO
 AAAA2011-09-03I didn't see a porno scanner. I think they have been removed as I remember one before.
 AAB2011-08-19Easy. No nude-o-scopes!
 AA2011-08-17Great airport, no WTMD and TSA friendly
 FLA2011-08-13No nude-o-scopes installed at Terminal A checkpoint
 USGates 35.452011-08-10Late evening, no line. Still sending all to MMW
 FLA2011-08-05No Scope and Grope in Terminal A
 USC2011-07-22Late evening; no line. All directed into the scanner.
 UAB (center pier)2011-07-13Metal detectors only!!
 US2011-06-23Two lanes using backstatter and two using regular metal detector. Choose your own.
 ASB2011-06-22Three metal detector stations. Left and right stations also using MMW radar. Elite lane feeds to right lane.
 DLB2011-06-20Everyone sent through metal detectors & only those who beeped were sent through scanner
 AAB2011-06-06WTMD only and TSA friendly
 AAB2011-06-06WTMD only and TSA friendly
 AAB2011-06-06WTMD only and TSA friendly
 AAB2011-06-04Metal detectors only! Nice and quick.
 USGates 35-452011-05-25Three lines available - far left led to active scanner, middle had metal detector only, far right had scanner but it was cordoned off & not in use.
 DL2011-05-15Everyone sent through body scanner. Opted out and was told it was safe, was asked "why i was opting out", waited 15 minutes for a pat-down, couldn't see my carry-on bags, and pat-down was excessive compared to others I've received by TSA.
 AA2011-05-03AA terminal, no cancer machines, great airport
 AA2011-05-03AA terminal, no cancer machines, great airport
 COB2011-04-11Middle line has no scanner yet
 FLA2011-04-10Just like the old days!
 CO2011-02-18In use for Elite and one standard, center line WTMD only
 UAMiddle Pier2011-02-10Still good!
 DLTerminal B2011-02-02All passengers were being routed through body scanner. Opted out with no issues.
 AAterminal b2011-01-09
 DLDelta Conourse2011-01-02Delta Concouse - Three lines - two radiation baths - both out of service.  Easy to bypass.  Looks like they are trying to fix the one closest to the Shuttle Desk
 F9Terminal A 2010-12-30
 AS2010-12-21Several passengers ahead of me required to go through scanner. Then roped off and most went through regular metal detector only. No pat downs.
 US2010-12-18Some passengers through machines, no rhyme or reason as to whom
 Other/N/aTerminal A2010-12-18None seen
 DL, AS, COTerminal B2010-11-03Machine roped off, all px thru metal detectors
 UAGates 23-342010-01-22UA, AA gates are safe. If taking US out of gates 35-45, use this checkpoint and take the US airside shuttle bus. Have an excuse ready for the ID checker (UA club, Potbelly, Five Guys, etc.)
 AAC0000-00-00. Moved quick.3 lines, 1 precheck, everyone through pornoscanner610a20
 AAC0000-00-00. Moved quick.3 lines, 1 precheck, everyone through pornoscanner610a20
 AAC0000-00-00. Moved quick.3 lines, 1 precheck, everyone through pornoscanner610a20

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