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 DLSouth checkpoint, PreCheck lane2016-04-24Smoothly flowling today; two X-ray lanes, one WTMD.1240p3
 WNNorth2015-12-22Pre operating, no line. Long regular line with MMW700p0
 DLColorado Flag; PreCheck2015-04-26840a5
 F9North (Colorado flag)2015-03-31Frontier "doesn't participate in PreCheck" -- avoid them if you have PreCheck. TSA agent said he was allowed to send people through WTMD if it got too busy, so pick the busiest line you can and hope to get lucky. (I didn't.)700a20
 F9Bridge to Concourse A2014-07-09all lanes except precheck funnel into MMW machines. Opt out was surprisingly quick, easy and professional.1000a10
 DLSouth Checkpoint - PreCheck2014-07-051120a2
 DLNorth (Colorado flag)2014-05-11One lane was WTMD (MMW scanner closed), just to left of PreCheck lane. All others MMWs.850a15
 WNEast/ West2013-11-20these guys are on it!!! Forced Randomization "Managed Immersion"- west side was making people touch the screen (biometric)...then gate check = everyone had to pull out ids (again) Watch for the blue tubes....wierd weekend to fly!!!
 DLNorth2013-08-25MMW in use for all lanes except for PreCheck (far left), as well as one lane on the far right. Possible to choose your own lane after the TDC.1200p10
 DLSouth2013-08-25MMW in use for all lanes. Only WTMD lane was for PreCheck.1200p10
 WNeast, by the frontier kiosks2013-06-1010 position, all the way to the left was wtmd only. it was closed right after i went through though.820a
 WNNorth2013-05-27All lanes in North and South checkpoints open. Lanes 1 and 10 in both are WTMD-only. Lane 10 in South checkpoint is for PreCheck; the others were available for all passengers. North checkpoint line was shorter than South. No scope or grope for me, yay! One person in the WTMD lane had his shoes taken and swabbed.1020a15
 WNNorth2013-05-27All lanes in North and South checkpoints open. Lanes 1 and 10 in both are WTMD-only. Lane 10 in South checkpoint is for PreCheck; the others were available for all passengers. North checkpoint line was shorter than South. No scope or grope for me, yay! One person in the WTMD lane had his shoes taken and swabbed.1020a15
 DLBridge to Concourse A2013-05-19Groper thought I was rude when I answered his question about sensitive areas with "my genitals."200p
 DLNorth (Colorado flag)2013-05-19No WTMD open.200p
 DLSouth2013-05-19Only WTMD open was for precheck lane (my BP didn't print with that info this time)200p8
 F9A Concourse Skybridge2013-05-03Far right lane on the A bridge is still WTMD-only, but I haven't seen it in use for a couple of months now, regardless of how long the lines are. Non-elite line wait was probably closer to 20-25 minutes; looks like people have figured out the A Skybridge shortcut!530a5
 F9by the frontier gates/east2013-04-01leftmost line is wtmd only, no problem getting into its line
 OtherA Sky Bridge Security (to all gates)2013-01-31I found the only metal detector in use in the whole airport. It was at the Bridge Security checkpoint all the way to the right. And there was absolutely no wait. Thanks be to God.100p
 F9A (Bridge)2013-01-01No escape, in use at all open lanes.1200p
 F9A Skybridge2012-11-21Far right lane at the skybridge checkpoint remains WTMD-only, perhaps the only lane in the entire airport aside from PreCheck that doesn't have a scanner on it. This lane will likely be converted to Precheck, so use it while you can!600a5
 UAAmerican flag and Colorado flag2012-09-21Checked from upstairs, all scanners for both checkpoints. Had to opt out. Got a lecture from the female TSO...sigh.100p3
 DLColorado Flag (North)2012-09-04All pax pushed through MMW; no WTMD available. TSA "people" are jerks.430a15
 UASouth (American flag)2012-09-034 MMW in use, only 1 line without but it was available. Same at north (CO flag) checkpoint. Easy to SDOO, made the whole day better.430p3
 DLAmerican flag checkpoint2012-07-12SDOO is still an option here and the line wasn't even all that bad. I agree with previous posters to look down over the second floor balcony and see which lines have WTMD only (should be farthest right and left) because it may not be obvious from below. I went throught the far right lane (stay as far right as you can). After the TSA officer checks your ID and boarding pass you can then select your desired line.930a15
 DLAll2012-06-03SDOO is becoming harder and harder to do at DEN. CO Flag Checkpoint is now effectively 100% MMW, as the WTMD lane on the far right is rarely open to anyone except crew. Ditto that for the main checkpoint, and the A Concourse Skybridge has been more or less MMW-only for a while now. If there's a line running WTMD only when you go through, consider yourself lucky. Opt-outs at this airport are unpleasant, and TSOs don't understand the concept of not putting one's belongings through X-Ray when there are still three people ahead of you for the scanner.400a3
 AAAmerican flag checkpoint2012-05-30Go to the 2nd floor and observe the checkpoints. CO flag checkpoint was all bad. Leftmost lane of American flag checkpoint was metal detector. Able to walk across scanner lanes to WTMD w/out being stopped.1210p
 DLSouth Checkpoint (US flag one)2012-05-28Two lanes with WTMD only at this checkpoint; easy SDOO.730a10
 Southern (US flag)2012-05-20Scope out from escalator area to see which if any lanes are using WTMD. Today it was the rightmost lane.600p15
 All2012-05-14Only imagers in use. Got the 4am abbreviated patdown though. 400a5
 DLNorthern checkpoint2012-05-13All WMTDs not allowed for passengers; only MMWs in use (and MMWs now in ALL LANES!)1010a20
 DLSourthern checkpoint (US flag)2012-05-13Only one lane (leftmost one -- 1020a15
 DLColorado Flag Checkpoint2012-05-04WTMD in priority lane is malfunctioning. Rather than pat-downs or closing the lane, rhey're sending everyone through three or four times, until they clear. They're also complaining very loudly to their supervisor about it, and rightfully so. I love national security.910a25
 A/B/C2012-04-12Far right lane Only has magnetometer. Go there. All other lanes have nude body scanners in action500a
 DLNorth Checkpoint2012-03-17Easy to choose lane for WTMD.940a10
 North End Security2012-03-17InvasI've nude scanners in use at most but not all lanes. Left two lanes have magnetometers only. Go there.520p
 AAMain2012-03-07Only one metal detector in use, but a TSA guy was blocking it, sending almost everyone to the MMW.530p
 WNTerminal C2012-03-06Most of the security lines had the x-ray machines, and many travelers seemed to fall into those lines. One line, which was the longest wait, had the simple metal detector and the x-ray machine was not in use. The wait was quite long however. 9a20
 DLMain2012-03-05Far Left (1st Class), Far Right (Clear Card), and Second from Right (Everyone) had WTMD, every other line was MMW NoS. You can always go upstairs and look down to determine best line before you go.850a10
 UAMain Terminal2012-02-16Pick your own line. Mix of WTMD and scanners in operation.430p5
 DLColorado Flag Checkpoint2012-02-04Lanes open in left and center leading straight to MMW. Priority lane open on the right leading to WTMD only. You can simply walk over to this lane after having your BP checked, and screeners never say anything. TSA is in a good mood today, and this airport is one of the friendliest I go through.1040a5
 DLmain terminal2012-01-14MMW scanners in operation, some lanes have WTMD. I went to the far left and went through the metal detector.800a
 DLMain checkpoint/terminal west2012-01-11Scanners operating. Far left family lane is WTMD only. Choose your own adventure.450a7
 Allterminal A2012-01-02everyone directed through scanners, and rude tsa agents to boot.8a
 USTerminal West2011-12-31Far right side lines have no AIT. Suggest you look "preoccupied" as you amble toward those, rather than deliberately choosing non-invasive lane.540a3
 COwest2011-12-29security guy said they were "radio" not x-ray scanners, but I opted out because they were bigger than metal detectors and I have no idea what they really are. 1200a
 UAMain2011-12-16Pick your own line, and it was easy to tell which lines had scanners and which lines didn't.
 DLMain Terminal2011-12-08During slow times (early morning/late night, early afternoon), they will rope off the WTMDs and send all pax through MMW. SDOO is easy if WTMD lanes are open--once you're clear of the TSO checking IDs, head for the lane that the priority line dumps into and you're safe. No random pulling over to MMW lines here.5-45
 AAMain2011-12-07It was pick your own line, many scanners in use; I found a lane leading to a regular metal detector; it was longer and full of kids but I sure didn't mind the extra wait5
 All security lanes, main terminal both north and south ends2011-12-05All lanes must use nude body scanners. No way to get around them at any lanes.420p0
 DL2011-10-25Self-opt-out didn't work. TSA barker by the WTMD was picking people for the MMW scanner. Was told to stand right by the xray carryon scanner flaps and ordered not to move despite voicing radiation concern. Wait for female assist took a while. Patdown was quick, touching over but not inside the waist band. Saw a couple other opt-outs on the same lane but most walked through the scanners.
 UAclosest to United2011-10-24looked down at the checkpoint and saw the middle had WTMD only and made my way there. TSA was trying to direct people left and right, but obviously people chose to wait in the longer line for the WTMD!
 DLColorado flag checkpoint2011-08-092 mmw units, easy to self opt-out by simply going into a lane without them as they never pull you back over. Priority line is WTMD-only
 UAmain (Concourse B)2011-07-30at 6:30 AM, all lanes were open: mostly metal detectors but a few scanners
 DLMain terminal2011-07-24If TSA agent, 261789 Aida Torrent, thinks that I won't report her for touching my 9yo daughter and I inappropriately, she can think again.
 DLSkywalk2011-06-22Every time I fly through here, I have to opt-out resulting in HUGE attitude and truly feeling sexually assaulted and molested by over zealous, out-of-control blue shirt thugs. I'm seriously considering NOT moving back because of this despite how much I love it here.
 DLA gates2011-06-12I can't find a way to escape having my Rights violated and being sexually assaulted at this airport. It makes me consider NOT moving back here despite the beauty of the area.
 UASouth2011-06-10Lane 10 has metal detector only.630a2
 AllNorth/South2011-05-282 MMW in each checkpoint. Easy to avoid by choosing WTMD-only lane.
 UAConcourse A2011-05-277:00 pm. Used concourse A based on the (false) info on this page.
 UA2011-04-08One lane had just a metal detector.
 UA2011-03-052 naked body scanners in use. Avoidable if you go to the right of the area
 Allmain2011-01-03two nude scanners in use, can choose metal detector line
 allskybridge to Terminal A2010-12-27Scanners installed at/near all lanes, none in use
 allmain checkpoints2010-12-26Random selection
 UA2010-12-18Between both terminals, approx. 24 bag x-ray machines, 12 metal detectors and 5 porno scanners.  Only 3 were in use.  Very easy to avoid for now.  Colorado Springs, a short drive to the south, has no scanners.
 allall2010-12-12Scanners installed at all lanes, selective use
 DLNorth2010-11-24The middle lanes has no porno-scanners

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