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 AAThe checkpoint near gate A202016-10-24TSA provided one WTMD line for precheck, one WTMD line for "priority" (people who do nothing to validate their trustworthines except buy a more expensive ticket), and one NOS line for everyone else. This line had around 75% of the passengers, but was moving slower, because the NOS takes longer. At the front of the line, the wait for a patdown search was about 1-2 minutes.910a26
 Allterminal E2016-05-26420p
 Otherspirit airlines terminal E2016-05-20810a
 AAC2016-05-12TSA Prececk at C20 closed
 AAE152014-12-20Good Ole E15 was closed for renovations, had to use another checkpoint. BOOOO!5
 AAE152014-10-02still only walk through metal detectora
 UAE152014-09-10Gate @ E15 still fails to violate our 4th amendment130p
 AAd-international from customs2014-09-03Only one normal line open feeding to scanner. Also Precheck line but not eligible :(300p10
 AAE152014-08-08E15 still wtmd, used this security gate then the skylink to terminal A. Just allow an extra 10 minutes.
 F9E182014-07-11Watch out! There are 4 xray machines here, but the two on the right funnel into a MMW, and during slow periods, these are the only 2 open! The ones on the left have a WTMD. Luckily they opened up *while I was in line*.350p8
 DL2014-06-12No scanners observed, only WTMD.500p5
 AAB92014-04-20No separate line for PreCheck. Still required to remove liquids & jackets -- shoes on was only PreCheck benefit.520p
 F9E152014-04-18WTMD only10a
 DL162014-02-17Old school metal detector only630a
 AAa122013-11-25wtmd lane was for pre check only. probably the quietest checkpoint ive ever gone through. opt out took a bit longer than normal, only available agent was doing a bag check.15
 DLE152013-11-19Two lines, both WTMD. But one line is only for precheck. WTMD alarmed for "shoe swab" which took <1 min to complete.600a10
 Int'lD (high numbers)2013-11-07iPad randomizer sending nearly everybody to preCheck--yay!400p
 F9E162013-10-24this is the precheck checkpoint, but normal pax can go through it too
 AAC202013-10-16This checkpoint has WTMD only. I have Pre-Check as I have hip replacements and it's difficult to remove and put my shoes back on. My hips set off the alarm so I had to remove my shoes. Pre-Check holders who have metal parts should avoid this checkpoint.820p0
 AAA232013-07-27We parked at a parking garage off site from the airport and asked to be dropped off at A23. Instead, the point they dropped us off at was close to A35. I didn't realize this until after we walked through. When we walked toward A23 from behind the security line al we saw were close and boarded off gates on the right and no security checkpoints on the left. Then I remembered the construction that is going on all around Terminal A. From what I can tell, there was a long makeshift boarded up wall where the A23 security checkpoint was this time last year. Whether they open this security checkpoint back up when the construction completes or it remains MMW-free is stll unknown.
 AAA352013-07-27Everyone had to walk through the MMW radiation box at this security checkpoint, but only certain people were being stopped to actually be scanned by it. Hard to tell what the TSA's reasons are on any given day.
 UAe162013-07-20E16 still working well! Metal detectors only, as usual. I arrived at Terminal A but took the shuttle to Terminal E to avoid the naked cancer scanner. No problems.1000a5
 Int'lE312013-06-29Flew with 2 toddlers & 2 adults, sent thru the metal detectors, but people without kids all sent thru full body scanners. All agents were very nice and helpful...such a relief. Although the first agent who checked our ticket/passports misinformed us that the toddlers did not require passports. Maybe he didn't know it was an international flight. Lots of people, but moved quickly. Mid-day on a Saturday.005
 AAB192013-06-26Correction to previous gate number12p10
 AAB262013-06-26Random funneling between WTMD and MMW. Opted out of scan and got full pat down from trainee and his trainer. Took at least 10 min from opt out to completion. Not crowded at all.12p10
 AAE162013-05-22E16 is still good. But you may be called "handsome" by a greasy TSA smurf. 740a10
 AAA372013-04-25Ck Pt busy. MMW. I requested patdown which was prompt, courteous and efficient. TSA agent carried my belongings over to patdown area.430p10
 F9E162013-04-19WTMD only7p0
 AAD302013-04-15Precheck with 0 people around - very fast130p0
 B6E82013-04-14All through MMW/ATR. Very quiet at 8:45am.
 VXE152013-04-06Still just the metal detector! 0
 F9e152013-03-29still good! E16 was also still wtmd only10
 AAA232013-03-28since no one else has officially posted, the party is over at A23. checkpoint closed.
 AAE162013-03-28Still good. TDC didn't bat an eye at my AA boarding pass.
 USE162013-03-16still golden!
 USE162013-03-16still golden!
 USE162013-03-16still golden!
 UAE152013-01-28No scanners at this checkpoint. Thank you to previous posters for letting us know about this checkpoint!400p
 AAA232013-01-07To the 12/27/12 post: I just flew out of DFW at A23 and there io body scanner. WTMD only.
 VXE162012-12-28No body scanners at this checkpoint!430p
 AAA232012-12-27GAME OVER. MMW ATD @ A23. SDOO Possible, but not guaranteed. Very hard to keep an eye on possessions as they exit the XRay before you do if there is any sort of line.650a<5`
 UAE162012-12-22still safe at E161p15
 AATerminal D from customs2012-12-18
 DLE162012-11-26Still WTMD only! - I wasn't flying out this terminal and did get "random shoe screening", still fast and painless130p<5
 AAA232012-11-11still safe
 UAE162012-10-24As advertised, WTMD only! Go into terminal E thru door marked Gates 11-21. Sec Chkpoint is right there and Pre-Check is there too!600a5
 AAA232012-10-11walk through metal detector only
 USE162012-10-11Still no full body at E-16.600a10
 AAA232012-10-04Still WTMD only BUT there is no priority line and line moved very slow. TDC wanted to chat with everyone and was rude when I didn't play. I was punished by randomly failing the WTMD on my first try. Still, no scanners, so worth the wait if you aren't PreCheck eligible or are on an international itinerary. 4p15
 AAA362012-08-31I got lucky, PreCheck worked. MMW for everyone else and a LONG regular line. 6p
 DLB upstairs 2012-08-17opt out to WTMD1140a1
 AAA362012-07-22One MMW line for regular pax. WTMD only line set aside for Pre-Check.730p10
 AAA362012-07-20Everyone except PreCheck went through MMW.
 AAC302012-06-14All passengers being sent thru the MMW scaller200p1
 UAE162012-06-14First, this website is awesome. What makes it awesome is the accuracy of intel. My flight was out of gate e5 instead of enter through e6, which I did visually verify is scanner city, I entered through e16 which was free of any body scanners. 500p10
 AAA232012-06-05Still safe! WTMD only.750a6
 UAE162012-05-16No porn-o-scopes at this checkpoint500p2
 UAE62012-05-03Body scanner for everyone except pilots. One TSA agent (a small young man) asked a passenger "how are you?" and the passenger replied something like "good and you?", to which the TSA agent replied : "Hey I am great, when your job allows you to mess with people and they cannot mess with you, its pretty awesome" !!900a10
 AAA232012-04-16WTMD only400p10
 AAA232012-04-09Very crowded. Did sdoo and went thru wtmd. Other end mmw, many passed thru no opt outs as far as I could tell. 8a15
 AAA232012-04-09Very crowded. Did sdoo and went thru wtmd. Other end mmw, many passed thru no opt outs as far as I could tell. 8a15
 AAa232012-03-01still good
 DLE162012-02-27No scanners at this checkpoint.
 DLE142012-02-16WTMD only1130a
 UAE162012-01-16Still good at E15. 230p10
 AAC212011-12-29WTMD closed off, everyone directed to MMW scanner700a
 UAE162011-12-23The party is over in terminal E :(100p
 ASE162011-12-15E15 and E16 still good.700p5
 AAA332011-12-03Roughly 50-50%. People "randomly" assigned to a metal detector or a scanner.
 DLE152011-11-30Only WTMD. No hassles.1130a
 AAC2011-11-27In this instance we got in a line that had nobody in it in a room directly next to another that had a scanner and a line of people. I was glad it worked out well for me but lines before probably got put through the scanner by default.
 AAC302011-11-23WTMD to the left, but most being directed to the MMW.
 F9E332011-11-23WTMD left, MMW scanner right, but TSA was pulling some folks from the left into the scanner.
 AAC2011-11-11Friends of mine told me that most/all going through Terminal C were required to be scanned. They said all Terminal C security points have the radiation machines.
 AAC82011-10-13No self-selection, about half the passengers were sent to MMW, others to the metal detector. The MMW has the updated software installed.
 AAC312011-10-11MMW machine in use, people randomly directed into it.
 DLE162011-10-05only a metal detector
 AAC82011-09-29Left lane fed WTMD. Right lane, some got directed to MMW.
 AAD6-D222011-09-267 am, all lines were using the scanner.
 AAA232011-09-22A23 is the place to go! No scanner and no line.
 AAB262011-08-242 lanes one with metal detector and one with scanner - looked like you could chose your own
 AAB2011-08-19Scanner was down when I processed. Such a shame because I love them! Especially with the new software that will hopefully eliminate the people with no hobbies complaints about how privacy violating the originals were.
 AAA212011-08-18Early afternoon, WTMD only. MMW machine was roped off.
 AAA232011-08-16only metal detector, no line.
 AAD6-D222011-08-088 am, all lines were using the metal detector
 AA2011-08-03They scanned EVERYONE. They made no exceptions, even for the elderly woman in a wheelchair and the toddlers in front of me.
 USE162011-08-03Still just a metal detector. Use this entrance and it's a short walk to the US Airways gates.
 USE162011-07-281:30 PM - No Line - Straight through the metal detector. Ahh freedom.
 AAA212011-07-142:30 pm: scanner not in use.

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