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 UA2018-09-14Extremely quick710p5
 NKB2017-12-28Given green card; seemed only to allow for quicker x Ray. No pre at all. 510a15
 B6A2017-10-09Short id line no wait for scanner1130a2
 DLB2017-08-06The pre check line seems to never be open in this removal. Though skipping to the front of the ID like is nice, it still defeats the purpose if I still need to remove my laptop from my bag to get x-rayed.650p15
 UAA2017-07-30Pre check closed given green card which has no discernable use or advantage 1210p25
 AAA2017-07-29Precheck line closed!!!430p20
 VXA2016-08-08TSA Pre line was quick and efficient. For once840a10
 UAC2016-06-08Amazingly fast and unobtrusive. The way security should be. they seemed to do personality testing like Israel. Shoes stay on now! There were pornnoscanners but I got sent to a wtmd. 530p15
 B6A2016-05-25Unlike Sun where TSA precheck given orange cards, Precheck line open. Agents stated extras were called in when new guy took over. you could walk up to ID person in reg line but the line to scanner extended down hallway length, guess 15min wait at least. 110p3
 WNA2016-04-22TSA line for SWA or Air Canada stretched past the next set of gates. Typical EWR. Worst airport in the country.510a
 UAA2016-04-17No pre check but obnoxious guy on duty to shout "one line one line" at you1250p
 B6ewr2016-04-10Surprisingly short wait time. Shocking.3p15
 WNA2016-04-00No TSA pre check line. Extremely rude agent at the beginning of the line. 10p
 WNA2016-03-27Despite many TSA agents, rude agents decided they could have two lines open. No precheck. 430p45
 UAC2016-03-13TSA Pre-Check line was quick. Only 3 people in front of us430a5
 DLTerminal B, gates 40 - 472016-03-10As usual, PreCheck lane is closed and not available. PreCheck "LITE" is offered to PreCheck passengers.910a10
 Allterminal c2016-03-10
 UAC-22016-03-09Could have been thousands in the bottom floor. Premier line snaked around and passengers were cutting through the line, which was inadequately policed520p105
 UAC-32016-03-03Horrible. One preck line for Term C which kept getting closed. Terrible4p40
 UAC2016-03-02Pre-Check clown show. Hundreds in pre-check line on bottom floor below security checkpoint. Both a cattle pen and a snaking line down the hallway and back. Only let about 10 at a time up the escalator. Lots of angry and befuddled travelers. Only one non-TSA person to do crowd control. Feared for safety.200p60
 WNA2016-02-28No TSA Pre Lane. X-ray was extremely slow230p45
 WNA2016-02-25No TSA Pre lane.1230p
 UAC2016-02-24Only one open check point for premier300p90
 AA2016-01-16Rather long line and no TSA precheck, but moving somewhat efficiently500a
 VXA2016-01-06Lines moved quickly but precheck did not have an exclusive line530p10
 WNA10-182016-01-04No pre-check available. Wait in normal security line and they give you a card to keep your shoes on. (Laptops/liquids still have to be removed.) 700a30
 WNA102015-12-24TSA Precheck has shorter ID check line but all are ultimately funneled into same line. Precheck lite only - given cardboard pass and then mixed in with general population. No rhyme or reason for line composition. Disaster.
 A20-A282015-12-06No separate precheck line. Long wait.25
 UAC12015-12-03Two precheck lines both moving moderately. 620p15
 DLTerminal B2015-11-24Requested Opt Out. Was pretty non invasive and quick.450p15
 AAA2015-11-03Tsa pre check is not working440p
 AAA2015-10-24No Pre-Check, must take laptop out but handed paper exempting from taking shoes off. For premium business travelers, worth the extra air fare to avoid flying out of EWR with AA and VA who use this terminal. Also, while there is a premium line, both premium and main cabin passengers are funneled after the ID check station into the same line to wait for X-ray machines, that forms the real source of delay. 1000a30
 AS2015-09-08rude &stupid affirmative-action guy at entry; barks when I hand in our 2 boarding-passes together (common practice at civilized airports); flings cardboard pass (to reflect Precheck) at us so it falls to floor.400p
 UAC wheelchair / intl connect2015-02-16Interminable line with one checkpoint moving slowly. Avoid.330p30
 AAgate 342015-01-08the tsa ladies were professional and it was ok930a20
 WNTermina A2014-12-18No precheck available. Everyone had to take off shoes and take computers out of bags. WTMD for parents with children to the left, MWS for the rest200p15
 DLTerminal B, gates 40 - 472014-12-13Checkpoint has a PreCheck lane, but it never seems to be open. So PreCheck Lite is what you get.940a2
 UATerminal C2014-12-05Mandatory body scan. Informed wait would be 'at least 30 min' in order to get a pat down instead. Laptops out of bags and shoes off.45
 WNA152014-12-04There was no precheck available. Everyone had to take of shoes and take computers out of bags20
 WNA152014-12-04There was no precheck available. Everyone had to take of shoes and take computers out of bags20
 UAC2014-12-01All lanes; bomb sniffing dogs in use, mmw roped off, all thru WTMD, all shoes on, all leave items in bag. Easy, fast, simple, unbelievable. Hope this keeps up.150p3
 UAA Gates 24-282014-10-28Moderatly small line, all except exempt (old, child) directed into MMW, Opt out moderate wait, lengthy patdown910a5
 UAA Gates 24-282014-10-28Moderatly small line, all except exempt (old, child) directed into MMW, Opt out moderate wait, lengthy patdown910a5
 UAA2014-09-10TSA precheck lane not available, separate lane for premier customers instead25
 DLTerminal B Gates 40 - 472014-08-21Recheck closed... Had to take laptop out of bag AND remove shoes and belt. Only plus was metal detector vs body scanner.630p
 UAc-22014-08-10only 1 provision scanner open! 520a25
 DLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-05-17TSA PreCheck lane closed; 3 beeps gets you "PreCheck Lite" (you can keep your shoes on -- whoop-de-doo sarcasm)110p1
 UA2014-05-14This is the security point to the far right. The line on the right is a metal scanner only.640p10
 DLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-05-07PreCheck closed initially; opened around 3:35 pm.330p15
 UAC-22014-04-29WTMD for "pre-check" passengers on L side310p10
 DLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-03-06PreCheck lane450p5
 UAc-22014-01-30LONG lines750a
 UAc-22014-01-30LONG lines750a
 DLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-01-30Checkpoint does have PreCheck.320p5
 DLTerminal B, Gates 40 - 47 (PreCheck)2014-01-16Normal operations.440p5
 DLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-12-05The US Gestapo resides here.400p10
 UAC-12013-12-03No backscatter for united premier410p10
 UAC-32013-10-17no scanning, huge line420p
 DLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-10-17PreCheck is now at the Delta checkpoint.510p10
 DLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-10-03Talkative TSOs today....with each other and with friends. Not working very hard today, but still having unconstitutionally...oh, and they're very afraid of "wires" in bags today.110p5
 DLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-09-26Slow lines because there are almost more trainees than smurfs here today. Also, double checking BPs after "MMW" or "patdown", I assume because they don't trust their trainees (couldn't be because of having stupid, idiotic, illogical, nonsensical procedures, could it!?).1250p6
 UACheckpoint C-2 / Terminal C2013-09-12Went to far left lane and opted out; smurfs would not let me pass through unless I walked to another lane (said they had no gate and it was not possible for me to walk through WTMD -- all lies); finally, LTSO and TSO picked up my bags, carried them as we went to another lane, and all were re-Xrayed again, and then I could get my "liberty, freedom-loving" patdown. STUPID.300p10
 AAA30-392013-08-28Alarms, alarm, alarm-every pax, every machine. If it wasn't a legit WTMD alarm, it was a 'quota' alarm. Smurfs refusing to change gloves, tried to seperate me from my belongings in the grounds that 'there are cameras everywhere' which meant zip when another pax tried to walk off w/my laptop. Supervisor Moretti worst of the bunch since she just reinforced the bad behavior of the other smurfs. $8 Billion/yr wasted in these idiots.530a25
 DLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-07-11TSO called me "bossy" for asking for glove changes as he handled various things before patdown. He also muttered a threat under his breath about "touching" my eye if I didn't shut up.440p35
 DLB2013-07-07why didnt you call the police on that smurf?! BIG SIS IS OUTTA HERE AS OF TODAY!! =]
 AAA 30-392013-06-29520p
 UATerminal C2013-06-20530p
 UATerminal a2013-06-17Worst tsa team in America from a heavy traveler
 DLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-05-16Had to wait over 5 minutes for groper; patdown was almost nonexistent.1250p8
 UATerminal A, United Express concourse2013-05-02WTMD only in use. Easy and painless.1000a3
 DLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-04-25Power-tripping TSOs and LTSOs today. Took a reasonable STSO to tell them to do their jobs.600p7
 AAA 302013-04-23Normally there are two que lines ... priority access and the regular line; TSA has turned priority access into a normal line and are making all priority access go to the back of the line ... a second TSA agent told me TSA has the option to discontiue priority access without notice and the arilines can keep there 'priority access' sign in place but TSA can chose to ignore it; there were half a dozen TSA agents cheerfully watching the chaos ... looks like organized work slow down to punish frequent flyers
 UAC-1 Priority2013-03-17The priority lane led to a WTMD. There seemed to be an option to a MMW scanner as well. I was not sure whether one in the far right who was not in the priority lane could also use the WTMD lane, but all the other lanes at the checkpoint (for customers not in the priority lane) were sent to MMW.500a
 AATerminal 32013-03-15Everyone was sent through the WTMD line. It looked like there might have been other lines with scanners but they were not in use.1220p
 DLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-02-07No chance for SDOO; MMW for all. Opted out, per usual routine.450p15
 DLTerminal B, gates 40-472013-01-31Same nonsense as usual here.500p3

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