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 WN1B2018-04-10southwest just relocated to terminal 1, all scanners400p5
 WNA2017-00-14Tsa just started saying on radio that we are in code Orange. They stopped screening for now. Not sure when they will restart.1240p30
 B6F2016-10-08MMW present but unused, walk thru metal detector only1100a0
 WNB2016-07-11In the pre-check line, the walkthrough metal detector was "randomly beeping" and set off for 5 out of 7 passengers while I watched. All of those passengers were subjected to a patdown, no option for any other resolution was offered. Forced to let strangers fondle their bodies. With pre-check and no suspicion at all. Disgusting.100p1
 AATerminal 32015-07-31Pre-check lite this morning-so glad I paid the $85 TSA extortion fee for this.510a8
 DL22014-09-24First time I have ever seen NO LINE at T2 FLL!!! Sadly, that meant I had no choice but to opt out. Pat down was ok, had to get my bag checked as well, so it delayed me slightly but I was 3 hours early. Was told 3 times that it was MMW and not harmful. When will they learn it's not all about radiation?100p0
 DLTerminal 22014-02-08TSA line went out to the street. Good thing I arrived at the airport 2 hours ahead as it took 45 min to clear security on a saturday morning at gates D1-D9 in terminal 2. Once you showed your id and boarding pass, you could choose from the 5 lines and only one had the porn scanner. Funny enough, that one had the most people in line. Obviously I chose the one with the good old metal detector. Pleasantly surprised that 4 lines had the metal detector, at least in terminal 2.1110a40
 AllTerminal 32013-10-25Terminal 3 - all through the MMW except families with children and pets. Rude conveyor belt staff, made to wait for pat down of 15 minutes. Pat down ok - talked about a prior surgery with agent. Main problem at this terminal is 4 lanes were not in use and very long delays. 610p25
 UATerminal 1/C2013-06-14Leftmost lane WTMD only, self-select there (trash can for water bottles is by that lane, good excuse to move over)500p5
 AllH2013-06-04Security line goes across terminal and 100 additional yards outside toward terminal 3640a50
 US32013-04-28Left-most lane is metal-detector only, but the other two lanes have millimeter wave body scanners in use.600p
 WNB2013-04-07No nude body scanners here. Four lanes of walk-through metal detectors. But they do have glass and metal cages for putting innocent people into jail.750p2
 USc2013-03-20MMW was in use there was no backscatters in sight and the metal detectors where roped off... i went through im not sure if i should have i should have just opted out830a25
 B632013-03-10Echoing status from 2/27. Self select to far left. 2
 OtherTerminal 4 Concourse H2013-02-27On Feb 27/13, Metal Detector was on far left. as coming from ID check. Slow conveyor belt and only 3 in line. Others went through backscatter in center lane.620p
 WN2013-02-03No body scanners at this checkpoint. Screeners pulled literally every large bag for secondary check: even tiny bottles of liquid triggered opening bags. There were only four of us in my line but it took 15 minutes to clear the four of us. Also, there was a team of goons stationed at the gate standing around to give people a second dose of harassment before boarding the plane.600p10
 Int'l32013-01-27Scanners in use for center lanes. Carefully navigate yourself to one of the lines on either extreme (left or right) to avoid backscatter x-ray.1000a25
 WN12013-01-15No scanners at the Southwest terminal1
 WN1 (Concourse B)2012-12-30No scanners, no line, a surprisingly nice TSA experience.6p
 UAC12012-12-30Security line was empty and only one line was in use, which led to the backscatter Xray. Had to opt out but the patting down went fairly fast. 600p0
 Other42012-11-25FLL was jam packed with thanksgiving travelers. I was told to go to lane 5 which had a back scatter. In fact, lanes 3, 4, and 5 had back scatters and lane 1 was not in use. I ignored the agent and went to lane 2 which had a WTMD. 630p
 FLConcourse C2012-10-29Left hand lane is WTMD only. Free to pick any line after ID check930a5
 Int'lD gates Terminal 22012-10-12WTMD only in lanes 5 and 6. Stay to the far right. 1100a20
 UA12012-09-12Backscatter X-ray at 2 lanes, wtmd at 1. choose your own lane.530p1
 USE2012-09-12X-ray backscatter scanners in use. wtmd only if you get lucky and the X-ray is busy when you arrive.530p2
 B6F2012-09-12X-ray backscatter scanners in use. wtmd only if you get lucky and the X-ray is busy when you arrive.530p8
 DL22012-09-06Backscatter Xray in use. Every other person was being forced through backscatter. Only 1 scanner line open so no chance to opt-out. Roll the dice, if you got lucky and someone else was already in the xray when you got there, then you got to go through the WTMD.430p12
 UATerminal 1, Concourse C2012-09-06At noon, there was only one line for the checkpoint at concourse C, Terminal 1. They have those two blue rectangular machines (rapiscan) in this checkpoint but everybody was going through the WTMD; however, at some point, they started randomly asking people to go through the rapiscan, and when my turn came, every other person was going through it. I opted out, and unlike other airports, the person paged another TSA goon to come pat me down, and I was motioned to go through the WTMD, without having to wait much. I heard 2 other people behind me opting out, but everybody else, seems just go to through the rapiscan. 1230p25
 B6Terminal 3, Gates F1-F102012-08-31There were a total of 4 lines open, but they were divided into a left line and a right line. The right side had a WTMD and an MMW. A TSA fat thug stood right in the MMW and wouldn't allow people to go through it, and she directed everybody on that side to go through the MMW. The left lane had two lines which merged to the walk though metal detector. The line took a while because at this particular time, there were a bunch of kids traveling. At some point there were about only 5 people going through the right lane which made you go through the MMW, while the left lane had about 20 people waiting. At this point a TSA thug started telling people on the left lane to head over to the right lane. I politely declined and went through the WTMD.110p20
 WNB gates2012-05-28No scanners anywhere at this checkpoint. They found a 4 ounce container of liquid, but let me keep it. I watched one full patdown.300p10
 VX1, Concourse C2012-05-19WTMD roped off. All going through backscatter.600a10
 WNB gates2012-03-17No body scanners, walk through metal detectors only. I did see a sickening sexual assault grope, but I do not know the reason this woman was victimized.600p3
 DL22012-02-26right lane (lane "5") has no backscatter... easy to choose.800a15
 WNB2012-02-25Walkthrough metal detectors (WTMD) only. I did not witness any gropes.200p5
 DL22012-01-22WTMD only in far right lane, backscatter required for all other lines.130p1
 COTerminal 1, Concourse C2012-01-13X-rays were roped off (apparently not going to be used anymore at all!); everyone sent through one of three metal detectors. Lots of senior citizens with metal hips got patdowns, though.
 WN2011-12-12There are no body scanners at the Southwest terminal. Just really long lines. Walkthrough metal detector set to beep even when you have no metal - random selection for chemical testing swabs.2p25
 FLTerminal 1 Concourse C2011-11-12Lane 1 on far left was the only lane using the metal detectors. All other lanes had backscatter. Looked like you could pick your lane after ID check.
 FLTerminal 1 Concourse C2011-08-06Backscatter use in all lanes except far left. You may have success crossing to far left lane after ID check.
 DLTerminal 22011-08-03far right lane is metal detector only, and was open. easy self-opt-out today. other two lanes have backscatter.
 B6Concourse F2011-08-02When queues are too long, they pick some pax to be checked with metal detector. Otherwise everyone goes through backscatter.
 COTerminal 1, concourse C2011-08-01
 WNTerminal 1, B gates2011-06-20All directed through WTMD. Had a carryon disassembled, though
 COC Concourse Terminal 12011-06-19The leftmost line is metal detector only, and can sometimes be self selected. Otherwise, it's backscatter for all, and very slow.
 OtherGate H Terminal 42011-06-10Airline is Spirit...They have Metal dector but they were not in use...they forced everyone to go through the naked scanner or get groped.
 DL2 (for D gates)2011-05-232 backscatter lanes, 1 WLMD lane in use at terminal 2 for the D gates. Go to the right (by currency exchange) and stay to the right to get to the metal detector. When we went through the other two lanes had both metal detectors and backscatter, and the metal detectors were off.
 COTerm 1, C Concourse2011-05-08NoS for all WITH patdown afterwards. A complete disaster. Avoid Continental at FLL at all costs.
 AAF52011-04-07Line to get your id checked moved fairly fast for terminal F, and the visibility to see what was going on with the scanners was not so good. I saw there was a Backscatter scanner in use and that two lines were being merged into it, and I was in one of those lines. One I realized i was in that line, I jumped to the line against the wall which went though the 'normal' detectors, and some lady starts yelling, 'this is for the wheelchair people only.' I looked around, didn't see a wheelchair sign only, so i told the lady, "I don't see a sign for that." I stayed in the line which moved very slow. My only problem in this terminal is that there is not enough time to study what's going on and what line to go, but you can move to other lines where normal detectors are.
 DL22011-03-11Rightmost line was closed. Lanes 2-3 funneled mostly through metal detector, but some random selections went to bodyscan.
 AllGates F1-F102011-02-21Rapiscan and metal detector next to each other in all lanes. "Random" selection, but most were sent through the backscatter
 AllConcourse B2011-01-10Rapiscan in all lanes. Metal detectors turned off.
 FLConcourse E - Airtran2011-01-08The Airtran set-up at this concourse is one of the most vexing - sort of a luck of the draw - depends on the agents, time of day etc. You can help your chances of getting the traditional metal detector by choosing certain lines, but no guarantee they won't wave you toward the scanner.  
 FL2010-12-27The dreaded Backscatter is in use and in full view, but most can escape it. If anything in your bag peaks the interest of the TSA (even if it's harmless), they'll ask you to head through the Backsctatter before you head to where they go through your stuff.
 US2010-12-27Choose your own adventure lanes
 WNTerminal 12010-12-24No scanners
 DLTerminal 22010-12-23Rightmost line at Delta terminal has no backscatter machine. Come in from right side of check-in to get to it, not left side.
 B6Terminal 32010-12-22Machines not in use (also on 12/19), Previously, machines in use, but option to pick non-machine line

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