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 AAMain2016-02-24Full PC, no waiting.600a0
 UACheckpoint 32014-11-06Some lanes had scanners in use, others were WTMD only.1120a5
 OtherInterisland2014-05-11Two lanes, both WTMD only. Use wiki wiki shuttle airside to get back to the main terminal after clearing security if needed.800a5
 OtherInterisland2013-08-26Mercifully still Scope-and-Grope free!800a4
 OtherInterisland2013-02-03WTMD only at Interisland. Worth the walk after bag check and the Wiki-Wiki after security. Alarmed, was given a cursory and non-invasive patdown by an unusually nice TSA employee. Had a coin in my pocket...oops. 200p5
 OtherInterisland2013-02-02Only one checkpoint (with two separate lines and scanners). WTMD only still. Lines moved pretty quickly considering their length. From experience, even if you're flying to the mainland you can still use this CP but if you do so, checking bags will be a pain since you cannot do so at this terminal. Getting to the mainland terminal from the secure area is via the free wiki wiki shuttle.900a15
 AA42012-08-31Another false+ from Gumby...smurf couldn't understand why there was nothing on my wrist when the machine said there was...idiots...540a
 OtherInterisland2012-06-15WTMD only, no scanners.1140a10
 Otherinterisland2012-05-17no scanners in terminal230p2
 OtherCommuter2012-05-12No machines.900a1
 OtherInterisland2012-04-19No xrays. Nicest TSA staff. 1100a5
 AA52012-04-02All pax thru the NoS. Ended up w/another false+ from Gumby-smurfette was totally confused when she insisted on checking my watch I wasn't wearing. 530a5
 AA52012-02-26First time I've seen 2 lanes open at this CP, one NoS the other WTMD, but screener decided the WTMD lane was 'family only' even though there was no such signage anywhere. Line to get into the NoS for scope & grope was running 6-8 deep while the WTMD lane was zipping right along.
 AADomestic2012-02-09Forgot which checkpoint I used, but they all seem to have the scanners. This is in the domestic (mainland) terminal. (It was left of the American Air check-in place). I checked many of the other checkpoints and some had ridiculously long lines. The scanner was present but not in use. A few checkpoints were closed this afternoon. It is probably worth walking around a bit to find the shortest line. If you can qualify for the 'gold line' (first class, etc) you will save yourself much waiting.500p20
 AA52012-02-04NoS roped off & everyone thru the WTMD.630a0
 AA52012-01-14Wait time is due to the ability to use the Gold lane, otherwise, it would have been significantly higher due to only 1 of 2 lanes at that CP in use. Good news is that because of the back-up, NoS was roped off & everyone ushered thru the WTMD just as I started to unload my carryon for screening.700a5
 DLInternational2011-11-197:00AM Scanners active in main terminal, huge lines everywhere. Walked to interisland terminal and passed security there, no scanners installed and there was no line. Make sure not to set off WTMD there or you will be given a full service pat down! Easy walk back to main terminal, no wait at agriculture check, nobody asks questions about you boarding a flight at different terminal
 All2011-11-12Inter Island terminal - all WTMDs
 COAll Gates2011-07-20Had a M.M. rape scanner on the left and a standard W.T.M.D. on right. All elderly appearing persons and people traveling with small children were allowed through the W.T.M.D. all others, including myself, were forced into the M.M. rape machine. Chose to Opt-Out! No problems getting the Opt-Out although the guy who did my pat down was totally bummed he had to give up his very tiring and important job of holding the table down.
 ASBetween gates 23 and 242011-07-06Easy SDOO: Left lane was WTMD only, right lane was 100% MMW radar. Screeners were attempting to convince people to switch to the NOS lane, which had no people waiting at the baggage Xray.
 OtherInter-Island Terminal/Hawaiian Air2011-04-19no scanners in Inter-Island Terminal; are scanners in International Terminal, but can enter security at Inter-Island Terminal and then take "Wiki-Wiki" tram to International Terminal without exiting security
 Otherinter-island terminal/Hawaiian Air2011-03-08WTMD at Inter-island terminal
 UAUA2011-02-14Secondhand report—no scanners seen at CP nearest to UA counter. Scanners probably were there, but they just weren't in use.
 UA2011-01-05Body scanner not in use; just regular metal detectors
 UAgate 82010-12-19first class line had the scanner on the left, people in the economy line went through the metal detector bc of long lines, many people went through the scanner in the first class line bc it was shorter
 UAunited terminal 2010-12-01tsa agent tried to tell me that I would have to wait a long time for opt out since the pat down agent was in another location, he hinted that I would miss my flight, even though I was there 2 hours early!  guy bascially forced me into the machine.  Disgusting!!  Will never fly again until the TSA is gone.  

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