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 UAEntrance to Gates C/E2016-03-18In the Precheck line here, you still risk being sent through the Nude-O-Scope, because the guards were randomly directing Precheck people into it. I would find another Precheck checkpoint that does not have the Nude-O-Scopes.
 DLA2014-07-07No more TSA at terminal A. I paid for the background check, cleared and now they pulled tsa from term A730a
 UA2014-03-22Everyone except precheck sent to the body scanners.
 UAC2013-11-19WTMD and MMW side by side. WTMD was not roped off. TSO asked if my belt would set off the machine. After I indicated that it would not, I was let through thr WTMD. Seems as though most pax still directed to MMW.300p5
 UA2013-10-18Everyone but precheck uses the body scanner. Opt out was relatively painless. I told them I would not out my stuff through until someone showed up. They didn't mind and the person in front of the scanner ended up doing it 20 seconds later. It's hard to see your stuff while waiting so I never send through until someone shows up. I just told the people behind me to go ahead. The person didnt mind changing gloves from the box but I still tested positivity for explosive, not cool. Please find a better test. They just tried the swab through all the machines and then I was allows to go. It's not fair that a test which has so many false positives is used. I wasn't wearing any lotion and do not go near anything explosive. I'm always worried about the false positive. 500p
 UAC2013-09-17Oops, autocorrect changed IAH to Ian in my previous entry. I don't think Houston airport tsa like doing opt outs. The person I got did not seem comfortable doing a pat down. Sorry, if you don't like doing it, please get a new job.
 UAdon't remember2013-03-18all lanes MMW, with the WTMD blocked off; opted out. OK patdown.
 UAB2013-02-08One WTMD and one MMW--TSA forcing most through MMW.430p5
 UAB2013-02-08One WTMD and one MMW--TSA forcing most through MMW.430p5
 ASA South2013-01-24MMW only option even in Sky Priority340p5
 AAA2012-12-29Some being sent through WMTD. I didn't get so lucky. Pat down by a middle eastern guy.
 UAC and D2012-11-05No WTMD's in use, though they were present and roped off. It was early. I took evasive action, went to Gate B, and had the bad luck of getting directed to MMW anyway.630a
 UAInt'l to domestic connections2012-11-05No WTMD's in use, all cancer boxes. WTMD's were roped off, and light traffic at this hour. The best bet here is to get on the shuttle after customs, and go to Gate A or B and try to get into an WTMD line. You do have the ability not to go through the Int'l-Domestic connection line, but Houston is overall awful. I would choose another airport to come in to from an international flight.600a
 B2012-11-043 lanes, with lane 2 WTMD only. However, the blue meanies were directing who got to enter the WTMD randomly, so you cannot choose. I got an ass of a thug when I arrived and asked for the WTMD. He said only if I wanted a full body search "including sensitive areas." I chose the MMW (don't do opt outs, that is far worse than a MMW). For best chance to get the WTMD, get in the left of booth line after ID check, not the right.700a
 ASTerminal A2012-10-24The Priority and regular line fed into a std metal detector (minimal use) and ATD mm wave scanner. Person said that X-ray and back scatter scanners no longer in use. Had to take all electronic gear out of bag410p5
 Int'lInternational connection to domestic2012-06-23Only one checkpoint open this early, and it was the scanner for all passengers, though airport personnel were allowed to go through the WTMD. Had to opt out. Pretty aggressive patdown, including the hair patdown. One last gauntlet in the jetway--random bag searches. I didn't get picked...520a5
 UAInternational2012-06-07Everyone was going through MMW in all lines. A TSA agent was directing everyone through MMW. When the TSA agent wasn't looking, I just walked through the metal detector and avoided a pat down. Funny thing is the guy behind me in line followed me through too.
 DLA gates 1-52012-05-28Two checkers feed into one MMW scanner, so things were very slow. Also played "state your name" AND made people carry boarding pass, but not ID, for a check after the MMW. The line got long and some went through WTMD, but don't count on it.450p10
 OtherB2012-04-03i opted out and the woman they called to help me was angry so they got someone else to help me who was very nice. there were only 3 to 5 people in line.
 Int'lTerminal C2012-04-01Opted out; screener changed gloves without being asked and tested gloves before the grope (to avoid false positive) when requested130p15
 COE and C2012-02-21I didn't go through security, but wanted to alert people changing planes at IAH that you do NOT have to go through security to transfer from E gates to C gates.
 ASA gates 1-152012-02-10Went through Elite status line on left. Everyone from this line went through WTMD. Plebes were being sent through FBI machine until it was taken down for calibration.2p10
 COTerminal C2012-02-10More paranoid security theater than normal. They emptied my bag, swabbed each and every electronic device (on the hard surface, which is unlikely to pick up explosive traces anyway) and then rescanned the whole bag. They had several pax bag's going through this ridiculous cycle. Also, "state your name" was in effect at the initial checker station.1240p35
 COE (auxiliary)2012-02-09"State your name" game in effect. Everyone sent through the MMW scanner. Opt-out pat-down was thorough, but less abusive than usual. I was able to keep my belongings in sight the whole time.700a20
 COA gates 1-152012-02-07both elite and regular security lines through one scanner. MD completely gated off. Opted out and had 5+ minute wait with another passenger who did the same. Seems to take longer for "female assist" to occur even though there are 10+ TSA folks standing around doing nothing,700a10
 COTerminal C2012-01-06Asked my name. I opted out of the AIT. They had a family line which used a traditional metal detector.300p8
 COTerminal E (auxiliary)2012-01-02Can't believe IAH is still asking the "state your name" BS... the checkpoint itself was running concurrent WTMD and scopes and just randomly picking people for either. No way to choose your own adventure, you're at the whim of the TSO.700a15
 DLA (North)2011-12-23Only one MMW booth present; I managed to avoid it by fumbling with my bag until the scanner was closed off and I was directed through the WTMD instead1100a7
 Int'lD2011-12-23Sending through WTMD if line at scanner
 AAA2011-11-27Sending through WTMD if someone was in the scanner.
 COTerminal B2011-11-06NoS for all! I opted out.
 ASA2011-09-22Only 1 MMW in use. If more than 3 people were queued up, the rest were sent through WTMD.
 USA2011-09-17Most sent through WBI. Agressive pat down after opt out. Also additional "random" carry on search at the gate. Theater at its finest.
 COC2011-08-20Wheelchair/stroller lane at far right for WTMD only at 5am. Most on left checkpoint seemed to be going through backscatter. Several individuals jumped into wheelchair/stroller line and were allowed through WTMDs, as well.
 DLNorth Terminal for Gate 122011-07-29WTMD for all. MMW not in use. Barker hollering for everyone to take out their liquids, and TSA agent at the podium asking for names.
 AAA2011-07-26Few people in line - everyone sent to MMW. I refused. Clerk was very friendly but I made it clear I was not interested in his chit chat.
 COTerminal C - Elite Access Checkpoint2011-07-18TDC was touchy and especially prone to power tripping anyone who objective to the "state your name" nonsense. Most passengers were going to through the scanners but TSO's were randomly moving passengers to the airport employee line that was just using a walk-through Mag.
 DLA2011-07-15Terminal A Gate 12 - MMW not in use at 5 a.m., all went through WTMD though there was a TSA agent standing at the MMW machine.
 COTerminal B2011-07-05MMW was in operation for all lanes. Passengers herded by groups of 5 to cue for the scanners while the remaining passengers were sent through the WTMD until the MMW line was empty.
 COTerminal C2011-05-26Most passengers fed into MMW, overflow through WTMD; opt-out was hostile when change of gloves requested
 AllTerminal A2011-05-18Most Pax sent through MMW
 COTerminal E2011-05-18Every person through MMV
 COB2011-04-24Two lines feed to single Naked Machine of Death. When line is 5 passengers long, a single lucky person is passed through WTMD - they then hold people to refill the NMOD line.
 COTerminal B2011-04-23Almost all passengers were sent through MMW
 COE2011-04-07In use at all lines, sometimes off and routing passengers through xray though
 COTerminal E2011-04-01Most pax were sent through the MMW.
 COTerminal E2011-04-01Most pax were sent through the MMW.
 COinternational to domestic2011-02-25appeared to be in light use
 COTerminal C, all airlines2011-01-19
 COTerminal C Elite2011-01-09Next in line chosen when scanner empty.
 COTerminal E2010-12-30Int'l pax must be rescreened, but there are no AIT's here. Just the magnetometers.
 UATerminal B2010-12-29
 Terminal E2010-12-28Scanners installed, but not in use
 AATerminal A2010-12-26Scanners present, but roped off. haven't ever seen it active in last few months
 COTerminal C - Economy2010-12-22
 COTerminal C - Economy2010-12-22
 COTerminal C2010-12-19Selective scanner use
 COgate C-352010-11-27almost everyone got scanned, a few went through

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