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 USB2013-12-06MMW not in use, only WMD. Because I changed flights, I lost my pre-check status, but the wait was only because of families traveling with babies, carriages, etc.1000a10
 USB2013-10-231 of the 3 lines had only a metal detector350p10
 UAB2012-11-08One MMW was used and One WTMD lane was opened. A new smurf was on training for X-ray machine so no MMW traffic. Very slow and they checked a lot of bag.420p5
 WNB2012-06-18MMW for all with no lines at checkpoint.130p0
 WNB2012-05-17Light passenger volume. Most passengers sent through MMW. If 3-4 people were waiting for the MMW only then would a passenger be allowed through adjacent WTMD.510p3
 DL2011-11-17Previous posters are incorrect, IND only has (and never has had) backscatter - only MMW. All lanes have them. Use is sporadic and random. SDOO usually is difficult if not impossible. 0
 USB2011-09-15one mmw was roped off. self-selected this line.
 UAa2011-08-25At 4:30 AM, I was selected to go to cancer box and I opt-out
 WNB Concourse2011-06-30Roughly every other person was sent through the backscatter machines in each line.
 COA Concourse2011-06-16The A side has more than one backscatter now. Each set of two lines feeds one backscatter and one metal detector. As the backscatter opens, people are sent there.
 USB Concourse2011-03-05One of the three lines had a scanner. The ID checker specified a safe lane for me, so I don't know what would happen if I ignored him and went safe.
 WNB Concourse2011-01-23Only 1 or 2 backscatters out of 7 in use (rest roped off) and most passengers went thru standard metal detector. Watched one pat-down & it was upper body only. TSA agents very friendly.
 UAB Gates2010-12-28machines were installed, but due to light traffic none were in use.
 DL2010-12-23We were directed to the family line. Each person was made to go through the metal detector. If you didn't set it off, you could go on to collect your things. If you set it off, I'm assuming you were sent to the body scanner. No one in our family set off the metal detector, so we went right through. There was a very friendly elderly TSA agent who went out of his way to make the families feel at ease.
 allA and B0000-00-00Scanners in use

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