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 DL42016-11-191990s style security in some lanes630p4
 AA82016-01-28Tsa precheck closed, only 1 lane operating1000a40
 B652015-06-09Passengers were directed to either the scanners or the metal detectors. 800a20
 AA2015-02-07there was more tsa talking and laughing and just standing around than working. and then, you mention something about line going slow, and they have an arrogant response that basically says , shut up or your gonna wait longer...not what was said, but implied..530p
 AA82014-09-30Approved Pre Check Bus Class JFK LAX, went thru WTMD and it beeped not because I had metal, but because I was "randomly selected" to go thru Body Scanner. Said no and took pat by a snotty overzeleous male TSA agent.230p
 DLTerminal 4, 4th floor, PreCheck2014-08-24All other checkpoints RED.630a5
 Int'lT12014-07-31opted out / pat down800p20
 AA82014-07-30MMW for everyone except seniors, young kids, and PreCheck. I needed to opt out.430p20
 DL22014-04-04Please get to this terminal about 2-5 hours early for you flight security line was so long for no reason140p
 UA72014-02-24Tsa pre check300p
 UA72014-02-24Tsa pre check300p
 B6T52013-12-00everybody through NOS except Pre-Checked pax1030p
 VXT42013-10-29Lane 1 at far left was WTMD-only and I was able to choose it instead of other lanes with MMW primary.10
 DL42013-10-20Sky Priority/FC/Pre-Check all in the same line that would go for minutes without moving. 550p48
 B652013-09-28MMW primary, very slow line, when line got too long they waved 4 or 5 people through WTMD at a time. Pointless waste of time.30
 AAT82013-08-24TSA pre-check was CLOSED!950p30
 DLT4 - Downstairs2013-08-10This checkpoint on the arrivals level is WTMD-only! There is room for them to add MMW in the future, though. 730a15
 DL22013-07-10things removed from checked in baggagep
 DLTerminal 42013-05-31600p
 DLT3-Gate 12013-05-05Backscatter was roped off. 1000a0
 CO12013-05-04JFK AA 8 2013-04-30 This is a security breach! If anyone wanted to sneak something in and cause harm, they would know how to get past security because of you dum dums!!t There has to be SOME unpredictable screening. Let's protect the people who protect you EVERYDAY! THINK PEOPLE!! 120p
 B652013-05-00all pax sent through scanners10p
 Int'l42013-04-30Kuwait Airlines flight to London. Mandatory porno scanners, and select pat-downs on top of it.7p10
 AA82013-04-30This is a security breach! If anyone wanted to sneak something in and cause harm, they would know how to get past security because of you dum dums!!t There has to be SOME unpredictable screening. Let's protect the people who protect you EVERYDAY! THINK PEOPLE!! 330p5
 DL22013-04-25Security line a total disaster. One MMW and 2 baggage X-rays in use. Line was a total scrum, eventually the DL agents resorted to calling people forward by departure time.610p70
 AA82013-04-24MMW in use for most passengers. Business class mostly used metal detector. The person before me opted out. I asked to use the metal detector with my young daughter and was allowed to do so. I think the TSO could see that I would be another opt out if asked to go through MMW.400p
 DLT2, T3, T42013-04-23Had plenty of time so I checked all three terminals. There is now a BKSX at T3. All three terminals now looked to have scanners in every lane and almost everyone was being scanned, including at T3.100p
 AAAmerican Airline Checkpoint2013-04-20Just about everyone chose to go through the lane with the body scanner. However, there was another lane on the far left at which people could choose to go through the metal detector instead.410a0
 AAAmerican Airline Checkpoint2013-04-19Unfortunately, everyone except for precheck passengers, including in the elite lane, were sent through the body scanner.400p
 UATerminal 72013-03-23Only one line for security. TSO choice. Families allowed to use WTMD.300p5
 Int'lTerminal 7 - BA/CX2013-03-19This is a checkpoint just down the hall from the CX and BA counters. Anybody can use it if you fly out of T7 (UA/US fly from here). One screening lane, WTMD only. Too small for NoS800a10
 AAT82013-03-10Most open lanes MMW (no BSX), looks like SDOO would be possible, precheck lane a joy as always
 AAT82013-02-26about 50/50 between WTMD and BS, only one entrance open at that time8a5
 DLT3 (Can also access T2 by walk, or T4 by shuttle bus!)2013-02-16No scanners. One TDC was doing name game, one wasn't. Very easy through600p20
 Int'lTerminal 72013-02-13MMW used for all passengers.500p60
 DLT3 After Customs2012-12-30Painless TSA experience. No lines, no body scanners, no nonsense. Too bad it ends in 6 months when T3 gets knocked down.500p0
 UAT72012-12-25Alternate WTMD and backscatter, I chose WTMD, screener tried to force me thru the backscatter, I said I had skin cancer and would like to opt out, it was difficult to watch my belongings after they went thru the metal detector, it's obvious that we have no secuirty, these keystone cops are just robots, unable to think for themselves.320p10
 DL4B2012-12-21Backscatter machines present in all lanes, but only in use in some lanes. Was fairly easy to SDOO.10
 B652012-11-22Mmw and wtmd
 AATerminal 82012-11-21Backscatter machines roped off due to peak travel day.330p
 B62012-11-18Angry and spiteful response from TSA agent when I asked to go through metal detector instead of Scanner. Was made to wait 15 minutes next to the scanner for a pat down.800a15
 B6T52012-10-28Backscatter machines are gone from T5. MMW are in use for some, but most just went through metal detectors. No hassle or issues for us. 900a5-10
 AA82012-10-14Backscatter being used in all lanes. Opted out and got glared at by the agent at the scanner. Agent performing pat down was courteous and professional.
 B652012-10-11T5 has gotten rid of the backscatter machines and now has MMW at all lanes. 530p5
 VX2012-10-09This was the best TSA experience I've ever had. Nice, professional agent checking IDs. An actual human being. No body scanners (wonder if that's because of high number of Muslim passengers at this terminal? so as not to offend religious customs, modesty - the alternative of the pat-down would also be anathema) - whatever the reason, it was great. everything was smooth and calm, both on part of TSA and fellow passengers. You felt like a human being instead of being treated like a criminal. Wish it could be like this every time...430p
 AA82012-10-09All lanes except TSA-pre had backwater machines. Most passengers sent through scanner with WTMD being used when the lines got too long.
 DL22012-10-01No nonsense new Yorkers don't seem to use ait much in this terminal; most lines appeared to have them roped off.730a
 VXTerminal 42012-09-27No NOS at A gates for virgin america
 DL22012-09-15All TSA agents lovely. No problems. Scanner there, but roped off. All passengers routed through metal detectors.200p
 AATerminal 82012-08-08Backscatters roped off due to peak travel day. PreCheck line and regular line adjacent to PreCheck have no Backscatters-- use Priority AAcess line to choose your own adventure.740a30
 AA82012-08-05BSX and WTMD operating side by side in most lanes. Easy to switch lanes.
 B6T52012-07-19Backscatter machines roped off540p15
 B6T52012-07-16Backscatters roped off300p
 Int'lTerminal 12012-07-14Didn't fly, but did see at least one Rapiscan Backscatter in use. Seemed like a good amount of passengers were sent through it.
 B6Terminal 52012-07-14Didn't fly but there appeared to be Rapiscan Backscatter scanners in every lane next to WTMDs, some were sent through WTMDs and most through the scanners.
 Int'lTerminal 12012-07-12Scanners available but were not in use in any lane100p
 B6T52012-06-14All lanes open with scanners only being used, still over an hour wait to get through because of heavy crowds and confusion about scanners. 65
 DLterminal 32012-06-04only wtmd in use, scanners were at the far end of the terminal and roped off. line moved fairly quickly; tsa officers were mostly courteous and asked pax to say their full names.610a5
 UA72012-05-27opted out, had to wait about 7 minutes for pat down, felt like I was being punished for not going through the backscatter machine930a
 UA72012-04-26Backscatter in use for all but crew members710a10
 DLt3-rotunda right2012-04-111 backscatter/wtmd pair, a second wtmd off to the right. backscatter roped off and not operating.830p5
 AATerminal 8 Main Checkpoint2012-04-01Backscatters roped off due to peak travel day. Wait was still long.200p15
 B652012-03-31Rapiscan Backscatters were at the checkpoint but were turned off because of the number of people.1010a
 B652012-03-30Rapiscan Backscatters were at the checkpoint but were turned off because of the number of people.1010a
 DLT3 - left of Delta check-in counter2012-03-22BSX machine not in use (being installed? being serviced?). Long lines for non-Sky-Priority people. TDC bored and slow.240p1
 UA72012-03-13cancer box or wtmd, TSA choice700a
 B652012-03-11Scanners in the center are roped off. I'm didn't get a good look at the far ends to see if they're in use there. It was no problem going right into a WTMD lane.
 AA82012-03-11bsx installed all lanes, but roped off in priority lane. no scan, no grope. 5p
 UA72012-03-07cancer boxes in use for all pax. watched line for a while. no opt outs. :(700a
 Int'lTerminal 72012-03-02Scanners present, but roped off.510p5
 DLT32012-02-23Choose scanner or detector line. BUT half of those in the metal detector line were randomly routed through the backscatter machine. 520p30
 DLT32012-02-20Weird! No scanners in sight. Only a metal detector in use. Even scarier: I checked my bag after checking in online, and the attendant did NOT look at my ID! Good news: no cancer scan. Bad news: Alarming lack of passenger identification.430p
 B652012-02-07All people being sent to Xray scanner except kids and the women accompanying them (they were allowed WTMD). Optout results in long wait than usual (approx 5-7 more mins).1p20
 UAT72012-02-04Easy SDOO as two of the three backscatters were not in use.420p
 Int'lTerminal 72012-02-01I chose the pat-down which was professional and non-sexual1100a
 B652012-01-17All passengers asked to say our full names. Scanners were present but roped off. Not crowded or hectic; mood was calm.630p
 UAT72012-01-09WTMD roped off. Everyone forced to go through scanner.
 DLT3 front2012-01-05there are 5 other security entrances to the DL gates (incl T2 and T4), I had no time to check them 300p15
 DLT32011-12-30WTMD roped off. Everyone forced through scanner. Yelled at too.
 DLT22011-12-29They were not sending anyone through the scanner but asked passengers to say our full names for enhanced security.700a20
 B6Terminal 52011-12-25They were directing every other person thru either the WTMD or the backscatter machine, It was chaos, due to language barriers, when my turn came, I just walked thru the MTMD, whew! All that worry for nothing. The new machines definately create a traffic jam.630p10
 AAterminal 82011-12-25machine off in lane 3, random scanning lane 41200p5
 AAT82011-12-23Long lines all pax through WTMD. Smurfs on best behavior.330p
 UAT72011-12-10WTMD was in use but closed off just after I entered the queue600a
 AAT82011-11-30followed attractive young ladies, they got scanner, I got WTMD, heard them muttering about always getting the scanner200p5
 AAT8/Premium2011-11-23Scanners roped off - prbly due to t-day traffic
 DL3 / One by Check In2011-10-24BKSX not in use at 12:35 PM
 UAT72011-10-23Crew lane (leftmost X-Ray as you enter) mostly sent to WTMD.

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