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 WN1C2018-04-12scanners offline due to heavy traffic, dogs sniffing though200p5
 UA32015-10-06TSA Pre/WTMD. Although a randomizer would send some through the NoS.1100a1
 WNABC PreCheck2015-01-16No line since I had "TSA Pre" on my boarding pass. WTMD only.200p1
 Alld gates2014-12-27sucks
 AS32014-12-14Had pre-check but alarm went off at WTMD and so jerks said that Pre-check meant zero, Global Entry card meant Zero, and Proscan is the option. Opted out of proscan with pat down. Complete moron did pat down-I didn't identify my items adequately enough for this loser. After 20 minutes finally allowed to leave. So here -an example of the pre-check meaning nothing to these derelicts at TSA. 6a
 WNA/B PreCheck2014-11-24No MMW in this PreCheck lane compared to the C gate check point. Did not get any random check beep when going through WTMD.850a3
 DLD PreCheck2014-10-09The WTMD now has a randomizer that sends some PreCheck passengers into a random check situation. In this case, even with Precheck, you must go through the MMW (keeping shoes and belt on) while holding my w llet above my head. Then. Mr. Smurf insisted on looking theough my wallet. Next time I am just sticking in the carryon to avoid this nonsense. About half of the Precheck people in line were getting the same random check beep. Looks like they are ruining what was once a good thing (no MMW in these lanes existed in the past. Only benefit now is a shorter line.840a4
 WNTerminal B2014-09-02In the pre-check lanes, about one in five passengers get a random tone at the WTMD and must empty their pockets and submit to a full body scan or groping. Completely insane and backing up the lines since people are told they can leave everything in their pockets, then have to back up and empty them.10
 WNABC2014-06-03Handswab just prior to id check podium. People seem to forget that they have to push their bags onto the conveyer before going through WTMD. So I ended up having to push the belongings of three people and my stuff inside before walking theough. Otherwise it went very quickly. Im 25/25 with getting three beeps now that I have Nexus. Much less hassle.840a2
 VXD/E gates checkpoint2014-02-21The main lines have scanners for everyone, but the precheck lines are using WTMDs. The main lines were backing up, so a bunch of us got directed into the precheck line. didn't need to remove shoes or coats either. A little slice of nostalgia for how things used to be. Still not worth the privacy invasion of signing up for precheck however.230p10
 WNABC Pre-Check2013-12-20This time there were no random people being pulled from other lanes to use Pre-Check. Ypu have to have to designation on your boarding pass to use the lane. NEXUS is nice to have as I have gotten the three beeps each time. i'm 5/5 so far.1230p2
 USD Gates2013-12-12Most of the wait time was due to the ID checker who was insisting pax remove hats for 'identification purposes'. He also blatently ignored the BP reader when it gave off the 3 Pre-check beeps & sent those pax towards the NoS. Unfortunately, most of those getting the 3 beeps didn't know what it meant & went off like good little sheeple-only 1 pax in front of me knew what it meant, ignored the ID checker's wave & marched over to the Pre-Check lane instead.200p2
 WNABC PreCheck2013-11-19I did not have the PreCheck designation on my boarding pass but a TSA employee randomly chose me to go through the PreCheck lane anyway. Signage was clear and all passengers understood the drill. Nice that Southwest is finally on board with the program. 840p5
 DLPreCheck D2013-08-30No line to ID podium, triple beep. Dropped bag on belt and cleared security in ten seconds.700a0
 WNABC2013-06-20Passenger in front held up the line to MMW. We were all directed to the WTMD.750a7
 WNAB2013-06-01Light traffic with one MMW lane open at the AB checkpoint. A few passengers were sent through the attached WTMD if the body scanner line backed by more than 3 or 4 people waiting to enter. I was fortunate to time it right and SDOO into the WTMD.750a5
 WNABC2013-05-17I was on the conveyer side closest to the WTMD in one of the lanes. The lines of people were becoming so massive that the TSO just wanted all of us to go through the MMW to speed things up. So your chance of escape increases at ABC increases if its crowded and if you choose the conveyer line closer to the WTMD.830a15
 WNABC2013-05-17Correction below, should read "TSO just wanted all of us to go through the WTMD..."830a15
 UA32013-04-07Every lane was MMW, no Precheck available. Some lucky people got to use the WTMDs as the MMWs sometimes needed calibrating.800p20
 WNC Annex2013-04-01MMW in use for all lanes, showed my opt out card and requested my usual tsa clerk for the pat down, I miss him when hes not there. Hes firm but gentle.330p
 VX32013-03-312 lanes open, MMW for everyone, parents with young children let through WTMD
 DLPreCheck D2013-03-30No line to ID podium, triple beep. Dropped bag on belt and cleared security in ten seconds.700a0
 WNABC2013-03-26The lines feeding to each id check podium were getting very congested. Right when I approached, a TSO motioned to me and a group of others to move to the one id check podium that leads to the only WTMD-only lane and I escaped the MMW. I think they did this speed things up.230p10
 WNAB2013-02-19One WTMD open on very far right and one MMW/WTMD combo going. Was able to use WTMD only lane (might be crew/family only at busy times, not 100% sure). Got selected for additional random screening, but it was only a shoe swab.630p3
 WNC2013-02-02MMW wave for all. Not a busy checkpoint, just one lane.820a2
 WNC2013-01-16No line, MMW in use at all CP. 7 minute wait for opt out screener.100p10
 WNABC2013-01-14MMW for all except opt-outs, three male assist in my party completed within 5 minutes of opting out420p15
 OtherCheckpoint D2013-01-111150a10
 WNT1 Main2012-12-19Long line, approx 150 people in line, 2 TSA agents checking documents, 3 lines open for inspection300p15
 DLD Gates Checkpoint2012-12-11MMW in use for all passengers except small children, WTMD roped off, Opt Out not challanged, recieved 'enhanced' patdown910p5
 WNA B C2012-11-22We could pick our own lane, the one I was able to visually inspect had only scanners so I went to the other one, far right, I got lucky, they had a metal detector there next to a scanner, everone was directed to the scanner but I think the line was getting too long and I was the only one that was asked to go through the metal detector! TSA were acting like jerks though.900a10
 WNC2012-11-19MMW for all750a5
 UATerminal 32012-11-01MMW in use for all passengers at this new checkpoint. Only WTMD was on far left for employees only. Opted out, patdown was quick and professional.10
 DLT1 D2012-10-16Originally, everyone was going through MMW. They closed up one of the MMW lanes. Then they opened a different lane that had a WTMD only, but that was at the other end of the checkpoint and there was a long line for that lane. We walked to that lane and waited a while to avoid a pat-down.1200p30
 AAD gatea2012-10-13MMW with AIT in use for all lines, except TSA-pre800a
 DLD Gates2012-09-01MMW in use for nearly all passengers, WTMD was open but no one was being directed to use it. Choose to opt out and was told I could not and it was mandatory; asked for STSO and was allowed to opt out with no further fuss, regular (non-enhanced) pat-down occured700a5
 VXTerminal 3 Upper Level2012-08-03Long slow moving line with a few lanes closed off. TSOs barking the rules as if everyone was flying for the first time. It was a circus and United hasn't even moved in yet! Only smaller airlines are here like Virgin, Jetblue, etc. Can't imagine how long the security lines will be if the second checkpoint on the lower level is not ready by the end of them month when United moves to Terminal 3. I inspected this equivalent sized lower level checkpoint on my return and no signs of equipment, detectors or scanners being installed.900a25
 WNA B C2012-07-30Porno Scanner in use for all lanes. Had to opt out. Smurf feeling me up was hot.530p
 Int'lTerminal 32012-07-17Everyone except families with children directed to MMW with ATR650p5
 DL2012-05-31I am a Commercial Pilot. I had "CREW" ID and my pilot and medical certificate. I was subjected just like any regular pax to one of the "ENHANCED" Terrorizing Sexual Assault (TSA). I am now out of the county and have no plans to return because of this incident.
 UA12012-05-27Barker incouraged you to select own line so can choose one without scanner.700a10
 WNTerminal 1, Gates A/B/C2012-05-10Thanks to problems w/the WN computers, the place was a zoo. Checkpoint only had 2 lanes open & MMW mandatory (how anyone can think those things are faster than WTMD is beyond me!). After standing in line for nearly 20 minutes, 3rd checkpoint finally opened up.240p25
 VXB2012-05-09Far right lane has only WTMD, but may not be open. Oddly, middle lane had both MMW and WTMD with WTMD blocked off. So, just go to the right lane if it's open.730p0
 WNC2012-03-19Upstairs C gates checkpoint only has a MMW with ATR.
 UAD2012-03-17Middle lane: scope roped off, only a metal detector in use. Both outer lanes had scopes in use. Choose your own adventure with TSA "suggesting" routes.600p
 WNAB2012-03-03Obviously the prior comments were made when the center lane was not blocked off. Checkpoint layouts can change or lane availabilies can vary depending on crowdedness which is why comments on TSA Status will change. I too observed the center WTMD-only lane blocked off today. The First class lane also had only a WTMD and they were sending the families with children through it as well. So to escape you need to buy a First class ticket or if you have children, bring them with you.440p5
 DLAB2012-03-02Not sure where these other comments come from. This is the checkpoint closest to Delta check-in. Everyone (except maybe first class) were directed to the scanners. The middle lane's WTMD was physically blocked off by a table and completely out of use. The left side was sending a few people thru WTMD when the line backed up. But there were no safe lines in the main screening section and it looked like that was the normal setup.1210p
 WNABC2012-03-02Everyone directed through the MMW in each open lane.420p5
 UAD2012-02-26Porn-o-scopes were in use; was able to dodge the gauntlet by staying in the center for the checkpoint.600p25
 WNABC2012-02-16Every passenger through MMW, including the first class line that I was in. The delays were significant. It seemed like they were deliberately slowing down the baggage X-ray so that people wouldn't blame the pornoscanners for the delay.900a30
 UAD2012-01-13Three lanes were running, all with MMW as the primary screening method. I ended up in the far left cluster. As the line for the MMW was backing up -- maybe 4 or 5 people in queue -- they would direct people through the WTMD. I was one of the lucky ones. Best bet is to delay & present yourself when there's a nice line queued up to go through the MMW.600p10
 VXB2012-01-05Left lane to scanner , chose right lane, walked right through600p
 USAB2012-01-03The middle is the key at this checkpoint. Both conveyers in the middle lane feed to only a WTMD. It is easy to avoid the other two lanes that have the MMW. Be observant for while waiting in line for the id check.1110a5
 WNB/C Gates2011-12-20Center line has no NOS/MMW0
 WNABC2011-12-154 checkpoints open, but was able to self-select the WTMD only lane on the far left side. NoS primary for the other lanes w/men's wallets being subjected to 'inspection' by screener after. 230p
 WNNewest ABC Checkpoint2011-11-15The lane directly in front of the Business Select/First Class/Employee line is the only lane with no MMW (millimeter wave) machine. This checkpoint was open at the time I pased through but they closed the checkpoint two minutes after I put my shoes back on. All other checkpoints for the masses had a MMW and WTMD and nearly everyone was directed through the MMW. Crowds would back up due to these scans taking longer and bags would accumulate on the other end. Only once in a while would they take a couple people and send the through the old WTMD.
 UAD2011-10-23Easily able to choose your own lane. Looked like two MMW machines; one was roped off.
 DLD2011-09-14Complete zoo. Lines are slow. SDOO possible far left lanes
 ASD2011-08-08One rape-scanner in the middle of a bank of 6 lanes, moved to the far left and had no issues.
 DLTerminal D2011-08-085:30PM -- TSA guy pointed to my shirt, and asked if it was a hacker symbol. No, it's a turtle.
 AAD gates2011-08-04Only one cancer machine on far right and you are free to choose your line.
 DLD gates2011-06-11Only saw one WTMD running (for the handicap lane). The rest looked to be AIT. Saturday morning, light to medium traffic.
 DLD gates2011-06-04D gates checkpoint still has WTMD, but on a Saturday night there was so little traffic through the checkpoint that only MMW were in use. Checkpoint is still probably yellow during heavier use.
 UAD gates2011-04-18Some lanes using AIT, some using WTMD. Easy to pick a WTMD lane. The guy in front of me was in the WTMD lane, and purposely backed out and went next-door to the AIT lane. Not sure why...but I image LAS has a very high % of "uninformed" flyers.
 WNB2011-04-17Very easy to see which lines had operating NOS or not, choose your own adventure, TSA not directing people, tho were "suggesting" the lines with no waiting, which, not surpisingly, had NOS.
 DLD2011-04-17Can easily see and avoid the scanner, pick your own line.
 WNB2011-04-03Random assignment to the cancer lanes
 DLD Gates2011-03-23Easy enough to avoid the lane with the functioning scanner
 WNC2011-03-18New "gingerbread outline" software and scanners in use in some lanes, choose your own adventure. Looked like the resolution patdowns were confined to the areas highlighted by the gingerbread scan outlines.
 DLD gates2011-03-10Looks like most are being shoved through the scanners.
 WNB2011-02-28Sexual assaulted by TSA pat-down
 B62011-02-20be observant, you can choose a line without scanner
 AATerminal D2011-02-03Saw at least one porno scanner in use, but you are free to choose your line. The layout is wide-open, so it is easy to pick out your line as you wait to get your ID checked. The TSA guys in my line were actually pleasant.
 OtherB Gates2011-01-28Can choose the line that doesn't lead to the machien
 AllAll2011-01-09Machines were used randomly or every other passenger. One line was not using scanner. just metal detectors
 UAD2011-01-09one scanner for each 6 lane, 18 lanes total...guards make a point to tell you you can choose what lane you want
 DLD gates first class2010-12-31Of three scanners, only two in use and those were on the far left side. Completely avoidable if you are in first class line or stay to the far right.
 2010-12-26scanners used selectively
 ACTerminal 22010-12-18scanners used for all in a short line
 2/D gates (domestic)2010-12-17scanners installed, not in use
 WNConcourse C2010-12-12Scanners were installed and being used in every security line.  People were directed to the metal detector or the scanner depending on which was available when you got to the front of the line.  Opt out required an invasive pat down that lasted at least 5 minutes and left me feeling violated.
 D2010-11-26scanner installed, not in use
 COC/D all lines feed through same checkpoints2010-11-20There are machines at every other line at C/D gates.  Woman directly in front of me was scanned as was man in full military fatigues.  The line I saw was directly in front of the elite/1st Class document checker on the far right side of the CP.  They are definitely in use for random pax.  
 B and C0000-00-00installed but not in use
 C and D0000-00-00not consistently used

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