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 AA2016-04-18MMW in full effect at gate 79, unless prechecked.440a5
 DLB, Gates 50-522014-09-15WTMD only for the checkpoint that leads to these three gates.510a3
 DLB, Gates 56-602014-09-15One body scanner in operation for most passengers, with WTMD for Pre-Check.500a5
 USTerm C2014-04-20WTMD only500a
 UATerminal C 61-692013-11-15Signs say PreCheck Coming Soon. 3 beeps resulted in PreCheck Lite. Kept shoes & Jacket on. WTMDs only at this checkpoint.600a3
 DLTerm C, 56-602013-10-11There are three lines here. Two on the left lead to a WTMD, the other to a MMW on the right. The precheck line on the left goes to a WTMD, everyone else was randomly brought through either another WTMD only line or the MMW. To prevent anyone from picking, the WTMD is roped off and only opened for randomly chosen passengers. 5
 UATerm. A2013-07-02Still no NoS at this checkpoint.. With the combination of UAL & CO, we have a much larger security area.. Would not be surprised to see a NoS in the near future.. :(
 AATerm. C2013-06-25Continues to be NoS free ^
 DLB 56-592013-04-17Nice contractors (not TSA) but everyone directed to MMW or get groped1030a8
 UATerm A, Gates 23-302013-02-01Just like the old gate area, the new checkpoint is WTMD only. Much larger, though, so I would not be surprised to see an MWW at some point :(
 AATerm C, Gates 76-792012-12-10C/P remains WTMD only.0
 WNB2012-11-11Just an update from the November 2011 status for WN - still no scanner if you turn right, only WTMD. Yay!600p5
 UATerminal a2012-10-31WTMD only. Just like the good old days.1100a
 WNB2012-07-14Breezed thru initial security even with our opt-out and a baby. Then an hour later as we were boarding, we were pulled from line for another search of the diaper bag and carry on. TSA Clones (contracted firm) were rude and surly when we asked why part of our party - baby and man carrying - were yanked from line so that the diaper bag could be ransacked again we were told that our flying privileges could be revoked if we continued to obstruct agents. this is sad pathetic security theater on display. 100p5
 AAGates 76-792012-06-27WTMD only but every pax was 'randomly' selected for additional harassment. Smurfs also quite belligerent & anxious to start fights-must be frustrated at not being able to see any pax porn...940a1
 WNSouthwest2011-11-18When going through security, if you turn one direction (right), there is no body scanner. If you turn the other direction, there is a body scanner (there is also a metal detector but I am not sure how it works).
 WNSouthwest2011-11-07When going through security, if you turn one direction (right), there is no body scanner. If you turn the other direction, there is a body scanner (there is also a metal detector but I am not sure how it works).
 UAA2011-09-26No scanners at United's 10-14 gates checkpoint.
 UAA2011-09-26No scanners at United's 10-14 gates checkpoint.
 AAAmerican2011-09-24No scanners at AA checkpoint
 WNSouthwest2011-09-18Turn right to avoid the scanner.
 WNTerm b, gate 372011-07-20got scanned, had chapstick and pills in pocket, but didn't get asked about them. I did have a belt on, then had to be patted around the waistline. Very nice TSA agents!!
 DL2011-07-18There is a BS machine at the Delta gate. Sometimes it is roped off and everyone goes through metal detector, other times everyone must go through BS. If its really busy you can choose your own line (stay to the left)
 WN39-452011-07-10Went through Sunday at 1250 pm. Was able to go to right and avoid the scanner. Clerks were generally friendly. Did not see any random pulls for scanner.
 WNTerminal C; gates 35-402011-05-16Turn right to get to the WTMD. This is still accurate.
 UAT1 - Gates 10-142011-04-17One WTMD, and two x-rays. No Nude-O-Scopes.
 DLGates 57-602011-03-15Scanner functional and they are trying to send everyone through it. Metal detector used for those that opt-out (like me). Howver, TSA reps much nicer about groping than at other airports and used back of their hands.
 WNB Terminal gates 30-402011-01-211 backscatter for ~10 gates but I simply steered for the metal detector & was not redirected. Watched one passenger pat-down and it was upper body only. TSA agents were very friendly.
 CO, F9, AA2010-12-27No scanners
 DL, WN2010-12-27No scanners
 UA, US, FL2010-12-27No scanners
 Terminal B2010-12-27Scanners in place, but may be choose your own adventure.
 DL, WNTerminal C2010-12-27Scanners in place, sometimes used for selected passengers, sometimes as secondary screening
 WNGates 35-402010-12-223 lanes- two to the left (one visible ait machine), go to the right to use metal detector
 DLTerminal B2010-11-19No scanners
 WN2010-06-01Everyone goes through the scanner. No metal detector first
 0000-00-00Scanners in place for flight to dallas (airline unknown)
 DL0000-00-00Scanners in use, (only at gate 55-60?).

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