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 B6MCO2016-04-15With hundreds online they kept closing TSA lines!!! From 5 lanes down to 2.6p55
 AllGates 1-592016-01-06LONG wait and chaos, no lines until close to agents1010a55
 DLB2015-03-15I have TSA Precheck and the smurfs still "randomly selected" me for the Nude-o-scoping. WTF did I bother getting Precheck for, then?510a2
 DLB2015-03-15To the guy who got e-strip-searched even with Precheck: that's why I won't join Precheck. It's all about getting your biometric data with false promises of relief from the illegal police state.
 OtherGates 1-592015-01-06The wait was an HOUR to get through security.1010a55
 B6west2013-10-10scanners used on everybody and super long lines
 AAGates 1-592013-08-01This time last year they only had 2 Backscatters boxes on the far edge lanes. This year every lane has a MMW accompanying a metal detector. From what I could tell, everyone sent through the MMW was scanned (usually in groups of 5's or 10's). Then they would queue up 5 to 10 to walk through the metal detector. If the metal detector picked up something on you, you walked through the MMW for additional scanning. It seems like more people were being sent through the MMW until the line began to back up, then the lucky minority would go through the metal detector. We lucked out this time. Total luck of the draw.30
 DLB Side Checkpoint2013-07-29Millimeter wave machine being used for all normal passengers.830a
 F9B2013-05-072 lines were closed when arrived, opened about 15 min later1000a35
 WN60-1292013-03-18Each lane is now a WTMD and MMW/ATR combo. Used left-side X-ray belt and got selected for WTMD. Still batting 1.000 at MCO.
 WN60-1292013-02-18BKSX are gone, most lanes MMW/WTMD combo. Didn't see any clear positional opt out, but you could probably time it right. 500p20
 DLB gates2013-01-03MMW for most, some overflow to WTMD5p
 UAGates 1-592013-01-01People using the preferred lane did go through MMW. Pre-check went through WTMD.420a2
 UAGates 1-59 - AA/AC/AS/B6/UA2012-12-18I used Pre-Check this morning, which is now the only lane at the 1-59 checkpoint with a NoS. All other lanes have MMW/WTMD combo. Elite line NoS often closed, though no guarantees.1000a0
 UAGates 1-59 - AA/AC/AS/B6/UA2012-12-18Previous MCO post should read "Pre-Check is the only lane with WTMD only...ALL other lanes MMW/WTMD"1000a0
 B62012-11-24Most put through Scanner, some put through metal detector. When asked to go through metal detector, was told that I would have to receive a pat down for refusing to comply with the TSA worker's request that I go through the Scanner.700p25
 WNmain2012-10-10wtmd line on far right was controlled by tsa person who let me through- 630a
 WN60-1292012-10-06Confirmed - two BKSX at this checkpoint replaced by MMW w/ATR. SDOO still possible; pay attention as you enter the line and be sure to observe how the stanchions are set up so you can get into a WTMD-only lane. (There are more WTMD-only lanes than are readily visible from TDC.)
 WN60-1292012-09-28It appears that the two BKSX have been replaced by MMW w/ATR. However, it's a big C/P and most lanes are WTMD only.
 AA1-60 or A2012-09-13seemed like all WTWD, the BKSX was roped off. When we arrived at MCO however they were in use
 Int'l2012-09-02One queue for all passengers. No choice.330p
 WN60-1292012-03-31BKSX in use at two outermost lanes. However, all lanes in center are WTMD only. Go through the right side line and choose the Expert Traveler line that routes right into a WTMD-only lane.900a15
 FLB2012-03-15Take the line closest to the center of the terminal to be WTMD only; all other lines fed into a single lane where a TSO selected victims for the NoS.130p
 B61-602012-03-11Both checkpoints at MCO have WTMD only lanes in the center. There is a single BKSX to the left hand side of the center lanes. Side lanes may look better, but run almost to the trains at the end of the checkpoint, and are almost 100% BKSX. Look at where the crew lane goes and choose your ID checker accordingly for safety.400p
 DL60-1292012-02-28Light traffic, easy SDOO via center lanes. Right side lane scanners appeared to be in use, but I tried to stay as far away as possible so didn't look closely. My 10-year-old was selected for a random swab, both of us were led to the glass cage, passed through and then I had my laptop swabbed. I guess it's hard for TSA to tell the difference between a Macbook and a young girl.1000a5
 DL60-1292012-01-31Far left side appears to have no scanners at all. Right side lanes with scanners were closed.700a
 DL60-1292012-01-31Far left side appears to have no scanners at all. Right side lanes with scanners were closed.700a
 WNGates 60-1292012-01-30Yellow to Orange here. At this checkpoint for the high number gates, there appear to be two BKSX which are presently stationed on the outermost lanes. The remainder of lanes in the center use WTMD only. SDOO might be tricky sometimes but was doable for me. The multiple TDCs feed back into a single line (well two single lines, one left and one right, apart from the Clear line in the center, and the employee line), and when you get up to where this splits off into 3 or 4 possibilities, there is another TSO who may direct you into the BKSX line if you're really unlucky. But short of the worst possible timing when arriving to that point, you should be able to SDOO. MCO is always pretty busy seems to me so would have to hit extreme slow traffic time to only be using the BKSX lines.1230p
 UAGates 1-592012-01-22MCO has always been a terrible airport for business travel. No elite or First Class security lanes at a import this large is a disgrace, only the ready to go bankrupt again CLEAR system in place. Also, sad that they install Back Scatter Radiation machines instead of the safer Millimeter Wave machines, always shocking to see children receiving full body radiation, however minimal. BKSX in effect in 4 of the 5 lanes open. Long wait through security.30
 AAA2012-01-13Scanners on far right and left lines only. Middle lanes WTMD only. SDOO easy. LOOONG wait as only 4 lanes open for 60 gates. 440p30
 AAGates 1-592011-12-21Not a lot of people in line, but TSOs were directing passengers into specific lanes after TDC (going to another lane was not an option). TSO was mainly directing people to the outermost lines, which have a combination of BKSX and WTMD. Passengers were then randomly directed to WTMD or BKSX. While waiting in line, the line lengthened due to delays at the BKSX and it eventually appeared like it was possible for later passengers to select their own line. If you have a choice, select a middle line as it is mostly the outer lanes with BKSX.1100a25
 FLfor Gate 1102011-11-26Chose blue because I didn't NOTICE any (didn't look hard). Easy, easy trip... no hassles... daughter left liquids in ziploc inside suitcase, yet no stopping. Metal detector only.
 DLGates 60-1292011-11-00Long chaotic line. Multiple TDCs, then everyone merges to one line which then splits back off into separate lines. Scanners only appear to be on the far ends, middle lanes are WTMD only. TSO was sort of directing to various lines but I ignored them without any consequences.500p15
 WNGates 60-1292011-10-08BKSX in use at outer lanes. Vast majority of lanes in center are WTMD only. SDOO very easy.
 DL2011-08-21We were lucky and were directed metal detector line. TSA agent sends you to whatever line has room. 50/50 chance of the scan line.
 DL60-1292011-08-01Right two lanes lead to backscatter machine. All others in use on B side of terminal appeared to be metal detector only.
 FLgates 90-1202011-07-28
 AAGates 1-592011-06-17We saw a woman from line 4 asked to step a L3 Millimeter Wave machine. This was located just after stepping through a metal detector. We were in line 5 and a family of 3 was just in front of us when she was asked to step in. By the time we made it through and were collecting our belongings she was still inside. One of my travelling companions told me they were letting her out but I don't know if she chose to "opt-out" at the last second or if the scan had already been made.
 AAGates 1-592011-06-17I wanted to add 2 things, from my earlier entry, that I forgot to write about. 1) We packed our 3 3-1-1 bags in my carry on laptop bag, but I forget to get them out to put them in the conveyor trays. No one from TSA ever blinked an eye when they went through in my bag. If anything I was asked if the bag contained a laptop and I just said no (it didn't have one BTW). 2) Lines 4 and 5 both went through the same metal detection scanner with the MMW right behind it.
 FLGates 59-1202011-05-05Only the far left and right lane led to the scanner. Choose a middle lane, and be safe.
 B692011-05-03No scanners were part of the line. People who set off the metal detectors were not groped. I saw the scanners roped off showing a log in prompt. This is the security line for gates 1 - 59.
 2011-04-25I landed here, but checked carefully two different areas for scanners. The first had none. Another, a much larger area, had several of them that were roped off and not in use. I didn't see anyone getting groped.
 FLGates 90-1202011-03-26Scanner in use far right lane. All others wtmd
 Int'lonly one?2011-03-10backscatter in all lanes, but none is use, metal detectors only
 DLGates 66-1202011-03-09Two scanners seen on each side of the large screening area. Not in use and appeared to be easily avoided if you selected a middle lane.
 B6Terminal A (1-59)2011-02-19All scanners appeared roped off. Enhanced pat-downs were being conducted for those setting off the traditional metal detectors.
 COMain2011-01-316:30 am flight - line very long so put us in the crew line. They did mandatory backskatter
 DLB gates2011-01-24Taking the Expert Traveler lane in the middle will put you in a lame with NO scanners. I do find it odd that the families with small children would be more subject to the cancerous scanners. I would hope that these parents opt out of subjecting their children to this.
 WNGates 59-1202011-01-05Machine was used for select passengers who set off traditional security machines.  
 2010-12-18scanners in use for some
 2010-11-19no scanners
 60-1290000-05-05Scanners on extreme left and right lanes; choose the middle lanes. Scanner use started at about 2:15pm. 2:15

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