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 DLA2018-12-19Some people sent thru metal detector for whatever reason. I look Muslim so of course I always get mmw1130a30
 WNmain2014-06-03MDW only airport I fly out of that no longer has expedited security options for frequent fliers, other than TSA pre-check. Today, there were approx 1000 people directed through 3 TSA checkers, while another 3 TSA pre-check agents were bored or chatting with each other. Unbelievable!810a35
 WNmain2014-04-26All lanes use MMWs with the exception of the precheck lane. Families with young children sent through magnetometers only, but otherwise everyone forced to go through MMW or opt out. I waited at least ten minutes for an agent when I opted out, during which time my bags were left unattended. 730a40
 WNBusiness Slect2013-12-23Going through the business select lane,there was a randomizer matt that directed me to go to precheck. I think that some others were directed to get their hands swabbed but I was not sure whether some were led to body scanners from this.330p
 WNmain2013-08-19All magnetometers were blocked off by agents. All lanes had operational MMWs. Elite checkpoint also using MMW.620p
 WNMain2013-08-16The configuration has changed again and all of the regular lanes now have body scanners. However, one can turn to the far right and find a lane with only WTMD. Nobody was directing passengers to specific lanes--one could choose one's own lane. I asked the TSO at my lane if it was new and he told me that it had been there for a while but that they only use it when it was busy. I was actually impressed that there was no lines as they opened at least one extra lane with a WTMD. However, I am concerned that this lane might not always be open. 700a0
 WNMain2013-07-17TSA agents were trying to direct people into specific lines. However, it was busy enough that one could direct oneself into the line with only a metal detector. Unfortunately, the elite checkpoint started sending people through the body scanner as well.610a
 WNmain2013-07-15Usual smurf directing traffic curiously absent640p6
 AllElite Checkpoint2013-05-08At the elite checkpoint, there was a body scanner if one turned left and no body scanner if one turned right. Fortunately, the body scanner was not being used. For the regular checkpoint, there were lanes with body scanners and at least one lane with a metal detector, but I could not tell whether people were able to select their own lane.140p
 AllOnly Airport Checkpoint2013-04-26There are now two body scanners in the main checkpoint. If one can use the elite checkpoint, there is now unfortunately a body scanner installed, but fortunately, nobody in this checkpoint was being selected for the body scanner.450a
 WN2013-03-11using metal detectors only in all security lanes500a20
 WN2013-03-11using metal detectors only in all security lanes500a20
 WN2013-03-11WTMD only because of the long lines510a40
 WN2013-02-08I fly home fom Midway one to two times month. WTMD most lanes (stay to the left) and TSA personnel very professional530p5
 WN2013-02-08I fly home fom Midway one to two times month. WTMD most lanes (stay to the left) and TSA personnel very professional530p5
 WN2012-11-08go left.1030a
 WNmain2012-11-07Multiple lines, right most had MMW where I was directed500p
 WNMain2012-08-075 lanes, all the way right has MMW150p
 WN2012-07-05Several lines had only metal detector scanners. One line had both. The Chicago heatwave might have caused them to use a the lower-powered metal scanners.530p
 WNB2012-05-08They tried to convince me it is "no longer radiation" but "sound waves" (which is what they thought radio waves are). I told them I have a physics degree and that's not true. then they proceeded to make fun of me for being "an expert".300pYes
 2012-04-02TSA clerk sending small number of passengers to right side of checkpoint where a MMW was present. Estimated 10% of people sent.400p2
 WNmain2012-03-14Checkpoint has been rearranged - it's no longer possible to choose your line. I got lucky and was sent to a line with just wtmd.400p10
 DLMain2012-02-11First Class Lanes 18-20 (extra on the left) are WTMD only I saw mostly WTMD, with some MMW in the normal lanes.500p
 WNmain2012-01-11Millimeter wave machines in the right-most lanes. Stay to the middle for a metal-detector-only lane. While I was there, people were self-selecting into the metal detector lane while screeners were shouting at passengers "If you have a pacemaker, if you have implanted metal, go to the scanner lane".1210p10
 WNB2011-11-23Multiple lines, many without scanners; pick your line with WTMD or MMW
 WNOnly One Checkpoint at Airport2011-11-18Currently, there is only one body scanner, which can easily be avoided by going to a lane at the far left.
 WNOnly one checkpoint2011-11-04There is only one body scanner. This can easily be avoided by using the far left lane.
 Main2011-10-25Only one MMW for far right lane; stay out of the Priority lane, and in one of the leftmost lanes, for avoidance.
 WNmain terminal/Concourse B2011-10-10just metal detectors
 WN2011-07-15Four lanes open - only rightmost lane had MMW scanner which is easy to avoid
 WN2011-07-06MMW in right lanes. Could not see if it was in use. Stayed in far left lane for obvious reasons.
 WNMain2011-06-24Same as previous reports - just a few scanners to the righg
 WNThe only one2011-04-22Airport was very busy at 5am, MMW was in the right-most of the main "straight-thru" lanes. No scanners visible in the far right "hidden" lanes, which are usually faster, although I stayed in the main lanes.
 WNMain2011-04-07Scanner toward the right end of the screening area. Seemed easy enough to stay to the left to avoid getting caught in that line.
 DL2011-03-19Long Lines. Easy to choose a line without the MMW scanner.
 WNThere's only one security checkpoint.2011-03-16
 WN2011-01-30Far right lane of main screening area had a scanner (not obvious until you were in the middle of the line). I opted for the pat-down which took little time and was not too invasive.
 WN2010-12-22no scanners visible
 WN2010-12-22MMW scanner at the right side of the main line has not been observered used in several months
 allall2010-12-21scanners in use
 allall2010-12-20no scanners
 allall2010-12-16one scanner, not in use, several lines

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