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 AAInternational Arrivals to D terminal2015-04-13TSA had one MMW and two regular metal detectors open. It was choose your own line, which was different from the last time I went through this checkpoint, when they had an idiot telling you what line to get into. Miami has to have the rudest Passport and Customs employees in the country. Literally screaming at people to "keep behind the line" or "get over there" in their first minutes in the country. The passengers don't even understand, because they don't speak English. What a disgrace.400a
 AAD2015-02-24I had just come from an hour interrogation and search with the US Border Police, so I was in no mood for hassles. I wasn't the only one though, they apparently went after young men from different ethnic and national backgrounds for random searches. I even saw them trying to shake down a polie Japanese young man, trying to see if he was carrying over 10,000 dollars in both US dollars and yen. Well, there is this TSA old guy that points his finger to which lane you go into. I guess, since I was carrying my US passport, which is what the TSA wants all Americans to travel with now, he pointed to the left lane that used only the metal detector. Most of the people got pointed to the x-ray, cancer machines, and they had a long wait and a lot more attitude from the TSA people. My line took about 30 minutes in total, and there was this TSA guy there swabbing passengers fingers and putting the swabs into a machine? This was truly bizarre. Going through the metal detector was easy, and I had no extra searches. Meanwhile, the others directed to the x-ray, cancer machines had even longer wait. The moral of the story: avoid the plane as much as possible while traveling to and from the USA, and within the United States.30
 AAInt'l to Domestic D2014-10-20The three WTMD's have been reduced to only one, plus two MMW's. The TSA theory is that a turban-wearing madman passed his device through international security, but instead of detonating in mid-air while landing in Miami, instead decided to risk going through security AGAIN, and blow every one up on the connecting flight from Miami to wherever. Dr. Evil approves of this brilliant plan. So stay on the left hand side where the main line branches into two, and you will get the WTMD. There was a blue fascist there selecting what line you could go into, but his robotic hive mind selected the left side for me, thankfully.
 AA2014-05-16Apparently Priority lanes were closed down 2 weeks ago according a TSA agent1000a20
 AAD2014-03-05I challenge all of our elected officials to go to the "secure" side of the waiting area in any major airport and witness for an hour how the TSA is treating the traveling U.S. public.8a
 AAD2014-03-04Going from an International flight to a domestic flight after Immigration/Customs. This may be the only checkpoint in the airport without scanners? Conveniently there are baggage handlers waiting after you go into the TSA area that take your already checked (from your original airport). You then go into a line for the metal detectors and the X-ray for your luggage. Don't use a wheelchair as you will be groped and humiliated!7a15
 AAD2013-10-10TSA agent let me go to WTMD line when I told him I would opt out of MMW330p5
 AAD International to Domestic2013-09-24Fortunately, at the security checkpoint coming from International to Domestic (after going through Customs) for terminal D, there are only metal detectors and no body scanners. 510a
 DLterminal H2013-06-23Went through terminal H to fly delta and as always, WTMD turned on, but everybody being told to go through porn scanner. Line was not very long and when i was directed to body scanner, i asked for patdown. The TSA agent doing the patdown was actually very friendly and he was talking about miami in general and the food there. I even asked him why they don't let people go through the WTMD and his response was, "i think they want everybody to go through the porn scanner cause is more effective." Right. 1010a5
 AAD2013-06-08several passengers were allowed to walk through metal detectors, but I was told to go through the backscatter machine. I refused and asked to walk through metal detector. My request was denied and I was given the patdown instead. I guess my dreads looked suspicious to TSA-- couldn't help but notice that mostly white and asian people were allowed to walk through the metal detectors... 720p
 AAInternational to domestic2013-05-27Transferring from international to domestic is not a nice experience. It seems every government employee is on some kind of power trip. Be ready for extremely rude TSA, customs people that think they can ask any detailed question about your life, etc. For re-entering security for domestic flights, at E gates there are only scanners and the TSA is incredibly incompetent and rude. After this, we did see a security checkpoint that was not using any scanners at that time, though. MIA is rife with TSA employees walking around on the cell phones doing nothing, wasting our money. 6p15
 AllAll2013-05-03Who protects us from the TSA dum-dums? Only sites like this!
 AAInt'l to domestic connections2013-04-16All WTMD, no naked scanners, going from customer to D gates600p
 DLH2012-12-17There is a Metal Detector, which some folks got to use, but when we tried to use it, they tried to force us into the cancer box...we refused for medical reasons, and were patted down. They were asking folks at the Metal Detect "do you have anything in your pockets", seems so that they could force you into the radiation and get no anomalies and skew the "voluntarily" use this statistics
 UAConcourse G2012-11-29There was only one lane open and the WTMD was roped off. All passengers were being funneled through the MMW scanner. After placing my bags on the conveyer belt for the bag scanner I informed the agent that I would be opting out. She asked me to wait and then another agent escorted me to the pat down area. The frisking was done professionally and he was pleasant. aAbouut 5 min later I was on my way to the gate.630a5
 AAD Gates2012-07-092 lanes open. Left side was WTMD and right was MMW. I waited in the MMW line, then switched over to lane 1 after my ID was checked. The guard (let's not call them "officers" please), was OK with me switching to the WTMD line.830p
 AACheckpoint 12012-04-2335 minutes just to get to the ID checker (checkpoint 2 even worse). Everyone except employees, crew, & kids forced thru the 1 NoS at this checkpoint .930a40
 AAD/E Checkpoint In Front of Hotel2012-04-17There was no line to get to the ID checker. After that, two lanes were in use, one with the MMW wave and a WTMD only lane for elites. The MMW wave lane was backing up so I and many others just walked over to the less crowded elite lane. TSA agents didn't mind. Very convenient if you are staying at the landside Miami Airport hotel. You check out, walk out of the lobby and the checkpoint is right there.1230p5
 DLConcourse H2012-03-25MMW in use for all passengers. But, TSA announced, "Needs recalibrating" as pax in front of me was going to use it, so we both got to use the WTMD (didn't have to opt out!). MMW shut down for 5 minutes, then back in operation after I went through.500a2
 AAE2012-03-18All lines except Elite line were MMW-only. Pat-down was professional and fairly quick, and TSA did not make a big deal of fliers who opted-out.650p20
 AAE2012-03-02E checkpoint (where international pax go off the elevator) was forcing everybody through MMW, so I used another checkpoint1200p
 AAnon-status checkpoint2012-03-02Long line, but moved quickly because they were actually using the WTMDs. I found it ironic that I had selected a WTMD-only line and was entertained by a video production from the TSA Ministerium für Volksaufklärung stating that I had the right to opt out of so-called "advanced" imaging technology. I was opting out by using the line without one, so take that John Pistole!230p
 AAPriority access2012-03-02Line at priority checkpoint was short, but all pax were forced through MMW, with TSA thugs making it clear that it was MMW or groping.1210p
 COH2011-12-15Both WTMD roped off, only MMW available. Walked through WTMD when I opted out.p5
 AAD22011-12-11Lanes 1 and 3 WTMD. Lanes 2 and 4 MMW.1130a
 AAD by AA counters2011-11-2999% sent through
 DLH2011-10-07WTMD only. MMW roped off. If you walk through the checkpoint leading to Concourse J in the middle of the terminal, they were randomly sellecting people for MWW.
 DLH2011-09-10WTMD in use only, nude-o-scope blocked off
 DLH2011-08-04It was self select.
 USH/J2011-07-06There was one MMW/WTMD pair running around late afternoon. There were two lines -- one for each -- but the WTMD line was much longer, so they were pulling people from the WTMD line as the MMW line ran out of victims.
 AAD2011-07-01There were long lines at Checkpoint #2, so we were directed to Checkpoint #1 by a helpful airport person. Checkpoint #2 appeared to have two MMW/WTMD pairs, but I couldn't easily see how they were selecting people. Checkpoint #1 was much better; there was one MMW in the middle, with a WTMD to the left (employee/crew line?) and another to the right. It was easy enough to self-select the line to the right.
 AAD Gates, near D102011-04-09Went through about 0900. They held a ridiculous "Bravo" "Freeze Tag" exercise while I was waiting in line, which provided the entertainment. There was an elite ID check line and a steerage ID check line. Either line fed you into a system of four lines -- two with WTMDs and two with MWW Pornoscopes. The left pair's MMW was roped off. The right side pair had the MMW operating, but only those who were in that lane got picked. It was easy to just pick the right lane and avoid the strip search.
 DLDelta2011-03-24Passenger in front of me was scanned, but I was not.
 AAInternational transfer to domestic2011-03-15Middle line had no xray
 DLH/J2011-02-09Some lines had mm wave scanners, others did not. Easy to move to a line without them.
 Int'lE, International2011-01-26At first only the two lines outer were open with the scanners, but as more flights landed at once they opened all four lines, the middle two just used the metal detectors.
 AAD2010-12-27scanners not in use
 AAD30000-08-03Long lines but not hassled. Polite bilingual screeners.
 0000-00-00no scanners visible
 0000-00-00aa terms D & E are sometimes in use
 AA0000-00-00some passengers
 E, int'l0000-00-00scanners not in use

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