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 DLConcourse D, PreCheck lane2015-10-08200p3
 DLConcourse D2015-03-08PreCheck lane is green, though it has an MMW in the lane (not in use right now); all other lanes are RED.310p3
 DLConcourse D2014-12-07Long line of people at X-ray machine. TSOs testy today; don't like it if you're not submissive.1110a4
 DLConcourse D2014-09-01Green for precheck; red for all others. Carrying sausages in your carry-on bag makes the "hands of blue" nervous.250p1
 DLConcourse D2014-03-16PreCheck lane "green"; all others "red".1010a1
 DLD2013-09-27Everybody through the MMW.340p10
 UAe2013-07-17no choice, no elite line100p
 WND2013-07-12Pretty quick today for the "male assist".430p10
 DLConcourse D2013-06-14NoS for all except airport/airline employees and children. Pat down is professional and efficient. Lines would move faster with just the WTMD!
 DLConcourse D2013-06-07NoS for all except airport/airline employees and children. Pat down is professional and efficient. In fact TSA employee was almost apologetic about doing it. There was a wench in front of the metal detector yelling at people. No need for customer service when you work for the government. Lines would move faster with just the WTMD!
 DLD2013-05-02No Precheck here. All pax getting the AIT.630p10
 Concourse C2013-04-11550p5
 Concourse E2013-02-22150p2
 Concourse D2013-02-01MMW only550a
 DLE2013-01-07Opt out only. Fast enough though. 120p5
 UAC2012-12-26Premium lane still NoS-free (when it's open). Far left, may be able to SDOO from other lanes.400p
 WNC2012-11-20Just got home but when I was going through airport security I had some time to kill and was curious so I opted out of the scanner to see what the big deal with the pat downs was. The guy was clearly not happy with my decision and got really huffy. He kept asking why I didn't want to be scanned etc in a really passive aggressive way. Like "you know that's not an x ray right?" And "do you use a cell phone? That's more radiation then this." I didn't really have a good answer so I didn't give one. He kept it up even as he was going down my back and around my waist so I eventually said "because I like being touched by strangers in uniform." Needless to say mr overly macho tight shirt finished examining me faster than anyone else being checked around me.550p10
 Concourse C2012-10-26Near left lane had MMW shut down. However that lane is mostly restricted to First/Business/Elite/Crew. General pax mostly funneled to right where MMW was operating530a2
 DLE2012-09-22Two lines; left line (fed by priority/elite queue) is MMW only. Right line is WTMD + MMW. WTMD was roped off, everyone through the rape-o-scan. Pat down was more thorough than at other airports, though not done aggressively.510a1
 DLE2012-07-30Sadly, finally everyone goes through the NoS in Terminal E1120a10
 Concourse C2012-07-20Only two baggage X-ray lines open. Both feed into MMW. WTMD-only line closed, used for screening of concourse vendor items.340p2
 DLConcourse E2012-05-29I did not see anyone go through them but there are now two MMW scanners at this checkpoint.
 Concourse D2012-05-18Only one lane open, MMW primary. Opt-out pat down was quick & tame.420p10
 UAC2012-05-10Only two lines feeding into one MMW530p13
 DLConcourse E2012-04-22
 Concourse C2012-04-13There is now a third lane on the far left-hand side of the checkpoint that is WTMD only. However it is primarily accessible from the Elite/First/Crew security line, and it may be shut down during non-peak periods.630a0
 AllConcourse C2012-02-10Two baggage X-ray lines feed into one MMW scanner. WTMD used when MMW line backs up600p5
 FLConcourse C2012-01-11two lines funneling in to one scanner; one not; couldn't tell what the criteria was for who got what. 630a5
 WND522011-12-12Not many passengers. Random selection. I had to go through.130p
 DLConcourse E2011-11-13Quiet checkpoint, no scanners installed.400p1
 UAC2011-10-22No line means automatic rape-o-scan.200p
 Concourse C2011-10-21
 DLConcourse E2011-10-13No scanner at this c/p. Friendly, no shouting.
 FLC2011-07-23Two lanes were open, one leading to a WTMD and one to a body scanner, therefore one could choose to enter the WTMD line.
 C2011-07-12Only MMW open at 6AM. Later, other lanes and possibility to positionally opt out.
 F9D2011-06-06Random selection put me with a very nice agent who was being trained to do patdowns.
 DLE gates2011-05-10
 Concourse C2011-04-14Left hand bank of lanes closed. 1 WTMD, 1 MMW. TSA selects passengers to enter the MMW from both lines.
 C2011-03-18One scanner on, one off. Choose your own line
 FLTerminal C2011-01-13
 UAConcourse C2011-01-04
 FLConcourse C2010-12-27Only the metal detectors. No backscatter machines visible.
 F9Concourse D2010-12-27
 AllConcourse C2010-09-21
 0000-00-00no scanners

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