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 DL1 North2019-02-26Very long line and the Skyway Checkpoint (#10) was inexplicably closed, apparently due to staffing levels. Of course, I counted half a dozen TSA staff doing very little (telling people in line which of the next two lines to queue in, etc) so it could probably be staffed if they wanted. Despite the length of the line stretching half the terminal, it moved reasonably well, because they were using the WTMDs which are way, way faster. No line for pre-check.600a20
 DL1 North2019-02-25Slow moving line was not particularly long, but bottlenecking at security.200p22
 DL1-transit/rental car2017-07-31Pre-check travelers given orange cards and allowed to use the WTMD and keep shoes on. As usual, no wait.540a3
 AANorth Checkpoint/Terminal 12016-10-20WTMD only in use for ~10% of seemingnly randomly selected passengers. No wait time between opting out and pat down search.540p10
 OtherT2, CP12016-06-05Minimal wait for precheck, few takers with most pad on SY and WN.610p18
 AllTerminal 2 (all checkpoints)2016-05-13WTMD and MMW both in use at every checkpoint, with all lines available to all passengers. The MMW line was really backed up, so I dont know why anyone even wanted to use that line.900a18
 AllHumphrey 2016-04-14700a
 AA2016-03-06Absurd wait time. Agents standing around doing nothing. Very frustrating. 120
 DL1/62016-02-07Relatively short lines, very superficial grope.700p5
 DL12016-01-21Opted out, patdown was cursory and non-invasive, agent was polite.1200p10
 DLD2015-11-30Requested Opt Out. Was pretty non invasive and quick.400p20
 DLT1, CP62015-02-22A more cursory patdown than on my way out. When they know you know the drill, they really keep it to a minimum. Guy barely got past my knees. But he did find the bus ticket in my back pocket.600p15
 AAT1, CP62015-01-29Wait time is too long. TSA agent has no energy to attempt to give out directions to passengers. 2-4 TSA agents can be seen standing around doing nothing. Could use an agent directing traffic or giving out instructions to speed up process. Im a seasoned traveler and this is by far my worst experience, worse than St. Louis, and that was my worst airport till now. 500a50
 DL62014-07-13Quite the junk show at MSP. CP 5 is no more, CP 1 closed, the secret CP 10 (rental car/transit) was also closed. Long lines but they moved. Scouted out CP6 and it had an SDOO which was easy to find (understaffed) so no grope for me. Looked like one fellow got a very enhanced interrogation where they made him turn on all his electronics. If I were him I'd have a hard time not throwing a fit.630p15
 DL62014-06-15Most people but not all through MMW. Opt out was fast and not very obtrusive. Agent was friendly/professional410p3
 WNHumphrey T22014-06-01looked like 50/50 to either MMW or WTMD as directed230p10
 UA2/Main (1)2014-03-31pathetic wait time for this hour of the day400a45
 DL22014-02-25NB: Long lines as usual around 6 AM, but if you're silver status or higher, you can use Checkpoint 2 which has no elite line.620a
 DLT1, transit/rental car2014-02-03Certainly worth taking the tram this time of morning to avoid long lines. Little wait at the secret check in. Some lucky passengers were selected for WTMD, I got a friendly patdown. Told the TSO that I understood they were justi doing what they're told, he laughed and said "if only everyone had that attitude."610a5
 AllHumphrey 2013-12-29Real aggressive grope. Multiple passes across the groin, more than usual effort to try to get me to use the machines, wanting a reason for the opt out. Sort of degrading instructions from the older woman working the front of the line - - treated us like four year old. 830a
 DL62013-11-17Rapiscan machine was the only way through. TSA agent insisted I had something in my pocket when I didn't, when's he15
 DL62013-11-13all non precheck passengers were forced to use cp6 so the line was double long and overflowing. however, they simplified the procedures to make the line (could jepp jacket and shoes on and didn't have to take laptops or liquids out)) 750a20
 DLCheckpoint 62013-11-01Check point 4 is now a TSA pre-check only line. No good way to avoid the MMW anymore.10
 DL2013-10-10TSA is down to one line at MSP apprently because of Govt. shutdown, so expect long waits2p30
 DLT1 CP62013-10-06I normally pick CP4 to avoid the MMW scanners but the line was crazy long and I was running late, so I had to use CP 6 to make my flight. Fortunately when I arrived one of the MMW scanners was out of service (a sign was placed in front). They were directing passengers through the WTMD instead. I don't know how often this happens but I'll assume I was lucky. A few minutes after going through they reopened the MMW. CP6 has two security lines and moves quickly. 400p5
 UA42013-08-09mmw shut off wtmd in use620p
 DLCheckpoint 12013-05-20510a
 DLCheckpoint 32013-05-20520a
 DLCheckpoint 4/PreCheck2013-05-20Only WTMD line520a1
 AllTerminal 1 Checkpoint 22013-05-08Both a WTMD on the right and MMW on the left were present, but can go to either. Go right to avoid intrusions into your privacy.
 USTerminal 1, Checkpoint 42013-05-08Long line but worth it because only a WTMD present. You can check in at any airline in terminal 1 and still use checkpoint 44p
 DLTerminal 1, checkpoint 62013-05-04At this time of night, only one checkpoint was open and scanners were the only option.900p5
 US42013-04-25Sequester politics430p35
 DLTerminal 1 (Lindbergh)/Checkpoint #42013-04-12Went through Sky Priority Line, which was much shorter than the normal entry. CP #4 is still WTMD only; all other CP's appear to use MMW machines. Staff polite and friendly.720a5
 WN2 (Humphrey)2013-04-05Bit long of a wait to get to head of line with not enough staff, but MMW's not in use. Most or all people went through WTMD. Agents reasonably civil and friendly.400p20
 DLMain term2013-03-276a30
 DL1, rental car and transit2013-02-25Lines at the Main600a15
 DL1, rental car and transit2013-02-25Lines at the Main CPs were outrageous as they usually are in the morning in MSP. I took the tram downstairs to the rental car and transit area where there is a CP (you can check bags on the tram level and head straight over). The line was shorter, only 15 minutes, but nearly everyone was shoehorned through the scanner, he metal detector was only used when the line backed up. I wasn't one of the lucky few but the grope was quick at least.600a15
 DLTerminal 1 Checkpoint 42013-02-08Still WTMD only, still pleasant employees, still lightning fast for SkyPriority.750a3
 DLTerminal 1 - CP 42013-01-29Any checkpoint will give access to all Lindburg terminal gates. Crazy long lines here, always be prepared. However, I noticed CP 5 was closed, so that might be why the lines were heavier. Only one TSA agent checking ID's. I wasn't able to shortcut the line by using the pre-check line this time. 730a40
 DLTerminal 1 Checkpoint 42012-12-31No scanners, WTMD only, and possibly the nicest TSA employees i've ever dealt with, probably because, well, no scanners. Checkin to cleared in 4 minutes. 730a2
 UAT1, CP42012-12-15No scanners, WTMD only.3
 AllLindberg2012-12-07Can't decide between blue and yellow. Checkpoint 4 stil has no machines, so that would be yellow. But the other checkpoints weren't using the machines they have (except the always-active checkpoint 6), so blue. Basically, pretty easy to get through.300p8
 OtherT2/HHH 12012-10-21New Checkpoint with MMW in all 6 lanes.500a15
 WNterm 22012-10-20I opted out, took awhile to get male assist.600a25
 DLSkyPriority checkpoint (4?)2012-10-13Got Precheck, but don't remember if there are any scanners at this checkpoint600p
 DLCheckpoint 4/Lindbergh2012-09-20Checkpoint 4 is still WTMD only, and is the PreCheck and Preferred line (aka, First Class and Gold+ Medallion Frequent Flyers.) For some reason, they ignored my husband's PreCheck status, so we both went through standard security. Because of the number of people in the PreCheck/Preferred line, I don't know that it was any faster, but it was still efficient and staff were polite. Walking by Checkpoints 5&6 from the back, I did see that AIT has been installed at these Checkpoints, so don't know how much longer this AIT-free checkpoint will last. 400p15
 Other22012-08-09Very long security lines. All lanes were in use. Very easy to move to a WTMD only lane.620a40
 DL1 / Lindbergh2012-08-06I didn't check out any other lines, but Checkpoint 4 is still all WTMD (and moves quickly because of it). In the morning, at least, it is signed as Sky Priority only. Lines were long but moved quickly, although extenuating circumstances (IRROPs) allowed me to skip the line; the 15 minutes is a guess at the line length.620a15
 DLTerminal 1 (Lindburg), CP 42012-07-07CP 4 still has no scanners. There is a pre-check line (enter from the right) which is much shorter. You can walk into that line even whether you participate in that program or not, they will just direct you to the 'normal' line which is shorter. It was a little non-intuitive to find though. Wait times are always hit or miss here.800a10
 DLTerminal 1 (Lindburg); CP42012-07-02As others have noted, CP4 is still WTMD only. Pre-Check in this lane is accessed through an entry to the right (it looks like you would be going to a Delta counter). Pre-check is only for certified individuals, so my husband was offered the opportunity, but I had to go through the main line. He stayed with me, as there really wasn't much of a line. Staff was polite and efficient.800a5
 AATerminal 12012-06-29Only safe checkpoint now is #4. I'm sure that will be changing very soon. Lines move very slowly here. Much more slowly than other airports.20
 CP1, CP52012-06-21CP1 and CP5 bpth have a MMW in place after the WTMD--no SDOO. The only WTMD-only CP left in terminal 2 is CP4.
 AATerminal 1, checkpoint 12012-06-16Sexually frustrated TSA clerks were doing the technology-enabled ogling thing. Man, I feel sooooooo much safer knowing that all the dudes have penises and the women have firmly attached boobs.
 AllTerminal 1, checkpoint 42012-06-10Checkpoint 4 is TSA pre-check (better called "September 10 security"). To the commenter at 5-22, show us your radiation safety credentials and peer-reviewed studies. Until then, TSA can start touching my penis when they can find the >3 oz tube of toothpaste in my bag.
 AllTerminal 1/Checkpoint 12012-06-10430a
 AllT1/CP12012-06-09Checkpoint 1 has a NoS installed, and is now being used as primary. To DL flyer from 5-22, TSA appears to be here to be sure my penis is still attached, not to actually keep me safe.
 WNTerminal 22012-05-27Scanner now active in one lane at Terminal 2. One other lane was open when I went through, WTMD only, went to that line. Around 30 minutes later, traffic picked up and they opened another WTMD-only line.230p
 DLLindbergh Terminal, Checkpoint 52012-05-23Checkpoint 5 was still AIT-free on this date; WTMD only at this checkpoint. Not a fan of TSA in general, but will point out staff was efficient and polite. Offered me a WTMD-safe/TSA-approved cane to use if I needed it to walk through the WTMD when they saw me placing mine on the conveyor belt. I didn't need it, but it was nice to be asked without prompting.720a10
 DL2012-05-22@MSP..you are a total moron. Keep aviation security to those of us that actually know about aviation. I am a pilot thank you very much. May MSP continue to be an airport where you can chose FREEDOM and not sexual assault groping and radiation. NO DOSE of unnecessary radiation is safe, especially not when administered by TSA thugs.
 DLTerminal 12012-05-22TSA MSP officers are there to protect YOU. About the comment from 12-16-2010, MSP has never had a backscatter which uses x-ray technology(less than what you get at the dentist), they have millimeter wave machines that use radio waves (less than the cell phone you are probably attached to). So if you don't like going through the security that is in place to keep you safe, find another mode of transport. Personally, I would prefer everyone go through a "body scanner" when I fly. 830a1
 USTerminal 12012-05-19Still the same as previous comments: Checkpoints 2 and 6 were scanners, rest were WTMD. All checkpoints lead to all gates in Terminal 1.
 Terminal 22012-04-16Still no scanners at Humphrey/Terminal 2. This terminal serves WN, FL, SY, NK, FI. No airside connection to T1.500a
 DL12012-02-26Checkpoints 2 and 6 have scanners. Others free and clear. Chkpt 1 was closed.600p10
 WNTerminal 22012-02-12Walked right up and screening was easy. Maybe in the morning it's longer but this would be expected. No problems. p
 DLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 42012-02-07No AIT at checkpoint 4, which is open to all (although SkyPriority has a shorter line). Installation has begun for TSA PreCheck. Currently are randomly pulling individuals for PreCheck Lane -- does not matter if you're enrolled, you may or may not be allowed to use PreCheck until they're done with the trial period.500p5
 AATerminal 1, Checkpoint 12012-01-31WTMD only. This is the line on the far right near the UA ticketing counter. Line was surprisingly short, only one person ahead of me, never been this lucky. I usually plan for at least a 30 minute security line since the wait times are always such a crap-shoot. 700a1
 DLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 42012-01-14Checkpoint 4 is still scanner-free, and with some of the nicest, most professional TSA screeners out there.1200p10
 DLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 12011-12-21Still no scanners at this checkpoint. The staff was very nice, and the line here was visibly longer than the AIT checkpoints. Staff tried to tell people who noted how long it took that "it's faster at the other end" (i.e. - where the AIT is) Our wait was long, but there were many inexperienced fliers holding things up.500a30
 OtherTerminal 1, Checkpoint 12011-12-11No scanners at all in this checkpoint yet
 DLCheckpoint 12011-11-29No scanners at checkpoint 1, millimeter wave scanners in use at some other checkpoints.
 DLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 22011-11-29Contrary to other reports, I didn't see any scanners installed or in use at this checkpoint.
 DLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 42011-11-27No machines present at checkpoint 4, all passengers sent through WTMD. Minimal yelling and an overal positive TSA experience. Has access to all terminal 1 airlines.
 FLTerminal 2 (smaller terminal)2011-11-19This is the way to fly... FABULOUS security line! In and out in under 3 minutes. Accidentally left my iPhone in back pocket, so the metal detector went off. I kinda forgot to be careful, so I immediately said, "Oh, forgot my phone!" and ran back through metal detector to put my phone through x-ray. No problem. They just waved me through again. I'm not suspicious in any way, so I'm not surprised they ignored my space-out. (Same terminal for Southwest, Airtran, SunCountry.)
 Terminal 1, Checkpoint 12011-09-03Scanner-free checkpoint one was closed in the late morning, and TSA was directing people to the "nearby" checkpoint 2. You could still opt for Checkpoint 4, though.
 DL2011-08-30who in the hell are you? I just posted what I saw. just because you can select your own checkpoint doesn't mean that you won't get a "random" sexual assault (pat down). =) I just posted what I observed so people can be aware.
 AllLindbergh/1, main2011-08-27Still no scanners at checkpoints 1, 4 and 5. And whoever posted about the "great prairie city being turned in to a sexual assault zone": a) since you an easily avoid it, it's not, and b) you have invoked the wrath of the admin.
 AllLindbergh/1, transit/rental2011-08-25About 1 in 10 people were being steered to the backscatter, others through WTMD. However, many of these were crew who use this checkpoint frequently.
 UA12011-08-23Check point 1 has no porn machines yet... some others do
 DLTerminal 1, Checkpoint 12011-08-05
 AllT2/HHH2011-07-05No scanner
 AllT1/Lindberg2011-07-04It's pick your own checkpoint. Checkpoints 2,6 and 10 have MMWs and are using them for everybody. Checkpoints 1,3,4,5 and 7 don't have them.
 DLTerminal 12011-07-03Went through Checkpoint 4, which is still scanner-free. I was selected for additional screening; my sandals were taken & analyzed somehow. TSA agent (female) was sympathetic to stressed cat in my arms & waited until he was stowed in his carrier before continuing screening.
 DLLindbergh, Checkpoint 52011-06-21No scanner at checkpoint 5.
 DLLindbergh/1, checkpoint 52011-06-16No scanner
 DLLindbergh/1, checkpoint 62011-06-16Scanner present but not in use
 AllT 12011-06-07Checkpoints 1, 4 and 5 still scanner free. Others have and use MMW.
 AllTerminal 1, Checkpoint 12011-06-05Checkpoint is at far right end of terminal 1 when facing check in counters. Access to all terminal 1 airlines.
 AllLindbergh 1/Checkpoint 42011-05-13Still safe at checkpoint 4. Note: Checkpoint 2 has 2 MMW. I saw one roped off but the other was active violating passengers' rights.
 DLcheckpoint 52011-05-04no scanners here
 All1 lindbergh transit/rental cars2011-04-09Scanner roped off despite light traffic
 All1lindbergh main2011-04-09Didn't check all entry points but cp1 is still scanner-free
 DLTerminal 1 skyway2011-04-05Not sure if everyone was getting scanned since the line was long and I went to the main terminal, but definitely saw someone getting scanned
 AllLindbergh/1, main2011-03-02CP 6 and 2 have scanners, some were in use. At CP 2 the elite lane led to an off scanner, the other lanes few passengers were selected. I talked to an airport employee who said that folks with metal implants liked the machines, and you could generally choose whether to use it. She was not sure whether they'd be adding them to other lanes, and said it "might be a big waste of money." CP4 seems, at busy times, to be a DL SkyPriority line only.
 AllLindbergh: connector (transit & rental cars)2011-02-24The mmw was in use, but only one in 10 or fewer passengers was led through it. It did, however, seem pretty random.

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