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 UA1/BC2016-08-06Lines not bad but a very slow X-ray operator. Pleasant pat down.910a14
 UA1, concourse B/C2016-07-29All passengers through pre-check WTMDs. No shoes or laptop nonsense either. Amazing how fast it went.450p3
 UATerminal 12016-03-21Terminal 1 has one precheck line that is very long, snaked all the way past the airline check-in counters, but moves in moderate pace. Took me 15 minutes to get through security.640a15
 UATerminal 12014-12-12A few people were directed through the WTMD when there was a line for the AIT.220p
 DLT22014-02-22MMW in use for all pax except Precheck.1130a10
 UATerminal 12014-01-04Standard lanes backed up to the ticket counters. Seems international incoming passengers transferring to domestic sent TSA into meltdown. Kettles with short connection times were freaking and the Pre lanes were free and clear. 900a90
 AA32013-11-22At one checkpoint, one of the scanners was roped off and fortunately, everyone was sent through the WTMD. This was on the farthest to the right, away from the elite entrance. Fortunately, the metal detector only lane at checkpoint was also open.820a
 UAT1, Security 2, right side2013-10-22Far left lane has MMW roped off; I was able to choose that lane and go through WTMD.1000a
 UA2013-10-07While switching planes I had to walk part several checkpoints to get to my gate. MMWs were being used for 97% of passengers. Saw a few go through WTMD by United Counters (far left lane only) and at the smaller checkpoint near concourses E/F. 4a
 AATerminal 32013-09-13Unfortunately, the lane at checkpoint 9 (the checkpoint closest to Spirit airlines) with only WTMD was closed. I went down to checkpoint 8 and found a lane that was only using WTMD. This lane was closed while I was in line, so I went to checkpoint 7, which fortunately had a lane that was only using WTMD. This lane was closest to the priority lane, but it looked like others could also use the lane. I was able to get through it, but was nervous because I was not sure how long for which it would remain open.1020a
 AllT3, CP 9, furthest left2013-08-05CP 9 is the only SDOO at ORD. Access to all terminals, but it's at the far end of T3 so it's a bit of a walk from T1 and T2. As stated, stay to the right after the ID check for WTMD. Several other CPs in CP3 weren't using their scanners and defaulted to WTMDs, probably due to long lines. 110p15
 UAT12013-07-28The waiting time was brutal, people with short connection times were freaking out. When I got closer I saw which lanes were going through the metal detector and which were going through the scanners. the metal detector line seemed slower but hey!1150a40
 UST22013-07-13WTMD for precheck on left side. Grope was quick without testicle chops.500p10
 UA22013-07-04The left side WTMD was blocked for PreCheck only. there is no access to the WTMD anymore. Everyone got scanned.1200p10
 UA12013-06-08Unfortunately, everyone except those sent through pre-check was sent through body scanners. There was only one regular lane in the terminal, and the elite lane fed to the regular lane. I tried to use the metal detector lane in terminal 1 first, but it was not open--this early in the morning, many of the security lanes were unfortunately closed. There was a really long line.430a
 AACheckpoint closest to Spirit Airlines2013-05-31At this checkpoint (which may be more of a Spirit/Virgin America checkpoint, but all gates in terminals 1, 2, and 3 are reachable through this checkpoint), people turn right will encounter a WTMD, while people who turn left will encounter a body scanner. 700a
 AA7/8 T32013-05-12MMW for all passengers except Pre-Check. A few lucky ones go through WTMD when scanners need calibrating. Lines move slowly.530p20
 UACheckpoint 3/T12013-04-241200p
 Int'l52013-04-10odd Int'l 5 2013-04-10 WTMD in place at first and last station. Backscatter in middle. Requested metal detector and went through that line.
 Int'lInternational2013-04-05Only one MMW machine opened. NO WTMD. Opt Out, Got a pat down.830a0
 UA2/T12013-03-27WTMD in use / MMW roped off1140a5
 DLT22013-03-18MMW now in use for all lanes except Pre-Check. However, sometimes you'll get lucky and one of the Pre-Check lanes is being used for regular passengers. Rule of thumb for ORD T2 remains the same - always stay as far left as you can.1230p
 AATerminal 3, Checkpoint closest to Spirit Airlines counter2013-03-15After one's ID was checked, one could either turn left for a body scanner or right for a WTMD.520a
 Int'lT3/Checkpoint 72013-03-10One MMW was roped off until we got to the front of the line.
 UATerminal 1 Far left checkpoint closest to Terminal 22013-02-13All lanes funneled to one checkpoint which had everyone go through the MMW Scanner. I informed the agent that I would be opting out and he had me wait until another agent came and escorted me around the scanner to the other side. He then had me empty my pockets and remove my belt while going through the speil of how he was going to conduct the pat down. He was very professional and was done in about 2-3 min.500p10
 UAT22013-02-10wtmd roped off - 2MMW in use. 700a0
 UA12013-01-23MMW in use for both lanes
 UA12013-01-23MMW in use for both lanes
 AAT3 checkpoint 72012-12-12WTMD on right was being used. backscatter on left. very easy to select wtmd line.10
 UA12012-12-05Everyone was being sent through MMW. 530p
 UA1?2012-11-28Was connecting through the B concourse and saw the checkpoint right in front of the escalators that lead underground to the C concourse. All backscatter machines were turned off and roped off. Several MMW machines were installed where all passengers went through. It seems the backscatter machines are about to be shipped out to storage and the transition to MMW is nearly complete.350p
 All1 and 22012-11-21100% MMW except for "family" line and PreCheck1130a
 Int'lT22012-11-14MMW ATR in use for all pax. Leftmost lane for priority does not have MMW, but was roped off.1230p20
 DL22012-11-09This is the first time I've gone through terminal 2 and not have the WTMD open. The line wasnt long and it wasnt as busy, so they were just funneling every one through the MMW. I opted out and was patted down by a TSA agent. The agent was very professional and was detailed in his explanations.530p
 DL22012-10-26MMW have now been deployed to all lanes except Prchec610a2
 UAT12012-10-19Opt for center line and avoid radiation machine910a15
 DLTerminal 22012-10-11Terminal 2 was a piece of cake. Simple stay to the left and you can avoid the MMW machines - quick and easy WTMD410p
 UAterminal 1 2012-10-08There is a MMW on the very left side that was in use (on the side of first class line). There are many backscatter machines in between and one more MMW on the very right side. There are also metal detectors (WTMD) in every lane as well. The checkpoint was very busy with long lines and only the WTMDs were being used and the backscatter machines were blocked off. Amazing, all the planes screened with passengers using the metal detectors were safe last night!! I guess the NOS aren't neccesary. The MMW on the very left side was being used and people williningly chose that line even though they could have chosen another lane!! The MMW line was moving very slowly. Maybe the passengers feel safer using them but don't they already know if they are safe or not?!! It was retarded, most people at the checkpoint were using the WTMD (metal detectors). I don't understand the logic for the "anything for safety" crowd. I saw a few business guys in suits that clearly flew a lot and they all chose the WTMD line on the left side instead of the MMW on the very left of the elite line. One lady kept beeping the WTMD and they let her try to walk through a few times before they called for a "female assist, alarm" and she was herded off to the side. Security theatre? Do they turn off the body scanners when it gets crazy busy? I guess bad guys don't use the checkpoint when it's busy? Not one person opted out of the MMW on the lft side. It probably would have made that line even slower!!! 600p
 UA12012-09-17In left set of checkpoints, BKSX used for all in left-most lane; WTMD only in the other two lanes. In the right set of checkpoints, BKSX used in right lane; WTMD only in the left lane.300p15
 AAT3/CP7A2012-09-09CP7A has one WTMD (left) and two MMWD. Serf land was mostly MMWD with limited options to choose the left lane. Priority lane was the opposite; generally WTMD with limited risk of being put in the MMWD lanes (dawdling can help here). All the other T3 checkpoints appeared to be 100% MMWD.1030a
 DL22012-08-27As usual, easy sdoo at T2. Chkpts in T1 looked to have some sdoo opportunities as well.950a5
 UA2/12012-08-27security 2 at terminal 1 possible to choose wtmd (1 backscatter and 2 wtmd open)1130a3
 DL22012-08-06Same old same old here. Stay left for no scanning, they won't direct you otherwise. No premium line, short other lines, works for all domestic flights.220p4
 UAT12012-07-22Got PreCheck - very civilized. No line, WTMD only, left everything in my bags. Sad to think this was the norm for everyone 10 years ago1130a
 UATerminal 1 Checkpt 22012-07-21BKSX machines were mostly not in use. If you pay attention, you can find a line where the NoS is not in use. Security 3 looked like it was exclusively BKSX, though.300p5
 B6Terminal 3 chkpt by TSA baggage dropoff2012-07-11There is a BKSX on the left and a WTMD on the right and two lanes for travelers. You will be randomly selected for one or the other, but I was able to dawdle with my bags until I saw that the BKSX was full and get to use the WTMD.510a
 UATerminal 1 Premier Access2012-07-01Attempted PreCheck, denied along with 98% of other travelers. Lane led to BSKX only, so we moved farther down to a WTMD only lane.1200p25
 AAPriorityAAccess checkpoint between L and K,2012-06-21Most PriorityAAccess went through WTMD on left. Randomly pulled small number of people to backscatter on right. Stay Left!300p10
 UAT22012-06-13After ID check keep left. Only line on right has BKSX.350p10
 UA22012-06-01No scanners; okay to use this checkpoint as a United passenger (all Terminal 1 checkpoints have backscatter)110p5
 UATerminal 22012-05-29Two out of three lines had just WTMD, other line had BSKX. Agent was disagreeable about me standing where I could see my stuff.450a15
 US2 2012-05-28Furthest left lines are wtmd; on the right is a mmw machine that appeared to be operational randomly for about half of travelers. Only two lanes open.700p10
 UA22012-05-26Although the only open lane was BX, there was a very ald and disabled gentleman slowly preparing to go through it. As a result, the rest of us were sent through WTMD while they dealth with him. I use this checkpoint even when I am not flying United and it is never a problem.
 AAT32012-05-16WTMD only an option for priority access lane. Everyone else gets zapped. 520p
 All22012-05-14The two lanes at the far left were WTMD only. The one at the very left appeared to be for elite fliers at first, but after the travel document checker, they allowed everyone to move into that lane. It should be noted that I overheard the TSA person working the lane talking about how he had 3 minutes left for his shift. I asked him what would happen after that and he told me that he did not think that the next shift of workers would still be at the lane and that it was likely that the lane would be closed. I did not get to see what happened after then regarding whether the lane was left open, as well as the other metal detector lane. 230p
 UA12012-05-06Left lanes were slower but had only a metal detector in use. Other lines had WTMD and body scanners. I picked the slow lane!1100a25
 UATerminal 12012-04-24While I waited, the TSO's randomly blocked the WTMDs or the NoSs. I got lucky and they were using the WTMDs when I went through, but five minutes earlier it was all NoS, and when I looked back after reassembling my stuff it was all NoS again.400p15
 UA12012-03-26Unfortunately, everyone at this checkpoint was sent through the body scanner. TSA employees were standing in front of the metal detectors, blocking them. Fortunately, I have read that one can access this terminal by going through terminal 2 which has lanes without body scanners on the far left.430p
 Terminal 22012-03-23Five lanes at this CP. Three to the left are WTMD only. Two to the right are WTMD/BSKX pair. TSA may "force" you to head into the right pair. Keep left to have a better chance of WTMD600a20
 AA3 (first class/TSA PreCheck)2012-03-20New TSA PreCheck opened today. Tons of execs in suit standing around watching.a3
 UAT22012-03-15Left-most WTMD only lane at T2 is now for priority passengers only. Managed to talk my way into it, but...1120a
 AAT3 First Class Checkpoint (between Gate K1 and Concourse L)2012-02-26Mandatory backscatter for everyone but children 12 and under. Chat-downs at the ID checker. Everyone was very respectful.1030a0
 US22012-02-23The far left lane at Terminal 2 was open. All of the terminals are connected beyond security (except the international terminal), so for most domestic flights, one can use this checkpoint.940a
 UAT32012-02-16Left side of the checkpoint is free of porn machines550p5
 UA12012-02-15One lane out of service; otherwise WTMD if NoS in use540a6
 AATerminal 32012-02-15As far as we could see all the machines were blocked.410p
 AAT32012-02-124 checkpoints at T3. The one left of 1st class check in was scanners, the one to the right of that was long wait Sunday pm, scanners and WTMD and then right of that was a checkpoint where the priority access lane fed to WTMD. Could not tell other lines. Another checkpoint near T2 was busy and I could not tell how lines were working1p
 UAT22012-02-07All WTMD checkpoints closed except the far right which has BXSC. Right at the 6 pm shift change, suddenly they start sending everyone though the WTMD only, closely observed by a tense bald white dude in a suit. When I got out, I could see workers checking in and sauntering slowly over to the observation booth. Brought to you by the brain trusts, indeed.600p
 DLE2012-01-30Stay as far left as you can. There is a backscatter on the far right, standard metal detector on its left, and also on the far left. In my required lane the tsa were selecting ppl for backscatter. 900a8
 UAT22012-01-13T2 terminal has one central security checkpoint, which is divided into a left and right sections. On the left only WTMD were being used. On the right is an X-ray backscatter machine. After you pass through security, you can access Terminals 1 and 3400p
 Int'lT52012-01-11All lanes had BKSX but one not in use1000a10
 AST32012-01-03There were two lanes open, and everyone was being funneled to the radiation machines. They pulled people out at random to go through the WTMD, though (I watched one lady go to the WTMD, and TSA made her go to the line for the BKSX, then just before she got there he pulled her back out of line and sent her to the WTMD - go figure!), and fortunately both of us travelling together were selected to go through there.530p
 UAT12011-12-29Naughty smurfs with their nude-o-scopes zapping everyone640p10
 VXT32011-12-28Check #7, Check #9 had xray. #7 allowed SDOO. Check #8 (Elite/1st) WRMD Only.a
 UAT22011-12-25Went to T2 and tried to stay left, but it was so empty, I was singled out and herded right into the backscatter lane. I tried to stay left and they swooped in asking if there was a problem. Then I was lied to by the agent telling me it wasn't backscatter, when it clearly is. All backscatters in use in T1, so still worth trying T2. At least there's a chance you can get into regular xray. 1130a0
 UAT12011-12-21Naughty smurfs at ORD T1 were running their cancer inducing porn machines. Opted out.550p2
 UAT22011-12-20Three leftomost lanes using WTMD only.6a
 UAT22011-11-23Arrived from Int'l T5, took train to T2 (even though my flight was from T1, SO worth it. Get off the train, down the escalator, go STRAIGHT AHEAD (that's the 'left side' everyone else refers to), and there are no machines there. The 'right side' is divided by a wall. Well worth the extra five minutes is takes to walk from T2 to T1, especially since all the T1 lanes were using the backscatter when I walked by.
 AAT32011-11-22At Domestic Checkin
 COT22011-11-16Nude-o-scope was in operation... was able to avoid it by staying in the left lane
 DLT22011-11-11Right side was active.
 CO22011-10-12Got the royal treatment this time... smurfs were having a ball with their porn machine
 UAT12011-09-28Porn machines are on for everyone and it was hard to avoid.
 UAT22011-09-28Porn machines in use... was able to dodge the bullet
 UAT22011-09-28Only one porn machine in use on the right. Move to the left and we were fine.
 DL22011-09-26One can avoid body scanners by staying to the far left lane of Terminal 2. Note that all terminals at ORD are connected, so one can do this to avoid body scanners when flying on any airline out of ORD.
 AAT3, center2011-09-18Smurfs nuking passengers, line moved slowly. Opened three of four metal detectors, cleared out
 UATerminal 12011-09-10This was a Saturday, only the first three checkpoints (left to right, as you enter the area) were open. All Backscatter machines in use, was used as primary. Radiation for all!
 AA92011-09-09Everybody being put through the scanner. 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! 9/11! Too bad we can now tell Osama has won.

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