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 B6D/E2016-07-09Every line had an MMW and WTMD, even PreCheck.730a5
 AAA 2015-12-235a
 AAA2014-12-26Pretend you can't lift your arms ---> redirected to a metal detector15
 USA West2014-06-08Checkpoint isn't safe anymore. Unless you have PreCheck, you'll be sent to the MMW.
 USinternational transfer2014-03-07Precheck was closed by this time of night, but those eligible can keep shows on. Regardless, everyone funneled to NoS.830p20
 USB2013-12-28Pre-check was WTMD only; for everyone else, it was MMW with the WTMD blocked most of the time. Opted out.
 AATerminal A West Pre-Check2013-11-16Wait was mainly for pax randomly selected for Pre-Check who didn't understand what it meant so had to wait for them to get re-packed & re-dressed before I could go thru. Moat dragon making snarky remarks about those random pax 'don't have a clue'-felt like telling her it's because they have spent years being yelled at by her kind because they DIDN'T strip down. Sheesh!900a2
 USB/C2013-10-20When dropped off at B, use the right escalator. The line on the left used a metal detector only.230p5
 USB2013-10-07TSA artificially created lines. The staff is under trained, overly scrutinized, and a model of inefficiency. 630a30
 USinternational transfer2013-07-12Some lines use WTMD, most use MMW body scanners; mostly on the far left. (International transfer is the TSA security checkpoint after the immigration and customs checkpoint for arriving international flights.)300p
 DLD2013-05-05There is a MMW scanner in this terminal, but I opt out each time. Professional and non-invasive pat down followed, I was pleased with the results. Also they tried to say MMW was 'new technology' blahblah and I flat out said that everytime I go through it, I get patted down anyway, so I'll just skip the machine, thanks.100p5
 USD/E2013-04-24Scanners now on all D/E lines, but they'll pick some to go through WTMD during busy times (and rope them off otherwise). I got sent through WTMD, fortunately, but this is no longer a safe checkpoint.
 USC2013-04-12I only went through a metal detector (right side lane)1100a
 USB/C2013-03-23was in long line at Terminal B. TSA said go to Terminal C for wait times less than 5 minutes rather than 45 at B. Told TSA at C that I was sent from B. Put in Express lane. Sailed right through. Only WTMD in620a2
 USC&D2013-02-14100% MMW were used. No way to SDOP. Opt out and got FXXKed by tsa. TSA go to HELL!200p30
 UAD/E2013-01-21It's over in PHL. Going from green to red. There are 4 MMW units in the right lanes. The other lanes on the left were closed. No way to SDOO and had to opt out. Pat down was professional and courteous.730a
 WND2013-01-20Crapppy organization staff 3p
 WND2013-01-14They are putting in a MMW scanner, but at this time I only went thru the standard metal detectors. Did not see many patdowns.600a20
 WND/E2012-12-25L3 Provision ATD MMWs now installed at the D/E checkpoint in the lanes farthest to the right. They were sending people to those lanes including myself, but it looks like a good amount of passengers got to go through the non-MMW lanes.
 AllD2012-12-18They had a section draped in black plastic that they were installing a MMW scanner in. :(
 DLD2012-10-24Still safe... metal detectors only. Although my wife got randomly selected for a hand swab test.
 DLD2012-10-18Thankfully still no scanners!
 USD2012-08-09No scanners here. D gate is the best way to go.100p10
 USD2012-07-27As previously reported, no scanners at D checkpoint, and can reach any concourse after clearing at D550p0
 AAA East2012-06-20WTMD only, though line was a bit long. Worth the wait to avoid cancer.
 AllTerminal D2012-06-17Terminal D security is a hidden gem at PHL. Almost nonexistant line, through in less than 5 minutes.720p5
 WND2012-06-16No scanners yet.600a5
 WND2012-06-09WTMD only. Patdowns were given to people who alarmed WTMD, so make sure to get through in one try.230p5
 AATerminal A East2012-06-08Well worth the wait-WTMD only.150p8
 UATerminal D2012-06-08Very easy. I love going through PHL Terminal D. No scanners... Metal Detectors only.
 USTerminal C2012-06-01Expert line led to metal detector; others led to WTMD/MMW.830a
 USinternational transfer2012-05-25not a WBI in sight.5a1
 USTerminal C2012-05-19Long line and only one MMW NOS open. Everyone got irradiated. :(720p0
 USTerminal D2012-05-19No line and No NOS. Best check point at PHL.730p0
 USTerminal F2012-05-18Long line and only one MMW NOS was openned. Everyone got irradiated.1100a
 DLD2012-05-17No AIT at D gate. Random patdown only. I had no trouble, lines moved quicklym8a
 DLD2012-05-16No scanners, only metal detectors. Random patdowns or patdown if you set off the machine. Generally not crowded nor hostile in this area.1000a5
 USTerminal D2012-04-23Terminal D is still scanner-free. Use it to access any terminal after security. Very short line in the afternoon.130p<5
 UAD2012-04-03PHL Terminal D is great! No scanners! Very easy!500a
 DLd/e2012-04-01Yay for freedom. =)
 UAD2012-01-31Very efficient screening checkpoint... mainly because no nude-o-scopes are installed here!520p1
 UATerminal D2012-01-26Very quick and easy to get through, only metal detectors.
 DLTerminal D/E2012-01-02Amazingly, no full body scanners. A pleasant security experience, which is becoming very rare these days.340p10
 USD2011-12-14No such machines at any of the several lines.600a5
 AllTerminal D2011-12-08No scanners, short lines, quick and efficient800a
 DLTerminal D2011-11-29
 AllTerminal D2011-11-22Terminal D is still scanner-free as of today.
 DLD entry2011-11-05D entry had no AIT however Got randomly selected for patdown but nobody was around to do it so I didn't get one.
 F9A2011-10-13Only one lane was open, but there was no scanner in this lane.
 USD2011-09-05Terminal D is still scanner-free; use it to access any other terminal post-security.
 USB2011-08-16Rush hour and about 80% put through the NoS
 USC2011-08-083 lines, MMW in center line, no trouble choosing WTMD.
 DLTerminal D2011-08-04Still got a TSA handjob!
 USD gate2011-07-29No AIT at D gate entry. Walked over to C gate for flight. 9:40 am flight.
 AAA- West2011-07-24I believe the A East checkpoint has been renovated and I was surprised to see no scanners at any of the 8 or so lanes. This appears to be a safe checkpoint as of today. You can access any terminal and gate once past the pervs.
 USD2011-07-06I walked by security at Terminal C in PHL yesterday, and it looked like they were putting everyone or nearly everyone through the MMW machine. Use Terminal D to access all gates -- it's still clear as of now.
 USTerminal A2011-06-22 No scanners. Just metal detector. No fuss
 DLD2011-06-18No AIT of any kind through D gate entry. So just use that and walk to your terminal unscathed!
 USD2011-05-30Terminals B & C now both have AIT machines (looks like one MMW each). From what I could see, they were putting everyone through the one at terminal C; I couldn't tell for certain at B, but I'd bet it was the same, as both had long lines. I walked down to D for quick, radiation-free screening.
 USB2011-05-21Scanner there, not in use.
 DLD 2011-05-11No backscatter scanners in terminal D ,we went thruogh like a breeze!
 COTerminal D2011-03-26Not one scanner in sight.
 DLD2011-03-19No scanner machines but lots of random groping. One male and one female "pat down" attendants and people being selected randomly. The woman ahead of me got chosen, I escaped. She was wearing very thin clothing and had a large chest and not much baggage. Also saw a woman in a skirt being felt up. Gross. Went through lane 11/12 in terminal D security.
 AACheckPoints A East, B, C, D, E2011-01-11I surveilled A East, B, C, D, and E security  points. None has a naked scanner, just metal detectors. DO NOT GO TO Terminal F security, it has the naked scanners. Once through any security point, you can go to any gate. To go to Terminal F, they have shuttles—ask info if needed so you are not redirected back to a security line. They did have enhanced pat downs randomly, even for going through metal detectors. ADVICE: Get a metal detector with opposite sex agent—ou should get through without issue. 
 WNTerminal E2010-12-31Did not see any backscatter machines.
 USTerminal A/B2010-12-27
 Other/N/a2010-12-23So far, only Terminal F (USAir Express) has the scanner. It is used sporadically. Avoid the scanner by entering the secure section through another terminal. It may require a shuttle to set to Terminal F departures, so allow extra time.
 Terminal A (international)2010-12-21nearly everyone was scanned or groped
 0000-00-00Machines in use but used sporadically
 USF0000-00-00Mm wave scanner; 25% of the passengers in were going through the metal detector, 75% were scanned AND patted down

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