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 AATermina 4, Concourse B2016-07-17PC lite :-(500a0
 AATerminal 4, Concourse A2016-06-04Full PC, but a bit of a wait for the ID checker, plus handswabber lurking-ugh.630a5
 AAT4, Concourse A2016-03-07Full PC. Wait time was to get to the ID checker. Moat dragon only allowing pax 1 try at the WTMD before sending to the NoS.910a5
 AAT4 Concourse B2016-02-16Full PC for a change!930a0
 AATerminal 42015-08-31Pre-check lane for concourse B closed, again. Full PC at concourse A.900a1
 AATerminal 4, Concourse C2015-08-19Once again, Pre-Check for Concourse B closed, so had to use the WN Concourse across the terminal & walk back around. This is getting old. 500a0
 WND2015-08-04Closed again. I think this is a permanent condition.
 AATerminal 42015-07-13Once again, the pre-check lane was closed @ all checkpoints in the termal except the WN C gates. Fortunately, there is a crossover back to the A&B gates so I used the C checkpoint in order to have the full PC experience (I paid for it, after all, w/the $85 TSA extortion fee!)500a0
 AATerminal 4, Concourse B2015-07-03PC lane closed again; PC lite for the regular lane.1230p0
 AATerminal 4 B concourse2015-04-29Pre-check lite this morning :-(500a2
 USB gates, Terminal 42015-02-15arrogant and disrespectful TSA officer at pre-check line. Represents the TSA moron image perfectly. 910a
 USTerminal 4, Concourse A2014-11-30Ts800a2
 AATerminal 4, concourse B2014-10-19Real Pre-check this morning & not a hand swabber in sight! Smurfette checking ID didn't even bother to scribble on my BP!500a0
 AATerminal 4, Concourse B2014-10-07First time in months, full Pre-check actually open, albeit w/a hand swabber but ignored him & kept going.440a0
 AATerminal 4, Concourse B2014-09-21Pre-check lane actually open but hand swabber hiding in the corner, out of sight, like the cockroaches they are. Timesd 530a0
 USCheckpoint B, Terminal 42014-09-13They have reconfigured this checkpoint so that Pre-check now goes to the far left side where they have a hand swabber hidden from sight until it's too late.830a2
 USTerminal 4, Concourse A2014-09-08Pre-check lane open but had to get by a hand swabber first-apparently this is now a permanent process.530a0
 AATerminal 4' Concourse A2014-06-14Pre-check in the B concourse closed, so trekked to the A concourse where it was open but since the TSAis so overstaffed, had to deal w/a handswabber. $8 billion/yr for this stupidity.420a2
 AS22014-04-09My kids were my ticket through the metal detector, but everybody else went through the scanner or got a patdown. The X-ray screener was a piece of work, looking at everybody like they were putting her out. The guy ahead of me had his lighter out to show her, and she asked if it was a fake one, which really threw him for a loop. She kept asking, he stayed confused, and then she told him to click it and show her the flame. Once he demonstrated it was a legitimate incendiary device, he was allowed to go through, keeping his lighter. (??) Then, she pulled aside his bag, my bag, and then a little later a lady's purse. She ran the purse back through immediately, then made me and the guy wait for like ten minutes, no word on what the problem was. Several screeners were roaming about doing nothing, but we waited at least ten minutes while our bags were in limbo. Finally some screeners came over to sort out whose bag was whose. His got taken off to be rifled through, but when I raised my hand as the person with the red backpack, the newly arrived screener with some kind of authority sent it back through the x-ray and gave it an easy all clear. Possibly relevant: I'm a white lady with two little blond kids, he was a dark haired, dark skinned business traveler with an Indian accent.200p
 AA3, North Checkpoint2013-10-15Only WTMD - thank goodness at 4:30 am-could not have handled a pat down at that hour430a5
 USGate A2013-09-03All the metal scanners were off. I was the only that opted out of the radiation scanners. The body search was quick.a30
 USTerminal 4 A2013-08-24WTMD and MMW in use at each lane. TSOs directing most through the MMW, didn't seem random. The whole process is a pointless waist.800a
 DLTerminal 3, North Checkpoint (gates 15 and up)2013-08-18Other than two TSOs having to read my BP before I could get to the conveyor line area, it was uneventful.930p
 UATerminal 22013-03-01No wait at this sleepy airport at 7 pm on Friday night. Was glad to see the BKSX are gone, as I had a bad experience here with a snotty female TSA agent while opting out of BKSX here few years ago (Agent Attitude came over from another area and got in my face and aggressively accused me of "escalating" after I had very calmly told the male agent in my line that I preferred the pat down.) (And lady, you'll know when I'm actually escalating, trust me.) In any case, there are now about five separate lines here, each of which looks to have both WTMD and MMW. Tonight, with literally no traffic (one guy ahead of me in line as i walked up) -- all lines were roped off, funneling everyone to line 3. Line 3 WTMG was blocked off - everyone through MMW. I am OK with MMW, so did not get to re-assess the opt-out experience. 700p2
 AATerminal 3, South Checkpoint2012-12-204 lanes, metal detector only.620a10
 WNT4 D2012-12-07The machine in the rightmost lane wasn't running.730a
 DL32012-12-04No problems passing thru the Metal Detector, process took about 15 minutes on line
 WNTerminal 4, checkpoint D2012-10-14Family lane seemed to be closed. Opened the WTMD on the left when the line got backed up. My husband got the WTMD, I got waved to the NOS. took a long time to get a female officer for the opt out, but she was very professional once she arrived. 1130a
 ASTerminal 22012-10-13Almost all funneled to the Rape-i-Scan. Boyfriend and I both opted out. His pat down was professional and courteous. I (female) ended up with Nurse Ratchet for pat down. 11a5
 DLTerminal 3 North2012-09-26Terminal 3 North and South are still WTMD only. No wait and TSA was friendly. Too bad all airport terminals aren't like this!330p0
 AS22012-08-16Cordial staff, quick on the pat-down. Lanes 3 and 4 open, both with backscatters230p1
 UATerminal 22012-08-06Backscatter in Lane 4, a bit confusing because lane 3 and 4 are on either side of one aisle, & even though there was only one other person going through security of course they wouldn't let me switch when I realized my mistake.230p0
 DLTerminal 32012-07-18Checkpoint for gates 15-26, 2 lanes, metal detectors only.600a~10
 DLTerminal 3 (gate 23 and lower)2012-07-06TSA continues its stupidity with "random" hand swabs for magic explosive residue. Even after my carryon bags cleared with no problems. Guess they weren't satisfied that they didn't find a terrorist tonite.920p
 US4-A2012-06-07Left lane had at least some travelers goin through a back scatter machine. Right lane was going to a WTMD for all.1040p8
 AAT32012-05-24got to love T3 - Metal detector only700a
 UST1 - B2012-05-05Everyone through BSX. Very thorough groping - hair patdown, collar check, hands in pants630a5
 DLT32012-05-01Metal dector only for Delta (what about other side of T3, Hawaiian, etc?) Only one lane open with obnoxious TSA chimp barking orders, while crowd laughing at him. Quite funny.100p20
 US4-A2012-04-27Most lines had X-ray in use for most passengers. Right lane had X-ray roped off. Choose your own adventure. Right after I chose the right hand lane they roped the entire lane off (I think they were closing it for the shift).340p0
 US4-A2012-04-15Xray at apparently all lines, but random whether you go through xray or WTMD. They seem to have shut down the left-lane WTMD-only option.400p5
 DLt42012-03-25Wow I can tell u have many persoanl problems and alot of time on your hands . Read the sins and follow directions stupid then you will have no problems. TSA has never givin me a problem and I fly once a moth. Take a bus or walk if you dont like it because75% of us do!!! See ya chumps!!!
 DLT32012-03-20No scanners!! WTMD only
 UST4, A2012-03-18Far left lane led to WTMD, but mainly it was elites being funneled there. I snuck in anyway and pretended I didn't know any better.810p5
 US4-A2012-03-094 lanes, choose your own is furthest to the left650p
 UST4, checkpoint C2012-03-06everyone forced through BKSX, WTMD wasn't even turned on1100a0
 USTerminal 4, Checkpoint A2012-02-091 line feeds to 4-5 TSA boarding pass screeners, so you get whoever's free and calls you over - hard to self-select unless two are free at the same time. I was called by the guy on the far right, who hand-swabbed me. Past him there were two lane options - 5 and 6, both with MD and Backscatter. I chose 5 as i could see that the BCKSX was roped off and not in use. All lanes appears to have both MD and BS, looked like most BS were not in use, but i was not able to see all lanes.200p10
 WNT4 - Checkpoint C2012-01-15Between orange and red - most, but not all, passengers directed to BKSX. Opted out and was on my way after pat-down in five minutes. Polite and professional staff.1140a10
 US4/A2011-12-28Xray closed at lane 6 on right. 1200p5
 USB gates2011-12-264 lanes open, 3 w/NoS as primary. NoS on the far left side blocked off, so easy to opt-out.810a4
 USTerm 4, gate b2011-12-26herding everyone to porno, if you try the metal detector they pull you out for the backscatter
 B63 north2011-12-221050p0
 UA22011-12-04UA at PHX. At least they were friendly while they violated my rights.810p0
 DL32011-12-04All WTMD here.
 DL32011-12-02Only WTMD at this checkpoint.
 USTerminal 42011-11-05No choice around 6pm.
 AA3 Gate 2011-10-27Gates 2-9 also include Hawaiian Air and Jetblue
 WNTerminal 4 Checkpoint C2011-10-14MD available. Chose that line. No hassle.
 WN22011-09-18Forced at least 80% through full-body scanners.
 DL32011-08-18gotta love terminal 3 at phx
 AA32011-07-06Only metal detectors—no scanners visible
 DLTerminal 32011-06-30Only metal detectors that I could see, but only 1 lane was open.
 USA2011-05-19chose the no naked machine line, no tsa officials stopped me
 UA22011-05-08All through scanners around 5 AM.
 UA22011-05-08All through scanners around 5 AM.
 UA22011-05-08All through scanners around 5 AM.
 UATerminal 22011-04-25Screeners slow and disorganized. TSA supervisors abusive. TSA nightmare!
 WNTerminal 4, Concourse D2011-04-25At about 5 pm, there were two lines, regular metal detector on the left, backscatter x-ray on the right, you could choose your own lane. No issues, TSA personnel were polite.
 USA/B2011-04-0150-50 between use of bs/radiation and magnetometer. I elected a pat-down from a man who was obviously a beginner, but very nice about it.
 USTerminal 4 A2011-03-11The opt-out agent was quite polite. The wait was about 2 minutes, and I had to stand near the machine. I was unable to see my items during that time.
 USTerminal 4 D2011-02-26At 6 AM there was concerted effort to force you into BS....we declined, asked for patdown, and got no cooperation to have our items in our view. Was told "you asked for the opt out, you have to wait." They made sure that we had to stand right near the BS machine while waiting.
 AASouth CP Term 32011-02-19
 US1 (US Airways)2011-02-13All lanes that I could see had backscatter roped off. Elite line had chair and rope in front of scanner.
 DLDL or Hawai'ian or AA2011-01-26
 Int'lTerminal 42011-01-17
 UScheckpoint a2011-01-02lines 2 and 4 both led to a RAPE-I-scan that was roped off. the other machines were probably also roped off.
 UATerminal 22010-12-27
 UATerminal 22010-12-27
 DLTerminal 3, Delta concourse2010-12-21I was an arriving passenger, and noted status as I was leaving; no scanner at that one.  no observation of other checkpoints
 all0000-00-00Machines installed, not in use
 UA0000-00-00machine in use
 UA10000-00-00tsa can be benign here or horrible. hit and miss. just try being cordial and they may allow sdoo
 allTerminal 40000-00-00One machine installed, doesn't seem to be in use. If you fail the metal detector you get a grope

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