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 DLAlternate2013-08-09MMW used as primary. 540p0
 DLInt'l Arrivals2013-05-23All passengers arriving into PIT on an international flight must relearn security regardless of final destination. The good news is it's WTMD-only. 540p0
 AllMain2013-03-02Just head left.530a0
 AllMain2013-02-16Two lanes open today. One had the NoS roped off...easy lane choice!1110a0
 WNAlternate2013-01-06I was prepared for gropage, pleasantly surprised to find no backscatters in use710a10
 WNMain2012-12-25leftmost lane has WTMD only330p
 UAMain2012-12-09I think I saw the leftmost lane was SDOO830a
 USAlt2012-11-29Long line but easy SDOO. Two lanes, both with BKSX but one was roped off and funneling to the WTMD.430p20
 Allmain2012-11-17Alt checkpoint is now only open during peak hours. Today, leftmost lane (WTMD only) was closed, thus other 2 were scoped. Weird though-only females were sent to the scope. Males thru WTMD.1200p5
 AllMain2012-11-09Main using back scatter, alt using wtmd and flowing a little faster. 600a50
 Allmain2012-09-25Slow line and most directed to scanners. Note elite line now directly feeds to scanner.11a40
 DLmain2012-09-25Backscatter in use but able to self-select WTMD.940a5
 All2012-08-08Most passengers sent through backscatter machine.710p10
 Allalternate2012-08-01BKSX roped off--WTMD for all! Unsure about main checkpoint though.510p10
 AllMain2012-07-28BKSX for all except a few mothers and children.700p5
 Otheralternate2012-06-28main and alt were both busy. all bksx machines were roped off, probably due to the lines. didn't see anyone get pulled for additional screening.1030a10
 Allmain2012-05-20people getting scanned were still patted down4p10
 AAmain2012-05-14very long line today, bskx in use for most250p40
 UAMain2012-05-09Lines stretched across the terminal lobby; the elite line was not well marked and many non-elites were using it. All lines seemed to take same amount of time.330p25
 AllMain2012-05-02Opposite of the entry prior, they were actually forming a line at NoS for premier/one bag, whereas roped off for the regular lines100p25
 AllMain2012-04-22Initially, only the center and right metal detectors were being used; both scanners were roped off. Then, the middle one opened and everyone in the center line was being put through that. The right scanner remained closed, and upon closer inspection, it appeared broken. The two blue backscatter boxes were pushed together closer than normal, and the rubber mat had been rolled up and tossed in the middle. Stay to the right (premier/one bag lines) to get the metal detector.400p20
 UAmain2012-04-16one lane with, one without.1130a10
 AllAlternate2012-04-04NoS roped off and closed. WTMD only on this day.400p15
 UAmain2012-03-27all the machines were roped off10a10
 UAmain2012-03-19Most going through WBI still got a patdown anyway7a
 AllMain2012-03-14Two women in front of me allowed WTMD but they came and grabbed me for nude scan. Invasive, rude opt-out with surly agent. They were scanning about 50%.730p7
 All2012-03-09Outside 2 lanes are metal detector. Middle 2 lanes are scanners. 510a5
 Allmain2012-02-27mostly AIT, though some were guided through WTMD930a15
 DLall2012-02-24mark my words TSA, you will go to court for what you have done and are doing. it is not legal to discriminate based on your perception of "age" and forcing some to go thru while giving expeditied/special treatment to those who are "motherly/young children" You cannot legally do this. You are discriminating based on age, gender, and possibly race. ALL protected statuses.
 AllMain2012-02-24Funneling everyone to NOS in every lane. Fiddle around with your carryon until someone is in it. Get WTMD that way. 1200p15
 Allmain2012-02-17long lines at scanners and in the re-dignification area. 1230p15
 AllMain2012-02-02All scanners off at the checkpoint - strange thing to see.620p
 AllAlternate2012-01-27That day and time we have to call it a red. At main checkpoint it looked like everyone went through BSX. So I went round to the alternate for the first time. Same thing, although in front of me a few people got directed over to the employee line with only a WTMD. 9:30am on a regular Friday is a slow time and I have recent secondhand info suggesting that busier time can mean no BSX even at alternate.930a
 AAMain2012-01-22The sole WTMD-only lane was shut down, but not everyone was herded through the body scanners.
 Allmain2012-01-17one lane with, one without, TSOs trying to prevent movement between lanes9a5
 AllMain2012-01-12Two luggage belts in use feed into a common area, left sided one is nearer to metal detector. I tried to switch lines at last minute and guy sees me do it and comes over tells me to take belt off and go to pervscope so I opt out.15
 Main2012-01-02Picked somebody up at airport and observed. Two lines lead to both WTMD and BKSX, can attempt to choose left line which is nearer but the keeper "randomly" selects people for scanner. Seemed to be mostly males and minorities selected during my ~20 minute observation.6p5
 DLMain2012-01-02In the main line, SDOO by choosing the left document checker. First/bus line leads to WTMD. Express line leads to BKSX. Possible for them to pick you out of the safe line and into the BKSX if for some reason nobody is using it.800a5
 Allmain2012-01-01roped off for first/bus line, but in periodic use for main line830a15
 Allmain2011-12-20WTMD and BKSX in use, all stations. "Left-hand" lines seem to be mostly WTMD. Somewhat possible to select your own lane after the agent checks your boarding pass, they didn't seem to be funneling people into lines like they have sometimes done at this airport.700a10
 AllMain2011-12-13Nudeoscope is sadly back up and running for First Class/Express lanes. Everybody through nudeoscope. Took 15 minutes to even get a groper. Couldn't define the term "resistance".830a22
 UAMain2011-12-11Main line dumped us out in an area with several TDCs, and I chose the one to the far left. Far left lane had X-ray belts on either side of a WTMD. BKSX and WTMD in all other lines, but far-left line seemed to just have WTMD. I believe the WTMD was marked #2.600p
 USMain2011-12-04There is a scanner-free line to the far left and I had no problem using it.330p
 Allmain2011-11-19bxsx roped off for first class and express lanes. looked mandatory for everyone else.
 Allmain2011-10-31WMTD only but doing patdowns on some.
 DL2011-10-21Almost everyone sent through X-Ray. Best chance is to use the "alternate" checkpoint, then about 20% of pax sent to crew lane, which has WTMD only.
 Allmain2011-10-17all lanes funneled to backscatter machines. Only used WMTD when backed up.
 AllMain2011-10-12I went through security in the early afternoon. The left-most WTMD was closed off, and both WTMD/BKSX combos were running... or so I thought. I opted for the right-most pair, and I was surprised to see a guy in the right BKSX talking on his cell phone. Upon further observation, I discovered that the unit was roped off, and it appeared to be under repair by said fellow. Both lanes were being directed through the WTMD, which was perfectly fine by me.
 AllMain2011-09-08Was at PIT today (noon on Thursday) to pick someone up, checked out the procedures for a minute. Far left lane with metal detector only was CLOSED at this time. Some people (though not all) going through the middle went through the BSX. Not sure if random or just trying to move the line along by using both. On the far right, the BSX had a rope across it. Interesting. Seems like people were noticing this too, because the line on the right entrance went out past the elevator, while the line on the left didn't make it out of the ropes. Definitely pays to scope out the situation for a few minutes before choosing a line. At this day and time, the first class line it appears would have been fine for self opt-out.
 AllMain2011-09-02The very far left lane had only a metal detector with no BSX installed there. About 4:30pm Friday before Labor Day it was somewhat busy with lines out to the elevator, so this far left lane was in use. If you enter using the left line and keep staying left, you can self opt-out that way if that lane is in use. The other lanes had BSX in use for everyone it appeared. At slower times, it's quite possible the far left lane would be closed. A while back the first class line was moved to the far right. If you're trying to self opt-out, you should avoid that line.
 Allmain2011-08-30hard to avoid scanners today
 Othermain2011-08-255am. BKXS and WTMD in use. You will get steered toward the shortest line, apparently regardless of whether you're traveling in a party. TSA goons split up our group, steered some toward BKXS. Pat-down TSO was respectful and courteous, all other TSOs were power-tripping assholes.
 Allmain2011-08-24used on everyone at 8:30 am
 AllMain2011-08-13Easy to self-opt out during morning rush-stay to the left as you leave TDC. Not so easy during other times.
 AllMain2011-07-31Some lanes didn't have scanners, easy to self opt-out. Stay left for best results.
 Allmain2011-07-14worst TSA agents in america. Throw around trays with items still in 'em. power trip to the max. BKSX use was truly random, no rhyme or reason.
 AllMain2011-07-01Each "line" has a left and a right side but funnel to the head where both metal detect and Xray in use. Agent directs traffic to one or another. Best bet is to stay to left but still may be 'randomly' selected for scanner.
 Allmain2011-05-16was off for elite/1st class but in use for other lines
 UAMain2011-04-30Stay to the left!
 B6Main2011-04-19"Alternate" checkpoint sent everyone through the BSX. I returned to the main gates rather than be scanned, where I was able to choose my own line. Each line has one WTMD and one BSX; stay left to go through the WTMD.
 B62011-04-12watched a frail woman be taken out of her wheelchair to be scanned
 AllMain checkpoint2011-02-10During standard staffing times can choose line without scanner. During low travel times (night) single lane will likely have scanner with targeted "random" selection.
 All2011-02-06BSX now in use for all lanes
 AllMain2011-01-19All lines have backscatter scanners but they were not in use at the time (8 AM)
 UAAlternate2011-01-01I don't remember seeing the BSRs, but it was super early. I only went through a standard metal detector.
 main0000-08-255am. BKXS and WTMD in use. You will get steered toward the shortest line, apparently regardless of whether you're traveling in a party. TSA goons split up our group, steered some toward BKXS. Pat-down TSO was respectful and courteous, all other TSOs were power-tripping assholes.
 0000-00-00Main line has machines installed and in use, as does the alternate (mainly used by crew)
 0000-00-00Three lines, two with machines, one without

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