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 US2014-03-22The absolute rudest worker barking instructions, being condescending and demanding. 730a
 AA22013-10-04Only precheck had a WTMD. Everyone else through the MMW. Had a patdown-not incredibly nice agent. Try to get precheck if possible-AA, US. United- to avoid these b-st-rds.3p
 DL22013-09-27All through MMW330p
 B622013-07-29MWWs in action at all open lanes. Occasional "issues" with the MMW were letting some people through the WMTD, but entirely random and not that frequent.310p20
 CO22013-06-19i f*cking hate you210p
 AA22013-03-26MMW. Opt-out went fine as usual for me...not sure why others seem to have a bad experience.
 DLTerminal 22013-03-19Sending everyone through AIT, basically no exceptions.1000a
 WN12013-02-07Hate RDU. Funny how you wear same clothes, same everything and this is the only airport that I get patted down. Happened 3 times at RDU. Be sure you don't ask to go to private room. Want everyone to see the patdown. 6a
 DLBOTH2012-11-20You pitiful smurfs sexually assaulted me this time of year in 2010. I will NEVER forgive you! They are remodelling T1 and I would expect more sexual assaults to come to innocent americans. I will always hate you and what you have done to RDU.
 AA22012-11-05Only MMW forced to opt-out which this airport hates600a
 WN12012-09-25Always MMW. Unhappy with opt outs. Mostly rude and slow agents. This airport is the worst! 2
 WNTerminal 12012-08-13WTMD blocked off. MMW was primary for all passengers except for families with small children.130p
 DL22012-07-11today marks a day of victory. never again will I submit to the degrading sexual assaults RDU TSA inflicts on a daily basis (they assaulted me two years ago). I am now a licensed pilot and will fly myself now WITHOUT the assaults from them. RDU is always RED unless you get really really lucky- DON'T count on it. Let's all protest by getting our pilot's licenses. It's not that hard if you pick a chief flight instructor.100p
 DL2012-06-06RDU IS RED ALWAYS unless you are what they view as a "family." get your private pilot's license folks. IT'S SAFER THAN YOU'D EVER KNOW! I am the first pilot in my family!!! =) We don't have to put up with this. Their tyranny should open up new opportunities in general aviation. Would you rather be microwaved or enjoy flying again?
 AA22012-06-06100% directed to NoS forced to opt-out, typical horrible RDU600a
 DLTerminal 22012-05-21Typical RDU, everyone thru DNA shredder, opted out630a10
 22012-05-02lol stupid smurfs. I was probably one of their most hated customers as I always yelled at the moat dragons lol. I think its so funny I landed on RWY 23L in my own airplane at RDU just thinking about how stupid they are that they would sexually assault 75% of the people in there.
 22012-04-16Polite and fast screeners. But patdown unnecessarily aggressive.
 DL22012-03-01Probably 2/3rd forced through AIT. Possibility of timing it on the x-ray belt line to sneak through the WTMD.300p
 AA22012-02-27Didnt recognize global entry card again. Everyone through mmw. Pat down was quick and perfunctory930a2
 DLterminal 22012-02-23Everyone went through backscatter except young children and parent. I didn't see anyone opt out.a
 DL22012-02-1215 minues from ID check to completion. Rude TSA supervisor.4p15
 UA2012-01-25mm wave in use for all pax7p0
 AA22012-01-23Elite lane, other lines much longer. All to mmw unless backed up. Opted out, cursory patdown620a2
 DL22012-01-08metal detecor led straight to MMW: experience includes pat-down while inside machine by same-sex employee430p5
 DL22011-12-17You're really asking for it if you go here. I am quitting flying all together starting in January. I'm through with the TSA abuse!!
 DL22011-11-21sending familier with kids to WTMD, most others to AIT
 AATerminal 22011-11-01Forcing all thru MMW. TSA unusually arrogant and rude at RDU.
 DL22011-10-26How about doing an Occupy Raleigh @ RDU? I REFUSE TO GO ANYWHERE NEAR RDU. This is TSA tyranny at its worst. They are discrimanatory against adults. Unless every single passenger goes thru MMW, it is a bias and a civil liberty issue.
 AA22011-10-25Typical RDU, TSA gestapo, will not accept trusted traveler ID issued by Homeland Security, simply amazing
 DL2011-10-06there are 2 sides to every story. get law enforcement involved, and i'll become the law enforcement...what you've done to innocent travelers in my hometown is DISGUSTING.
 DL22011-09-29I was flying into RDU. Everyone has to go through the MWW in all 4 lanes.
 AATerminal 22011-08-17Typical RDU, worst TSA in the nation
 US22011-08-13All NoS Roped off. Absolutely shocked. It is 5:30am tho. Expect this to change
 AATerminal 22011-08-09Scanners roped off. Metal detector only.
 DL22011-07-29go to fayetteville (FAY) instead and save yourself a lot of pain.
 AATerminal 22011-07-28Got lucky, but worst TSA in the nation
 AA22011-07-189 of 10 passengers forced through MMW (I got lucky)
 WNTerminal 12011-07-07100% forced through MMW
 DL22011-06-24sad. things are stressful now. people have to deal with bad traffic and then get sexually assaulted by the TSA. It's terrible. RDU TSA is very rude towards nervous or stressed out travelers. i've been there on a
 AA22011-06-12Avoid RDU
 AA22011-06-06TSA very rude , avoid RDU if possible
 AA22011-05-31Rdu is now Virtually 100% naked scan and slow lines. Gso will be become my new base now.
 FL12011-05-24 1 MMW - choose left lanes to improve chances f wtmd and also so you can see your bags if you need to opt out.
 US22011-05-22Almost all forced through MMW. Very slow. Patdown was professional.
 AA22011-05-18Metal detector was blocked all forced through DNA shredding machines. Avoid this airport
 DLTerminal 22011-05-04Metal detector is rarely used, almost all forced thru cancer machines
 DLTerminal 22011-05-04Metal detector is rarely used, almost all forced thru cancer machines
 AA2011-05-03Was forced to opt out, again. 8 out of 10 thru MMW. Was forced to go through 2 patdowns as punishment.
 CO22011-04-299 out of 10 passengers directed to the box
 AATerminal 22011-04-28TSA stands in way of Metal Detector forcing a large percentage through MMW.
 DL22011-04-26TSO stands in front of machine, randomly pointing people towards AIT or metal detectors
 AA22011-04-16TSO stands in front of machine, randomly pointing people towards AIT or metal detectors
 DL22011-03-03Everyone directed to Cancer machine. TSA became irate and summoned leo when I opted out. LEO rolled his eyes at TSA groper quite a bit.
 AA22011-02-212 lines, one with MMW, one with metal detector. Pretty easy to just pick the line without the MMW to avoid it.
 DLTerminal 22011-02-162 lines with scanners only. 1 line with metal detector only. Caution: random scanner use for some metal detector passengers.
 DLTerminal 22011-01-26TSO's try to get opt outs to get their pat down in a private room, but I said no.
 FLTerminal 12011-01-07
 DL22010-12-30lots of cancer machines
 DLTerminal 2 of Death2010-12-30I won in the end. (Didn't get scanned my last visit here) Enjoying my diamond medallion benefits this year by avoiding ALL airports with scanners including RDU. I feel for everyone who has been hurt by them.
 DLTerminal 22010-12-29
 WNmain (only) checkpoint for Southwest2010-12-28one MMW machine installed on lane 4 (far right, next to windows); lanes 1-3 (on left) are metal detectors only. passengers aren't forced to use the body scanner.
 AAterminal 22010-12-27
 USterminal 12010-12-24No scanners observed
 2010-12-23Machines roped off, no one came within 4 feet of them
 AAterminal 22010-12-22Machines were in use in certain lines, security personnel were directing people to whichever line was shortest.
 AATerminal 2 2010-12-18MMW used as primary screening. TSA not happy with opt-outs
 2010-12-07Mandatory scan or opt-out
 DL2010-11-27All checkpoints have Backscatter machines in use.
 DL20000-07-28Maybe screeners having a good day but did not witness barking or rudeness.

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