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 USGate 282015-04-25Only 1 ID checker & 1 lane open, coupled with most pax getting the full grope & scope, made for a long line & long wait time (8+ mins after the ID checker alone) even though I was the only one in the priority lane.830a10
 AAB2014-12-05TSO @ WTMD cooperated properly with exemption.1100a10
 USTermina 2, Gate 202014-09-19Even though most pax going thru were getting the Pre-Check 3 beep, PC not open, nor was there even a lane for premium pax. Everyone in a single lane-11 mins to the ID checker. Then PC lite if you get 3 beeps & then only if the ID checker remembered to give the pax a special yellow ribbon to give to the moat dragon. More than enough screeners wandering the terminal aimlessly to open a real PC lane.130p11
 WNTerminal A, Gate 42014-03-31WTMD only, 3 lanes. BUT--they were pulling people out for "random" secondary screening. (There was a guy getting trained--I got the impression that they were counting to a number or getting a signal of some kind). Anyway, I was lucky number whatever. Yay.1030a15
 AACommuter2014-01-26I have PreCheck, so they opened the WTMD for me. But everybody without PreCheck had to go through the MMW. The commuter terminal doesn't have a PreCheck line, but it is equipped with both a WTMD and MMW; I was allowed to keep my belt, shoes, and jackets on, but still had to take my laptop out.620p5
 UA2013-10-06They have 7 WTMD and 3 MMW machines. They had two lines and were feeding everyone through 2 of the MMWs. They let flight crew members through the WTMD, then roped it off again. The TSA agent standing there seemed fairly nice, so I asked if we could use the WTMD. He said those were for flight crew only... Good thing they have SEVEN for them and three for the thousands of passengers. 10p20
 AACommuter2013-05-21Commuter Terminal switched to to the Millimeter Wave machine. When I was going through, they have both x-ray machines working, but forcing everyone to go through the MMW. That slowed everyone and everything down. When you put your stuff in the x-ray, you got into another line, about six people deep, for the MMW. Further impeding things is the pillar right by the entrance of the MMW. Also funny was two FAMs trying to get processed. Even they were looking around and smirking at the TSA's incompetence. Both of them looked at me and we chuckled.1030a15
 AAT22013-04-18They have dumped all of the back scatter machines in T2 and have MMW machines in all lanes. Three X-ray machines were in use, which translates in to two magnetometers. One other observation, as experienced multiple times in T1 with AS & UA, for some reason the screeners are absolutely militant about standing behind the red line until you are called. It's borderline embarrassing how they do that.610a2
 AAT22013-04-05At SAN T2, they have removed all of the Backscatter machines and now every line (three of them) has the Millimeter Wave machines. Only two lines were open, both were using the Millimeter machines.1100a2
 AAT22013-03-08They are in process of transitioning from the Backscatter to the MMW. As of this writing, lane 1 has MMW (but I don't think they're trained on it, thus it was roped off). Lane two has no machine (had backscatter a few days earlier), Lane three has backscatter, and they're still using it. Was easy to maneuver to lane two.600a3
 UA12013-01-18Backscatter only. I told the nice TSO that she shouldn't be standing so close to the machine. She replied that she's pregnant. WTH?900p0
 AAcommuter2013-01-14SAN commuter terminal is one lane only, BSX/ WTMD combo. BSX roped off when i went through, but it got opened for the next guy. "Random and unpredictable" and completely idiotic. 0
 AA2 East2013-01-13Today, only the middle and right sections were in use. For the middle one, most were being sent through the BKSX. Right BKSX was not in use and everyone there was treated to a WTMD-only lane.800a5
 AA22013-01-06Backscatter roped off on the left. Long line, lots of kids trying to run opposite way through wmdt. TSA didn't seem to care which line i chose. i guess its a matter of time until they reactivate the cancer box930a20
 WNGates 1/22012-12-07Backscatter machine. Line was backed up after ID check (they need to move the ID checker forward). I asked to opt out, the screener said no problem and had me wait for a few minutes where I couldn't see my things, but didn't yell when I tried to peer around. I think they had to pull a same-gender agent from another checkpoint. Went through a gate to the side of the backscatter. Pat down was quick, slightly less intrusive than my ones at IAD. Wait time split between line to BSKX and waiting for patdown agent.10
 ASGates 11-182012-12-011050a
 WNGates 3-102012-10-22100p5
 VXTerminal 22012-09-04Backscatter machines were being used in all lanes in the Virgin America part of Terminal 2. Opted out of the cancer machine and was given a very intrusive, rough patdown. When I pointed this out to the agent, she shrugged, put her swab in the machine, and miraculously turned up a false positive. Meanwhile, my husband had to go back through security and check one of our carry-ons because we'd mistakenly left some jam we bought in one of them. His stuff was left with mine, but there was much fuss about whether this was protocol. All of my bags were unpacked and then sloppily put back together while I waited for the TSA supervisor to drag me back to their darkened room for patdown number 2. Then a security alarm went off over by the checkpoint area for unspecified reasons. I was in danger of missing my flight, and pointed this out to the agents, which, of course, resulted in more delays. Patdown number 2 was equally rough and even more intrusive, if that's possible. While the TSA supervisor was waiting for the results of the second swab, she started interrogating me about my destination. I refused to answer any questions and was allowed to leave with barely enough time to make my flight.540p5
 WNTerminal 12012-09-03 WTMD only. Long line went very fast. No NoS or groping = efficiency600p10
 WNTerminal 1 / Gates 1 & 22012-08-01I had read here on this site that gates 3 thru 10 were WTMD only so I went there even though I was scheduled to depart through gate 1. When I approached the area of gate 3, the tsa person indicated that I would have to leave the line and go through gate 1/2 only as there was no other way to get to those gates at all. Being unfamiliar with the airport, I left the line and went to gate 1/2 preparing to opt out. As I got to there, I noticed there where two scanners and one WTMD. Since I was traveling with a 9-year-old, I was about to tell the agent that I would be opting out, but before I did, he asked me if I was traveling with the child, and I said yes, he said that we would both be going through the WTMD, which we did (so indicate you are traveling with a minor if you are not asked). Since my gate was number 1, I sat no more than 50 feet from the security check-point once I went through. I watched tsa for almost 2-hours and was delighted to see many people opt-out. The tsa did not make a big deal about it when a person did, and their wait time for the pat down was no more than a minute or two. I also observed many of the agents who were handling security, leave the area and go into a room along the side of gate number 1. I suspect this is the area where they would monitor the nude scanner from. They appeared to rotate in and out of that room in about 20 to 30 minute intervals.900a
 UACommuter2012-07-23Asked to walk through body scanner even though I opted out. They said it was "off" and there was no way to walk around. I asked for a supervisor who eventually let me walk around the body scanner for the opt out pat down.830p0
 UAT12012-07-18Amazing....they reconfigured the entire checkpoint. No more zig-zag lines, nor tht stupid red line many screeners had a power trip on. Most pleasant is that they removed one of the back scatter machines, the one on the very right. All three lanes were open, nobody forced anyone to a specific lane. Asked supe whether pre-check is coming....he said yes, but no timetable.500a0
 AS12012-07-15Choose far left lane (WTMD only). Other lanes had Rapiscan for all pax.1230p
 UACommuter2012-06-20False positive on swab after opt out pat down. Recommend you ask that the swab be tested before the pat down.630a15
 UATerminal 12012-06-18All three lanes were open. As usual, I went to the very left lane which only has WTMD. While waiting, noticed that the lane on the very right didn’t not have a backscatter nude machine any more. Curious whether it was broken, taken down for maintenance, or permanently removed, which would be the good news. Will check it next time. 530a10
 UATerminal 12012-05-13Did not pay attention what lane it was500a2
 WNTerminal 1 Gates 3-102012-04-23
 USTerminal 22012-02-05NoS in use for everyone on one lane, othe lane had WMND and NoS, People being directed which way to go for NoS or WTMND. 630a
 WNTerminal 1 gates 1-22012-01-15Only the NoS in use...all went thru it300p5
 USTerminal 22012-01-03Scanners in use, random pull out, had to opt out830a30
 WNTerminal 1 (gates 3-10)2011-11-20Metal detectors only at the Terminal 1 checkpoint. 8:30AM.
 UATerminal 12011-11-07At 5:15 a.m. on a Monday, it's packed, so they open the third checkpoint, which does not have any scanners. Two other lanes have scanners, both in use. About two out of every three people went in.
 WNGates 3-102011-10-24wtmd only no scanners in use
 CO2011-10-14TSA decided who when through BKSX and who did x-ray. I got lucky with x-ray only so no groping.
 UATerminal 12011-10-10at 4:15 p.m., only one of the three checkpoints were open, and it had the backscatter machine. WTMD was roped off.
 UATerminal 12011-10-07I transited at 5:10 a.m. At that time of the morning, all three lanes are open. From left to right, number two and three lanes have backscatter, the first lane does not. They only have that first lane open early in the morning, still trying to figure out when that lane closes. That first lane, my guess, will be the trusted traveler lane when that program arrives at SAN.
 DLDelta2011-09-25everyone went through backscatter ahead of me, then it got roped off and I got metal detector (after taking off belt... doh!)
 WNGates 3-102011-09-25metal detectors only
 UATerminal 12011-09-238:30 p.m; three lanes, only one in use. WTMD roped off, radiation for everyone.
 UATerm 12011-09-13At 8:30 p.m., there are three checkpoints. In the non-peak hours, such as this time, they use the center checkpoint, which has the backscatter. Everyone was being forced into it. There are three lanes, two with backscatter. The only time they seem to have the third lane (to the far left) open is on weekdays around 5:00 a.m., when the rush of flights that depart at 6:30 happens. That's the only time I fly out of SAN (I made this report upon arrival, easy to scope out).
 AATerminal 2 East2011-08-22Leftmost lane has 50-50 chance of backscatter, others are 100%. They roped off the backscatters in a
 AATerminal 2 East2011-08-22Leftmost lane has 50-50 chance of backscatter, others are 100%. They roped off the backscatters in all lanes at 11AM during a shift change, giving a 2-4 minute window that is safe.
 WNTerm 1, gates 3-102011-07-27no xrays present
 WNTerminal 1 (Gates 3-10)2011-04-293 lanes, no AIT
 US12011-04-11Backscatter machines open at 4:30, however they occasionally open early (~4:20 am)
 WNTerminal 2 (Gates 1-2)2011-03-17Both metal detector and backscatter. Use random and sporatic.
 WNTerminal 2 (Gates 3-10 Checkpoint)2011-03-12Metal detectors only at this checkpoint
 DLT22011-03-08Use is random. Can opt-out. Opt-out wait is less than 5 minutes.
 Commuter2011-02-06Was told by a lead screener that tge wait for an opt out pat down would be 30 minutes because he didn't gave enough staff. The wait was clearly retaliatory as plenty of screeners were standing around. Be aware that the ETD gives false positives and you should politely and firmly insist on a pre-rub swabbing of the gloves.
 DLDelta gates2011-02-02They were shoving passengers through at an incredible rate. I opted out and was verbally abused, violated and humiliated by TSA.
 VXTerminal B, gates 22-322011-01-10Metal detectors present but off; only Rapiscan available. Unavoidable except by opt-out.
 AATERMINAL 22010-12-30
 DLTerminal 22010-12-2820-25% of passengers sent through backscatter machine, rest through standard metal detectors.
 allTerminal 22010-12-27No scanners
 UA2010-12-16One checkpoint.  Split into two lines: Backscatter and Metal detector.  We could chose.  Metal detector line also labeled family line.
 2010-12-10Scanners in use
 AS11-180000-04-01Scanners primary for all lanes

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