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 OtherCheckpoint 32016-05-15WTMD only available for children. Pat down was reasonable and non-invasive. I didnt have to wait between getting to the front of the line and starting the patdown, as the checkpoint was well staffed at the time.430p11
 DL2016-03-09two and a half hours; only a couple of security check lines open despite huge line. Many, including me, missed our flights. When I got to the first TSA agent after waiting for almost two hours, I asked him if I was going to miss my flight. His answer (and I quote verbatim): "Yes. Have a nice day".200p150
 ASThe one with paneled walls, to the right of Precheck.2015-11-25All MMW, have to opt out unless you have Precheck. Sexually assaulted, queer smurf literally ran his hands up and down my **** at the front of my pants. Evil people, never going back to this airport.6p60
 ASmain2015-09-14missed my flight1000a60
 DLDTW2015-09-13only two security screening gates open at 10 am. Missing my flight due to lengthyTSA wait in SEATAC airport1000a110
 DLS gates 2015-08-09only two security screening gates open at about 8. 1hour wait in TSA line in Seattle airport I missed my flight610p55
 DLCheckpoint 22015-08-01Terrible, why go premium? The premium lime here is ALWAYS LONGER. Seems like a problem.740a40
 Int'lSouth Terminal2014-12-21WTMD only for passengers connecting from an international flight. 440p
 AA22014-08-12Careful choice of lanes led me to the WTMD-only lane at the left end. Pre-check got WTMD at the other end. Checkpoints 3 through 5 all had one lane sending people through WTMD but others were MMW. You can access any gate from any checkpoint so if you have time you are able to walk up and down to see where is a good lane.500a15
 AS2014-07-31MMWs were roped off. WTMD for everyone. Like it should be.920a
 AS12014-07-16WTMD only - south end of terminal7a20
 Int'lSOUTH TERMINAL2014-05-20
 DL2013-12-17TSA PRE had a number of fliers not "PRE" that had no idea what to do.700a15
 AS32013-10-27After electing to opt out of the millimeter wave, I had to wait over 10 minutes before a female assist was available12p25
 AS32013-10-27After electing to opt out of the millimeter wave, I had to wait over 10 minutes before a female assist was available12p25
 AS32013-10-20didn't seem to be any way to avoid a scan. had to opt out. got patted down. no overt rudeness on their part. i still have bad memories of being screamed at (literally) by a tsa jerk at stl years ago because I didn't know they had a rule against pets being on the floor. he threatened me with a $500 fine. of course, just trying to get through security with a dog is hard enough without being screamed at.6a
 ASRight2013-09-18Family line/medical WTMD only720a
 UA32013-08-11Checkpoint 3 is the only one open this early (but others open soon after). The left few lanes at CP3 only have WTMD. None were open for general passengers at 4am, but I noticed only a few people were sent through the MMW in the center lanes whereas roughly half were sent through the MMW in the right lanes. General strategy at SEA is pick Checkpoint 3 or 5 and stay as far left as possible. Every time I follow that strategy I get to pass through the WTMD only.400a25
 AS32013-07-14Precheck line is WTMD-only. At least today, it was also possible to go through the precheck lane -- after waiting in the regular line -- even if you didn't have PreCheck.430p10
 ASSouth Satellite2013-06-22WTMD between international arrivals and the rest of the airport.
 ASn gates2013-06-21too slow. sucks1220p
 ASC2013-06-11Only one scanner lane, metal detector lanes not in use220p60
 WN42013-05-30In the left lane there is no scanner and everyone went through the metal detector. You can tell where there used to be a scanner for that lane so I'm sure it's only temporarily gone and will be replaced soon...130p20
 AS32013-05-25Checkpoint 3, Lane 1 is the TSA precheck line and is WTMD-only. The same checkpoint had at least one other WTMD line. The N/D checkpoint also appeared to have one WTMD line. Other checkpoints were scanner-only.450a5
 ASN/D2013-04-12Everyone through metal detector; scanner blocked off. 540a
 ASD/N2013-03-22Far left line used to be WTMD only -- line roped off and most people put through BKSX, with some randomly picked to go through alternative WTMD next to it.500a
 Int'lSouth Satellite2013-03-09WTMD between international arrivals and the rest of the airport.
 AS3 (central), precheck2013-03-07line 1 is precheck; with Global Entry pass is WTMD only730p0
 WNCenter 2013-02-22Far left checkpoint to avoid body scanners 10
 ASCheckpoint 42013-02-09Far left lane had option of WTMD or BKSX. Walked right up to WTMD and got waved through. All other lanes at checkpoint were BKSX. One lane at Checkpoint 3 appeared to be WTMD only as BSKX was taped off. Line was way longer at 3 so we went through at 4.10a5
 Int'lsouthern most2013-02-06As far as I could tell no one was given the option for a pat down, appeared that the metal detector machine was shut down, everyone was directed to be scanned1000p5
 DLCheckpoint 22012-12-23Alternating between BKSX NOS and WTMD. Got lucky, but they were typically angry and abusive with the woman who opted out behind me. SEA is just terrible, it's shameful for our region. 800p10
 UA5 (D/N gates, premier line)2012-12-20Random backscatter. I got lucky. There is no longer a WTMD only line on the far left. Staff were warm and friendly.500a7
 ASD/N gates2012-12-20No longer any WTMD only line on the far left, I got lucky and went through WTMD. 1020a
 Int'lSouth Satellite Terminal2012-12-16WTMD after you've cleared immigration/customs and before you continue to the rest of the airport.
 AS32012-11-29All BKS except pre-check which was WTMD520a5
 AllAll2012-11-21100% Backscatter for everyone except PreCheck510a
 UAnorthernmost/rightmost2012-11-19Leftmost lane of this checkpoint still has no backscatter (appears to be a space issue); you can drift off to the left at this checkpoint. Other checkpoints seem to have backscatter for everyone, but they all go to the same place.1050a10
 ASnorthernmost/rightmost2012-11-10Leftmost lane (which has just metal detector) was closed; at first they were doing every-other for backscatter vs metal detector, but both partner and I went through metal detector after they made it more random.830a10
 B622012-11-07Three baggage lanes open, two feeding alternating WTMD/BKSX line, third had only the WMTD open. strangely, that had a longer line. TSA staff seemed unusually pleasant and friendly tonight.1000p10
 ASChk point 3 Pre-check line2012-10-25Went thru WTMD (only one in Pre-check line. Very fast200a2
 DLCenter2012-10-13I don't think anyone in the center checkpoint was going through scanners, but not entirely sure1020a10
 UAMiddle checkpoint2012-10-13Far left lane still is WTMD, and you can pick your lanes. Easy-peasy SDOO. Gal behind me got a random hand swab, though.600a10
 AllMiddle2012-09-30The line crawled until they got a second checker to help the slowest checker ever; by which point the line had ballooned. Rapiscan was down for maintenance, however, so SDOO was easy.950p10
 ASA2012-09-27At each check in point, there was a preimer line at the far left. Once you got pass the initial scan of your ID and boarding pass, then try to go all the way to the far left. That is where the premier line is and it is a WTMD no NOS. All other lines had blue cancer boxes using BKSX900p5
 UAFar south checkpoint by B gates2012-09-20Barking TSAs were ordering elites out of checkpoint 5 and insisting that the far south checkpoint had no line. Untrue, the line took 25 minutes, and elites were funneled into the Nos. I waited till two people were in line for the NoS and innocently walked through the WTMD. Didn't get stopped, but almost everyone was getting the cancer box this am.630a25
 UA52012-09-11Elite lane next to Precheck lane led to WTMD, the scanner was blocked off today. Guy behind me picked for random shoe swab.930a10
 AS52012-08-26SDOO -- far left lane goes to WTMD. However, after I got in line, TSA was directing others into the scanner line.600p
 USSC 32012-08-13Scanners blocked off on far right lanes. Far left lanes going through backscatter. Keep head up and you'll be fine. Took a red eye on a Monday. 800p20+
 US22012-08-09PreCheck closed. Only WTMD for first/premier line on far right. Back scatter in other lines. Most laptops pulled for swabbing, hence long waits at x-ray. Staff were quiet.810p15
 AllCheckpoint 32012-08-05Long wait late night at SEA, but no machines in use.1120p30
 AA52012-07-22Easy SDOO. Long line in regular lanes, no line in PreCheck/elite/military lane.5a
 ASD/N gates2012-07-15Still easy SDOO by staying left through doc checker stations in regular lanes. Bear left after doc checker to access a WTMD only lane. All gates are accessible from this checkpoint.710a25
 UA42012-07-14Choose your own adventure in the left and right lanes; most passengers in center lane sent through back scatter.500a10
 UA5 (N gates)2012-07-11Lines moved very slowly today, not sure why. Lady TSA was checking boarding passes at head of line, and was sending some people off to other gates, I was headed to N gate, so she let me through, not sure what she'd have done if I was not ticketed on UA and not headed to d/n gates. I was able to SDOO by staying to left where WTMD is located. Lady behind me was picked for random search. 540p15
 UACheckpoint 32012-07-06The previous safe checkpoint (#5, where the left lane was safe) is closed for renovation, and all other checkpoints have backscatter in use for all passengers. Opting out was fairly easy though the screener was brusque. No harrassment.930p15
 UA52012-06-30Backscatters roped off in the Elite line (not PreCheck). Very long wait time, very crowded, but TSA staff were cheerful and pleasant. Many random swabbings of electronics.650a25
 Int'l22012-06-28Several international flights all going out at around the same time meant long lines. But the far right was WTMD only, and passengers can choose their own advenure.12p15
 AA22012-06-20Most Xrays were roped off at this time. Easy SDOO.710a10
 UA32012-06-15PreCheck closed; only checkpoint 3 open. Some Backscatters roped off; I got lucky. Staff was snippy.840p10
 52012-06-14WTMDs at the far right and far left; everyone else got irradiated. SDOO followed by a supposedly random laptop swab. 1100a10
 UANorth2012-06-14usually this checkpoint is fast but it was a long wait! got randomed on the wtmd again. they were swabbling random people's hands at ID check. got bag swabbed on random wtmd alarm. at least no longer a glass holding box. looked like the radiation booth was shutdown due to long waits and everyone was sent through a wtmd, but not quite 100% certain of this. chose far left lane, which has traditionally been wtmd only520a20
 ASCheckpoint 52012-06-04Far left lane still WTMD only, and scanner free! 800a5
 VX52012-05-13Stay in the far left lane -- it's WTMD. The TSA person was confused because she'd never seen a Virgin boarding pass before, but cleared that up. Access to all gates. Random ID checks at the gate itself, but no groping whatsoever!620p5
 B622012-05-12Far right lane was WTMD only - backscatter was roped off for this lane.530p5
 AllCheckpoint 5 (North)2012-05-10Left lane is WTMD only. Easy SDOO. Access to all gates. 850a4
 USCheckpoint 22012-04-29X-ray operational for most passengers in center lane; xray roped off in far right lane, WTMD only. Xray in use for all lanes at checkpoint 3;, for probably 80% of travelers. Did not check north/5. 1000a15
 AllA, N, S2012-03-15The left hand lane is still almost always open only to the WTMD. SDOO a breeze most days.700a10
 ASA, N, S2012-02-11had to opt out12
 DLS2012-02-04Courteous and professional TSA staff. We are a family with small children We had already decided that none of us would submit to pat down or nude-O-scope, we planned to miss our flight if either was required. We were very glad just WTMD so we could fly that day.1130p10
 WNNorth2012-01-30Rightmost lane was 100% scanner, had to opt out1100a15
 VXD/N (farthest North)2012-01-29far left lane wtmd only, but it went off on me at random (tsa announced it as "random"); i only got a swab of one of my items (no "pat down")5a
 DLCheckpoint 52012-01-27WTMD in far left lane is still open. Our gate was at the opposite end of the terminal, but once through security we could walk or take the tram to get there.1130a
 AAA2012-01-26Back scatter infuse 720a
 DLA, N, S (South end of main terminal)2012-01-20Rapiscan X-rays in place; far left lane (of 3-4 open) had WTMD. TSO's were urging passengers to go to the screening points at the north end of the terminal because of 'long waits' even though the line was not long and was moving efficiently. I mentioned that due to recent surgery, I'd rather not walk across the whole airport, TSO sarcastically asked 'so you'd rather stand?' 1200p7
 UA5 (D/N)2012-01-05I was all prepared to do the rare and glorious double-opt-out, but thanks to TSA Status, I knew to take the far left lane in Checkpoint 5, so I didn't even have to do anything special. Just walked through WTMD no problem. It doesn't matter what your gate is. You can reach everything from inside security, so just pick Checkpoint 5 (the checkpoint closest to the D and N gates), pick the far left lane, pass through the WTMD, and find the way to your gate afterwards."410a5

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