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 ASA122014-09-02I had a knee replacement surgery, I have precheck status, and they made me walk without my walking cane and remove my shoes and belt. It took me a long time waiting for a rude, young female to pad my body.1110a10
 Int'lA2014-08-29MMW for most except for crew and young children. Did not opt-out since one scan probably won't hurt me.
 DLTerminal 12014-08-29WTMD in precheck lane, which was lightning fast. Body scanners for everyone else.900a2
 UAInternational2014-08-13Very busy, so they directed a bunch of us into the "pre" line with WTMD only and no shoe removal. :-)1210p
 UAT32014-06-09F1/F2/F3 checkpoints at T3 had everyone going into scanners, except Pre-Check. One of the checkpoints, however, had someone with an Ipad randomizer that directed some of the people to go into a line that merged with the Pre-Check line. Unfortunately, I didn't get directed that way and had to opt-out. 1230p10
 UA752014-01-16Very thorough with the molestation1200p15
 UA32013-10-27Our boarding passes were marked PRE. We go sent to that line. No wait. Then, keep shoes, jackets, belts on. We had NOT paid for this status. 1220p0
 Int'lInternational2013-10-21This week they added a 'modified' pre-check at SFO; if you get the triple beeps, you don't have to take off jackets and shoes, you do have to take out laptops and liquid bag, and you go through a WTMD. (They were still training TSOs on the correct procedure for handling Pre-checks in this terminal when i went through.1100a10
 Int'lInternational terminal2013-10-03All lines scanners except the priority line. I wasn't allowed to use the priority line even though I have PreCheck and there's no PreCheck lane in this terminal. Avoid if possible.1120a20
 AA22013-09-21All MMW except precheck. Didn't check the hidden lane detailed on 6/26 -- next time for sure.
 UAF32013-08-30Precheck line is WTMD-only. All other lanes I saw had scanners.710p5
 UAT32013-08-24Checked all three T3 checkpoints. None of the WTMD lanes were open except Pre-Check.1130a
 DLC/12013-08-22Precheck lane open 0
 DLT1 DL Pier2013-07-15PreCheck line scheduled to open July 161110a
 All2013-07-09SFO has never had the backscatter (Xray) machines, only the Millimeter wave Scanner.
 DLInternational A2013-06-28Premium line fed directly into a line where it was a sole WTMD (this was on the far right). Looked like MMW for everyone not fortunate enough to be in this line. 1200p5
 WN2013-06-26Line was light but magnetometers blocked off and all lanes forced to submit to MMW scanner or opt out1220p
 AAT2 Secondary2013-06-26The regular T2 checkpoint is code red, but there is a tiny hidden checkpoint to the right of the main one, past the bathrooms. Shorter line and no body scanners.1100a7
 DLT1 DL Section2013-06-16All lanes MMW1230p
 AA2013-06-01backscatter machines in use for almost everyone except folks in wheelchairs and passengers with babies-- they went through metal detectors instead. Didn't feel like putting up a fight, so I went through the backscatter machine, but was annoyed to be patted down afterward anyway...830p
 UAT32013-05-21TSA female said scanner? wasn't an x-ray. No notices to opt out. Would have for health concerns if there were signs.130p5
 DLT1 DL pier2013-05-09MMW in every lane as primary1200p
 UANear gates 76-902013-04-02This was the checkpoint to the right of the stairs. Only one MMW, used for all. Line was slow, we were running close to time, so I chickened out for the scanner.100p15
 B6International A2013-03-30Everyone through MMW, except children 12 years of age or younger, and one parent. WTMD covered with cardboard box.1000a5
 UAT32013-03-29MMW at all checkpoints I could see, all WTMDs blocked off. Lines moving very efficiently. I signaled to one of the agents monitoring the lines that I was an opt-out. By the time I passed my things through the x-ray, a female agent had arrived and the patdown was quick. She wasn't chatty but was polite and efficient. Did not touch my hair, but my hair's short and I'm a good foot taller than she was, so ymmv. Overall, as unobjectionable an experience as a professional grope can be.2p7
 AllT12013-03-07No Backscatter used at SFO
 AllT22013-03-07No Backscatter used at SFO
 AllT32013-03-07No Backscatter used at SFO
 VXT22013-03-04The far left line is precheck (WTMD only). Since my last trip, the elite line funnels into the same line and the second-to-left lane has had its NoS removed. So now if you are elite and the far left non-pre line is open, you can avoid groping. I'm glad no terrorists would ever think of getting elite status! TSA is on the job.
 UAInternational G2013-02-26Either orange or red depending on time of day. There are both WTMDs and MMW machines at the checkpoint, but they only use both when traffic is high, otherwise it's MMW only. As far as I can tell, the high-traffic time is ~10-11:30AM. I arrived at 11:50 and had the bad luck to see them closing the WTMDs as I got into line. Politely opted out, genitals not touched during patdown.1150a10
 UAT3 (overflow, south of main T3 checkpoint)2013-02-25MMW and WTMD both in use at this checkpoint, though today the WTMD was blocked off, and both lines were being routed through MMW. I'm OK with MMW. As it turns out, they had me step in, then asked me to step back out as one agent announced "calibrate!" WTMD was then unblocked and I was then re-routed through it, along with everyone else. No idea how long the MMW was out of service, but they were routing everyone through it pre-calibration1130a10
 AAT22013-01-31Opt out. First pat down set off explosives detection. Second groin rub in private room. No option to do in public. Aloof and unresponsive to questions.510a20
 WNT12013-01-16100% scanners and then patdowns if you happen to be wearing earrings.... Rude staff.1200p10
 AAt22013-01-113 magical beeps at precheck means I get to fly with dignity. The dude in front of me got two beeps, so off to the gropelab he went. MMW for everyone except precheck.
 UATerminal 3 South C/P2012-12-23Two lines, one going to a WTMD. Checker tried to move me to other, asked if that was an order, he said no and let me be. SDOO achieved. 740a10
 DLT1-C2012-12-15All WTMDs blocked off. Everyone through the MMW.700a15
 UA32012-12-08Two lines. Wife was being prescreened for the other one, so I just walked over to her line to SDOO750a5
 VXT22012-12-04There is now a pre-check line at T2. If you are a good little non-terrorist and the machine beeps three times, you are sent to the magical wonderland of September 10, 2001 security, where you get to leave your shoes on, leave your laptop in the bag, and so on. Everybody else gets groped or scanned.
 VXTerminal 22012-11-21No luck at Terminal 2. MMW naked boddy scanners used at lines. Blue Shirts at SFO are not TSA/Government employees, but they have to abide by the same rules and are just as bad at the government employees.330p
 UATerminal 32012-11-212 lines were open and both had MMW scanners. I chose to opt out and the agent repeatedly suggested that I go through the scanner while telling me that the machine did not emit radiation. I waited about 5 minutes for an agent to do a patdown. The pat down was not too bad and was professionally handled.830p15
 UAUnited, Terminal 32012-10-26There was one checkpoint for Premier members allowed you to easily self-select a metal detector. Upon return on Sunday morning the line was not available.330p0
 VX2012-10-05Only saw 1 family with small kids allowed to use an otherwise blocked metal detector. Everyone else had to go through the scanner. I said I opt out, and was immediately told by an agent oh that machine doesn't have radiation. Once again I said I opt out. Again she said but it doesn't have radiation. She was really trying to get me to go through, which could be construed as harassment, since I have a right to opt out. Once again, I repeated my decision. I had to wait at least 10-15 minutes for an agent (punitive?) Once the search took place it was fine.130p
 DL1, Gates 40-482012-09-24Everyone forced into scanner. No option for metal detector (except for flight crew). Opted out. Waited 5 minutes for pat-down. Agressive, angry female agent. Claimed I set off alarm. Excruciatingly slow review of all contents of my purse, which she removed item-by-item and placed on counter. I checked luggage so no liquids/toiletries with me. Still, told I must go into private room for secondary screening (RPD or Resolution Pat-Down). Refused secondary screening & was told SFPD would be called. Endured it. Was not as aggressive, invasive as 1st pat-down. Think the 1st agent set off alarm intentionally. Alarm did not go off after 2nd, private room pat-down. Frightening experience.400p
 UAinternational2012-09-23All passengers forced to go through a single backscatter/radiation machine. I told the TSA rep I didn't want to go through. She replied by saying I didn't have a choice...unless I went through the enhanced pat-down. I chose the enahanced pat-down and they directed me to another gate to walk through. The 2nd TSA rep explained he put on fresh gloves and that he would have to give me a full pat-down because I refused to go through the scanner. He said he would to a "one-two" down the back and then the front along the sides of my zipper. I asked him if he was going to touch my genitals and he repeated he would just to the "one-two" along the sides of my zipper. I said "ok". He commenced with the pat-down and touched me very close to my genitals. In the meantime, the 3rd TSA rep was removing every item from my carry-on bags and performing the chemical check. The rep even ran all my items through the x-ray machine again. From where I was asked to stand, I was not able to keep my eyes on my property the entire time. The rep was working extremely slowly during the baggage check.1100p25
 WNTerminal 12012-09-20Multiple lanes were open however the backscatter machine was being "calibrated" so the 4-5 people in front of me plus me only went through a metal detector.710a6
 UAInternational2012-09-04Line was almost empty. Had to say our name. I saw one guy go through WTMD, but everyone else was going through the MMW. I opted out with my fiancee and the woman officer tried arguing with us saying that we should have said something earlier and that we can't opt out. I said that I don't trust the safety of the machines and would rather get a pat down. Then the officer called for a male and female opt out. Make sure you know that you have the right, according to TSA, to opt out if the officers try to say otherwise. Be polite and curtious with the officers but firm if they try to say something contrary to their own rules.730a
 UA32012-09-01There used to be one or two lines were SDOO was available. Now all lines lead to MMWs. The only option to use the WTMD was if you had a child who could walk.a10
 UA12012-08-23MMW used for everyone since only one line was available and airport wasn't that busy at that time. Got that cardboard covering the metal detectors. MMW has the new software with stick figure installed, decided not to opt-out because I'd rather not be groped.930p5
 UAUnited - after customs to connecting United flights2012-08-23MMW for everyone except for one guy with his young son. They opened up the WTMD for him. They let a few people go through when the scanner line right beside the WTMD got longer than 3 people BUT then they quickly closed it off with a piece of cardboard. I saw people exiting the scanner and still getting patdowns. Me (young female) and another young female after me opted out (we were both very skinny and small and hardly dangerous). We didn't know each other but were both traveling with other people so we were not worried about our stuff. The wait was about 3 minutes or 2.5. The lady that called for the 2 female assists had to call a few times but at least she kept trying. She ended up doing the pat down on me and another lady came for the other girl. The lady who called for the opt outs opened a gate for us and led us to a sitting area near the x-ray belt. She had me point out my stuff and put my bin on a chair beside me. She told me to wait while she went to get something and left me alone for half a minute. She was nice enough to put my shoes with the dirty side facing up instead of on my stuff, that was a nice gesture. she changed her gloves but I didn't see them from the box but they looked new. I forgot about asking but she did it without me asking. The pat down wasn't too bad, she did touch my hair and the other girl also had her hair touched as well. My person made me lift up my shirt and tank top underneath to feel my leggings waistband but she said to not lift my shirt too high. It was nice not to have to stand on the yellow feet since for a small person, that's like doing the splits. She did give me the speech and offer me a private screening, which I declined. The lines for the scanners were INSANE!! If you had a tight connection, I don't see how you could make it through customs, get your luggage and then go through re-screening area! There were about 3 lines and all led to the scanner. Me and the other girl were in the priority/first class line (on the right), which was the only line with a WTMD beside the MMW. Everyone in the priority line still got the MMW. It took so long for everyone to get through the scanners. I wonder how many people have missed flights? the lines went past the checkpoint area. Overall, opting out at SFO was okay. Too bad we couldn't have more privatized airport security. the lady didn't give me or the other girl attitude for opting out. It was nice not to have to opt out alone, I think the other girl did it a lot because she didn't look too happy and said it usually took a few minutes to wait.1030a3
 UATerminal 32012-08-09MMW in use for everyone except mothers w/small children, opt-out quick and easy, no problems.330p5
 VXTerminal 22012-08-06Standard SFO name game at the ID check podium. The line was moving very slowly due to NoS being primary and only two lanes open. They had a large cardboard barrier that was blocking entrance to the WTMD. But one man was carrying a small dog and they allowed him to escape the NoS. After I made it through, the line was backing up even more and then the gatekeeper periodically allowed 7-10 people to go through the WTMD to speed things up. And an hour and a half later I have to take out my id to show it to the smurfs again in the jetway while boarding! Just silly.210p20
 AA22012-08-02SFO AA used to be my favorite security experience, WTMD only. Now it's MMW for everyone except families with small children. What theaterical garbage.
 USTerminal 12012-08-01Cardboard was blocking the metal detectors. I opted out of scanner. Convenant Aviation Security staff forgot several of my items on the xray belt. Made me wait then proceeded with enhanced pat down. When they asked if they could pat the incide of my legs I responded "What ever turns you on". This resulted in a huge scandal with the actual TSA being called in to observe a new pat down. 630p
 DLTerminal 1, Gates 40-482012-07-29Funneling everyone through NoS. Opted-out. Extremely friendly agent and non-invasive pat-down. Private contractors put the TSA to shame in terms of professionalism. 720a20
 UAT3 overflow, south checkpoint2012-07-20Far right lane is WTMD only, but was closed off right before I could get to it (shift change?)940a
 UAT3 Elite2012-07-17Nude-o-scopes in use for everyone; because of which a short & smooth security check has become a long wait.510p15
 UAT3 (overflow, south of main T3 checkpoint)2012-07-10Line was shorter at noon than i typically see when i fly mornings, however, with only one lane open, the line moved very slowly, all being directed through MMW. As i got to the initial screening desk, more personnel arrived and an additional line was opened - directed to a WTMD. Easy to self-select from there. 1200p15
 VXALL2012-06-21ya NAILED IT. Glad I'm not the only one who sees a grave error in how this system is being operated. Rosa Parks all over again. Straight up age/racial/sexual orientation discrimination. Absolutely disgusting that this is happening in the year of 2012 and people are putting up with it. SFO IS RED.
 VX22012-06-19Crew members (thanks for standing with us, guys -- oh, wait, you get the metal detector) and families with children under 12 are not terrorists. Children become terrorists on 13th birthday, and must go through the cancer-box. My officer began the conversation by threatening me with whether I was going to fly. I'm sure he is a constitutional scholar in addition to being a radiation safety engineer.
 VXT22012-06-08If you had a child, you got the metal detector opened up just for you. (ATTENTION TERRORISTS: PAY A CHILD TO TRAVEL WITH YOU!) Otherwise, you must opt-out. Opt-out wait was clearly punishment, since there were TSA employees standing around talking. Or maybe they hate groping passengers as much as we hate it. TSA employees still do not have radiation badges.640a35
 WN12012-05-30Everyone goes through scanner, no avoiding except to opt out n930a15
 B62012-05-27Most went through MMW, a few were allowed to walk through metal detectors. I refused the MMW and asked to be patted down. They asked me to take off my hat and I refused, so a female TSA officer felt up my head as well as my body. Ugh.730a
 UAT32012-05-27Memorial Day weekend: Line to the left, all MMW. Line to the right was families only, WWMD.640a20
 UAT32012-05-14Nudies in operation now :(540a10
 UAT3 Overflow (near Group Check-in)2012-05-10There are now three lanes - two that share an MMW on the left and one WTMD only on the right. Fairly easy to choose WTMD, if it's open. Families were also allowed to choose that line directly.1050a
 WN12012-05-09No Tsa at SFO.. Airport is privatized..430p
 UAPremier Access T22012-05-08all MMW, which I dont mind, Back Scatter I opt out
 UST12012-05-07Everyone sent through MMW except flight crews800a5
 UAT32012-05-05Fxxk it, went through the scanner. They have ones with updated software so no porn. One MMW in few months won't kill me and I would save time to get to the snacks on the other side.600p5
 UA32012-05-03Not sure why it took so long to get through security. I fly for business, and have never experienced such delays, not only that, the agents seemed really distracted? I would ask a question, and three of the four that I was trying to get information from, were very dismissive and vague. Almost missed my flight due to the really slow and what seemed like confused stated of the agents.200p25
 UAInternational Connections2012-05-01Everyone going through MMW units. This must be new, because I went through SFO from an international flight about a month ago and was metal dectors through the same checkpoint. They must have just installed these MMW. I was polite and respectful with the TSA officer letting him know that I'm opting out and he was polite and respectful with me.1100a15
 AAT22012-04-30Metal detectors all blocked with TSA placards that looked screwed on (not just a rope barrier). Only MMW being used, so the line was backed up. TSA staff was puzzled by opt-out request, and apologized that the checkpoint was moving slow since "new procedures" started this week.900a15
 AAT22012-04-27MMW scanners in ALL lanes now. Weren't there on April 12.720a15
 UAPremier access Terminal 32012-04-26Walk through metal detectors only. I got snippy with the moat dragon who was threatening me over the say-your-name game. Long lines.310p15
 VX22012-04-21These scanners are new in the last few weeks :-(
 UA32012-04-21shame on you SFO. I don't understand what the deal with covenant is. They were better in the past but seem to have no regard for our rights anymore. If you feel they are disrespectful or discriminatory (based on sexual-orientation), call an LEO. This is SFO after all. Put an end to their crap while we can.
 UAT3 Elite Checkpoint2012-04-21
 USGates 20-302012-04-20Lines in the central (left) TSO checkpoint fed to the left-hand lane, which had WTMD only. Lines in the right-hand TSO checkpoint, off to the side in the little room, feed to the xray. No apparent choice as to which line you're fed into.400p45
 UAT32012-04-17No nudie machines at the frequent flyer checkpoint; although the other checkpoint now has MMW-ATR machines1230p5
 UAT32012-04-16Checkpoints in T3 were rearranged this week. The old "E gates" checkpoint closest to T2 is permanently closed. There are now two main checkpoints in the center of the terminal. The CP closest to T2 has one MMW and one WTMD, the other has 3 MMWs. The elite checkpoint is still WTMD only.1230p
 UAT32012-04-11New scanners are installed in main security. Not in use yet. Three scanners. Walked to the elite security check point, it was closed. Some activity is going on, but hard to tell if the scaneers are being installed there too.7p
 UAInternational G2012-04-05At 10AM on a Thursday, three lines were in use; the middle and right side had scanners but the left lane was metal detector only. Even though I started on the right side, I was able to sneak over to the metal detector line without arousing suspicion. Guessing the odds are best during high-traffic times of day.1000a
 UAConnecting Flights2012-03-21I arrived in SFO from an international flight, went through Immigration and Customs, then went to the Connecting Flights. There were no scanners when I went through the security there, only metal dectors.1130a5
 USTerminal 12012-03-17Everyone except parents with children sent through MMW machines. One of us received invasive patdown and bag search even after going through machine. Might as well opt out - the grope is just as bad if you choose the scanner.
 UAT32012-03-15No scanners! Regular line was quicker than the elite line. 410p1
 Int'lInternational A2012-03-04Only one line open, all passengers had to go through scanner740p1
 VXT22012-02-26No scanners in T2 yet340p

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