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 ASTerminal B2016-11-30very fast, but a month ago it was 1.5 hours...700p5
 AATerminal A2016-05-13Pre-check lane open so full pre-check this morning. Line for MMW not too long yet. 810a5
 ASB2016-04-04Yes, over a two hour wait. Per ticket agents "been like this for over a month"12p145
 AATerminal A2016-04-01Precheck line open but ended up with "Precheck Lite" because dedicated scanner lane closed.810a15
 AATerminal A2015-12-11"Precheck Lite" since Precheck lane closed. NOS for everyone else.820a10
 WNB2015-08-21TSA precheck closed due to it being slow. Lines go to the escalators. 600p50l
 WN2014-10-17Wait time close to 1 hour. Flights leaving 6 am to 7 am, wait time large. 3 scanners in use50a60
 WNB2014-03-26NOS for all except pre-check--probably because they were busily flogging CLEAR. Only one scanner--took forever.230p
 AAA2014-02-22Pre-check line open. WTMD in use for Precheck. MMW in use for all others as far as I could tell.900a5
 USTerminal A2014-01-31Pre-check line open. Scanners in use for some at other lines.830a5
 AAA2014-01-21Precheck lines were closed because "it's slow". I was sent through WTMD, another pax was sent through MMW; not sure if it was because she didn't have Precheck (I did).430p5
 USTerminal A2013-12-13Unless you had Pre-Check, MMW could not be avoided.840a10
 USTerminal A2013-11-15Busy day. Scanner in use for some but could be avoided using line 2. Separate Pre-Check line not open but Pre-Check boarding passes honored.830a30
 AAA2013-10-06Pleasantly surprised to be able to avoid MMW without opt-out630a5
 USTerminal A2013-08-23Only 2 lanes open with MMW only.820a10
 ASB2013-07-12Far right lane (lane 7) was WTMD-only. Terminal A appeared to be status red. Past security, you can walk from B to A or vice versa.740p10
 UATerminal A2013-07-12MMW in use at all lanes for almost all. Went through WTMD because someone using the MMW triggered a secondary. 820a15
 DLA2013-06-22Very busy in the morning. WTMD was begrudgingly in use in far right lane. All other lanes mandatory MMW.550a
 ASTerminal A2013-05-26All scanners at Terminal A were roped off. Once past security, you can walk to Terminal B in 5-10 minutes. I went to terminal B first and saw scanners in use there.920a10
 USTerminal A2013-05-10Avoid scanners by using lane 6 on the far left.520a10
 WNB2013-04-20No SDOO possible, all through scanners unless you opt-out. 1p
 DLA2013-04-16Choose your lane. Newspeak PSA. One line, metal detect or scanner550a10
 AATerminal A2013-04-12Not busy. Only one line open with both WTMD and MMW active. Most people using the WTMD.1020a5
 WNTerminal B2013-03-27Select your own lane. 2 lanes WTMD and 2 lanes with new MMW scanners.750a25
 UAUnited 2013-02-13Surprised to see Rapiscan cancer boxes still in use. Smurf commiserated and was concerned about radiation. Very quick pay down. 600a5
 USTerminal A2013-02-08Two lines and everyone gets zapped by the Rapiscan boxes. Bonus: watch fetish after zapping. ID check was very slow. 810a15
 USTermial A2013-01-30Two lines and almost everyone gets zapped. So much for getting rid of the Rapiscan boxes.800a10
 WNsouthwest 2013-01-17230p5
 WNTerminal B2012-12-24All NOS roped off. Holiday gift from the TSA?1240p
 Terminal A2012-12-213 lines open. WTMD only at family line. WTMD opened for other 2 lines when lines got two long. Backscatter is slow!830a10
 USTerminal A2012-11-16Only two lines open. Except for families, everybody gets zapped.830a5
 ASTerminal B2012-11-11Backscatter present but all were roped off, some were on, some weren't.210p15
 WNB2012-10-12Very easy to self-select. Yay!840a
 USTerminal A2012-09-21Everyone gets zapped.1040a10
 USA2012-09-15far right line running metal detector only. Easy self opt out.530a15
 B6A2012-09-12Rub-down or Cancer. No other choices.1010p2
 WNSouthwest Gates2012-08-02Left and middle lanes were cancerous. Right lane (going about 3x faster) was WTMD540p
 WNB2012-07-25cancer boxes were all roped off today1030a
 WNB2012-07-25cancer boxes were all roped off today1030a
 WN2012-07-12Most were going through the scanners. I saw people receive awful gropings that I think were randomly chosen instead of opting out. However, I was able to switch at the last minute to a metal detector only lane and get out grope and radiation free (#5).
 USTerminal A2012-06-19Not busy at the checkpoint so everyone gets to be zapped.230p5
 USTerminal A2012-06-01Two lines WTMD only used when scanner line too long. Thankfully got to use WTMD. Bonus - pinched tub stackers finger while rearranging my used tubs.1130a10
 UAA2012-04-29Naughty smurfs with their porn-o-scopes... Had to get a rub down1230p0
 USA 2012-04-12Scanners no used. All wtmd.5p2
 UAA2012-04-09Smurfs having a ball zapping everyone with radiation... had to opt out; at least the smurf was courteous and professional.700p0
 UAA2012-04-08Metal detectors roped off. Had to opt out of cancer machine.900a5
 USTerminal A2012-04-06Good Friday and lots of families. Went from red to yellow when the lines got too long and they opened a 3rd line that was WTMD only.830a15
 WNA2012-03-15far left was metal detector250p5
 UAA2012-03-13cancer box roped off. wtmd only. thanks, sjc!650p3
 UAA2012-03-06Cancer box roped off640p3
 UAB2012-02-22metal detector roped off. had to opt out of cancer machine.710p6
 USTerminal A2012-02-163 lines opened, one scanner only. As lines grew longer 4th line opened using WTMD. Noticed that people in line 1 (far right) were being directed to scanner. Stayed left to use WTMD.510a15
 ASterminal b2012-02-153 lanes open, two of which led to nudie scanner. It looks as though they may not have enough scanners to handle all lanes if they we in use.510p
 ASterminal b2012-02-153 lanes open, two of which led to nudie scanner. It looks as though they may not have enough scanners to handle all lanes if they we in use.510p
 UAA2012-02-13Single BSX in use; WTMD roped off. Had to opt out. Smurf wasn't too grabby during feel up.700p5
 UAA2012-02-06cancer machine was roped off as i approached checkpoint. a few people before i got to metal detector, smurfs moved the rope over to the metal detector forcing all pax through the now unroped cancer machine. had to opt out.710p5
 ASTerminal B2012-02-06Blue box backscatter machines in use, but easy to choose your own line for a WTMD.530p
 UAA2012-02-03Only one scanner in use was nude o scope. Had to opt out. Smurf was mostly harmless.700p5
 UAA2012-01-18Roughly 1/4 passengers sent through porn scanner. TSA selected the passengers.500a5
 WNB2011-12-18Never knew holiday songs made smurfs schizophrenic. Chose the metal detector, then they fired up the BKSX. As the first victim was being "examined", the smurfs pulled a couple of us back toward the metal detector. Lucky escape!1100a5
 UATerminal A2011-12-16Use line 3 or 4 to use WTMD and avoid backscatter.810a5
 ASB2011-12-01Since lines were shorter in front of the porn machine, the smurf recommended going into that line. As with most other biz travellers, I chose to go to the "longer" line with a metal detector. The porn machine broke down, saving everyone the hassle. Porn machine roulette, anyone?200p5
 A2011-11-29Right lane had roped off backscatter. All other lanes had TSA-choice backscatter or metal.
 AAMain Terminal2011-11-26Light crowds with roped-off scanners...nice.
 USTerminal A2011-11-04Only scanners in use. WTMD used only when scanner line was too long.
 ASTerminal B2011-09-27All scanners blocked off
 ASTerminal B2011-09-27All scanners blocked off
 USTerminal A2011-09-233 lines open, 1 with both x-ray and WTMD. Easy to avoid center lane.
 AAA2011-09-16Plan on 40 seconds per passenger, with one p0rn machine up and lots of patdowns
 WNTerminal B2011-07-24Was very easy to avoid middle line (scanner).
 WNB2011-07-23Two metal detector and two xrays in use. easy to self select line.
 USTerminal A2011-07-223 lines open. 2 metal detectors, 1 x-ray. Avoid (x-ray) middle lane.
 USTerminal A2011-07-223 lines open. 2 metal detectors, 1 x-ray. Avoid (x-ray) middle lane.
 WNTerminal B2011-07-21Two metal detectors and one x-ray in use. Once past the ID check, it is extremely easy to go to the lane of your choice. Did not see TSA redirecting anyone from chosen lane into the x-ray.
 WNB2011-06-29I fly out of SJC every week. Mostly they allow you to choose which lane to use, and there's always one lane with no scanner. Only once have I had to opt out.
 USTerminal A2011-06-17Choose your own lane
 UAA2011-05-06Metal detectors only. I used the time I saved to fill out a compliment card on their choice
 USA2011-03-31Two lines with "random" selection from each line. Witnessed two opt outs in a row from line to my left.
 WNB2011-02-0467 year-old white-haired woman (me) scanned!
 COTerminal A2011-01-14Scanner used when free, then abruptly shut down.
 UAterminal a2011-01-03
 UATerminal A Checkpoint2010-12-29Single line, left was metal detector, right was backscatter. I was polite and used conversation to allow me to choose my own line rather than be directed to the porno machines. Was easy and TSA lady was cheerful and polite. No grope, no pictures, no violation of our civil rights. Was about 60/40% in favor of metal detector by eyeball estimation. Easy.
 2010-12-26Most scanners turned off
 2010-12-26Scanners not in use
 Domestic2010-12-26scanners in use for ~1/3
 UATerminal C2010-12-23All passengers were directed through a single security line with backscatter. Attempts to opt out were met with TSA talking over you and ignoring you. Felt like cattle.
 2010-12-20scanners not in use
 2010-11-05No scanners

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