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 B6Terminal 12014-03-06All passengers sent through scanners. Waited for a long time for a grumpy tsa agent to give me a pat down. 500p20
 WNTerminal 12013-11-26Slow so only single line open and everyone being sent though the mmw machine350p5
 ASTerminal 22013-06-26Stay left towards the business/first class line900a20
 DL22013-05-27Almost all sent to MMW. Did manage to tie up 6 of the thugs on the pat down 1120p10
 DL2013-01-20All 3 of us outed out. Husband had false positive. Taken to closed room. 620p
 DL22012-10-03The WTMD on the right now has a MMW. Only pre-check escapes.100p
 DLC gates2012-09-27Appeared that most travelers were being pointed towards the MMW, although when there was any sort of backup they'd point people to the WTMD.
 DLTerminal 22012-09-24All lanes led to MMW scanners. Used to be some lanes led to WTMD but sadly this is no longer the case.210p10
 AllTerminal 12012-06-24Loooked like everyone was getting microwaved.230p
 AllTerminal 12012-06-24Loooked like everyone was getting microwaved.230p
 DLTerminal 22012-06-24WTMD only lane in use at this time.230p
 DL22012-06-15The few people at this hour were scanned, unless they had Precheck (left lane). Did not see anyone use the precheck lane when I was in the area.230p
 DLTerminal 22012-05-24Left-hand lane and second from right are MMW. Second from left and far right are WTMD-only. All lanes open; SDOO easy. TSO asked why I went a lane over instead of walking straight into the MMW lane, said I objected to the scanners. He replied that he hears that a lot, wished me safe travels and headed over to be the male assist on another lane.1230p5
 DLTerminal 22012-04-16Terminal 2 had one MMW scanner in use which could be avoided by staying to the right for one of several WTMDs. All gates can be accessed from Terminal 2.1020a5
 DLTerminal 22012-01-02At terminal 2, make your way into the middle of the three lines. Note that since the MMW and WTMD share one bag X-ray lane, it will be very difficult to not get the MMW in a line that is using it. 300p
 DLTerminal 32012-01-02When I walked by it, saw the MMW was closed for a shift change. While closed, although some went through the detector, they appeared to be intentionally slowing down the security process. Soon it opened again and happily the TSA could microwave people again.300p
 DL22011-12-22Consistent with other reports, stay right1200p
 AllC2011-12-08Didn't go thru, just observed. Few pax and lots of TSOs, mos pax seemed to go through WTMD.920p0
 WNTerminal 12011-11-09At 7 PM there were few passengers and only one lane open with a MMW scanner. Only option for avoiding scanner was to go to terminal 2 with a long wait but you could choose between the MMW scanner and WTMD. All gates can be accessed from either terminal 1 or 2.
 DLTerminal 22011-11-09At 7 PM two lanes were open with a long line of passengers. Leftmost lane had MMW scanner, right had WTMD. Avoid scanner by staying to the right.
 DL22011-11-03T2 had 3 lines. Center was random WTMD or MMW, others were WTMD only. Self-select. Most pax using lines for WTMDs.
 DL22011-10-24At 7 PM, TSA laying in wait for the few unlucky passengers who arrive at this hour to zap them in the MMW
 DL22011-10-20Middle lane is sfe in main one. Also, check to see if the litte one on the left is open. When I arrived on my 1st flight, it was WTMD only, but it had closed when my connecting flight left.
 DL22011-09-09Some pairs of lanens have scanners, some don't . Your choice.
 DLTerminal 22011-08-04Stay to the right line for WTMD
 WNTerminal 12011-07-05Metal detectors were there and I wanted to use one, but all passengers I saw were directed to MMW machines.
 WNTerminal 12011-07-04One MMW scanner in use - easily avoided by staying to the right
 WNTerminal 12011-05-25All lines feeding into MMW. Incredibly long lines backing up into baggage claim, some pax were being fed into WTMD due to long lines.
 DLTerminal 22011-05-25Only 2 MMW in use. Avoidable by going to middle lane WTMD. All gates are accessable from this CP, so go to T2 to avoid MMW in T1.
 WNTerminal 12011-05-203 Lines all leading to MMW
 DLTerminal 22011-05-151MMW used in left most lane, easily avoided by selecting a lane to the right
 WNterminal 12011-04-26Terminal 1 has 3 MMW scanners - view security area from second level (from parking/rental garage walkway) to ascertain scanner usage prior to entering check point. I chose the middle MMW, since there was a rope around it, while the one to the left had a very small percentage of passengers going through it.
 DLTerminals 1 and 22011-01-24Terminal 1 has 3 MMW scanners, 1 scanner and 1 metal detector in use, passengers could self select lane. Terminal 2 has 2 MMW scanners, none in use, all passsengers going through metal detector. All gates can be accessed from any terminal.
 DLTerminal 22010-12-31Easy to choose a line without the MMW scanner.
 allTerminal 12010-12-20scanners not in use
 DLThe family line2010-12-20There were two main lines, one that was very long (and may have branched off) and another family line, which we were directed to. We were only sent through metal detector, though there was an MMW, and it was being used, though none of us in the family line were directed toward it.
 allTerminal 1 & 22010-12-01Scanners installed but not used regularly. At terminal 2 (DL) the scanner is in the center of the screening area. Priority passengers can avoid it, and regular passengers can avoid it by staying to the right, dependent on passenger flow.

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