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Here are the latest TSA status statisics, as of a couple of days ago. Here are the total number of submissions, by month and "status color":

and the statuses as a percentage of total, by month

and the average statuses shown in line chart form.

Fun! Here's the commentary from last month.

Since we launched nearly a year ago, nearly 2000 statuses have come in. I ran some numbers today (as of 11/13/11) and made some nifty charts. The first is, by month, the "color code" for all submitted statuses. It's interesting to note that while there has been some variability, there is no overall trend towards full-on screening. It seems pretty well stuck in the 30% green, 10% blue, 20% yellow, orange and red. If anything, over time there are fewer airports with blue (not-in-use scanners) but more with a self-opt-out.

As for our submission rate, we had a huge influx of submissions last December and January, when the site launched and got some publicity. (At the time, the webmaster was manually entering them. Ugh!) Since then we've leveled off between 100 and 150 per month (with automatic updating, hooray!). Of course, the more the merrier, so keep the submissions rolling.

An interesting note: there is a lag between submissions and statuses; in other words, sometimes people submit statuses long after they fly. We don't mind, but that explains some of the variability in the chart. The difference in number between submissions and statuses is due to the fact that, until recently, we allowed submissions without a date, so we have about 100 undated statuses (but they all have a submit date, which is added automatically). These data are included here and in search results, but always displayed below submissions with dates.


No scannersScanners not in useScanners: choose your own lineScanners, random use for someIn use for most/all
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